Cozi Family Organizer

4.8 (320.9K)
61 MB
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Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cozi Family Organizer

4.8 out of 5
320.9K Ratings
5 years ago, BusyMomOfFourPlusAHubby
Mostly satisfied
The good: It successfully fulfills the purpose of having a ‘family management app’ and it’s nice that it has the ability to notify family members of events with multiple reminders. I LOVE the recipe tab and like that it is easy to transfer those ingredients to the shopping cart. I appreciate that my husband and I can keep track of what’s going on and what’s needed all in one place. The bad: not entirely super user friendly, in that it’s easy to do things but not as easy to undo them. Like when you transfer the ingredients to the shopping cart, you have to individually delete each item as needed rather than selecting multiple (at least on the mobile app, it sure how that part is on the desktop). You can’t just select an entire recipe and delete if you accidentally add it twice. Also, I putting a ton of appointments was way easier on a desktop (at initial startup) than on the phone, but adding individual events is fine. Lastly, I added my kids as family members only to keep my husband and I in the loop of who is where, and it’s frustrating to have to uncheck their names in the “notify” section because they don’t have their own emails so I was getting five “notifications” since it was mine plus 4 of them until I started removing them. It could be a little smoother in that aspect. Overall though, the price is good for what you get (I NEVER pay for apps, but was willing to for this one!!) it’s been a life saver but could use some improvements.
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4 years ago, mommacrocks
Still love it after 4+ years of use
We started using the Cozi when our two oldest kids were in high school. Two varsity athletes and athletic club participants, a child in elementary school, and two parents who travel for work made for a daunting job of keeping track of all the commitments. Our bigs are now in college, youngest is just about to enter middle school and we both still travel for work. This app is perfect for any family with a ton of balls to juggle. Everyone (including the pets) are part of our group. We can keep track of every aspect we need to know for scheduling appointments, work trips, meals...literally everything. Before my husband or I agree to a meeting out of town, we can make sure no conflicts exist with our youngest child (someone is always home for her.) The notifications help keep everyone up to date on the latest changes immediately. Meal planning is simple as we can decide what kinds of meals will work best on any given day ( both of us out all day, crockpot meal; after school lessons, something quick ; just two for dinner, portion adjustment) Plus, having the meal plan allows whoever is home first to get dinner started since the recipe is also available in the app. Running to the store? Grocery list of needed items is available to confirm we have everything we need. Anything we do is in the Cozi, it is a great tool. It keeps us on track and running smoothly.
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3 years ago, Mom Ellen
What a fabulous app!
I’ve asked my teenage daughter for months to look into a calendar app for the two of us. Between scheduling appointments (for her, me, the dog, the car, etc!) social activities, random babysitting jobs for her and deadlines for me, it’s been a major challenge to stay organized. I’ve always used a personal calendar/planner, but that isn’t my daughter’s style, and the big wall or kitchen counter family calendar attempt was a complete fail. Enter COZI!!!! My daughter suggested it three days ago, and we’re hooked!! So easy to enter our own commitments, designate which one (or both!) of us is involved, log in events that repeat going forward, etc. And the ability to keep a grocery/drugstore list without forgetting to write an item down on paper or pick it up from the store?!?! Huge bonus!! Edits are simple, and the beautiful layouts and pleasing color combinations are wonderful too! Have not tried any features beyond the calendar and lists, and haven’t tried to print out a copy, but so far, so GREAT! Wish we had discovered this app earlier.....would have made scheduling and communicating changes throughout high school less stressful for both of us. It’ll make these weeks before my daughter heads to college SO much easier to navigate! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
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7 years ago, HorribleSpider
Ok for basic stuff
I found this app looking for something to help with meal planning and was glad to see it had calendar features too. Unfortunately the recipe suggestions and categories are useless if you're looking for vegetarian recipes -- and the idea of being able to search just for dairy free (or vegan) options is a joke. I tried to search for "vegetarian" and got zero results even though I'd already saved one recipe that claimed to be a veggie twist on a traditional meal... so maybe the recipes are there, they just don't make them easy to find. Lots of meat recipes though, if that's your thing. But here's the real problem: I like a lot of the features, but was disappointed that some things I'd like to be able to do require annual membership payments. I'd be willing to just pay a flat fee for the app, but considering how much they're asking for monthly or yearly memberships they'd probably ask a ridiculous amount for a one-time purchase to unlock all features. My main issue with paying monthly to unlock features is that there are only SOME that I want to use. It's expensive to pay the subscription anyway, but when you only want one or two features...? Forget it. Maybe they could make cheaper, flat-rate purchase packs that unlock only certain things? I dunno, it seems crazy expensive to me for what it is and what I'd use it for. I'd rather just stick with google calendar and a free app or two to fill in the blanks (like to do and shopping lists).
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7 years ago, Fun rode
I downloaded the Cozy app for the summer so that I could keep my children's calendar organized for myself and our summer babysitter. I actually had the babysitter input all the different activities lessons and outings so that she would have firsthand knowledge and be more in tune with their schedule, which is crazy! It's been wonderful to be able to see what everyone has going on at a glance. It's also been nice for my husband who will ask me what's going on today and I can just refer him to the calendar. Our babysitter does some tutoring on the side so she was able to plug in her tutoring hours well in advance so that I could make sure we had a plan on the times we would be without her. The reminders are also very helpful. I told my children it was their responsibility to be up and ready for all activities so that the sitter could literally just pulled in the driveway and they would be ready and amazingly it has worked! I've even plugged in a few of my business meetings into the Cozi calendar as a second reminder for myself as I have so much happening between home and work. I haven't used a lot of the other functions yet but I'm excited to explore what else this app has to offer! Thanks for creating an app that keeps families communicating well and organized :-) Kristel Ersan Bettenforf Iowa🌽
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7 years ago, weareramsey
Best calendar/organizing app I've found
I love this app! I'm a busy mom of two pre-teens who's schedules get busier and busier, and a husband with a busy work calendar. I'm also an "old dog" who doesn't like to learn new tricks so transitioning was daunting for me. What I initially loved about Cozi was the ability to create tabs for each family member so each knows where they need to be and where others are. I also loved that I had an experience where I missed a "search" feature in the Calendar where you could search for the last time you went to the dermatologist, or changed the a/c filters, etc. Sent the feedback to Cozi and within a couple months saw that feature added in an update. Now my calendar works better than my previous calendar! Another review remarked she had trouble moving items in a list. If I understand her complaint accurately, you should be able to do that by "dragging and dropping" the item up or down. I organize my grocery list (after writing it freestyle) then organize in the order my grocery store stocks them. Same with errands. I write them freestyle, then sort into the order I want to run them. I'm always excited for updates to see what new features have been added. (Please note I am a Gold member and it's worth it to me for the upgrade!)
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10 months ago, .denini.
Some pluses, some drawbacks
I appreciate that there is an ability to create calendar, grocery and to do list, however the app would be much more helpful if you could set times /dates with optional reminders for items to be completed on the to-do list. And there should be the option to have daily, weekly, monthly, etc. reminder for tasks if desired. Not everyone is using this for family, some are using this for work so that would be helpful for when you have a bunch of to-do tasks that need to be done by a certain time but don’t necessarily qualify as events. That way you don’t have to clog up the calendar with tasks that will be completed throughout the day, and tasks can easily be separated by team member, so that each team member can just focus on their list of tasks and deadlines. Also, please make it possible/easier to nest tasks under a task heading, with a clear separation from the rest of the tasks. Considering the fact that after downloading, this app immediately lets you know that it can link with Google calendar and outlook, it would really make much more sense for the app to have these additional capabilities as well. I think this could become a game changing app with those features added. Update: please allow personal, private calendars as well, with the option of sharing parts of the calendar with other members odd the user sees fit.
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7 years ago, Sky_Blue_Eyes
Good stuff!
My husband and I have been using this calendar and list app to help simplify plans and communication. It’s great! This is a success because we used to constantly ask the other “What’s our plan tomorrow?” and similar questions. Now that’s more rare (it was all day, every day). The grocery and to do lists are also helpful. I especially Love the combo of the calendar and the lists all in one app. I usually need one thing to create the other, so the duality of the app functions work for me. There’s also an option to choose recipes within the app and have the food items needed loaded into a shopping list. Excellent add on that’s free! —The recommendation I have to the developer is to include healthy recipes that focus on clean eating. —Another recommendation is to create the ability to hide appointments and lists. For example, I need to use my iPhone calendar app to keep track of things throughout my day. Maybe it’s remembering to eat a snack, take a vitamin, or make a dr appointment. Regardless, it’s for me and not my husband. If only the administrator on the account could have that option then that’s fine, but ideally all users might need the option to keep things private. That would eliminate my need the to log my personal items and tasks in two places. Every. Single. Day. :) And it would make this my favorite organizational type app to date.
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2 years ago, @JLJ7
Cozi Gold is the way to go
Pay for Cozi Gold - you want ALL it’s features. It’s a 5⭐️ app. Great for organizing the family. Love that it’s color coded by Family member. You can select 1 member individually or all to see what’s on their schedule. Easy to input things in the calendar. Love the To-do list feature- I use it for myself, the hubs and kids. Recipe box is GREAT! I LOVE that everyone can see what’s on the menu each day /breakfast/lunch/dinner & I can create a grocery list from that menu /recipe from a click of a button! We also have ALL our birthdays saved for EVERYONE in our family tree so no birthday is forgotten! I tell my family “If it’s not in the calendar, it doesn’t exist!” We are a family of 5 & it keeps everyone in the know and organized. I wish they’d bring back the pictures section of the app! That was cool but it’s not an option anymore.. that’s how LONG I’ve used this app! 5 stars! I had a glitch that my iPhone would say I was offline; but after reading into it; it could’ve been due to the iPhone iOS 16 update. I deleted the app and reinstalled it and soo far soo good. I was very frustrated when all its features weren’t working as they should- especially since I’ve purchased the Cozi Gold.
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3 years ago, Christytx52
Works great most of the time
My whole family uses the app and our teenage son adds his groceries and Christmas wish list to it. I put his chores on it. We use the to-do lists extensively. The problem is that periodically (once a month) one of us will be adding and item either to a shopping list or to-do list, it looks like it added, then all of sudden we get a message with a list of items that cozi couldn’t add (even though it already did - temporarily at least). Not sure if this is because Cozi doesn’t allow you to enter items while you are offline and then sync up later or what the deal is. So you have to pay close attention to the message to know what to type in again. Super annoying. Also, frequently I’ll be typing and I’m part way through a word and the item just closes when I’m part way through. I’ll start typing “Milk” but only get the “M” and the “i” entered and the item closes. So I have “Mi” on my list. It does that a lot. You have to reopen the item and finish typing. Other than those two items, though, it works pretty well for our family. The updates are in near real time - I can see my husband check off items while he’s shopping. And the rest of the app is stable. It does what we need it to do for the most part.
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4 years ago, Wegots2kids
Highly recommend for busy families!
I highly recommend this app for anyone, but especially for busy families! We are a family if 4, which includes 2 adults, a teenager and a tween. All of which have super busy schedules. What we love the most is that we only get notified if something affecting the included family member gets scheduled. For instance if we plan a dinner with grandparents and all should be there, all will get notified or if said dinner gets canceled and deleted, all get notified. However, if my son (age 19) schedules a dentist app it’s just in the schedule, no notifications will be sent to the rest of us. With that said, we can all still access the calendar and see the schedules of each other, which makes planning group activities better. This app is fantastic! It has greatly reduced scheduling overlaps within our family. Even reducing difficulty within the family, like needing to schedule something but not being able to reach others to get it coordinated. The only thing that disappoints me with the app is that you have to pay for the subscription to be able to search for an appointment. I’d love to use that feature but just don’t feel like it’s worth the additional cost.
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1 month ago, But wait, there’s more
Major changes to free version
I’ve been using the Cozi app for years and I loved it because I managed many people and I loved the color coded look to it. I also liked the journaling and list aspects and loved that I could go online and enter many things at once and in the future. I had some emails about changes and didn’t read them at the time. Then, a couple of days later, I no longer could see the month view online, it had to be with the paid subscription. Furthermore, I couldn’t see events more than a month out. This is so disappointing. I had things in my calendar for two years out. What really makes this worse is that I have been having problems for a long time with the operation of this program both within the app and online (adding appointments is difficult and when you set the time it often resets as you are trying to enter more information and you have to keep changing it back, sometimes an event will save for multiple days when you only indicated one day, hard to go between the fields to enter information etc.). Despite the fact that this app is not user friendly when adding events, I stuck with it. Now that they want me to pay to see my events in month view AND more than one month in the future? I’m out. I have literally had this app since my kids were 2.5 years old and a newborn. It was our family app and they are now 12 and 15-so much for loyalty these days.
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3 years ago, nickname102490
I found this app in a parent magazine and I do Not love it but i do like it.. One of the problems that I have is that I usually set two reminders for the appointments on my calendar and I usually don’t get the reminders I went to my settings in my phone to allow notifications and I still really don’t get them. One of the features that I love is the shopping my fiancé is not good at remembering things so when he does shopping it’s easy for me to add stuff to my grocery list and make it convenient with him keeping up with items that we need for the household. Things that I think would be great is if it was an option to do cell phone notifications which will be helpful as well. Admin options will be good as well especially when you have teenagers so it does not give them the ability to be able to delete things and you can control what they have access to. The last thing I have an issue with is the fact that I do not see the option to contact you guys and I feel like that’s kind of unfair especially due to the fact that I spent money on your app and I can’t even communicate with the staff members from this app Especially if i do become unsatisfied with the app how would i go about getting a refund.
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5 years ago, PERFECTION FOR ADHD'ers
Perfect app for adult ADHDers!!!
As an adult with ADHD, this has been a Godsend app! I am a Gold member/subscriber and the fee has been ABSOLUTELY beneficial and WAY WORTH THE INVESTMENT. This is my second year using/utilizing the Cozi Gold app. I plan to continue and refer to many family, friends and colleagues. This app is extremely user friendly and has truly been a blessed for me in keeping organized and orderly tasks; appointments, to do list and has overall simplified my “overwhelming ability to stay focused, organized and daily, weekly and monthly responsibilities and tasks! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS APP AND HAVE DONE SO TO MANY FRIENDS, FAMILY & COLLEAGUES! Thanks a million for helping me to stay focused, on time and improving my ability to overcome mishaps, missed appoints, detailed to do/ tasks lists that has been a tremendous app in keeping me on track with ability to complete what once caused unnecessary chaos, stress and anxiety in my daily routines. The gold subscription has been worth EVERY penny and more! Sincerely, Queen ADHD P.S. I highly recommend anyone (moms, busy professionals, etc.) to give this top rated app!
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4 months ago, Meagamae
Great App… when I remember to use it
This app is great for time management, sorting appointments for all family members and reminding them, pushing the appointments to the calendars they use on their phones, etc. I subscribe because for the fee, it’s worth it in my opinion. The only issue is, as someone with ADHD, once it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind. I have it on my phone’s initial page, but that’s not quite enough. What this app needs is a widget for iPhone users. I’d love to be able to see the calendar, add events, look at lists, etc as soon as I open my phone. Having to open the app to see the calendar is one of those things that seems small and simple, but for people with ADHD, it’s just another step that gets in the way. I fully believe that with a widget, the app would be much more useful. For now, I just use the phone’s native calendar app since it has a widget. If I remember to use Cozi to plan events, it pushes the event to my native calendar app so I can see them upon opening my phone. Other than that little thing, I do love the app. Edit: Cozi, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make an iPhone widget. I need a dashboard at the front of my phone. I could see myself using Cozi as my primary family management hub if you could just make a widget!
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3 years ago, R0tt0napples
Not what I expected
This calendar does it work well with other calendars. It doesn’t exchange with other calendars well it’s all read only. Doesn’t work with Alexa. You can’t do much as far as settings when your not on a desktop. The “month view” is not color coded. It’s the most basic view and is hard to read. This could be so great but I feel like it was a waste of money. There’s really NO REASON to buy the subscription. The free version is essentially the same since the month view is lacking in every way. That’s the only thing you get with upgrade. I will not buy again next year. Thanks for the reply. I’ve already been in contact with Cozi. They have given me the same links. The information is available it simply isn’t helpful. It does nothing with Alexa except lists which, for all the “works with Alexa” excitement I found, is really misleading. It should say “only works with lists in Alexa” I expect a more IFTTT approach with a family calendar. I expected to pay the premium and have lots of extras. Instead, I paid and found out it’s useless with Alexa and it’s exactly the same as I was for free. I’ll know better next year. It’s unfortunate because it COULD be a really valuable tool if it did more. And add some vegetarian and vegan recipes please. The one thing I can say, is you have great people working for you. They genuinely want to help. They are all very courteous and kind.
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6 years ago, K8e L8y
Great Family Calendar! The Lists Need Some Work...
We are a blended family of 6, with split custody we share with 3 other parents. Plus the kids are in school and are in activities. First we tried a simple calendar on our kitchen wall, which is great for our 5 year old and if you want a giant visual monthly overview. But...we are always on the move and schedules change fast. This app has been a lifesaver! We even have the option for our kids’ other parents to join, once our relationship is at that level. And I can access it at work on my computer where I can’t have my cell phone! The reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because of the Lists. We need a satisfying “ding” after a job complete when we check the box. We make an audible noise ourselves and it’s just not the same. The ding makes the day! Also, it would be great if in list items, when you click one item, you could add subtasks and notes and things. That way a recipe could be listed, and then the ingredients could be within it. Or a task could have a person assigned and an explanation. We still use lists because we are set on using one app, but it’s not the best. Maybe you could partner with Wunderlist? They have it down! Thanks so much!
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2 months ago, BLKING1989
Color scheme
The color scheme on the full month calendar is something that I find completely unnecessary and undesirable. It looks like a jumbled mess with all the colors making the calendar seem really busy and over crowded. The old layout was 100% better. The highlighted todays date is much smaller and harder to find. When you click a date a menu type window pops up instead of a new page opening. I for one prefer a new page to open instead of menus popping up and cluttering an already overly busy screen. Other than that I love this app. It helps me keep track of all my families school, work and scouting events, appointments and our family vacations. Without this app I would forget so many things because of my busy and crazy schedule. This is a life saver and the best part is the family plan and adding all my kids and wife to it so we all receive the reminders when an event is coming up and you can set multiple reminders if you get the subscription which allows you to remind you days in advance or hours. If the calendar was the old style it would get 5 stars but with the recent change, I have to give it 3 stars because it really makes looking at the new calendar a headache.
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6 years ago, Annalynne
Nice for families but...
UPDATE: with all of the free apps available these days, this one is outrageously expensive annually for the gold membership benefits. I researched for months before getting this calendar. I’m a grandmother who babysits for multiple families. It’s very hard scheduling between us all over the phone and we needed a place where we could put our schedules that we could merge together and see who is available when. This one works very nicely even as the free version. But for our needs we upgraded to the paid version which I think is too expensive. The only problem I have with this app other than the high annual cost, is I find it very difficult to distinguish between the months , weeks and days. I think there needs to be a higher contrast visually as you scroll through. Sometimes I put my things in the wrong box because distinguishing between them is not that easy. The location of the date in the box is sometimes a little confusing. I just think there needs to be a better visual display separating the months, weeks and days. Especially for anybody with low vision but even for those with good vision. Otherwise it’s a nice app in the paid version offers many useful features.
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7 years ago, Ipodallthetime
Not as good as I thought it was
When I found this calendar I was so excited. We have a really busy family and lots of moving parts. I was so happy I wouldn't have to send emails and texts as reminders anymore or field the when and where questions. It was all at our fingertips. Until I had to get a new phone. My old phone died. I got a new one and as is the usual I needed to sign back into the app. Only I can't sign back in. At all. I thought I had forgotten my password, but nope, my email address isn't recognized. I emailed customer service where I get an auto generated response telling me it will be at least 3 days before they will get back to me. If I am paying for the app (which Im not) it will be sooner. So after waiting 3 days I receive an email suggesting that I may have typed in the wrong email address or spelled it incorrectly. This is as if I'm bot intelligent enough to think of that on my own that I had to wait three days for someone to point it out. So I responded to the email letting them know what I tried and guess what...they will get back to me in 3-5 days. I will no longer be using this app. If I have to start a new account I would rather go to an app that cares about their customers and that realizes how important a family calendar is. So incredibly disappointed in this app and their level of customer service.
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2 years ago, LovingGodsWord
Cozi Gold member here… last several weeks have been a frustrating mix of “messages” that tell me that I’m “offline” (I’m not), or that “another family member removed the list” (they didn’t) and I’m actually beginning to be suspicious about the app. Customer support has been polite but all he tells me is to delete app and then reinstall, shut down phone, etc. All the things a middle schooler would try. He tells me that they are not able to recreate my problem, which they would need to be able to do in order to solve it. I’m no app developer, but I’m thinking somebody had to program in those messages I’m getting and determine when to show them. Something is fishy since what the error messages are telling me are not reality. EVERY NOW AND THEN I can actually add something to a list only to have a message appear that I can’t add it because of one of the made up reasons and it goes away. But most of the time I can’t even log into the website to work with my lists. And if I click “forgot password” even though I didn’t forget but thought it might help something, the promised email with a reset link never comes. This is a highly rated app and we used to love it but something is going on. Maybe everyone that works there quit after someone messed it up???
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1 month ago, TryingToSchedule
Terrible new calendar appearance
I have had Cozi for years now. I always considered this app a 5 star. I cannot express enough how much I despise the new calendar appearance that suddenly appeared about a month ago. I have two premium paid Cozi calendars for different groups of people (I would love if I could toggle between the two). The #1 reason I chose Cozi is because, unlike other Calendar apps, when I am on my phone I could see and read all of my appointments for each day while in the month mode. If I needed to read them a little more carefully, I could pinch and zoom. Now the calendar randomly picks one and only one of my appointments for the day and surrounds it with a box of bright bold fluorescent color. Then all the rest of the appointments are just nondescript dots with no writing, similar to every other calendar available in the App Store. To make it even more irritating there are multiple glitches now in making appointments. When I set the time of an appt, it will not stay and reverts to whatever it wants. I can no longer “view past calendars” by clicking on it once and then scrolling back. Every. single. month. going back requires a separate click. So frustrating.
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2 years ago, seasalli
Sorry to see the old version “updated”
I have had a Gold subscription to Cozi for many years. I used it nearly every day for various organizational skills. I am not sure who purchased this app and who is in charge of the changes they made this year, but they need to be fired. This new “ improved “ version is a mess. Much more difficult to use the section that accepts and stores recipes. It is cumbersome and not user friendly in so many ways. I don’t know who these new IT developers are, but they don’t get it. They must never have used the old version which was wonderful and user friendly. I tried to give this new version time to work out the kinks- that hasn’t happened. I have used this new version for several months now and I absolutely hate it. They took a perfectly good app and ruined it. The list section is still good and useful , but the recipe section is just plain awful. I am moving on. I am going somewhere else to store my recipes. Maybe they don’t want you to use the recipe section so they made it so it much more difficult to use. Who knows. Honestly, is is a shame and I used to love this app. No more.
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7 years ago, Need a reliable organizer
Constant crashing!
I have used and loved and highly recommended Cozi for the past 2 years to organize our large family. But in the last month it crashes within seconds of opening nearly every time I try to use it which is many times a day. Very frustrating as our entire lives are organized by this app. I'll have to switch since this is just not workable and doesn't seem to be changing. Update- I have removed and reinstalled Cozi no less than 25 times in the last month. I've even removed other apps that I thought might be interfering, deleted many things to increase available memory, performed soft resets on my phone multiple times and taken my phone into the store to see if they had any ideas. Cozi still crashes every time I open it. It seems to be to be related to how complicated you've made it now with all the little unnecessary pop up screens and extras that seem great but really aren't needed in a basic calendar app. I wish you could go back to the basics and then just leave it alone.
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5 years ago, Kshoe14
Great for organization of the family
My husband is always asking me, “do we have anything planned for next weekend!?” -after I have told him our plans almost daily for the last month- NOW i can say “check the cozi!!” My husband is a Samsung lover, and I’m an apple advocate, so this helps join our lives easily. I also like the joined lists. My husband has a cleaning and to do list, and so do I. I like this because we know exactly what needs to be done, and it holds us accountable. This app would get 10 stars if it had a pantry list, so when I’m at the store, I can also look to see what’s in my pantry and replenish if need be. I’ve tried other pantry apps, but the importance of having an app that shares this list would be HUGE. That way if my husband eats all the peanut butter, he could check it off, and that could get added to the shopping list automatically. Developers?!? I am currently using the free cozi, but if this was an option, and it ACTUALLY worked (a lot of the pantry apps Ive tried are crap) I would definitely pay!
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5 years ago, TheCrazyBernards
It’s awesome except for a couple small things
I really like this app for organizing and sharing a calendar between multiple people. We have 6 kids so they are everywhere, I especially like the feature where they can add something to the calendar and we all see it. My only complaint is the addresses; When adding an address to an event in the iphones basic calendar it pops up so you don’t have to type the whole thing, which this app doesn’t do - it’s lazy but I don’t want to type the whole thing in, lol. I also wish I could type in the location area the name and if it’s saved in my contacts once pops up and fills out automatically. Also some events happen yearly that aren’t birthday, like my friends baby who died I like calling her every year to tell her I’m there for her for example. Events that happen weekly like various sports or church would be nice to have an icon like the birthday icon next to it. I’m trying the Gold for a year to see how I like it, but so far so good for the most part!! My notes would make things easier to handle or just thoughts.
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5 years ago, Kristyn0417
Best calendar app EVER
My husband and I were looking for a good shared calendar to keep track of allllll the things. We found this and gave it a try. We upgraded to gold after we were using it for a bit and saw the value in the gold membership. The “lists” portion of the app is absolutely incredible. We plan our out meals for the week and I just found that they have some preselected recipes so I was scrolling those and decided to give one a try. You can add all of the ingredients to your grocery list with one click (and just as easily delete the ingredients you don’t need to pick up for it). I thought that was so cool. But then I found something even COOLER! I was searching recipes online and I went to share one to my email so I could print it and I found that I can share it to the cozi app and it will create the recipe there for you so all you have to do is click a button and all the ingredients will go to your list again. And that’s just ONE feature of this app. Definitely worth it. We love it.
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3 years ago, Jimkcec
Gold scam alert!!
I have asked for help now for over six months!! 2 years ago all was well in the family plan I thought it would be a neat gift for the family so I added the gold and my account was charged for several years. My family and myself never got access as it was only placed on my email and not the family!! Once I realized this I was eliminated from the family plan and now almost a year of email cannot get back to see the family plan. This with covid and 2 daughter graduating from high school has made COZI useless to me and not worth the money for gold or aggravation. I would highly not recommend this software as they scam you into going Gold then lock you out of the account and the only support is through email and very slow! I am not the only one that has experienced this as their frequently asked questions states if this occurs get in touch with customer service! I would highly advise seeking better business bureau help and or cancelling your card as they do not respond in a timely manner! The message I got was they see my plan and that I have paid for the service but they never attached it to the family plan and it has never worked!! Beware of the scam!!
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7 years ago, Tamar69
Pros: Calendar helps keep you & your kids on the same page with events, activities, appointments, due dates, etc. by facilitating ease of communication & a visual reminder. Shopping lists also allow all users to add & remove items, making shopping trips more productive. Cons: Annoying ads everywhere with basic (free) version; some features only available with Gold (paid) version. When I added "laundry detergent" to my shopping list, Cozi "suggested" its ad brand and embedded the ad into my list. Yuck. Also, Calendar view isn't visually appealing/easy to look at. SUGGESTIONS/REQUESTS: It would be SO much more convenient if the Grocery List had SECTIONS (e.g., Produce, Frozen, Deli, etc.) for items - it would really expedite the actual shopping process (no more backtracking 5 aisles to get that peanut butter you skipped!). It would also be cool if the Lists could identify or track those items you buy on almost every trip to the store, and suggest said items each time a new list is started.
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1 month ago, StephBroc
Loved the app, until blindsided by sudden rate change
My family has been using the app for over 5 years. Everyone is color coded, can see events added in live time, etc. I have been using the free version for this entire time when suddenly this week was restricted access to anything more than 30 days out!!! Imagine my surprise when I went to coordinate a late June activity and had no access. I was informed I had to PAY the gold membership fee and upgrade to have that access!!!! Now the gold membership is also great in its features and organization BUT this was a very unethical and sneaky way to force members to upgrade!!! They claimed we were notified in app, but the home page is littered with ads, and when I’m simply going to check an event, how am I supposed to read through every ad to find their small notification. A company wide email to all users to inform of the upcoming changes is standard business practice. I did reach out to them as well and was basically told sorry you don’t like the change. So for their unethical and poor business model execution, I will be cancelling my subscription once I print all my info and changing apps!!!! Shame on you Cozi!
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7 months ago, PDLG!
Was once a great app
This used to be my go to family organizer. I’ve been using this app since it’s inception. The main reason I use it is to I collect recipes and make grocery list from recipes. This used to be very simple. You could upload recipes from websites, or create your own. It also allows you to make custom recipe boxes/collections and keep specific recipes tagged and in these collections. I tagged hundreds of recipes with multiple tags over the years making it easy to search for a specific recipe. I can no longer search by tag and/or if you can, the user interface is so bad that I cannot find that feature. That’s just one of MANY issues and glitches that I’ve encountered when they updated the site. Sometime last year they updated their website and it completely destroyed the user experience and some of the most useful features of the site. The website not only looks terrible now, it functions very poorly. Creating recipes, sharing recipes, and adding them to lists is a chore. I’m going to slowly transition to FamilyWall a similar app, but unfortunately they don’t have a desktop version. I’m sorely disappointed! Why would you ruin something so good!?
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5 years ago, Sophiasgrace
OMG! Organizers heaven!
I saw an ad for this on Facebook and I thought it might help organize my families activities and such. OMG! I have used this every day since I downloaded it, it is so useful. It notifies every family member every time you add something to the agenda, everyone can see grocery lists, you can search for recipes or so easily just add all your favorite recipes from the web - just copy and paste the web address. It allows you to plan your meals out by simply clicking on a recipe and adding it to your calendar and then adding the recipes to your shopping list so you are sure to have everything. I simply search Pinterest for recipes I want to try and add them to the family recipe file. It has a button to keep your phone from turning off while you are in recipe mode. I mean, come on! This makes me look Martha effing stewert! And I’m sorry but all this organizational help and a subscription that amounts to about 2.50 a month? What could you possibly not love about this?
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1 year ago, LadyBillboard
It’s just going downhill at this point.
I have used Cozi for over 5 years. I’ve recommended it to a ton of people since. It’s the best organization -per person- app I’ve ever come across. I actually initially downloaded it for the syncing grocery list between my husband and I. I loved that there were no extra hoops or Dropbox settings necessary for it to sync across devices. It just did it’s thing all on its own! I only used this app after that! When renewing this year I saw the price increased $10 and I just don’t see why. There haven’t been any noticeable changes in at least 2/3 years. Not themes, grocery item prices for a running total, no more widget choices, heck, not even added colors to choose from for each person. I was okay with $20 when I found it, but for a price increase after this long without improvements, I’m going to want to see more. It hardly gets updated, so there are a ton of bugs. It’s sad to see something with this just potential crash and burn. I’ll be finding something else before my February renewal in a couple weeks.
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7 years ago, ImagineHatch
Worth it!
Our family used the free version of Cozi for a few months before we upgraded. We don’t typically purchase apps and keep a pretty strict budget but Cozi has been worth every penny! With 5 kids and a business, we rely on this app to keep things in order. One of my favorite features is the shared lists. My kids can see their chore lists and my hubby can see our grocery list if he’s out running errands. I also love being able to add things to the calendar far in advance and using our calendar to let everyone know what’s for dinner and getting our meal plan together. We haven’t tried any of Cozi’s recipes but I like being able to add recipes from other sites. This app is everything we need and has been worth every single penny. The best part about the upgrade is that it’s a one-time payment and not a subscription. So I paid a few bucks once and now we have access to everything. We love love love this app! Highly recommended!!!!
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2 years ago, kyungsook
Love it but it needs “to do” list integration with the calendar
We are a three generation household plus two dogs. It’s crazy trying to keep track of all of the appointments, shopping lists and tasks. We’re really glad to have found this app to have a common reference. It would really help if we had the option to include date-related, calendar-based tasks that we could mark complete (with date completed), delete or automatically move forward (with original due date noted) if not completed or deleted. We have lots of recurring date-based tasks on the calendar that, if not completed, just hide when the date passes. The family can’t see if the task has/not been completed. The to-do list doesn’t handle this well because its not date-related nor does it recur. If this function were added, this app would get five stars. In the meantime, its great for shared calendars/shopping lists and I’ll continue my search for an app that also handles calendar-based tasks.
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4 years ago, eaymsmg
Crashes, puts things on wrong day
I rely on my free version of Cozi a lot but when I try to update my calendar on my iPhone it has a years-long history of crashing and losing all my updates - I get a msg that somebody just made changes so my changes were lost or something like that - and every time I get this message I was the person who just made the changes (my husband never logs on). It also does not always place items on the date I selected when I opened the calendar post screen - I have to go back and search the calendar for the mistaken entry, or just place the item again in the right place & know there is a duplicate out there somewhere. When I have time to dedicate, I plan to transfer to a different app. I currently don’t have the extra funds to go back to the paid version, but when I paid for it, the same things were happening. I have reloaded and changed my password several times to no avail. Not reliable enough for 5 stars, but was a helpful app before all the crashing, etc.
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6 years ago, Mandapan
Still dislike
I tried this app several years ago in a coparenting situation and didn’t care for it then. We ended up using a different, much more expensive, app/site and were happy for several years. I pulled this app back in this month because my husband and I need one calendar for our family. The one he wanted to use required invitations to be sent, which weren’t accepted, and events didn’t get added. I prefer paper, which cannot be shared easily on the go with three kids. I was really really happy with it for about four days. I entered a TON of events and activities and travel information. I entered grocery lists and to-dos. I loved it for what I needed. Then I gave my husband the password to log in and join me. That’s pretty much when the honeymoon ended. Day 1- my to-dos and grocery lists were deleted. Okay. No problem. Rentered it all. Day 2- every. Single. Effing. Calendar entry was DELETED. don’t know what he did. But I can almost guarantee he doesn’t either. I do know that, literally, hours of my time were wasted. So I deleted the app. There’s no way to secure the entries and protect them from deletion. It’s too risky to depend on this calendar for actual families who need this information saved.
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2 years ago, justinearens
Cozi is a lifesaver
Cozi keeps our family organized! Cozi makes it easy to make plans without ever having a conflict. I know the calendar is updated so I don’t ever have to confirm my spouses plans before making my own (it’s been a game changer in our relationship). One of the best features IMO are reminders… as a working mom, these are incredibly helpful in making sure I’m always in the right place at the right time. Reminders also help me manage a hybrid work environment… I’m busy, so without them I know I would forget something and inevitably end up being late to an appointment. The list feature is great for keeping the whole family on task and keeping our home running smoothly. I also find the recipe manager super helpful in reducing paper clutter and recipe books around my home! Thank you Cozi for helping make the calendar and division of labor in our home equitable and easy to access!!!
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5 years ago, Hen W.
Used Cozi for years! Needs Siri & Apple Watch capability
First off - I would like to say that Cozi has been my #1 productivity app for at least 7 years, if not longer. I use it Every Day & I feel like I have my entire life on there. I would like to request to the developers to update it for 1) Siri capability (Hey Siri, add milk to my Cozi Grocery list; Hey Siri, add Pick John up at 5pm to my Cozi calendar) and 2) Apple Watch comparability. Lastly, and this is just a pipe dream of mine: it would be great to be able to use digital stickers & embellishments to be able to decorate my journal, calendar, lists, etc. there is not a fully functional planner app out there that you can decorate/embellish. You would be cornering the market! I will be continuing to use Cozi - it is still the best app I have found (and I look yearly - mostly for the reasons I have added above). I’m sure I will be using Cozi for years to come - Thank you for keeping me organized!!!(
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10 months ago, Amanda23443
Extremely helpful! 1 Improvement.
I love this app for my Husband and family. We are a very busy blended family with ever changing and packed schedules due to both parents working and taking college courses, 3 young children in school, different extra curricular activities, and a pre-K toddler. I put all work, school, class, sports, custody schedule and even bills and other due dates in the app. I have ADHD and struggle to organize, plan and remember my daily activities and this app has helped tremendously. We share our calendar with our Nanny so she always knows when she is needed. Before Cozi we often forgot to communicate our schedule. It has been an extremely helpful tool for our family. The options for repeating schedules are extremely flexible and amazing (ie. Every year on the third Wednesday of February) The One Improvement I wish they would add is a widget so I can have a larger icon with a list of our daily activities and possible reminders.
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4 years ago, Hargrepa
OK but...
I use an iPhone... I have it set to receive notifications, the only notifications I get or the 4 other people using is an email, no pop up notifications. Tried everything I can think of, so has everyone else using. Followed all steps to link Apple calendar to Cozi and visa versa. Many times. Zero success. My son plays baseball and the coach uses Team Snap for all practices, games etc, it took me less than a minute to link that to the Apple calendar. I look online and see reviews complaining of same issue from 2014, why 6 years later is it no better? Update I’ve had a prompt and comprehensive reply to my issues with Cozi. Their tech support, Marian, did a through and complete study of my and my family settings. Deleting and reloading app seemed to to the trick for my notifications issue, go figure. The linking of calendars seems to be an Apple issue. Thank you for taking the time to study my issues.....great tech support!
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1 month ago, nurse112!
Changes made me stop using
My husband and I have used cozi for the past few years to keep organized. it was very convenient for us and was great for putting things on one calendar we could both look at. I got on last night to check on when we go on vacation in July and was told that i needed to upgrade and pay in order to see more than a month out. I am a big planner person and like to know things well in advance, and now with the changes, I can no longer do that and will be deleting the app. We both work and I am soon starting a new job and need to get in my dates i am on vacation very soon, which i now can’t look at. Sure I have other ways of knowing when the vacation is and have other calendars, but it is extremely frustrating having things on that calendar that i now can’t even look at. And now that we aren’t able to look at the calendar months out, I can’t even transfer the dates to another calendar because I can’t see when appts I have scheduled months out are. So frustrating and upsetting!!
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8 months ago, carolcdg75
Mostly great app; trouble after recent update
I generally like using this app, yet have had tech problems since the latest update. It could simply be the combination of the app update and my phone software version, which needs an update. Anyway, my tech problem with the app is that I go to make a change in a calendar entry, try to save it; nothing happens. So, I just close out of the app. Going back into it only takes me to the same screen where I tried to save changes. Then I close it again, turn my phone off, wait a minute or two, turn it back on and go into the app. That’s when I see my changes have been applied and the only way and I have to repeat these steps one calendar entry at a time. If I have to change 10 different calendar entries, this causes me to turn my phone off and back on 10 times. I just don’t know if it’s a matter of my overall phone software version or the app, but this problem has been happening for a few days now.
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7 years ago, Sandman SF Bay
Divorce Arguments down 95%
My ex-wife brought Cozi to my attention years ago (2009?). For and handful of years we consistently bickered and quarreled over one or the other not remembering or not thinking the other person remembered things she or I planned into the kids' schedules. With Cozi, 95% of our reasons to have weekly (or daily) flare ups were eliminated. Having one master calendar source (with reminders) to refer to just made daily life smoother for all of us (most especially our children who stopped seeing their parents bicker over little things so frequently in the past. As a guy, who can remember 3 things told to me in a rapid verbal laundry list of "To Dos" before I simply don't retain any additional info (but who is indeed a will do...follow-through and dependable person), Cozi has been invaluable. Thanks for being largely responsible for 8+ years of much smoother sailing through the daily realities of divorce with children Cozi!
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7 years ago, Italyrose
Loving it so far - after a few changes would be irreplaceable!
I love this app for calendar sharing! I can notify my husband of changes and I can enter data from the computer - much easier for me!! I love that I can send notifications to him and he uses our COZI calendar as his calendar too. We don't have to "push" appointments to and from each other. If I update it on COZI, he sees it. I also love that I can instantaneously update the grocery list and he sees it (in case I remember something while he is shopping). I only gave it 4 stars because I would love to be able to copy an appointment! If I have an event with a couple of possible dates now I have to enter all the data twice, or enter a hair appointment - same info as last time just a new date. I would also love to be able to sync with contacts so I don't have to look up an address for the location. Another great add would be syncing with my iPhone calendar in case I like to use both. Still LOVE the app though :).
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3 years ago, abq jim
Still a good app; BUT…!
The most recent updates to Cozi have really screwed up the ability to delete list items! And badly!!! Now it seems the only way to delete something from a shopping list is to CHECK IT on the list, then go to a menu and select “Delete all checked”! Wonder what moron came up with this ridiculous idea! What if I actually want to retain a checked item (or several items that I purchase frequently) as reminders for my next trip? Hey Cozi guys/gals; please fix this ASAP. Update, 28-May-2021 Cozi folks contacted me over this comment and explained the cause was related to an Ad campaign that was going on at the time. They even gave me access to the paid version for the duration so this wouldn’t happen again. This was accompanied by a pledge to make certain the flaw in UI design would be addressed to prevent any further issues. Well done, Cozi! This seems to me as almost unprecedented support from a FREE App.
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1 week ago, 6bsmith
Long time user disappointed with update
We have been using Cozi for years and pay for upgrade. But, this new update is horrible. Its very hard to read and distinguish what is going on. The colored dots next to each name was way easier to read and glance at the calendar. Also, in the update you can’t see the whole day on calendar view. Old version everything was visible for each day, now you to scroll or look at different view. The update has been done on my iPad and not my phone. Today, updated version keeps crashing and old version is working fine. As a side note my kids have updated on their phones and immediately started telling me how much they dislike it. The changes were not necessary and make the app very difficult to use. Cozi has gone backwards in being user friendly. Once I am forced to update on my phone we may switch to a different app that has a calendar view that is easier to follow. I really don’t want to do that, I have lots on info on Cozi app, but if I can’t easily use it my family won’t use it and that defeats the purpose for us.
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5 years ago, Frendlycat
Great with an annoying flaw
My family has used this app for awhile and likes it overall. However I am sick of the fact the app is set up in a way where your lists pop up, then after a delay of a second or so what is on the page shifts so that an advertisement link is in the place where your list used to be. Too many times I hit an ad link instead of my list because of this last minute “page layout switch.” This does NOT happen on other apps and I have a very nice iPhone so this an app feature that I have had enough of. After being tricked into clicking an ad too many times today I am considering finding a better app. I have no doubt this is done deliberately to give the appearance of an inflated number of ad clicks but it is stupid and useless. If I do not want to see an ad and did not deliberately click it then it quickly gets closed out quickly anyway, but I am tired of dealing with thus irritation for the appearance of extra ad clicks. There is no excuse for this. Unfortunate.
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1 month ago, Momx2sweeties
Excellent App; Wish there was a more affordable price
UPDATE: Previously 5 star review has declined. While a good app and for a few years we did start paying for the app. Then we went back to the free version due to the cost. However, as they continue to take things away thst we’re once included in the free version, we are looking for other better and affordable alternatives. I also see others have as well. Our family has used this app for quite some time now. It has been extremely helpful with our varying children's school schedule. For the last 15 months, we have especially appreciated it when one of our family members experienced recurring health issues and we were forced to have one parent take care outside activities for one child. This app helped us not to forget appointments!!! Recently, I had a problem with it crashing, but was contacted within a couple of hours and the problem is solved. Thank you! I would love to purchase this app when the price becomes more affordable.
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4 years ago, Angme37
Not bad but will raise it to 5 stars once I can bring all my calendars over to Cozi. I do like the layout and how everything is. I bought gold thinking that when I sync my google cal or Apple cal it would remind me of my events on my calendar but it does not. I’m not going into every single event I have on Cozi to change it to send me a Notification. It should have this option as a default but it does not. Yes I have it enabled in my settings to receive notifications . I have tested this in your app if you do not put to remind you which again it should be set to do this as default to remind you then it will not remind you at all and then I tested to remind me and it reminded me. No one wants to go into every single event and put send reminder. That’s why it should be set as default so it actually reminds you when you add a calendar to your app. Hopefully it’s something you add soon cause I know myself would love for every time you make an event or move calendars over it puts notifications as a default. Wish I knew it didn’t have this before buying it.
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