Corning Credit Union

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Corning Federal Credit Union
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1 year ago
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14.5 or later
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User Reviews for Corning Credit Union

4.82 out of 5
13.3K Ratings
5 years ago, vp0p
So convenient
I really love the new quick view feature so I can see my balance without having to log in. And it was difficult to figure out how to link accounts for transfers, but the staff at the bank were SO knowledgeable and friendly when they showed me how. I love this bank and the whole staff! The app is great and convenient for on the go. My only critique would be to somehow make it easier to access both of my accounts without having to type all my info again or see both balances at a glance at once from the same phone.
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2 years ago, aenglish607
Terrible Recent Update
Love this app and credit union. HOWEVER! The recent update that changed the look and functionality of the transfers and bill pay is awful. So many mistakes can easily be made because when you key in your amount, sometimes you have to put a decimal for your cents or sometimes not. Causing errors like paying too much to a Bill Pay payee or moving the wrong amount to a loan or other account. It’s not consistent. It doesn’t even look the same between your accounts tab, transfer tab or bill pay tab. This is SO bad. I have another credit union who must use the same app creator, and theirs is the same way. So it’s not CCU doing the update, but I hope they are trying to get this mess at least cleaned up and give us that nice simple and user friendly look we had before. Very disappointed. Willing to change my review if or when another update is released.
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3 years ago, BethJeffMdpt
App review
I love banking with Corning Credit Union. I have lived most of my adult life without access to a local branch so my banking has always been remote over the past 25 years and they have always made the experience as easy and friendly as possible. The remote app is just one more recent example. One improvement for the app would be to allow a multi pay option thru bill pay like I can do on the computer.
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1 year ago, The mechanical smithy
Currently unable to use the app with the most recent update, maybe it’s just for iOS users but when I open the app it shows all of my accounts. Wonderful and front page, a welcome improvement. However, now if I tap any account to view it’s history or anything pending. It registers Face ID and simply reloads the page. No new info. I can’t even access settings, it does the same thing. Please investigate this if you all read reviews. I’ve been banking with you all for years now and have had nothing but stellar service and support. You’re all an incredible bank to be with.
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1 year ago, LynnS1019
Terrible Update for Business Owners and All Accounts
The most recent update has taken away a feature where business owners can put what their transaction was right in the app, so that it prints out with the paper statement. This allows for a better handling of transactions for accounting purposes, and less room for error. This was a wonderful option, and it was taken away, I called and asked if it could be returned, and I was given no assurances it would. In addition, the recent update took away the ability to update your total account balance, now you have to sign out of the app and go back into it to see your account balance. This has made usability regress, this is not an update. This is a regression!
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8 months ago, Wedge1020
updated to new version on iPad, no longer horizontal
I’ve had great utility out of the CCU app for years, using it exclusively on my iPads in horizontal orientation (effectively like a laptop). I saw the new version was out and upgraded, only to have it come up in portrait mode. I poked around settings, and could not see a way to adjust the orientation. Is that a feature I can toggle? Please: with the attached keyboard on my case it would suddenly be quite inconvenient to turn my iPad on its side just to productively use the app. I’ve enjoyed the linked account view, and ability to easily transfer to bank accounts outside CCU (although I’ve noticed they tend to lag in accuracy by at least a week or so). The mobile check deposit is is amazing. This is such a useful app, please ensure it continues to work in horizontal/landscape orientation for the iPad users.
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5 years ago, csf45
Great Bank
I opened an account for my son at CCU, age 17, now 21. I had to be on his account due to his age. At the time, I banked with Wells Fargos for many years and wasn’t satisfied. Shortly after, I opened my own bank account with CCU and absolutely love the bank. The costumer’s services is outstanding. CCU is a bank that gives you opportunities and works with you. Their approach regarding loans is amazing. They offer compatible rates. I had recommended them to many friends and they all love CCU and thank me for. My son did the same. Even though they are a local bank with a few branches at this time, they are awesome. Online banking is easily accessible. I have no doubt that they will continue to expend and grow, as they are now. I strongly recommend CCU.
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4 years ago, MamasDimples
Good app
I do most of my banking through the app. There are no branches near me. It works great. The only issue is the latest change to the calendar in Bill Pay. It is not user friendly. I used to be able to easily see the total amount paid each day and the detail . I can’t now. It only shows the full list of the next bill pay day. I don’t know what those monthly totals are at the bottom because they change every time I click on a date. I hope a fix is being worked on.
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5 years ago, j03v3g4
Very convenient!
This app has allowed me to continue to effectively bank despite moving hundreds of miles from the nearest branch. I can do literally everything except deposit cash. The new app has a very sleek look compared to the old. No bugs noticed so far, and it definitely seems a little faster. Despite having to re-register, I’m very please with the eBranch overhaul. Keep up the good work!
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5 years ago, QT31415926
Slow and not all info will display
It is nice to finally have all accounts under one login; however, when I click on any account to view the transaction history, all that comes up in the field on the right is “no transaction history to display” I have to go to the online web version to see it. Also pending transactions do not display. Why? It is imperative to be able to see any and all transaction history with the app. Having to go to the web version is a waste of time and I have not had to do that for a few years.
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4 years ago, Shanexxl
Great bank. Crap app!
Constantly locked out of my account and forced to change password. I’ve had to create over 50 dang passwords just for this app because I have to think up a new one each and every time and can’t use one from the past. I’m so tired of this. It’s only with this app and this bank. 3 attempt is not enough at this point as I’ve had to make up so many stupid password just to have my account locked again. Stupid setup and not practical for real world use. About to pull funds and find another more user friendly banking app. It’s absurd the hoops I have to jump through just to keep an eye on my accounts.
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5 years ago, CreamPuff1728
A Very Useful App for the Right Person
For me, the app is wonderful. Everything is there for you to check. The controls are easy to use. Everything is right there ready and waiting. At some points, the app can be hard to sign in to. You have to remember your login ID, as well as your password. However, Corning Credit Union is taking a step in the right direction. The Digital Banking App is a smooth addition to an already growing digital age.
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4 years ago, frankiej1212
Seriously do I need to log in everyday
This app is really bad due to the fact that it won’t allow constant face recognition login. It seems like everyday it asks me to log in. I’m in my accounts all the time transferring money and such and it’s just the most annoying thing. This rating is for the app not the bank, love the credit union and it’s staff but I hate this app.
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5 years ago, RisingAgain
Excellent Banking Institution
Going through a separation and have not had my own account ( non joint ) in years. The people at the bank made this a smooth transition financially, answering all my questions with patience. The app always is running smooth and dead on accurate with updates immediately. Thank you for a seamless tool to not only grow but protect my investment.
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4 years ago, 2kids1dog
Worst one yet
This app glitches ALL the time. Very frustrating to use and often makes me go through extra steps to log on when I’m in a time crunch. Today I’m deleting to start over as it wasn’t working at all. I’m over it. Maybe time to use a new bank and app... that actually works.
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5 years ago, ChadHassler
Worth the wait!
The mobile app has needed a face lift for years! Rather than just slapping a new look on the same functionality, CCU has completely overhauled the entire app! In a good way! There are so many things that have improved, it’s hard to list them all. Some things that mean the most to me: - All accounts under a unified login - The ability to link external accounts and track their balances and transactions - Budgeting and expense tracking built-in - The ability to save members you’ve sent money to using cross member transfer The look and feel of the application is very modern and a pleasure to use. Put simply, I’m thrilled with this update!
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3 years ago, scubadon
My hometown bank…
Okay, my credit union has been there for me over the years and continues to service my banking needs. My son turned me on to them and they (those that haven’t retired) still ask about him. That was over 20 years ago.
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6 months ago, corky90
Took away green color for deposits
Why would you get rid of that and make every transaction black? Please bring the green deposit color back Update: got response. Not good enough. The desktop version still has them green. So I’ll just use the web browser. Every other banking app uses colors. Don’t give me that ADA crap lol. It probably cost the company $1 more to keep colors. That’s all.
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5 years ago, Ffeudrate
Making it easy.
I utilize the windfall checking and love the new mobile app. I like visiting the bank to visit the great tellers. But the app offers all the features so we don’t have to take time and go to the bank. All the features are definitely quick and easy benefits that saves so much time. Thank you!
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5 years ago, mcastner22
Great, easy, simple App to do what I want to do with my money when I need to. The CCU customer service is amazing and beyond helpful. The Loans Dept makes everything quick and easy. Couldn’t imagine a normal Bank being as helpful as the CCU. Thank you for being not just a bank, but being apart of my family & future.
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5 years ago, dolson01222019
New version is totally buggy
The NEW app keeps logging itself out claiming no activity yet it was being used to digitally deposit checks and search and view accounts. Logging on is tedious. Frustrating when doing banking from home or on the road.
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5 years ago, Chuckaren
Problems since the beginning
This is one of the worst banking apps I have ever used. The biggest issue is while trying to deposit a check, which is the only function I need in a bank app. When I try to deposit a check I get an error saying “unexpected error” Unfortunately it isn’t unexpected by me.... Plus why, when this error occurs, does the app throw me back to the home page instead of back to the step before the error occurs? And the when it looks like I’ve finally gotten both front and back pics of the check taken without the error, I get “you have been logged out for lack of activity!!!!!!!” No, actually it is for lack of a well designed app. I wouldn’t normally write all this but this problem has been an issue since this app has been put out there, and it isn’t a one off.
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5 years ago, R!Lane
My opinion
The new app does take some time to adjust to. The old app was easier in some ways. Having all the accounts your linked to can be convenient but also confusing & very easy to transfer to wrong accounts.
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2 years ago, Heidi#1
Doesn’t matter where you live
I have been a member most of my life. We moved to Virginia, and I remain a member. CCU can do everything except a mortgage if you do not live near one of their branches … last I knew. Fabulous customer service.
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5 years ago, JaFehlner
Corning Federal Credit Union
After moving back to New York, I opened an account last week. My mother had some banking to do, as well. Everyone was very pleasant. I watched as they handled my mother’s transaction. She is elderly and the teller was more than accommodating. A special shout out to Pennilyn Baker, member service specialist. She was very professional, answered all my questions, made appropriate suggestions and was also very pleasant. After living in Southern California where banking can be, well, less than less than enjoyable, the Corning credit union has left me very impressed!
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1 year ago, forty4mag
Practice your mental math
I had to fully uninstall and reinstall the app to get it to work properly after the most recent update. However, the bigger issue is they removed the available balance view of my Visa. They do show my current balance, so if you know your limit and you’re good at mental math you can easily figure out your available balance. Taking the available balance view away wasn’t helpful in any way.
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3 years ago, Metro. 2011
Can do it all!
I can do all of my banking needs through this app. Great design platform and easy to use. Transactions are recorded in real time. Favorite feature is remote check deposit feature. Easy Peasy
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2 years ago, Todd525354
A valuable tool
The CCU app has made banking so much quicker and easier! I’m able to monitor my accounts real-time and pay all my bills with my phone. It takes the hassle out of banking for sure!
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5 years ago, MJMTU92
Almost great app
Only thing it is missing is a capability to pay your credit card bill remotely in a way other than writing myself a check and depositing via the app... I live in Texas and would love to remain a CCU customer and not use up all my checks to pay my credit card bill.
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5 years ago, Arely RD
Love the bank hate the app
I really do enjoy banking with them, but the app makes me not want to make a full account with them. I just have a savings because it’s much easier to get a better experience with a different bank app.
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5 years ago, fesugardaddy
Need CCU in Charlotte area.
Love CCU but we need a location in Concord, Midland, Charlotte area. We have production plants in Hickory, NC, Newton NC, and Concord NC but no CCU. I transferred from Wilmington, NC plant to Concord NC plant and I have been with CCU for 26 year and now I have no personal bank in the area, and CCU is building a new bank in Wilmington area which makes the 3rd location. O in my area 3 Corning plants. Sad.🙁
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5 years ago, VOLFAN68
Corning CU is First Class
When I chose to bank at Corning CU I made a wise decision! I have all my banking accounts and loans with them, and they have the best rates, plus a professional and knowledgeable staff to help you. Everyone at Corning CU treats you with caring and respect and you are always greeted with a smile! Yes, they are a first class financial institution!!
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5 years ago, zeal143
Cancel the 12 transaction requirement for windfall
Give better interest rates will love you more. Also please take away the charge 12 times on the windfall checking account. In order to get the 2% interest, that’s a ridiculous policy.
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4 years ago, LadyAustin
Thank you
The Corning Credit team is ten star. Whether it’s mortgage, car loan or my savings/checking, every person I’ve spoken to has been helpful, answered my question by phone or email. I wish more financial institutions have a team like Corning.
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3 weeks ago, jazzeehr
End user experience decreases
The application has degraded over the past 6 months. My accounts have incorrect names and have been reorganized making quick view a challenge. I do not trust transferring funds from one account to another because I am not confident that accounts are correct. This app used to be great, not sure what happened.
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5 years ago, RBmoto
It’s works
Each time I log in I can see my accounts. I have never needed anything else for my accounts and moving funds from one account to the other is easy and quick. I love this bank.
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2 years ago, nana bumpa
Thank you
Been with Corning credit for over 70 years and I would never go anywhere else , they have always taken care of banking and loaning and anything we needed ,thank you Lynn June
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5 years ago, ashleyseiler
This app is user friendly, well laid out and makes my online banking very simple. I am out of state. There is no local branch for me. I’ve never had an issue that wasn’t fixed within 24 hours.
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5 years ago, inspirationinspired
It is ok but....
It’s great that all your accounts are all included without having to use two or more logins. My only complaint about this is being able to transfer money over to other members. The old version was easy and straight to the point. The new version is WAYYY over the top and a big pain to deal with.
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4 years ago, jmneh
Loans car
I don’t think when wanting to borrow money their not fair. They won’t even give you a chance even though. Previous you had all the above loans and paid it. Just go by credit score which was the hospital’s bill I had to go to another whom gave me a chance. I will honk you need more women their fairer. Thank you Joycenehring
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5 years ago, Foodie lost weight
It worked well but now the performance is declining
I am writing to complain that the app that has worked well is not functioning or performance has severely declined. The app stalls, face recognition doesn’t always properly recognize, had to delete & re-download the app multiple times. When it was functioning I still thought there could be improvements with layout. But the entire app is an issue. Disappointed.
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5 years ago, tjbelle02
Update Really Needs Improvement!!
The previous version was flawless and never glitched. With this update, I have to log in multiple times before it actually lets me in the system and the Deposit Check feature is the worst! EVERY time I try to deposit a check now, it crashes. Causes so much wasted time that I could focus on other aspects of our business.
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2 years ago, GTO_reviews
(Jan 2022) CCU app is much better than it used to be!
After the latest updates to the CCU app, navigation is a lot cleaner, i.e. it's very easy to make transfers between your accounts now. The CCU app definitely took a big step in the right direction. Thanks.
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5 years ago, krisfenn
New app
Love the new features! What an improvement from the previous app. There is so much more customization and you can do almost everything in comparison to the full website.
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5 years ago, Mysterie25
New changes
Not real crazy about not being able to see my next payment date without having to go into the particular loan account...
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2 years ago, cheerpen62
Great App
This is a easy app to use. I can get on and get done what I need to do. Others are not as easy and get frustrated, takes to much time to do something simple.
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5 years ago, Later hater
Love it but
This new mobile app isn’t good! I can’t tell when my bills are due or how much is due. I like it being right there as soon as I opened it. Now it’s a nightmare to find or do anything...not user friendly.
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4 years ago, Brenda Honeoye Falls NY
A high quality institution!
I have been a member of the CCU for 40 years and each transaction with a representative is of the highest quality. They exceed all expectations in customer service !
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1 year ago, NC-Sportster
Bigger Font?
Prior to the upgrade I could see all my account balances on the screen With the new release- the fonts so big I have to scroll through them Can we go back? - or give us the option to change the font?
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5 years ago, amy's clinic
Payments due
My only complaint is that I cannot see when my payments are due on the home page. It’s a little annoying to have to go into each account separately. I used to be able to see amounts due.
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