Cost Margin Calculator

3.5 (82)
35.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Renowne, LLC
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cost Margin Calculator

3.52 out of 5
82 Ratings
2 years ago, JGPROHD
I would do 5 Stars if….
First, I highly recommend this app. It’s a must have! It would be even greater if the Margin and Markup calculator could do a backwards calculation. Such as, if I only have the cost and want to set the markup or margin at a certain amount. It would be even better if it auto calculated the retail based on setting the margin. Thanks for making such an awesome tool that helps me so very much daily!!
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4 years ago, Artistalana
Simple but very limited functions render it useless for me
I use the Omni margin calculator daily as a store owner. I can get an item in, pinch in the price I paid for it and figure out how much I should sell it for instantly at a 42% margin. Not so with this app. It’s really just for finding out someone else’s margin by punching in what they sold if for and what they paid. It won’t calculate what price I should sell an item for if I paid 2.84 and sell items in my store at a 42% margin. It’s user friendly but just short sighted
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4 years ago, Irritated x10
Updates are not always better
The old version of this was so much better! The screen was bright and inviting now it’s dark and gloomy. The inputs are still simple but you have to click off the keyboard now to get results where you didn’t before, which is annoying. The calculator on the new version doesn’t work correctly either (doesn’t subtract % correctly).
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4 years ago, whythoughwhydoineedthis
If it’s not broken, don’t fix it!
I do not mind design changes, but when those changes mess with the functionality, that is not good! I used to be able to figure out a margin on an old cost and price amount, and carry that margin over to a new cost amount. Now I have to write down the margin amount, clear all entries, type in the old margin, and then input my new cost. Too many steps! Looking for a new calculator
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4 years ago, K.C. Tyler
Gets the job done
Gets you the numbers that you need quickly. Aside from some small sensitivity bugs with the calculator it's perfect for every entrepreneur. I highly recommend it.
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2 years ago, DJ:JR Burrows
Can’t work without it
This app is a career saver! I can’t work without it. User friendly & easy to use.
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2 years ago, dookie4407
Good app, would like to see more…
This is a useful tool. It would be great to see a feature that would allow to calculate commission based on a % of margin.
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5 years ago, Jade Mizhani
User friendly
I love how simple it is. It has helped me price items in my online store. I loooooove it. Definitely sharing with others!!
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1 month ago, 18wheels28
Good app but….
I like the app. Just wish when you opened the app it would just to the calculator. I don’t need to see the guys face when I am trying to open the app. It slows down time and it just unnecessary
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4 years ago, Pokin345
Please fix bugs
This new upgrade is terrible—the input glitches. Seems to be getting better.
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4 years ago, BlackDogAd
Know Your Numbers :)
So easy to use with calculations that are so important for any business person to know. Thanks for this free app Marcus!
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3 years ago, MavUT
Can we add a Realestate cap rate calculator? A simple one. value, gross annual income, operating expenses = cap rate % Advanced calculator with expense details, interest, taxes, insurance etc... could be a “members” only feature.
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7 years ago, We Kinnect Global Branding
Highest Payoff Tools Count
Excellent, intuitive and simple app that I have my team members using now. On demand number knowledge without having to be a finance wizard. Great work!
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7 years ago, Jeppo52
Well done
Thanks to Marcus for providing this basic tool to his followers. While Marcus seems to focus on Margin (actually, Gross Margin), some still have interest in Mark-Up. Would Marcus consider adding Mark-Up calculations (mark-up from known cost & selling price as well as purchase price from know sales price & target mark-up) in a future release? This might be helpful for people that hear about Mark-Up but aren't familiar with the calculation.
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2 years ago, uuuuggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh
It’s really annoying waiting for the headshot to go away before being able to calculate anything. Looking for a new calculator as I’m often needing to use it while out at accounts and can’t get to the numbers fast enough.
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2 years ago, TMB MIA
Update app for IOS 14
Can you please do an update for IOS 14. Love using this app but have a new phone and now if I do a pricing everything is wrong with a negative total 🤷🏽‍♀️
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6 years ago, #SwaggOnHeem
I love this app! Creating a company with very little resources this app has been a great financial instrument. I’d highly recommend.
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4 years ago, JMaldonado430
Update ruined the app
I was a huge fan of this app until the update. Now it’s horrible. Have to find something else. Super slow. Numbers that I type don’t enter. Doesn’t put in the decimals when I enter them. Constant have to close the app out and restart it.
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4 years ago, Gigi tells the truth
I have been using this app for almost two years. Now deleting. New format is horrible and not user friendly. You can no longer put in your cost and what percentage Mark up and find your resale. Very disappointed in this new app.
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4 years ago, Tennis27
New update is horrible!!!!
I use this app every day and this update has made me look for other options to use.
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6 years ago, #'s dummy
No brainer
Easy to use, intuitive. Must have if you deal with costing on a regular basis.
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3 years ago, FrusteratedAtApp
Margin works not caulator
Calculator has found major errors with floating decimal points on dollar and cent calculations. Gives me doubts if the margin portion is working good now.
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3 years ago, Busquets36
Love this new version
Is very easy to use and very clean design
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4 years ago, RugbyWinger
Decimal Button Stops Working, use commas in the calculator
Since the new update the decimal button stops working after using it a couple of times while in the margin section. It would be nice to have commas in the calculator.
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6 years ago, Vemling
This is the best margin calculator I have found! Very simple 😀
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3 years ago, E*B*
The calculator is terrible and the margin-price feature was much better on the old version.
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4 years ago, lilyjamezzz
Used to be great
The new updated version of this app is terrible. It was much easier to use before the update.
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4 years ago, terry SJT
Bring back the previous version please!!
This version is much more challenging and awkward to use. Please at least give us a choice of which version to use.
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3 years ago, giseppy
Bored while waiting.
Totally bored while waiting for the head shot to go away. Marketing Narcissism!! Deleted app even though I paid!
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4 years ago, tru91
New Design is Awful
I really miss the old app. Please make this version available again. I’ve grown so accustomed to using it the old way.
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4 years ago, Mowineplz
New update freezes
The new update freezes up and won’t allow you to input numbers
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6 years ago, Ssgt20
Great free app!
Sleek, simple and most used needed calculations. Thanks
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4 years ago, KrystianaBanana
New format horrible
Used this app for a long time but the new format is horrible and not user friendly. Decimal rarely works.
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3 years ago, مليح العود
Bring back the old vision
I don’t like The new update bring back the old vision
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6 years ago, Mr.Mista
Very nice
Great app, easy to use
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4 years ago, smithseb
New design is awful and not user friendly AT ALL.
Why, why, why ruin a good thing? Using another margin calculator moving forward.
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6 years ago, Mike O'Leary 315
Hasn’t been updated in over a year
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3 years ago, theonewhorates
The old version was so much better- hate it now!
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4 years ago, inrowone1
I don’t like the changes
I have to relearn now
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4 years ago, MDGreenback
Thousands separators. Commas. Commas. Commas. Commas. ...Did I say commas? All functions need to have the thousands separators, COMMAS added.
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7 years ago, indyjonez
Perfect for my business that launches soon!
Downloading this app because I KNOW that Marcus knows his stuff and that you gotta know your numbers! I'm launching a small business this Spring and know that this app will come in handy. Thank you Marcus and your team for making this app and looking forward to your upcoming episodes, The Profit and The Partner. Hope we can work together someday, you're an inspiration. Thanks
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7 years ago, RobPfl
Margin calculator / Marcus Lemon
The app is very good but is very annoying seeing photo every time I use. It serves no purpose other showing he has a big ego. Loose the photo. If I can find a similar app I will use that. Thank you.
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7 years ago, TurkDiggler
Awesome app thanks Marcus!!!
This app is very simple and what everyone in business needs. This is the simplest way to know your numbers. Such a great collaboration. We have all seen it on the show but after actually trying it works smooth and flawless. I would pay $5 for this app it is that amazing.
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7 years ago, Bunnyjonez
How do I remove the picture?
I was using this app before the update and preferred it without the picture of Marcus Lemonis. I have nothing against him, he is a great businessman, I just don't want to look at him every time I am calculating margins. It's a little embarrassing you in front of accounts. I would pay 99 cents to not have to look at the picture every time I use this app.
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7 years ago, Echo, Arizona
Wow! I am a big fan of "The Profit". I watched since season 1 and episode 1!! Thank you Marcus for the great app. I knew I will use a lot not just at work but also my personal finance. Everyone should download now when it's still free! 5 stars for great simplicity and easy use! Thank you!!!
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7 years ago, R.Escobar
New App
It is very easy to use and can help instantly with both purchasing and selling decision in my small business. I am a fan of the show and this is just another free tool to help. Thank you for putting this out for us fans
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7 years ago, Audio Outside US
Awesome first version
The good - great for selling The bad - I'd rather see your emoji than you The next version - many business are based on rentals. Can you have an option for a purchase price of an item and then calculate a rental price for it Thx
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7 years ago, RobJ13
Amazing Concept
I just started using this app and I have to say that I am super impressed with it. No surprise coming from The Profit himself. This will be on my most frequently used app list moving forward.
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9 years ago, AnthonyTozzi
Simple, effective and the best currently available
I've used several other apps; this is by far the most stable and simple app for doing margin calculations and cost structuring.
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7 years ago, whatever4004
Excellent App Simple with great execution
Great app just what I was looking for. Functionality is great and it does just what I need it to do. Keep up the great work and make more great apps for us to use.
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