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3.8 (11K)
89.1 MB
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Current version
Sevenlogics, Inc.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Countdown ‎

3.83 out of 5
11K Ratings
7 months ago, coraline0727
Love this app! But i have a few questions.
I use this app for all of my dates and when things are due for school, but why do i have to pay for the widgets? I feel like it’s unnecessary to pay for them. So many other apps have free widgets, so i was kind of really hoping that this app would too. I’m trying to keep track of all my things that are due and when my boyfriend and I’s anniversarys are because i cannot remember a thing off the top of my head but could we try and have free widgets please? It would be so much better for the company and people would use your app more and more if it had more free stuff. It’s also a hassle trying to find your app in my phone so i can find what date is when and what’s due what day. I rather just be able to see when i get on my screen “Oh i have 3 more days to turn in this essay” or “ oh 7 more days till my boyfriend and I have been together for a year”. But overall this app is really nice but could use some work. Please and Thanm you for your time -Coraline
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4 years ago, George/Lynne S.
Perfect for Apollo 50th anniversaries
(First of all, the “most helpful” review is 2 years old, and says they’ll update it up from 3 stars to 5 if the app can share a countdown; it’s been doing that at least since July 2019, and it’s still 3 stars. Others are similar low reviews for no good reason.) Bach to Apollo: If you use the Apollo in Real Time site and like following alone with NASA’s Apollo timelines, this app is critical. It’s the only one I found that lets you display in hours:minutes:seconds (with days turned off, so 3 days shows as 72 hours), before or after the event date. (And, you can set the font to Futura, the same one NASA used!) You can also download a copy of the mission patch from Wikipedia or NASA, view in Photos full-screen and screenshot it so it’s the right size, and use that as the background. If you need/want to, you can then generate a URL to share the image & time to another device (the only issue is placement of the time, but you can drag it back into position). Everything I mentioned is in the free app - the only reason I’m paying for it is to support the author and hide the non-obtrusive banner ad at the top of the page.
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6 years ago, Nelle49
Not in my Notifications on iPhone
I can’t get the badge/countdown icon to work. (I bought the upgrade for that feature). I think it’s because the app doesn’t appear in my Settings-Notifications. I’ve closed the app, deleted and reinstalled 10 times. Anyone else had this problem and fixed it? Customer support has been good about responding but hasn’t been able to fix it. Maybe it’s time to give up and ask for a refund. UPDATE 3/9/18 I upgraded to 4 stars because I finally got the badge icon to work. The only thing I might have done differently is I made sure to CLOSE the app before I deleted and reinstalled it. So it works now. Strange though because when I open the app the countdown says one number and the number on the icon is one less than that. But I’ll take it. The customer service people have been responsive.
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4 years ago, CamCorn124
I have been using this app for a while now, and me and my family always use this app as it is really nice to know how long it is until you get to go somewhere fun. I had no problems with the app, as other reviews have said, they had some major bugs. Those bugs must have been hit or miss because mine worked fine. Developers, please fix the bugs as quick as you can. They seem to be really bothering people. I will update when my current countdown is over, which is in 2 weeks, and see if the notifications work, because I forget from the last time I used this app. Everyone, stay safe! Edit: I have just found out that you can turn reminders on and off on the app. I think many of the reviews were saying that their reminder didn’t work. All of you that want to customize things tap at the top of your screen (right below that adds) then press that gears!
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6 years ago, RobinAW
Do not purchase if you want to share your Countdowns
Can’t give this app more than three stars without the ability to share my Countdown. I have an important event coming up next year, one that is particularly special for me and a friend; I poured a couple hours into creating a dynamic countdown, with personalized music and a slideshow containing dozens of edited photographs. I would not have spent so much time if I had known sharing my work with others, a feature that commonly comes with other (free) countdown apps, is not possible with this one. What a bummer. You guys have done so many other things right; but none of it matters if can’t share your creation with other people. A person typically starts a countdown for an important event in their life, something they want to share with others; it’s such a fundamental feature on an app like this, I really am shocked you have not prioritized this fix above all else. Please update your app with sharing capabilities and I will update my review to five stars.
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2 years ago, Joseph_Joseph
Nice ideas. Colorful. Some don’t work/premium
Very nice graphics and look and options such as heartbeat. Great to use our music as option. 1 the slideshow option doesn’t hold the main picture selected. I sent via text and WhatsApp app and it only shows one frozen picture and no music. I selected the main pic. Several times and the same thing repeated. I noticed that selecting a picture for the main photo that it held other pictures in an outline frame as if also selected. 2. Add a tutorial on features. 3 it wasn’t clear how to keep the edits. I had to go back in several times cause my changes where t saved. Not intuitive. Must select the Done word, but not clear to do that. Very frustrating. 4 allow the names and birthdays to be selected by importing from contacts and to hold them until a card is sent. This what you will know that they are upcoming- like group them into Months ahead of “today”. Be I did buy the premium.
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5 years ago, Jj&bells
The Song You Set Will Play Without Opening The App?
I’m not sure if it’s a feature of the app, but I HATE that whatever song you set for an event, it’ll play without opening the app. It’s NOT playing from your ITunes playlist or anything it just plays at random times!!?? For example, I made a countdown till Christmas and set “I’ll be home for Christmas” to play when I open the app for the countdown till Christmas. Somehow, whatever countdown it’s on (in particular the Christmas one) the stupid song will play whenever it feels like it! I’ll be in the car driving and all of a sudden “I’ll be home for Christmas” will just play! Sometimes multiple times a day. I don’t understand this? This NEVER happened before I installed the app! I also have a new phone! What the heck? Well I like the app besides this weird glitch. Without it, it would be better. It’s not so great when the theme song to Halloween goes off at 1am for your countdown till Halloween.
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7 years ago, wwfplayer:)
Edit #2: Newest release seems to have fixed the problem with selecting and using pictures. Adjusted star rating to reflect satisfaction with the final issue resolution. Edited to drop stars due to lack of responsiveness from developer. I sent an email about the issue below. In return, I was asked to provide some additional information about my hardware and operating system version, etc., along with some screen shots. I responded with eveything asked of me. Received nothing in return. About a week or so later, I sent a follow up email to see if they received all the information I sent, as required. Here it is over yet another week or so later and again still nothing since the first response they sent. Now I'm really mad that I lost money on this. Original review: All of my pictures I've used for past events have disappeared. I'm trying to create a new event and the app crashes as soon as I try to open my camera roll. I made sure the app still has permission to access my pictures. I even purchased the premium app in case using your own pics became a paid feature. Same problem. Now I can't use my pictures and I'm out $2.99. I'd dump it if I didn't invest so much effort into it so far.
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7 years ago, cdenaro
Doesn't Work
I purchased the premium app so that I could add my own music and photos. Everything worked fine until it came time to share the countdown. When I share to FB or message or email it is just showing one photo, no song. I have tried everything and still not working. I have sent an email to support and have gotten no response. I paid for this?? UNINSTALLED I have contacted Apple and put in a request for a refund. There is no reason on earth to pay a premium for the ability to add your own images and your own music only to find out that you can't share your custom countdown by text, email or social media. It only provides you with a link that gives a logo graphic from developer and when you click on the link, it is only one of your 10 allowed photos and no sound. I appreciate that the developer answered my email but there seems to be no solution offered. All the reviews that complain of the sharing issue go pretty far back and yet nothing has improved.
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3 years ago, acmcmahon
Thank You Countdown 🥺❤️
I’ve had this app on my phone now for a little over 6 years. When I moved away from home for school, I was so homesick. This app kept me going and counting down the days (even if it was over 140 days) until I was on a plane heading home again. Then, my boyfriend and I went long distance and the app once again kept me going until we could see each other again. Finally, with both of us back in one place and done with school, I am no longer in need of a countdown. Feeling a little sad and nostalgic deleting the app today, but just wanted to write a review to say thank you for getting me through ❤️ Hopefully will get to re-download soon to countdown a wedding?? 😏🙏🏼 Thanks Countdown!!
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5 years ago, Mags320
It’s a countdown!
It’s a countdown app that does just that, provide a count down. I have the free version. I have 4 different count downs going to remind myself how many days my wedding, parties, and other important dates are away—and if I really need that chick-fil-a or piece of office cake 😬. I like that I can choose a personal photo for my background and I can change the fonts, colors, details of the countdown clock banner. I don’t really have any complaints about the app so far. I gave it 4 stars because it doesn’t have that “lagniappe” that makes me say “you know what app you should download? It’s fantastic because ...”. If asked by a friend if I like the app, I would respond with “yes, it’s worth the free app.” ☺️
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7 months ago, Mrs. Guinn 2022
Hands down best app!
If you love numbers and tracking historical events? Then this app is definitely for you. Or if you need a reminder of future events again, this app would be perfect for you. I’ve been a customer for three years and I’m in love with the countdown app. I don’t know what I would do without this app. some of the things that I track with this app are the day I gave my life to Christ, the day I quit smoking, the day I gave up drinking. I also track normal stuff like my husband and I anniversary. I love the options you can look at days, years, minutes or seconds. Hands-down this is the best app ever!
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3 years ago, tom.cat001
Good app but one injection
Great app! I love how I can add my own backgrounds and music! However, one thing. So there is an app called Christmas Countdown and it counts the days, months, seconds, minutes, hours, and even breaths and heartbeats until Christmas. I have this app and I love how it says the exact numbers of hours, seconds, etc. this app says “ 4 months 23 days, 7 hours, 6 minutes, 39 seconds.” Ummm I want it to say “ 4 months, 163 days, 1,165 hours,” etc. So at least have an option to change it to exact instead of the hours and days until the next month. Okay? Other than that I would give it a 100%!
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5 years ago, Homebuyer 777
Overall, great app!
Awesome app, just some ideas for improvement. Would like to be able to add more images. Also more templates added to use. We are buying a new home and there wasn’t an image for it. Not sure if something neat will happen at the end of the countdown. I hope so. It would be nice if that happens and maybe even choose what you see. Maybe balloons releasing, confetti everywhere, fireworks, big Congratulations sign. I love the slide show aspect, it’s awesome! Also would love if it could somehow be added to my phone as a screen saver so I didn’t have to click on the app to see it.
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5 years ago, Mike_Jones423
1 issue
Love the app, awesome concept of being able to customize the background and setting a widget. Also love that you can put music to your countdown when the app is open; with that being said the only thing that I do not like is that my app randomly will play the music set to my count down without me opening the app. If I have music playing it stops my music and please the music from the app. If I’m on a phone call it will randomly play the music as well. Both of which are extremely annoying because you have to open the app to close it for the music to shut off. I hope that this can be fixed, I think this is definitely one of the better count down apps available.
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10 months ago, Hannah_💕💖💞
Amazing app, one thing though.
This app is amazing!! I use this all the time for my birthday, Christmas and other fun events! As a teenage girl this app gets me exited each time I click on to the app. Telling me when my event is! With so many features fonts, colors, and wallpapers to change I love the different options on the app. One thing I would change though is making this app free because I would of loved to add my widget of when my birthday was, but it was a premium option. Witch I understand, but I wish it was free! I definitely love the app and I defiantly recommend.
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1 year ago, jperki13
Only 20 countdowns max, even with premium!
I’ve been using this app for about a year, I would say generally it’s a good app for free +ads. Colorful and simple. But I just hit the limit of entries! Apparently you’re limited to 20 entries. I started a trial of premium to see if that let me make more and - it didn’t!! Terrible!! Why would I pay to remove ads on an app that will randomly limit how many countdowns I can make?? To such a low number, too! I have used this to count down to my reunions with my long distance boyfriend, and I am sad that now I have to choose between keeping the “full” essentially useless app on my phone, or deleting cute memories. Really disappointing.
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4 years ago, Girlcraftlover101
Extremely disappointed
I used to use this app to have some countdowns. Mostly for friends birthdays, my own birthday, and special events I had on going on the year prior. Now, I can’t even use it. Unless you buy the premium, you can’t have more than one countdown, or choose events already in your apple calendar. I used to be able to have up to three free ones and choose any day I wish. Now I can’t even do that. I’m extremely upset and will be undownloading the app until something changes. Not worth the space unless you want to fish out some extra cash, which I think is ridiculous cause these features should be basic and free. Adding slideshow and stuff like that I can understand that you need premium but otherwise, unnecessary.
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5 years ago, SofTheLoaf1324
This is such a good app! It helps me with all my planning ( especially so I don’t forget birthdays ) and it is fun to make too! I got the premium access because there’s 7 things that come in the package for just 2.99$! My friend recommended this app for planning and just for fun, and I recommend this app to everyone who is reading this that has a hard time remembering things or just thinks that their life could be a little more organized...( like me ) But anyways anyone should get this app I love it so much and it just makes me more excited on whatever it is to come! ( Mexico )
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7 years ago, AlixinTX123
I loved this app until...
I really loved this countdown app previously. I could add whatever background picture, style font, color for font, et cetera... I could be as creative as I wanted to be with the placement of the countdown. I could do slideshows and add it to my widgets on my Apple iPhone. Now it makes me watch an ad every time I try to change the font size. Or charge me $$ to add a widget. I can’t even edit a previous countdown without it repeatedly making me watch an ad. Key word - repeatedly. Select the settings for anything and I have to watch a 30 second game as for nothing I will ever download. I will be deleting this app. I wish I could insert the 42 second video of what it was like to wait for the ad to finish for me to edit anything. I recorded it via the new record screen iPhone update.
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3 years ago, vtsenior
Does What You Expect
Some of the settings and how to change things are not the most intuitive but aren’t hard to figure out (my mom would struggle with it though). The amount of ads are annoying but can be put up with since it is free. I wish I could reorganize the order my countdowns are displayed in though. Overall it is a nice app that does what you expect it to. I enjoy the different features that it has like the choice of units to count down using (heartbeats is clever/cute). And I like being able to add my own pictures as countdown backgrounds.
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2 years ago, talon the poop fart
I love the game
I love this game because if i lost track of my son or daughter’s birthday or my summer vacation I will not lose track because if I just and one thing it says all the days years and more I just open a app and I remember that her birthday is tomorrow wish her a happy birthday the ads are like 2 seconds and not a lot of time so if I need to open something and I get one it’s 2 or if your lucky 1 second so that is why I give countdown 5 stars so thank you countdown and good luck and bye
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4 years ago, Di ;)
Can’t rearrange
So I paid for the premium version to have the ability to rearrange my countdowns with being able to bring the most important to the forefront. Can’t figure out how to do it. There seems to be no option and I’ve checked everything in the app. Still like the app because of the countdown aspect of it and being able to use your own pics, but disappointed that I can’t rearrange. I didn’t need to pay for the premium version if I can’t access that feature.
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6 years ago, LaDonna T.
Can’t edit countdown if you leave the app mid-setup
I was creating my countdown and received a phone call so the countdown completed itself with the information that it had; which was very little and the only edit that I could make was the font. I deleted the app and downloaded it so I’m going to try again, but that’s irritating and should be corrected. Edit: This app is garbage! You can post it on social networks, but it doesn’t show the countdown -it provides a link to the countdown; which no one is going to click on. How do I know that no one will click it? Because I wouldn’t even click on it. I just wanted to post a cute little countdown on my Facebook, but that’s clearly too much to ask for... To the developer: No need to email - I told you what the issue is above: I received a phone call while filling in the info for the countdown and it finalized itself and wouldn’t allow me the ability to finish setting up the date etc. I deleted it and reinstalled and was able to create a countdown; however, it doesn’t do what I’m looking for, so the endeavor was an all around waste of time.
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1 year ago, Mskrm
Great App … but limited # of entries
I love this app and have been using it for years. Last year I went to add an event and was prompted that I could not add additional dates. I liked the app so much that I decided to pay for the pro version so I could add more dates and get rid of ads. I thought the pro version would get rid of the ads but still have to view an add before entering the app. I recently added my 20th date and am NOT able to add any more. I like to look back at my trips and adventures but will be UNABLE to add any more. Not sure I will continue to pay yearly fee when my subscription ends.
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3 years ago, Mel628592649473
It motivates me exactly as I hoped it would
I have it set to random, so every time I open it it tells me a different unit of time such as, days until I graduate, months until I graduate, weeks until I graduate, hours until I graduate or minutes until I graduate. It’s fun and always makes me happy to open. There are three pictures to choose from, all are generically happy, I have mine set to the default which is a hot air balloon. Incase anyone is wondering I’ll graduate in 267 days!
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3 years ago, oderika
About this new, different version...
I’ve been using this app in five years, I know that this app has changed the icon and the free stuff. I can’t believe that from “change your own phrase” to “get Premium to change Phrase” and the one you could add another countdown. I wish that this app can let people (us) make their own countdown events as many as they want and the phrases when they are FREE. I don’t understand why this app wants us to spend our money to buy premium to make our countdown events.
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6 years ago, Sunniegirl74
So much fun before Vacation!
I love this app! We have been to Disney World and other destinations and I love to use this countdown app. You can use their photos or even upload your own for the background, plus the count down is also customizable as well. Another really cool thing is that you can add a song that you own to play every time you open the app. We have “The Mickey Mouse March” come on with a pic of Disney for our countdown, the kids absolutely LOVE it. If you’re on the fence, I say get the app.
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4 years ago, unknown for game reviews
This apps countdowns are wrong!
I have been using this app for a while now, downloading it and re downloading it again when I have a new event, but the last time I used it the countdown was completely wrong! I have a countdown for the next day at 12 for going to my friends house to have lunch and I was really excited. I put in the day and time and I thought the number was a little high, so I asked Siri how long it was until my date and she said a totally different number. I tried to see if I put the date in wrong but it was right, this app was good at first but has a major bug that effects the whole app so I can’t use it anymore. You can use this app for a little while but don’t trust it completely.
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3 years ago, Mellehman33
Flippin’ love it!💙
I was looking for something to countdown to the inauguration & Countdown is perfect. I was able to customize the event (name, image) and pick the options for measuring the time. Initially, I did days, hours, minutes & seconds (sometimes I just watch those seconds tick off and it’s soothes me - like watching ocean waves. 🤣), but then I was able to switch it to days/hours/minutes for the last few days. This app is my favorite thing on my phone right now.
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6 years ago, Emily Switzer
This app is really very good. I see a lot of people’s ratings, saying they don’t like the app because they paid for premium and it didn’t work out how they wanted. I did not (and have no plan to) get premium, but from other people’s experiences I do not recommend it. I do not have premium which is not a problem, and whenever I need a countdown this is always the app I use! If you are looking for a reliable, fun and simple countdown I highly recommend this app.
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3 years ago, Love 4 Ever!!
Need to be better
I like this app only problem is that it nice way to link them all your devices like I use for iPad and iPhone and would be nice do it on once device and it be fix on all other devices so I don’t go on every devices to fix or add or change it. Be nice way link them all together to work together but other then that I enjoy it. I love that there are choices of what wall paper to use and how change look too!
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6 years ago, Gamer_gurl7
This app is ok, it’s not bad, but it only lets me make one event then I have to delete it and reinstall it😤 I don’t like how you have can’t share it with anyone and that it gives you only limited options for a background I think we should be able to pick our own background! Also there are weird adds that always show up! LESS ADDS PLEASE!!! and then I once you’ve reached your event it should go on, it should just be over. These things really need to be fixed!!!😩 Other than that the app was pretty good! It wasn’t all that bad but still needs TONES of fixing
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6 years ago, Sugarchild108
Slightly disappointed
I like the graphics of the app and all the details and photos you can use, and I can handle all the ads because that’s what comes with a free app often enough, but my main issue is that the reason for downloading a countdown app was to have a sort of Widget or badge on my phone main screen with a countdown, however you can only get that option if you PAY for it, which for me defeats the purpose. If I wanted to open an app to see how long I have until an event, I can just open my calendar. If you don’t mind that, more power to you, but for me the app didn’t do what I needed it to do.
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6 years ago, Cirlonde
Badge counter has stopped working after last update.
I’ve been using the premium/paid version of this app since 2014 and I’ve never had any problems. However, after the most recent update, the badge notifications option disappeared. I did not change any settings, but still double checked to make sure I had the appropriate notification options selected in iOS. In the app, the option to select an event to have displayed via the badge has been completely removed. Very disappointing that the devs would remove a perfectly working function that I paid for!
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9 months ago, ninja.aubs
The widgets won’t work!
This is very frustrating! I got this app to track my event mainly to stay organized and just for as for the aesthetic on my screen. So I got this app, put all my info in then tried the widgets… it wouldn’t work! All I saw was black screen on the widgets. I tried hitting edit widgets and it WOULD NOT WORK! I also have a fairly new apple iPhone so I think its not the phone glitching. I have deleted the app, shut my phone off, tried making other events but nothing would work. So I will bring using other apps that will help me stay organized and actually work.
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1 month ago, Pryncesz
Absolutely lovED(emphasis on the past tense)this app, I used to use it for all my Vacation countdowns because it was so easy to use and I could put the Widget right at the top of my screen to keep me excited! But unfortunately I won’t be using this app anymore because paying for premium for something so basic as access to a widget is absolutely ridiculous. I was willing to deal with the occasional ad pop up and the banner at the top of the screen or the onetime payment to remove the ads… this app is absolutely NOT subscription worthy… There are plenty of other countdown apps available with access to the widget for free..
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2 years ago, irish_deception
Paid for premium, still get ads
I paid for premium to be able to use the widget on my home page. Not only does the app crash every once in a while, but another selling point was just a lie altogether. They said paying would remove ads. It didn’t. Any time I open it I’m greeted by an ad that I won’t be able to skip until a little timer runs out. The ad I saw which caused me to write this, I was not able to close because it was formatted improperly. I was not able to hit the (x) to close the ad because it was partially off the corner of my screen. I had to reset the app in order to get it to close.
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5 years ago, No Fuss Banker
Countdown to your goal!
I look at this app on my iPhone constantly. I have cute pictures of my favorite people saved. I love looking at my set picture with my goal and the countdown. It gives me encouragement and hope. Therefore I am stronger to make it through another day!!! Thank you!! I said out of the clear blue sky that there must be an app for exactly what I was thinking.... a “countdown” app, then I found it, and it is better than I even imagined.
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5 years ago, Nichegirl
Feeling ripped off
Purchased $2.99 upgrade to get rid of ads and they disappeared until I had to update and now they are still there. Contact screen to report it to the company errors every time so you can’t even contact them for help. Tried 7 times and errors out rather than submitting. App tries to force you to turn on location services because the only way to exit that screen is to agree or delete the app. I absolutely do not agree to provide them the ability to monitor my location and they have no need to require. PLENTY of other countdown options. Choose a different one because this one is not recommended.
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2 years ago, LED4LIF
Where’s the music?
I’ve been using this countdown app for years and always found it useful. One of the best features was the music it played when you opened it. You could choose from your own music library. Great example was hearing Viva Las Vegas when I opened the countdown for a Vegas vacation. But now the music doesn’t play, and I can’t find a way to add music for the event. What happened to the music with the countdown?
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5 years ago, Arial E. Prince
Can’t make more than one count down.☹️
Don’t get me wrong. The app is cool. I like the fact that you can select a background related to your countdown topic but the fact that you have to pay a premium fee to make more than ONE countdown. I get that they have to set a limit but ONE! This is a deal breaker. I think that this app is amazing if you only have one thing that you are looking forward to. Most of have more than one vacation or one break or one special event coming up. I strongly recommend that you get a different countdown app because this countdown app only allows one countdown at a time.
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3 years ago, Tired of choosing
Not User Friendly
Once you set a countdown it’s hard to figure out how to find settings to edit.I mean, once you understand it, you get it. But there’s no user friendliness at all. Plus when you try to share it with your friends, it takes you to a webpage of an image of your photo with the reminder text in a different font from what you chose, it’s not in the same place you placed it in the app, and the music doesn’t play. The music should play. I tried subscribing to see if that would make a difference and it doesn’t. I don’t see any advantage to subscribing to this. Canceled immediately.
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6 years ago, Gen38
Rip Off! Don’t Buy!
This app does not work at all and the developers know it doesn’t work! But it works well enough to charge your card. I can’t get it to generate a link to my Facebook group, it tells me that my messenger is unavailable, I can’t get it to generate a link to my email. Simply put, I want my money back! There has got to be a way to report this I’m contacting Apple because it’s not right that these developers put these apps on here for us to purchase when they know it’s not working! And guess what I gotta purchase it again to use it on my iPhone?! I Will also be filing a better business bureau report against Sevenlogics Inc developer!
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4 years ago, cAmILla vAnlLa
Its amazing but you might wanna fix something...
Its a great app and its works perfectly! But i just wanna tell you that everything that you have to buy on the premium, i can do for free, for example on the premium it says "type your own phrases!" but i can do that for free and i didn't even buy premium, i just wanted you guys to know! Thank you for making this awesome app!
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6 years ago, aleshiadvcbgfdsfvc
I bought it.
I purchased the full version of the app so I could see more events in my widget section of my phone. I do like that aspect but you should make it so the photo also shows in the widget section like the other count down app that has like 60k downloads or at least show the colors that you chose for the font and background of the font. All my events just look the same except different font but just all white with no backgrounds. Kinda of a bummer. Hope this updates soon.
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6 years ago, Jamesr1912
Go Pro
A terrific App. I find that this App is easy to use with an allowance of various options to personalize. Try the free “limited” version however, you will most likely prefer the affordable Pro version without ads and extra features. The developers are commutative, accessible and want your feedback which is priceless in the App market, many developers seem to abandon or show a lack of interest in their application, you won’t find that here. I believe with feedback and support the app will continue to improve.
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5 years ago, kitten745
Wonderful app!
I really like this app because it is much easier than looking at a calendar and counting everyday it is very easy to use and very fun. You can upload any photo as the background with a touch of a bottom, very simple and fun to use. I highly recommend this app to someone who likes to know the exact countdown of time till a certain date. I would definitely get it!
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4 years ago, Katze Kranz
Cool app
It’s a nice app for having count downs. I’m using mine for a comedy show I’m looking forward to next month and for my vacation later this year. Only thing I wish is that I could have both countdowns as a widget but that is included with the paid app. It’s nice having the backgrounds changeable with the color font as well. The heartbeats since as a time segment was a really cute one for a Valentine’s Day card idea!
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2 years ago, Useruser12345678901
Can No Longer Resize/Crop Photos In The App
After two years of not being able to go anywhere I am finally using the app again. I updated it and noticed there is no longer an option to resize/crop pictures I want to use. Now pictures I am using are missing most of the image. I went and did the year subscription to see if that adds that option for photos. No it didn't and so now useless for me to use my own photos, a wasted $7.99 for a year and all it does is remove adds.
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