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CPI Security
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User Reviews for CPI Security inTouch

4.04 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
7 months ago, King thirty
Great app & updates regularly to app
Love the app & the updates along the way. However, the only reason I give the app a four star when it probably deserved a three star is for one particular reason that is very very important to me. And that is on this CPI app there’s no way to have a selective notification tone. On my iPhone the notification sounds exactly like my email and there’s no way to change it. Unlock with ring that says distinctive sound and you know the camera has been alerted. What I have had to do to suffice in the meantime, until hopefully the app can have its own ringtone is I have had to go into settings and have this app only speak out loud. which is an iPhone settings, the cool thing is, Siri will speak out loud and say Cp security front driveway has detected a person or animal. This keeps me from having to check my phone, however, I would like to hear a distinctive chosen sound to know there’s a camera alert.
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1 year ago, BgalRocks2015
App and service
The app has a terrible delay on IPhones. I can have a doorbell and no alert. I can get some doorbell alert and by the time the app option displays the person is gone. My recording is intermittent. My alert will go off but nothing on my recordings for recent days. The front door lock always messes up. We have to replace battery constantly and the past rep said it was bad batteries, he replaced. Nope, same issue. My app will show unlocked but, it is locked. All of my camera connections fail on various occasions. The last time I requested help via the app I got no reply. No reply via murkier emails. I called and was put on hold with option for a call back they never provided. I finally got a callback added the third attempt at call in, the rep did not get scheduled until 3-4 weeks later. This service was great at first and before I added more cameras. Since I added more it has been nearly a waste of time and money. The app details how to update your doorbell camera and delete if necessary yet, the doorbell does not allow you to add more (“too many devices” message) nor will it provide an option to actually delete the doorbell device. The instructions for camera resets after wireless network modifications claims to have a “white blinking light” yet the lights never turn white but rather a very light green. The web address it provides for updates to the wifi settings and / or to delete and reload the camera is broken and not found. This app is terrible.
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4 years ago, SVR issues
SVR Issues
Service is ok for a simple system. However, considering the system runs on WiFi, there is always some form of troubleshooting issue. I can never play my SVR and after troubleshooting, it will say device found but when I go to playback video again, there is another message to troubleshoot. My upstairs panel always need to be reconnected and is always losing internet which is annoying in the middle of the night when you’re trying to sleep and can’t find a way to just turn the panel off since it isn’t working and shining bright in the room. Seems as tho CPI needs to find a better way to offer service other than through WiFi. I would hate for something to happen at my home and need video and can’t even access it. They should definitely think about updating their service in a different manner. To have 4 cameras and not be able to playback video on them is ridiculous. I mean I understand people put up cameras for show sometimes but we actually would like to keep an eye on our property. Not sure if this issue is a service issue or an app issue. But it definitely is a CPI issue.
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4 years ago, KingTutt64
Less than 24hrs after install
As a new user, I’ve already discovered a few nuances about this application. I have noticed that it does not update any of the user settings setting from device to device when all devices are on the same network and wi-fi. If I change it from iMac, or iPhone, or iPad, it should update news settings for everything. But it doesn’t. Not sure if this only works from the control panel, but if so, that kind of defeats the purpose, right? Also, I’ve looked into renaming 1 of my outside cameras, via user manual to a new name besides the “camera model name” that the technician forgot to rename for me, but it doesn’t appear I’m privy to changing it. And I’m speaking specifically about the Trigger name, not the Recording Rules name. I.e. When Object Detection is reported by ADC-VC826. I also looked into the advance setting on the panel...zilch...nodda...nope!
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4 years ago, QB_Trans
Delayed doorbell & other camera feed
Personally. I would not have service today with CPI had it not been for the 3.5 year contract I signed. As I think back - this is why CPI require lengthy contracts...they know their company has issues. I use another monitoring company for my rental properties. I receive real time video feed/notifications every time motion is detected. Video is then saved automatically for future viewing. Not the case with CPI. My door bell camera detect motion, however the video footage is selectively pixelated, with some people totally removed from the footage. Once movement cease, the camera goes back to normal. You can hear commotion but bodies are pixelated or vaporized. I reported this several times to CPI and advised them this issue seems wrong and selective. It has been 2.5 years and nothing has changed. So I have had to buy a secondary (not via CPI) camera to capture all live footage. When I call CPI customer service to report what’s happening, no one has answers. They blame it on the equipment. Ummm. I am under contract so why do they care about delivering an actual service that I pay for. I do not recommend CPI.
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6 years ago, greggT555
Works well but still confusing
If give it another star if there was a manual for the app. I like that I can set my alarm after leaving the house (if I remembered to close all the doors and windows), but the app still requires users to set up a reasonable profile for the thermostat: first you set the temperature limits for 3 situations (at home, away, night), then apply any one of the situations to times thru the weekday/weekend. We had to figure this out on our own (no manual for the app), although the installer showed us a bit on the website which we immediately forgot. There are some VERY complex triggers on the website as well, which are great when they work but have no way to figure out what was set wrong when they fail. Lighting settings are still not obvious to me; I just guess each time I use it b/c it never seems to respond the same way as the last thing I figured out. I like the event log to see what motion triggers were present, ex: is my wife up yet or will I wake her if I call (when I'm on the road)?
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7 months ago, BadWolf2112
Still needs some work
Updated review: half-hearted attempt to provide dark mode with no attention paid to the font colors (black on black - definitely no QA in that rush to check a box on what should have been a feature ages ago. Also, the dark mode is not persistent; many screens don’t have it. video playback sometimes stops after one second, but only for some videos (if I use my mobile browser on the actual website, the video plays fine). Some of the settings are scattered throughout various places. Other settings simply do nothing. Motion detection is still pretty much "every single car headlight at night" vs. "Just the activity on your doorstep.". The hyper-sensitivity that picks up car headlights and lightning strikes still doesn't pick up any normal activity from 20 feet away. Geofence is hit-or-miss. Feature request : would be useful to be able to schedule blinds and / or lights in the app.
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6 years ago, M-B--
Best Security System on the market
Best security system on the market. We just upgraded... True Story: My wife was unresponsive a few years ago and my phone fell behind headboard of bed and I couldn’t reach it. I pushed the rescue/EMS panic button on the panel in the bedroom and literally within 3 minutes I had fire, rescue, and police first responders in my house. I communicated with CPI’s central station on my military grade speaker which is at the other end of the house and I did not have to yell for CPI officials to discuss the situation. Once I pushed rescue panic button for 3 seconds EMS was on the way. Can’t thank CPI enough for helping me to help my wife. Monthly fee is priceless for the quality of service you get. Highly recommend the HD quality door bell cameras and the auto door lock, glass break sensor, and “connected” fire alarm. Worth every penny! Thanks again CPI. M—
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3 years ago, JamCan52
No mobile panic buttons
I love the app very convenient although I have noticed that there’s no menu to call for help in case the alarm is off and you can only use your phone. The panel on the wall has police, fire and emt functions if alarm is off but the mobile app does not. There could be a situation where the system is disarmed but an emergency arises and you can’t talk or make noise it would be nice just to press a button and authorities would be notified silently. I think this would be a great safety add on to the app.
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4 years ago, homeowner ownerhome
I love it but...
I love this app and security system. BUT lately we have been having glitches. Glitches meaning we will set the alarm no problem. And close the garage door before leaving the house always. Then go to check to make sure it is secure after getting to our destination, and the app tells us our garage door is open. We are very serious about our home security so this causes us worry and we turn around to make sure it is closed and secure. And come to find out 50/50 the door has reopened or it’s closed and we just don’t know either way. We’ve never had a problem with the alarm it’s self just the garage door. I’m not sure if it’s something to do outside of the app we will definitely be looking into it. But if you could just fix a few things this would be a 5 star review. Thanks so much for all y’all do!
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4 years ago, CME57100
This system is garbage
Compared to the Ring app (which I use for another property) this app is slow to load and slow to access live feed once you get a push notification that there’s movement detected. With security, seconds count. When I got notifications of movement today I couldn’t access the app because it was slow to load, even though all the other apps on my phone load quickly so it wasn’t a connection issue. This caused an enormous amount of stress when monitoring a vacant property that’s 1500 miles away, not to mention that when I tried to call CPI there was a 13 minute hold to get somebody on the phone. It also tends to stop recording too soon; a neighbor rang the bell and it stopped recording while movement and conversation was going on. Also, you’re limited to the number of clips recorded unless you pay more. Makes this useless on a busier street. All in all, it’s garbage. Get Nest or Ring.
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6 years ago, Mom o many
Not worth the trouble
I downloaded the app in order to have an easy way to access account on the go. The use of setting forgotten alarms was an after thought; but seemed VERY nice. “Seemed” is correct. The delay in this app is ridiculous. Half of the time, the command doesn’t go through, and an alarm is never set. The other half, it takes so long, anyone could still enter my home, no problem. Today, for example: I am rushing out the door to get kids off to school- pull out phone, “set” alarm from car IN the garage, no less, only to discover when I GET BACK HOME, the alarm command never went through. Come inside, make coffee... out of nowhere, I hear, “system is armed to away”! Which was not only an hour later, but now, I was inside and my motion detectors were on! I would NEVER recommend this app.
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1 month ago, CWhit12
Too complicated
Because the APP freezes on and off even while using my WiFi test showing a high test speed or using my cellular with 5G. I have to delete the App and start over. I end up multiple times a month calling for help. It works using Safari web page to make changes but not the app. By then it’s to late to catch watch videos, but by then it’s too late to catch someone stealing my package. With no alert from this APP I didn’t see a video pop up of a homeless person with bags of their possessions with a chair from somewhere. It was my neighbor that told me yesterday. It’s has too many mistakes because it’s too confusing and complicated to figure out how to set and operate the stupid security system with this app.
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6 years ago, Scott28634
Good but could be better...
Overall the app works well but there needs to be customizable settings. A setting where you can set the alarm to auto disarm would be nice. Waking up at the same same time each day and leaving for work-it would be nice to be able to set the alarm automatically disarm so you don’t forget. There is a “Wake Button”... what’s this all about? I can’t see any difference between the actions of “wake” and “disarm”. They both do the same.
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4 years ago, The ChrisAnthem
Would not recommend
The recordings of your video will not be available for you to view on a daily basis. Someone came to the door this morning and when I went back to look at the video, there are only videos for the month of September and it is now December. Another important video where someone ran over our light pole on the property, that video did not show up either. It’s reasons like these that we need a camera and they are not useful to us when we need them to be. Now we are stuck in a 3 year contract for our home to be unprotected and no proof to show the cops anything. I’m definitely switching to a better system as soon as our contract is up. Do Not Waist your money!!
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5 years ago, feedback Tommy
App has gotten a lot better but.....
The app has gotten a lot better but still upset that there is no support for Google home. I want my doorbell cam to show up on my home hub like all other alarm companies now. Also, it would be great if the doorbell camera would automatically launch on my phone when someone rings my doorbell. By the time I get the notification that someone has rang my doorbell and I respond, the person is already leaving because it takes too long. This makes this feature almost useless. I'm so tempted to switch alarm companies. Please consider this if you are opting from or this alarm service.
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2 years ago, LoudN2Proud
Great intentions, terrible execution
The CPI app is horrible. It takes at least 30 seconds to open up and check my live feed from when I receive a notification of movement on one of my cameras outdoors. Half the time the highlight reel of the event is stuttering video that shows people or animals just teleporting around. The customer service and workers are top notch but I have nothing good to say about this app. I feel like it was created in 2010 and never updated since. My google nest and ring doorbells have functioned more smoothly and efficiently. Please refine the app to provide the customer a more efficient and quality security management application.
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3 years ago, No Cameras
Use caution with camera
Our experience with the video portion of the alarm system is that it works correctly until there’s a power outage. Technical support and customer service have both advised that the video router must be unplugged, power cycled, and then pluged back in for the cameras to come back online. As you can imagine it’s quite difficult when you’re traveling and relying on the security system. Make sure you have someone that can come into your home and restart the router if you wish to have cameras available to you when you are not home and there’s been a power outage which is common in Charlotte
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2 years ago, amazon app review
Needs more features
The app needs more features so you can better manage it. Like being able to edit a schedule, or get notified on smart detection of people and quickly review it, as of right now, unless the alarm company calls. I WOULD never know someone was in my shop due to all the errors the door sensors have and the lack of notification and the auto bypass. Honestly, the system is kinda useless unless it’s managed on a regular basis. Hopefully some day they get better equipment!
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11 months ago, Kei143
Scrolling through cameras affected by update
After the new update it won’t let me scroll through my camera’s I have to go to the screen where all of the cameras are displayed vertically to see what’s going on. Hopefully another update comes soon and fixes this.
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4 years ago, N_Kay19
In general, I am quite happy with the service provided by CPI. The app, however, leaves much to be desired. There is a significant delay between events and notifications. I also have far too frequent experiences with the live feed on the doorbell and camera failing to load. Most recently, I was actively speaking to someone through the doorbell and was completely kicked out. If I had a true emergency at my residence while I was not at home, I am not confident that the features on the app would suffice to provide me access or peace of mind.
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3 years ago, Pranav N.
I’ll increase the rating if this issue is fixed.
I downloaded this app the day I had my equipment installed in my new home. The app was great for the day that I had it - today, however, when I armed the system in the house and then left, I checked the app to see my camera feed. I saw that the app said I was disarmed!! So, I drove back, only to see that my system was actually armed... there seems to be some communication issue between my equipment and the app. My WiFi is fine. Please rectify this issue ASAP, this can cause issues for a lot of people.
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5 years ago, cedartree84
Great app...just one request
This app is working fantastically and I love how easy it is to use. However, how hard would it be to integrate the system with HomeKit? I would like to be able to set up a Scene in the home app that turns off my lights, locks the door, closes the garage door, and sets the alarm. Right now, I can do that for the lights but nothing else (without going into another app).
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4 months ago, certainzee
Honestly, this app does nothing spectacular. It would go a long way if this app added picture-in-picture (pip) functionality. I should be able to do any other functions on my phone, iPad, or Apple TV while monitoring my security camera feeds. It’d be amazing if the developers would look into enhancing the apps functionality and ultimately making this a better service for customers
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3 years ago, Gina06/20/21
My mom left a pan of grease on the stove and forgot about it. Thankfully CPI was on the job, The alarm went off and the agent talked to my elderly mother wanting to make sure she was ok and asked if she needed help. Many thanks to my sales person Amy Martin for explaining everything to us and making sure we had the best service possible. CPI customer for life.
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5 months ago, Mbe100
App keeps freezing
I have a WiFi camera in one of my bedrooms to keep an eye on my parent with dementia. This camera’s live feed does not load without shutting down and restarting my phone or iPad. This is a real nuisance and defeats the purpose of a live feed. The tech was very kind and replaced the camera but that did not fix the issue. I have had this camera for a year and 8 months. It worked fine for the first year but not for the last 8 months. I’m very frustrated that CPI hasn’t been able to fix this issue.
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4 years ago, MBB1106
Can’t count on the app
App frequently crashes, to include immediately after receiving a notification from the doorbell camera, either for motion or a press, so that when you go to watch live video or talk to whoever pressed the doorbell an error displays. This alone makes the app and system useless to me. The doorbell camera also fails to capture or record video which is especially comforting given that most burglars access homes through the front door. I can’t rely on the app or CPI to protect my home at this point. Will be looking for other options.
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3 years ago, Cha2ga
Lacks doorbell recording. Glitchy.
The doorbell lacks an option for the user to take a video with it. It is only setup to record by motion or when the doorbell is depressed. When I am looking at the camera and see something I want to take a recording of it, I can’t! There is no soft key for that! I can do that with the other cameras on my system. The doorbell even has a soft key to let me talk, but not record. This needs to be corrected. Instead you gave a a cutsie Santa Claus button. Get real. Is CPI a security company or a toy? Sheesh. Do better.
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5 years ago, jjk128
CPI is the worst ever
I would have given them 0 stars if that was possible but being that it’s not 1 will have to do. We have had CPI for over a year now and it is the biggest waste of money I have ever spent. The cameras are constantly going off line on a weekly bases and the SVR for my videos is in and out at best. So unless you’re watching something live you can’t retrieve it. The worst part is CPI won’t let me out of my contract so I can get someone who’s reliable so for the next few months I’ll be paying money for a service that is equivalent to a blind deaf mute watching my property. DONT GET CPI!!!
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1 year ago, GabrieIIe
Someone got in my home
Door was locked. They unlocked it with their phone number and it registered as a user that was scheduled to activate in June 2022. Horrible experience. So far all I got was the runaround. I need this not to happen again. Smoke detector battery low after just not even 2 years. (Yes, new molds of smoke detectors last now much longer than 2 years, but CPI still is using old technology) I am trying to turn off the beep (which is an option) but not even that works. Very disappointed in CPI
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6 years ago, Resa1031
Doesn’t work all the time
I have been using the app for a few months and enjoyed its use when I first started using it. But now the app just doesn’t work properly. I can lock/unlock the door and my camera recordings just stopped recording like 3 weeks ago. I called CPI technical support and they reset the app and still it’s not working properly. I’m ready to give up on the app altogether. Anyone have any suggestions
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7 months ago, xxxx. fgffghnnvxxghjj
Buffering, microphone doesn’t shut off
Even though I like CPI, these persistent IT issues over the last year will make me change providers. When reviewing a video, there are times when it just buffers for hours on end. Then there is the issue of the camera sound hacking the microphone even when the App is closed. When that occurs, I have to turn my phone off. CPI clearly doesn’t have the bandwidth to accommodate their customers and it is more than annoying.
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3 weeks ago, Wkappy
I really like this app it allows me to glimpse the home inside and outside, Thank you!
What I don't like, is that it is on the web, anyone can hack in. I don't like sharing my device and when you want to remove it, a person can be put back on.
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4 years ago, Numerouno6381
5 Stars,BUT........ Latest update has problems!!
Been using app for years and it has worked very well! I have multiple locks, garage doors, cameras and the app has worked well with these devices until the latest update!! I primarily use the widet with scenes instead of opening the full app which has worked great until last update! Response to commands are now slow and automation commands are not fully being completed. Long story short, when app works its great! But latest update has glitches that need to be fixed to get the app fully functional.
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6 years ago, jamesvcarroll1975
Not reliable
The App worked for maybe two days. It then began telling me I had a phone line connection problem (and I don’t even have a phone line). Then it would not allow me to arm my alarm. I called three times in one day to have this fixed and CPI told me they would have it fixed in 15 minutes. Didn’t happen. Now I’m awaiting a technician to come to my house tomorrow (hopefully before 4pm as I leave for work daily at this time). *I must admit the CPI reps are all professional and appear to want to help.
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2 years ago, greeneyedesign
Doorbell video
Would like for there to be a way to set the length of the doorbell video recording. It cuts off way too soon. Ring would stay active while anyone was within the range. This one is too short and does not capture adequate surveillance.
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3 years ago, HiddenJewel4
Unable to Change Notifications
What a pain! Every time someone passes by the front of the house, I and my daughter-in-law get a text and an email! That’s several times an hour on my watch, my phone, and tablet!!! The app doesn’t allow me to change notifications. Customer Service doesn’t answer, robot says I’ll get a call back in 20 minutes, then sends a message that I have to text or call them. It’s maddening!
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5 years ago, NotafanofLetgo
Product Options
I am interested in other products, but they are not clearly visible on this app. For ease-of-use and purchase, it would be nice to be able to review new product features and request an agent reach out. Even better, would be the option to purchase devices and schedule an installation appointment. The app seems outdated for these reasons.
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7 months ago, Will196912
Their service is good!!! But some of their techs ARE CRAPPY!!!! one ran my out camera wire across the middle of my garage ceiling to get to the outlet that powers our garage door!!! It looks horrible!!! Another comes out to replace our door lock I ask him about it he just blows it off!!! So one more call if this doesn’t work we’ll find a new security system!!!
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1 year ago, Done In Pisgah
Mostly useless
I get a notification that the alarm has detected a person. I spend several minutes trying to upload a view on the camera and or waiting for the clip to load. I have four bars of service. This also happens when I’m connected to a Wi-Fi what good is this system when I can’t even view when it sends me a lot an alarm I have to sign into my email to see clips now I regret this purchase.
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1 year ago, Flip863
Works well until swapping network
Used this app for a few years and it worked well. Recently upgraded my home network and the troubleshooting steps for moving devices to the new network are incomplete. No option to remove devices per step 4 in instructions under Manage devices. 2 stars for its good use on old network settings.
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4 years ago, acsmith28
Great app, but missing one thing . . .
I would love to see an option to set up a shortcut for the app and Siri for a panic button. I tried to create one, but didn’t see the option. It would be really nice to have a shortcut that would call the police in case of emergency. Thanks for all your great work!
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2 years ago, Proud PSL Owner
Monica N
Had CPI for several years now and have never had a problem! A lot of the issues people are having are due to poor internet connections and speed. Thanks to all at CPI!
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1 year ago, Topaz7021
Not really useful for doing anything but turning the alarm on and off. Can access detailed bill info. I used to be able to turn it on and off with the app without a countdown but that has stopped. Also your doorbell chime is turned off somehow automatically and it has to be turned on in the app. Good to know after the fact.
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3 years ago, Summer Solstice Gemini
This app is great!
I love this app! It’s user friendly and I haven’t had any issues with it since I’ve set it up with the CPI representative. It gives me peace of mind because I’m able to watch my house when I’m traveling or even when I’m at work.
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3 years ago, LezIphn5
Serious App Glitches
When adjusting thermostat, the temp keeps reverting to original setting, doorbell camera never loads in app (useless) I can’t even answer anyone at the door because I can’t see them. More than half the videos triggered at the doorbell camera are just not recording. Extremely dissatisfied after a year and a half of service.
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1 year ago, booyatribe0326
One additional feature would be great!
No problem with the app at all but an added gem would be to have the app available on my CarPlay screen
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6 years ago, Aloneinokinawa
Lack of security
Have been with CPI for about a year now. In the beginning we have really appreciated the service but lately we can’t even check the doorbell viewings to see who has come to our door every now and then we can check the cameras in the house sometimes it will tell us it’s off line other times it won’t show anything at all. Contacted CPI about the problems several weeks ago never received a phone all or anything
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4 years ago, Fahnnie
The camera function never works. Ever. I can trouble shoot all day and it might work once, only to fail the very next attempt. Doesn’t matter about wifi, or cell service, or location. I could be at work trying to check the cameras or at home and it won’t work. This is the worst company every. Don’t bother, don’t waste your money, time or peace of mind. Biggest regret is investing in CPI. just go with Ring. It consistently works and it’s cheaper.
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11 months ago, jotavia
Initially my account information was on the home page. Now I have to dig and search to see my account balance or if there were any bill changes to my bill. The more changes CPI makes it is worse for the customer and limits by reducing the amount of property coverage allowed to view. Contemplating going Ring to cover my entire home versus the half I’m currently paying for.
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