Coolmath Games: Fun Mini Games

4.7 (89.6K)
56.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Seller, LLC
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Coolmath Games: Fun Mini Games

4.67 out of 5
89.6K Ratings
9 months ago, Mr critically
Y’all need this app
So, like 2 years ago I got a new phone but I had to restart it ( including Apple ID), so I had got to the point where I was downloading games for no reason, only because I was bored of all the other games I already had. Well I came across an add for Coolmath and I decided I would download it because what the heck could happen? Well, to sum it up I have loved this app not only bc it has some classics that I’ve loved since elementary school and they keep adding more new games every week it seem like. All I have to say it that I love Coolmath and I love it even more now bc I can play mobile! Y’all need this app bc of all the games that have almost replaced all the games I already have. I honestly play every single day bc I have fallen in love with the game Running Round on Coolmath. If you like run and jump games you’ll surely enjoy Running Round bc of the progressing difficulty and different levels. You WILL enjoy the app bc of all the different kinds of games. The only downside is you need Wi-Fi but I’m fine with it bc of all the upsides it has. One other thing is that the creators need to add the game Moto X3M bc that game is sooooo much fun. Overall you need this app and it’s great.
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2 years ago, DynastyOfDem!🐉🤬
Cool math games to sum up is one of the best and only games to have on your device. There are many mini games that have different themes, stories or play styles. Not long ago I became addicted to a strategy game called Idle Startup Tycoon. It is what it sounds like, a startup tycoon. Only that I cannot play it anymore because it was recently deleted off the app and now I can only play on the site. If I want to start playing it again then it will be very inconvenient. The app will have no more value to me. I wish for coolmathgames to bring it back. Another concept for coolmathgames to have is offline mode. I know this will sound crazy but there’s nothing as good as playing coolmathgames offline. Besides, most of the games on there are single player unlike games like hangman. Overall, coolmathgames has been a top tier experience and I hope coolmath will bring these officially to the app.
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7 months ago, a trip to the flor
Y’all should get this app although there’s always room for improvement
So in computers after my assignment my teacher said that we could go on Coolmath so I did and that’s when I found out that it sooo fun but when I said there is always room for improvement I meant that on a game called Slice Master and I was really good at it but when I got to a certain level on the bottom of the screen it had a purple bar and when I finished that level it would make me watch a ADD but it didn’t bother me that much because there’s like never adds so then I deleted the whole app then got it again so it restarted all of my progress but that’s what I wanted to happen also I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SQURE STACKER IT IS SO FUN so I REALLY HOPE THEY FIX THAT!!! Anyway I just wanted to let you know how i feel about this app and that’s why I only wanted to give the app four ⭐️s sorry I made my review sooo big🙂I just have one more thing to say….. PLEASE ADD MY REVIEW TO THE OTHER ONES BELOWE WERE YOU DOWNLOAD THE APP THE REASON WHY IM ASKING THIS IS BECAUSE IV NEVER SEEN MY REVIES ON WERE THE OTHER REVEIS ARE😔HAVE A GREAT DAY PLEASE ADD YOUR REVIWS I ALWAYS TRY TO READ THEM SO MAYBE ILL GET TO YOURS🙂APP MAKERS PLEASE LEAVE A REPLIE THANK YOU
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6 months ago, Travis hates cool math
Cool Math Games has long been a go-to platform for online educational games, but its limitations become glaring when it comes to popular titles like Moto X3M. The absence of Moto X3M on Cool Math Games is a significant drawback for users who seek the thrill and excitement that this particular game offers. Moto X3M has gained widespread popularity for its challenging levels, adrenaline-pumping stunts, and engaging gameplay, making it a fan favorite. Cool Math Games, with its emphasis on educational content, may have overlooked the importance of catering to a diverse audience that includes those looking for more action-oriented and entertaining experiences. The lack of Moto X3M not only deprives users of an enjoyable gaming experience but also reflects a potential oversight in understanding the varied preferences of its user base. This gap in the game offerings highlights the need for Cool Math Games to diversify its content and incorporate popular titles like Moto X3M to keep pace with the dynamic interests of its users. By expanding their catalog to include a wider range of games, Cool Math Games could enhance its appeal and provide a more well-rounded gaming experience for its audience. In the competitive landscape of online gaming platforms, addressing such gaps is crucial for maintaining user engagement and satisfaction.
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4 years ago, hihihimonkey
I absolutely LOVE Coolmath. The new update is super awesome, I love how it remembers your favorites and saves them to a different section, sorts games, by subject, and all the other cool stuff it does. Coolmath makes amazing games that are perfect to play on road trips, and other fun stuff. My personal favorite is Tower of Destiny and other action, jumping games like that. The only thing I DONT like (it's crazy, how can I NOT like Coolmath?) is that sometimes, games like Tower of Destiny and Outcome, forget your progress! Like, once I leveled up pretty high in Outcome, and next time I played, it had forgoten. Other then that, I think that this app is as close to perfect as an app can be. And, even with all the awesome stuff, it’s FREE! No in-app purchases, everything is Totally. Completely. FREEE!!!! I’m sorry, I just love Coolmath so much. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 (I recommend this to everyone) -The Me Person
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2 weeks ago, Calcium:( I lost papa
I came here for papas pizzariea
I came her for papas pizzeria but it was not there I wasted my storage just to find out that papa games weren’t there. When I clicked on the app when I downloaded it, I thought I hit the jackpot and that I wouldn’t have to pay 2 dollars for a papa game ever again. But I was wrong so wrong, when I clicked on the search with a smirk on my face, the smile immediately dropped. To my rage papa games were no where in sight. I tried for 15 minutes diving to try and getting a game as interesting as papas, but nothing came to mind. In the end I had to play suika watermelon game, but I couldn’t get my mind off of papa. It was like papa was whispering in my head, I went downstairs to ask my mom if she could get me my papa game but she said no… I will never forget you papa I love you.
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11 months ago, Fox girl 3000❤️
Cool game.
At my school I had this game. it’s an Io game. It was on Coolmath games but when I got this one it wasn’t there they had a different version of it but I won the one I had. This is a different type. I think it’s still a good game and if you tap, one thing, it says missed missing a game or something like that. We don’t have all the games has different cool math games. But we have much more choices and now you can find a new favorite game. It has all kinds of games. It’s a really fun app. I enjoy playing on so do my three younger siblings there a different games for each type of different person. There’s not a search button if you if you like searching but if you like finding what you can do, this is a game
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5 years ago, butterfly 🌺
Amazing but a few bugs
I love this game but there are a few bugs first of all I love this game because it’s like the only app that’s a game you need because it’s one app but it has so many different games on it …but you CANT search any games you want to play on the app You have to click on run and jump games or fun physics I just think it would be better if you added a search button or something I also like the game because you can click on the heart ❤️ and it tells you the games you play most of the time and recently played games but what would make it better most of all is if you added a search button because sometimes I can’t find the games I love to play but over all I think this app is pretty good
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3 years ago, a zebra moo moo
Very good but just one thing
I love opening the app every now and then and seeing what new games they have. I especially like the recurring devs like the one that makes the game with the game it layout and the puzzle game guy that makes the puzzle games with that distinct art style. There are also tons of board games, platformers, and stuff. The only thing I don’t like is that there is no search function. It gives you a last played column but it only goes so far so sometimes I find myself scrolling looking for the game I want. Other than that it’s a fantastic app for a Fantastic website. Also the ads only happen when you open a game and that is it. Nothing interrupting gameplay and no in app purchases. Fantastic app
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2 years ago, judah ju
This should just be called cool game
It should be called cool game except my baby taking name but it doesn’t really have any math games that’s why I like to play it all the time it has nothing to do with a mask it was really just a good game it’s really fun you should try the game I think you have actually tried the game which is how you are you seeing this comment right now if you saw it anyway you can play all the games there is a popular games there is my games there is home and I forgot what the rest are but it was a really really good app everybody try it for now on because it is not even he just has a bunch of games that are çôôł math game not really 😎 çøøł Game is what it should be called.
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3 months ago, Elephants4ever563koalas
Great, play it all the time.
Have you ever kept scrolling through your phone just trying to find a good game to play, but you have none? If so, then Coolmath games is for you. Coolmath games is basically one big game filled with hundreds of mini-games. Some are games that are similar to other mobile games and some are just created from Coolmath. There are different sections and as you play, Coolmath can see and start to decide which games would suit you the best. And filter them to give you all of your favorite games. It also saves the games you already played. So if you remember you played a really good game last time and wanna go back to it, it’s not that hard like it is for other games. I personally find that very convenient. Coolmath is great with less adds then other games do. So what are you waiting for? Download Coolmath Games and enjoy the glorious world of every game you could imagine at your fingertips! Thank you for reading my review, and I hope you have a wonderful day! -An Experienced Gamer.
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8 months ago, Paper.io2 lover 2023
Great game for everyone
This app is great. I used to be downloading games all the time for me and my little cousins to play, but most of them got boring quick, had a bunch of subscriptions, and had ads that aren’t appropriate for elementary school kids. I found this app (I used to use the website at school when I was younger) and I don’t know if it’s just me or not, but all the ads are just a dark screen that lasts like 10 seconds and don’t come on very often. This app also has hundreds of games, some that my parents even play with me. This game is the best
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4 years ago, ZGDfounder12
Slightly disappointed
I really only play like four games on this app because my favorite cool math games are only on the website. That was kind of disappointing because Papa’s Scooperia was the whole reason I even downloaded it. And warning to all, THERE ARE NO PAPA’S GAMES IN THE APP SO IF THAT’S WHY YOU WANT IT DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME. But there are a few games that I like. Anyway, the reason I was going to write this in the first place is because there is no search bar. Hundreds of games and NO FLIPPING SEARCH BAR!!! It’s honestly quite ridiculous that there isn’t one. Especially where I have read multiple reviews asking for a search bar. PLEASE ADD A SEARCH BAR (and papa’s scooperia😉) and it would definitely be a five star app because it’s SUPER CLOSE!
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4 years ago, Bidybadmoose
Didn’t save
I play this on computer, but I am writing the review on the app. I played papas freezeria is one time and noticed that you could create an account, so I did hoping that it would make my game save. When I went back to the game, my progress was lost, but I didn’t make a deal out of it because I was only on like day 2. I payed it for a couple of days and one day I went to the game bounce floor. When I played it a little bit and went back to papas freezeria, my porgress was once again, lost. I went to see if I was still logged in and it said I was and that my most played was papas freezeria but when I went to the game my progress was gone. Thanks for making my experience horrible.
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2 years ago, Jc-palms
Cool math yes built different if you do not play you’re not cool
Hi guys it’s🙃 dill cool math games built different if you don’t like it you’re not built different I’m going to tell you how to be🤩 build different first you have to like cool math games that is one reason why I built different second you🤩 have to sign in and get a profile make sure you like dinosaurs hamsters and monkeys to be built different and third is that you have to like the rock and listen to his song it’s about🤩 drive it’s about power we stay hungry we devour put in the work put in hours we take what’s ours
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5 years ago, hotnan2
Great app for a great website!
This app is great I love the Cool math site I remember at school’s computer lab that the teacher was upset I was playing a un-educational game. I think they thought this sight was math games lol. It’s great to have these as mobile games too. They come out with new ones i don’t know if every few days or once a week, which is great. Although they have a few exclusive games for the site and not in the app like Checkers Online. They can’t have it in the app because it’s online and this is for offline. A good reason to go to the website. Short Science summary about video games and how they DONT rot your brain: Games help improve your brains gray matter (neron cells), memory, fast thinking, hand eye coordination, and puzzle games help you think outside the box. ETC. Computer games/ video games don’t rot your brain like people would think. Unless you play for like 10+ hours. That’s not healthy and wastes time you could spend outside or with your family. I hope that Cool Math Site and app lives on. Thanks for reading 😸
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2 years ago, NcCorchuk
The game that has lots of fun games
I love this game the website has a special place in my heart and there are some missing games that I wish where on here like burrito bison or run 3. I looked at the critical reviews and they all say something like this game is not on it or i will give you five stars if you add this game or they say it’s dumb for no literal reason. I love this game and I am willing to wait for new games and maybe some of the old games. Thank you guys so much for what you have done for all the people that have supported you. I do recommend this game to anyone.
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2 years ago, hsfhfhfhfh
Getting mad about 2 things in this game… but I like it!
So cool math games is very amazing!! However when I played Johnny upgrade then I was running and immediately it said times up for no reason!? Look I mean it’s not like I won or I lost it’s that it keeps saying it?!?!? OKAY!!!!!! >:( I hate it and second I played something named cut the something idk but when I chopped the table then it stopped the game and It said “game over you lose :( “ and I was like what this is stupid I hate it >;( so fix this issue now or else I will give you 1 star!!!! and you are lucky that I am giving you 4 stars because 1 star is like F- for YOU >:) HA loser lol hahaha…
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2 years ago, LSRN2014
Pornographic ads
My 7 year old son just saw an ad while playing a child’s math game. The ad involved two gay men embracing and putting their hands in each others pants. Talked about how they love their wife but can’t resist… I am furious that this is even possible on an ap specifically used for children's math!!! Thank god I was right by him and was able to take it away before it got graphic. How is this not illegal?!? Who does this need to be reported to? I know my son’s school uses this app and I’m trying to understand how this is ok. Obviously I’m deleting the app and would recommend anyone with small kids do the same and get a more child friendly app. I will also be calling the superintendent for the school district as well and demand that the app either be fixed or removed from the school.
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5 years ago, Pugging406
This app is awesome and the people that say it doesn’t add games quickly it actually does and also the people that say it plays disgusting ads it never did that to me or any of my friends or family in fact none of us ever got ads on our phones it was only on our laptop but the ads were not bad and the games are child friendly actually and I recommend this to anyone and now you can search games and it remembers your favorites and what you’ve played anyways bye and have a good day
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4 years ago, Lilcupcake1057
Getting better
When I read the reviews to this app I saw a lot of reviews complaining about the adds and how they are not appropriate for children. After reading the description to these adds I completely agree with them, which was why I was hesitant to download this app. But I did it anyways, and I am glad to report that these adds are gone and are replaced with kid friendly ones. Unfortunately, it still limits you to the amount of games you can play on a IPad or phone. If that wasn’t a issue I would’ve gave this app a better rating. Fix that and your app is a 5 star!
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10 months ago, my nickname:D
Amazing app!
This app is so much fun! There’s a game for everyone! All the games are so unique and creative! There’s rock paper scissors with puppies, a game where you build a tree, and one where you go fishing! I would recommend this app to everyone. Also there’s only like 2 of the hundreds of games that have math, so don’t think this is an educational app lol. There’s not a lot of ads, but some can be kind of inappropriate. Thank you for reading this! Definitely would recommend this app
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1 year ago, alissa brazil
Great but the name
I love this app it’s a great app there’s so many games to play on it and I love competing against other people but the name I got it because I thought you know it would be fun so I gave it a try and I found out there’s nothing about it that includes math why would you call it cool math games if it don’t even have any math in it it’s just games where is the math now I’m not complaining because I love it I love this app but maybe couldn’t you came up with a better name than cool math.
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2 years ago, GunGamerBoi
Cool, but you must add something.
Okay, I love CoolMath. The games are really fun and the management’s even better. However, there is one game you must add that everyone loves and would surely want on this version: OvO. The game is really cool and people love that game a lot. There’s even a speedrun contest going on for it, as you know. It’s one of the most popular games on the website, so why not mobile? I want the devs to see this and understand that the game is worth it to be put on the app. Thank you and Merry Christmas!
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3 years ago, gtfrgty
Please read this!!!!!!!
I love this game so much but it doesn’t have idle breakout!!!. What is it that is amazing an amazing game I would recommend tiny fishing hex blocks and also I don’t break out if it is on there for you I love how it has so many games and you can choose from anyone I personally love this app I made it a four-star only not a five because it doesn’t have idle break out but isn’t that it is amazing and they fix the bug every time and I just don’t have anything bad to say about it except no I don’t break out Please respond
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5 years ago, kitkat😺🦊
Ok ⭐️⭐️⭐️
So, when I got this game I thought the cool math games on the computer would be the same as different devices like phone, iPad but it wasn’t the same which disappointed me 😔 I love playing this game on cool math called copter royal it’s sooooooo fun! And there’s like other games like run 3 and so much more! 😻 so I would enjoy if you guys would add the games from the computer. That would amazing if you would do that! 👍👍 I love playing it at my school though so it’s a really good app on computer but if you added more games on phones and iPads that would really improve! Thank you for reading if so! Byeeeeee I love animal jam too! Lol 🦒🦓🐕🐏🐖🦘🐃🦏🦛🐅🐘🐊🦍🦈🐋🦓🐂🦙🐖🐫🐄🐖😎😎😎
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3 years ago, forniteemma
Totally recommend this app!
I totally recommend this app! Soooo many to choose from! At least one of them is going to be for u! My personal favorite is hex block. There is nothing wrong with this game! :) this is not a complaint tho.....but the pc version has more games but this is soooo much better then pc in my personal opinion. My little sister (Mya who is 8) loves this game so much! We play at least 2 hours a day! Thank u so much for making a mobile version! :)
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5 years ago, GabyOndrasek
I love this app!
This app is one of my favorite apps on my iPad! I love the fact that I can tell my parents that I’m practicing math and be playing fun games! Some of the games don’t really work but most of them do and really well! I would have anyone who likes anything play this game. The only thing that I wish would be fixed is some of the games because they don’t work sometimes and can take up a lot of battery. But besides those minor things this game is perfect! Love it!!!! 😁😁😁👍👍👍💗💗💗 Bella
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4 years ago, gaMeS149
I love the game but the website is 20 times better
I love the website but the actual app is it my favorite because I like to play Papa Louie’s pizzeria or out of the papa Louise games in general and there was none I also try to play fire boy and lava girl couldn’t find it I also want to play run couldn’t find it I love the website and everything because it has a bunch of games but do you happen to have that much stuff but I’m still gonna keep it because well I just like to have it and I understand that they say that some games can’t work as great in the game but I still would’ve loved to like have them like you or just regularly so I can at least play them when I’m bored
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1 week ago, Hebsixmx *NSYNC
Ad smash karts
The only reason I rate this a 4 outa 5 is because there is no smash karts. Unlike crazy games, cool math games doesn’t get banned. But, almost all the super popular websites with games, like crazy game, has smash karts. And it a big hit. So, if you add smash karts, I’ll make another review, and it’ll be FIVE STARS. Also it would be great if you add funny shooter 2. That game is so fun. But anyways devs, keep that in mind, cuz my entire school plays smash karts, but today it got blocked. So, you guys come be the one who adds smash karts to your website. (And funny shooter)
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5 years ago, Kelseyy😇
I bought this app for my kids. They love to play Papa’s Pizzaria but you can’t even search any game. Ps(ADD MORE GAMES) This would have made it a lot better if you could play game you like. There were disgusting ads too...if you want to be specific(a women ripping condoms and getting pregnant wanting to marry the man.) + (Homeless people begging for money..) this is such a distraction for a 5 year old to tap on these ads and watch+see+search+find out what all these ads have to do in these. GET MORE GAMES AND CHANGE THESE ADS NOW!!! I am really upset and am currently suffering because my child keeps asking me what a condom is. I will only download this app back if you fixed these disgusting upsetting bugs. I’m not trying to be rude I’m just tying to be honest..
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5 years ago, Liminic eruption
I’m very frustrated
A lot of these games are pretty fun and unique, but my two favorite games on Coolmath Games are Compulse and Car Ferry (almost specifically for the beautiful visuals and music), and there are no mobile versions of either of those games ANYWHERE. You need to add those to this app. I don’t see why they wouldn’t work on apps like this, like it says some games don’t, since they’re both fairly simple games, AND given the outstanding quality of some of these games on here.😠 Either Car Ferry and Compulse need to be added to this app, or SOMEBODY needs to make separate mobile adaptations of them! PLEASE!!
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4 years ago, RylanFlame
Just get it. It’s not math anyway though.. Great game. But there’s just ONE problem in some games: the controls make getting 3 stars in level 8 of “Hardest Game on Earth” near impossible. The square barely responds to my thumb. Otherwise I haven’t found any issues. Except the need for adventure/platformers. Oh and one more thing. Some games forget progress. I had literally everything in “Awesome Tanks 2” but then it went away. I don’t play it anymore because I hate restarting game so spent an hour on.
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5 years ago, shzfahubf
I love cool math games!!!
I like cool math games because it is both educational and fun. I also like it because it uploads a new game every Monday. The first time I downloaded cool math games I immediately picked up the phone and started playing on it. It was fun and really entertaining!!!🤗😶It is a good device on your brain because all of the games involve brain skills, math, and a lot more other stuff!!! You need all that math and brain strategy’s for school. I incourage you to play cool math games!!! Please play!!! - Kate Perrella
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2 years ago, unigirl 2013
Good game but a problem 🙁
Ok so I like the game . I got it because I play it at school . I found one of my favorites tiny fishing but I couldn’t find my absolute favorite penalty soccer online. and if your wondering what the problem is its that cool math games DOESN'T HAVE A SCROLL BAR! yeah you heard me read it again if you don’t believe me . but anyways back to the topic so I kept scrolling and scrolling through the games and never found it so please please please cool math games I am basically begging for you to put in a SCROLL BAR!
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5 years ago, |ChickenNuggets|
Dissatisfied 😕 (PLAY THE ONLINE VERSION!!)
Hi, TinyTim here. I was really excited about getting CoolMath Games for my kids, but then I realized that that didn’t have as many of the games that they like on the iPad then they do on computers, or chrome books. Also it doesn’t let you search any games, third when you try and play a game, it take you to safari, which I didn’t like. (I recommend the online version.) And the last thing is that some of the ads are just plain WRONG for kids. (If you want to be specific), there was and ad about a woman getting pregnant, and try’s and figures out if she marries the man, another ad were homeless people living on the streets begging for money. So I did the right thing.... I DELETED IT.👎
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7 months ago, PenguinMaster3000
Good game but…
Okay so some of my favorite games to play on my laptop are OvO, papas freezeria, and papas bakeria. But they are missing those on the app for some reason. It does have some of my favorite games like candy jump, tic tac toe, and especially slice master. But on candy jump it glitches and becomes super slow and glitches and freezes right as I’m about to get a good score. And on slice master there is a purple bar to watch an ad I think it’s a glitch but I can’t click anything and now the app is useless because I can’t play my favorite games!!! 😭
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4 years ago, naughtknight
The game changer
I personally haven’t had or played this game much, but I find it really fun and Interesting. All the games such as nom nom kitchen, final earth two and… I see that they are teaching you types of mathematics. There is a downside to being fun and mathematical and that is that it is really really hard and upsetting. And so I think the games are good and bad witch is why I give it three and a half stars. Pardon the fact its a half of a star too high.
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4 years ago, lennon simone
This is literally the best game
First of all: thank you to the creator for tricking parents inot thinking this is educational, and for letting kids who aren’t allowed to play video games go like “oh, this is cool math games, it’s educational” and the parents say “um well ok then”. Second of all, this is completely free so at first I was like “whats your hussle, all of this cant SERIOUSLY be free” but IT IS. And third of all, this is so fricking fun that I just can’t believe it. Thank you 🐰-
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2 years ago, milg24
Amazing app just crappy ads
I loved Coolmath games growing up and obviously I still do but god I hate ads. I hate that every time I open a new game I have to sit through an ad before I can start playing. Don’t get me wrong there are other apps with way ad exposure but still. If there was an ad free version to get I would definitely upgrade to that. So if you guys do anything g new please make an ad free option I will give you my money lol. I just want to feel nostalgic.
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4 years ago, DuffyCharles
Lots of problems after yesterday’s update
I hadn’t had any significant problems with this app until Yesterday when the app updated. The pirate game now tells me I have to turn my iPad vertically no matter how many times I do that. I have no issues with this in any other app. I tried to email about this problem but the app told me my device is not set up to send email. This is not true. I get and send dozens of emails a day on this iPad. Finally I tried clicking on App Support in the App Store and it said to email the address “below” but all that was below was gobbledygook that you get when an image doesn’t load correctly.
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2 years ago, RedHawk80907
Very good app
This app is awesome! I remember playing this when I was in elementary school and middle school it was so much fun. I never get bored playing games like these. CoolMathGames is where it’s at. When I bored or have nothing to do I play CoolMathGames. It like the BEST app ever. When I mean best I mean BEST!!! It has tons of my favorite games that I played in the computer version like Bob the Robber and Candy World. All of it is awesome. Keep up the good work. n2mohawks
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2 years ago, ill be honest😿😄
Great app, but…
This is a great app, but I prefer the website. A lot of my favorite games are only on the website. Also, there IS NO SEATCH BAR!!! I have seen so many reviews asking for one, and honestly, it’s really annoying. And only a few games that I like are on there, but some (for example, ovo) aren’t there. Please add all your games on the app. I understand that it says “all games for this device” however when I go to the website I can play these games. My advice, stick to the website, it’s much better.
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3 years ago, frvggyjygrhyc
Its good
First of all, it’s a RESLY REALLY good game, trust me, I LOVE it. Second of all, you should really add a search bar, so you don’t have to go through every category just to find a game, or go through the A-Z category. Third of all,I think you should add the game “RUN” which I play all the time on my chromebook at school. That’s pretty much it as if my problems. Again, thank you for making this website on mobile.
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4 years ago, player 21379
Amazing game
I love cool math games because it is a fun experience for everyone and I just want to say it’s amazing game and you should get it. But their are a few thing I personally would change first I would change how it’s hard to find the search and I just realized they aren’t as many games as the computers so that’s why I only play on computers and also that why I gave it four stars
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3 years ago, schuberg67
God amen
Personally I had a great childhood because of this website on the computer so I just wanna say, bless you, you putting this on mobile and saving yourself from being eradicated with all the other flash game websites was a smart move, the rating I am giving is for the smart move of hopping to mobile to avoid being disintegrated by the end of flash, God Amen
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1 year ago, Bunnix2
Missing some things…
The one reason I bought this game was to play Trace. THE world best and hardest puzzle game. So I bought the game and got on and checked every single category. You can just imagine my disappointment when I didn’t see Trace. So I thought I’d play Run 1, 2, or 3. They didn’t have any of those. :(. I would like this problem to be fixed immediately. Until it is resolved, I will remove this game for my electronic.
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4 years ago, please listen developers
Great game!!! Few Suggestions
I really like coolmath the website is awesome and I play so much. I like the website more than the app but the app is sooo cool. A search bar would be nice to have and more games. I don’t get new games every week. I know there might be a reason why you can’t do it, but if you can add papa games,diggy, duck life, bloom defender, etc. it is a great app and is awesome. Just these things I said would be nice to add. But REALLY AWESOME APP 🤩🥳🤪😚😍🥰😋😛😝😜😀😀😄😁😆💂‍♀️🥳👍👍👍😺😸😹😻🤟
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5 years ago, lazari 2536
I like it a lot but...
I’ve always loved coolmath ever since I first knew it! And when I found out the coolmath was on the phone I became so excited!! I really like the game since it’s free and it’s offline too! Also I really like all the games on there but I haven’t found any of the papa’s pizzeria games which made me disappointed since I left be that game but if it is on there then my apologies but that was my only complaint about the app! Really love the app and keep up the good work!!
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It’s really sad...
When I got this app my child was really looking forward to playing “Papa’s pizzeria,” but when we searched... and searched....and searched for like an hour long we stumbled across something called “can’t find your game?” I was so relieved to see this thinking that it would let us download the game or even search it...but all it said was that if you couldn’t find your game then that was because it couldn’t be used on mobile devices... me and my child were very disappointed to see this... i really do hope that you can fix this bug...
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