Cover Fire: Gun Shooting games

4.6 (34.3K)
804.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cover Fire: Gun Shooting games

4.64 out of 5
34.3K Ratings
2 years ago, Iireaps
Love the game, we need more content
I played this during an overseas deployment and which in 7 months I’ve maxed out my account and have all the characters and weapons as well, there’s not much being pushed out from you guys I know you’re working on adding more campaign missions which I can’t wait for but I think it would be smart for you guys to add more weapons and characters. Also I havent seen any events pop up in awhile since I’ve occasionally checked in on the game I do miss the zombie modes they were fun and a nice change from the campaign missions. Mabey try adding a endless zombie mode or something for fun to do offline just to get people to keep coming back. With that all being said you guys did a great job on this game but this game still has a lot of untapped potential and I dunno if you’ve seen the newest news of the upcoming mobile games but they are coming out with some ground breaking games and I don’t want a game like this to get swept under the rug when there’s an opportunity for this game to keep being people back as a side pocket game. Keep up the great work and I hope this at least sparks some ideas ❤️
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4 years ago, Toy Dogwatch
Feedback Cover fire
I’m new to the game and I am very picky on how I like things to operate just because I’m a computer nerd and one of the things that bugs me is Zombie mode with the energy refill time I went to check why my energy wasn’t refilling like other games I play had and I looked and it said it takes a whole hour just for 1 energy refill ticket and in my opinion that should never be but 5-10 minutes I can tolerate that but a whole hour that’s just over kill my main reason of downloading this game is Call Of Duty Mobile removed Zombies mode to re work it and I wanted something to do I didn’t want to go weeks maybe even months without playing zombie games but overall I think their is still hope for this game you developers just need to narrow down the energy refill time for Zombie mode and I find it really difficult to also find weapons that will work well for the actual online mode without doing an in app purchase I am not sure if I like this game yet or not so I am only going to be fair and give this app a 2 star rating plus I would like it if you guys would remove the review nag because new players coming to the game don’t know if they like it yet or not but overall it’s not bad but it just needs some work and improvements done to it so if you developers narrow down the Zombie mode energy refill time to like 5-10 minutes I will change my review from a 2 star rating to a 5 star rating
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8 months ago, Game tester king
Ingenious game
So when I first started playing this game I downloaded it and deleted it a few times not entirely sure if I liked it or not but then I realized that I was trying to binge-play this masterpiece of a game. I realized that this isn’t a game to play quickly all at once but is perfect for the casual player who has a few minutes of downtime at work, or is bored on a long boat ride with no cell signal. this is a game with plenty of strategy and class while still maintaining that fast paced action we all love in a shooter. You can check me on this I’m not sure but I’m fairly certain everything is unlock-able through standard gameplay. I only really have two minor complaints: one is that chapter two of the campaign is a little boring because it feels like there’s not really anything special about it, and two the story is a little hard to follow because you only get a few comic strips and the beginning and end of a chapter. All in all though those aren’t huge problems. Great game definitely have it download just in case you ever bored or looking for An awesome game.
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3 years ago, spence_007
Great side game for cheapscate
Lots of fun. had to go finish game for second time. Here is strategy: play zombie 4 days, pick up mkz which is one of best guns, 20% more ammo and 10% dammage. very easy so do this first. also play sniper challenges. be patient first few days. u will get enough cash from zombie and challenges, and free boxes(at bottom of main menu) to make your upgrades and advance through the game. you will get stuck my design in stage 2&3. No need to buy upgrade cards you will only be short on cash.
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3 years ago, Pink Puya
Fun until it wasn’t.
I truly enjoyed this game, for the most part. However, once you reach 1250, you can no longer upgrade skill cards. What’s the point of continuing to collect cards if you cannot use them? And frankly, what’s the point of continuing to play? Once you complete episode 13, that’s it. The next episode is supposed to be coming soon, but who knows what that means, or how long that status has been up? If the developers wanted to make money, this was not a very good way to keep players engaged. I’m certainly not going to spend any money on perks just to finish up a few stars. So, you can either delete the app, start all over, or play sniper and zombie challenges to collect crates, keep repeating the same challenges to collect more money for a while to see if anything changes. It would certainly be disappointing if that were not the case. The challenges were interesting, as were the storylines. Good graphics, truly a lot of fun.I would be more than happy to change my review, if The games moves out of stall. Otherwise, I’ll just delete it.
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1 year ago, Reefman
Keeps stopping
UPDATE**** i’m done with this game. It won’t let you watch videos to get the rewards. It keeps kicking me out so I can get to a certain level they don’t want you to play anymore or whatever so I’m done. Hope you fix the glitches. The game keeps stopping and kicking me out and making me a restart, which usually is in the middle of getting an award for a video watch and kicks me out before it finishes. Therefore, I lose the award. Can no longer watch a Videos for rewards at the end of each level, making it very difficult to accomplish anything. It’s almost getting to the point where I’m gonna have to spend money but that’ll just cause me to delete the game. I don’t mind watching the ads in the videos to get progress but when you impede that progress by not letting me and makes the game last
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9 months ago, the minipulater
It could be better, but I was hoping for more.
The game is fun at first, but the money system is the one thing I had trouble with. First, the upgrades are ridiculously expensive. Like, I could play the game all day, and still have about 5950 dollars. Also, the game keeps on logging me out after I complete a mission closer to the end of chapter 2. But, the main problem I had was the objectives for the missions. Some of them are impossible to complete, like the only rocket mission in chapter 1. It says to use 4 shots or less, but the rocket’s explosion range isn’t that far. So I hope they fix all the problems that I had with the game, and the experience gets better for most players.
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4 years ago, BurgerMan9
Good game, but not perfect
I LOVE this game. It is really fun and addicting, but it needs a few changes. One, you need to take out the energy points and tickets. I get really mad when I have to buy or wait for 42,000 hours to get ONE energy of ticket. Two, you guys should take out the objectives like “shoot three people with one bullet” or “take no damage” on a level. I just want to feel like I’m supposed to be doing this one mission, not failing the mission trying to beat the other mini missions. And three, I know it is in the title, but you need to make this into a free-roam shooter. Unless it is a sniper level or a level when you are in the helicopter with the RPG. But other than that, GOOD game.
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3 years ago, RichardLMora
Good game but….
This started as a fun game. The sniper challenges, the events and the campaigns. Three games in one. Then the events stopped updating with a “coming soon” tag that’s been there over a year for me. I’ve finished Episode 13 and there hasn’t been anything new for at least 6 months there. I’m at combat level 1225 with a bunch of cards and no way to use them. A little communication from the developer would be nice. If you all are done, then let us know so we can move on. Suggestions (if there’s a future for this game) 1. In sniper challenges, add a few more or make the existing ones So that it changes up a bit. Knowing where the bad guy is every time kinda zaps the fun out of it. Add a few other items to shoot at such as oil barrels or explosives. Take down a bridge or hut. 2. Make it so the crosshairs can be changed in color. Add red. The white ones fade into things especially in the snow. 3. Again some communication from you the developer. Maybe Covid has something to do with the lack of development. Who knows. -RLM
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1 year ago, Doorman-Tazzi
Okay so first of all let me say by just saying I absolutely LOVE this game 💜 I’ve been hooked on it ever since day 1 of me getting it, but for some reason the Sniper Op event to where you can unlock Skull and the sniper rifle, it only let me complete the first mission until it glitched out and it won’t let me go back into the Day One missions anymore no matter how many times I click on it and restart the game and phone, PLEASE FIX ASAP I really don’t want to lose out on those awesome rewards and great missions 😭🙏🏼💜
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1 year ago, Frenchy Raphle
Great game
I love a game with a good story line uncovering mysteries is always fun however the I’m on the water platform episode and cannot beat the boss there are just too many enemies and I can’t keep up with them all upgrades take HOURS to finish and some of the challenges seem impossible need some new characters and weapons Like I said the story line is great and the locations are amazing I like the events but it would be great if they weren’t all zombie events if you could make an event with normal people as enemies that would great Still waiting for new episodes
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3 years ago, Brazyfaze031
I really enjoyed this game and able to play it offline is better. But we need to fix 13-7. To complete the 3 stars required to get 6 head shots. The head shots only count on the robots and not human enemies. At most if you use skill cards or blow the the flammable tanks and heal character through damage. You can get at most 2 head shots. Please fix and release more content. Having over 100’s of cards ready to upgrade past 1250 meanwhile I see online players past the max of 1250. Other than that game was fun please add more
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2 years ago, Dukslayr
Great game but
There’s a lot to like about this game, but beware of the following things: 1. If you’re not willing to spend some cash (which I have numerous times) you’ll get around 10 minutes of game play per day and you will need to constantly check back in to get your upgrades/ battles. It’s tedious. 2. I’ve played for 1.5 weeks and I’m already maxed out on the levels. The new levels “to come”. 3. Game play is fun and I enjoy it. 4. It’s been months and months waiting on new levels to come out so looks like this app is going to the scrap heap; I don’t think the developers are engaged in it anymore.
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2 years ago, Silver Swift
Player control and movement
Wish you could be able to have more free movement options to get better angles at hitting targets manually, and more strong line campaigns do t really care for online play or online play mission with a teammate like my favorite classic war game for PS Army of 2 this is what this game reminds me of , main reason why I play it I. Real war you must take cover and find angles to take better shots at opps and targets more realistic game play with cover fire love it
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3 years ago, joepole65
Great Game
Awesome game! But now I have everything maxed and about to finish the game. Your side game has said coming soon for a while,and I noticed at the end of the game you say coming soon also. I hope it comes fast because I’m not going to wait forever. Awesome game play, great graphics, just please hurry up so I don’t lose interest in the game. Thanks. Once again, great game. I hope the coming soon parts happen soon!
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5 years ago, Boobsrule8789012346
Best shooter on the free market
Forget what you heard this brings the best of your favorite console game to your fingertips. Better then any other game I have tried. No drops during gaming and is easy to pick up. I even got my 65 year old mom into it. She was use to old school contra and picked it right up. I only have 2 critiques. 1 the zombies should be available like a mission instead of daily. 2nd the only small change during game play you should be able to change cover spots at will instead of when apart of gameplay
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3 years ago, Emfenech
Great game!
This game is a great pastime and is very addicting especially when events come around or a new chapter gets released it can be very fun to experiment with the weapon and character combinations along with playing skirmishes. Although one problem that you start to experience is that the upgrades become to expensive and you are forced to grind for several minutes up to around half an hour just to get a single upgrade to play the next mission without added difficulty. But overall it is very fun and addicting.
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4 years ago, ch41$t1@n
Love it
I almost never write reviews but this game deserves 5 stars. I love that I can play offline and I love the graphics. Shooting games are usually my favorite to play, and I love how detailed this game is. I love the sounds and effects, and I especially love that at the end of a mission it shows the bullet coming out of the gun in slow motion and then hitting the opponent. Really wonderful addition, and just overall makes the experience so much more interactive.
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5 years ago, baffleboy217
This game stole my $$$
I was playing this game and stepped away and my iPad asked for my thumbprint to login. Or so I thought. What I had actually done was to buy gold for this app. Each day I sent a ticket explaining my situation and asking for my money back. Since then I have not spent any of their gold. They never responded. Not once. Day after day, I ask for my money back and they ignore me. Another complaint I have is that some of the requirements for passing a level are overly contrived, like ‘kill 5 with one bullet’. I just want to play the game likes it’s real, where the skills promoted are those that have to do with skill, not memorizing the exact moment when five people line up so I can shoot them.
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3 years ago, HughGizaphuq
Fun. But limited.
Great graphics. Easy playability. Story escalated quickly. I topped all skills. Almost all characters and weapons. All stars and completed the game waiting on lvl 13 I think. what’s next I started about a month ago. online badge challenges are fun I am usually 93% winner 5% tie and lose about 3%. I still collect money (now useless) and skill cards (now useless). Wish I could continue upgrading cards (I am topped at 1250 combat ability or whatever it’s called)
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5 years ago, CMLOWN
Better than most
I have played FPS games for years. As far as an app FPS game this one is better than most. Some of the requirements to pass a level with 3 stars can be a bit redundant. I am a grinder and will not pay to play any game as there are many who do. I get I will not get the full 100% premium benefits as a pay to play person does. So there is room for improvement but all in all not bad as time killer.
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3 years ago, Jdjidhbcfzfcgrtf
No Saved Data
So I’ve looked all over the menu for a way to save game data to Game Center since it says it’s compatible with Game Center and it’s nowhere to be found I’ve continuously deleted and downloaded this game over and over hoping to find the feature it’s a great game but with the possibility of getting far into the game for it to delete a a chance I’m not willing to take I hope they add Game Center compatibility for the game so I’m able to play it without feeling uncomfortable about loss of data
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4 years ago, JohnnyP702
Play it
Yeah, I like it. Put in hours on first play through and didn’t spend any money. The problem is you can’t progress past Episode 7 Cold Fortress unless you blindly shoot through objects. There’s a section where they place you behind a container in an awkward spot where you can constantly be shot but you can’t see and aim at the enemy so it’s an automatic death. Also, the game ends at 12-11 with a message saying coming soon. You don’t know this until get to this point. You could spend a lot of money before this level.
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2 years ago, B.shy
Too many bugs
There are several levels I cant win simply because they bug out. On 2-1 the jeep is flying in mid air and there are no enemies to shoot. In 2-5, the jeeps don't show up until well after the 35sec timer has ended. In the boss level of 2, the jeep on the side of the train is out of range of the screen and cant be shot, making the boss level impossible and therefore I cant move on to episode 3. Ive played each of these levels many times hoping it would change, but its the same every time. The game is really cool, but it’s no fun if bugs make it impossible to play
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5 years ago, Flowtownboy
Im just starting on this game but so far so good! You’re constantly getting bonuses and its a different layout as far as going from each challenge building your team up and yourself and with the different characters you have on your team you’re not stuck with the same character from day 1 all the way through. Something different and I like it so far!!
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5 years ago, IIvIIanuel
To Be Honestly
Now I have all characters and weapons, but 99% characters and weapons is useless. Theirs stat just bad as hell, you spend gold to open chests and get unusable characters and guns, how fun? Many many stages are unbalancing, you even start without cover in some stages. I realize they decrease players power in this update while cover is very very easy to get destroy and upgrade costs is very high. And more more bad, bug 🐜 🐛 🕷 is just hard to accept. It’s preventing players to complete “don’t be detected “ missions. Sometimes mobs just stays behind the walls where you can’t see them and shots your teammates. The boss stages require xxx power but you can’t pass the boss even you have higher power than it’s required. I don’t think can keep playing because what you get is just very very nonsense. ———————————————————— Need more characters and guns Characters balance Weapons balance Stages balance Costumes / Cosmetics Mutil / Co-op
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3 years ago, Kodyj50
Great game- glitch on 13-7
Great game that enjoyed playing throughly. One problem. You can’t get 3 stars on 13-7. I’ve finish all the levels and everything 3 stars. 13-7… nope! Impossible. Never more than 2 headshots. I’ve played the level no less than 30 times with no luck. You can’t find a video online where anybody has passed 13-7… please fix
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5 years ago, UnD3rT4keR
Amazing game !
This is one of the best shooting game i have ever played. The feeling I get when playing is very well. This is not a kind of try hard game and this game is not a pay to win game. One problem of the game is o cannot play the sniper ops. Maybe there is some issues that you need to check in systems. Anyway this is an addictive game and very fascinating. I hope this game will develop better. 5 stars !
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12 months ago, Tï_Fêh_004
Just read review
This is actually the best offline game I ever know, I only stopped playing it because there one level I can’t pass because I don’t know what am asked to do …nothing to dis this game about just that there untapped potential that could be included to this game. I wish there was that multiplayer mode in this game😌
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7 months ago, Deanisle
Great Game!!!
My grandson and I love this game. Everything about it is awesome. Only problem is we are not able to watch ads for more $ and gifts. We’ve emailed a couple times about it but have not heard back from anyone. We have spent a little $ playing the game it’s just a little frustrating/insulting we haven’t been contacted. Otherwise we would have given a 5 star review.
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3 years ago, Pandatmg
Best free to play out there
This is by far the best free to play game out there. Unlike ther games where it takes forever to advance if you don’t spend any money, this games gives you plenty of free events to unlock better characters and weapons. There is practically no pay wall. Game is definitely challenging and the story is interesting. There is a small bug in chapter 13 though. The sniper mission where you need to get 6 headshots is buggy. The headshots don’t register even if you get headshots. Aside from that this game is awesome with great storyline and challenges, and basically no pay wall. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to future updates with more chapters.
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3 years ago, Cotton Candy Crusher
I Lost all my data today including all my weapons and characters. I’m already in Combat Level 1200 and now its back to 500. I was already in Episode 11 and now I cannot play it due to my combat level. This happened after I got character Marianne today after finishing the Event. I still have all the characters that were already selected but loat the rest, including all the character and weapon cards. I am hoping you will be able to fix this issue soon.. THIS WAS THE FIRST TIME DURING HALLOWEEN And Just today, I lost everything again, except for the characters I am playing, but good i still have the cash and gold. Cant say, i do not like to repeat the game again. Inspite everything, this is still the best mobile game for me!
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5 years ago, derpy platypus117
Pretty fun but...
I got this game a few weeks ago and it was my favorite game for a while but then when I got to higher levels it started giving me insane feats to pass the mission like kill 5 people with one shot like how am I supposed to do that this game is fun I think you should get it and just play till you get to the high levels the you can try it or delete the game like I will do soon if that isn’t changed
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3 years ago, macgrybo
Where’s the new levels?
I very much enjoyed this game. Thank god zombies are only a smalI fraction of the enemies you face. I finished all 13 levels over six months ago and it continues to promise more levels and events but they haven’t materialized. None-the-less, you can continue to accrue points playing individual 25 second battles, and replaying the old missions and levels.
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5 years ago, Bull Smasher
Great FPS - a bit unbalanced
Very fun game, only issue being you need to spend a silly amount of money if you want to keep up with the upgrades. I have every category ready to upgrade multiple times but it take a dog’s age to make enough gold to upgrade a single category. I’ll spend $5 every now and then for a good app (like this one) but not $30.
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12 months ago, J0kerMann
Great game, great graphics. However when the new event started sniper special ops. I was only able to play one mission on day 1. After completing that mission (not the entire day 1), the game wasn’t allowing me to access the event anymore. No reason or skill required to continue. So I attempted to contact the developer for assistance via the report a problem portal which was an email. And what do you know, NO RESPONSE. Go figure. I really enjoy playing this game but this situation has left a bad taste.
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4 years ago, KST75248
Easy to use fun and challenging and I downloaded like ten apps including this one and it’s the only one I did not delete. All the other apps had 30 sec ads anytime I had to push a button or had a screen change. Those apps get deleted immediately haha this one is hanging on and enjoying the game
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3 years ago, Pijan Collective
Addicting and Well Made.
A well rounded game with a simple concept. Even the online PVP is such a simple idea; yet fun and well executed. It’s almost entirely free to play and doesn’t force ad’s on you. Graphics are good and the game was made with effort. Few complaints would be event times. Either they’re quick with a long wait for the next; or goes way too fast and easy to miss. If you attempt to fire as you’re reloading, you won’t start firing until you release the button and push it again. Sounds like a random complaint but has cost me quite a few matches. Other than that, I love it. It’s great!! And addicting. Definitely recommend to anyone. Especially if you love classic arcade style games.
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4 months ago, Ghorefang
Ads don’t work?
Great game, fun arcade action with just enough skill required to make it fun and exciting. One gripe I have is the ad rewards don’t work. Options to earn extra resources for watching an ad are met with a black screen stating not available. Game has to be force closed and rebooted to continue playing. Ad interruptions play fine though.. go figure.
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2 years ago, Info. Provider
Pay to play
The game will give you a tutorial then the missions start to get then to very hard. You can't upgrade or buy new weapons (they are earned with characters you find or purchase). You'll get about ten missions in then the difficulty becomes very hard and you'll have to spend real money to get further. Great graphics, weapons, animation, but you have to pay to play.
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3 years ago, no expoting makes it a bad app
Terrible customer service
I like this game a lot. However, I played the battle version until I was a colonel and then it knocked me back to soldier. I had spent about 35 dollars on stuff and used it so that was a waste. Trying to contact them was pointless. I’m sure if I write a negative review they’ll respond. However there are other less expensive games where the developers fix issues in a timely manner. These guys just charge in the hope that people will spend money then give up.
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5 years ago, TittyWagon
Fun but really wants your money
I’ve been playing this game for about a month now and I really like it. One of the better shooters I’ve played on mobile device. Biggest issue is that it takes forever to level up or get weapons and so on. Everything is geared towards you paying real money to make good progress and that’s where I dislike this. Still a good game though
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4 years ago, Just I In case
I really like the game he plays great has great graphics only problem is after I finish my mission it dumps me out and makes me do it again in 2 to 3 times before I get but I’m supposed to and it keeps doing it each and every time it’s a nonstop issue you’ll need to do something about it if you want me to spend any real money or anybody else because at this moment I would not recommend this event to my dog! 😔
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3 years ago, Marvel901
Love It
Download the game you’ll love it!! I haven’t stop playing it I have on my other phone and put it on my iPhone and my wife trying to make me put it down and come to bed, but that should let you know the game very good when you want stop playing it. Good job on this game.
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4 months ago, Chase This
It ok
Nine out of 10 times you want to watch a video to claim extra rewards and it does not work. You have to purchase the skip video option and then maybe half the time you can get one video to play after using a skip video. It’s very annoying when you try to gain an extra 6000 cash, and it tells you the video is unavailable
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3 years ago, OPO206
Well worth your time
I’m out on a Fire in CA, and in the down time this game has kept me entertained. Plenty of fun to be had and no need to spend your $. Play the Zombie challenges and the missions to rank up your stuff. Best game I’ve played in a while. So download and go get you some… Full Send!!
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5 years ago, GammaReyTrae
Great shooter for a mobile game
I actually really like this game as a shooter on a mobile device. Multiple modes even a campaign mode so there’s an actual story. I need to look into the creator a bit more because if they are turning out more mobile games like this I might even have to pay them for their game.
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5 years ago, Rockport, Maine
Very Professional Game
This game is very well done and I have little doubt people would pay to purchase it. The game has never had a glitch while playing and the graphics are excellent. I am amused how the rifles fly out of their hands and enemy soldiers bounce when they fall and hit the ground after being shot.
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7 months ago, mamalogic
Love that you can play offline!
This is a great shooting game. The challenges are difficult but not impossible. The rewards are reasonable with slow, steady pace of growth. I love that you can play this offline. Not many adds. There are not many good games are capable of this.
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2 years ago, bigbausch02
I really enjoy this game. However, there are a few flaws in the missions. the most annoying aspect of the game is the bots. they stop and shoot you through cover you can’t shoot past and make you lose because of time or you can’t take them out before you’re “detected”
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