CoVantage Credit Union

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CoVantage Credit Union
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2 months ago
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User Reviews for CoVantage Credit Union

4.22 out of 5
2.2K Ratings
1 year ago, ZoMcYo
Could Be Better
I have used a few different banking apps over the years, and so I am pretty familiar with them. This one feels like banking apps from a few years ago- a little clunky and outdated. With a few tweaks, this could be streamlined and a lot more user friendly. 1) This could use a “remember user name” button. Would be a lot more convenient to just enter the app and type in password instead of the user name & password every single time. 2) With Fast Look, it would be great if it could show the last 3-5 transactions for the selected accounts allowed for Fast Look. Sometimes I just want to see if my last transaction has gone through and it is a hassle to sign in every time I just want to check on one thing. 3) The menu is a little confusing. It took me several minutes and tries to figure out how to set up Fast Look on my devices. 4) The original account names are confusing. It wasn’t clear when glancing which was the checking account and which was the savings account. (I am thankful that I could re-name the accounts so that it is easier to figure out what I am looking at!) Other than making it a little simpler and thus more user friendly, this app gets the job done. I haven’t had any issues with it other than the occasional system being down for maintenance, but that is usually on a banner ahead of time so I know when I cannot access.
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6 years ago, Emoji17
Do not like!!!
There are several times in a day I can't access my mobile account at all but for some reason I can the next day. It takes longer to move from screen to screen. I used to be able to look on main screen and see what I still needed to make a payment on for the month now I need to open each loan to see what I still need to pay for the month. This app takes much longer than the old one. Go back to what was user friendly and WORKED!
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4 months ago, Wiscosin Hobby Farmer
I Love CoVantage but this App needs work
First of all my family and I are thankful for CoVantage and everything they provide. However the credit unions entire web and digital presence feels old and has lots of glitches. When it comes to this app the login errors out constantly and the design does not work well with modern devices, and it overall just feels cheap. The main website is ok, the design is still worse than other banks and credit unions, yet it isn’t the worst Overall I think CoVantage should take some time and redevelop both the digital banking interface and mobile app. Consider using Swift and SwiftUI on iOS as it can create an amazing interface and experience for the members. With some work I feel the entire digital experience of CoVantage could improve to an amazing point!
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5 years ago, Zelenogrand
Pending transactions
The way it breaks down by month is great, except for the fact that if you have any pending transactions at the end of the month they don’t carry over to the next month until they clear. They just disappear. It still shows the difference in the balance vs available balance but not what amounts are pending. It would be nice to see this issue resolved. It is now been almost a year since my previous review, and nothing has changed, what a surprise. Now my issue is that at least once a week I have to re-authorize my fingerprint identification so that I can get into my app. I can see why it only gets two star reviews in the App Store. I think one star is more like it!!!
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6 years ago, Fondie1985
Security questions???
First off there is no point in using Touch ID if you still have to type your answers to your security question each time you log in. It really defeats the purpose of using Touch ID to log in. I can see having to answer security questions for your first login on a new device, but after that it should recognize the device you are using, and you shouldn't have to answer them every time. Overall I do like the new update, but having to answer those questions every single time is annoying and it now takes twice as long to log into my account. Please address this.
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2 months ago, WhiskeeTango
I could easily log in cash a check, transfer money, pay bills, take out loans. With this new app it’s been a hassle to log in get my rewards or do almost anything when I need to. This new app is not good please go back to how it was!!!! I’m ready to switch banks over the mobile online issues I work nights and don’t have time to visit the bank for all my needs. I chose you guys because of this feature and convenience. The rewards issue is also annoying it should automatically link to your accounts. Not being able to access my account is really frustrating especially without notice being down all day on a Friday pay day.
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3 years ago, $redo@@
Love it - when it works
At least twice a week after I enter my login info it flips me to an error screen. I have to delete the app and reload it. Recently the camera function changed so you can’t get the check you’re trying to mobile deposit to fit in the photo taking area. You have to guess, click, sometimes only part of the check gets in the pic and you have to do several retakes. It’s frustrating. The camera used to work really well. My bank is 30 minutes from me so I love the convenience of mobile banking but this app makes me crazy.
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6 years ago, iamMSYooper
Don't Fix What Isn't Broken!
Now, I'm sure there are good reasons behind this change, but here's my opinion: This update should have been MUCH further along in its development before it went public. I see comments on these reviews that "we'll be enhancing 'the look and feel' in future updates", but as of now the "look and feel" of the app is simply childish. The previous version worked, and looked, just fine! Edit: STILL BROKEN! Haven't been able to sign into my account this entire week because the security question system is obviously bugged. "Your nickname cannot contain your password." Pretty sure that nothing in my password matches every security image there is!
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4 years ago, dissapointed bank app user
Works well , when it works
This app makes mobile banking available and that is very handy. It is very glitchy. Occasionally it will go into a cycle when you first open the app that just sits at the blank home page without the log in boxes ever appearing. Once this happens you have to uninstall the app then re download. Also will occasional get into a cycle where when the app is opened it takes you off to a website in the internet browser.... very odd and concerning for banking security. I don’t know if I’ll use the app much longer because of how glitchy it is I should not have to install and uninstall the app for it to work for a few weeks.
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4 months ago, Msgt D B
Been reading some of the reviews and I haven’t encountered any of the problems they seem to be having other than not being able to do a mobile deposit but I use my tablet for that mainly because it has a bigger screen. Still, it would be nice to be able to do a mobile deposit with my phone.
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2 months ago, FUtoyournicknames
Previous Version Was Better
The previous app version was easier to navigate. And the previous version always loaded fine. The latest updated version has been very problematic with loading. If you do get in there are now more steps/clicks needed than before to navigate. Covantage has been a great credit union for me. I hope they can fix the issues with the updated app, as it is my primary account access. Coincidentally I left my previous institution for Covantage because of ongoing app and website outages and problems.
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2 months ago, Vintagetreasure55
Change can be good it’s just adjusting that takes time sometimes. Last Sunday our CU underwent internal update’s. Monday I found changes which took a little bit to figure out, but I’m finding this refreshing & that it shows they truly taking care about us & our security in these trying times.
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2 months ago, Diesel Dawned
New version is terrible
This app used to be great until the new updated version. 9 times out of 10, you can’t even login anymore. And because the app is connected to the online access through the website, when one is down they both are down. Very frustrating and I am strongly considering moving my bank accounts to a more stable institution with better online banking. Switch back to the old app so your customers can access their accounts please. This used to be my favorite credit Union and I have referred many to you. Now? No way.
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2 years ago, Ekztierb
Fix the app
Something since they have done there update the app has been screwed up every time I even open the app it brings me to a online website that all it has is a “I’m not a robot” link which doesn’t do anything and I try to open the app again and brings me right back… I can’t even access anything in the app.. really annoying please fix it I like the app I think it’s one the best around for banking quick and really simple..
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6 years ago, TehGuyy
Really Good!
Really good user interface. I've read through all reviews for the current update and I feel the hardest part for myself was finding and entering my account number 😂 I mean of June 14th 2017 the app isn't very hard to use in my opinion and any waits are worth it for the convenience of online interactions!
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5 years ago, captdoge
Wish it works
Just downloaded the app to try and deposit my check, I live 35 min away from my bank so it’s a bit inconvenient to drive up there ever time I have a check. After it downloaded the app, I spent 3 mins in a loading screen. I closed the app tried again, it worked! So I put in my login name and spent 5 min waiting for something to happen, nothing. Close the app again. Open it up again This time it says it can’t reach the network and wont even work. This is unacceptable for a mobile app for a bank they are quite easy to make and use so idk why this is so bad.
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4 years ago, lilbit irritated
Cannot switch from fingerprint to Face ID
Love the app! Very convenient way to bank with CoVantage. However, I upgraded to a iPhone 11 Pro Max and I no longer have capabilities for fingerprint. I’ve tried multiple times and have reinstalled app and still cannot switch to Face ID. So it’s back to loggin and password. Very inconvenient. Also, I can not loggin while on WiFi after update. I must use cellular data. Not so safe, hey? Once these irritating issues are fixed, I’ll happily give this app 5 stars.
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1 week ago, Weatherbwrong
Upgrade promised a better experience
The last major upgrade promised a better more user friendly experience in the app, and I have yet to find this true. It’s always forgetting my biometrics and constantly sending me a text because it doesn’t remember my device, and it feels more difficult to navigate. I like the old look that had bold section deciders and type and now everything blends together, making it seem more difficult to find what you’re looking for.
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4 years ago, Swangberg
This should make banking easier...
This app should make it easier for me to do my banking right? Wrong. Half the time the app doesn’t work and I have to either call the bank or go into the bank. What’s the point of having an app (or website) if it is constantly going to be down? I also have to uninstall and reinstall this app all the time, so it works properly. If I didn’t need it for my banking it would have been uninstalled permanently a long time ago...
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4 weeks ago, terrible@pp
Boot whoever decided to change this app!
This app is so annoying compared to the old one! I literally see no benefit to users now that they’ve made these changes. I’m also sick of having to verify my device with phone call, text, or email everytime I want to log in. The old adage “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” should have been applied before CoVantage went through with this decision. I hope they read these reviews and do something to change this soon!
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5 months ago, JaggedRox
CoVantage App is Awesome!
I love the CoVantage app. So fast and easy. I don’t have time to pull out my laptop to do banking and why would I, I have all I need in the palm of my hand! Thanks for making it easy for me to pay my bills and see how much I have in my accounts at all times.
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6 years ago, by Vauled Customer
Hate the new app, isn't secure. No security question asked like before. Put it back the way it was. Why did you even mess with it. Now when you log in the user I.D. Shows in your word scroll. Don't like that at all. You should have just left it alone. Don't trust it now.
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5 years ago, ****L
This app is so very unresponsive.
My other apps are working as expected. I have trouble with this one every time I log in. I used to be able to access the desktop site from the internet, but now I get routed to the app immediately. I have shut down all my devices including my wireless router and unplugged it from the wall. Cleared the cache and website data. I even deleted some apps to few up space. I’ve been trying to log in for 30 min now. It’s not always THIS bad, but ALWAYS frustrating.
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2 months ago, KatieLady23
Definitely has gotten better
There has always been the downfalls of every app but my banking app I like it to be easy. This is very user friendly to use and makes me love banking at covantage
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2 months ago, Not a fan of upgraded app
Hello- I do not like the new update of the CVCU app, not user friendly anymore! Previous version, I could go into my loan hit make a payment and all my information is there (“details”) - making easy to select what pymt I’m going to do without have to double back to verify what the monthly pymt is, since I do pay over the minimum monthly payment. I haven’t done my external pymt yet, wonder how that’ll go next month. Too many extra clicks and double checking, not a fan.
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6 years ago, JRay527
Outdated and doesn’t let me log in half the time.
When it actually works, it’s not terrible I guess, but it looks outdated. Last updated over 8 months ago??? Come on! I have an iPhone 10 so I don’t have a fingerprint scanner so I have to type in my password every time, it gets annoying. Update it for iPhone 10, make it look better, and add face recognition. If you can’t even manage that, at least make it work properly. I love CoVantage but this app is an embarrassment to a great bank.
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4 days ago, ezridr60
CoVantage v 2.2.2
For this iPad user this is a horrible app. It only opens in portrait view. After logging in, any pop-up window opens in landscape, obscuring any data you’re trying to enter. The previous version worked fine. according to the response I got from the developer the new app is only to be used on an iPhone, not designed for an iPad. So they took an app that was working fine on both devices and made it unusable on an iPad, nice work!
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2 months ago, Nanamcd6
Customer service
I bank at three different banks in Shawano. CoVantage has the best customer service. I have never had a bad experience. Banking on line is very easy. And for this I thank you. Keep up the great work.
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2 months ago, wis river down stresm
I haven’t been able to get this new version of my COVANTAGE to work on iPhone or iPad. It is sideways in orientation no matter what I do, and doesn’t respond to my name & password. On my iPhone it will not load as an update . I tried the website but what I found did not look correct I’m sorry to lose this connection- but can’t do it with this new app
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1 year ago, ssarawithoutanh24
Love how it’s easy to control and move funds and not having to call all the time when needing to transfer to member to member, checking into saving, and the set up for automatic payments!
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2 months ago, Becky is not happy
New site
Absolutely despise this new site! So many extra steps to make payments on my loans An card, I moved An hr away An kept my act Thru here becuz off the app being so user friendly but now I'm going to be looking for a local bank and checking out their apps. This Is horrible!!!!! Ps- the due date being above the words plus the way it's written makes it look like an account not the date!!! Just horrible!!!!!
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1 year ago, lunarstar8675309
I love this bank and it’s app.
This is one of the greatest bank apps I have had. Always up to date and everything easy to access.
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2 months ago, Should be better …..
Not improved
If anything the new interface is less clear. No colors to separate my many accounts makes it messy and slow to find accounts I’m looking for. When I’m a in an account and hit make a payment, why doesn’t it automatically fill in the account I’m in? It’s like starting from scratch. Not impressed
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2 months ago, Pinkpelican5000
New update
This new update is slow and barely works half the time. When I try to sign in it says an error has occurred and gives me an 800 number. Never had a problem with the old version of the app. As someone who relies on this app, because otherwise I have to drive 30 mins to an actual location, this is extremely frustrating.
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2 months ago, LnL411
update FAIL
Rarely works since last update. It won’t allow me to sign in and suggests I call the 800 number. Unfortunately after getting through the phone tree I am indefinitely on hold for “eleven minutes.” I’m considering changing credit unions since this is the only way I can check my accounts besides driving 15 miles to the nearest location.
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1 year ago, caveldc
Great app
Great app and great customer service. I had an issue with the app and I was contacted immediately and shown what I was doing wrong. Highly recommend it.
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1 year ago, Shop kick mom
When it works it great..
The app is nice and easy to use. I get a lot of network errors and issues depositing checks via mobile deposits. So when it works it’s great. But it is frustrating so if you need things done timely this isn’t the app to depend on.
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4 years ago, Nina triste
Changes are LESS convenient
Quick pay and Multiple Bill Pay were two convenient options recently removed without notice making online banking more complicated. Messages sent are never responded to. I used to highly recommend this business...
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2 years ago, twojlom
Turn off auto fill for user name login!
Why is auto fill even on for the user name? This is a big security concern. Someone can just start with one letter, number, character and if the matches the login it auto pops up to auto fill. This is not good. Please get this fixed ASAP. Turn off auro fill for the user name!
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2 months ago, JDOMINIKA
Great redesign!
Much more modern look and better navigation than previous version
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5 years ago, Strngr2hrslf
Hate using his app at all now
Slow and crashes all the time, Touch ID no longer works at all not will it let me set it up again, kicks me out of my account randomly, it also takes me 10 minutes just to check my balance with how slow it is. No point in even using this app anymore and it looks like many other people agree.
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1 year ago, trakersten
Love the changes
I love the new bill pay. Supper easy to use and the money transfers much faster.
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5 years ago, S. Neconish
Needs a lot of work
Great app when it works, but more often than not it’s getting to be I have to delete the app and then reinstall it in order for it to work. For some reason when trying to log in it keeps locking up and will locked for a day or two
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2 months ago, btousi
I wonder if this app was designed by 5th graders. How can I have an online checking account without being able to see the actual account. I want to see a line by line accounting of what is coming in and what is going out of my account without a “search.” Kinda like it was prior to this inglorious upgrade. Very elemental.
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2 months ago, 0518kmh
Since the latest update the app is extremely slow. Takes much longer to load
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1 year ago, Antigo user
Great App!!
I like using the app to deposit checks remotely. The feature to freeze and unfreeze my debit card is cool too!
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3 weeks ago, (; :D
Could be better
Since the new update, I’m asked every time when I login to verify my identity. Extremely annoying. I wish there was an option to “remember my identity on this device” so I don’t have to verify it every time.
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5 years ago, cappinredrum
Works like a charm!
The app has come a long way since it first came out and it’s works wonderfully for me.
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2 months ago, GorskiFace837
Problem logging in
The app worked pretty well until the new update, now it doesn’t even work at all. With the new update, I am unable to log in. I’ll up the star reviews once this problem is fixed, I hope it’s fixed quick too.
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2 months ago, Mickers013$$
Absolutely awful
I have been a covantage member for over 10 years. Always loved them and their app. Recently they changed the format on the app and it looks absolutely horrendous. Ever since changing it as well, there’s nothing but problems with it. Bring the old app back!
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