Countdown+ Calendar (Lite)

4.8 (4.1K)
89.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
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Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Countdown+ Calendar (Lite)

4.77 out of 5
4.1K Ratings
2 years ago, Cher3257
Please include a Custom Repeat (#months, weeks, days).
Please include a custom repeat selection (number of months, weeks, days, etc.). It limits the customer in terms of the options available. For example, if I have an event has to repeat every 6 weeks or every 2 months, I would not be able to do so because the options are limited. Otherwise, the app is user friendly and great.
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6 years ago, Tim2k
What happened?
What happened to iCloud backup support? I don’t want to have to log into every app with a separate user ID and password. I use to love this app and it would sync between all my devices effortlessly. I noticed nothing was matching and realized that I now need to create yet another account and remember yet another user name and password. I might feel different if this was a feature that wasn’t ever available...but it was a feature I searched for when looking for a counter app, found, enjoyed having it, and was then it was removed. Disappointing when features you specifically searched for are removed. Sorry, but I’ll find another app to avoid creating more logins.
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6 years ago, acfc13
Wish I could have chosen notTo update
They took away the badge icon :( I loved seeing how many days until my next trip. It’s not near the same having to open the app or the notification option. I want to visually see it as a badge. Also it’s been buggy for a long time as far as days to go positioning on the picture. I use to just disregard it because I could see how many days without actually opening the app. Now that I must open the app in order to see, I view the bad positioning each time. Not worth the money for the app with the bugs and now the disappointing change of no badge icon even though it’s selected to work.
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6 years ago, ToriMichelle1211
Took away the countdown on home screen!
Why did you take away to count down on the home screen on the app?! I liked seeing the number of days without having to actually open the app. Please add it back!!
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6 years ago, ashley427
Badge app icons missing
I downloaded this app years ago and liked it so much that upgraded to paid version. One of my favorite features was the badge app icon on the home screen letting me know when my next event was. I also do not like that notifications only come at midnight and not 24 or 12 hours before the start time. Highly disappointed in what used to be a great app.
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1 year ago, CutieK127
Great App, but…
I love this app so much! It makes me excited for holidays when I get to see how long until they arrive! You can set up any celebration you’d like! The only thing I would change is that you have to have premium to add pictures, and do cooler stuff. I wish that automatically came with the app, but other then that, it works great and I would recommend! 👍😁
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6 years ago, e1rmxtlg
App Bug
App would be great if it included the ability to select multiple Reminders for an event, such as 1 month before, 1 week before, and 2 days before, etc. Also the ability to make an event a recurring event would be nice. There's a bug in the Reminder set up. Setting any Reminder, other than Auto, keeps changing the Reminder to None.
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7 years ago, Plano Longhorn
Great App but...
It needs an exclusion feature that allows you to pick days, such as weekends and/or holidays, that don't count towards your final date, to get a "true days" left. Example: how many more days of school? This should allow a start and end date, but then allow you to remove weekends, holidays and other closures to show how many true days are left.
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6 years ago, user152837
Pictures crop too much
I have used this app for many years. I loved it so I ended up paying to get the full version bc I liked it so much. For some reason now when I go to upload a picture on a countdown, it shows it correctly cropped before I press save and then it zooms it entirely too much to where I can’t even see what the picture is. I’m not sure how to fix this but it’s really irritating not being able to see the picture I want to upload.
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6 years ago, Sandra💫💫
Notification Not Working
I'm not giving a bad review because I know it's not whoever runs this app's fault that the countdown notification on the app can't be a thing. But I'm here to let whoever runs this that the new feature of getting a physical notification for the countdown doesn't work. I waited all day and didn't get anything for the 2 concerts I have counting down.
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6 years ago, Devdev92
Please bring back badge icons
I have used this app for as long as I have had an iPhone. And I love it!! I know that apple recently rejected the feature of having badge icons as a countdown.... but they’ve been approving the app for years with it included. Please keep trying to include it in future updates so maybe in the future apple will let it pass.
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2 years ago, thigley986
Overall Good - Watch Video Feature Broken
The free version has a feature to watch a quick ad to change your desired display (Days/Weeks/Months/Years). This feature has been broken for many months.
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6 years ago, 😎Konan😎
Love this app to see how many days are left to a holiday or new year! Thankfully I didnt update so I still have my badge icon next to the app. I really wish apple would just get along with app developers but sadly that is never the case!
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5 years ago, Vaitelias
I’d like to see one improvement.
I honestly never review apps, but I really wanted to add my input on this one. I really love this app and will probably be using it on a daily basis from now on. The one thing I’d really love to see, however, is a widget. Once that feature is added, this app will get an easy 5 stars from me.
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6 years ago, Mzteacher5
Count down
I love that you can personalize the dates with pictures. Three ways to look at a calendar- By the day, the week❤️, or as a count down. Perfect to countdown birthdays trips and holidays. It my favorite calendar.
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7 months ago, kaylac2016
Help signing in but love it
I don’t know if this app is no longer active but I can’t sign in or make an account and there seems to be no one to contact about the issues I’ve had the app for 9 years and love it! Someone please help me sign in!
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5 years ago, i.s:)
Wonderful app!
I am so forgetful so I use this app for everything from school to birthdays and it is great! I would definitely recommend it! It has timers to remind one of an event everyday if needed or every week. One thing I wish it did was to remind one of an event every couple of weeks.
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4 years ago, Ktholl
Full featured. Worth the 1.99 for the upgrade.
Like the app very much. Not crazy about the pastel colors would like to see primary colors or more options. Would highly recommend.
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4 years ago, Ahpendo
Don’t pay for upgrade
Paid for upgrade to be able to sync from my phone to iPad. DOESN’T work. Don’t waste your money. No way to get support from developer After multiple tries and ½ hour, it finally synced. Support finally contacted me
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6 years ago, Mac version?
Love this app been using it for years
My only issue is it crashes from time to time but otherwise no complaints. I just wish Apple would let them bring back the notification bubble
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6 years ago, This worx
Badge app icon
Hi guys, I do like the app and have used it for a couple of years now, but missing something. You removed badge app icon countdown. We used to have the option to display the number of days remaining on the app icon, but that’s gone now. Why remove that? I really liked that feature. Thank you
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6 years ago, Bhull007
Liked it at first. Paid for full version but then they came out with add on images which are extra. No biggie - I just use ones I find online. Worst part is the countdown positioning is buggy - when I position it on the screen over an image - no matter where I put it it moves it over to the left and down. I’m looking for a new app now.
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2 years ago, samanfcolbyforlifee
Won’t let me add a 3rd birthday date
I got this app recently and it won’t let me add a year for my brothers birthday I have a birthday set for my mom dad and other brother but it won’t let me add one for my oldest brother I took a video but it keeps resetting it to 2023
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3 months ago, EZLCN
App no longer works and isn’t supported
I have used this app for years after paying for it. But it stopped working, doesn’t back up anymore, and no longer counted down holidays. I deleted the app and now can’t log back in. There is no way within the app nor the App Store to get support. So I can no longer recommend that anyone uses this app.
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9 months ago, InspiredFitness
Removed Events without Notice
Countdown + suddenly removed past events that I chose to keep. There is no longer iCloud backup to retrieve these important event dates. Frustrated and disappointed because I could have jotted the events/dates down if I had been given notice that this would happen. App is useless now that these features are gone.
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6 years ago, Hart 816
All my dates changed
Not sure what happened but all my dates got moved out a day!!! I changed some of them to correct day and some got moved again!!! Time for a new app!?
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7 years ago, Babs3192
Haven't forgotten a birthday or special event since I started using Countdown. And I can always check to see how many days before I leave for vacation! Highly recommend!
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4 years ago, #1 cat fan
Won’t give me the bonus pack
I Bought the bonus pictures pack yesterday it said purchase complete but still hasn’t opened up it keeps telling me to buy pack to use and when I hit buy it says “ already purchased” please fix this.
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7 years ago, Annoyedbutunconcernedhuman
I absolutely love this app. I have been using it for at least 5 years now and I love it. Is easy and it allows me to have more than one count down at a time.
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6 years ago, AmyEsh
Love the App...Hate That Apple Took Away the App Icon
I’ve had this app for years and have been going crazy with the missing countdown on the icon! Hoping it will return!
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6 years ago, Mema71
Good app
This is a good app. Sorry to see the notification has to go! Hope you figure out something better!
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6 years ago, Hollybomb
Soooo disappointed!
I’ve used this app since 2013 and have loved seeing the notification on my home screen for how many days left to the event that I am counting down. I updated the app and lost the ability to see the countdown without opening the app. Seeing the number of days on my home screen was what made the app exciting and now it’s gone!!!
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7 years ago, chodnett
Background Image Issue
I have used this app for years and love it, but recently, when I create an event and select the background image, my image gets super cropped, and only shows about the top left 1/4 of the picture.
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7 years ago, Debo2728
Can't upgrade
Love this app but for some reason I can't upgrade every time I try. It's the only app that's says can't connect to iTunes Store. Every other app I have I can upgrade with purchase. Please help
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6 years ago, Crazy frog 88
Not sure what’s wrong with this update
App was working perfectly before this update! When I updated the app won’t access my calendar! And the funny thing .. the app ask you to go to privacy settings to allow access and when you do you can’t find the app name to allow access.... I’m not pleased with this update
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2 years ago, Bob Harbert
The program freezes and crashes on my iPad Mini Version 6. It won’t share to FaceBook. Every time I try it crashes and a note comes up that they know about the issue but over 2 years and they haven’t fixed it! SMH! I paid the $1.99 for the + version. Wish I hadn’t!!
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5 years ago, Roxnj109
I was doing my mom and Dad’s birthday and the app won’t let me put 2019 and it says put the year they were born so I did and it said 1000 days and up till there birthday????????? You need to fix that now😡
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6 years ago, Danwert333
Great app
I use it to countdown to my favorite events like concerts and trips/vacations. It helps keep me focused on getting my "work" done and builds excitement as my "play" (countdown event) approaches.
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6 years ago, Takeoutblonde
Fairly ok
Good enough for what I want, although the app decided to completely remove an event I had set in the past and says I now need to pay for the feature I’d been using for FOUR YEARS. Nope. Also, they have no idea how to use the word “deprecated”.
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6 years ago, ThatActuaryYouKnow
It’s fine
It would be nice to have be able to enable push notifications again so the number of days to an event showed up on lock screen
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5 years ago, Lanthony79
Great tool.
I was this app for multiple upcoming dates and repeating dates. I especially like using this app for our vacation.
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6 years ago, Oxzide
No notification badges means the app is no longer needed.
Apple ruined this app by removing notification badges. This used to be a 5 Star app, but now points have to be docked because of that. Time for the developers to stand up against asinine policies forced by the fruit overlords?
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5 years ago, ? * ? * ? * ? * ?
Follow friends feature bug
I would like to use the feature that allows you to connect with other users but when I attempt, I get the loading wheel forever. Will this bug be fixed?
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6 years ago, Kayla 7
Badge Icon
I can’t believe apple didn’t like how you displayed notifcations?!? That was my favorite part. -5 stars for apple 😭
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6 years ago, Mikerey
Tried to contact support
Last upgrade damaged features. Just did update yesterday and now I have created event but cannot edit it. It locks up. You broke something instead of fixing it. Please fix it now and have a direct contact to support vs. having to go through Facebook.
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3 years ago, KonMan 888
Still waiting for iPad landscape mode
It’s been so many years.. hope they come out with landscape for my ipad
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4 years ago, Jo in Redondo
Quick reference
I love having that quick reference!
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3 years ago, CariM0903
Widget Support?
Best countdown app I’ve come across. Soo many options but not cluttered or overwhelming. Once they add support for widgets it’s a 5 star app for sure!
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6 years ago, help_with_a_fix
Not working with my phone
I have been using this app for a few years and it has always worked great. But when I just recently switched to the iPhone Xs, it will not let me connected to my calendar on my phone. How am I able to fix this problem?
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6 years ago, Scar1ett
Missing the best feature.
I liked that app a lot, cause it always showed days till the event on app badge icon. After the last update I did it's gone.
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