Cooking Mama: Let's cook!

4 (8.6K)
177.4 MB
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Current version
Office Create Corp.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cooking Mama: Let's cook!

4.05 out of 5
8.6K Ratings
4 years ago, Xts
I’m an adult and don’t believe in “too old” bc that’s a man’s rule not based on a firm foundation of knowledge that I’ve seen so I disregard those silly “rules” society tries to place on us. I enjoy trying to learn new techniques in cooking games. Creating one is a goal of mine but my coding is still on a basic level but playing games I’ve done a long time and this game has too many ads that I can’t seem to buy out, can’t remove them. I won’t keep this game long if I can’t get rid of ads permanently. Not going to rent this type of game - ever. I won’t rent items either. Meaning I’ll never make a purchase unless I can accomplish those things. In my opinion, cute, fun if you can endure lots of ads with no end. Love the combination of things you can do. They cover fishing (kinda weird technique but cute), gardening, selling, making. Wonderful opportunity here has fallen into their greed. It could’ve been perfect for everyone. Kids should be able to have this as an ad-free game that has recipes for a ONE TIME purchase. It’s a (ad cow) cash cow right now.
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5 years ago, wot-is-going on
Disappointed ngl...
I was looking for some nostalgia and was happy to find that they made an app of this bc I had the game back when I had my ds (who knows where the game or my ds is at this point oof) but I was quickly left feeling underwhelmed. It was not what I had expected at all and in this case it just wasn’t as enjoyable. It’s a cute game on its own but it doesn’t compare to the ds version... there’s too many new characters, the fact that you have all these extra was to get the food on the side, and the fact that’s it’s like a waiting game thing too. The ads I can understand although they’re not that fun to have around every corner and the animation I can understand bc making it into an app requires things like that to change (it does look v v similar to what I remember a lot of the animations to look tho with a lot of the things) but I don’t like how much more stuff there is. It’s also way way too easy to win. Idk I made a dish and even if I was only half caring the more I played and I still got 3 stars every time... I don’t like giving bad reviews but I was just so sad it’s so much more... what you’d find in the App Store today. It’s not as fun. :/ Needs to be more simple. And not have absolutely everything need to be unlocked. I cold only make like 5 recipes when I started out??
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6 years ago, stishstashy
It’s fun if you know what you’re getting into
I like this game, a lot. It’s like the DS games to a T, maybe a little harder so it’s not for people who don’t have experience with the game. However sometimes the gameplay can be a bit liberal, I know that you can be noticeably off and it’ll give you a Perfect anyway, and sometimes it doesn’t leave your mistakes and lets you try again if you mess up. But this game is for kids younger than the target age for the previous games and new players, so it’s understandable. The restaurant mode is like diner dash without the stress, and you don’t lose points when new people can’t enter your restaurant. But yes, the restaurant is only open for a certain amount of time a day. There are other things to do but I don’t think it counts towards unlocking recipes. Speaking of that, I’ve heard that you can now unlock recipes through the restaurant mode, and the recipe packs aren’t really that expensive so I’ll be thinking about getting them eventually. Anyway, don’t let the negative reviews turn you off if you really want the game! It really is fun once you get the hang of it.
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6 years ago, Wolfie523
Absolutely in love!
I love this game, one of the best cooking games I’ve played in a long time. It’s really enjoyable to play and the mini games add another component to the game So it doesn’t get too monotonous. They are also very clever with the way they’ve done their ads, it isn’t forced but you are asked often and can always say no however you get rewards so I find myself often watching them, I really appreciate this as I don’t feel like the ads are forced down my neck. I also love how you can do a lot of things without having to pay at all and the foods are really achievable which is how it should be, often times other games basically force you into using real money to progress which is awful and exploitive. However I do understand where other reviewers come from like the mini games are a little pointless and saying it’s too easy but this is something I like, I play this game to relax and I enjoy it, I wouldn’t want it any other way. On a scale of 1-10 I would say an 9/10 so on this I’ll rate it a 5 :) I would recommend to a friend!
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4 years ago, Painted-Bleu
Found A Bug. . .
First of all, let me start by saying that I LOVE playing this! It had SO many things you can do! This game is totally 5-star quality! But, I seem to have stumbled upon a glitch or bug. It started when I was playing Cooking Mama. I just finished cooking Salisbury steak and I watched an ad to get coins. Once I finished the ad, I noticed that I had the same amount of coins I had before, which was 999 coins. I shrugged it off and left but, when I can’t back the next day and watched an ad, I still had the same amount of coins! I watched soo many ads to get coins but it was no use. I still had 999 coins. Today, I was working on my restaurant, and I was working really hard serving food to my customers and I had earned 207 coins! Yay! But, I’m worried that I’m not going to get my payment. I took a screenshot and just in case you want to make sure I earned 207, I can show you. I hope this gets fixed soon. Cooking Mama is a great game, and I hope you download it! One of the BEST games I’ve ever played!
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11 months ago, maxwelld114
great game!
I got this game a few days ago, and I’ve been playing since. The only thing I’ve noticed that isn’t that great is the minor bugs. Some times the game freezes or the controls are bugged as well. Other then that this game is very entertaining and I love how the game doesn’t show ads every second (ads can be chosen to watch to earn points, etc., but there are ads every 10-20 minutes). Also if you are still deciding on getting the game depending on what you like & not like, then let me explain a little about some things a persons traits/personality have to enjoy this game. If you enjoy cooking then you will enjoy this game a ton, I also noticed that this game can take a lot of patience so if you have no patience whatsoever, maybe stick to keeping this game out your phone. In conclusion, this game is pretty much made for everyone except for the people that have no patience (explained above). Game is amazing, please check it out!!!
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12 months ago, CriticalMary
Too busy
I like cooking mama games, I played them since I was little on the Wii and the gameplay is always cute and fun. I can’t stand this app though, there’s too many pop-ups, too many elements moving, it gets frustrating just to try to sit and play the game for awhile. I keep getting the same pop-ups about the same “new” game modes, it feels like the game is forcing me to do go do more but it ends up just making the UX messy and distracting for people who aren’t 7 years old and need constant movement to be entertained. It’s almost as bad as a 30 second ad popping up and instead of making food like I want, I leave the app after making one or two things because it gets aggravating when the menu moves 4 pages down to a new recipe I don’t want to make yet or tells me to go try a new mode I unlocked ages ago. Everything else is great though as I said from actual gameplay to graphics, I’m ultimately glad I get to keep playing a childhood game. Just wish I could spend more than 10 minutes on it before the annoyance takes over.
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11 months ago, the tetris player69
First of all
This is a great game if you have time to kill and don’t mind watching a good amount of ads and that you don’t mind that the game puts ads LITERALLY EVERYWHERE one of those people is me, kind of. But the issue is that I just did my first mamas dojo and I watched an ad, and then that game froze. Might wanna work on that and maybe turn the ad level down a peg or two. Otherwise good game but I miss old cooking mama partly because there were no ads and also because I had MY WHOLE THING DONE AND MAXED OUT then my Ds stopped working 😭😭😭but good game just a few too many ads and it does not feel like true cooking mama to me, but idc cause it’s still an overall decent game to me, I just wish that my progress on the original could be linked to this one so I don’t have to start from scratch
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4 years ago, julie QwQ
Why do I have to be 13 to play?
One thing is that this game is fun, I really like it because there a bunch of recipes you can make 5/5. But there is one thing, when I first got this app I looked at the App Store and it said it was for 4+ so I was like “ok I can play this game, but when I got in it said this. “Are you 13 or older” then I was confused because the App Store said it was for 4 and older. So can you please change that because there’s nothing 13+ in this game so why do I have to be 13. But other than that it’s a good game but mainly it’s not anything inappropriate this is a family friendly game so why do I need to be 13 and older? I’m guessing it’s because it might be hard for little kids due to the recipe steps but please change that because it makes me feel suspicious about the game but it’s really fun but that’s the only thing I want to change I hope the creators see this so they can change this but good game for a cooking game. :>
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3 years ago, ☾𝓜𝓸𝓸𝓷 𝓣𝓮𝓪𝓻𝓼☾
You guys are just sensitive
The game is amazing and yes, some of the new stuff is a little overwhelming but that’s what makes the game fun because it keeps you busy and you can actually distract yourself. Games ALWAYS update, it’s not gonna ALWAYS stay the same because yes, some of the nostalgia is a bit different, but how are you expected to have MORE fun with it if you just do the same thing over and over? You’ll get bored with it once the nostalgia is over so what’s the point in getting upset that the game changed. Cooking mama is basically an ASIAN game most likely Japanese so it’s GONNA have some ASIAN dishes in there as well. This was targeted at another review I saw because they’re just stupid, “I don’t remember cooking mama having all of this Asian type things in it” though it may not have been obvious back then, what’s wrong with that? Anyways the game is amazing and is proven to actually have some recipes you can try at home!
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2 years ago, •*•Sammy•*•
Amazing game!
I’ve been having this game for like 4 years and it’s been so fun! Me and my sister always played it while we were on road trips and we went on road trips a lot back then. It’s perfect for people who have anxiety and stress it takes your mind off things and helps you relax and it’s a perfect game for learning how to cook in real life it shows all the ingredients so that kind of helps. Also this is a fun game as well because it has its own unique style and this game represents my childhood. This game has been with me and my sisters for a long time. I forgot about it for a while but I was looking threw some family photos and one of the photos were me playing cooking mama so I was like “oh I forgot all about that game I’ll play it again just for fun” and I’m glad I did because it’s amazing! I really request you get this game it’s amazing!
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3 years ago, Dj Freaky Deaky
Not the same as the DS game
I downloaded this for the nostalgia (as most have). First thing is the actual recipe making is WAYYY easier. I don’t know if it’s because I’m not 10 and my hand-eye coordination is better, but it’s pretty impossible to mess up a recipe. Easy win there. Also, they’ve added like 20 different “extensions”. You can cook (the original point of the game), fish, grow crops, manage a supermarket, etc. In my opinion, it’s too much. There’s too much going on and I’m still trying to find the relevance of all the extras. They don’t seem to help you progress in the game it’s just a way to pass time. The ads are also a little annoying. You technically only have to watch a few but the option is ALWAYS there. Anything and everything you do an ad is available to speed up the process, or get more coins. All in all if you’re looking for the old game you played on your DS this isn’t it. Still kinda fun for when you’re bored
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4 years ago, Ppap pen pineapple apple pen
Cooking Mama
I downloaded this game again after a while, for some nostalgia. I noticed they changed the main menu, and it is A DISASTER! They have like probably at least 10 different places you can go to, and of course they have to fit all the different activities into separate boxes. There simply isn’t enough room, and it’s really cluttered and confusing. They filled up extra space with really useless things in my eyes. The point is to cook, not to farm animals and crops, open a restaurant that should be like an idle game, but isn’t, and all sorts of non original mini games. I wish it was just the cooking, like it used to be. There are so many pop ups for different deals and sales and messages telling you that something is ready in like a farm or something. It’s just all a mess, very unorganized. It’s extremely hard to navigate through the app. I wish it was how it used to be. If they hadn’t done this update, it would for sure be 5 out of 5 stars
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5 years ago, ArtLover264
Okay, so let’s start with the pros. It’s a very fun game, and you can cook a lot of foods! It also doesn’t have ads that are all over the screen, so I like that. You even farm your own ingredients, so that’s fun. Now the cons. This game is VERY colorful. Color isn’t a bad thing, but when there’s too much of it, it can be very flashy and a bit of a headache. The colors meld and mash together to make it seem all like just one bog mesh of rainbows and colors. Also, they have a LOT of things flashing. I mean A LOT. It makes the game very confusing, because things are just popping up all over the place and in your face. Also, when they try to show you things like a tutorial, you have those same things popping up in your face during that. It’s very confusing, and I don’t really like it. That’s what ultimately drove me to uninstalling the game, and write this review. All in all, good game idea, it just NEEDS a tone-down of colors and flashing ad offers/pop-ups.
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1 year ago, DaleJr88Fanatic
Love, love, love
I’ve always loved cooking games, since I was a kid being able to mix ingredients and cut vegetables and fruits has always been fun. This takes me back to that time and is a great stress reliever!! There’s very few games like this and it’s sad really but thankful this one keeps it as close to cooking s as possible!! I own all recipes and I think that is my only complaint, we need more recipes! I’m ok buying them because they are really cheap and it’s worth the ongoing uniqueness of the game! With so many new foods, cuisines out there leaves you an opportunity to add so many more recipes! I don’t care for the side games but I do play them just to get the ingredients! Would love to see just good recipes we can cook and continue to gain ranks as a chef!! I hope there’s an update soon for new recipes!!!
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4 months ago, ggmazing
Not bad…. I guess
Hey! Hope your having a great day so far. So as far as cooking mama goes, the game isn’t horrible. It is engaging and has other tasks you can do besides cooking to keep you entertained. You can fish, farm, sell, and play mini games. The problems I have with the game is the actually cooking part. As expected, with free games, you limited and the only way to branch out is but paying. Although the prices for recipes are affordable, if your younger and aren’t in a position to throw money at a game and you know your parents aren’t willing to throw money at the game either, it’ll get boring after a while. For me, I eventually started just playing the fishing mini game until time was up and didn’t touch the game again. So if you not willing to spend money to progress or branch out in a game, you’re going to get bored of this pretty quickly. Thanks for reading and I hope this helps 😊
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3 years ago, Karly Renee
It’s impossible to play anymore
I used to love this game as a kid, and one day I thought about downloading this again. So I did and I played for 2 hours. In those 2 hours, I cooked only 3 dishes because of the amount of ads and pop ups that would not stop coming on my screen. I know that’s like the whole game industry but it’s not stuff that you can turn on airplane mode and forget about; the game itself is a whole pop up thing. It always wants you to serve at your restaurant or go play a game for stickers. Sometimes you can’t even cook what you want because those arrows keep pointing to another dish until you make them. It frustrates me because as a kid this game was so simple and it was just the cooking. Now it’s all the other stuff and all this extra spending money for dishes and everything. My childhood self would be so mad at me for giving this two stars instead of five, but it simply doesn’t deserve anymore than two; even then it still barely deserves two.
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4 years ago, VoicelessGamerGirl
This is Cooking Mama on crack lol
There is way too much going on on screen. Way too many windows popping up in the span of just 3 seconds. There is no time to even process all the things you can do in this game, it’s insanity. There are pleasant ways to fit in watching ads, but this game makes sure to shove it down your throat at every opportunity. It’s like every open space on the screen is free real estate to bombard you with extremely colorful graphics or something for you to watch an ad. I miss the old Cooking Mama. This is Cooking Mama on literally crack. All the colors mix together and you could barely process what the bell is going on. The old cooking mama had a start screen, a list of dishes to make and bam you went to go make it. This is just...this is way more than overkill. You’re “fixing” something that wasn’t broken to begin with. Go back to the old Cooking Mama. This is just loud, rainbow vomit.
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6 years ago, Teagan🦄
This game is amazing! It’s cute, simple, and fun. I love the older update where you can fish and have a village. Also, when you cook, there’s no limit! I know that some games have like lives and you only have a limited amount of turns. Normally, games like these are childish, but you’ve made this fun for most ages. Ideas (recommendations): Able to change characters, cooking mama having a house (like that she can live in and take care of her needs and/or care for her family, SORRY SIMS REFERENCE), also unlocking more dishes, or at least more ways to unlock dishes, finally, I think you should give more specific instructions for the recipes, some of them are so confusing, especially for a newer player. Over all, the game is great! Thanks for reading this whole thing!!
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2 years ago, Leopardys
I want to say that it’s good, I really do
To start off, the actual traditional “cooking mama” gameplay is good, and I’m excited to have it on mobile! That part isn’t the issue. There’s just too much visual input—like there’s too much going on in the background, and there’s too many buttons on the screen at a time, and the menus/animations move a little too fast. And that’s not a good thing to have when it’s already a very fun, saturated kids game to begin with. It’s just overstimulating when you’re not even doing the actual gameplay parts, if that makes sense. It just makes it hard to enjoy the game, i cant do it for more than one recipe at a time because it’s just SO much visually. Maybe just tone down the background a little in the very least. Other than that it’s great! I would like to see this fixed so I can actually continue to play the game without getting overwhelmed.
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4 years ago, Sabrabotix
What’s with the ads?? And why is it so cluttered?
This app is filled to the BRIM with begging you to watch ads. It’s extremely irritating. Lots of dark patterns to try to get you to submit to watching an ad. Uninstalled as soon as I got a surprise pop-up. Really disappointed. This is a fun game but completely ruined by the ads. I understand that apps need the ads to stay on the App Store. Seriously, though? Good Pizza, Great Pizza is another food-making app that DOESN'T shove ads down my throat, but nicely asks if you’d like to watch one. I always try to watch them, since they aren’t being rude about it. This app doesn’t do that. If you can’t handle getting pop-ups and being lured in to watch ads, don’t get this game. I also immediately got overloaded. Too much is going on! Too many buttons! Too many things popping up! I always have a sense that I am completely lost, even if they try to explain everything. Please fix that, at least.
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4 years ago, 💜💚Cupcake💜💚
Love it
I honestly have no problem with this game but I do have a suggestion I think it would be cool if there was one cooking mama that cooked and served desserts like cake and cookies and the other one could be for actual meals like chicken and stuff then the last one would be one that served and cooked breakfast please consider these option. I do not want to be rude but it is your chose if you want to have you choose them as in there options that is something I love about this game so yeah I hope whoever reads this is blessed and has a good day. P.S it would be cool if there was more restaurants to own a and if you could buy ingredients and get an outfit and it would be nice if you could travel around the world and meet players and compete. Please consider these options thankyou
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2 years ago, Wëîrd Wãîfû
This game brings me back to my childhood, there’s just one thing…
Let me start off by saying I’m so happy I found this game as I used to play it when I was a kid on my Nintendo DS in like 2006. Anyways, I’m so happy with how this newer version incorporates a good majority of the original. My only wish is that we could decorate our omelets and cakes and save our creations in an album within the game like we could in the original DS version. That feature made it feel a little more personal, like I could really connect with the game more with my own creations (and possibly have our albums public if we want so others can see what we’ve made). Besides that one thing I’m so happy with this game, thank you developers for bringing this back!
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4 years ago, Shea_Break_Necks
Hard to hate but not easy to love
I like most reviewers have a certain nostalgia when it comes to playing cooking mama and this game just does not live up to it. It’s cute and quirky and there’s a lot, I mean a LOT to do on this game but it’s just not worth the time. I would expect there to be at least two pages of free recipes to cook. With so little on the menu it gets very boring to play and they try to make up for that with a ton of other outside games and challenges but there’s no real reward for completing these challenges. I feel like the game is definitely missing a few attributes to really call this game cooking mama but it’s not the worst thing I’ve ever played. This game also bugs a lot which adds on to the initial frustration that you may be having with the game. I am not sure if I will be deleting soon but it’s just not the cooking mama that I know and love.
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2 years ago, Elena Swan
Cute Game, Just Needs Polish
Let me start by saying I really love this game. It’s so cute and it’s nice to have something light-hearted to distract me from what’s going on in the world. I like that you can make food but also grow produce, raise animals, and run a restaurant. However, I’m giving this four stars and not five because of a couple major problems. First, the menu is a bit confusing to navigate and I have trouble switching to different locations. Second, the game sometimes freezes up and I have to turn my phone off, then back on to reset it. If there is a way to fix it, even just the crash part, then I’ll update my review. Thanks. :)
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4 years ago, Mr. Some guy
Not much to do without money.
The f2p side of this game only has ten full recipes; the others (that you don’t have to spend real money on, anyway) still require lots of in game currency or stick you with a truncated version of the mini game. Also, buying the full recipe is the only way to unlock the extras, including -difficulty levels-. The village becomes busywork rather quickly and has little purpose after you max the level of everything. Even more so, if you do choose to buy things in this game, you end up earning so many free coins that they end up becoming worthless in no time. Maybe the coins you donate by earning them when you already have 999 can go toward public works in the village? I also have some ideas for future recipe packs and themes: -New Year’s Wishes: Recipe sets based on Health+Long Life, Comfort, Prosperity(luxury foods) and Love -Shopping Arcade Set: Cafe, Butcher, Bakery, Candy Shop, Fishmonger, Fruit and Vegetable Market. -Elemental Set: This one’s a bit more high-concept. The four packs therein are based on Earth(mainly vegetables and grains, or with a really homey, “down-to-earth” feel), Water(seafood, frozen things and such), Fire(either cooked with open flame or hot and spicy), and Air(birds, eggs, and dishes that are just light and airy.)
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2 years ago, Elranzer
Honestly, the best Cooking Mama since the original
I’ve played every Cooking Mama game since the original on Nintendo DS, as they came out (I’m an 80s kid so I was in college for the DS). The first Cooking Mama was the best. The sequels and spin-offs added too much clutter like the shopping minigames. The Crafting Mama, Gardening Mama and Baby Mama (yes, it’s real, on the Wii) were never as good as the Cooking main series. Cut to now. Cooking Mama for iOS is very old. There was an older version that all customers were updated. The current version is now a “best of” for the recipes for Cooking Mama 1-5. The touchscreen minigames are all based on the DS/3DS games and not the crappy Wii or Switch games. No microtransactions or “gems” (limited energy gameplay). Instead, they sell recipe packs. I have bought all of them, which results in a game larger than any of the Cooking Mama 1-5 games. There are some extra non-cooking minigames but you can ignore them. One of them is amusingly a copy of “Cookie Clicker” (idle game) in the form of a grocery store. And most importantly the music from the original Cooking Mama (well, most of it) is in the iOS game.
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2 years ago, IrsoEon
Janky and Disappointing
I’ve loved cooking mama games since i was young. However this one has not lived up to the Title. With janky controls that don't want to work half the time, it makes it nigh impossible to do certain tasks. Of course unless you wish to watch a 30 second ad and redo said thing 5 times until you get it perfect or start all over. However the trickiest tasks are in the middle of the recipes or at the end, making you need to continue or risk wasting your time. The waiting time actions are also very disappointing and half the time I don’t understand their purposes of being in the game. The UI is clogged full of things and recipes must be bought. While I have no issue about item purchases, the cost for recipes that’ll only take you 1-3 minutes to complete is ludicrous. I would rather but an old DS copy and get my money’s worth there.
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1 week ago, Tori York
It’s crazy
I mostly ignored the reviews/comments about the ads because it played pretty well on my Samsung device (tons of ads still, but easy to close out or deny downloading the apps they advertised) but with my iPhone it literally will not let me cancel out of the ad once it ends. And it’s only with some ads, I know it’s not my phone screen/calibration because that part of the screen works every other time other than when it comes to closing out an ad for the App Store. It always opens up the App Store to download the advertised app. Really frustrating but other than that the game is very fun to play, just glitchy and kinda like spammy because of literally how many advertisements and how often. It’s like you close 1 out and there’s 4 right behind it you have to close as well, then a video to watch after that. Like what?
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3 years ago, Lin_say
Good app but maybe slow it down a notch
I don't play this often but in the past I played it before and I like it. Now there are all these new things and everywhere I looked was all these new things and my screen, it was covered. I keep getting these things popping up every 3 seconds whenever I join and its overwhelming. Don't get me wrong it's still fun and stuff but its also a bit to easy. Whatever I do I keep getting 3 star. So my suggestions are maybe make it more challenging, a lot less stuff on the screen like random ads, daily rewards, happy foods--stuff like that, and maybe make it a bit easier to understand and what things are for. Now I can't say to much cause I haven't looked at everything but still.
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4 years ago, nothing no nickname
Childhood game remembered!!!
As a 5-6 year old I played this game and absolutely loved it!! When i was 7 I deleted it because I thought I was “mature” enough, when I watched this youtuber Jaidenanimations (check her out!) she did a speed run on this, which made me remember everything!! Now coming back to the game, it’s really entertaining and there is so much to do!! I’m planning to do a speed run on this :) now I found some kind of bug in the game: when I watch ads to get coins, food items, etc it will freeze the game, but other than that this game is really enjoyable! Please keep putting new recipes. 10/10 I play this 24/7!
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5 years ago, hwujshsbns
Recommend but......
This game is amazing it gives real life like cooking experiences. I like that it’s not like the coco games that require less interaction and charge you for everything, I wouldn’t spend money on this game because it comes with so many recipes. I love that you can customize your character and give it your own style. The only downfall is the fact sometimes your mistakes don’t get counted in your score which makes you think that you did everything so perfectly and you may even forget that you can make mistakes. The mistakes teach you different ways to succeed I find it much better if you can count the mistakes as learning experiences.
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2 years ago, Zazoo1995
Way Too Many Pop Ups and Ads… Nothing Like it Was
I re-downloaded this after having a nostalgic memory of the older version of this game from almost 10 years ago. It’s nothing like it was. I miss the old animations of the cooking, now it’s 3D. That’s minor. But the worst part is all the pop ups for every little thing. I could barely get through two recipes before I realized it was a disaster. So many pushes for watching ads, so many ADHD pop-ups asking for your attention for so many different features. It forces kids to mindlessly click off pop-ups, which can be dangerous when pop-ups can be warnings against malware/deletion, or set-ups for hidden purchases. This is a shell of its former glory, and it’s sad how desperate it is to constantly grab your attention to every feature that directs you to some sort of ad or ploy for in-game purchases.
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2 years ago, ma3tia
Okay yes I bought all the recipe bundles and they are definitely worth it if you play this game a lot 😭 the only thing that would be cool is that, when you finish a recipe and move up difficulty levels, one or two extra steps should be added to the recipe. Like if you make something that has corn in it (for example), you won’t get to see how the corn was made (canned, cut off the cob etc) because the other 6 steps are used for more important things. The difficulty levels could be used to fill in a few of those blanks if more steps were added to the recipes!
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5 years ago, Just-a-kid-reviewing🤷‍♀️
WAY too much!
Overall, the game is good, but there is WAY too much going on. There are so many buttons to click and so many other things to do other than cooking and that’s good, but it’s just a little bit too much for a child to comprehend. If I was a child, then I would LOVE this app but I would feel overwhelmed because there’s so much to do. Also, the app is VERY loud. There’s a lot of sounds and music going on and I just feel overwhelmed hearing all of these sounds even at this age, there’s also a lot of information to take in so if you have bad memory or a short attention span like me then you probably shouldn’t get this game. All that Im trying to say is, this is a good game, but I don’t think this game is for children, there’s just too much going on.
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6 years ago, cellobud
I love this game but it's frustrating
I loved cooking mama so much when I was younger! The graphics and cooking activities are true to the original DS version which is wonderful. However, while this game is like the DS version in looks and in performing the tasks, but because of how I use my hand when playing on a mobile device, I have a hard time playing comfortably because I am left-handed. I think it would be great if there was an option to choose which hand is more comfortable in the settings so that the activities, like cracking eggs, can be mirrored. If this aspect is a frustration for me I'm sure there are left handed kids out there in the same boat, and by adding a way to mirror the activities in the game could make them feel less left out.
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2 years ago, pham00002
it’s alright
when i was little i used to play cooking mama on my nintendo, so it was quite nostalgic for me to play the game now. But upon opening the game it was just very flashy and must i say very overwhelming because it pops up every single notification it can give to you every time you do anything. I get that some people need some pointers to the game but it’s just too much for me. Overall i love the concept and everything of the game but i honestly only played a for a few minutes because of how annoying the notifications for everytime i got something or anything at all was. I only played it for the nostalgic feeling but other than that, i wouldn’t play it again unless that was changed.
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6 years ago, CookingAnna
Nostalgia Lane Except Better
I love this game so much that I just had to write a review! I’ve played CookingMama since the game first came out, I remember playing it on my DSI and loving it to bits. I absolutely enjoy the fact that the style of the game has not been changed yet they’ve added so much more to it. I love how they added a CookingPapa which is so adorable! I love how you can have a fishing game, a farming game, and a restaurant game all in one app! And the best part? They’re all CookingMama styled and they carry the theme very well. You can even dress CookingMama up and change the style of your kitchen! This game has impressed me beyond belief a very well done thought out game. I’m sold.
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4 years ago, KCDL238
Troubles on a newer iPhone
I’m not having any troubles except for one. The mini game where you have to rearrange the fridge in order to put the tray/food in there is proving to be quite difficult. Whenever I’m done organizing the fridge, I need to drag the tray into the emptied out area, but I’m unable to because every time I try to, the home ‘button’ on the bottom of my screen, which is exactly where the tray is, prevents me from doing so. Whenever I try to put the food in the fridge, I just keep being sent to my home screen on my phone and I haven’t been able to find a way around this and I think that this should be fixed somehow to better the playing experience.
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2 years ago, Yayaokwepoplol
Good game!
The is a pretty good game, I have never played the original but this game is very adorable and nice to play. If you are new it may be hard to understand because of the different things you have to do. THOUGH even though the game is good it has a bug. I play the game and sometimes it freezes on me. Like sometimes after a ad it freezes the screen and then I have to exit and the game won’t save. Another bad thing is that it gets boring sometimes and the music just gets too overwhelming. I think a more calming music would be better. All in all the game Is very good. I personally like the 3d look to the game. :)
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10 months ago, robloxian_2011
Suprisingly fun and charming!
I am a big fan of cooking mama on the original DS, but it’s pretty convenient to have a version on my phone! Even tho the graphics are HORRENDOUS, in this game, even worse than DS and GameCube graphics, I don’t really mind. And making all the food is quite simple, so it’s not stressing. I haven’t tried everything in this other than the cooking and stuff, not all of it Really interests me, but I think growing food is gonna be cool! I’m grateful to have this game, because Even tho I’m only 12 years old, I have absolutely no games on my phone, so it’s nice to have on for once.
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1 year ago, fynn6447743
I used to play Cooking Mama: Cooking with Friends on the Nintendo DS. My DS is now broken, I found this and decided that I would play this for nostalgia. First, the ads! The ads are literally everywhere! In between each step, after you finish a dish, when you visit the kitchen! Plus, some of the ads are for adult games and have some pretty suggestive topics! Second, the graphics are even worse than the DS, they tried to make it 3D, but it made it look like a knockoff. The controls are also very clunky and I cannot finish a dish most of the time because the controls are bricks! Third, at least 45% of all content is locked under a paywall! I have to pay 25$ just to do all 50 dishes! She also no longer gets mad, she just gets kind of annoyed.
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11 months ago, Lanny🌸
Cute and Fun!
Cooking Mama is very fun, and there are tons of things you can do other than cook! Run a ranch, watch cooking videos, do challenges. Cooking Mama also doesn’t require internet, so you can play on, say, the airplane. So, I have watched 5/6 cooking videos. (I’m watching the “sweets” ones.) When I watch the banana video, it then unlocks the strawberry shortcake video, saying I can watch it tomorrow. But, when I go on the next day, it says I haven’t watched the banana one and I need to rewatch it. I’ve tried many times but it still does that. Is there a way to fix this? Overall, Cooking Mama is a fun game and I recommend it.
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3 years ago, Cassybug28
Cooking Mama Nostalgia
I downloaded this because I used to play Cooking Mama for the Nintendo DS lite. Though there are many differences, this is the best mobile adaptation I’ve found and I really enjoy it. It has its flaws, but nothing major/that actually degrades gameplay AND it isn’t packed to the brim with advertisements which is a rarity for mobile games these days. You get 1 ad for every 10+ mins of gameplay which, again, is so refreshing in comparison to the disgusting overload of cringy and flat out weird advertisements on basically every other game on the App Store. Overall, good game, 5 stars :)
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1 year ago, Shoyo Hinata
mixed feelings
I really love cooking mama and i wanted this game to live up to the DS version. I feel like it kinda falls short: the cooking part of the game is fun but not challenging at all, sometimes it wont detect that im doing the motion so ill fail the task. I like how there is a restaurant section that allows you to decorate and get money for the dishes you make. I would like to see that be a bigger part of the game instead of all of the other mini games. The mini games just make it seem like the developers are overextending themselves. Frankly its a bit overwhelming and confusing. They have a good game if they focus on the important aspects; cooking & restaurant. With so many game features, it just kinda feels meh. I really want to like this game but its buggy and its not really cooking mama.
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2 years ago, W H Y DOES THIS GAME E X I S T
This is a good game!
This game is good I know that it says are you under 13 or over it probably says that because if your over 13 you might get adult ads but if not you don’t get it and plus ads don’t appear often in the game sure it isn’t like the original it’s just that they are testing with new things , for example you can get rid of the ads they made it 3D Because if it was the same it would be boring. Stop being sensitive at the fact it’s new things just stop deal with it the cooking mama franchise is evolving , games are evolving to.
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4 years ago, Rubenette
Greedy devs!
I purchased both of their old apps several years ago - Cooking Mama and Gardening Mama. Then I get a new iPhone and they won’t work, it tells me the publisher needs to update the app to work on the new OS. So I check the App Store and find this new app. They completely abandoned customers who had purchased the old apps, I can’t even open them anymore. Money down the drain! Now they expect you to spend money again for this app?! NO WAY, I won’t be making that mistake again! I’m not spending money on something that is likely to disappear and you’re just going to ask for more cash again next year. Honestly, the devs should be ashamed of themselves. I should be able to play those old games or get a refund! Thank goodness they can’t stop making my DS cartridges stop working or I’m certain they would. 😡 Scandalous and unethical.
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3 years ago, musty toes
Really good game, but 1 problem
So i downloaded this game just an hour ago and i was happy playing the levels and cooking and im 10 now and i started cooking when i was 5 and this game really helped but on racing cooking mama the time went by so fast i can get 1 level done but i cant complete the next. The second problem is i was playing the steak one and when i was trying to shred the meat none would come out i think its normal or a glitch and i tried so hard to get the meant to come out and i only got 10% of it done The developers if your reading this review please I SAID PLEASE fix this glitch
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2 years ago, HearTheRobins
Worse knock off of CM: Cook Off
If I’m not mistaken, most of the assets in the game are recycled from Cooking Mama: Cook Off, for the Wii- which I really wouldn’t mind, I love the look of it. But almost all of the mini games are from Cook Off too, but with worse control and less precision. And many of the recipes too. You may think, ‘oh, it’s free, I understand’, but here’s the kicker: there are only 6 free recipes. Total. The rest are NOT unlockable ingame, they are paid. The total for all the recipes is about $50USD. This is essentially Cook Off but worse, and for 3x the price. It’s not awful if you don’t mind repetition, or if you’re willing to spend so much- but if you’re able to get your hands on a Wii and Cook Off, do that instead! You’ll enjoy Cook Off loads more.
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4 months ago, Rubyeevee
People too sensitive, amazing game.
This game is absolutely amazing. I know what the original cooking mama game was, but never had the correct device to play on it. And when i saw this game, i knew i had to download it. People are mad because maybe there’s SOME bugs, and it’s not the original cooking mama, and it’s just a “ripoff.” Honestly, this game is amazing and i love it. Even if it’s not the original one. It’s not even really much of a ripoff, it’s just the same game on a different platform with not as much qualities in it like the og one. The game is not too bad. Thank you.
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