Country Club Bank for Personal

2.4 (43)
99.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Country Club Bank
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Country Club Bank for Personal

2.44 out of 5
43 Ratings
5 years ago, sasterling
Not great
Every time I change phones (have had some issues lately and switched to a backup, from the back up to a new phone, and had to trade the new phone in due to some issues) the app says it can’t open and gives me an error message...usually deleting and reinstalling fixes it but it’s frustrating.
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5 years ago, Donjuansgirl
Makes me want to switch banks
It’s so frustrating to wake up in the morning and want to check your bank balance and not be able to. It’s constantly either downloading updates at 7 am, or throws up that there is an unknown error, or that the network is busy. The website is down. I have ZERO access to see my account!!! People get paid on Friday and can’t get into their account. It happens so frequently I’m considering changing banks.
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5 years ago, GordiLav
Why the poor ratings?
This app does about anything I need it to do, and dependably. I can’t see my ebills like I can online, but I’m not sure how many other banking apps allow that either. Overall the app is quick, and I’ve had no snags with transfers, bill pays, etc.
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4 years ago, BoomBoomRoomGuy
Does not work, not even a little bit
If you enjoy spending 15 minutes trying to log on to your account and getting error after error before you finally just give up this is the app for you! “The data network is unavailable. Please try again or come back later” “Missing JSON dictionary” Or my personal favorite, “Your secure session with Country Club Bank is about to time out. Would you like to remain signed on.” Hit OK and you’re still stuck at the login screen... This is the worst app I’ve ever used by a financial institution. I love CCB, but they need to fire their app dev team and start from scratch on a new app, because this app has only gotten worse over the past five years.
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4 years ago, Gillian-d
Face ID Completely Inoperable
App is basic but fine— once I log in. But on iPhone XR Face ID completely doesn’t work. I enable. Next, 8 times out of 9, next time I login, even it SHOWS that Face ID is enabled it STILL requires entry of password!!!! Grrrr.
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6 years ago, Nidikhi
Usually Pretty Good...
Usually this app is pretty good. I haven’t noticed many problems except lately, I have noticed that later in the evening/night, it has trouble with letting me sign in. Both the TouchID and the regular sign in won’t work the later in the night.
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5 years ago, OW092509
It won’t even open
I upgraded my phone to then iPhone X’s and now this app will not even open. I keep getting a pop up message that says “error the mobile application is currently unavailable. Please contact us for assistance error 1230.” Ive been getting this pop up for 2 weeks now. I wish zero stars were an option.
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9 months ago, jasperdepeux
Horrible App - Do not download
It worked well for a long time. Now it randomly and constantly locks me out for no apparent reason with inane error messages. Utterly useless and very aggravating. I have contacted the bank and they have contacted the app managers with no apparent result. Maybe time to switch banks. What a shame.
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3 years ago, meyercoffman
Easy access
Very simple layout, easy access with face/Touch ID.
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6 years ago, wantstobankbutcant
Fix mobile check deposit
Says can’t read check data. Please address.
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6 years ago, lsaragusa
Was ok for what I needed, now not so much
I thought the app was pretty ok for what I needed, until last week. Then it stopped working as soon as I got a new phone. I couldn’t do anything with it. Super frustrating.
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2 months ago, ashall521
App constantly logs out
App does not work well with Face ID. Then I’m prompted to enter my password again.
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6 years ago, Ccbscott
Love it!
Works great on iPhone X. Love the check deposit feature!
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9 years ago, Rok2hawk
As effective as a digital paperweight.
The app is extremely useful and user-friendly, and I enjoy it...when it actually works. However, it doesn't work. The only thing it does is aggravate me. I'm having the same problem as the other reviewers: the login screen is frozen, and deleting and reinstalling the app does nothing. I'm a second generation CCB account holder, and while I like CCB, the lack of an consistently operating app is slowly driving me away. People in my age range (30s) expect a working app from our banks. Please fix this issue now, unless you can do so sooner.
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5 years ago, Unhappy1638368167286386262
Very bad
Depositing checks is horrible. Takes >20 attempts before it accepts a picture of a check
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5 years ago, Sirstopp
App no longer works
It straight up doesn’t work anymore
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4 years ago, ***BWOT***
Needs some fixes but not terrible
Being an acquired Bank of the Prairie App user has let me compare the two. So let’s get started, first off there are bugs: - When you search transactions within an account it will switch the gains to losses and vice versa... very confusing. - Still needs to add converted Bank of the Prairie locations to the map. - I have alerts on (both in apps and in my phone settings), but I never get any alerts. There is also a lot to be desired: - The account summary doesn’t give any more than the current balance in the account, so the feature is useless... add a time graph or other visual. - Even if you set up Touch ID to get on the app it often asks for you to login again to view your accounts, making Touch ID feature useless. - There’s no two step verification. Would be so easy to add and should be optional. - Can’t view statements for accounts. You should be able to. - Overall UI is bland, I know its banking but really? - Do you really need a whole ‘recents’ tab when you there’s only four things you can do? It takes the same amount of time to get to the same place whether you use recents or the middle plus button... - Consider moving ‘card controls’ and ‘payees’ to the plus button as well and bundle the last three things in the ‘More’ to just a Settings tab to make things simpler. - Consider using swipe gestures to navigate tabs like you do with the accounts. - I think a News (of the latest happening at CCB) section would make the app feel more modern and would also benefit your users. Hope you read this!
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6 years ago, FattyDingDongs
iPhone X
Does not work on iPhone X. Sad!
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7 years ago, KC Tower
Touch ID Support??
The CCB website promotes that the app supports the iPhone's Touch ID. Unfortunately, this is not the case. What gives?
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12 years ago, jakefromkc
Great bank, great app
Great app for on-the-go banking! Country Club Bank always puts their customers first, and this app just makes everything easier, faster, and more accessible. Stop by and see my friends at the Prairie Village branch!
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9 years ago, Sam201304131007
This app opens fine but once open you cannot select anything or type anything. A fix is needed.
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12 years ago, Chiefs82
Great app
Perfect for secure and easy online banking
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12 years ago, phoward97
Wonderful app!
Great app! Very convenient!
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1 year ago, Trash24
Crashes and Errors
App is usually functional, which isn’t saying much. But recently crashes with an error code upon opening the app. Therefore the app has gone from functional to useless. I need reliable access to my accounts so I will be looking to move to a new bank if this keeps up.
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