CoreFirst Bank Mobile App

4.3 (621)
27.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
CoreFirst Bank & Trust
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for CoreFirst Bank Mobile App

4.31 out of 5
621 Ratings
1 year ago, LosingSue
I don’t know if it’s because I’m older but I do get confused with my passwords. . I get 3 tries then I’m locked out sometimes it locks me out after 2 tries & sometimes I’m already locked out before I try to get in . My complaint is when it happens on the weekend I can’t get assistance till the following work day . I was locked out tor 3 dayszv
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5 years ago, Rls7631566608
From Mad to Glad
I just recently switched from BOA to Core First. It was rough at first because this app is very basic compared to the BOA app with all it’s bells and whistles. HOWEVER, what I have learned that really turned things around for me is that I have a direct number where a real person answers and actually helps you. I’ve been to the Drive thru with questions about where to find information and the service agent actually looked it up and then showed me where to go in the app. I can say in ALL of the years I banked with BOA I rarely had any interactions with humans. So I am thrilled with my choice to move to Core First where they actually value your business and treat you as such. Thank you Core First for your exceptional Customer Service
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3 months ago, Basspro501
Stellar Application
CoreFirst Bank & Trust mobile app is simple to use, while also providing a secure place to transact all types of financial business! Their support team is also very user friendly, when and if something goes off track, they quickly resolve issues to get you back up and running! Thanks CoreFirst for you great Community Service! Stanley Kelly
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4 years ago, Dvlpr235
Could be better
The application is okay. The mandatory need to change my password from the bank is clunky because you can’t do it in the application. There is a failure every time I am forced to change my password. I have the latest update on the latest iPhone so the need to have this application work is essential. I have considered closing the rest of my accounts and walking away from this company a large part is this application. There are other banks and credit unions applications far superior and they also have better services.
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3 years ago, WETHutton
Very Convenient
Being able to use online banking with Corefirst allows me to access my accounts from the comfort of my own home, work or anywhere else. It is extremely convenient and allows you to transfer funds between accounts. Definitely worth having and I would highly recommend anyone that banks with them to download it.
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3 months ago, J on the Move
Works Smoothly
This app has certainly improved over the past few years! I can basically accomplish anything I need to financially except making cash deposits. I appreciate the notifications of upcoming maintenance. It allows me to take care of banking needs while the app is accessible.
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6 years ago, MsBath
Pretty Handy
Although it is pretty handy to use the app instead of going on the computer, the capture on the check deposit has had an issue for a few months. I take the pic of the front and back, and then submit, and it fails. I retake the front pic and it is successful, every single time. Not that big of a deal, so it’s pretty good overall.
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2 years ago, Hbrown98999
Best Bank and Easy to use app
I’ve been with CoreFirst for over 25 years and I have never been disappointed. They have always treated me with respect and professionalism. The app is amazing, I can transfer money from accounts in literally seconds, that is worth so much to people leading busy lives.
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5 years ago, elizabethkamprath
The app is okay
I do like the app. It is user friendly. I would like to be able to see memo post transactions like we used to be able to see. I’m not sure why I have to click the “more” button to see my core first card, shouldn’t it be listed in the page with all my other accounts? I really like that I can see the scanned picture of my check I’ve written when I click on that transaction!
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2 months ago, Linda Hawks
Ms. Linda H.
I have been with CoreFirst for over 13 years. I Love the app as for it allows me to check my account and if I need to transfer money. About the only thing I would change is being able to put checks into my account by taking a picture of it.
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4 years ago, TMJTopeka
Easy to use
I use mobile check deposit and mobile transfer several times a week. I have multiple accounts, but this interface makes it easy to do all those tasks across my different accounts! Very intuitive and user-friendly.
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2 years ago, boylestoni
Yes I’ve got issues.
Since fairly recently my app has bugs. There is a big stripe across my pages. It’s the footer and it blocks my data. I’ve contacted the bank. No answers to fix it.
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2 years ago, chiefsfan6319
Pay a friend
The Pay a Friend section of the app was a lot easier to use to transfer money in our house between to accounts. Now I have to make a trip to the bank and do it in person because the money transfer apps that you suggest we use all charge a fee. This is a deal breaker for our household. We cannot afford to pay an outside source when it can be done for free. Looks like we will be looking for a new bank after 40 years. Thanks.
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2 years ago, KS Gaga
Over abundance of caution with changing passwords
Inactivating the fingerprint sign on routinely, without warning, for your over abundance of caution regarding passwords can be a problem. Especially when you do it right before a payment is due! If I’m not at home to find my password, I am unable to take care of my financial responsibilities🤨 This seems VERY customer UNfriendly! More of a Core First Bank & Trust IT thing than the app, but you take a hit because of the tie you have with one another.
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2 years ago, Bjfreed
App is buggy
I have touch id enabled, only works after I close the application and reopen. When it is open in the background, and I got back into it it asks me to log in again after seeing a plain ole white screen with nothing on it. And doesnt have an option at that point to use touch id. This app needs some work
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4 months ago, TJTopeka
It’s much improved
Finally I don’t have to change my password all the time. Now if they only had the ability to transfer funds between banks it would be perfect.
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2 years ago, Nessimicnesster
Have all my accounts here and it’s easy to move money around on my own without difficulty. Bank is willing to work with you should there be any issues and assist and or credit fees as necessary. Love banking here.
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2 years ago, akaBRaww
Amazing functionality
For being an online banking app, it has everything you ever need. You can check your balance, transfer funds, put checks in your account, etc.
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4 years ago, Don't even talk to me boy
The app does a decent job of showing my statements and balance. The biggest problem in that it will duplicate transactions and show an inaccurate balance for a while until the system checks it. This is very annoying when I need to make multiple purchases and I cannot accurately tell how much I have left in my account! Please read and fix this I beg.
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3 months ago, campful
Core First
I feel that the bank app is very safe and easy to get around . I have always been treated very well and everyone I have dealt with is very helpful and professional! I would recommend CoreFirst to all!
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2 years ago, fhhuyffv
Have to close to make face login work. Very tired of the SAME announcement
I have to swipe up and close the app and then reopen it for face login to work. Just put a button on the front screen for face login. Why do they have to have the SAME announcements ALL the time. Yes. This page DOES provide an overview of accounts. I got it the first 100 times I’ve seen it. I don’t need to see it every time I log in. Please let me shut them off.
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4 years ago, 27thgirls
Could be better
My two daughters have been repeatedly locked out of their accounts on the app. I have been prompted to change my password once since we started banking at CoreFirst in September. That was never the case at our old bank. The app is unpredictable. It would be nice to be able to see my balance without fully opening the app. My Bank of America app had that capability.
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1 year ago, Did it for the bonus pack
Works well!
The facial recognition was a huge upgrade! Makes the whole app a better and easier experience!
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1 year ago, kelger123
Easy to use
I can access home and business accounts anywhere anytime. Easy to use and help one phone call away.
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1 year ago, Ana daba
Net worth
Does not include cd’s in my net worth and after many conversations with CoreFirst staff all they tell me is that they have created a work order. This has been going on since February 3rd. I have know idea what this actually means or when to expect a solution. I am very disappointed in the manner this is being handle after being a CoreFirst customer for approximately 45 years.
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2 years ago, dhfkaf
Excellent App
I have been using the app for several years and it works great. It’s nice to be able to check my accounts using my iPhone.
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2 years ago, Hank Lee Moore
Thank you corefirst bank and trust I enjoy with your bank and thank you for big helping my issue problem account
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3 years ago, McMaurer Power
Best Bank, less than amazing app
My boyfriend banks will Ally. Their app/website allows you to label funds from one account into multiple “buckets” or categories. CapFed allows you to type in a section of a transaction essentially what budget category it can go to as well as whatever else you want to type in.
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3 years ago, cooper5017
Bank App
I’ve been very pleased with this app. I enjoy being able to check my account balance and also see that scheduled payments have came out as planned. Thanks for the great app Core first.
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2 years ago, TwiMom 69
Thought it would be hard to loggi,. Was given simple instructions, once enrolled it was Extremely easy to to use and navigate. Thanks CoreFirst!
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11 months ago, My@Nickname
This is a good app, but…
But, I do not like the requirement to change my password as often as it occurs. I’ve patronized other financial institutions and they do not have this requirement. To me it is overkill and overreach. In the least the time period between PW changes could be increased.
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4 years ago, H in Topeka
Great app for a small bank
Lots of improvements since the app came out a few years ago. There’s always room for improvement but not too shabby for being a local bank!
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5 years ago, Kitten1800
Lately it seems the app can’t give you a day to day balance. One day it’s right and the next you’re missing all kinds of transactions. I realize it’s probably a minor thing to complain about, but when you wanna keep an eye on anything that looks suspicious thanks to so many businesses getting customer’s info stolen..... you can’t because the app isn’t right half the time.
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3 years ago, Hotch2008
Good app
It’s convenient to check my info online, however, lately it seems like the app is getting slower and slower. Any of the other banking apps I use don’t seem to have the same issue. I could drive to an atm faster most days than the app takes to load.
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1 year ago, epurling
Worst mobile banking ever
You have to go through this crazy manual process to get approved for check deposit. The login rarely works. You constantly have to reset your password. No dual factor authentication. If it weren’t for sheer laziness on my part, their overall lack of commitment to technology would have driven me to another bank years ago.
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2 years ago, Sjhogan11
Banking app delays
The updates to your account balance take way to long, it could be posted on the app as pending for several days before u actually know your real balance, the amount of time for a mobile deposit is also depressing, again it’s better than no app but very low end as far as bank apps go.
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1 year ago, KJV from UK
Could be easier to use!
Changing passwords so frequently is a pain. It takes about 4 goes or more each time. If you get locked out if the app on a weekend you have to wait until the Monday. There needed me to a 24/7 everyday of the week helpline! I would not recommend this bank because if this app!
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4 years ago, Woods53
Has most info I need
I wish I could deposit checks with it but overall it has most of the functions I need regularly.
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2 years ago, kochnick
Easy to use!
Love it. Can deposit checks, move money and check accounts on the go.
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1 month ago, hattiemon
Great banking app
I love being able to see my account no matter where I am. Let me know that my account is secure.
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1 year ago, Racersd2
Love this bank and app
Everything works as it should, easy to set up and use.
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2 years ago, Susannemm_0517
Really great banking app
I love this app. I can see what want easily, do transactions quick and it’s rarely having issues.
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5 years ago, BradBryant
Very useful app
The app has everything I need. I check it frequently to keep track of my accounts.
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1 month ago, Doc Batson
Our bank since 1989, services just keep improving. A mainstream bank with family values.
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2 years ago, Spike400
Not easy for me to get into
I have repeatedly tried to change one of the phone numbers on my account. It will not change on the screen when I log back in. I’m sure it will make me have to go in to get this accomplished!
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4 weeks ago, My Shepard
App rating
I like the app over paper statements because it is more up to date.
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3 months ago, Kool is
I like it.
The developer’s put reasonable thought into the functionality of the app nice work.
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3 years ago, M@k3M0n3y
Doesn’t show check image
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2 months ago, Missponcho
This ap is easy to use. I like the new look and added info on the screens
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2 months ago, LKBond007
Works great
Easy to use, especially when I am traveling.
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