Copy Text On Screen

4.6 (4.8K)
64.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Govarthani Rajesh
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Copy Text On Screen

4.63 out of 5
4.8K Ratings
5 years ago, lalalovelyla
Working for me
Pros -Pretty simple to use and navigate -Actually does what we expect it to do painlessly -Saves your imports -You can edit the text within the app and export finished product - I’ve found the ads only slightly annoying so far :) Cons -I haven’t figured out the purpose of the IMAGE tab that appears at the bottom once I’ve imported my image. -There is no mention of the above or other features in the How To. You just have to play with it to figure out what else it can do besides convert image-to-text. -I’d pay a small, one-time fee to use this app or simply remove adds but the upgrade price ($6/mo or $60/yr) is unreasonable for a casual user that probably will not need more than the limited amount of scans per day. -Used it about 4x now and it shut down once however I was able to just open it back up and pick up where I left off without losing my scan -Could use an undo button when you are editing text. Still giving it 5 stars despite the minor cons because the app actually works and is very useful.
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1 year ago, Orion 👁️👄👁️
okay so the ads can be irritating, but for me it doesn’t bombard me with it It does what it says it does and doesn’t expect a subscription for it, I’ve downloaded at least 6 other apps that claim to do this only for them to expect a subscription and have way too many ads. Giving it 5 stars for not lying and being easily accessible!
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4 years ago, minty loves boba
Absolutely amazing!
This is a great app! It works 100% of the time. The design is simple, it’s easy to use, and it works on handwriting too. I’ve written things out on paper and I’m now able to transfer it into text without having to type it out. I highly recommend this app for anyone who doesn’t like re-typing things!
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5 years ago, jfwise100
Very Useful App
I’ve used this app to translate Russian when listening to streaming music over the web and Shazam or SoundHound provide the info in Russian. I took a screenshot then saved the photo. Used the app to extract the text then copied and pasted the Russian text into a translation page on the web and voila had the info about the music, title, composer and performance. Great app.
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4 years ago, Mįss Wölfię
perfect app 💯
This app is very accurate and I wish I had this back when I had to retype my entire homework lesson. (Don't ask) I find that it doesn't work well with cursive and that's to be expected, though can be fixed! I also like how Google Translate is right there, even if we all know it isn't accurate lol.
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3 years ago, aredhon
Very useful app
Use this often, so easy though you’ll have to do a minor bit of editing when you copy & paste. Pleasantly surprised how much text is picked up from even the most crappiest of photos.
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4 years ago, Joe ceu 7
Amazing work!!
Very useful when you have to write down all these words on your other notes so all you need to do is take a snap of the texts you needed to text down and that’s very simple and by far the best tool! very nice job!!!
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5 years ago, Das is gud ya?
Works great!
The app is limited to 5 scans per day, and that's pretty good considering it's free and works really well if you can manage to take a proper picture - If you can't, then it's obviously your own fault. Great app, 10/10 would use again.
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2 years ago, Very good reader
It seldom works
I must be doing something wrong, but after working twice very nicely, it announced I had done my daily five conversions !!! And now it turns the photo on its side and then just hangs !
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5 years ago, AnnaMarie13
Amazing for recipes!
I started using Copy Me That for recipes but that didn’t solve the problem of my STACKS of printed recipes. For the ones that didn’t have websites I could snap a picture and copy and paste it into the other app! Life save - paper saver!
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4 years ago, Purplegang😈
Spanish Class Ain’t got NOTHING ON ME
This is the best app for Spanish if you can’t read that that long easy that’s in spanish just pop your phone out take a picture and boom now it’s English😤👌🏾
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4 years ago, Adg 33
Saved me so much time
I mistakenly deleted something and instead of having to rewrite it I had a pic of and with this app it saved my rap
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5 years ago, dtoyd
I'd pay, but not $60/year!
Works nicely. I'd like to support your work. But you are asking too much for casual users. I'd pay maybe $10/yr for 250 scans per month--not much more than the 5 per day (150/month) but more flexibility
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5 years ago, MMan03
App settings
After installing this app it would not show up in my iPhone settings. All future app installs would not show up as well. Had to reset my phone. Everything worked again. Decided to install the app again, and the same issue surfaced. I’ll be resetting my iPhone once again, and I will not be installing this app this time around.
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4 years ago, ThisOneYT
Crashes after getting text
The app force closes after I do everything, and then I have to go back into the app to get to the text, thankfully it saves it before it crashes. Please fix, I like how fast and easy it is but with the force close I may as well find another app that does the same thing
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4 years ago, CyberGanny*
Great app
Highly recommend. Works great on the IPhone 7. Had to upgrade to an IPhone 12. Hoping the app will work on it.
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3 years ago, Jetparooo
How do I unsubscribe from the paid monthly membership?
Sorry I can’t find where to contact the app support.
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5 years ago, Navy-502
Please Remove ads
The program does a good job but I have experienced some annoying ads I have purchased the Pro version
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4 years ago, ~Silhouette Dreams~
I love it!
So quick and easy to use, and actually does its job. Definitely a must have. Amazing app
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3 years ago, Dry Reviewer
100% accurate and saved my English grade. I would recommend!!!!
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3 years ago, Rojo_Buffalo
Why am I still seeing ads when on premium?
When I’m already paying for premium services, why should I still be shown ads? Rediculous.
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2 years ago, Grady1028
Not very good
The app work good you just put ur pictures then ur good but there are LOTS of adds. Also if your not looking to pay don’t bother! You only get the scan 5 pictures a day!
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3 years ago, The Xender
Thanks Developers
It’s a nice a app for me. I wished it for a long time ago. Thanks Developers.
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4 years ago, Streetfashionista
Life changing!
This app is definitely life changing, soecially if you work with alot of paper work! Simply amazing!!!
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5 years ago, Santa Babarian
Quite Amazing
A little tricky, but a bit of practice will get you results.
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4 years ago, Altantuya😁
It doesn’t recognize hand written text properly
It doesn’t recognize hand written text properly
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3 years ago, Toniobnvnnnc
Best app for school
Works perfectly and cost 0 dollars
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6 years ago, Iwokenjdjsbshsajsjd
I love this app
This app is so freaking helpful I appreciate you people who made this so damnnmuch my nighas
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3 years ago, jerat10
Love this app!
I’m loving how easy this app has been!
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2 years ago, The goal of all life is death
You can use Google Translate
You can only use it 5 times for free a day and you can use google translate for free. I don't know how good the translate function is on the app but it can not be enough for me
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6 years ago, Rashed_NY
easy to use app
this is one of the apps easy app , to extract text from screen, just import any photos containing text & select the language & boom 💥 the text is ready & editable for you
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6 years ago, ~[JOe]~
great app
does what it says, unobtrusive ads. however the help menu opens every time you start the app, needs a don’t show me this again option.
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4 years ago, johnfredbarry
Thumbs up!
Works as advertised.
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5 years ago, Wonderful thing
I love this app it’s change my life
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5 years ago, dimhar
Amazing!!! Life saver
I don’t remember how I lived and survived my life before this app. Life saver
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4 years ago, King Kobbyfresh1
KingKobby’s Favorite
Woooow, I really Love this App. This is Amazing,Uve really made ma day
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4 years ago, Moha namash
This is very good I like it
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4 years ago, Is- this-0ne_t@ken?
Not versatile.
It’s a mystery to me that you can select Serbian. It doesn't work and is just bad. Text scanned isn't even close to what is written ( I scanned printed text)
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4 years ago, Dale Zuck
Great App!
PROS: Works very well, excellent. Free version allows 5 scans daily. CONS: monthly scam subscription only, you can’t buy the app. $5.99 a month?!? Are you out of your mind? Disney PLUS or Apple TV same fee. JUST LET ME BUY THE APP OUT RIGHT!
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4 years ago, Lila2020$$$
Garbage does not work
It will not read the text I followed all the steps it won’t read it waste of time
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3 years ago, juicebuggggg93
I think I was very healthful
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2 years ago, Nuel Maha
No mistakes at all... perfection app
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1 year ago, KyubeySouls
It changed its name but its the same as another app cuts off words paragraphs and more
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4 years ago, Truitt65
Completely Useless.
Unless you want to pay an exorbitant subscription rate, this app will greatly disappoint you.
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4 years ago, Reveninssus One
Super helpful app
I love this app . Super helpful
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1 year ago, R.Banks jr.
Copy to text
Is a good concert
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4 years ago, Nicky314
The best!!
I absolutely love this app!
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6 years ago, Idon'tputupwith$
So far, so good :)
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5 years ago, Bubbles on the brain
Absolutely garbage.
Doesn’t do anything at all that it says it is supposed to do!
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3 years ago, BuFodr
iOS 15
iOS 15 will destroy this application! The price is to much
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