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Advanced Technologies Group, LLC.
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3 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for CorrLinks

3.09 out of 5
663 Ratings
2 months ago, Truth Toy
Need update
I love being able to use the app, it's much more convenient than having to check the web for messages! No stamps need to be purchased, which is a plus for me, & it notifies you when you have a message. Well, that was until recently, about 2 weeks ago. Now, I've noticed that my iPad will get the notifications but my phone doesn't. So I have to go into the app and refresh it to see if I have a message or a recently added ‘Draft’ message that I want to complete. I also believe if you leave the app with an unfinished message, it should automatically draft the mess. Not that it just deletes it but sometimes it will, I've experienced the app deleting 5 paragraph messages. If I was a cartoon I'd be red hot with smoke coming from my ears! Other than those issues, the app is good for me.
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10 months ago, Melistrev86
Put it back how it was
I use to love being able to scroll to the next message and now you have to go back. If you’re looking for a specific one it’s near impossible unless you have a good memory and time to find it. It was so much better in not just that but the way it looks now. It’s so plain and less welcoming plus the changes…. Hope it’s fixed I thought it was my phone and restarted it in hope it wasn’t a actual change. SMH not a fan of this version at all..
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7 months ago, Low Carb Kate
All I want for Christmas is for CorrLinks to work
Update is so badly needed. The app times out, you can’t scroll because of how bad it lags, sometimes I’ll just hit a message and I just won’t open. I’ll wait 20 seconds and it just won’t open. It does not sync with the desktop correctly so it’s showing that I have unread messages that I can’t find on the app. I’ll be in the middle of writing a message and the whole app just quit. it was really great when I first got it. Zero issues, simple easy software. Whatever they did in this update totally ruined it. The search feature is nice except it so slow. You can’t actually search for anything. Simplify and go back to whatever platform we were using before! I would pay $20 a year if it meant having a fun app!
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5 months ago, chris stevie
Subscription not worth it
I could have wrote emails and done just fine without paying for the subscription. Waste of money. It’s not even a modern script, it has the old DOS feel to it and like I’m using a dinosaur. I’m trying to approve a video request and it’s taking me in circles. Paying $8.95 for a program that’s older than the hills and I’m hearing a bug fix was finally initiated 4 years later. Wow. I feel bamboozled into paying this $8.95. I’m just trying to find the icon to use to install the video software. My phone is well capable and the latest IOS. I have a feeling the prisons don’t want to pay for anything that could take money out of their own pockets is why we see DOS-type programs when we are way past all that. 👎👎 2 thumbs down.
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4 years ago, Frankenmunky
We really need this app to communicate, but sometimes the service is extremely frustrating for something you have to pay a subscription for. Frequent communication errors, doesn’t save drafts and errors out. Sometimes it notifies you there’s and email, sometimes it doesn’t. If there is an error and it won’t send the email, you can’t save the draft to try again later. When you want to connect to support to get help, the webpage doesn’t load. There was a small window couple hour window earlier today I could send and receive emails the rest of the day there has been communication errors. People really need this app, that’s why we pay for it.
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7 years ago, Whisper76
It makes things easier
It's not perfect, as some other reviews point out, but I am relying on this app to stay in contact and it makes a bad situation a little bit easier. Really glad that this app and service exists. Also, as some noted there is a delay when sending or receiving an email, sometimes up to 2-3 hours. This is because all communications are monitored and reviewed before being passed along. This is done by humans. Do not assume anything you send will be private. This is the law and not fault of the app/service.
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3 years ago, KWKW001
Filled a hole in my heart I didn’t realize was missing...
It feels like I’m texting with my husband again... the first message I got, I absolutely SOBBED. Any time we think of something funny or important or even just want to say “hey, I’m really having a rough day” between phone calls, we can do so (almost) instantly. The gratitude I feel to be able to maintain this type of relationship with my spouse... priceless. (Minus one star for occasional sync and connectivity issues.)
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11 months ago, gorgeousjayda
premier account I can’t send pictures
So I paid and signed up for the premier account . But I’m unable to load money on my account to send pictures nowhere. Does it have a option to load money or even send a picture. when I open up the CorrLinks website for me computer I only have four choices message/account management/premier/text message..
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5 years ago, Ms. NeverSatisfied
Hello, I noticed yesterday that I’m not seeing my notifications on the outside of my app right away. I have to go inside the app where it’ll show me then that I messages and how many in my inbox. Once I saw that and went out of app and then the 1 for messages was then on the outside of my app. This just recently started, I’ve never had any issues before. So just an FYI for you all. Thanks for such a great app!
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7 years ago, ladycwatt
No complaints
I love the app. Very convenient. I see several bad reviews concerning the communications error. I receive that error from time to time, but I refresh and move past it. I refuse to complain about this app because it is making the best out of a bad situation. I can't buy a book of stamps for $7 a year, so I'll gladly spend it here and conveniently talk to my fiance every day, many times a day. Thanks.
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10 months ago, Author Tamika Cross
Error message from admin at CorrLinks I don’t understand
This is a system generated message informing you the above mentioned federal inmate temporarily does not have access to messaging. You will receive notification when they are again eligible for messaging. Este es un sistema generado mensaje que le informa al interno mencionado federales temporalmente no tiene acceso a la mensajer?a. Usted recibir? una notificaci?n cuando son de nuevo objeto de mensajer?a. The person I was messaging name is not on the system and he is still in jail so I have no idea what’s wrong why I can’t send messages I talked to him this morning he is still in jail
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5 years ago, Eric169E
Helpful app
This app is soooo worth having! It’s almost like texting and compared to the alternative it’s priceless not having to log on every time, and you know the instant you get an email from your inmate.. and they don’t have to wait for you to remember to log on and check and see if you have an email from them..replying is a snap. Highly recommend!!
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3 years ago, misst3314
I pay for the app and can’t use it!!!
Every time I attempt to look at my msgs on this app I get an error msg that says that it’s unable to sync to the server. This is annoying and frustrating bc I’m paying for an app that isn’t even doing its job!! I have to log in online to get msgs which is inconvenient and defeats the purpose of paying for the app! FIX THIS ASAP!!! I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times, the msgs still aren’t syncing. This is frustrating when all one wants is to connect with their love one in an already tough situation.
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3 years ago, Golden Queen 07051994
Please let me know what to do
I am trying to see my messages and keep getting a communication error . The error message says that I am not connected to the server . I deleted the app then downloaded it again and still am getting this message . Please let me know what I will need to do to fix this problem . Thank you !
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4 years ago, jaeash24
I have a CorrLinks premier acct but when I go to log on online, it lets me log in then I go to send money to an inmate and it won’t allow me. My question is as long as there’s money on my email acct it will just deduct when he emails me correct? That’s what I was told but I want to confirm. I can’t find a customer service number anywhere and I’ve been trying to figure this out all day!!!!
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3 years ago, earthsignbaddie
It works when it works
I’ve had this app for a few months paid for premium access and when I log in and try to send an email I get the can’t sync to server. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Checked my internet connection WiFi all that and got nothing. When I email support I get no response or solution to this problem
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3 years ago, J2juicy
Was working fine. Stopped all of a sudden.
The app stopped working all of a sudden and started saying it couldn’t connect to the server. When I looked at the help page it stated that there could be multiple reasons for it saying that and I did what was suggested but there was no change. I now have to use my browser and don’t get the notifications sent to my phone when I get a new message.
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5 years ago, Marifavi
Adding funds?
It is a convenient way to get in contact with your loved ones but it keeps saying $0.00 balance as if I will not be able to add any funds. I would like to know more about adding funds so we can keep track how much he needs in order to communicate monthly. This app is good as far as communication goes but very bland in its process. Updates need to be made!
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10 months ago, KittySpencer85
Not a fan of new version
There was an update recently that I am not a fan of. The font is smaller so I loose my message & can’t get the curser to the end of the text for whatever reason. I had to restart a whole new message. Maybe it’s a bug. My background is black now. Not sure why that changed & the reason. There’s no option of copy & paste anymore. I’m not happy with it. I want the old version back.
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6 years ago, Gabrielle Burgos
Despite all bad reviews I actually love this app. I have zero complaints! Works perfectly fine for me! For 7 dollars a year I am able to keep in contact with my love one. Of course there is a processing delay it usually takes 1 1/2 or two hours before the recipients receives the email.
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3 years ago, Shellsal
App not syncing with network
For the past three days, I have the premier and through the app I can see that messages are coming in but unable to send stating it is not syncing. This matter needs looked into as I have delete the app a few times and still not able to use
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3 years ago, Juicy414
App needs to be updated!
I pay the subscription and get notified about a new message but when I open the app up and go to the inbox the new message is not there! When I refresh the mailbox “Communication Error” always pops up! This is ridiculous when I pay and I can’t even get the new messages. This has been going on for months and I just decided that I’ll get on CorrLinks on my laptop or work computer since I’m not getting new messages on the app... real irritating
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6 years ago, byefaith
Be careful
Be sure to save you email at least every 3-5 minuets just in case the system crashes you can go Back into your draft folder to pick it back up or view, you can also go to your desktop.
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5 years ago, Wal Cuppernell
Poor service and inconvenient
This is a pain. One must sign up from a regular computer. But often the browser you use won’t let you sign up. So you try another browser. And another. Same problem. You finally email customer service explaining that it’s not working and that you’ve tried all the major browsers. So then you get a tone deaf answer telling you to try another browser. Facepalm. CorrLinks, charge more for your app and make it easy to use. Please.
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2 years ago, jasgreen23
Good but could be great with picture messaging.
Can you please add the option to upload photos and/or videos to the app. So hard to always try to get to a computer to upload pics from phone then to computer then upload to Corrlinks. Would make the app so much better.
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10 months ago, KuhNahNee
The new update for this app isn’t working properly. Have yet to be able to type a message let alone send one. As soon as I start to type it freezes. I’ve uninstalled & reinstalled still nothing. May just see if I can uninstall the update.
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3 years ago, Lmoku hav
Needs to be fixed ASAP
The app was working fine for me for the last year or so but today it keeps saying it isn’t syncing and I can’t send or receive messages. I don’t know what’s going on but it needs to be fixed right away. I paid for the subscription so that I can have the convenience of messaging my husband on my phone.
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4 years ago, lizztower86
I created my account a month ago and I’ve paid for mySubscription when it told me to and now it’s telling me I cannot send any emails because I had insufficient funds I uninstalled it then tried to reinstall it and now it’s not allowing me to reinstall on my phone I went to the website to try to send my email and it still tells me that you have insufficient funds I’m getting really irritated customer support is it helping any at all
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6 years ago, Pgilson54
This is the greatest thing ever. I email my son almost daily. I know if he is sick or if he is doing great. In just a couple hours. I love it. I so thankful for it. I’m one of those mothers that worries about her kids everyday. I don’t worry as much now. Thank you so much. Pgilson
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8 years ago, Jrocc23
Getting Better
They fixed the biggest issue w/ the last update. But now I am getting duplicate notifications of the same message and also two of the same messages sometimes.
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8 years ago, Fun but nah
It is getting better
All is almost back to normal. It crashes sometimes why typing and when replying to a message if you press paste it automatically crashes but not when you compose a new one and press paste?
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5 months ago, Byrd Wife
I Love This App I’m Able To Communicate With My Husband Whenever I Want. I Just Dislike That We Can’t Message Back & Forth Right Then & There.. It Takes Up To Hours For The Message To Be Cleared. Other Than That I Like
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3 years ago, Addman123456789
Write A Prisoner
I started writing letters with a prisoner I had never met and we have become such good friends by being able to email every other day! App is super easy to use and isn’t slow at all!
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5 years ago, Ida pena
Good morning sweetheart. It’s 3:21am and I can’t sleep at all. I tried praying and it worked. But know I’m awake. I haven’t been doing good at all. But God is my witness I will put though this witness I feel in me. Don’t worry I have too bit this in my own way ok. I love you son.
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3 years ago, Patricia in Las Vegas
Don’t send money
You can’t send money through this app, I’m responding to someone’s question. It doesn’t deduct from his end either, once you pay 6.00 you have easier access to the app that’s all this 6.00 is for, you stop have to write the money.
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10 months ago, Cookie Moster101
No Logging In!
I put all my information in CORRECTLY and it’s saying there are issues or it’s incorrect. I went on safari to log in and it’s saying to read or write messages I need to upgrade to a premier account. So to spend more money to receive messages and write to my friend over the phone? Yeah, don’t even bother it’s free to do so on a PC. Don’t bother with the app just do it on a computer.
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7 months ago, Mandy123456$
Potential to be great but not
Why doesn’t it count the characters and tell you? It is a simple thing to put so you know how much you can type. It is slow and doesn’t tell you how many characters left and it is annoying and honestly it is a simple fix if you would just do it
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6 years ago, Benwhaley
How disgusting that a company would hold your loved ones hostage by forcing you to have a paid premier account before you can use the app. That is the lowest of the low. A person who has an account and pays money for stamps should be able to use the app. Encourage all your friends and loved ones to use JPay because it seems it’s not just about money with them completely like Corrlinks. Despicable.
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5 years ago, gufngfcsh
DO NOT Update
The update has too many bugs. The alerts do not link you to messages, just the home page. They still haven’t fixed the issue where new messages are in bold and have a dot next to the name. They took that notification away over a year ago and still haven’t fixed it. The new update makes the notifications worse.
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2 years ago, Janyliyah
Love it
Wish it didnt take long to receive messages. But other than that i love it!!! The next update should allow us to send photos, videos and cards. 🤎
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4 years ago, Meme eke
Great app. Helps a lot
It’s prison. How do you think our loved ones in there feel? Do your best to work with the app and show love to those inside. Not EVERYONE in prison is a monster. It’s designed to be difficult. Just LOVE.
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3 years ago, unsays
I LOVED this app
I loved this app cause I could contact my son. Added money and what not now it won’t sync and I have to pay for premium? Are you kidding me? And I have to have a computer to set it up. What a computer? Who still has one of those? This is ridiculous. Don’t you think it’s time everyone stop trying to gouge us in the pocket book??
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7 years ago, SantosLove
So I have noticed that when I am typing my message for contraction words like “can’t, it’s, etc...”, after I read the sent message, the your system has taken the (‘) apostrophe out...why is that?
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3 years ago, Dré0171
Not syncing
App not syncing. Getting notified there are new messages, yet no new messages appear in app as it’s not syncing. Can’t send, receive, or save as draft because of syncing error. Please fix. Please add dark mode! Let’s catch up with technology that’s already several years old… but first let’s fix the app so it’s actually functioning!
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3 years ago, john091506
Use the website
The website is way better than the app just use the website and the app you have to a premium account to even use the app and I tired it and the app is so pointless and looks downgraded from the website
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3 years ago, willow white face
This is truly a blessing to be able to talk to your loved ones through hard times like this . Thanks q
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4 years ago, aleksanikoleta
Great service/app!
Makes the best of a not-so-convenient situation. Easily allowed me to communicate with loved one. Nothing is ever perfect, sometimes it can lag. But it’s overall a great service that works as it says most every time!
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2 months ago, The Messager 💕
1st time using this ! When asking for inmate PIC# says not found ! He obviously in their I seen him yesterday….the app so old nothing works correctly makes me sad because I was hoping for a easy texting 💬 I paid the Premier one ! FIX this soon alot of families depend on it to talk to love ones…should definitely have a better search method!!!!!!!!
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1 year ago, LairdTemplar
Review of CorrLinks
I found this ap and email system helpful in maintaining contact with my daughter. It is a little awkward and clumsy but it got the job done Robert Duncan
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6 years ago, Therealgwynthe
Hate the delay in messages but its a really good app. Very convenient and helpful! Wish every facility had this system! Helps you cope and keep in contact!
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