Cooking Rush - Food Games

4.7 (2.8K)
246.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Global Mobile Games
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cooking Rush - Food Games

4.74 out of 5
2.8K Ratings
5 years ago, PJanai
Cool game
There’s a lot of games with the same concept as this one, but the graphics are good and the chance to get more coins and gems is huge plus. I’ve pressed pause on some of those other cooking games because it becomes almost impossible to progress forward. Good job!
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5 years ago, TreNec17
Upgrades is a joke!
Fun game but has quite a few flaws. I upgraded everything you can possibly upgrade but has no impact on game as far as speed and equipment is concerned which render upgrades pointless. Then you can’t upgrade nothing else again for at least the next ten levels once everything is maxed out. Graphics is horrible I can barely see some items being ordered. Customers is about as impatient as Burger Shop punks and is already at counter before game count down to start. Response time is horrible I have to keep tapping three or four times to get a response all the while time is steady running and customers is getting impatient. It seem to me like they do everything possible to make you keep losing without making purchases that’s why upgrades is so far and few in between and after a certain amount of watching free videos you will need diamonds to continue to play. If the bug fixes don’t get done soon I’m deleting.
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2 years ago, Ms.Whyte
Great Game
I love the fact that it has no in app purchases. The only reason I gave it four stars is because when you try to upgrade at some point you get stuck and you can’t click the X because it’s behind a prize box you have to exit the game and go back. Other than that bug fix I love it. Thank you so much
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5 years ago, Pissy67
Cooking Rush
I’ve been playing this game for a bit... In the beginning I didn’t mind the videos that kept popping up each time you finish a level... Now it’s getting ridiculous... I can’t even upgrade unless I watch another video...You supposed to enjoy the game not get frustrated because of your bombardment of videos..For this reason I’m deleting your game... I’m sure I’m not the only player complaining about this problem...If you don’t change this problem your game wouldn’t last very long... Good Luck!... You’ll needed!!
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5 years ago, crewskurtz
Not bad but...
This is actually a pretty game, only real issue I have is you have to watch a video before each level. I get watching videos to get stuff but before each game is a little insane. I’m seriously considering deleting for that reason alone.
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7 months ago, Slay queen1234😵‍💫
Slay queen
This game is so fun but the only problem is that if you are new and you only have one juice thingy everyone else is in juice and it’s way too complicated like that because then they give you a one star when it’s not your fault
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12 months ago, Baddie slay Gucci yayaya
Fun I guess
I ador cooking rush but there’s to many adds please cut down the adds and when I go to upgrades and I click x it doesn’t let me leave so I have to get out of the app I only gave this a 5 star rate for 100 diamonds tbh-
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2 years ago, kikidree
The graphics are very low budget / grainy & every time I upgrade I have to completely exit out of the game because the screen gets stuck but overall I actually like the game itself. It’s not too complicated & coins are usually always available. Definitely needs some fixes tho.
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5 years ago, Asyoubloodylikeit
Fun but backwards with glitches
The game is fun just like any other time management cooking game. Graphics are so backwards. Surely they could’ve made it look less like 90s graphics. Too bad you can’t repeat any level you want like in Cooking Joy. Needs an update in Tokyo restaurants. I’ve spent so much “money” trying to upgrade the tempura sauce but it never goes beyond Level 1, even though it says “success.” No customer service from creators. Stick with Cooking Joy.
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3 years ago, Haven My Little Brother
I really like this game and I wish you had more games I could play that or not timed because I can’t do it fast enough I can only use one hand but I really really love these games I can play with it all day I love it
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5 years ago, krissy10921092
Well timed rewards!
I quit playing a lot of these kitchen games because you don’t earn enough rewards to upgrade without spending real money to keep up with the intensity of the game. So far this game has that balance well timed. Perhaps I will post an update when I’ve advanced past the first restaurant
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5 years ago, Bebwjf
The game has good effects and organization but it lacks complexity. There should be more items included in the mix such as condiments, French fries, deserts, etc available at the entry levels. There should be more stations available for drinks and all of the other elements such as the hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken, steak, sphegetti, desserts, available at the entry levels. The game is just to Birthday bf and easy at the entry levels to engage the customer to continue players playing the game to the next harder levels.
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4 years ago, Nichele$1
I just started playing but I’ve realized that after you get so far the videos stop even though of giving you the option to get for more time or double your win... hate it
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3 years ago, scruff 824
Some glitch issues with the upgrade screen but I found a way around it. Love the game would love for the glitches to be fixed
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3 years ago, Debs craze
Way too many ads. You touch the game an ad pop up. Try to play an ad pops up. It a nice game but terrible have to delete. I do not mind an ad now and again but this is too much. One game 3 Ads after playing. Try to play the next game 2 ads no time to play. Waste of time.
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4 years ago, dmeujrejjee
The game is very enjoyable but it has one problem . I’m not sure if it’s jus my phone or not but the video doesn’t work it says video failed to play . Other than that I really enjoy this game it’s very fun and relaxing
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3 years ago, maylam1974
Best Game
I love this game. Thanks you for creating a game for poor player like me who have the time but no money. I don’t mind watching ads in exchange for gems. Is easy to pass level with gems.
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2 years ago, Davey App
Can’t close out of upgrades screen.
On iPhone 12 Pro Max I can’t close the upgrades screen. I have to close the app and reopen it to get out of it.
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5 years ago, SasseS2
I’m still in the early stages so it’s good. I don’t know what will happen later on because I refuse to buy anything so if I can’t pass levels on my own I will be done playing this game.
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3 years ago, me78 myself
Developer needs a new job
Don’t get me wrong your game is fun to play BUT your Lil deal with the ads has ruined your game completely. I play a lot of cooking games with the same concept that produce better graphics. I can’t even press X button after upgrading I have to close out of the game completely and relaunch. Sorry but between the ads and that your game is not good enough to charge IM OUT.
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5 years ago, pwl1217
I have been playing this game and sometimes when I touch a food product it doesn’t serve it, I have to hit my screen really hard a few times, I know it’s not my phone because I play other cooking games and it doesn’t do that. Not sure if it’s a glitch in your game....
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1 year ago, Dobbyssox
Entirely too many ads
Plus you have to get completely out if the game each time you want to leave the upgrade screen because the X is covered by an upgrade and you can’t click the X. It’s a fun game but too many other things take away from it being more than a 2star game.
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4 years ago, Alexa 1957
Cooking rush
The game is so fun to play and I would be up all night playing it. You have to have fast fingers to catch up though. If I were you, I would get this game
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5 years ago, T Gaspard
Pretty cool
This game is cool and chill. It doesn't crash, but the videos do not load to give you extra diamonds or money. Which causes you to work harder to earn money.
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5 years ago, Aueama
More time watching adds then playing
I am shocked how many adds you have to watch! I’ve been playing maybe a half hour since downloading and I’m so annoyed because there are sometimes ads before you play a level, sometimes after, sometimes when you upgrade and sometimes all of those times in a row! Deleting the game
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3 months ago, coenwadeanna
Why is the game so short
I would give 5 stars if the was more then 3 places to pass are you guys going to ever add more places to your game????
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1 year ago, amandak39
Great Game
I love that there are no in-app purchases. I wish there were more levels though. I keep redownloading the game so I can play more!
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5 years ago, maddielovesicecream
It’s amazing
This game has been so fun playing and I hope you guys think so to. This is a game where you get to cook orders and just have so much fun! So I suggest you download this game because it is awesome!👍
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1 year ago, raturboyt
This app is great
Completely gets rid of my boredom, and it is a good way to challenge yourself to see if you are very fast.
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4 years ago, bipolarbeauty💚
Better than i thought
This game is super Fun i like the smoothness of each levels this games,keeps me interested so far no complaints☺️
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5 years ago, Katie doray
Do more of games like this
One thing I like about this game is that you don’t need internet and you can play on the go or on the plane
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4 years ago, kwnfan
Way too many ads!
Everytime you finish a level you have to watch a long ad, sometimes two whenever you switch screens same thing. Plus it’s the same thing over andover. Like the game, but will probably delete because I’m watching more ads than playing
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4 years ago, HaitianQueenD
Love it !
I love this app, I just wish it make a tutorial before beginning each level.
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5 years ago, Scubamax
Coins are never enough
Not a bad game but they give you a chance to get free coins but the videos never load. Very frustrating! I am very tired of all these games that are loaded with ads but still you need to spend real cash to get past the first few levels.
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1 year ago, kinz194
I just started this game and they don’t seem as money hungry as the other cooking games.
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5 years ago, smtb71
Too many ads!
At first I loved that I could watch an ad to gain lives. No biggie. However, the more I played there was an ad every single time I pushed a button. Love the graphics and game concept but, come on.
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4 years ago, Lizyaez
Video Playback Fails
Every time I need to get additional time or extra coins the video playback fails. I don’t understand why. Other then that I love the game.
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5 years ago, Lish the dish!
Something is wrong
The “double your coins” at the end of each level does not work. Even if you watch the video. It never doubles. Videos crash constantly. Gives you and option to watch but doesn’t play most of the time. Is this being fixed? It has been a huge waste of my time. And If these issues are not out there already I’m just going to delete the game all together. Also why is there only men for customers? Don’t like that either. Thank you/
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5 years ago, evuador
Cooking crush
There’s a lot of ads like I can’t even play every time ads
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4 years ago, lilly1212222297633
Too many ads
It tells you to watch a video 6 times to upgrade for free but then on the 3rd video it makes you have to pay a ridiculous amount just to upgrade to faster cooking speed.
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2 years ago, snazzy baka
Its ok i just want the diamonds tho thats why 5 stars you can get a better game
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5 years ago, derwin14
But this game has way too many ads popping up. Fun game but the ads are killing me. Definitely need an update. An option to turn them off please. Don’t need ads popping up in a middle of game. So annoying
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3 years ago, Kiddle1
Love the game!
Definitely helps to kill time while stuck at hospital !
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4 years ago, jj707
Cooking rush
This game is fun I’m loving it so far compare to other games in my opinion it’s fun, easy, gets more challenging the further you go.
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3 years ago, 12200000
A wonderful game:)
I enjoy cooking games and I just started playing this game and it’s wonderful!
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4 years ago, Grady T
Fun so far
Fun game, but I wish you could turn the music off without turning all of the sound of the game off at the same time. Otherwise, it’s a cute game.
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5 years ago, Negan#1
I really like this game, but there are some major issues. I cannot load any videos and I cannot purchase any boosters. It continuously tells me video cannot load. Even when I try to buy boosters it fails. I can’t upgrade anything. Such a big disappointment because I really like this game.
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2 years ago, millyisqueen
Getting points
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4 years ago, immadatthegame
I liked the game at first...but
This game is ridiculous. Once you get to a certain point, you can’t pass the levels because their are no more upgrades. The videos are not loading so I can’t add time. Then I switched to the birthday party and I can’t upgrade the coffee machine. I’m deleting the game.
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3 years ago, Amie 42
Way fun!
So far it’s really fun! I’ve played a lot of cooking games and this is one!
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