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Last update
1 year ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for CourtReserve

3.56 out of 5
117 Ratings
1 year ago, Pickleball B
Pretty Good-Not Perfect
I am an end user (club member) and have been pleased with all CourtReserve’s main features. It’s (usually) convenient and it’s free for end users like me. It doesn’t always work as stated. As space becomes free due to cancellations, and you are No 1 on a waitlist to attend that session, you are supposed to automatically be bumped up and register as an attendee. Twice it’s failed to do that for me. Once ppl lower on the list bumped up past me. Yesterday, I was the only one waitlisted, someone canceled, and I remained on the waitlist. It sounds trite, but is annoying if you’ve been trying to get into that session for some time. (Thankfully I noticed at the last minute the empty spot and my name still waitlisted, canceled the waitlist, and registered for the session.)
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2 years ago, Kenta Goto
Great but needs better features
This app is great and would work really well if the “find tennis players” feature worked a little better. No one has time to email everyone on the list to see someone wants to play. Why not allow broadcasting? I.e, send out a message to everyone including time to play and rating. This would have such an upper hand to apps like TennisPAL because everyone is already a member to the organization. Also, the list of players should be sorted in such way that would increase the chance of players finding each other who want to play. I.e sort by people who logged on most recently, have messaged people recently, etc… If you need any help with development feel free to contact me. I’m a senior software engineer at Bloomberg.
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8 months ago, Wolificus
Not Great But It Gets The Job Done
It’s not sexy but it works. I use it all the time to book times at my local pickleball clubs, as I have no other choice. Below is my list of grievances: • The UI could look a little more polished. I feel like I could throw something better together in a few hours. • The “Today” button in Calendar mode unless you’re displaying only one day (not a week or month). • The Notifications button shows that I have 2 notifications, but shows a blank screen when I click it. • The Register button at the bottom of the screen takes me to the same screen as the Home button.
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4 months ago, Bilge gmail
Works Perfectly
Court Reserve has performed without issue for years for us. To clarify … when you are waitlisted and a spot opens up, an email is automatically generated to *everyone* on the waitlist. There is no priority list based on when you were waitlisted. It is first come, first serve to reserve your spot. You do not have to cancel your waitlist, the system app will automatically move you off the waitlist if you are the first one to respond to register your spot. It’s very easy. It’s very simple. Just have email notifications turned on. We all really like the app.
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10 months ago, Dr. B 602
We are club members. The app is still unacceptable. Our courts are booked on a first come basis. The app freezes at 7 am sign up time- for several minutes! We can sign up for either tennis or pickle ball courts. The app does not recognize which type - so we cannot reserve the court. The app requires a first name for a guest player before completing the reservation- but it will not allow us to enter the first name. We are asking our club to find another reservation app asap. It may be free for members, but beware of free parachutes, free brain surgery, and this “free” app!!!
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10 months ago, Devanhoops
3 Years Experience
I’ve been using CR as a player and as an admin of our Club and they continue to deliver for us. They are constantly adding new features to help our Club with reports, player experience, ease of use and tons of customization. This is the best Club management tool on the market!
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1 year ago, Runzhi Xing
Multiple issues need improvements
1. The app search player function can be flaky and broken sometimes. Users are not able to add play to the court and make a reservation. This is buggy 2. Users are not allowed to book a one and half hour session when there is available time slot just for one and half hour. 3. Users are not allowed to book a 2 hours session when the session span over from early access to prime hour. The user experience needs a redesign.
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2 years ago, Redsoxfan15b
Super Easy to Use
Every time I turn around there is some new app to play and register for pickleball. This one has been the easiest and most user friendly. This is coming from a graphic designer that wants a good look AND function. Super easy to use and functional.
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2 years ago, Lorenhunny
Does NOT work for Admins!!
This app used to work without a problem for administrators. Ever since a major update, it now looks like the desktop version and when I try to do ANYTHING (check in clients, try to collect payment) it DOES NOT WORK!! It opens up the window to either check in a client or collect a payment, but the window doesn’t move when you try to scroll to view and press the corresponding buttons, but the background behind the window moves. Please fix this!!
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2 years ago, Justin_Harrell
Fantastic Platform with Continuous Improvement
CourtReserve is the only platform for sports I know of that will constantly add new features based on what clubs need. Continuous updates and works directly with clubs to make sure the system is fully customized to just what they need.
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2 months ago, None-all taken
The App doesn’t allow full registration
I am a member of three different organizations. When I sign up to reserve court time or sign up for a clinic, my iPhone app does not allow me to pay/finalize the registration. No button appears to finalize the registration on the iPhone. I have to do that on the laptop. It’s very frustrating.
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2 years ago, Ty Labenne
Great App
Court reserve as a great app. I know many clubs around the country use it for their day to day court reservations, and for good reason. It has become very handy in making my pickleball court reservations, and my ladder league play. Cool features. Very easy to use! Definitely recommend!
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7 months ago, 1 Nana B
I use CR daily for scheduling Pickleball games. The one thing missing is a way to input players name, how many courts being used so that it can randomly place partners and courts together. There is a free web site called Jumbled Doubles that we try and use. Marry it to CR!
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2 years ago, NCMama2022
App for tennis and pickleball
CourtReserve app makes it so easy for our players and guests to register, pay and it’s all on the mobile phone. Easy to use and our instructors love having everything they need on the court .... on their phone!
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2 years ago, Gregory711
Easy to use and full of good info
I’ve been using the court reserve app for several months now. It is easy to use and navigate. I like the features all in one place for the multiple venues I have around me.
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5 months ago, AlejandroJR4
Not end user Friendly
I see what court reserve is trying to do yet the app is not very intuitive. The club that I’m part of integrated and/or created their website on the platform and is not user friendly. The calendar function is not well designed. Please make it more mobile user friendly with a more efficient way to schedule events.
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1 year ago, nduwncjiktla
Recent Google Log In Issue
I use this app for all my indoor pickleball reservations, which is good, but as of this last week, it won’t let me log in with my Google account. It says “Access blocked: Authorization Error”, and now I’m unable to log in. I hope the developers will handle this issue soon!
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10 months ago, dhsishflakxn
Great program for tennis and Pickleball!
Court reserve is a great platform to run your Tennis or Pickleball facility. The customer service is top notch. They are always looking to grow the program and make it better. Forward thinking! Affordable and customizable.
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1 year ago, chell0
Family memberships
There’s no customer service for court reserve and now way to connect an already existing account to a family membership. We contacted our organization and they don’t have any way to join our accounts so I’d have to delete mine. Super frustrating and can’t find any customer service through the app to assist.
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2 months ago, Señora Jaquie
Functional, Work in progress
Overall the app works decently, though there are glitches with the waitlist functions and ability to see the calendar on a mobile device. Future upgrades could add rather simple end user/player features showing how many hours I have played and notifications of upcoming class/court availability. Seems like pretty simple things, a possible motivator for players, thus, helping the clubs. Thanks.
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2 years ago, Little Fearther
Great App
This is a great app that always has new updates to improve the experience for their customers. Would recommend to everyone I know!!
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11 months ago, Bmloff
No Support
Emailed support twice. No response. App down for 2 days. Trying to reserve I get a spinning circle or blank reservation page. Difficult to use when reserving a court with our club. We have 22 pickleball courts. Almost 2000 members. 1 thru 9 show on the screen. Please show all courts on one page so we don’t have to scroll to reserve a court above 9.
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2 years ago, no dill here
Poor performance
Nice concept but poor performance and design. The refresh button does not refresh. You have to always go back to the home page to refresh. Clumsy to see who is registered and waitlisted. Waitlisted events should be in the home page along with registered events. I could go on…
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8 months ago, Dglavin96
Cannot change rating
Neither the app nor the web version will allow me to change my rating from 1 in my personal information, and therefore I can’t reserve a spot in events at my level. There appears to be no help feature for the end user.
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2 years ago, FanaticPickleball
Fantastic Product
Easy to navigate and a great product to have! Highly Recommend!
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2 years ago, JP Wyo
New update is terrible
The app looked great and worked great. The newest update makes everything harder to find and navigate.
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10 months ago, hiker in Amalfi
Thanks for your innovation!
Very impressed how you’ve continued to adjust & change as Pickleball has evolved! Pleased with the ease of reserving time at the various clubs I play at. Kudos to Court Reserve!!!!
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2 years ago, DT236
Easy to use
Let’s me know I have a court available when I show up to play. Never have to wait. Love it!!!
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2 months ago, kimmmiii236
So easy to use!
I love this app! I’m so glad my club started using this site. It’s so simple to book a court. 3 clicks and I’m done!
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12 months ago, mljh1234
Frequently “experiencing performance degradation”
Both the app and web portals are almost always down when I try to reserve a court. This is frustrating given the popularity of the courts fills reservations quickly. And, we pay a membership fee to use our local courts so ist ia doubly frustrating.
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2 months ago, JenC : )
Love it!
I play at several clubs and love the ease of toggling back and forth from one club to another.
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2 years ago, lmcd2022
Horrible update
There was nothing wrong with the app as it was, I loved it! Since the update it is terrible. Everything is so hard to find and you can’t see as many events at once. There should be a way to view the old version. I’m ready to dump this new one.
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11 months ago, Lisarrrrrrrrrr
Gender bug
If you opt not to choose a gender during set up this can’t be changed later. Some clubs require gender and then you can’t use the app for those clubs. I’m going to have to create a brand new account to circumvent this gender bug. Really ghetto software in so many ways.
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4 months ago, Speye kidz
Terrible 2000 design
Why would you have to hit the words, book a court twice? And why is there no connection to Apple Pay? I’m sure it says as purpose, but the design is terrible and clunky.
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1 year ago, gscottoliver
No help
The app does not tell us whether we can sign in with our existing club credentials (no). Then when we say “Join an Organization” and pick the USTA National Campus, there’s no option to simply sign in. There’s only a form to create a new account. I guess I can’t use this app.
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10 months ago, HNG0827
Easy to use
Court reserve makes signing up for Pickleball events super easy and seamless!
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11 months ago, SandraCC77
Very slow
This app used to be more efficient, it’s getting worse by the day
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12 months ago, kjyuhr
White screen after update iOS 16.5.1
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2 months ago, dog lover 2.0 !!!!!
Super user friendly and just a great app
Love this app! It’s super easy to use!
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1 year ago, jacjac_attack13
I can’t get the app to search for an organization. It just freezes. I tried deleting and reloading the app and it does the same thing. It’s completely useless if I can’t find the organization I need.
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5 months ago, Everyone in the world 1
This app is horrible. To do most things I need to get on a desktop computer, that makes no sense. It’s not user friendly.
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10 months ago, IDB resident
Awesome tech!
Great functionality, easy to use, and innovation!
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1 year ago, YihuaZhu1987
Search player function not working
Try to add my partner who is also in the membership to my reserved time. Didn’t work. Actually nothing showed up for selection.
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2 years ago, gonzorocky
Can’t add multiple accounts
If you want to use this at two clubs you need to use a second email address. Huge hassle since everything is handled via email.
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4 months ago, Oxford PB
White Screen
The last three times that I’ve tried to log on to CR, I’ve gotten a blank white screen. I thought they had fixed this…
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6 months ago, VZC2
Inconsistent function
Blank white screen keeps coming up. Supposedly resolved some time ago. NOT!!!!
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10 months ago, JB@D
Amazing App
Super easy to use
Show more
10 months ago, Lane O.
Credit Card Required
Can’t do anything unless credit card info is entered.
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2 years ago, Rougiepoo
Great App
Easy to use
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2 years ago, pickleball rocks!
Check-In icon “disappeared”
Top right corner of app - “Check-In icon disappeared” with new update. BRING IT BACK!!!
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