Copper - Bank & Earn Money

4.8 (59.8K)
146.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
NEXT Financial Inc
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.4 or later
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User Reviews for Copper - Bank & Earn Money

4.82 out of 5
59.8K Ratings
4 weeks ago, Swishywateryummygummt
I was very skeptical so I didn’t put any of my parents card or other info other than my email and phone number. Although I have bought a 10 dollar Visa card and it went through, I am still not going to put anything super personal. I’m happy with this app and have been binge gaming when I am bored and now. lucky me, I get money for it. I saw some reviews saying that it deosn’t help anyone get financial or that it steals info. I can happily say that I have not gotten any extra spam or trash emails. I don’t believe it helps you get “financially smart” but you do get real money. As I said before I bought a 10 dollar Visa card and placed an order on SHEIN to test it out. My payment was successful and I’m happy to know I found an app that gives gift cards. I have an old phone so I can only do the game offers that give low coins but if you have a newer phone then I believe the big game prizes are just as realiable. Other apps I’ve found good are Fetch and Benjamin. I hope this review helps and this app is the best, trust.
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2 years ago, call kid 1254
This app is a great app. Not only does it let you have a bank account at a young age but it also can help you financially and pay you money to take a quick test that will help you out I think most of you should go with this way instead of either teen apps because myself being 13 I have been through tons of art trying to figure out which ones the best one and I finally found this one and I have not got paid for this review I have just thought it would be a good idea to give a good review on an app that likes to help me financially giving me good advice as I get older and learn
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4 months ago, Sid12346!
Copper deceives teens
For a company that touts itself as educating teens and teaching financial literacy, Copper happily deceives teens and steals their personal information. For an account that supposedly earns a “5% savings reward” expect a trivial amount of money due to Copper’s deceptive method of calculating such reward which is buried in the terms of service. Why not share how this reward is calculated with teens so that they can become more financially literate? Because Copper would rather let teens think they are earning 5% when they are actually earning much less. Copper’s recent addition of earning “credits” in the app is somehow even worse then their deceptive marketing tactics regarding interest rates. Asking teens to give up personal information for fractions of a cent is not financial literary. This practice nearly robs them of their privacy and data while lining Coppers pockets. If you are interested in learning about financial literacy, I would recommend reading Copper’s terms of service to learn about all of their deceptive marketing. Steering clear of Copper will leave you more financially stable and economically literate. A word to Copper: the best way to teach teens financial literary would be to be more transparent in your practices instead of hiding behind deceptive marketing designed to trick teens. ~a financially literate teen
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1 month ago, Chucklesrock
Copper teaching children a hard lesson to mistrust banks.
I had no issues with the functionality of the app itself, which performed as expected until a sudden and drastic change was implemented. Late on a Friday night, we received a notification at 10:23 PM that the banking services our children relied on would be terminated by Monday morning. This abrupt decision left us scrambling to manage financial arrangements with insufficient time and clear communication. The app, which was once a reliable tool for managing finances, has taught my children an unfortunate lesson: to be wary of financial institutions that may restrict access to funds with little to no forewarning. With paychecks scheduled for deposit on Tuesday and a restrictive $500 daily transfer limit, my children are now placed in a financially precarious position without the ability to promptly redirect their incoming funds. While the app itself functioned well, the recent pivot with minimal notice has significantly eroded my trust. I can no longer recommend an app that may leave its users stranded without access to their finances when most needed. A more responsible approach to significant operational changes is crucial for maintaining user trust and
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2 years ago, Sasha Sp.
Copper Card for teens is a scam.
Copper cards are meant to safe and convenient for teens but they are completely the opposite. They have multiple issues that need fixing and are also very very limiting. This card company does not give a proper phone number in order to get in contact with the higher ups when you have an issue. The support within the copper app that is supposed to help you can only understand so much. Concerning one transaction that was made while I wasn’t aware, I was never given any information about the money that was taken out. They never explained how the transaction was made while my card was turned off and they didn't give any details on what the transaction was spent on or what location this transaction was made. They only gave me the exact time of the transaction and how much was taken. I wasn’t able to click on this transaction like the rest of them that were previously made and the support was unable to help me look any further into what happened. I would think twice about signing up for a Copper Card because they are no help when it comes to fraudulent activity and are very questionable.
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11 months ago, Lunalux82
Paid for subscription but I can’t get any help
I got these for 3 of my kids but never received cards for any of them. There chat box tells me to reorder and cancel the original card that never arrived. They charge you to get a replacement. There is also a virtual card so I can use the number for purchases but I can’t find that either. They said I should have her card by 7/18 but no date for the other kid. And I can’t get ahold of customer service to help me. Through the “bot” a trouble ticket was made but did not fix anything. I received an email to rate the customer service rep from the phillipines that was assigned to my account. I NEVER WAS CONTACTED IN ANY WAY FROM THIS PERSON! Still haven’t received any cards and I can’t find her digital card either or anyone to help me. Currently emailed support and they did reach out so hopefully they will eventually get there cards.
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1 year ago, PARIS_PMG
What age can my child have the card and be a authorized user?
So I want to get my child this copper card because they really want to invest and start earning and saving money. It says for kids and teens but I wanted to make sure. So I looked on Google and it said for teens. I tried to do more research on what age can a kid have a copper card and be a authorized user. And It didn’t say nowhere that kids can have it (like below the age of 10). So I just wanted to ask you guys on what age can my child have the card and actually use it anywhere? Becuase on Google it says teens which is for teenagers. And I have a kid that is 11 years old and I really just wanted to know can my 11 year old have a copper card and be a authorized user. Thank you for creating this amazing app. God bless
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2 years ago, 4FukS8k
Won’t explain why….
Set my 15yr old daughter up an account it took extra long for her card to come in with her name on it ( she was super excited about that ) When the card did finally arrive we activated it and I transferred her a little bit of money. The next day I checked to see if she has used said money only to find out that the account has been permanently closed citing that we violated the terms of service and if we felt like it was an error to message support. I messaged support to get the same generic closed due to violation of terms. When I advised all we did was open/activate/fund the account how is that a violation??? I was told they do not know it was decided by their compliance team….. so why tell me to message support of support can’t help….. apparently there’s no way to get in touch with compliance to see why either and to top it all off she never got to use the card and my money is still gone/on it!!!!!!
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3 months ago, deoM99
New update negatively interfering with app
I love this app, I use it daily for finances and gaining credits but this latest update has made it harder to do so. There are a bunch of issues, For example; credits pending for days, surveys being locked or having no content on them, and card bonuses + some gift card options being removed. I still haven’t received my credits that have been pending for days and haven’t been able to do any sort of surveys nor game offers because no new content is being added to those offer categories. These inconveniences on this update are making it harder to use the app and would love for some of the features to be fixed (preferably surveys and credit pending.)
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6 days ago, BrutallyHonestR
Excellent App with some flaws
First off- yes, the app DOES genuinely allow you to redeem giftcards with "coins" earned by completing certain tasks in the games and surveys it has. Within about 3 days of owning the app, I've redeemed $15. Requirement: If you're going to get the app, you MUST allow tracking for both Copper and the games you download or it WON'T work. Downsides- As far as I can tell, through my multiple attempts: the surveys are more likely then not to break or not work. The options for games to play are also limited and you can't "reroll" your options to play more favorable games. Also, if you're going to use the app, you're going to have to dedicate a good amount of time to the app.
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2 years ago, Gracie41?!
The app seems really great and I really want to enjoy it and learn more about saving money and being responsible with it but the difficult part is the language barrier. My parents only speak and read in Spanish which makes it a little bit difficult for me for my set up for copper and to explain to my parents of why this app is beneficial for me. So I hope they can make it accessible for many languages soon to help other people with the same dilemmas as me who have parents who only speak their own language. So they themselves can understand that their own children are gaining knowledge in this app, which can be beneficial for them and their kids Financial future.
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1 year ago, SassyPantsSaver
Horrible Experience!
My son and I were with Copper for over 2 years. In that time his card has been hacked three times. The second time it happened they completely closed his account without any forewarning or communication. Luckily, they were able to reopen it without too many issues. However, the third time he had an unauthorized transaction was 2/6/23 in the amount of $604. When I reported it through the app they again closed his account without letting us know anything. At this point, it is 4/4/23 and I have emailed them at least 20x trying to get this resolved. All they have said is that they’re investigating it. It’s been almost 2 months with very little communication from them, no updates and no results. As of right now it looks as though my teenage will never get the $604 he worked to save 😡 I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY
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5 months ago, nathan1129393874$:!
I’d love it if you wrote back
I’ve completed 2 surveys and my mom has been helping me set up an account the first survey I did it said this one didn’t suit me and I spent 20 minutes on it so I decided to do another survey and I completed that one, I clicked the blue link when you finish the survey and it sent me back to put in my name and birthdate so I did, but then it said I’ve already completed this survey so I clicked back and it gave me an option to say “I didn’t get my creds” I clicked it and nothing happened I’m just trying to have easier ways to make money and help out my mom
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1 week ago, hanabsvie b333
The points are legit
Glad I never started playing monopoly go lol. I was skeptical at first but, I have currently cashed out over 200 in bitcoin lightning vouchers in less than a month. The review/ pending process takes a few days (3-6) and it will take about a day for the voucher to clear. This is the first and only app true as advertised. I typically don’t leave reviews but I can say this is is real. Just make sure you allow tracking on the games and make sure you see a check beside “successful downloaded”.
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5 months ago, Genshin 5star review
One problem
I have been using Copper for quite some time and it's an amazing app trust me but the thing about it is every time I'm trying to make an offer for some coins or what you call them. I try to do a survey but It never works out. It just leaves me on a blank white screen and I don't know how to deal with it I've tried fixing my internet but it still leaves me at a blank screen and it still is leaving me confused about what the problem is. Please notify me if there is any bug with the survey because mine is simply not functioning properly. Also, I'll say it again please notify me. If there is any update on it I would like to know how to fix my problem with the surveys.
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2 years ago, NO Nope Stop
Terrible customer service
Tried to set up for my daughter. We are currently using Greenlight and was introduced to the app in her class. I downloaded the app and tried to set it up with the intent to switch from Greenlight to Copper. Apparently there was a problem verifying my data 😧and they were unable to set up the account. So I tried to get some assistance. All correspondence is done via email and bot responses. So I can not find out what is missing and fix it. Btw I have excellent credit, multiple bank accounts, my daughter is on my credit cards, I am a US citizen, submitted a photo of my drivers license. I have never had a problem being verified for a bank account. So obviously there is a simple mistake on the app. But again. There is no one to call to resolve. Only bot email and chat.
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6 months ago, BiruPeru131
Good, but could be better…
Started out Copper Earn and managed to earn $5, but that was only from one survey, and the rest I get 1 cent or less from, even the ones taking well over 30 minutes. Also, the games and offers aren’t available for me, as the app says it’s built for teens, but it requires app tracking to earn money from games and offers, and on iOS, that requires the user to be 18 and older, so the rules aren’t coinciding. This may be due to a lack of communication or something else, but hope this is resolved in the near future to open more possibilities for earning potential.
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4 weeks ago, Mom of 2 reds
Stick with brick and mortar
Our family had no issues with this app or company until recently. Late Saturday we received an email that their banking services would be discontinued on Monday. On Sunday my daughters debit card was already disabled. Now the app only opens to the notifications page and we are unable to transfer any money out of her account. The automatic transfer that was supposed to happen, keeps failing (is being cancelled somehow). Communication with the company is pretty much nonexistent, there is no number and no response to emails. I just want to help my child get her money back. Stick with brick and mortar, somewhere where you can actually call someone and talk to them when you need help.
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2 months ago, Kmohiggins
Terrible experience!
I downloaded the app, gave all information requested of me including my SSN and copy of my drivers license, address, etc. I then received an error message that my information couldn’t be verified. I spoke to two different customer service reps in their chat feature. The first chat was disconnected and the second representative simply repeated that they couldn’t verify my information and that a supervisor would contact me via email. I received an email a few hours later from the “supervisor” with another generic message stating again that my information couldn’t be verified. I’ve lived at my current address for years and I’ve been banking with the same bank for over 10 years. This app seems like an absolute scam. Very disappointing.
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2 years ago, golatetomuchhhaaaandjsmslfndn
Please don’t use this banking system
When I first got copper I was so excited! But as time went on I realized one of two things, this card keeps failing almost every time I try to pay for things. And the register person will say that it failed, then the money will still be taken from my account and it will say pending for a while. And eventually transaction failed. But my money is still gone and it has only once come back to my account. Or I pay for something online and it says pending, then it will say transaction failed and somtime so sufficient funds if at the moment( when I first orders the thing) I had enough money, but now I don’t. And I never get the money back, I have wasted hundreds of dollars from using this card. So please don’t get it.
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1 month ago, Snoball 😀
Used to be great
I’ve had my copper card for about 2 years now and I’ve loved it. It’s been super helpful and the app is easy to navigate. Only problem I’ve ever had just happened recently. They’re getting rid of the debit cards and suggesting you transfer your money into your linked bank account. Basically, everything is shutting down and I’m not sure why. I have to switch to a different service now and I just found out yesterday that I have to do it by tomorrow. Don’t know what I’m gonna do and I’m really disappointed that I have to get rid of my copper account.
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2 years ago, Viacafafa
I love this.
I am a teenage girl who was watching tiktok and came across an add, I watched it and I saw Copper. This has got to be the best banking app for both teens and adults. I came across this a year ago and forgot all about it until I saw it again today, Im just getting started on it again and it is wonderful, it helps you set goals and reminds you of them on date time, lets you set an amount of money in which you’ll need to think of wisely in your goal set up, trust me, it is amazing. It will give you a huge leap in life💕
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3 months ago, #Wordscapeslover
Great app for teens/kids and adults!
As a teen, I must say, this app is absolutely amazing! You get your own debit card in a few weeks, you can scan receipts and earn credits. You can request and transfer money from or to others. To pay, you tap your on/off button twice and put it to the reader. It’s a quick and efficient way for you to pay and save. You can also play games like Monopoly Go and Stacky Dash to earn credits. I would definitely recommend this app!
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3 months ago, delala coucues king
Perfect App for Banking
This app is the best, i got my daughter her own Debit Card Yesterday and signed her up 4 days before and it came so quick! She said she earned $16 Dollars in 1 DAY. Other reviews are a lie if their not good, I tried another app and it tried to scam me with sending a message saying I have to put $500 in my daughters account! Ridiculous I said and went to search, this app never asks for any money. Overall you should really download this app and have fun with financial independence for kids. Copper is the best!!
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2 years ago,
Great so far!
I just downloaded it from an ad on tiktok, took a quiz and earned 2$, so far I just downloaded it and have 5 dollars on my card, the sign up process was so easy you just needed a phone number and email and basically your done, I haven’t used it for a long time yet but it seems great so far, also educational. I like learning about saving because I’m in high school and I think it’s important for me to start learning about this stuff lol. Any good so far, I recommend
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2 years ago, lostaquickbuck
Everything was fine until …
Everything was fine until card was lost for the first time and 3 months later still no replacement card. I contacted customer support on numerous occasions and they keep regenerating a new number in hopes of a replacement card finally showing up in the mail. They have no phone support so everything is via email. That is the main reason people sign up for this app in the first place, a card for their child. Whoever is reading this, if you think your child will not lose their card think again. When that happens if you need a replacement card, I truly wish you the best of luck.
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7 months ago, hdianxufbsixh
False advertisement
I’m a kid that heard about this thru social media and after hearing I could earn gift cards I decided to give it a shot. Now it claims that you don’t need a parent to play the games and surveys to earn creds which go into gift cards. After I set up my account there was barely anything to do and everything involved getting a parent involved and signing me up for a debit card, no games, no surveys, no gift cards. without signing up with a parent, and from what I can tell on the app I don’t even know if that’s the case it my just be a feature that does not exist, either way they should have just started with that you need a adult to sign you up for a debit card for that feature to work.
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2 years ago, aboutdavid
Please just go with a regular bank, one with in person branches!
I really hate copper, like it was really, really great in the beginning, but I had to move my money into a Chase account because their app got really buggy. First it was the taking forever to get allowance, then sending allowance several times in a day, now allowing charges to take the account into the negatives when it previously did not allow it to do that My recommendation? Go to an actual bank, with real branches that you can go in person to to deposit and withdraw money. Banks like Chase and Truist (Merger between SunTrust and BB&T) will always have someone waiting in line and have 24/7 phone customer service just in case something goes wrong.
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2 years ago, @dd!s•n
My thoughts on copper
Copper is amazing and it makes me and my mom very comfortable with it . When you first get the app it asks you for information and then it gives you 3 dollars and then if you take quiz’s you get 2 more dollars !!! I thought you would already have to have a card and sign that mess up but you don’t !!! There’s also a saving and spend account as well … I highly recommend this app and card is just phenomenal
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11 months ago, Flargle flaggle
Good but some issues
I have been using it and I like it however recently I have been having trouble with the surveys of it randomly kicking me out at the end and not giving me credits I would like to hear back from the copper team and hopefully get the money I earned (this happened at least 15 times and each survey is about 250 credits) also when it gives you a survey that kicks you out in the beginning for some reason it now only gives me 5 credits instead of the normal 25 it should
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2 years ago, Brooken-V
Terrible experience
My kids school recommended this app and even said my kids get $15 if I follow their link and activate an account for them. I did and added my two other children. I tried several times to add my bank account and cc’s but was unsuccessful. Out of no where I get an email saying I violated their policy and they immediately closed my account. I have been back and forth with customer service they can’t tell me what I did to violate their policy but they did state I can never open an account with them again. They have also not given any clarity on releasing my kids money. This is a total and complete scam and their are so many options other than copper that are so much better.
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4 years ago, Dale Adamson
Good App for Teens In High School
This app is good for teens to get money and it can help you out in certain situations like if you wanna buy food, school supplies and ect. One thing about this app is that your parents can give you weekly or monthly allowance so you can like buy what you need and when you need it so your parents save their money while you spend yours on what you need. This app is really beneficial to aid in you in whatever you go through life, school, and ect and i can say this because I’ve heard from other people say that this app has helped them when they needed it.
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4 weeks ago, Kiirahill34
It was good until the newest update
We lived this app until the most recent changes. It gave us freedom and we loved the no cost compared to other teen banks (greenlight). But with this newest update, they closed down the actual bank part without any notice. We went to buy something and the card was being declined and we had no clue why until we opened the app and realized that they completely shut down and took all the money off our account and then wouldn’t even let us change our address to make sure it was correct. We unhappy with this a little warning would’ve been wonderful.
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2 years ago, William 552
My issue is with linking accounts
I used this app because my daughter was going out of town and she could have some kind of an account without having a wad of cash. Ok so I link to my credit union on May 25. I understand Memorial Day weekend was coming up but the funds are still in transfer from my credit union. There were two full business days before the weekend, don’t get me started about Saturday not being a business day but as of today the funds are still in transfer. But no problem transferring from my debit card that includes a fee, that is instantaneous! I understand the app needs to make money but come on man!
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4 months ago, jwjdhw
Takes WAY to long to even get a survey
I had copper for a few days it seems fine but it feels like I’m spending more time putting in the same information before I even get to the survey. I could maybe even be in the middle of a survey and then Copper closes my survey and tells me that the survey “Wasn’t right for me” then tries to compensate by giving me a single cred. I feel like y’all should try taking in the information ONCE instead of having people put it in multiple times at once and then kick people out saying the survey isn’t right for us.
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2 years ago, Add me!: CandyDark1234
Copper by: CandyBRRRRRRR
Copper has been great for me so far, I just got the app and I already have $16. If you don’t want to do a bunch of goals you can just have the app installed and get free money. I found out about the app by a speaker at my school but the only thing that I don’t like is how my school speaker said that we would get $18 an hour but it has been an entire day and I got about $16. I still love that I got free money and a free credit card but I never got the promised money. The app is very helpful for me and I would recommend it.
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2 years ago, Tinky8675309
I set up the account and it wanted me to transfer some money, I did. I never received the card. The email not just keeps asking if I still need assistance even though I have replied several times. Then I get an email that my account was closed due to violation of terms and conditions, which I was trying to close the account and get my refund anyway. But the account is closed, I have no response about my refund and there’s no actual person to speak with to resolve this. And the only response I will get here “please contact us at this email”. Oh, you mean the one that won’t respond to me responses. Ok, will do. Awesome job on worst customer service ever and scamming people.
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1 month ago, just ready my review
Amazing app.
Guys, I’m not going to overhype this but if you don’t have this app, what are you doing. You’re not making like 300$ a day but you are getting real money and there’s a compound savings option so you can invents your money right from the app and watch it grow over years into larger and larger savings. This could help with a retirement fund, college fund or just making some extra cash through the games. 10/10
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2 months ago, Rainbowmacaroon
U guys 🥹 it’s actually gives you cash if you play the games
U guys 🥹 it’s actually gives you cash if you play the games I been skeptical like all the ads that claim you will get money but copper caught my interest and I started do the easy games and more point you get like 500 is $5 and it simple and u had $20 dollars gift card it’s worth it but u have to do so long on that game to be done ✅
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3 months ago, malerieeeee
This is a waste of time!!
The app overall is just a waste of time, first off ive been looking for a survey i can complete but it keep redirecting me saying things like “sorry this survey isnt for you.” Then i have to go back and fill out the same 5 questions ive been asked repeatedly. Also the app rewards for completing a certain level on a game/app doesn’t work! This app is full of lies.. and impossible tasks. Also! Think about this, if i downloaded this app because im broke why does it have things you have to purchase in order to get points?? If i had money i would buy the things i want with it.. not buy points and get less currency.
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8 months ago, drocker2
Chatbot support
Wish I could give zero stars. There was fraudulent charge attempts on my teen’s card. Trying to resolve it via chatbot and email was comically horrible and useless. After a week of back and forth trying to get enough information to actually know what the issue was and address it, they just closed my account and told me to take a hike saying I violated some unspecified term of service. Worst customer support ever experienced in my 45 years. Please don’t waste your time with them. I thought it was a good system for our kids, but you are screwed trying to deal with any problems that a preprogrammed chatbot can’t give you the answer to.
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6 months ago, JNawabi
No live person No help
It’s been a week since I had my card and my children's card gets declined when they want to use it although he has money in it. tried chatting because there’s no phone number for customer service and even during business hours it says live agent only available business hours. Horrible experience so far. Updated review: I finally got the card to work I will only raise from 1 star to 2 stars because I have they no customer service line and it’s very difficult to get a hold of anyone. They need to fix customer service
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5 months ago, PielottNoah
Something seems off with the “Creds”
App seems fine and easy enough to use, but I have a issue with the “creds” system It seems fine on the surface, complete small tasks and earn “Creds” that can later be rewarded back as actual money. However, after doing several surveys and waiting several days, I still hadn’t got my reward. I tried to get help but their A.I. helper was stuck in a loop explaining how the “Creds” system worked rather than helping me figure out what went wrong. I tried to get human help but they apparently don’t have a human help team. Rather Disappointed
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3 years ago, Ctrow10
Amazing App
This is a great app for a teenager like me, it is easy to use and works very well. I do wish they had foreign transactions in the app so you can buy from a website, but I don’t mind that they don’t have it (or at least they don’t have it yet). I love this app and how you can request money or give money, or even get money from a person with a simple click of a button. Highly recommend for a teenager like me.
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4 months ago, please fix this ..../.
New update is terrible.
The only decent way to actually “earn” credits before was through surveys. Both my friends and I only managed to make earnings that way, actually. As the game option takes way too long + deadlines are WAY too short for the amount of tasks given. Or you have to spend money through subscriptions to earn. (Very inconsiderate especially if this is targeted at young kids and teens.) How convenient is it that they removed the survey option now and only once in awhile offer an occasional survey which almost always ends up being “not right for you.” Total scam of an app.
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2 years ago, maleah099
recently it was my birthday & my mom signed me up for copper so I can start a little savings just because I turned 15 & soon I’ll be able to have a actual savings account ! My mom deposited 30$ In my account so I bought bath & body works dor pick up right? HERE IS THE WEIRD THING the copper thing kept my order on hold that has never happened with any other of my cards so I couldn’t get my items ! I couldn’t buy anything now my card is “info unavailable” & I can’t see my card info this whole app is a scam!! If I could rate it 0 stars I would ! The support team is trash YOU CANT EVEN CALL ANYONE YOU HAVE TO LITERALLY JUST EMAIL & THEY TAKE FOREVER???
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1 month ago, Amelia2205
Allowing progress tracking
I just downloaded the app and asked the bot how I can allow the games and app to truck my progress to get money (that’s the whole point of the app) and no where, not on the app itself, or games will it let me allow tracking so I’m playing games for no reason. Not even a little box popped up when i downloaded games for me to allow it. Honestly I’m just confused. Reading the comments it seems like this company/app has a lot of problems
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7 months ago, Lai ja
Games won’t work
So I’m enjoying copper for the most part I think it’s a good way to get some money but I have one problem when I do the games for coins (I did the color water sort) and when I made it to level 11 I went to copper to get my prize but it didn’t work. Im 40% sure I might be doing it wrong but it didn’t give me clear instructions on what to do after I made it to level 11 PLEASE HELP Also 1 more question. Do you only get to do a certain amount of surveys per week or what?
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2 years ago, MJA230
This bank is horrible
My son tried to buy something the card denied it 2 times and could not purchase the items because copper denied them. Than he had no money on his account because the transaction are no pending. The worst part is trying to talk to someone at the bank the only response you can get is through email and says pending transaction will take up to 7 days to fall off so now I’ve either got to pay more fees to instantly transfer money to his account or let him have no money for 7 days of which I’m sure they are making interest in there account..
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2 years ago, Leo.S.
If I could give it a zero I would
This app is horrible I got scam because somehow my credit card information that leaked so I cancel it delete it nothing to use anymore get a new one and as soon as I activate it someone already has my new information someone already tried to take money out it is stupid you cannot move your money into a bank account unless you’re over 18 and you cannot move money into your copper account unless you’re over 18 and you can’t withdraw any unless you were over 18 which makes no sense because it’s banking app for teenagers do you know people below 18
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