Cover Art Studio

Photo & Video
4.5 (2.8K)
308.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gnoodl, LLC
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cover Art Studio

4.46 out of 5
2.8K Ratings
10 months ago, sircharlesshaw
One time purchase for “Pro”
The app is great and easy to use. I have no complaints or criticisms about app functionality or anything in that nature. I really want to upgrade to pro; however, I’m not a huge fan of subscriptions (like the vast majority of customers). I think that the developers should consider making a one time purchase option for pro because it’s more appealing than a subscription fee. Thank you, this is a great app.
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3 years ago, Thenewno3
What a joke, don’t waste your time
As a designer who has created multiple album/single covers for a range of artists, I had to try this app - and couldn’t stop laughing. This line in their App Store description - “These days a great album cover is a great picture and a parental advisory sticker, ask Drake” - is pretty much all you get: import your own photo and slap a parental advisory sticker on it lol. You get a couple basic “stickers” for free - great if you’re designing for 5-year olds - but other than that it’s trash. Try exporting the pic: a whopping 75kb file size, dimensions that won’t work on any digital platform. For anything “better” - and I say this with a bag of salt - you have to get a subscription. Trust me, any other photo app lets you do more than this one. And in all honesty: if you’re a serious musician who needs cover art for a serious release, you know you have to either pay a pro or, if you’re able to, use a real design app yourself. Doesn’t even have to be the Adobe suite for big bucks (Gimp does a fine job and is free) but this app here is a joke. Don’t waste your time or money.
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1 year ago, Jimmys regular
Broken app finally fixed
I know the creator of this app personally. One of the worst human beings I’ve ever met in my life. When I first met him he forced me to download the app. Every time I pointed out a bug or something that didn’t make sense he would ignore it and try to distract me with another broken feature. I opened this app by accident because I was trying to delete it but then I decided to go through it one last time. Surprisingly enough everything that was wrong with the app before was fixed. And now I’d say it works pretty well.
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3 years ago, Crystal Cierra Mitchell
How would I save my current cover project to go back to l8r without having to start from scratch?!!! Everytime you let it sit to long or leave the app and come back your work is gone! Other than that it’s awesome and has the capacity to create very creative beautiful cover art!!!! ~ ❤️💕🤞🏼👩🏼‍🎤Foreign Request
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3 years ago, YUNG$PXCEY
Y’all needa fix the way you maneuver through the app
I ain’t finna lie, I use this app everytime I drop new music, but it gets very annoying, I cracked my phone for the first time because of this app lol obviously my fault but shows you how frustrating it can get, everytime im in the middle of my covers, I’m always forced to restart because I either crashes, gets stuck and frozen, or I can’t even move around any stickers or logos anymore, if you don’t wanna deal wit any of that I do not recommend this app, but if you have patience then I guess give it a go but, the creators of this app need to do a lot of work for real.
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2 years ago, Ray Astonishin
What happened???
When I first got this app it was the perfect app to create my cover for music, but after it’s most recent update I can’t do see my backgrounds, I can edit the layers of art I usually set and it’s still buggy. On top of all of that, they’re charging me a dollar more than before. This needs to be fixed asap.
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3 years ago, bnrose96
App Makes Cover Art Too Small
I have used this app in the past so idk why all of a sudden this issue has come up but this app makes my cover art dimensions too small for stores. Every time I save a cover art from this app and attempt yo upload it to Distrokid, I get a “Your image is too small. Your image is 800x800 but stores require at least 1000x1000 pixels in both height & width.” Notification on distrokid. Is there a way to change the dimensions of the images that can be edited on Cover Art app.
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5 months ago, DJZ704
Can’t get better
I can’t thank you enough, especially for not making me add water marks. This app gives you SOOOO many options and they all come out amazing. Great job. Without you guys I wouldn’t have the final touch to my project. Wish I could give 50 stars.
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5 years ago, ArtWalkOfFreedom
Great App. Minor Issues.
I love what you guys have done. The only two things I’d like to see improve with the app; 1) Add lines or a graph to show where the center of the text, images, etc. are being placed and 2) Add more variety and higher quality imagery. Otherwise, I’m completely satisfied with the parental advisory logo! 😁
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2 years ago, JOHNNYADAMA
Glad I found this app
I’m an aspiring artist and since I’ve found out about Cover Art Studio I’ve used it for every project I’ve been part of!! Super simple and easy to use, and the updates have improved user efficiency as well so S/O whoever runs this thing!!
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5 years ago, prospec80
Adjusting the size to graphics is messed up
When adjusting the size of the graphics, once u either get really big or really small, it starts to spin every fast and it’s annoying. It needs to be fixed and then this app would be perfect
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2 years ago, joseph mckenzy
Please take all those updates off, the app was fine how it use to be it worked better than now the only issue it had was that it would crash sometimes ,you guys should’ve just fixed the crashing but all these updates just made this app terrible i use to love it but now i hate using this app its terrible Guys updates are suppose to improve an app but you guys are making it worse and worse after every update.
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8 months ago, Hannibal M
Highly Recommend
Any artist that is trying to add some flair to their cover art for their project, this is a good app to use that has some nice effects and fonts and numerous things to help the art look great. I was happy to find it and utilize it for my first album🙌🏾
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1 year ago, Gqthecameraman
This app has made my photography career go crazy
Cover art studio has helped me debut a lot of my photography. Being able to design from my app and then see it in physical form for promo out in the streets with just a couple adjustments on the app.
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11 months ago, GetBackO
Not working properly
I literally cannot add in a second picture, after I click the select photo button that takes me to my photo library the button stops working, if I close app and try again it just happens again. This is very annoying please fix it
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1 year ago, vønn
Great app for beginning artists
Needs the ability to import your own fonts and along with the ability to incorporate your own backgrounds like in photoshop. Also if you can cut outlines out that would be cool too.
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2 years ago, xXDraculaXxBoyPR
Way too many crashes!
I pay for the premium options,I’ve been very patient because I know it must not be easy but with each update the stability has gotten progressively worst! Now I can’t barely download any new stickers because it just CRASHES! If I’m paying for a service atleast make it work correctly guys!
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3 years ago, PapaFreak76
If you make an app and charge???
If you guys wanna make an app like this, cool, if you wanna charge, cool, BUT FIX IT!!! You can do anything with text at all. Plus half the time when you are typing something in the screen it locks you out of doing anything else. App would be awesome if they actually updated the features. This thing is extremely hard to work with unless you want an album cover with no words at all.
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3 years ago, jil_boo
Beginner Friendly
I made my very first album cover using this app and I loved it! I just wish you could add text and there was more of a selection of pictures. Other than that it was great! So happy I found this.
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1 year ago, The Slipknot Life
This is perfect, the free version is is awesome, I love using thing because not only can you make album covers with this, you can also use this as a photo editor too!
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2 years ago, PrestonMac1200
Was working now not saving
I was really appreciative of this cover art so I can make quick covers without the hassle! Now everytime I save the image it does not show up in my photos ! Fix this immediately
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11 months ago, HighSpeedEli
Stop updating your app
Everytime you guys update your app it’s like a downgrade if your not adding new content please stop changing the mechanics of it I been spending the last 3p minutes trying to figure out how to save a cover cause you guys decided to update your app again
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3 years ago, DreLllc
Finish your work stop selling yourself short if u start a task complete it
Stick to your guns while your taking a break a man like me is still working with 2 hrs of sleep a day n a half ago
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5 years ago, NorthSaintWest
Super dope app
Opened the door for masterpiece and uniqueness. This is one of the most extravagant apps in the cover art game. Has just the right tools to create a cover art. The image adjusting isn’t easy so if you have the sauce with this app 🍪. Plus it’s free so enjoy. Thanks developers. - Trizekes
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2 years ago, Los Diego music
Please fix the new version
I like it for the most part, but this new version I don’t like it, because it’s not letting me edit the text . It keeps saying to double tap on it and I do but it’s not working. Please fix it!!
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3 years ago, Tylerh23
No text confirming
Yo when using the text tool it won’t let me exit with what I have chosen to be on my image and I just have to undo in order to go back or do anything else there’s no confirm on the text option once you’ve got it set at least not for me
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2 years ago, WatrinaKilson
Divine Timing
Man, I found this app right in time for my song release. Functional, to the point, and gives me creative control without the hassle of having to talk to anyone. A1
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11 months ago, wtfbruhwowwoewow
It was alright but not really professional, the stickers on there were childish not something that someone would actually use. I also think we should be able to pick the size of are picture but the app makes it so you have to pay for it which is pretty lame.
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2 years ago, thereviwe
Perfect App
I’m a new DJ and I was nervous about creating my own cover art… BUT this app came at the perfect time! It’s easy to use, intuitive, and works really fast. Couldn’t asked for a better app!
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2 years ago, MASTER GIAN
Y’all need to fix the save feature it’s freezes causing me to restart it overall the app is fire love it just needs to be a little fixed that’s all.
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3 years ago, jaydaprophet
Please fix these issues
I freaking love the app and I got the premium but I’m not gonna continue using this app If every time I do it crashes!! I will be in the middle of my cover and then it crashes and I have to restart over and over smh fix this!!
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11 months ago, SmokeThaVibe
Love it
This app is very easy to use and has excellent quality. I am very happy with what I’ve been able to make so far.
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2 years ago, GTB stxppa
This app has so many amazing features and I would use it for everything but EVERY TIME I GO TO THE MARKET PLACE IT KICKS ME OUT THE APP and I have to restart. Please fix your app I love it and it has a lot of potential don’t let it go to waste because of this one flaw thank you
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I bought the package or susbs
Ad all that stuff is good but the app frequently freezes And does not give me ability to save work also tends to crash when multiple layers are being used I seen
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6 years ago, SleazoTheGreat
Needs Alot More
1. The crop control is trash, you can only adjust the size of the image as long as you can touch the resize tool which disappears once the image is too big. 2. There are no templates other apps who dont sell themselves as "cover art" apps have way more to offer Step it up guys this a great idea and go-to for artist on the move I would love an app that actually smacks this idea out the park
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3 years ago, poopbear311
Difficult to use
For such a simple app, the interface is surprisingly difficult to use. Things like editing type or going from one feature to the next is challenging and I wound up deleting the app out of frustration. It’s a shame, because it’s a fun idea.
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3 years ago, drew bees
Picture won’t show
I’ve used this app before now I’m using it again and every time I try to upload a picture to customize it says 100% but doesn’t upload
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4 years ago, 570jake
Good App
This is an amazing app to create album covers, song covers ETC. I can understand how hard it is to find non copy right images, i do feel there needs to be a bigger selection. Love the app.
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1 year ago, SADMXXN
I miss the old layout
App is 10/10 I just miss the old layout before the update because it was very easy for me
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2 years ago, Tonimllc
Fire 🔥🔥
I tell all my friends that make music to use this app if they Don’t have the money for a graphic designer.
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3 weeks ago, Westvn1
It’s too good , it just take me too long to understand the app , should be more easy to slide a create stuff in side the app.
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2 years ago, Loso P
A time & life saver for artists
I really like how fun and easy it is to use this app to make great graphics for my projects. It’s effective and awesome
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3 years ago, Dusty Boyer
Love this App but it keeps crashing . I own the subscription . Love it , need help The App crashes when I download new Art/Designs . I've un-installed and re- installed .
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4 months ago, Da Wyrdo
So easy to use , amazing quality , I can work on the go , plus I don’t think I looked thru everything
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3 years ago, Gin-Jaremi
How does anyone use this app
For some reason it’s just not intuitive When I add text or anything there isn’t like a done button it just leaves the keyboard up and there’s no way around it. Editing certain things there’s no back to options button the app is just broken
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5 years ago, Piztv.
This app is great
Love the app I need more items to add on the covers easy and love doing to the work that Gets my creativity going I like makings my own artist work it’s fun
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1 year ago, ctissparrow
bugs bugs bugs
i mean what can i say i haven’t even been able to save a photo without something happening or glitching out, the new features are cool but why would i want to pay for the pro version of this app if i can’t even save my photo, pathetic and i hope these bugs get fixed soon rather then add a “pro version” man i sure hope the pro version lets me save the photo🙄
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2 years ago, cggtrelly
Haven’t the slightest idea why this app is 4 star
I downloaded this app and they can’t even get it to work right. All the stickers and pictures you try to add together just breaks the app. Theres no layers and the settings are all out of wack.. just all around terrible. I haven’t the slightest idea why this is a 4 star app
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3 years ago, SG REEKO
Need help
I really like the app. My only concern is that you can’t save your project. I have to keep recreating it over and over. It also just closes randomly. I would rate you guys all five stars but it lags to much. Hopefully you guys can get this solved, it’s a really cool app. Just needs to fix some bugs thank you.
Show more
1 month ago, bigg boss erez
What a joke
I used to be able to use this app for free but now you have to pay for it or it’s not even useable. Paying is not the problem but the problem is as a free service it’s barley useable and now they want money hahaha no thanks
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