Cool Live Wallpapers Maker 4k

4.4 (187.5K)
365.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Cool Live Wallpapers Maker 4k

4.38 out of 5
187.5K Ratings
6 years ago, TylerIsPrettyGreat34
Pretty neat
I’ve seen ads for this app a lot lately and I thought was a good idea so I downloaded it for my IOS 11 IPhone 8. I opened the app and it immediately asked me if I wanted a free trail. I didn’t because I was just experimenting so I just X’d out of it. I scanned through the free wallpapers and saved one I liked. I opened it up in photos and it said that it was a Live Photo but it wasn’t moving so I was a bit skeptical. I kept pushing however and downloaded the live wallpaper as my lock screen. I turned off my phone and looked to see if it had worked. The photo was there but it wasn’t moving at all. I was disappointed and thought to try another one. After a couple more tries, I realized that to make the wallpaper move, I had to HOLD IT DOWN ON MY LOCK SCREEN. I was pleased it actually worked and wasn’t just a gimmick. However, there were lots of ads and the app kept asking me to get a subscription. It’s also a little laggy but overall it’s a very good idea. The picture quality of the wallpaper was good and I think this app was worth it.
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6 years ago, katydid5
Live Wallpapers Now is a library of Live Photos
I was intrigued when I came across an ad for the Live Wallpapers. I downloaded the app to see what it was all about. I took the 3-day trial and downloaded a number of images. Using their instructions, I installed one of the Live Photo’s on the Lock Screen of my iPhone 7 Plus. As I did this I discovered that using Live Photos as wallpaper is actually a feature of the iPhone 6 and newer. I didn’t need an app to install them which is what I thought Live Wallpapers Now was designed to do. You don’t need the app to install a Live Photo on your lock screen. What Live Wallpapers Now does do is give you access to a library of live photos which you can download to your photo library. The images range from abstract, animals, nature, florals, science, sunsets, underwater scenes. Some are stunning with time-lapsed frames others pan across scenery or catch movement with animals. It also appears like you can upload your best Live Photo’s to their library. Which leads me to the point that, if you are a decent iPhone Live picture photographer, you can use your own photos. However the issue which I must caution you is that continued access after the 3-day trail to the premium content also comes at a premium price of $7.99/month which you are AUTOMATICALLY SUBSCRIBED TO! Personally, I wasn’t interested, nor would I even change my lock screen often enough to warrant paying such a price! I made sure my subscription was cancelled immediately.
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7 years ago, AmaDeuZ4
Be careful... impossible to use as FREE.
I downloaded to check it out. They immediately ask you to sign up for a description. I click NO THANKS. Then I get hit with ad (no big deal, They said there would be ads with free account). Then I swipe to see next wallpaper. Guess what? Another ad. Then I swipe for another... yup... another ad. I went to close the ad and instead it opened up into iTunes for me to download the ad app (although I know I clicked the X to close). I go back to the app, and the same ad app pops up. I try to close, and it goes to iTubes (again). I force quit for app, start it back up, and it again asks me if I want a subscription or try for free. I choose free (again), but then it takes me to iTunes to buy. I exit iTunes and and I click NO THANKS again, and it (again) takes me to iTunes to buy. I try one more time, and as you expect... iTunes. The NO THANKS link is at the bottom. The 2 Buy buttons are at the top and middle. It’s not difficult to hit the NO THANKS link and I can see it change colors when I select it, but the link goes to the store instead. They obviously programmed it this way, hoping someone would just pay the $2 so they can check out the app more. I would have been happy to pay for the app or even sign up for a subscription, but I was never able to actual try the app. Plus, I can’t support a developer who deliberately tries to trick their users. You can’t, and shouldn’t, trust such a developer.
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6 years ago, dauhaz
Why would I subscribe?
I only used the app for a minute so far and every single action I took except for saving the first wallpaper in the carousel triggered the subscription screen. And the close button doesn’t appear for a couple seconds, which is a very bad practice and inconsiderate to users. And since I wasn’t able to tap on any of the wallpaper images in the carousel, I’m assuming it’s not possible to download any other wallpaper than the first one unless I subscribe. Overall, the app doesn’t give the user a chance to explore a little bit before deciding whether to subscribe or not. Why would I invest in something before having an idea of the value I will get out of it? Especially if my initial interaction is frustrating... Also, why would I pay $7.99 per week to download wallpapers? I would understand having in-app purchases like $0.99 for 3 wallpapers, but recurring payments is unnecessary and a bit insane in my opinion. How many wallpapers do I need to download and and use to get my money’s worth from the app? I also found the intro screens weird and unnecessary. The fact that how to set a wallpaper was explained to me as soon as I opened the app made me wonder whether this app has a different and hard way to set wallpapers. Everyone knows how to set a wallpaper. And if someone doesn’t, I’m sure they’re not going to worry about it until after they choose and download one.
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6 years ago, no nickname please thank you
This app
I downloaded this app because I loved the idea of moving wallpapers. When I got into the app, it went through all the normal app procedures, start your free trial, how to download your wallpapers, etc., and I easily got through that. So I was browsing the wallpapers in the free section because I didn’t want to buy member contract, and I started downloading some of the wallpapers. I soon realized that you could download member wallpapers by just waiting two minutes and I downloaded about 2 of them. Before I decided to put the wallpapers up, I looked in my photos and looked at the wallpapers. I realized that they weren’t moving in the photos and I thought this was a bit peculiar because if pictures weren’t moving in my camera roll, then how would they work in my lock and home screens. I kinda dismissed the thought and then went to my settings, to the wallpaper section, and put one of my favorite papers on from the free section and turned off my phone to see the paper. The wallpaper wasn’t moving at all. Now, the rest of app was OK, there was a lot of ads and I thought that the member section had a little bit too much power. The problem with the entire app was that thing that they were focusing on didn’t work at all. I’m not sure if I am not doing something wrong but I kept on turning on and off my phone and the wallpapers wouldn’t work. Overall, not a very good app.
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6 years ago, Redeemed_By_Him
Nice idea terrible execution
Who do these people think they are? I downloaded it because it looks great. The first wallpaper took over a minute to load on my IOS 8+. Of course after the initial instructions on how to operate the app, their “Premium, Ad free version” pops up. Of course I’m going to say no first, I’m just checking it out, plus they want $8/month... seriously?! For wallpaper? Maybe .99 cents, but $8 bucks lol, well above the proper price point. At any rate, I tried to cycle through their wallpapers to see what actual value they have (I’m not Bout to go through the pain of their 3 day trial period and have to cancel right after... who knows what nefarious loopholes they want to make you jump through to finally cancel). But, every-time I try to view another wall paper, NOPE, I get another AD, and their live wall paper was live for but 3 seconds and stops. Really? That’s it? Doesn’t even loop? Sad, just sad and pathetic. I mean really, this is all just a strong arm tactic for you to do their “free trial” to then either forget and get billed or have a ton of loopholes to jump through just to cancel. RED FLAG here! If the app was a straight up purchase of $4.99, no monthly fees, and the “live” portion was a loop of at least 10-20 seconds, and worked well, then I would have probably bought it. But nope, not with this nefarious strong arm method, and you get my bad review on top of it.
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6 years ago, Got.Mike
My war story of ads
I first saw the live wallpapers on a social media video, I thought the concept was really cool especially having to hold it and not always being animated. I come to the App Store and see this is the highest rated one. I read the reviews of everyone complaining about the ads on free so I figured I’d try it anyway. As soon as I hit “try free version” an ad, no big deal right? So I try to use the slider down low to look at all the options *in app subscription pop up opens* I exit it. I try to slide the bar over just once *in app subscription pop up opens, closes out of it* I click on categories and click space *in app subscription pop up opens* I close out of it *game in App Store ad* close out. Click on a wallpaper, it actually loads and previews. Taps next one to see *in app subscription box opens* *game from App Store ad opens* close out of App Store ad, close out of in app pop up, *IN APP SUBSCRIPTION POP UP OPENS* at that point I’m flustered, also said whatever and spent the 99c because they make a hell of a lot more running all the ads. Instead I close out the app and delete it, guess I’m not meant to have a live wallpaper. And yes my phone is fully up to date, software and device (iPhone X) and the new update on the app. RIP dreams of live wallpaper unless there’s another good less ad hungry app. Good day and goodnight.
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6 years ago, Jupi28
Immediately makes you think you have to start a free trial. $7.99/ week after 3 days. You can wait for an X to close it. Then says it will share your information out of country. If you touch the scroll bar at the bottom it will ask for a free trial. Most people will either give in for that or delete the app. I decided to flip through some without the bar on the bottom by swiping. It shows the image moving and you can save it but it only saves as a still. So for free you can get pretty still pictures. Not sure on if you use the free trial. Loaded with ads and I just want to delete it because for me $7.99 a week isn’t worth it. I would rather pay a dollar for one that I will use and be able to browse freely on what they have. I like to keep my wallpapers the same once I like them. The pictures are nice but I don’t luke the free trial gimmick because it counts on you to forget and pay for something you’re don’t need that much. I understand that people make apps for money and as a service and it is very competitive but I’m not fond of this tactic. 3 stars because the images are gorgeous, I just hope they use them legally and that there are credits.
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6 years ago, Cayla Chanel
No better way to explain it than... trash. Don’t waste your time on this crappy excuse of an app. The developer might as well call it, “Be bombarded with useless adds while trying to find a live wallpaper that doesn’t even function!” Who would pay for this??? If you see this, just know that no matter what the developer, or any good review says, there’s A TON of bad reviews and they all regard the same problem. Not everyone is telling the same lie you know. There are much better live wallpapers apps that have minimal adds, high quality moving wallpapers, and they are 100% FREE! So, I’m just saying, for your sake, once again, DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS LAZY, SCAMMING, GREEDY, SLAP TOGETHER APP! Thank you and have a nice day. Also developer, there are no excuses to explain this because you have a different, sorry response to every single one of these reviews complaining about the state of trash that this app is in. Any apologies aren’t wanted, and sooner or later, I hope you realize this isn’t worth anyone’s effort and saying, “Sorry.” Isn’t going to replace the money lost from the victims of your manipulative scamming app. If you come up with an excuse, and if you see this, dear developer, you are apologizing for the garbage you call an app. So thanks for proving me and all other reviewers right. 😊
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6 years ago, sirjanham
Not a 4.5 ⭐️ App
The app was not user friendly in the “free with ads” version. I’ve been looking for a decent live wallpaper app for awhile and I got my hopes up when I saw its initial rating, but was immediately stricken with disappointment at just how many ads there were (should’ve read the reviews). Additionally, the live photos themselves weren’t high quality even after downloading. The selection was limited and I kept getting hit with notices to upgrade to a subscription. Thinking “maybe the subscription will improve this app” I signed up for the free trial and it didn’t help anything. Based on the free trial, all you’ll get is just a few more low res live photos and no ads (and I’m not even going to go into how much of a PAIN it is to unsubscribe from the trial too). If I had to take a guess, the creator(s) are in it for the money and did NOT create something that gives the people what they want. To the creator(s) - if you decide to take your customers into consideration you might want to make the free version user friendly, not shove the upgrade/subscribe option down people’s throats, and once you have more higher quality photos to choose from, add a search feature please. TL;DR - don’t download this app until MAJOR improvements are made
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8 months ago, Chleonitis
I hate it
So as soon as I got on they only gave me normal wallpapers and when I finally reached out to then they said I had to pay 7.99 a month that is so crazy and the worst part is this is my child’s iPad she came to me saying”mom can I please have this it’s 7.99 a mounth”I’m like okay at first it’s not that bad I ask her to let me see it’s these wallpapers that don’t even move yet people are paying for this nasty thing it’s terrible and disgusting here are some true facts not to buy this 1.have you ever realized when you pay your money is going to people that will spend it on unnecessary stuff that could be money for food or or school supplies 2.If you don’t pay they give you these none moving ones wich is a total scam the worst part is that it Literally says l”free live wallpaper” and yet you havta pay for this 3.are we gonna talk about how these people are making about 200 dollars or more for this game that’s a total scam it’s very sad knowing people who paid for this are helping the developers get lots of money yet what do they get back stuff that doesn’t work it’s a total scam if I would I would definitely report this or even get these people I court they ow lots of people lots of money
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6 years ago, Jax-225
Don’t download this app. Complete waste of time. First thing the app makes you do is it tries to force you to pay for a subscription. $12 a month for wallpapers? That’s absurd. Maybe $0.99 or $1.99 for a one time purchase and no ads, but $144 a year for wallpapers is absurd. Also, the ADS. It’s ridiculous. I’ve used hundreds of apps and games and this app has by far the largest amount of ads I’ve ever seen in my life. One pops up and blocks your screen about every 5 seconds so you can’t even explore the app. Also, every other 5 seconds the subscription screen pops up and tried to force you to buy it over and over again. It even makes you wait 8 seconds before you can close out of the screen and keep browsing. And the wallpapers themselves? Horrible. Terrible resolution, looks like 300p. The wallpapers are only live for like 2 seconds also so what’s the point? They don’t even loop. Overall it’s a wonderful idea and has a ton of potential, but it was executed horribly. Also, you can tell the developers aren’t interested in the user’s experience and enjoyment AT ALL. All they want is your money so you pay for the subscription or free trial and then forget to cancel it. STAY CLEAR AWAY. Spend your money elsewhere.
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6 years ago, BugN'Bear2002
Not to shabby. 👍🏻
I had seen an add for this app on Instagram. Out of curiosity, I decided to download the app. While looking at a lot of reviews, they all say the same thing, “Too many ads.” After downloading the app a few minutes ago and exploring the app, I have seen for myself that there are not as many ads as people are saying. In a time span of 10 minutes, 3 ads popped up and 1 asked me to write a review in the App Store. Not only were there only a few ads, but after downloading some of the wallpapers on my phone it is safe to say they were great quality. No fuzzy images whatsoever. The images were clear and looked nice on my home screen. If the developer sees this review, I’d like to say thanks for making this app. Great quality images for free and not nearly as many ads as people are even saying. Good app. And as a recommendation, I think it would be a great idea adding a search bar. Then maybe we could search for specific images. Thanks! -BellaBear1975
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6 years ago, queasycupcakeydounut
I just don’t understand
So I saw this as an ad on Pinterest, right? I think, wow that’s cool lemme check it out. So I hop on over to the App Store, and decide to look at the reviews. They are all horrible and are based on the absurd amount of ads. I decide to give it a try for myself, see what all the fuss is about. Nice looking app, gives you directions on how to use it, but then throws a premium version ad in my face. Ok, understandable. I tap to see a different wallpaper to view it, and throws another premium version ad at me. Then some spider solitaire ad. If I scroll, touch, anything, it immediately throws an ad at me and I literally can’t do anything. Now back to the reviews I read, the developer of the app has replied to many of the other users reviews. The developer is saying that you must pay to explore the app to the best of its abilities, but in reality, is it even worth it? First of all, that many ads should be illegal. Second of all, just why?? I find this to be very stupid. When I was little, my friend and I wanted to be inventors and we wanted to make a phone where instead of being able to make pictures your wallpaper, you can use a video from your gallery. Maybe that’s not such a bad idea at all.
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6 years ago, Love to critic
Well, first of all, I’ve read the reviews before I downloaded the app, but all I saw were bad reviews. And then I saw the developer say that most people just leave a rating. The developer is right. Whenever I put a rating I just give stars. But there are so many reviews that say so many bad things I decided to get the record straight. The first most popular complaint was about the ads. Sure, when you don’t get premium you get an ad every time you swipe, but hey, it’s not like you can’t exit right away. I can live with that. The second was to how to get the wallpaper to move. First, it only works on the lock screen. You have to click the wallpaper. If that doesn’t work, then maybe read the instructions again. I don’t really see an important problem except for one thing: the Quick Navigation Bar. On premium, you can use this bar to quickly look through the wallpaper without actually having to stop at any. Shouldn’t this be available on the free version too? It sounds ironic that someone would actually pay five dollars to use that.
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6 years ago, georgie185952
DO NOT download this app
The second I opened It, I was bombarded with an offer for a trial of the premium version of the app. After declining, I was then shown multiple ads and had to wait through each one. When I finally got to the main purpose of the app (seeing the wallpapers), the trial offer popped up randomly again and I accidentally hit yes. At this point, I was fed up with the app so I went to my home screen and deleted it. A couple seconds later, the iTunes purchase for the trial version popped up and before I could read it, my thumb was already on the home button and the purchase was completed through Touch ID. This app is a scam and you SHOULD NOT download it. The wallpapers are not even different from those you can create yourself (the “live” functionality of the wallpapers in this app makes it seem like they will play constantly in the background of your home/lock screen, but like apple’s built in live wallpapers, you still have to use 3D Touch to activate it) I saw an ad for this app on Instagram and I really hope Instagram starts to control what apps are advertised, because I’m sure many people have been scammed like this from apps before.
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6 years ago, marla.jimenez
Even with a VPN the buy premium option pops up with EVERY SINGLE wallpaper i tried to select. I didn’t get very far after downloading. Basically I opened the app it showed me ONE free wallpaper with a huge calendar on it which I didn’t like. I tried to scroll through the rest of the line up but when clicking on them instead of showing me the wallpaper and indicating it had to be purchased, the entire thing went away and a “sign up for free trial” pop up took over the screen. I figured ok maybe the next one won’t do this but nope. I was unable to actually view the wallpapers in enlarged size without triggering the premium purchase sign up I was only able to see them from the little square previews they have at the bottom. I get they have to be purchased but at least let me see them the size of the screen so I know what I’m buying. It’s annoying! Not to mention after 7 or 8 attempts at viewing different ones with no luck I only found ONE free one and its the default one they have when you first open the app. Uninstalled immediately which is a bummer since they looked great on the ad on IG which is what got me here in the first place.
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4 years ago, fl12249373
Nice and all but...
I love this app! They have wonderful wallpapers and I love the “Maker” feature so much!!! Tip for iPhones: If you’re having trouble fitting your wallpaper from the Photos app on the screen, this app will totally solve your problem! You can use the “Maker” tool to make your own and it fits perfectly!!! Also yes the ads are annoying, but hey. That’s life. That’s just how life is and so far I haven’t seen any inappropriate ads or anything so that’s not an issue at all and I totally understand why there are ads. The only minor issue is that the “For Boys” column is kind of like saying only boys can like that stuff and that’s not true so maybe if you could change the title to that it would be nice. But other than that, GREAT app and I definitely recommend it to anyone who’s looking for some good live wallpapers!!! Thanks!!!
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6 years ago, renderwerks
Many 5 star reviews from altered IP addresses-fake
Wondered how it has a high rating with so many one star reviews. I work within the intelligence community, having access to “friends” in the IT department. Knowing the interest generated with the right bait, I proposed a challenge: snoop location information on the 4 and 5 star reviews as I suspected shill (self) reviews. They can do things with computers I wouldn’t believe before seeing it. Runaway centrifuges ring any bells? My “report” said the same ip’s in many instances and software randomized ip’s. I forwarded this review for my friends to publish with the condition to use similar trickery with respect to upload location and ID. Some poor random online person with an altered strange location would be used (or so I’m told). I probably shouldn’t have made a deal with the brightest minds here because my “buds” are negotiating more goodies or “you’ll be sorry”. Not sure what else they’ve done (judging by the giggles). A little scared-LOL. Hope this is as I wrote it. In closing, the developer needs to update the application to allow less restrictive access and a large reduction of ads for a short amount of time for evaluation, as the bulk of other developers practice. Doing anything less provides substance that the developer is attempting to trick and deceive. From “the buds”: this was easy fire with fire action we could do more
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6 years ago, NigiriSushiRoll
Ad after ad after ad... terrible!
I went to the App Store to download this app. After reading the reviews, I wasn’t sure if I should download it. But, having high hopes, I did. So after downloading, I opened up the app. At first, it seemed fine, starting out with how to work the app and as usual in apps, asks if you would like the premium version. I clicked the x in the corner. Then things started getting downhill. Another ad popped up just as I was about to choose a wallpaper. I clicked the x in the corner again. I clicked on a wallpaper and... another ad! I started getting frustrated and tried one more time. Another ad, after ad, after ad, I got out of the app and deleted it. Perhaps I should have just listened to the other reviews. If the developer reads this, I just have to ask if you could fix this! I think we all had high hopes on this app, but it has only disappointed us all. I would happily download this game again if it meant that there was a way to not have an ad pop up every single time you try to touch something. I do hope you take this review into consideration, for both consumer and developer. Thank you.
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5 years ago, Darren121314
I wish I could give this app a better review...
This app fascinated me and so I got it to give my phone a unique feature and it certainly provided good quality pictures but the problem was if you did want another picture with the free version it didn’t let you and so you basically have one wallpaper. Also, most of whatever I clicked, the app would bug me to get premium and I wouldn’t have minded getting it but the price was a subscription that would charge you periodically depending on how often you want to be charged and the price was a little much just for wallpapers, even for good quality wallpapers. In addition with the ads for premium, they were everywhere. In fact, I accidentally purchased God knows what. So I had to quickly cancel so I did not get charged. Otherwise, the live wallpapers have amazing quality, I just think ads and the overpriced premium mode are big problems. Hopefully, whoever made this app doesn’t feel bad about themselves I loved your wallpapers, I really do, I’m just letting you know what happened when I downloaded this app.
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6 years ago, Rik69691000
BULL S⭐️⭐️⭐️🚫 wait for it!
I don’t think I’ve ever written a bad review but I’ve never been more frustrated at any of my 127 apps over the years like I have been with these jokers! I installed w/out reading the reviews. 1st mistake. I relied on the 4.5 star reviews. 2nd mistake. Then read them after the fact. Mistake number 3. How Apple gave them 4.5 is beyond me. All I read was 1 star reviews after another. If there was a high rating, I wager, that it’s from a friend or employee. Makes no sense to me nor the cockamamie excuses from the developer. I got so many ads when I opened this mess, that I about deleted it before giving my review. Every time I tried to open a screen saver or even try and scroll through, an ad or upgrade enticement would pop up! After 5 minutes, I’d had enough of this nonsense! But the worse is to come! Lol. They want $7.99 for the upgrade! THIS IS WHERE IT GETS GOOD! It’s not a 1 time charge of $7.99!!! It’s $7.99 PER WEEK!!! Really??? That’s $415. A YEAR FOR AN APP! That’s more than my new iPad and iPhone8P rental per month!!! I’m deleting this app as soon as I’m done here! So BEWARE PEOPLE. HOPE THEY LET THIS REVIEW STAY on here 🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫
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6 years ago, CrazyBane554
Never been so frustrated so quickly
I read a one-star review on this app that said the app kept throwing adds at you and that it tried to spam you so hard you would buy the premium version, and the developer simply said it must have been an issue with the person’s phone. So first off when I got the app, premium costs 8 bucks EVERY WEEK, for a wallpaper app. And might I mention that if you don’t pay, it deliberately makes the app harder to use. So even though that was absurd, I continued with the free version to check out the wallpapers. Immediately upon opening the wallpapers, I got 2 ads thrown in my face. I closed them quickly and then preceded to swipe through the wallpapers. And I kid you not, if you touch ANY part of the screen except the center, it brings up the pop up to get you to buy premium, and the close button has a cool down, so you are forced to wait a few seconds before you can actually X out of the popup. I continued to try scrolling through, and all it does is throw ads and the premium popup in your face. Also, the wallpapers aren’t even very good. Terrible app, do NOT download this
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6 years ago, echohosefire
Very very very hard not to smash your phone trying to use
I’m on my phone and I start to look into live wallpaper apps, so I’m looking and this app has the most downloads, so I get it. I let the app download and then I open it, it tells you how to set the wallpapers and what the app is about and stuff, then your asked to buy a subscription, which you shouldn’t, and the X to close the page for the subscription is a little hard to find, you need to scroll down, (first flag these people want your money) and so i go to look through the wallpapers and guess what, that’s right an add pops up, no big deal it’s just an add, right? Well no, you go to the next wallpaper and before it’s even loaded fully there’s another add on your screen, I repeated this step two more times before I had to close out of the app because I was so annoyed at it, but not before seeing another add! These developers don’t care about you getting the wallpapers you want, they only want your money, don’t get this app from these scammers, I’ll be deleting the app from my phone tonight and I suggest if you downloaded the app you do to.
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6 years ago, CreatedByDamon
Has Potential but not quite there yet.
Ok so I was reading the Reviews and saw a lot of “there is too many ads”. Then I saw a couple that said “there’s not as many as they say”. So I said maybe people are just butthurt and downloaded it. My problem is every 2 swipes there is and ad. Which honestly fine I get it, gotta make money. But each ad takes almost 10 seconds to load and then another 5 to show the X button. Not only is there a constant ad covering the top of each wallpaper. The wallpapers take a while to load the Live part. I would say that out of the wallpaper apps I’ve used... this is one of the low budget ones. Has potential to be great but they need to understand the percentage of customer value and ad percentage. You need to have enough ads to pay for development without over stressing the customer. Because without the customer, the ads are pointless. So time it back to about every 12 swipes you get an ad that can be closed quicker if the customer would like. As I said, had potential but not quite there yet.
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6 years ago, WJ23
Predatory app! Beware
This app WOULD be interesting if it didn’t incorporate predatory practices for getting you to subscribe! First of all... A weekly charge? I can’t remember right now if it was 3.99 or, as some other reviews mentioned, 7.99. Regardless that’s between $230 and $450 per year. What is this app providing that’s worth that much? The answer is nothing. Secondly, I used this app for 5 minutes and received a pop up asking for consent to share my information. There was an “Agree” button and a “Read More” button, but I’m not entirely certain that there is any way to not consent. Even if you don’t pay these people a dime they’re going to make money selling your user data. Lastly, the app makes you feel like you have no choice but to purchase premium in order to use it. A screen comes up with the premium subscription info offering a 3-day trial and only after a few seconds does the X show up in the corner to exit that screen. I bet a lot of people are fooled by that. Be especially careful if you have an iPhone with Touch ID not just with this app, but others that are even worse!
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6 years ago, Gdnvdbvcbvf
Very poor put together app
So I was looking for a new screen saver for my phone because I don’t really like the default screen savers so I was just going to use Zedge for a new screen saver but I saw this app and gave it a try to see what they got to offer well u download it get in and it shows some wallpapers. I’ve seen more adds than I did wallpapers I can’t even swipe though them with out seeing adds and then when every 5 seconds that little pop up comes up talking me to buy the way to expensive better version of the app witch is probably not even better and I saw a screen saver I actually liked so I followed the instructions and it wouldn’t let me save it I will never use this app again and I encourage the person reading this to not download the app as it is a scam they are just try to scrape money out if you from an app that doesn’t work if there was an option to rate this app negative 5 start I would it’s that bad this app has proved to me that I will continue to use Zedge as they have better content no adds and FREE to use you guys really need to make improvements to this app
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6 years ago, Lexi231💗💗💗💗💗💗💋💋
Not worth it
Now i got the app and when i opened it up the first thing I noticed is that you have to pay 7.99 a week for just moving wallpapers! I don’t get the hype on paying $7.99 a week for this, its silly. But I’m not saying its bad or anything, the pictures are amazing and everything but its just waaay too expensive for what you get. Especially 8 dollars a week. The reason that i gave it two and not one because like i said the pictures are incredible but too expensive. Also the creators need to fix a small but really annoying bug. If i want to scroll through the pictures, i press my finger and slide across the screen then when i lift it, it just brings me back to the premium page and it does this EVERY TIME! And if someone would want to get premium, they should be able to take a look at the pictures and see if there willing to pay that amount. So i give it 2 stars over all. Mostly because of the payment but the pictures are great. So if you want to pay that much for wallpapers than good for you! But in my opinion, its a waste. Not the greatest app.😕
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6 years ago, Metoo1975
To many ads and doesn’t animate
So I saw this on app on one of my games I play and I thought “Oh cool!I can impress my friends with this” So I buy it and I see it’s free,no biggie but I am suspicious. I open it up and the first thing that pops up is the instructions, no big thing right? I read it and go passed it and then an ad pops up,I click out and I swipe to a picture, another ad. I quickly try to swipe through and after two swipes, another ad. At his point I am super annoyed and I finally get to a picture I’m in love with, and I save it. I’m really excited to use it and I see it’s for an iPhone 6 (which I have) and I’m ready to put it as my lock screen. I go to put it on and I close my phone to try it out, I tap my screen and nothing happens, I tap it again and still nothing happens. I go back and save the picture again and try it over. STILL doesn’t work, so I finally try another picture and I try reloading the app as well, doesn’t work. This app is totally a lie about the animation and I can’t seem to figure it out if it does
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6 years ago, stephilippou
This app is an absolute ripoff. There are only around 500 wallpapers in total and they aren’t very high quality. If you choose not to go premium, ads will pop up so often that you’ll want to delete the app in spite. However, if you choose premium, they automatically subscribe you to $7.99/week! That’s outrageous for the limited choice of wallpapers. Get Netflix for a month or simply throw your money out the window because that would be a better use. Worst of all, they actually misquote the subscription pricing in the app. They tell you it’s $20/year but in fact it’s actually $50/year. Isn’t lying about pricing illegal? If you decide to use the app, my tip is to subscribe for the free trial and then immediately cancel it so there will be no auto-renew. You can easily download all the wallpapers you want in 30 minutes or less. Don’t forget to cancel! Otherwise, you’ll be charged $7.99/week or around $416/year since they sign you up at the highest rate/time automatically. This is predatory pricing and I’m disappointed Apple would let it exist on the App Store.
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7 years ago, Nick birchh
For those who don’t know how to unsubscribe
I downloaded this app and grabbed some pictures that look interesting but decided that I’d rather not have a subscription and repeat payments. The app is much friendlier for those who pay to use, that being sad it’s almost impossible to unsubscribe once you have. It took a while of searching my settings the app setting accounts etc. but I’ve finally found where to unsubscribe and stop payments. Go to settings>your name at the top> iTunes & App Store > your Apple ID at the top > view Apple ID>subscriptions then click live wallpapers and unsubscribe. This is 100% the only way to do this if you don’t want repeat payments. I gave the app two stars because other than the difficulty to unsubscribe and difficulty searching when you haven’t paid is atrocious at best, but the pictures are very very nice and here is a lot of variety. This app could definitely go in the right direction if some improvements are made but for now I am deleting it.
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7 years ago, I should be working...
The 'Ol College Try
I'm gonna say that the app isn't terrible. You can get some nice pictures and for it being free its not horrible. I would say the biggest draw back is the fact that you are pretty limited in how you use the app. You try to look ahead at some of the pictures and it spams the upgrade screen, try to look at the different categories...upgrade screen again. The ads can also get irritating although I would say that they are pretty easy to skip, but be prepared to see them literally every other picture. A positive aspect would be that even if you remove the app you can keep the pictures which is nice. But lets be honest here. All the work you have to put in to find a picture you you really use the live feature on your phone or do you just like having the option? Just google search high quality pictures and you can get better regular pictures with way less trouble.
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6 years ago, Baggy2323
Why is this 4.5?
It makes absolutely no sense that this app is rated 4.5. First off if you look at the review half of them are less than 3 stars, Second the app is just trash itself. Why, you may ask, well here’s why. First off you can’t even look at any of their wallpapers without getting a spam add about buying their $8 WEEKLY bill, for wallpapers seriously? Second it waits like 20 seconds for the x to show up and the once you FINALLY get past the spam add the give you another add and once you try to exit out of that one it takes you to the store anyway! I tried not once, Not twice, but three times to exit that add (not the monthly trial add, but the iTunes add) both all three times it took me to the App Store. So then I thought “Fine I’ll just use the one FREE wallpaper that they gave me”, but NO THE STUPID SPAM MONTHLY TRIAL ADD APPEARED, AGAIN. So if you are reading this do not ,whatever you do, do not buy this app, and even if you are an extremely moronic person and buy the 8 dollar weekly bill the pictures aren’t even that good QUALITY!!!!!DO NOT BUY THIS!
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6 years ago, KitKatKrem
Reviews Regarding Ads Accurate
You’ll notice several negative reviews regarding the number of ads in the app. While it makes financial sense to have ads for users who have selected a free account option, it should not be at the expense of the app’s usability. Every tap (not figuratively- literally) leads to an ad- it’s debilitating. You can hardly work your way through the app. To add to the issue, it won’t keep the selection you made after the ad- I’ll tap a photo, immediately goes to ad, then has me back at the first one in the series of options. I can’t view any of the photos beyond the first one because of it. People switch to subscription base when an app works or the taste they’ve gotten in the free version entices them to want more content (in this case, would be more photo options). But that’s not possible when just 5 minutes in, the user would already prefer to give up and delete the app. Note, I’m working off of a current version iPhone X. The issue is not related to anyone’s phones not being updated.
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6 years ago, kim.taehyung.<3
❌Unusable❌ and don’t download if you ain’t going to pay for the membership.
So I see an ad for this app on a game, it seems cool, so I download the app. I go through the intro, everything seems good. I’m excited to get these COOL MOVING WALLPAPERS. I want to explore, so I start to scroll. ~ad pops up for the membership~ ok, no problem, just wait for the x. So I delete it and TRY to continue to scroll. ANOTHER AD. so I wait for the x. I click on it, and I continue to TRY to scroll. Another ad. So I go to the App Store, and look at the reviews. So far, I’ve ONLY seen one-star reviews about the SAME PROBLEM. I don’t get how to use it unless you pay for the membership. If there are ads every time you touch the screen, then just make this app an app you need to pay for. PROBLEM SOLVED. You don’t need to 1️⃣keep answering the comments and 2️⃣get one star reviews. I don’t even know how you have 4.5 stars or whatever. And btw, I downloaded this app like a day ago... so it should be very much up to date. It looks like a cool program, but I can’t use it with a million ads popping up.
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6 years ago, Poolshark924
Don’t spend money on this garbage
I generally never criticize an app for having too many ads. However, most of the time FREE apps with ads and a premium version allow you to get a taste of what the app is like with ads temporarily distracting from the experience. This app however is all ads. You can only download one live image unless you want to spend $8 a month for a background (which I would honestly question your spending habits at that point). It’s annoying because if you try to look at another image it will say it’s restricted to premium users. What’s worse is in one of the comments on a review, the developer said “I see that advertisement is annoying but it supports the app and give the opportunity to enjoy 200+ free live wallpaper updated everyday.” You don’t get 200 free live wallpaper like the developer said, you just get one. I doubt the money this app makes off ads even goes to development, it probably just goes towards its over advertisements on instagram to scam more people into downloading this app.
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6 years ago, juan felipe londoño
I was not satisfied by the app...really was a waste of time.
I saw a ad on instagram about this app and I was like “oh, this app looks pretty nice...Im gonna try it out”. But as soon as I downloaded and opened the app, it was already asking me for a subscription...and I was like “ why would I pay for a subscription if I haven’t even seen the app yet?” So I pressed to continue as free knowing that there will be ads and I was like “ okay, that fine”. Then as soon as I see a picture a ad popped out and I was like “ okay, no big deal I’m gonna skip it”. And then another ad popped out..I was like “urrgghh, this is getting annoying...” I pressed the skip ad and then a subscription thing popped up..I tried to skip it but it just kept telling me to pay for the subscription and it’s really annoying because users just trying to find a good and comfortable app but it just this kind of apps that people really shouldn’t download..And the developer should fix this because if not, then users are going to give bad reviews and that is not what a developer wants.
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6 years ago, lexigrace112806
I think this app is really good. I saw some reviews and had my doubts with all the feedback but was immediately impressed and baffled. This is one of the best wallpaper apps and all though there were some adds, it wasn’t horrific. I believe that you can fix a few thing like the scary adds popping up like the app “ yarn” because that is very scary and I don’t like that and it’s content but other than that I think this is a great app for all ages including parents because of the vary of decisions. Finally it is super easy to use and very self explanatory. Also I liked how you gave us instructions in the beginning when we first downloaded the app. I thought that was handy and very nice to younger kids or just someone new to the app. That for the amazing quality and variety of wallpapers.
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6 years ago, abbydabby 12:4
You’re the best
I love you’re app but when I Press save it will save to my camera and then when I go to settings and go to my camera and I put the pictures on but when I tap on it it doesn’t move but yeah when we first sent your app and you please give us directions how you do it at the beginning like how you put the live pictures on your screen like for your home screen and lock screen but yeah I was just hard for me because the picture doesn’t move I want like screens that actually move but thank you I love your app it’s amazing I love all the cool stuff you got and everything just let you know but yeah your stuff is very cool I love all the wallpapers and everything is very nice but yeah I love app and I think that everybody else of your app but I think other people have hard times putting the things on but you know I got I have a hard time too but yeah just let you know if you can do that thanks I love your app and it’s amazing thank you so much
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7 years ago, CaffeineIV
Buggy and cheats
This app stops loading and it cheats wrt the ads. It will insert three or four ads between loading one live photo and the next. You can’t go directly to a live photo by clicking the preview. The viewer won’t advance to the preview selected but instead serves as after ad. Then stops loading. You are compelled to progress by swiping through each photo, even if you know you don’t like the next preview, just so the app can serve you an ad about switching to premium, nag you about feedback, then serve you a video ad. When you get to the next photo, same thing all over again. I understand it’s a free app, but this sort of overkill is the reason people use Adblock. Have some integrity. My phone feels so slimy, I may have to wash it. Deleted. The app is one of the worst for its sleazy ad practices. And no, developer, you aren’t sorry I don’t like your app. Don’t bother. It comes off as incredibly insincere and a platform to try to justify this level of ad deployment. Other free apps are NOT this bad/greedy.
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6 years ago, Kyle [ROC]
Free version is unusable.
I’m assuming the paid version functions. But the free version is so bogged down with ads of every type that I was literally unable to take a single action without being stopped in my tracks. Try to browse by category to see what you’d be getting if you DO pay for the premium version? Nope - it’s impossible. So I go to the FREE section. It starts you at wallpaper - try to swipe to the very next one... ad. Can’t close it. Have to restart. Repeat process. Starts you at a wallpaper in the FREE section - try to swipe to the very next one... Ad. This time it lets me close it. Great. Try to swipe to that same very next I’ve paid for many apps. But not if I literally can’t navigate or perform a single action without being funneled into ads and/or to the App Store. The point of free versions of paid apps is to entice you with a taste of what you could have even more of if you pay. All the free version of this entices you to do is delete it and write an annoyed review. So... Mission accomplished?
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6 years ago, random reiewer
Not as advertised. Can’t get past the self-serving pop ups.
I got a response after writing my review below. The developer said that I can use the app for free and enjoy over 200 screen savers without having to pay for the premium version, but doesn’t offer to tell me HOW. This person apparently has not tried to use this app. I never got past the constant pop ups EVERY single time I tried to select a screen saver. The pop ups aren’t even from advertisers. Every pop up is the same - from the developer offering the Free trial of the premium version. From the countless similar reviews, I don’t imagine it’s just me who can’t figure out how to get around this. ————————————— OMG, soooooo annoying!!! I would give zero star if I could. They make it sound like you can scroll through to view, then select an image you like & launch immediately as your screen saver. NOT true. I don’t mind the occasional ad in free apps, but this one is ridiculous. I could never scroll. Every single time that I tap on an image other than the one that pops up, it immediately launches the page for a “trial” full version, after which you would be charged $7.99/month. This is constant. No chance to scroll through to select. It is SUPER annoying. I am deleting this after less than 5 minutes of installing, & getting the pop up full version trial offer at least 12 times! I should’ve trusted other users who wrote similar reviews.
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6 years ago, VyshuS14
It would be a REALLY cool app if there weren’t SOOOOOO MANY ADS!! I mean almost every pictures I scroll through, an ad pops up and then randomly an ad that’s a video pops up. The first 30 seconds of me using the app, about 4 or 5 ads popped up! I know if I get premium there won’t be any ads but a person should be allowed to look at an app without paying money and this many ads showing up! Other than that it’s a pretty good app, I love your wallpapers and I know it’s a pretty simple idea but result is really cool... if there weren’t so many ads. And there are A LOT OF ADS!!! The ads are basically what but the sort of 5 star rating down to 3, and by sort of I mean- I would be able to actually rate the app if there weren’t so many ads stopping me from getting the overall feel of the app and all that. Right now the “overall feel” of the app is... though this isn’t exactly a “feel”... ADS.
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6 years ago, lollypup572
Just a load of Ads
I don’t know what kind of scam this company is trying to pull but I do not like whatever this app is. You can’t download a single wallpaper, and you can’t even change which one you are looking at in the app. Every time you touch the screen in this app it takes you to a page trying to get you to pay for the subscription, which by the way is WAY too expensive, I don’t need to shell out $7.99 a WEEK to get some HD moving wallpapers that I can in fact get for free on other apps. I don’t even want to trust it as I can’t even view the wallpapers within the app. After 5 seconds of being told to purchase the subscription you can press a little “x” to exit and then are taken to a sponsored ad. I guess this app is just to get people to believe they can get some nice, free wallpapers so that the developer can make heaps of cash without really offering anything. I am not going to trust and app riddled with advertisements and not what I signed up for. DO NOT GET THIS APP, it’s a waste of time.
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6 years ago, billbo😶
DO NOT WAST YOUR TIME trust me (read all)
I don’t even think this app deserves a one star it’s so bad. Ok first of all, I thought It can’t be that bad, no it is that bad. I checked my settings, and my iOS is up to date. On with what I was saying, I couldn’t even get to see how well the app was on the first place due to how many ads it keeps showing that loading circle and I couldn’t see the quality of the pictures at all some were okay, but I had no choice to swipe and get like one ad each two swipes(wow great improvement) You obviously have no care for the consumers, just the money. Oh and if I pressed a Live Photo instead of swiping I would get a pop up and take me to iTunes to pay and I would press the “x” and an ad would show up, just because of all this “grate improvements” I won’t even consider paying the app. Oh and I keep getting a pop up, like if I don’t get an ad I’ll get a pop up every five seconds. I will not pay for a bad app that try’s to convince you it’s programmed to make to buy it 🤬😡☹️😭
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6 years ago, caelynm.0206
I download this app hoping for some decent wallpapers for my screen. First, he app went through the steps on the first three slides and then on the last slide, asked me if I wanted to buy the subscription. I clicked the option that clearly stated somehow “NO.” I then tried to scroll to another wallpaper at the bottom of the screen. About 4/5 pics over,again, the app asked if I wanted to subscribe or something, and again, I clicked the “no” option. By that time I just thought it was making sure I hadn’t clicked the wrong button. So, I tried, and yes, the same add popped up. When I clicked no it took my to iTunes and pulled up a screen for me to buy subscription. I exited thinking •I• made a mistake and pressed the wrong button. After a couple more tries, I decided to try the free trial. I canceled the subscription the same day about 3 hours later and it charged me. I don’t know what is wrong with this app and the developer but obviously they both need a psychiatrist......... AND HELP.😡😡😡🤬😡🤬😡😡
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5 years ago, NY2HOU
Okay Idea. Terrible otherwise
First of all, the carousel at the bottom. It’s got ads every time you tap something. The ads even take a while to give you the option to X out of it. That is just rude and inconsiderate. But once I finally did download one, I went to my camera roll to apply it to the wallpaper and it told me it was a Live Photo. I recently got this new phone and I enjoy the experience of Live Photos, so I swiped right and then left to see it. Nothing happened. I thought maybe it only shows up on the wallpaper, so I apply it to my wallpaper. Once again nothing happens. I tap, hold, re apply it on my lock screen, but nothing. This is a terrible app and in-app purchases would be more logical than the membership, just in case there’s only one wallpaper for premium users that you like, but you don’t want to spend 4 dollars every week. No one is going to pay for the membership other than spoiled five year olds who’s parents let them get anything
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7 years ago, Meggiemak
Force you to subscribe
I was excited to see what this app was all about. I downloaded it and started it right up. They run through a demo and show you how to use the app then immediately show you the Subscriptions you can buy (okay cool right?) the catch is you can’t move from this page unless you subscribe. I force close and start the app up again, I was able to move on and see the app. Right away I notice there’s only one tab that you can look at for free wallpapers, I was bummed but thought okay if I like it I’ll pay the dollar or whatever. So I click the free button and swipe to see the next wallpaper sure enough another ad pops up and wants you to subscribe. I click the “X” and try to look at another wallpaper (in the free menu) and yep pops up again and again and again. I could never even look at the wallpapers from them forcing this on me. At this point no, I’m annoyed by who ever made this app. I deleted it and will not be paying anything 🤷‍♀️😡
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6 years ago, shay96986
Right when you open up the app, you’re nagged to get a subscription for 8 dollars a WEEK. 8 DOLLARS A WEEK TO DOWNLOAD MOVING WALLPAPERS. I’ve never paid so much for a subscription before and don’t plan on starting! Then there’s ads all over the app, an ad taking up the entire screen every two seconds, and an ad popping up in the middle of the wallpaper I’m looking at. If you try to select one of the wallpapers on the bottom to skip to, the screen that nags you to get a subscription pops up and you can’t close it for three seconds. So, you’re forced to scroll through every single wallpaper and view an ad in the middle of each and every wallpaper and deal with an ad popping up every five seconds until you’re driven crazy to subscribe to it to get the stupid ads to stop. I’ve downloaded lots of apps that were terrible and annoying with all the ads, so it’s saying a lot this app annoyed me the most with its excessive ads on the app!
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6 years ago, JenniferyayYayayayayauyolo
Too many ads, better apps out there
After downloading this I app, I was asked to buy the premium version. No thank you, I’m cool with ads and getting only some of the wallpapers. But the app bombards you with ads. I couldn’t even click on another wallpaper - I was stuck on the first one with the yellow flower the whole time. Every two seconds, or whenever I tried to click on something, I was asked if I wanted to sign up for premium. If I didn’t want to at first, I’m most likely not gonna change my mind. This app should just be downloadable for $7.99 so people either buy it or don’t waste their time thinking this is a free app. I mean yes it’s a free app, but it’s not functional AT ALL without paying. If anyone is disappointed, there are many other live wallpaper apps out there. I downloaded a couple - 2 of them asked me to sign up for premium, but after I said no, barley asked again. 1 of them only asked me to rate their app once and gave me a small ad. Much better apps!
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