Countdowns - Event Countdown

4.7 (7.6K)
30.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Shayes Apps LLC
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Countdowns - Event Countdown

4.74 out of 5
7.6K Ratings
4 years ago, TxMacUser
Excellent; Highly Recommend!
This is EXACTLY the countdown app I was looking for. I wanted a countdown app that is fully supports the latest iOS developments. This app delivers in spades with: pointer support (including hover state and right -click context menus); ios 14 widgets (including customization of data-point selection and color) and Siri Shortcut support. It includes support for all of Apple’s platforms including iPhone, iPad, watch and Mac. And it features iCloud sync of events to keep events on all those devices in sync. Many aspects of the app are highly customizable including: customize the data shown for events (days, hours, minutes, seconds); choose which events are displayed in widgets; column view of events; sort order of events and much more. The app received a huge compliment being included in MacStories’ Federico Viticci’s Must-Have Apps of 2019. It has a “clean” UI reminding me of an app Apple might build (the app icon is also very professional looking). And (very important), the developer is very responsive to requests for assistance and feature requests. I highly recommend this one!
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6 years ago, Slithy Toves
Good with an odd caveat
I currently use a different countdown app. I liked the look of this app, and the watch complication is very well done (and even supports the new Infograph watch face), so I downloaded it to try. Unfortunately, when counting down by days (as opposed to days+hours+minutes) there is a weird off-by-one design in the countdowns from this app. For example, if you have a countdown to your birthday, you'd reasonably expect the count to be "2" when it is two days before your birthday, "1" on the day before your birthday and "0" on your birthday itself. That makes sense and matches how people talk about the concept of "how many days until". This app is different: "2" in this app is *three* days before your birthday, "1" is two days before your birthday, and "0" is the day before your birthday. On your birthday itself, the counter reads "364" days, using the logic that it's now 364 days until your *next* birthday. I think I understand why the app was written this way: strictly speaking, on the day before your birthday, it's less than 24 hours to go, so it's not one full "day", and so this app shows it as "0" days to go. The problem is that this is not how people think of and speak about countdowns (or how other countdown apps work). To humans, the rocket launches at zero, not at negative 1. I love the rest of the features, but this sort of breaks it for me.
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2 years ago, Katie Kate 60614
Simple with enough customization
I tried a few similar apps and this was the winner. I bought the upgrade. Easy to enter. COMPACT listing on screen widget which allows 3-4 events to show. I have 2 widgets in first screen of iPhone with enough room to add 2 rows of apps/groups below. My keep-it-simple husband, after viewing my set up downloaded the basic app and is quite satisfied. NOTE: For me, it was a bit confusing that I had to “move” events with my finger for chrono order. New entries go to the bottom. Maybe I’m doing something wrong BUT dropping to the bottom makes sense if someone wants to prioritize reminders vs listing in chrono-order. EG upcoming vacation in 2 months is above next week’s dental appointment. TIP: when moving a record, after holding finger to activate move feature, direct your finger to move the record along the left side of screen. For me, easier than getting past the other records. After dropping, give it a few seconds to anchor. It’s easy to think it did not move properly.
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6 years ago, Jlough77
Best countdown app and support
This is the best countdown app that I have ever used. The only reason that I tried them out is because I was formerly using another app that disappeared from the app store but I am glad they did because this is so much more useful. The iPhone app is great but I mostly set up the countdowns for my apple watch. The countdowns stay in sequence and they automatically update on the complication as one ends and another begins or is already in progress. Notifications are customizable and you can set up a countdown to the second. They have also already updated their app to work with the new watch OS5 infograph face only a few days after the OS5 release, which is impressive. If you are looking for a reliable timer, especially for the apple watch, this is it.
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2 years ago, batkins
Really useful and full of features
This is a really complete app, with lots of features and great integration into iOS: there are today widgets, a Watch app, even Shortcuts support. Everything is customizable. Although the main use of this app is counting down to upcoming events, you can also use it to track events in the past. For example, I have a countdown of the last time I went on a run. When I notice that number is getting high, I schedule a run. I also have countdowns from the last time I gave in to a bad habit (like logging onto social media) - you can use these to create “streaks” that help motivate you. Overall, a really well executed and incredibly useful app!
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4 years ago, BCruik
The best countdown app
I wanted a simple app to calculate and keep tabs on major milestone dates for my family that I could look at in one simple date ordered list. I figured there would probably be many apps in the App Store for something so straight forward that would work - but after cycling through about 5-6 of them that all that seemed to be inexplicably missing one or more simple things, or just downright awful, I found this one and it does everything exactly how you would imagine it should. Really flexible to let you present the countdowns and dates in a format that makes sense so you can see everything at a glance. The today view widget is a nice bonus too.
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6 years ago, Katze Kranz
Better than most
I really like this app especially since it comes with the widget which was primarily why I downloaded it. It’s simple and easy to use. I like that you can have multiple countdowns as mine are a count down until my closing day on my house, Christmas, and New Years. Most of the icons are odd icons for a countdown, but I wish some were more holiday oriented like for Christmas perhaps a Santa or a tree not just a present. I like your not bombarded with ads. Most apps you click on one thing and BOOM 30 second ad you have to watch but this app seems to be pretty good about that. Overall I love the app and will continue to use it!
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6 years ago, Tfkempo
Best of the bunch
Most of these countdown apps are ugly, lack important features like cloud sync and widgets, or both. This one has a clean interface, decent customization options, cloud sync (paid version) and a widget, which is the most important 90% of what I want. Wish list: dark mode and the ability to assign solid color backgrounds to events and/or the event icon. Also would prefer a couple-bucks/year subscription model to the one-off purchase because then I have more confidence that the app will continue to be updated. Maybe add a premium level with addtl features for subscribers?
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7 years ago, Pixie862
Best Countdown
I used to be in love with another countdown from a developer that no longer has the app out and for the life of me, I cannot seem to transfer that app over to my new devices. After countless of hours of trying to find a simple yet effective app, this did the job! I paid the extra dollar to remove ads even though it didn't really bother me but I figure it helps the developer in some way to maybe add a few features like changing the font or color of each background. Either way, best countdown out there.
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2 years ago, JBone663
Best Countdown App on the market!!!!
I had to Google to find this app, I tried just typing in countdown but all the other apps were behind a paywall and this app outdoes them all. The UI is so much cleaner than all the other ones, out of all of them this is the only one that doesn’t look like is was developed on iOS 6. The widgets on this app are so clean with so many configuration options. There is a paywall for some of the settings adjustments and and config stuff but the free stuff is just fine for a simple countdown widget.
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6 years ago, jenniferossi
Best Countdown Widget!
I 100% recommend this countdown widget app to anyone looking to keep track of important dates! The design is simple yet effective and the app is extremely easy to use. I love that my countdowns are displayed as a widget on my iPhone for quick and effortless viewing! I also love the fact it's Apple Watch compatible and I can add it as a complication so I can see my countdown with a glance at my wrist! The lists feature is great for organizing and iCloud sync allows me to manage my countdowns across devices!! My favorite countdown app out there by far!
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4 months ago, PineBreeze
Great app!
This is an easy app to use and forget about because it fills such a basic task and simply works. That’s why I decided to write a review. It’s an app I’d sorely miss if I didn’t have it. It does exactly what it’s intended for and I really like it. It’s a great way to keep track of when things are coming and I like to keep track how long it’s been since something has happened. I always use it in the Widgets section by swiping right on my iPhone screen. Highly recommended.
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6 years ago, lanwarrior
Great UI - easy to track events
I have tried multiple apps that track events until / after completion and this app by far have the best UI. The breakdown of list make it easy to quickly glance which event belong to which list. My only recommendation is to allow tracking of individual event. For example: I have event ABC that is due in 3 days. After 3 days, I want to track the same event that will be due in 6 days. I should be able to see in ABC that there was 1 past event and 1 coming up.
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6 years ago, DaveKubi
A very nice app!
I really like the features in this app and appreciate the fact that dates are brought to me rather than having to find the "To Do's" or appointments on a calendar. I would like to see more "images" pertaining to church, household activities and doctors or medicine. My tip for adding some color to the screen is to paste in (one or more) emoji from the keyboard anywhere in the "Title" text. The B&W "image" on the other hand is always on the left of the Title and centered between the lines of,say a 3 line Title.
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6 years ago, Phil Ament
Days are off by one, developer needs to fix
Another reviewer mentioned the off-by-one design flaw when using days, and it is still present in the app as of this review. The developer needs to change how they account for days until an event, or at least give users the option to consider how many days until an event as the way humans actually think about it. Two days before your birthday, the app should not return “1” for the number of days until then. From midnight to 11:59 pm two days before your birthday, it should report “2”. On the day of your birthday, it should return “0” just like the other reviewer described (or even better, return “Now” or “Today” or user-supplied custom text, instead). This design flaw seems to be due to basing the remaining days count on the number of hours divided by 24. Easy fix: add an option to consider days-until as *calendar* days. Otherwise a great app, with watch infograph complications!
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4 years ago, a_dX03
Your search can end here!
Literally the simplest and most thorough count-down/count-up app I have found so far; and that is saying a lot! I have tried at least 25 prior to this one and have been overwhelmed and disappointed in the past by apps that offered so many extras, I can hardly see how it was considered a countdown app at all. This one is perfect. It was perfect without paying for the upgrade. But I was so impressed I paid for it anyways. Thank you!!!
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6 years ago, laweber9
Love the this app, especially the widget
I’ve been searching for a simple countdown app for search is finally over because I love this app!! I love the simplicity and how easy it is to swipe and see my countdowns on the widget. I countdown to big things like vacations as well as small victories like the end of my workday - it was important for me to find a countdown app that allows for hours and minutes, which this does. Great app and totally worth the $1 to upgrade. Thanks!
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6 years ago, whizardani
Best countdown app
It has no frills, bells, or whistles. It offers you EXACTLY what your looking without a complicated system to enter what you want. They honestly couldnt have made it simpler or cleaner than this. My only gripe is you cant enter the date using the keypad. You have to scroll to get a date which is annoying. But compared to all other apps out there, thats barely even worth mention when you see how awful their system is.
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4 years ago, Whistlegowooo
Simple and Awesome
Everything you need in one app. You can keep track of the age of your newborn too by allowing the countdown to continue after the date has passed. Put in your newborns birthday and set it to continue countdown after - DONE! Really useful for those of us who have a lot of tasks and things to remember. Must have app. Not distracting or over complicated. Don’t change a thing!
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5 years ago, s-i-mon
Easy to use, one of its kind
It is one of examples how app could be so simple and useful at the same time. Without unnecessary design solutions. Must have if you are using Apple watch and definitely need to buy upgrade version! But if you are going to use it for certain tasks, not like me in permanent basis with repeated events you can enjoy free version without any disadvantages. For developers: I would be very grateful if you add “auto-import from calendar” to avoid opening the app each time to import it manually. And second, another setup to choose time period before which the task will start to show up in the list. Thank you guys for the amazing work! 😊
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3 years ago, Jeeper_93
Solid but Not Great
First, the Developer has done a good job by adding widgets and complications across all devices...something his competitors lack. I'm not a fan of the limited icons and would really like to be able to choose custom graphics on the iPhone and iPad. Where the icons should be limited (or even removed) is the watch complication where a single, standard icon or lack thereof (user choice) is warranted. The subscription model is a little disappointing for this app but I guess $20 for a lifetime unlock isn't horrible if the interface is cleaned up a bit. Ultimately it offers a lot and I'd be inclined to rate it higher with a bit of UI polish. If you're looking for a countdown app that covers all the bases,this is really your only choice but there are "prettier" ones out there
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1 year ago, Damsel N’Distress
Home/lock Screen display?
I have the 7 day trial and was hoping to keep this app/widget. The draw was that I could get the widget to display on my Home Screen and/or Lock Screen so I don’t have to keep opening the app. I have gone into singing and clicked every op option and I see nothing that provides the way to add the countdown to the Home Screen/lock screen. I am counting down when my fiancé returns from over seas, and just a glance at the Lock Screen can be such a comfort, but I see no way to do this. Help!
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4 years ago, the_undertow
I love this app
Far too many times there are crap apps for free and even for pay, but this is one of the rare times you don’t get what you pay for. This allows for multiple timers, countdown, count up, and continue counting after the timer has reached its conclusion. It’s simple and it’s useful. Thanks for making this! Be sure to tip the developer!
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5 years ago, EC2006
The best countdown app!
I have downloaded many other countdown apps in order to find the perfect one. Since I downloaded this one I know this one is the best one there is. There’s a widget for it and you can even link it up to Siri. It’s everything I ever wanted! I’m telling you download this app if your looking for the perfect countdown app. Trust me you won’t be disappointed.
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4 years ago, Rae16946194728101373910
I never review apps, but here I am! This app is perfect in my eyes. I tried probably five or six other ones before finding this one, and it is everything I wanted. It is incredibly easy to use, very customizable in how you want to count up or down, and most importantly, you can see everything on one page! Thank you!!
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2 years ago, Kali Martin
Kali Martin
I love this app. I like the way that there are pictures that you can add. It makes it seem a little bit more hopefully and makes it pretty. The only thing that I dislike is the ads on the bottom of the screen. Other than that I recommend this app
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2 years ago, fulwnucd
Good but…
So I really wanted to have widgets for countdowns but RIP OFF it says one year free trial but when I click on it it’s only a week! 3 opinions to pay but it should be free, you can pay 99 cents for 1 month or $20 dollars for life time witch I do like but other then that this app works way better then ALL the other apps I tried. Thank you for reading!
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2 years ago, denseacorn
Exactly what I wanted. A simple countdown app that supports the new ios 16 lock screen widgets. I was making an "aesthetic" christmas lock screen and home screen and I wanted a little countdown that I could use for Christmas and this app did exactly that. Just shows the emoji and days and I love it. Thank you so much.
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3 years ago,
Basically perfect...except
This app has all the bells and whistles needed for a serious countdown tracker. Especially the iCloud sync and corresponding desktop app are critical and are features unique to this app. ONLY THING MISSING: I want to use pictures sometimes instead of the icon and flat color!!!
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6 years ago, Marcuscadwell
I can’t believe I haven’t written a review sooner
This app is exactly what I wanted in a countdowns app and more. The fact that I can change the countdown metrics is just awesome. A lot of other countdown apps don’t let you do that. Also the fact that it syncs with iCloud so I have all my countdowns synced up between my iPhone and iPad is the best thing ever.
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6 years ago, Ben Mackowski
Exactly what I needed
I wanted a countdown app that would display months and years in list view. 287 days or whatever is kinda meaningless. The only other app I saw that had that (though I might have scrolled past a few too fast) had a review complaining about lots of full screen video ads.
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4 years ago, cluelessblues
Doesn’t refresh widget
The app serves its countdown purpose fairly well, but I noticed that the iOS 14 widget won’t refresh itself until you open the app. This seems silly, especially since I have background refresh enabled, and the requirement defeats the purpose of the widget (i.e., quick access to app content without having to open the actual app).
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1 year ago, Bozeyboz
It’s Fantastic, I can edit what units display without having to pay for it
It’s Fantastic, I can edit what units display without having to pay for it. Everything else wants money to make a widget from the app or customize the units. But not this one! It’s great, thanks for a high quality free app.
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4 years ago, Akuehl
Just What I Was Looking For!😎
I want to say that this app was just what I was looking for. I have downloaded and tried many apps. None gave me the satisfaction I wanted. Functionality of the app and the widget is awesome. Thank you for, not only developing this app, but looking at its history you are continuing to make updates to it.👍🏼👍🏼
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2 years ago, Manic Bobo
Like the options
Plenty of options. I like being able to set how each countdown/up shows days, months, years individually rather than one setting for every countdown. The widgets are great along with the colors. It’s the best countdown around
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2 years ago, highfivejunkie
Widget is great
Company is responsive to issues, I was having issues with my widget after an app update. Turns out I also needed to update my phone system, doh!! After everything updated the widget works again.
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5 years ago, isapad03
Almost great
I really like this countdown app and I use it all the time. But there is a feature that keeps it from being great. You need fullscreen countdowns! There needs to be a view where a countdown takes up the whole screen and you can swipe through all the countdowns in full screen mode. Please listen and add this feature soon!
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6 years ago, cam_te
Love the widget! But noticed a defect.
This is a great app, but I’m having trouble with past dates: I would like to track how many days have passed since an event should have taken place. When I add that past date and select “continue counting”, I expect the countdown to show a negative amount for number of days passed since that date, but it shows positive number.
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3 years ago, TheeeGooch
Mostly Works
I really like the cloud sync and ability to add multiple event countdown timers to the app. It does have it’s problems. The widgets may not work right after you install the app. I had to reboot my phone to make them available. The app is a pricey. I don’t lease apps so to use all of its features I’d need to lay down a nice sum.
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6 months ago, lovethisapp15
great app
this app is awesome for anyone who wants a countdown to anything really- so dar I've used it to countdown to exciting trips I've gone on, and, Christmas! This app just reminds me how much to be excited and grateful for the things I am able to look forward to. :)
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2 years ago, MERKYMUSIC
This is by far the best “countdown” app I’ve ever used. The in-app purchase is totally optional but also totally worth it. The app keeps it simple and doesn’t overwhelm with unnecessary features, but also clearly stays up to date (love the iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets!!)
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1 year ago, Gmnchrm
Countdowns should have Starting Date for Percentages
Right now, you can only start a countdown's start date to the day you set it up. Hopefully in the future there can be an option to choose the start date so the percentage leading to the end date is accurate!
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3 years ago, DrBionic
Fantastic App
This is the most powerful countdown timer app. I would like to see options added for CSV import/export, multiple calendar item import, calendar syncing, and more options for coloring events. The developer is very responsive.
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4 years ago, brrttsmth
SF Icons and big headings please!
The functionality and UX are fantastic. I use this app for all kinds of things because it is so flexible! Visually, it used to fit right in with iOS, and it still does for the most part. But most apps have done away with the thin weight icons and have implemented Apple’s new heading-size-based visual hierarchy. Please update with bold SF Icons and big headings!
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3 years ago, Scrabble fanatik
Looking for a terrific Countdown app? You just found it!
Highly recommend this useful and effective countdown widget app to any/all who wish to keep track of important dates. The app’s design issimple and intuitive, making the app is very easy to use. I also love that countdowns are displayed as a clean, uncluttered widget on my iPhone for quick viewing. One recently shared suggestion for improving it for users who share calendars: amend the app so it is possible to share countdowns from one phone to another. Terrific app!
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1 year ago, Bob Ro
Been using this app for yearz
Reliable! Affordable! No ads!! Unlimited! Versatile! I love this app! Because of it Iknow that I got new knees 44 months and 2 weeks ago and that my great grand daughter was born 1 day 14 hrs and 16 minutes ago. Keep track of everything.
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6 years ago, RJNC00
Absolutely the best scheduling/countdown for Apple Watch. Easiest to use and actually works on Apple Watch unlike other apps that are clunky and work poorly. Wish there was a way just to show the event and no seconds/hours/days/years etc.
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6 years ago, WiredAnand
Will there be a Web app that syncs with the phone?
Great app. Thank you 🙏 for all the hard work 😓. Use it daily. Simple & effective. Hope you’ll b able to create a web app that syncs with the phone. Thank you to u and your team
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5 years ago, CH Gilmore
Keeping track of future Dates
It is cool to see the date is coming and how long it takes to get here. Then you can see how time flies as the date goes day by day, month by month and year by year.
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6 months ago, Brandon26
Easy to use and customize
Lots of settings for various countdown timers, including counting up, selecting the precision of a countdown (days, hours, minutes). I love the feature of the watch complications as well.
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