Copilot: Track & Budget Money

4.8 (14K)
218.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Copilot Money, Inc.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Copilot: Track & Budget Money

4.75 out of 5
14K Ratings
1 week ago, 2588495
Love it
All Accounts in One Place I appreciate having a bird’s eye view of all my accounts. It’s really helpful to be aware of all my balances and the net worth of my finances. Clean Interface The interface is clean and enjoyable to use. It’s smooth and user-friendly, making it pleasant to spend time in the app. Budgeting The budgeting tools are good and flexible. I love how committed spending appears in the spending section. It would be great to have the option to create budgets for the next month. Categorization I have no issues with the flexibility of grouping and categorizing my expenses. Once the rules are adjusted, they work well. Income There aren’t many features related to income. I don’t have the option to categorize my income from different sources or see analytics about my income. Recurring Payments Overall, recurring payments work fine for me. However, I sometimes need to plan the first recurring payments, which isn’t currently possible. Impact I love having this app. It helps me stay aware of all my upcoming payments, analyze my expenses, and optimize based on this data. Wish Right now, the app’s features and interface guide me to manage my expenses. I would also like features that help me build wealth and work on increasing my income.
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6 months ago, JoaoMTx
NOT recommended
Although it initially seemed promising, Copilot soon fell off of grace with constant syncing issues with my AMEX bank accounts dragging for months. The support team is friendly but couldn't do more than gaslight me and finger-point at Plaid and Google, apparently the backbone of the whole app, and ignored reported issues like years-long deleted account registries and other syncing issues. Ignoring problems and complaints is not an acceptable solution. Other than category logging, the usual reports, trends, reminders, and forecasts are missing. The iOS and Mac OS apps are buggy with input lag, unresponsiveness, and sometimes even reverting transactions and other actions without an apparent reason. Manual accounts do not allow for retroactive registry logging, causing persistent erroneous analyses and reports (like loan accounts, for example). Although it has a fresh, visually neat, hands-off approach to finance tracking, it is a shallow application lacking basic features and unreliable tracking of my bank accounts. With a new subscription price over $90, it is impossible to recommend Copilot compared to the competition's feature set and prices. Unfortunately, I wasted a full-year subscription to learn this in the first person. I hope this helps you avoid the mistake I made.
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7 months ago, TiberiusTesla
Account Integration Issues: Beware
I was looking for a Mint alternative about 1 year ago. I came across Copilot and definitely enjoyed it. Then my bank switched and the way copilot interacts with banks is via a 3rd party finance business called Plaid. For over 3 months my bank couldn't connect to Plaid so copilot could not get my info. What a poor business model to be reliant on one financial institution for exchange financials. I have read that small / region banks also do not talk nicely to Plaid so copilot is useless with them too. Other competitors such as Monarch Money use 2 or 3 financial companies (Plaid, Finicity and one more I forgot the name of). Great for when Plaid lets you down. Quicken someone just connect with banks directly. Rocket money does the same. Ultimately I left copilot due to this glaring issue where my bank wont connect so budgeting is useless. I went to quicken Simplifi. Its also 1/3 of the price. Almost $100 for copilot a year is a lot for an app that is suppose to save me app, lots of customization, AI is nice...but if you cannot tell me the balance in my checking accout whats the point. Also they refused to refund my money so thats why I am writing a review.
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4 months ago, swdevaz
lots of interesting info, but missing key features
Missing networth graph. Missing ability to correct bad info from plaid, either through upload of transaction history, or just manually correcting the balance. Plaid is NOT seeing transactions of one account but all other accounts, so reconnecting does nothing. When it is such a large account value, the rest of the info in the app just becomes useless. I suppose my summary of this app would be GREAT if you are month to month, and want to stay trapped forever in month to month life. Focus of the app should be to promote getting out of debt by focusing on net worth building, empire building, asset accumulation and growth, increasing the rate of asset growth and decreasing liabilities, and should provide investment suggestions like "you should consider buying one of these franchises"... Nice app launch but apparently died at that, showing no real growth, in a field of excessive opportunity. Maybe they should have spent more on development and less on management salaries.
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2 months ago, RisingSunSailor
Takes Some Effort, but It's Well Worth It
I switched to Copilot as a part of The Great Mint Migration. Since it was a new interface (started with the iOS app before realizing I could pull it down on the Mac as well), it did take some time to get up to speed. Once I got it figured out (which the Mac app was easier to work for things like creating and editing budget groups for example), all was good and I'm hooked. My ONLY gripe is that it doesn't sync pending transactions, so there's about a 24 hour delay (longer over the weekend) where my spending isn't really real time. Other than that, I'm glad I downloaded it and I check it daily.
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3 months ago, drakethegreat
Not bad but missing core features
Like other reviews, I initially was impressed by the UI as an alternative of Mint (part of the great self induced migration). That said while it's awesome not to be sold ads all the time, I really don't like the lack of an iPad option. I also noticed that the subscription feature seems great at first but it's buggy and often miss identifies despite going back and correcting it. Finally it's exhausting but seemingly required to audit every transaction every day. I definitely consider myself interested in finance and getting things right but I cannot imagine anyone really enjoying this daily activity regardless of their background. They need to get their automation right and when they do they might have a killing app. That and just make a website so that I can access it on my iPad and Mac. The way it is today makes it frustrating as there is no solution for the iPad.
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3 months ago, Kvocal
Too cluttered, no weekly view
Although I have paid for the application and will continue to use it because I paid for it, I believe the application is way too cluttered and can be a bit overwhelming. I know it's one of those things where you may be able to get used to it overtime but for beginning user, it is a little intimidating. It's unfortunate that developers only see things from their viewpoint and not the viewpoint of users. It's a paradigm that has existed in the Software industry for years and will probably continue to do so. Number one recommendation create a view that is very simple to use that users can get the information that they require immediately. Next I will have daily and weekly views to give an idea of how a person is doing for the day. Having a 30 day outlook is not very helpful when it comes to limiting spending. There is an old paradigm KISS which means keep it simple stupid.
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3 months ago, yoyomattys
Great app, but room for improvement
Made the switch after Mint went away and I'm enjoying it so far. Will likely continue using it as I haven't been impressed with any competitors. Creating a budget and managing it is really easy, and the automatic features really seem to work. Where I've got some issues: - My biggest gripe is with the Mac app performance. I'm on a brand new Macbook with plenty of RAM and yet the app crashes my computer and slows to a crawl when I try to select more than one transaction. Performing the same tasks on my iPhone is quick with no issues, so something's definitely up. - Others have mentioned this, but the UX is a bit overwhelming. I think there's more opportunity to simplify and make the dashboard more of an "at a glance" insights overview. Tell me really quick what I need to know or do. - I would like a way to set an expected income month-to-month. Mint had this. That way I can see how spending is tracking vs how much I will make this month. I realize not everyone has this luxury, but some of us do know exactly how much income they expect in any given month. Thanks to the Product/Tech/Design folks who make this! I really am enjoying it overall!
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4 months ago, HueJazz
The deeper you go, the worse it gets
I'm a deep believer in the user inteface of any application needing to be simple and clean for an app to have success. This to me is where copilot succeeds and what made me spend a lot of time on it in the first place. The issue is, once you're "hooked" on your finances, what you would expect to be there as basic features is where this app falls flat. The features are well documented by the user base as request, and some have even made their way into the 'in development' stage, yet these features have been in development for years. The customer service seems to be nothing more than surface level and sadly the common complaints are actually driving me to their competitors. Every comment board and overdue feature request points me towards Monarch...
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5 months ago, bpmillet
I want to love this, but I can't yet.
Look, it's really really good. Very clean interface. Captures all my transactions and accounts (so far). And has some really intuitive way of tying it all together different charts and widgets. My problem is the extreme bugginess in Reoccurring and Categories related to transactions. The "rules" you create don't capture all transactions. Not because you did it wrong, but because it's buggy. If you edit a category, boom, bug. You want to make mass renaming edits to transactions? Can't. You want to see your Budget VS. your actual Income in a clear way? No can do. These are big features. Right now I can't use the app to track my budgeting due to bugs and an inability to see how much I even can spend on certain things based on my income.
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7 months ago, Corder94
5 Stars for Current Features / 4 Stars for Features in Progress
I debated whether to go with 4 or 5 stars because there are a lot of great ideas in the Feature Request section of the app. I hope that many or all of those features are coming soon. I decided to go with 5 stars overall because the features that are available now are oustanding. Comparing feature by feature to other apps Copilot wins. I am going with a year subscription and hope the addition of new features over the next year pushes this to 5 stars for available features also...
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6 months ago, die7fox
Fantastic app, with one glaring flaw
This is one of the best perrsonal finance apps I've ever tried, and I've tried them all. This is the only one I've come across that had no trouble linking ALL of my various accounts: Checking, credit, investment, etc. All of the others have issues with at least one of them. The layout is a bit overwhelming, at first; the app puts A LOT of information in front of you right off the bat. But it's been fun to play with and get to know. My biggest complaint is that you cannot reorder categories or category groups once they're created. This is a feature that all Copilot's competitors offer, and it would be a five star app if the developers fixed that.
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7 months ago, Schmeek88
Not Better than Mint in term of security!!!!
Not sure how people think this app is better or safer than Mint. maybe someone can help me. For starters this app only uses plaid which does not allow you to connect all banks and to that point some connections require you to give plaid your credentials. One Example was Discover accounts. With Mint I did not have to give the third party provider my credentials with copilot I do. Second example copilot who is native to apple doesnt even allow direct transation update of the apple card and Mint does. i dont feel this app has enough third party providers to connect to financaial instutions like mint did in a secure save manner, yet i have to pay $95 yearly to copilot for a well made platform that only used Plaid. i guess since mint is going away and copilot doesnt serve my needs i will look elsewhere.
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3 months ago, satvk_chn
The best personal finance app out there.
I have been using this app for 2 years now. I love the UI and the features. I can use this app on my iphone and on mac. I constantly updated my spending categories and recurring categories. I check where am I spending more and where am I spending less, all withing this beautiful app. The UI is top notch. No other app comes close to this app in terms of UI and ease of editing and updating the transactions. The best part is there are no ads. Just go for it. Everyone would love this app.
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4 months ago, SkymanNC
Lackluster support; missing basic features
I gave this app a try and even signed up for a subscription. That was a mistake. Support: in my experience, customer support is non-existent. You can submit a request for support via the app and are promptly informed that it can take 5 - 7 days before you receive a supply. I am going on day 9 of the original request plus a follow-up request a couple of days ago and my question still shows a "not yet seen" status. I had a very simple question but could not even get a prompt reply to that. That doesn't bode well and it has created a very bad first impression of Copilot on me. Features: you cannot create categories for income transactions. You are stuck with the default categories. That's a deal breaker for me. Certain reporting features are also half-baked or missing altogether. There is no way to attach scanned files to a transaction. I can deal with the features that are not there since they might yet be implemented. The app has potential. However, the non-responsiveness from Support does it for me. I'm giving up on this app and will keep trucking with Banktivity.
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5 months ago, Viewer267
no support for apple card??
So far so good, but 1. It'd expensive, $9 per month, I HATE subscriptions, how about $5 total and it works forever? I'm happy to pay so app developer doesnt have to make money by selling my data or ads, but $100 per year for ever? nope. 2. While intuitive, it evidently cant automatically (via plaid or otherwise) import transactions from an apple card?? Probably Apple's fault or goldman sachs' fault. They suggest you import transactions manually... which is great they offer this, but If I were them I'd put a huge button on that help page that says "Apple screwed their card up, we can still important transactions manually but click HERE to send them hate mail.:
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2 months ago, morethanafiddle
Except for Plaid issues, this is great
I've become accustomed to re-upping my connections at the beginning of the month since it seems like somewhere between one and two months various different accounts start to drop. The app alerts you to it after about a week (typically), but I'll think I'm doing better than I am and then be disappointed to find out that I'm missing data. To me, this is just an irritant that will hopefully get smoothed out. The rest of the app, both Mac and iPhone, is so, so much better than mint. The developers have done a really good job working within the Apple ecosphere
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4 months ago, bpsooner
Love this Financial App! Good Riddance Mint!
This app works great, is visually appealing, very Mac-Like. I have 24 connected accounts, including 3 AMEX credit card accounts & 1 AMEX Savings account and all sync wonderfully, but not through Plaid but through MX. Some other credit cards required syncing through Finicity. Overall, I've been very please with this app, even over Monarch (which I am trial-ing along w/ Copilot. More than better replacement for Mint. Now we only need syncing for the Apple Credit Card, but that's an Apple issue with everything but the now defunct Mint. So, I'm pleased with Copilot. It's worth the $90 /year … Go for it!
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1 month ago, fxchase
Lot's of potential but just not quite there
Overall the app is pretty good but it feels like it has some missing features that would make it excellent. Had synching issues where transactions were missing which raised an alarm. Some key things I think it needs: - Would like to see a "statements" feature to reconcile against monthly statements. Since there were missing transactions this would help. - Attaching receipts to transactions would be beneficial as I have a mix of personal and business expenses. - Improved split transactions display. When looking for transactions to mark as reviewed, if you have split the categories it is hard to find the transactions from the actual receipt total since the UI only displays the split amounts separately. - Would like to see some reporting features particularly for desktop app. - Import transactions feature would be nice. I'm migrating from another system I've been using for years and have to leave my history behind.
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6 months ago, EnochWalks
worthy apponent for Quicken
CoPilot's user interface is a breath of fresh air. It's intuitive, sleek, and makes navigating through various financial data a breeze. Unlike Quicken, which sometimes feels overwhelming, CoPilot simplifies the experience without sacrificing depth. The app's accuracy in categorizing transactions and tracking spending is impressive. It minimizes the tedious task of manual corrections, a frequent issue in many financial apps. The subscription price is a bit high, I wish they lower that to around $50 per year and would be super ideal.
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3 months ago, needs unpeofmwnr
Miss the Copilot before Mint
Copilot used to have stellar service. I understand that sometimes the connection issues are beyond their control but before their staff like Rafael and Andres used to be so responsive. Their new team does NOT respond to messages. You have to reach out to them and follow up on your own and cross your fingers you will get a response. Just recently, I had an account delete itself (I think staff mistakenly deleted it) and then they chastised me saying I deleted the account. I really wish they could hire more staff or provide more training to the staff they have. All of their recent updates say they are to support imports from Mint so it seems that is all they care about now!
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2 months ago, Matt F
Great replacement for mint
When looking to move away from Mint I looked at everything. Quicken Simplifi came close. Quicken itself was super arcane and hard to reason about. Nothing had the level of mobile support that I wanted. Copilot was the answer to a prayer. It's got the best feature set in the category and has been an app that we've stuck with for a year, and are going to continue to do so.
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2 months ago, sterlingz
Not great
Like many other reviewers here, I was looking for an alternative to Mint. Copilot's iOS App seems promising, and I ended up subscribing for a year. I find it weird that Copilot has a Mac app rather than a web app, and I don't think it's a good choice. This thing is hot garbage. It's been crashing on launch for more than a month now, and I followed the steps recommended by support to no avail. I don't want a Mac App as my Mint replacement. I want to be able to easily access my finances from any browser. Super odd choice to take this desktop app approach, especially with this level of software quality. Hopefully this helps you avoid making the mistake I did subscribing to this product. Alternatives are more stable.
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5 months ago, Cylomicronman
A little better than Mint and still improving
This does most of what I need and a few extra cool things that Mint never did. They've done a good job with the variety and stability of different accounts/services you can connect with. UI is really cool and fun to use. For a paid app I wish the intercom support was faster but they did answer my questions eventually. This company seems like a startup and they are still adding features and improving which is cool.
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4 months ago, derretfarm
Its slow and wildly incorrect in its assumptions
I was really excited. I set up all my accounts, I was ready to replace Mint. Then I returned to this pile of garbage - on my mac studio, with 32GB of Ram - to find that this app DRAGGGGGGGGGGSSSSSS. Every click takes like 20 seconds to work. So picture this: every apple charge shows up as one recurring charge. Fine, I can go split them up. But when I do that - the settings don't stay and, in fact, the wrong settings spread to all other charges. And again - with 20 second delays between clicks - this the single most frustrating app experience I've had in a very VERY long time.
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6 months ago, pburtchaell
Fairly good feature set, poor performance
I like the Copilot feature set. It covers all the bases. There is some room for improvement, like setting financial goals, creating rules for automatically renaming transactions, and tagging transactions (e.g. having a transaction in the vacation category, then adding a tag for the specific vacation). My main issue is with the performance of the desktop app. When I am going through my transactions, everything is very laggy. It makes it hard to focus and get things done in the app.
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5 months ago, Aricr
Best Budget App!
After Mint began to sunset, I tried several other budget options. They were short on features and all about selling you a new credit card or checking account. Copilot has none of the gimmicks, and is better than Mint ever was. Very pleased with how easy it is to use and figure out. Smoothly imported all data and was up and running in a couple hours.
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6 months ago, blahblahblahblahblahblahAgain
I've tried them all
I've tried more budgeting apps than I care to remember. This one finally connects all of my accounts, handles foreign currency (at least a little, but better than the others), has a logical manual account mgt option, and you can reasonably customize it, unlike Mint. A year into using it, I'm very happy.
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2 months ago, Sean O'Rear
I will try again in a year
I like the user interface and feel of the application. There is a learning curve and the documentation falls short of really helping. I invested in another app due to random sync problems where single transactions would not sync for days, weeks or never. Only remedy is to manually add transactions, and then when they do sync (also randomly) delete the manual entry. This alone throws off the budgeting features significantly to the point that I simply don't trust the app. Who wants an app touching their money that they don't trust?
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5 months ago, Mantahoe
Great App! Needs some more money saving options...
It's a very well made app. Works great. I like how I can customize it for my needs. Been using it for about 4/5 months. My thoughts: This is only good as a central location to track transactions. Other than that it's missing a key feature which is planning for months to come or saving for future goals. My only gripe. Keep up the great work though and I hope Copilot grows.
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4 months ago, HMLoki
Lacking Basic Features & Support
I initially was fairly positive on copilot, and particularly was happy to see the Mac app in addition to the iPhone app since it is easier to do the onboarding on a Mac. However, after doing a lot of work to import data and harmonize it, the Mac app would not sync to the iPhone app. And then the Mac app wouldn't even recognize that I was subscribed. I raised both issues with the support team through the messaging system and got no response. Hopefully these are growing pains and the issues can be worked out, but so far, not a great experience.
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4 months ago, rabob
Wonderful app - really bad customer support
I - like alot of people - have moved over from Mint. And while I like it (despite trouble linking Apple and one or two other accounts), the big flaw is the lack of customer service. For example, I could not get the Apple data to import and sent them a message over a week ago.... NOTHING. I am having a similar problem with Mint. Customer service has to improve for my rating to improve
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2 months ago, AndrewCy
A great replacement for Mint!
Really enjoying using this. I've finally taken soe time to learn the budgeting and category section and had a great time going through previous transactions and tagging them properly. Looking forward to seeing how this expands and grows over time. Performs great on my iPhone 14 Pro Max, and my M2 Max Macbook Pro. Hoping for an iPad app one day.
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3 months ago, Springsyeti
This app pulls your data and gives a good overlook into finances. You can not run loan scenarios, track a loan with different extra payment amounts or edit once a mortgage is created. You are limited when you loan someone money or use to trach loans not fianced at a linked institution. There is also limited reporting and no ability to make sub categories. It is nice and colorful but not useful if you have complicated or non-traditional finance tracking needs.
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4 months ago, Breeden4Ever
One of the best budget apps available
I love this app so much. It allows me and my wife to keep tabs on what we are spending on a daily basis, which makes things so much easier to track. It's also one of the best designed apps for Mac and iPhone that I've used in a long time. Would recommend this to anyone
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3 months ago, Steven1150
Copilot has everything I need to manage my finances
I love Copilot. It gives me every tool I need to easily manage my finances. I can personalize account names, add emojis for categorization, review monthly and yearly trends easily, and most importantly it accurately syncs to all my accounts. Copilot lets me do what I want, where I want, when I want. Excellent user experience!
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6 months ago, .VersaVice.
Annoying App, Should be Free at best
Constantly needing to Re-connect to accounts like Robinhood, Acorns, Coinbase. These are company accounts with very good APIs and have been seamless with Mint for years. Also it doesnt do well recognizing income or auto selecting expense categories. Needs alot of manual editing constantly which most people would be better off manually inputting a spreadsheet at this point. Not sure how this was an award finalist especially with so many issues and being a monthly service fee.
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3 months ago, IdrinkApplekoolAid
Intutive setup. Loaded with features.
The app's setup is intuitive, making it easy to get started, while its power features are simple to learn. Its aggregation tools surpass Mint's by fivefold, and the ability to customize categories offers endless possibilities. Works wih the Apple card after an iOS 17.4 upgrade.
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2 months ago, grayma0717
Performance is a non-starter
The app is beautiful and I've been a fan since the iOS app initially launched, but man, the mac app performance is just abysmal. I cannot select multiple transactions almost at ALL. My workflow is reviewing my transactions from credit cards and venmo every month, about 8 CC's. I cannot keep my attention focused on this app long enough amidst the crashes and hangs, unless this is addressed soon I'll have to find something else before my subscription renews.
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3 months ago, J Mark Fisher
I was using Mint until it was shut down. Just started using Copilot. Very similar in some ways to Mint, but way better and more intuitive with more cool features. Didn't want to have to pay for an app to manage money, but it's well worth it!
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4 months ago, kcm004
Transaction Reporting & Customer Service
Copilot's features are nice, but its delay in reporting recent transactions—taking 2-3 days—hinders effective financial tracking. You would think a budgeting app would have this down. I've tried for a week now resetting and onboarding all my accounts and it continues to lag on transactions. I've tried to reach out to customer service and it looks like they're slower to repond than the transactions appearing on the app.
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6 months ago, srfaye327
There seems to be issues changing transaction categories and recurrings. I'll make a change, keep working, and scroll back later only to find half of the transactions have reverted back to what they were before I updated them. If I can't trust an app like this to work 100% of the time, how am I supposed to get an accurate picture of my finances that I can trust?
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5 months ago, Thedogjumpsonce
Great app
Its a great, modern looking app. I transfered over from Mint. It does lake the goals feature that mint has but it makes up for it with ints modern UI, no syncing issues, better iphone app, wedgets, etc. There is a bit of a learning curve from coming over from Mint but once you get it its a great app!!
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3 months ago, DwayneDillingsworth
Almost great
Missing a lot of pieces of basic budgeting, but the great feature is assigning rules for transactions. However it is missing any kind of concept of saving, Accessibility and several usability issues almost detract more than the cool rule assignment. Begrudgingly using because there isn't anything better out there.
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4 months ago, Yeezy10560
The Best.
Copilot is actually the best. The only UI that is seamless and minimal. No one has it down like them. Ive been subscribed to them for 3 years now and the only thing i'd like them to add is the ability to add more creditcard insitutions.
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1 week ago, caffeine_shirt
rapidly improving
I would give this four stars but I still think this an app under feature enrichment. They are moving very fast in adding functions. However, I still find myself struggling to set up linked manual accounts as such. Having said all that, I am an annual member and use the app everyday.
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2 months ago, CovTech
Amazing acount integrations and insights!
I've been using it for over a year and love this app. It keeps getting better with integrations as I have a lot of them. Super easy to use and customize.
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6 months ago, 3hsoj
This is the one
Out of all the budgeting apps I've tried, Copilot is by far my favorite. In my opinion, no other app comes close.
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2 months ago, upside4u
Huge Promise - Needs Time
The UI /UX on a simple walkthrough is gorgeous and very promising. I so wanted this app to work but after taking a deeper dive and finding very rudimentary usability issues, missing basic functionality and bugs, I decided to check back in a year.
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6 months ago, mcfarljw
Nice interface but requires too much time
It's visually appealing and easy to use but it still requires a lot of manual input. Here are some examples: - Morgage bank isn't supported (was supported on Mint) - Apple card isn't supported (Apple hasn't granted them approval yet) - Custom rules can be created but there is no way to see a list of them - Basic logical operators can't be used them creating rules (ie. Disney Plus OR Disney Sub) Support is very friendly but often you're just told something can't be done or follow features that have been requested over a year ago.
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