Cool Wallpapers for Pokemon

Photo & Video
4.7 (6K)
23.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hung Nguyen
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cool Wallpapers for Pokemon

4.74 out of 5
6K Ratings
5 years ago, •w<
Amazing! But one problem
Hello, I just got this today, I love the backgrounds, I used to have an app like this but not anymore, thanks for making this. I have so far been pleased with the amount of wallpapers to choose from. I hope you can make more apps like this, but I have a bit of an issue. Every time I click to explore the wallpapers, I get an ad. That really bugs me and also, it’s the same exact ad! I don’t really like this, so I hope you can make the ads less frequent, and different ads. Thank you for listening, I hope you understand!
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5 years ago, QueenGammyOfCrazytown
Best thing in the world for wallpapers
I am a Pokémon a Holick I love Pokémon so much that when I found this I was like I have to get it it’s just for me so I am so happy thank you for making bes Pokémon so much that when I found this I was like I have to get it it’s just for me Sam I am so happy thank you for making it it’s the worlds best thing since sliced bread. I might be just over exaggerating but I love it. PS you could add one another thing of like a 100 things of Eevee.
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1 year ago, wtujdgjggcvjjWOLF
Good photos but too many adds
Every time I go into a photo gallery, an add pops up. Then, when I close out of the add, it goes out of the gallery. This continues for quite a while. Eventually it allows me in and I get super sweet photos 😏 but I really think that the developers should lower down the add rate to one per gallery. Or just no adds at all, that would be wonder full. But if you are like me and are willing to go through the agony of a thousand adds, it’s SO WORTH IT!!!
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7 years ago, gingercatgirl!🐈
Pokémon Go!🐾
(Reprint because everything else I wanted was sent) The app is amazing it's the only app I use for wallpaper. There is only two problems. 1. We should have a search button I know updates take time but if you have the chance could you try and make one? 2. There isn't a lot of eeveelution from what I saw so maybe some more wallpapers of that? Anyway thanks for anything you give to us!🙂
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2 years ago, ariel bisson
I love it
This has the best things I have to do is just take a photo of the Pokémon and it’s just so good you will be amazed if your Pokémon lover there’s EV evolutions everything I used to just make my own backgrounds for Pokémon because I had boxes and I just took a photo of it but Watch has me have the best time of my life and if you get this app it will make me so happy thank you I love this app
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6 years ago, Princess mermaid girl
Fairy girls review
Right when I got into this app I am no idea what was gonna happen but then when I got in I saw all these adorable cute little pictures when I press to load more I just freaked out it was all so adorable and cute I am just amazed by this app if you barely have any app Space left this is definitely worth it so if you see this please you should get this app
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4 years ago, ima cooooool cat
More collections please
These pictures are AMAZING, but there is one problem. There aren’t enough collections of Pokemon wallpapers and I like to just go through and look at them and sometimes I will screenshot them and colour them on a game called Sandbox. But when I went through them all and tried to load more it just told me no new collections were available and that just made me super mad. So please add more wallpapers. Thanks for reading. Great app!
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3 years ago, gfjgfjgfjgfj
Good app
Love this app there is so many wallpapers with every Pokémon you can think of (including my favorite umbreon) however there is one problem the app keeps kicking me out of this however this can be fixed by simply deleting and redownloding. The collections do take a while to come out though so you have to wait a long time for more.
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2 years ago, Heres-Johnny
I can’t search for a certain Pokemon’s wallpapers
I love this app because the wallpapers look very cool, but I hate how I cannot search for a certain Pokemon’s wallpaper that I want. For example, if I want a Ninetales’ background, I have to search every single image individually because I can’t just search for it. Please add a search bar for individual Pokémon and it will make me download the app again
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4 years ago, BennyBall1115
The best Pokémon wallpaper app To have yet came, the best by far wallpaper app I have even downloaded! It even works on my tiny iPod! And because I am a fan of Pokémon it was a really good find. There is SOO much Pokémon, you can even chose from serious backgrounds to silly or fun. Every thing is customizable for what you like. It shows that the creators of this app pays attention to the viewers!
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3 years ago, jeromyheth
Who wallpapers for Pokémon
I have over 30 Pokémon wallpapers at my phone and the wallpapers are awesome and my favorite Pokémon Nothing can go wrong in this app But one thing that went bad is that I can’t search up Pokémon wallpapers, Every time I push load more I just get more favorite Pokémon so there is lots more Pokémon you have to see in this app
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4 years ago, hehehdhhdgdh
Pro 1234
Dvdgdffghhghh use of really good care off of the day and time for me to go because my family is so excited I will be there in about a month or a half or halftime o is it the anniversary of ithe yetei I was a little boy and a birthday girl I gotta was your birthday I wanna was your day I wanna was you olike was a good night ueuu is the birthday anniversary j g hkwkkkkkkkk I was happy birthday uto uwas day is i you happy anniversary
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7 years ago, DDD84
So freaking awesome!
Such beautiful, awesome looking wallpapers. And they're so crystal clear and in HD. Highly recommended. But do we have to rate the app in order to get more pictures? Seriously? Oh and could you add a search bar so we can search for our favorite pokemon and not flip thru page after page looking for them. Thanks. ^w^
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4 years ago, ari102810
Amazing quality
I love Pokémon this app is amazing it’s not like anything I’ve ever had before the pictures are amazing all of them show up I haven’t seen any glitches and they have so many different pictures to choose from if you want a good quality background this is the app to use:)
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2 years ago, snipersnake2021
Its awesome but i hav 1 complaint
I love this app its free no subscription and no in app purchases but i do hav to say i wish we could search up Pokémon wallpapers that we like instead of just scrolling for ages but other than that i like the app I recommend it
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2 years ago, cat and mermaid lover ❣️
I love it few problems
I lovePokémon so much and when I was looking for Pokémon stuff I found this and I love it but I wish you cold like type what Pokémon you want as your Home Screen and please can you add more evee more mew and mewtwo and cuter and like more rare Pokémon ps I don’t have too many Pokémon cards but I have everything else posters drawings everything
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2 months ago, Bluey lover 123🐶♥️
I got some cool backgrounds for my IPhone, but you could get cooler backgrounds by saving a picture of your liking from Google or safari and then crop it then click the share button, scroll down until you see the “ make wallpaper” button, click it then click finished and edit the wallpaper and undo the blur and then you got a cool wallpaper and by the way this app told me that so thank you CoolWallpapers!😊☺️
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4 years ago, rainbow fart 20018
Great app but...
I love this app! It’s amazing and there are so many to choose from! The only thing that I wish would be added is a search bar so we can search for a specific wallpaper. Overall, this is AMAZING!!!!
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1 year ago, 123 Donecho
It’s awesome
It’s a really good thing because it’s it’s totally free so if you wanna have some cool wallpapers or if you wanna have some of your family or something it’s really cool but like yeah it’s awesome what are you doing you should get it totally free
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6 years ago, BaileyThe🐐
No Update
Right. No updates in months. I’ve been checking every single month for a new update and guess what? None. Zero. Zip. Nada. I’m frustrated. The wallpapers are good enough, but it needs an update. Badly. Plus it crashes quite often, when ads pop up or I go into another wallpaper collection after browsing another. It’s really quite frustrating, and if there were actual updates and less crashes, I’d use it a lot more often.
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2 months ago, peace, dude... :)
I like it, but…
I like it, but the only wallpapers they really have are JUST Pokémon and no characters. A few might pop up in there, but when it rarely does, it is just Ash. Why not add a few more characters like Gladion? Even with all of that, it is still a decent app, considering it has plenty of wallpapers with fun designs and stuff :)
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2 years ago, okm in00#9---
43 Pokémon‘s
This game is so cool because there’s so many cool backgrounds to choose this is One of best the Pokémon games I have a cool Lucario my home screen and my login in screen all the Pokémon‘s are on that game this is one of the best games I’ve ever downloaded I love all the wallpapers
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5 years ago, Joshcarls
Best app ever!!!!!😍😍😍😍💓💓💓💓
I love all the so much some i use for my wall paper, some i use to send to friends, and use for just cute pictures, i would recommend this app for Pokémon lovers. They are so adorable some don’t look like the cartoon Pokémon but they are still adorable!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, Xellis84
Wow! This is really good! I have never seen any wallpaper this good! Though I have a suggestion. Can you put a search bar in? If you can’t, that is totally fine! I would like other people to download this app, on anything they have. :)
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7 years ago, NobleBeliver
I really love this app thanks for it. But I have a few down parts. 1. there needs to be a search bar because it is really hard to find the right wallpaper and 2. Way to many adds. But other wise its amazing.
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2 years ago, ECOVol
CoolWallpapers for Pokémon ratings
I feel like this is an app that lots of people would use. I recently got a new phone case and I needed a wallpaper a CoolWallpaper so I opened my app and found a wallpaper with the exact color!
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6 years ago, Sikestm
Awesome Pokemon wallpapers!!
I love this Pokemon wallpaper app, I love all the Pokemon pictures💗 I make sure to check it out as much as possible. And I make sure to change my wallpaper(s), I love all of the wallpapers and I make sure I change it every month I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT !!!!!💞💗👍👍
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6 years ago, Suicunerubystar10
Awesome App!
The art on this site is amazing! I now use this app for images for every single one of my contacts, which is no mean feat. I definitely recommend this app for anyone who wants to see the works of the Pokémon fanbase!
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5 years ago, RickSieteCinco
So horrible
This game is so horrible because when I got it I only got it because the picture for the game looked really cool and then I got on the game end it was a little screen and I couldn’t even find the picture I wanted that’s why the game is so horrible and I’m not lying to you oh and also I got it because the rating was better than the same game but the rating was lower than that and this game is really horrible
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7 years ago, YUNOTHETIGER3
It's pretty nice
I really love this app because I have a hard time finding a wallpaper that I like and Pokemon has been one of my favorites when I was a kid so this app really helped me find the perfect wallpaper for my phone.
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7 years ago, 🍁🍁🍁Autumn🍁🍁🍁
Beautiful wallpapers and great app!!!
I love this app and try to go on it everyday to find a new wallpaper for my phone. And if your a Pokemon fan then this is a great app to find your favorite Pokemon in a gorgeous background. This app deserves 5 stars
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6 years ago, Firefox destroyer
One problem
My only complaint is that there should be a search button
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4 years ago, gggggfdyf
Different Pokemon
I really like the art style and all of the wallpapers but I have no seen a single gen 7 or 8 Pokemon please make ones of generation 7 and generation 8
Show more
4 years ago, Sh4d0w sh07
Good but needs something
It’s a great app for Pokemon fans and it has a wallpaper for every single Pokémon but it’s kinda hard to find them because there is no search feature so pls add a search feature to it and then 5 stars
Show more
6 years ago, Thanos799
Very good app
An astounding amount of choices, would rate 5 stars but since there isn’t a search bar to find the Pokemon you want, I had to drop a star for that, only other complaint is the amount of ads
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7 years ago, xXAlexMasterXx
Good App!!!
I think this is a good app overall because there is no problems I recommend this app and if there was 100 stars I would give it 100 stars!!!!
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7 years ago, SanicGottaGoFast456
One problem
This app is very awesome and all, however I think a search bar with maybe type categories would be nice. I have to spend long periods of time looking for my favorites
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11 months ago, 567😍😍
So I like it it’s just that I thought I would be able to actually get the wallpapers
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3 years ago, Mishmokin
Pretty Good!
I change my wallpaper frequently and I love Pokémon, this is a great app with a huge variety of Pokémon wallpapers, BUT, ADS!!!!! Every time you click a panel, you get an ad. Overall, a GREAT app but please change it so that there are way less or no ads. Please. Peace.
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4 years ago, lllllllggghzutwo
Completely terrible!!!
All the pictures are just complete terrible! Just give me a normal picture!!!
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6 years ago, Ostara the Pokemon Master
Pretty good but would be a lot easier if it had a search bar. But other then that has AWESOME wallpaper. I would highly recommend getting this app.
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4 years ago, Nightmare Cat J
I love this app so much there are some adds which are annoying but it’s worth it for how cool and cute these wallpapers look I absolutely love this and I highly recommend it.
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7 years ago, Jordan Karl
In love with this app
Pikachu is my favorite character in Pokemon. Now I can put Pikachu as my favorite background, Thank you soo much, I wish there was more than a five star rating!!
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2 years ago, Serenity Alvarez
The best
You should try this App is so cute and when I saw the pictures I got scared for a second lol anyways you should try this app🆓🆓🆓🆓🆓🆓
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7 years ago, jjwilkjack
So awesome!!!
There are so many awesome wallpapers I can't decide which one I should use!! I have to switch every single time because I like all of them!!!
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2 years ago, Best background game
The best background game
I downloaded this two days ago and I found it very very useful
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5 years ago, phantomseph
Search feature
It would be awesome if there was a search feature to search by individual pokemon.
Show more
5 years ago, Saikou210
I love every single wallpaper here. I have two on my phone right now. Could not recommend a better one.
Show more
5 years ago, Poke fan 2000
I love this app it has helped me find my Pokemon background but you should put a search bar so people can search certain Pokemon.
Show more
5 years ago, IcedSnowyFox
Good, it has many great choices
It is a good app. My ads glitch a little when I try to close them. Also I wish there was a search feature.
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