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11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Coub

4.69 out of 5
4K Ratings
6 years ago, Graeme Gigante
The Next Generation of Vine
Well I felt sad at first after when Vine got shut down after they lost grounds to all the other existing social media networks, and then I found this in the App Store and it just immediately caught my eyes. So now I have found a fantastic equivalent that I actually believe to be a much better alternative because on this network and app I can do all the things I sadly were not able to do on vine that would involve making the videos last longer than just 6 seconds. All I have to do is spread the word about this to all my friends and by the end of time Vine will be long forgotten. So goodbye Vine, Hello Coub !
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4 years ago, OkiDokiTodoroki
Idk what happened
All of a sudden my edits don’t get any views and none of them are under any of the hashtags. It’s almost as if my page has disappeared! I tried contacting support but they NEVER answer. Could you please fix this problem? This is the second time this has happened to me over the last few years. I really love this app but it’s disappointing when this keeps happening.
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1 year ago, Herr Feldmarschall
Abandoned Features
I’ve been using Coub on mobile for the past six years, so I was fairly frustrated when they disabled the editor on mobile, replacing it with a “coming soon” screen for an updated one. However, that was almost six months ago and there’s no news on if they’ll ever actually add the editor back, taking out half the reason you actually use this otherwise great app. So the only place you can make coubs is on a computer, and the editor there is pretty terrible. And if you have any drafts of edits you’ve been working on, they don’t transfer over, so they’re currently inaccessible.
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4 years ago, drnstvns
I know most people blindly agree to privacy policies and terms of service but I read them before I agree to them. Once your app is installed on the “Whats your name?” Page there is a tiny gray link to your terms. In your terms there is a link to your website and privacy policy. You’ve got website blockers up so that only people who install the app can gain access to it SO HOW CAN WE READ THE PRIVACY POLICY BEFORE AGREEING TO IT?? I looked everywhere for contact info and again, website blocked so contacting you through this review is the only way I have to do so. I’m sorry for the one Star and will update my review with more stars (if deserved) but not until I can read your privacy policy. Tell your web guy to turn off the no access locks on the privacy policy page and your contact page. Because right now you’re forcing people to agree to terms they do not have access to, to know what they’re agreeing to and a little flub like that can throw all those legal disclaimers in your terms of service right out the window.
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5 years ago, bejxjfhekz
Change it back please
I pretty much like most everything about it. But the new setup. I like the other one better especially without the chat. Plus no matter how many time I click the notifications bell it still tells me I have two notifications when I know for sure that I don’t. I hope enough people are complaining about this so you’ll listen and change it back to the old format.
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6 years ago, Supercalllllaftadgilistic
Save button?
I love this app- it is absolutely amazing. Doesn’t lag, fail, buffer, or anything like that. It’s great, but I would love a save button? I love making coubs and sharing them, but if I want to post a coub on something like instagram- I have to download the gif or save it to my camera roll which I can’t do. It would make this app SO MUCH BETTER if I could just download the video!
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5 years ago, Dylerson
I know how the what song is that broke
I posted a Coub to find out what song it was but then after a few days nobody answered so I decided to post it again but rather than copying the like from the Coub I copied the like from the one already in the chat then pasted it so it crashed. I don’t know how to contact the ones who run Coub so this was the next best thing
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1 year ago, SethBurger123
Wonderful app
Coub is a wonderful app and I’ve been using it practically since it came out. But not being able to create a coub on the app in so long. Is there any idea when we will be able to again?
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3 years ago, Xboy846
It great with all the videos and clips when ever i watch but it been a problem with the chat that jeeps crashes whenever i tap on it for few months now
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3 years ago, luckystrikeguy
Beyond Language
I don’t know a word of Russian but somehow I’ve got millions of views and thousands of followers, which just goes to show that there exists a medium of communication that surpasses language itself.
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4 years ago, DogeGuy
Need some editing bug fixes
I always love making small skits with this app but what really I bothers me is there’s is a really troublesome bug. Whenever I try to use one of my videos I have on my phone, the app just straights up crashes on me. This is a must fix since I don’t wanna upload to another coub just to crop it into the main coub I want it in.
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6 years ago, Mah nah mah nah
It’s ok, just buggy.
Everything about this app is what I’ve been looking for in video editing software, the only issue I have is with sound and my videos. I upload a video from my phone and the sound doesn’t work after I’ve published it only before.
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5 years ago, YettiLegs
Issue with creating coubs etc.
I’m not sure what was done with this last update, but the app has been buggier than ever. It crashes frequently, some coubs don’t load, and every time I go to create a Coub, I can’t edit the clip lengths without it crashing. It could be an issue with the new iOS, but what ever it is, please fix
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5 years ago, Madison Hook
It’s great for looking at old vines
For my account it’s not letting me look at all the bookmarks I’ve saved or look at news and it would be better if some of vine videos that are longer could be played that long on coub. Other than that it’s great for finding old vines and easy to get around.
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4 years ago, Hhxhch
Favorite App
I love this app so much it's like a better version of vine theirs literally something for Everyone all I have to say is please never stop service for this app because it's awesome
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6 years ago, MarloweCashmore
Perfect thank you for the first one is for the delay I was just thinking out loud enough time in total of three years ago I had to do with it and it was the only one that I can get the best way for you and I!
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3 years ago, galaxy booth
Coub review
Coub is a very good app to have it’s like instagram but different because you upload videos and edit the videos it’s very fun to have and you would enjoy it. Coub is the best
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4 years ago, Tiddilywinks32
Many many
There are a lot of creative things on this site,
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5 years ago, evancorney
New update adds distracting button
I’ve been using Coub for years now and I’ve loved it, but the most recent update adds an obnoxiously yellow button on every coub to show what category it belongs in. It sticks out and distracts from the actual content of the coub. (also pls add the ability to have audios from SoundCloud)
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2 years ago, indexginni
Unusable after update
Latency spike after update become unbelievable. Please check your p75/p90+ latencies that users get. I used coub for like 5+ years and with the latest update it seems that when you scroll the feed it takes 5-6 seconds to start playing video &/or music. I keep seeing download circle over this time.
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7 years ago, Zenxolu
Can’t change my Userpic at all
Tried using the report a problem feature and never got a response!
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5 years ago, Create Nicjname
It Ain’t What It Used To Be
Ive used this app for countless videos over the years, it was always amazing. However, now I can’t even add a single video to edit without it saying loading or cropping for an hour until I have to reset the app with no avail. Its impossible to edit videos under an hour, no matter how long they are.
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1 year ago, Arteod
Repost button not working
Hi! I love the app, but my repost button doesn’t work. Please, fix it. iPhone 12 mini, I have many channels
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2 years ago, cface319
Doesn’t work well
Crashes as soon as I put my phone number In
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6 years ago, witch-crafty
Way to go
I am having so much fun using this app. Those who receive my messages are in awe. It says so much. All I could do was wish for something like this. Now it's here....
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5 years ago, nofapwarrior69
This app is slow
It's a waste of time to even try to upload with the amount of time it takes to export, and they don't give you a time estimate or a loading bar so its basically just a matter of how long you're willing to stare at a wheel with the expectation of something actually happening
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2 years ago, GR4ND13
I like new design of app , but when you add new creation tool to create coubs on mobile ? And its great idea to add comments . So please update app faster as you can .
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6 years ago, Jericho Tambong
Great and all but
I really love the app, but when I upload my coubs the app sets the clips back a bit and makes it off time. Please please please fix, everything else really is awesome but it’s just this one problem
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1 year ago, Marc Cramicus The Elder
Marc’s Best Review
Love Da Video Clip Gifs I often share with my best friends and family from another
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4 years ago, B3ast917
Great app, but one problem
When I’m on the website using a computer, I’m able to see NSFW posts. However, when I’m using my IPhone to find my reposts of the NSFW, it’s not there. I was wondering what the problem is.
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4 years ago, SNRT47
The app is good unless it crashes. This thing crashes every time I just to check my messages. Like how hard is it to fix something so simple. I like this app I really do but it’s unenjoyable with these crashes. Please fix this.
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4 years ago, lilliss111
Logging in ?
I’ve had this app before but had to delete it for space. Now I’m trying to login with my twitter (Facebook and gmail too) and it’s just giving me an error. I know I’ve been in before so I don’t get where the error is now
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7 years ago, Lush swagger
My review
I love the app and all, but really the only problem I have with the app is the fact that you can only make a clip for eight seconds long and nothing bigger. This should be fixed for at least 30 seconds.
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2 years ago, Universal_Gamer
Unable to Utilize Coub
After the recent August 2022 update, I couldn’t view any coub videos on my account when the screen is stuck with a pop up message that is barely open at the bottom of my devices screen.
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4 years ago, Barack 0'bama
Good App, needs a little more.
The app is overall very good, few bugs that I notice. The only thing I think should be worked into it is dark mode. The app overlay in bright white, and with most apps supporting a dark mode nowadays, Coub is in need of an update.
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6 years ago, LWC328
Me....they can improve this
Why can’t I save ones i make to my phone to send to friends without having to go in your app? Also takes forever to receive via share...kinda spoils the moment when trying to use your gif as a text response.
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7 years ago, Kanslsbwlabsksbsn
works well but won’t save
I have been looking all over for a app to loop a video because it’s too short to post on instagram, I finally found this one and I was so happy bc it was the only one that would actually loop a video!! But it will not save to my camera roll what so ever and it’s really bugging me because I really want to post it!!
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6 years ago, Spidermobile
Not bad
When Vine dies out on you. I have been using this since 2016, and it’s not bad at all. I had a lot of high hopes on this, and now I can finally download this on my IPhone.
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1 year ago, Chaosmcoy
Just lost everything
Been using this app for a long time however with this new update I have just lost everything, every one of my saves are gone and I’m unable to login, something like this has already happen with Reddit
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5 years ago, Losifer026
Can’t even log in or sign up. I tried with my google account and all it does is take me to a blank page and if you try to open that page in your browser it just kicks you back to the same blank page on the app. So I’m changing my password and deleting this.
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5 years ago, Kkman$$$
Great app, but lately I’ve been trying to export a video, and it’ll get stuck on the “exporting” screen, without any change at all.
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5 years ago, JACK8X00
Update the how you add/edit tags
Hey Can you make adding tags easier like being able to copy & paste your own customized tag list and quickly add it with out having to go and re-add them all over again. That and being able to go back and edit a tag WITHOUT deleting them. It’ll make this app a 5 Star for sure. Other then that I love the up but that is one feature I would love to be seen updated and fixed finally Thx for reading ^ ͜ ^
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3 years ago, Rah mmismjckkxjs
Ly coub <3
I actually heard back from coub support and they helped me fix my issue!!
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6 years ago, Disneyr
No landscape mode
App is nice and everything works as intended, but is a bit annoying to use it in portrait orientation in my iPad with its case.
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3 years ago, Alnbett
How Can I Reach App Support?
There seems to be no way to connect with any App Support about problems.
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4 years ago, App Girl Chick 27
Great app
I use this to look at old edits but I wish I could save them to my camera roll, the save feature does not work
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2 years ago, jweezy32
Can’t access group chats :(
I haven’t been able to access English, Movie or any group chat whatsoever for months. That is a huge problem for me once this issue is resolved I will give this app its rightful rating.
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3 years ago, The big d is my name
Poorly made
This is one of the most poorly made apps ever number one it doesn’t have as much content as the website number two it stutters and just flat out does not work on many cases
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6 years ago, Chicken fried beans
I love the app....but it’s not letting me use music from external links and since the new update it has been crashing. Please fix this so I can rate 5 stars
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4 years ago, Bellao2003
I can’t login to my old account even with the info being all correct it keeps saying this email is already being used or that my phone number isn’t valid. Please fix this! I’m a longtime user and can’t access any of my old videos (‘coubs’)
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