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The Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company
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User Reviews for Corebridge

2.66 out of 5
32 Ratings
2 days ago, MWS1987
Not Great
App is slow, often doesn’t work or load my information. The information that is available is limited. Currently, the app won’t even open. It just keeps telling me to download the new version and takes me to the Apple App Store and there’s no option for a new version. Pretty disappointing for a company that is managing peoples’ money.
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2 days ago, Rcputt
Issue after issue
I have had nothing but issues being able to sign in and they just asked me to download the update to fix all the issues and now it is stuck on that update page and I can’t even get to the signup page. It’s one thing to have a bad app, but it’s worse to have all you retirement set up in account and you can’t access it. When your dealing with people’s livelihood, you better have it right.
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3 days ago, BandDirector Blk98zm6
Not working now…
So the App was working fine, I just updated it just now, 2/27, and now it won’t work. When I open it, it says new version available and takes me back to the App Store. When I then click open in the App Store, it sends me back to the App that says a new version is available and to update it, so now the circle just goes round and round. I deleted the App and then redownloaded and same problem still…
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4 days ago, .heather
Usually this app was pretty easy to access and update information. In the last few weeks it hasn’t worked properly, long load times, failure to login in. It won’t load or let me login at all this last week, even though all of my information is correct.
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2 days ago, Michael71558
App upgrade
I upgraded my app to the newest version and now I can’t log it. It keeps giving me the same message, “There is a newer version available”. So when I click on it, it takes me back to the App to update. But since I already updated my app, it only allows me the option to “open” the app. Then it takes me back to the original message that there is a newer version.
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3 days ago, manderle
Says there’s an update but my app is uptodate so it won’t open
All I get is a message saying that the app has an update but the App Library already shows it at latest version. App refuses to go further. This coming after the last 2 weeks of the app reporting that my information wasn’t currently available even though the web shows the information
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2 days ago, robertnjax
No Go
Completed the mandatory update and now doesn’t work at all - keeps sending me back to the update page. Another disappointment. Let’s try a little harder folks.
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3 days ago, frustr8again
New app
Corebridge made me update their app (involuntary). Now I am in a loop and the website says to update, I do, and then try to use. When I open the updated app it just tells me to update the app again. When I repeat the process, the same thing happens. Does anybody actually beta test ‘improvements’?
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11 months ago, Sassy Saver 1234
Useful app to view retirement accounts
Helpful and easy to use.
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3 days ago, Yan Chen
Not usable anymore
Went to update this app as this app requested. Once updated, it went into the loop of keep asking you to update. I am no longer able to use this app anymore. I even power off and then power back on my iPhone.
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1 month ago, S27489
Cannot log in
The app keeps asking me to set security questions to log in, but when I pick the drop-down menu to select a question, it says it could not retrieve questions and kicks back to the prior screen. So I cannot even log in…
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3 days ago, wish i had
App requires you to update for “bug fixes” and after this traps you in a loop of update/open. Rarely can access my account in the past month due to bugs.
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2 days ago, JAYPG77
Update bug
After recent update, I’m not able to login to my app.
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1 month ago, PJTG1
Security questions won’t load
Trying to enable multifactor authentication, but the security questions won’t load, so I can’t login to my account.
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3 days ago, Chem68
Crashing all the time
Trying to update my information as the application requires but keeps crashing, after several attempts.
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2 days ago, Daws of life
Won’t update
App has a stop screen telling a newer version is available but after I update I get the same stop screen. Can’t access beyond that stage.
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2 days ago, Burnsva
Doesn’t work After Upgrade
Stuck in loop…won’t clear the page with link to update app even after downloading update.
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2 days ago, Aaron H3086
Terrible app
Says new version available but when I go to check for updates nothing there now I can’t even log in.
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3 days ago, Ryans9831
The app said I had to update before login. I update the app and the same message appears. I cleared everything and it’s still the same message.
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3 days ago, Looped Out Infinity
Updated Version Infinite Loop
Unable to open app. Keeps telling me to there’s an updated version even after I update and after I delete the app and new.
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2 days ago, PintuQ
Crashes frequently
Says there is a new version but when you try to download it it doesnt do anything
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3 years ago, KellyStiner
Hardly loads anymore
I use to love this app but I don’t know what happened in the last couple of months to almost a year now. I have an iPhone I have uninstalled and reinstalled and very rarely does this app even work anymore it may open but it never fully loads just sits there and spins. I’m just coming to have to check their web version to get my balances.
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1 month ago, chrischilds
Terrible app
This app always has issues and many times it won’t even work properly.
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3 days ago, BellMoon1124
Will not open
I updated as requested, and now it keeps cycling back to the Let’s Do It page when I try to sign in.
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4 weeks ago, GAKNYCDJ
Doesn’t work
Why am I able to log in to Corebridge through my browser, but not the App. Am I doing something wrong
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2 days ago, Sad user experience
Can’t access the app anymore due to new version
I was required to Upgrade and now can’t access the app on my iPhone 14.
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3 days ago, Wishing it wou
Logging on
The app states it needs to update. It will not open afterwards. It loops back to The app needs to update. This is not the first time this app has crapped itself
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1 year ago, bad app for finance
Horrible app and horrible company. No transparency, waste of time with sky high fees. The app is basically useless trying to find statements or fund information.
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11 months ago, krgkrgkrgkrg
App doesn’t work
It opens for a brief second and then goes back to the login screen. The app is unusable in its current state.
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3 days ago, Frustrated189
Had to update, and all it does is crashes, so I can’t see anything now
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1 month ago, Lone Star Dr
The app is terrible, I can’t even get into my account, I save all my info and when I try to enter I can’t. Horrible
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3 days ago, Electra921
Updated and now Can’t login. Terrible app. Not enough account info either .
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12 months ago, Youcantgetanycentfromme
App doesn’t work!
It logs me in for a flicker of a second then logs me off. Calling the attention of the app developer and maintenance. Do your job.
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3 days ago, g791
Not working!
Trying to update and it’s not working!
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11 months ago, Glynnis LR
Won’t Let Me Log In
As soon as I log in it shows my balance and logs me out. Not helpful!
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1 year ago, Mumin The Cat
Great company
Great company, occasional hiccups
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3 days ago, X#a#!
Not an update! Unusable. Have to go online. Zero stars
Worst update ever!!!!
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3 days ago, AlmostSnow
It’s beyond poor it’s totally unreliable.
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5 years ago, S. Berran
Terrible, Terrible App
In several cases Valic fails to provide actionable fund information to account holders in an easy-to-use, transparent manner; for example, useful performance data that can actually aid in fund selection and portfolio analysis is essentially absent. A greater variety of fund and performance data tables and graphs would be helpful. For people with a even a minor degree of experience with trading and retirement investment vehicles, this app (and Valic's website, too, for that matter) is glaringly insufficient. It is a very bare-bones app that commonly fails to allow log-ins. The security features are outdated, too. It's almost as if Valic decided to create an app just to say they have an app when selling their institutional products to businesses, but in reality Valic appears to not care if the app is useful for account holders because the account holders are basically stuck using Valic because their employer. The app seems like it was made for people who are unfamiliar with how to use technology. For their high expense ratio and sky-high fees, Valic should be embarrassed to offer such a terrible app. Whoever approved this app does not know what users want or what features are useful in an app of this kind. Whoever approved this app should feel like they let their company down for just how utterly awful this app is. I would give the app zero stars if I could. I never write app reviews, but this app is so bad that I felt compelled to say something.
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3 years ago, AlaskanNightWolf
Get your company to switch
February 2021 update: Their performance graphs are off and need to be re-done. It’s showing my contributions as account growth. How much has my account actually grown from the MARKET... not my contribution.. Also support can’t send what you need so you have to call 5+ times to get the request and still not receive it. Get your company to choose another 401K provider if you can. This is not worth the hassle and you time will thank you in the long run with how much time you saved by not using them or their services. March 2021 update: To add salt to the wound, they still have a difficult time sending the documents you request. The documents sent show amounts but no funds associated with it. . . Where does these amounts associate to what fund? Just blank amounts with the the transaction that took place. Well what funds did these transactions take place on? Again, I implore you to find another company if you are on the brink of choosing them. If you have to invest with them because of company decision... good luck. . .
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5 years ago, J___.
Far too basic
For VALIC being a major financial company they sure do not know how to make an app. This app does next to nothing that the website does. You can make changes to the account in a very cumbersome manner - much more difficult than the website. There's also no way to track your portfolio's overall performance or the funds that make up your portfolio. If you're looking to just see your total amount, your percentage of certain types, and percentage of each fund in your portfolio of then this app is for you! If you want to do anything else, don't bother with this app until VALIC upgrades it.
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5 years ago, gdd pa
Consider changing your focus on to your customer!!!
Your app and website are horrible. Sorry....I hate to complain. It is VERY difficult to find any usable information about my account like something as easy as most recent contributions. It is clear that all of the site developments are focused on trying to sell me your products. If you would in turn focus on your customer and not trying to sell me something your sales would be greater. I use VALIC... or AIG or what ever you will be called next year... only because I have to due to my employer. Consider changing your focus on to your customer!!!
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4 years ago, ohanacrew67
Nice modern update
The new interface is a major upgrade from previous versions. All of the information I look for is quickly accessible. The calculator is a quick way to see how I could potentially hit my savings goal and the Plan Snapshot gives me an interactive way to view details related to my statement activities
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5 years ago, SeanA007
Nice Modern Update
This is a big improvement from the previous version. Really like the FutureFit results. Glad to see Touch / Face ID and multi factor added - much needed security features. Hoping this is a sign of bigger and better things to come - how about adding ability to modify FutureFit and account profile? Great step forward!
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4 years ago, hayks
Worst app experience ever
It is mind blowing that an organization of your size is not able to address its customers’ basic requests. Go ahead and read complaints from overs a year ago (and your responses that upgrades are coming). Definitely withdrawing my investments. The performance of the financial instruments that people allocate their funds to has nothing to do with how your iPhone app looks and its features work, but it says a lot about how your organization functions. There should be an option to give negative stars!
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2 years ago, WriterJamie
Can’t even login
I’ve been using this service for years through their website, but the app keeps telling me the exact same login credentials I use to login aren’t valid. I even tried the option to setup online access and it told me it couldn’t process the request. Meanwhile, I’m browsing the web version of my account with no problems. I gave up and deleted the app. Now I’m concerned about how much I can trust any of the company’s technology.
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2 years ago, Ambiverbal
Limited but functional
Unfortunately the Face ID stopped working when I switched to a new iPhone. In general the app fulfills the need for current account information. But it lacks the important planning insights available on VALIC's website.
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7 years ago, Diablo Masker
Needs more updates
This application has not been updated in over a year... The on-target part of the application is inaccurate as is the same on the website. The performance of your portfolio doesn't update often in the app, as It's delayed by about 3 or more months. The layout could be better...
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3 years ago, Michael400
Enable Face ID Does Not Work - Among Other Things
Good app overall, but two fixes are needed: 1) Most important, Enable Face ID doesn’t work on iPhone version - even when I have the function slid to “on.” I still have to enter the password. FIX!!!! 2) This is more a “nice to have,” but I had to manually add (and will have to manually update) my outside investments in order to factor them into the Projected Monthly Retirement Income dashboard. Why can’t the outside investments automatically update once they’ve been added? Thank you.
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2 years ago, ItzNota
Exits app after signing in
I would think that this would be tested before releasing, but FaceID does not work and you cannot disable it. Come on programmers. Otherwise, the app works…it’s just a boring interface though.
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