Copy Replace Photo Face Swap

4.5 (8.6K)
97.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Revosoft Technologies PTY LTD
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Copy Replace Photo Face Swap

4.5 out of 5
8.6K Ratings
6 years ago, So Cold 16
Good app to have
I really love this app. It's very easy to use and makes pasting the faces smooth. The only thing is I wish it could do square outlines for things like posting a pic in the top corner like it's FaceTime
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6 years ago, oldfield89
Give me the watermark
Have you ever suddenly needed to superimpose your face onto a friends? Have you, in the same moment felt so fortunate to live in a world where you can do so at the drop of a hat? Where the app store is beckoning you to bring such a creation to life. Only to get all the way through the process, and then be told by a second rate app that you need to pay $4.99 to save the photo. You then think ‘I’ll just screen shot and deal with the second rate quality’. Only to be threatened with being banned from the app, and have some ‘watermark’ superimposed on the app itself it you screenshot again. Guess what, makers of this cheap looking aesthetic? I’ll take your ads, I’ll even take a small number of free saves, I’ll take the limited features. But I’ll laugh in the face of your ‘watermark’. I got my one screenshot, which could be challenged graphically by a windows 95 rocking ‘paint’. I look forward to the next screenshot I’m about to take - for no other reason than to spite you. I want to be banned. Give me the watermark!
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4 years ago, ILVTOFU
EXTREMELY BASIC app. Find another
Most cropping tools if you pull on the bottom “selector” then the bottom moves as it should. Well in this app. The bottom AND top move at the same time. So you are continually adjusting the selection area to the middle of your face because of this!! Bottom line. You CANNOT just crop the chin or top of the head at one time. You must do both at the same time!! So save your time and find another app. That’s what i did and I couldn’t be happier. Believe me. There’s better free ones out there. Also, if you haven’t read the Watermark guy’s review. You should. It’s funny and true. You CANNOT take a screenshot otherwise the app will watermark EVERY photo you load into it forever.
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6 years ago, grogoroc
Even though you can only save 6 faces on the basic version, it’s still amazing and the start you with some good pictures to start with, I love the control over what I’m doing and I have no complaints. Maybe maybe a function for faces that are profiles not looking right at the camera?
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2 months ago, Dnhubbard
My first ever review
I told myself if this actually worked (after downloading so many apps and not working) I would write a review. Well… here I am! I swapped my sons closed eyed face with an open eyed one in a matter of minutes! Could use some cosmetic updates but honestly not a concern!
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5 years ago, Stephen_the_Steen
Absolute garbage
This app is useless unless you pay for premium. You can’t even save your pictures unless you pay, and if you try taking a screenshot, it puts a gigantic watermark over all of the rest of the photos you make. If you’re going to make an app that costs money, don’t advertise it as free, it’s false advertising. This app isn’t even worth the money, it’s mediocre at best. There are plenty of other apps that do the same thing better which are either free or cost less. Don’t bother downloading this.
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5 years ago, Mike56665
Works excellent and fun
The app I Downloaded incredible . I can edit heads and face from my photos and form the app celebrities and I can use it and have joke with my friends and family . I recommend if you wanna have fun of edit faces . Choose this app it's the best . There's are many faces to unlock and to create on your own .
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5 years ago, IntelligentSpeaker
What a waste of time
Hah, you really expect me to pay for this trash? Think again, bud. This app probably took you 30 minites to make, judging by the app quality. Also, paying people to give you 5-star reviews is a pretty trashy tactic, huh? Also, the “watermark” you gave me for screenshotting the single picture I needed was great. PRO TIP: If you need more than one picture and don’t want to waste money on this garbage, reinstall the app. Have a nice day consumers, and to the creators of this sorry excuse of an app (it’s more of a scam at this point): get a real job.
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7 years ago, Alex34532444
Good Quality, but $5 to Save Photos? Really?
This app has really good quality, but then I found out that you cannot save pictures to the camera roll unless you get the premium version. It’s 5 freaking dollars! What’s the point of installing the free version when you can’t get anything from it unless you pay for a premium. I was disappointed when I found that out.
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7 years ago, ALLxGood
Pretty cool
Still using the free version but may upgrade to the paid to get all the bells and whistles. Does what it says. Wish you could save on the free version but I get people gotta make money and there is a workaround for that too if you're smart. All in all I'd recommend to a friend.
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7 years ago, Geagle!\
Copy Paste
Login to Facebook encountered problem. Quote respond from Facebook - App Not Setup. This app is still in development mode, and you dont have access to it. Switch to a registered test user or ask an app admin for permission- Wrote to developer early March and received reply they will look into it but to date no update nor hear from them anymore! Admin please expedite looking into this fault otherwise please refund the fee paid for ungrade! Geagle Geagle
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5 years ago, Cdiperri2015
Almost useless
I think the only way this app could excel is if you were to dump money into it, otherwise you cannot do anything without it wanting you to upgrade. I just needed the app for one picture to make my girl laugh and I screen shotted the picture because I didn’t want to pay money and it messaged me saying that it’s not allowed and that the next time I do the screenshot it will put a permanent watermark on everything.
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5 years ago, Wilbeldinho
Best Face Change App
The app is so easy to use... I love the fact that I can spend a few minutes on the app and make people laugh. All you need is your creativity and let the app do the rest!!
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5 years ago, yoloman8262493
If you take a screen shot and don’t press the button and just leave to home you keep the pic If that’s not a glitch let me know still pretty good
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4 years ago, chukle head
I love this app and have been using for two years. But all of the sudden it’s not working correctly. When you save it moves the image.
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5 years ago, ChunkyPuuf
Can’t use photos unless you pay for them
I tried to download a photo I made. I got a pop up saying “You cannot save photos to your camera roll on the Basic version. Upgrade now.” Took a screenshot and got another pop up that said “Screenshot Detected. If you screenshot again, a permanent water mark will be placed on the photos.” Wanted to have some fun, but couldn’t. Completely worthless app.
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4 years ago, buddylick
Cost is too much.
I’ve had this app for quite a long time. Had a ton of fun with it. On a recent update we now have to buy the app when it was free. I have no problem paying something for the app but not what the charge is now! It went from free to $20 per year. Nope! Not for me.
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5 years ago, bri ditt
I already bought this app and their like to upgrade you need to either pay us more money or write a review huhhhh but it’s good to edit people
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6 years ago, CW5255
Family photos
Still trying it out. Needing practice but hoping to cut and paste for better family photos.
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5 years ago, Xmenfreak
This is great
This helps me see if certain actors would work to play a character just by pasting their face over the original picture
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7 years ago, Yeah_swasome
This app is amazing, it works really good. I've been looking for an app like this, but could never find one. Once I found this in I've been using it a lot. It really works and it's truly awesome.
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5 years ago, KatSAHM
What a joke!
Seriously? Talk about luring people only to slap them with a needed purchase to save a photo. Whoever designed this app came up with a great one, BUT you need to be upfront with people before you let them get all the way through an editing process and then hit them with the necessity to upgrade in order to save their finished photo. Bottom of the bottom rating in my book!
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7 years ago, Legendarymma
This is the app you need
Everyone is looking for a face change app, this is the only one that does exactly what youre looking for without acting like an offline snapchat
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5 years ago, coolandamazing
Amazing game for most!!!!!
The game is so good and addictive but you should add a voice changer for the pictures I love how it isn’t fake because I had a game that didn’t work and I love this one !👍🏻😸🤑
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4 years ago, Halloween Pic Fun
Excellent for fun!
I had a clip from a cruise of the Village People doing the YMCA and replaced the faces with my sons and was absolutely hilarious for all of them. That’s going to be their costume for passing out candy to the kiddos in our neighborhood.
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7 years ago, Slamdunkty
Copy Face
This app is a great app for cropping people that you don’t like out your pictures to put someone you really like. Lol if you’re looking for a good app like this then definitely get it
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7 years ago, Puppychow"@05!
I'm just doing this because I want free stuff
So I'm ganna be honest, I'm just writing this review so I can get free stuff on the app, however while I'm here, I wanna say this is a jip, but whatever I'm just using it as a joke.
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6 years ago, Jaharix
Love this app
I really love this app it’s lotta stuff that you can do with it and put your face on a different character it makes it looks so real this is the best app I’ve ever used
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8 years ago, Rightee
Works but deceptive
App works ok, but when you want to save, they will tell you that you can't without doing the paid upgrade. Took screenshot and they said they detected that and would disable if it happened again. Waste of time look elsewhere, probably not worth it you have to pay.
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5 years ago, CYM72
This is a very simple but quality program.
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5 years ago, mass_nunez
I use this app a lot , especially for making fun of my buddies . I’ve paid for it a couple of time and I don’t regret it . Best app I’ve used so far !
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6 years ago, jg's and hustlers
Great app
It’s easy to use and simple to figure out. You can make some seriously funny but realistic pics. Highly recommend
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5 years ago, 504214818
I never knew
I just started using this app and I never knew how easy it was to photoshop until I came across this app
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5 years ago, bumpl
This app is a low quality joke. The photos come out like sh** and the app literally charged me $21 after three days of having it for some kind of hidden yearly subscription. I will let EVERYONE I know use this app of my phone so they don’t give a cent to these crooks. Also.. I’m sorry but close to 3,000 reviews? All the good ones are paid for. Don’t buy into it
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5 years ago, chew-paw- miberrga
Hella easy
My group texts are the life of the party now that I can photoshop my best friends into my pictures hella funny I recommend this app it’s hella easy to use..
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7 years ago, I poooooooo on ur face 😜
The only one that did what I needed
I really needed this to be convincible and after trying 15 different ones this one came thru. Thanks
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7 years ago, R-Pod12
Great for fantasy football
Can make interesting fun pics for fantasy football trash talk and league stories
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5 years ago, ClassyXoBroad
Much better than Face in Hole
This app is easier to use and you can upload your own photos! 5 stars! Love it!
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4 years ago, CThom1976
This is a useless app, because it won’t let you save the finished product to o your camera roll without upgrading. If you try to take a screenshot it punishes you by adding an irremovable watermark, forcing you to upgrade. There are so many other apps that do the same thing! I’m deleting this one and downloading one that isn’t such a scam.
Show more
6 years ago, Reviewer0975
Ok app. This app won’t let you save without having to upgrade which costs money. It also won’t even let you take a screen shot of it! The editing is kind of hard and you can’t go back to the home screen without having to exit out of the app.
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6 years ago, Meagamer
I make awesome photos(in my opinion) of my friends with this app. This app has made so many priceless photo combinations! If you want to have fun. This is your app!!
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5 years ago, Sean Constantine
Easy and straight-forward
I use a lot of these copy/paste apps and they become very convoluted very fast. This was streamlined and allowed me to make quick cuts relatively hassle-free.
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7 years ago, by kpatt01
Love This App
I wanted to change my hairstyle. I asked my hairdresser if she had seen any apps where I could see my face in any hairstyle. Now I've found it. Thanks Copy Face!!
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5 years ago, Sanjizsomes
I love the app, I wish we could have better cropping features. Ex; if somebody’s wearing a hat it’s different to copy the face or paste a new one in.
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5 years ago, AustinWhitaker47630
Very easy and straight forward. Would recommend.
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5 years ago, Jenn Val
False advertisement
I would give 0 stars if possible... This app is stupid because if you create a photo you like, you cannot download it unless you purchase the upgrade. What the point of the app then? If you screenshot it says they are going to “watermark” and ban you from the app. S T U P I D. This is definitely getting deleted. Thanks for nothing.
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6 years ago, mikepr45
Nice App
It’s a great app pretty easy friendly to use has a couple of options to edit but haven’t dig deep into that yet but nevertheless it’s a great copy face pic edit app.
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5 months ago, Xx_pissplayking5000_xX
cheap and poor quality
Why is there a maximum amount of saves? That is so cheap and renders this app useless after about a week. At least if the app is gonna be cheap and stingy, it should be of good quality, but the images come out looking like they were photographed on the very first prototype Nintendo DS.
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4 years ago, person interest
Paid version does not work any more
I bought this years ago and now it’s asking to upgrade. When you choose restore it does not work. Save does not work without having a paid subscription. Screen grab does not work. Cant contact any one and help does not have info.
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5 years ago, brandon656565
Decent mechanics, limited functionality in free version.
There are better face swapping apps out there. This one works fine. However, it is crippled by a very limited set of functions behind a borderline predatory paywall. Skip this one.
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