Craft: Write docs, AI editing

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Craft Docs Limited
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User Reviews for Craft: Write docs, AI editing

4.84 out of 5
5.3K Ratings
2 years ago, someartbydan
This is how I've always hoped I could organize my life
Craft was a little bit hard to understand at first (that's on me--they explain everything very well), but once you get the hang of it, suddenly you have a place where you can truly organize your notes, thoughts, life goals, to-dos, all in one app. On top of this, you can layer this organization to your heart's content--if you're a creative type, you can have a "creative" folder with a "lyrics" subfolder with "melancholy" and "funny" subfolders, as well as a "sources of inspiration" subfolder with "quotes" and "aesthetic choices" subfolders within that. Just examples! Moving between these folders is super easy, so it's quickly turned into my personal little hub for all of the ideas I randomly come up with. More than that, it's fairly simple searching things so that if you're ever in a creative rut, you can pull ideas from when you weren't. Honestly I don't think I've scratched the surface of what this app can really do, but I'm really happy I came across it. Beforehand, I was just using my phone's Notes app, and while it was easy enough getting my thoughts down quickly, finding them again or being able to connect them to other thoughts was basically out of the question. Best part (although pretty common for note-taking apps) is that I can write stuff down on my iPhone while out and about, and then expand on those ideas later on my computer--very seamless in that regard!
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3 years ago, Rebannford
Fantastic Essential App
Took me awhile to grab onto Craft despite all of the buzz, and now it has become my essential app, especially with the recent calendar and daily note integration. This fits the way I think/operate, and my most productive workflow so well, as it has become a place where I can keep a daily log of journal reflections, tasks, phone calls, meetings, etc, while also giving me easily accessible and connectable spaces to dive in and focus on projects, brainstorm, keep and plan long-term someday tasks and keep everything organized. It helps me think, plan and write, which is your mission.....but it really DOES help me do all of that! My only request is for a way to make the app text font size larger and easier to see. The control plus option that I usually use to do this currently functions to transform the text into larger bold headings, rather than to simply make the text larger so that it is easier to see. I can increase font size on the web app using this shortcut, but the web app still lacks many of the app features. For aging eyes looking at a laptop screen on a lap, for example, a way to make the font size larger and easier to see would be so appreciated!!
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2 years ago, S_Serrano
All Systems Go...So Far
So far, I am enjoying Craft. I was looking for a system that was similar to Notion, but without all of the steep learning curve, the backlink capability of Obsidian - but without having to invest so much time in "creating" my set workspaces - so far, Craft is providing a nice sweet spot. One major selling feature was the ability to easiy move my data, access offline, and flexibility to use the web version as I sometimes work on my Second Brain at work. Bonus feature was the ability to add a Workspace directly from a private folder on my MacBook. I have not tried this yet - but love the thought. Now for a few cons. There were some tutorial videos and I found that somewhat helpful - but fortunately, few YT influencers show cased their set up and I found that most beneficial. Tagging - UGH....THIS IS A TOTAL PAIN!! I found someone on YT that had a spiffy method - but its sooooo cumbersome! Not a fan! The table feature, its usesful BUT - I'd like to be able to backlink my data. You can't use the @ sign within a cell. Also with tables, it would be nice to just be able to use columns without needing a table - as you can in Notion. Saves space on a page and keeps you from viewing tons of words, etc on one page. Great App! Looking forward to the growth of this application!
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1 year ago, ashleymuir10
Being the cheap person that I am, I can honestly say that this is the most content that you will ever see, let alone get, from a free app. They listen to what you have to say and are constantly trying to make it better and fix things with frequent updates. The updates are mostly to add new features, so don't worry - it's not riddled with crashes and bugs and such. I highly reccomend this app. They even have their own picture gallery where you can type in a word in the search bar and tons of different images will come up! They have such a broad range of photos to choose from. Their secret is that the platform has all kinds of fun features but not to the point where you can spend hours rearranging and chaning fonts and adding clipart, or making letters dance (whatever that means), etc. There is plenty of customizing that you can do, but not so much to the point that you spend the next 6 hours creating an amazing looking page, but then never get around to doing what you were actually supposed to do. I can't be the only one who does that, right? Anyways, 5-star rating my friends!
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3 years ago, red.planet
Good replacement for Evernote -- mostly
I'm a long-time user of Evernote who's constantly searching for a less problematic writing app. For the past 8 months, Evernote has been troublesome, including syncing problems, spinning disk issues when opening the app, disappearing files and other issues. The developers have also added a bunch of nonsense that NO ONE was requested, such as a task function and calendars. Craft is the closest I've found to a solid app that could replace Evernote. It is highly capable, syncs nicely and has a solid preferences menu. It also looks loverly -- the developers have obviously put a lot of care and attention into the app. It also starts up quickly, since it's built in native apps and not some third-party platform like Evernote uses that makes it work more like a web app. The deal breakers for me with Craft were the lack of tags (which I've come to rely on in nearly all my photography and writing work), the fact that it won't work outside of the Apple ecosytem (I have an iPhone 12 Pro Max and a Samsung Galaxy Fold 2) and the lack of tables. If you can live without these elements, Craft will suit you well. As a bonus, Craft costs roughly half of what Evernote is charging annually.
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3 years ago, iamuptheroad
I like this app a lot but...
This is a great app and I use it for formatting and sharing documents. Three things missing from this app that keeps it from being my primary note taker (and worthy of the subscription cost IMO). It doesn’t have a quick entry capability, it doesn’t accept screenshots from the share tray and it doesn’t have tags. I paid for one year to support development. Update from my previous review. First of all I misstated when I said there was no quick add capability because there is a button for a quick add in the app. I’ve just been spoiled by all the apps out there that have the big, colorful Add button like Things and Evernote. As I get more familiar with the app, I’ve found that the “linking/backlinking” capabilities can be used to create a “sort of” tagging system. I mentioned the lack of being able to add screenshots using the share tray. That’s less of an issue for me because I am using this as a writing app vs a note app like Notes or Evernote. The developer has said that these functionalities are coming and based on the current rate of development, I don’t think they’re going to be far off. Thanks for a Great App!
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9 months ago, JohnAla
Love It
I have tried many different note programs and productivity apps. This is the best looking and easiest to use. The features are nutritive and in my opinion is well suited above others to fit the second brain role. The block system is ideal for honing in on certain information and saving time and space. The ability to send segments of any article to a page as a quote is a wonderful feature for anyone doing research and writing. While it does not offer a tag system per se, there is the ability to set a folder for tags and set each tag up as a page that you then link references to throughout the system. The block references are then in one place. It is also easy to get started right after downloading versus the steep learning curve for basic services in other apps. I also enjoy the daily note and templates that are offered. I cut and paste templates for Day Notes along with an edited template for a journal into one daily note. It is nice to have all of that in one place and I can imagine down the road it will be a nice way to track activities both professional and personal for each day.
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1 year ago, S.S.Marie
⚠️‼️⚠️ Just Need ONE Change ⚠️‼️⚠️
I downloaded this app with a handful of others & after trying them all this one became the obvious best choice for the task at hand. I used an app-provided template with a “table” already in it so I just had to so some minor colum adjustments, set my page format defaults, & I was already done with the hardest part of these kinds of projects for me; the setup. Unfortunately I was already about 2.5 hours in when I realized that while you can change the font style of the text within each cell, there seems to currently be no way to edit the font SIZE of text within the table AT ALL. So I’m left with some cells that only have two words in them & some cells that have an entire website link pasted into it within the same row, which is going to make a HUGE difference in how this turns out aesthetically. So, app is absolutely wonderful, not a super steep learning curve but also not lacking in cool features / tools. UI is great once you get the hang of it. Just PLEASEEEEE let me edit the size of the text within cells individually! < 3
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12 months ago, selmatard13
Nearly Perfect
There is so much to like about using Craft as my primary notes application for my professional services business. Best features: backlinking is easy and to anything in the workspace; organizing notes is as layered as you want and easy to follow; simple formatting controls for writing; lots of publishing options; you can build notes but also more complex documents side by side; it goes on. There are things I'd really like to see added though to make this app complete. A) I would like to integrate my todo task manager, preferably with embedded links (I use Todoist)- some of my notes are actions and right now I need to manually transport all that to Todoist; Craft lacks a lot of integrations right now, but I assume that will change eventually. B) Get a web clipper; adding clipped web content easlity from a browser extenstion would be great - like Evernote, Nimbus, etc. C) I'd like the optoin to display attached files as printed pages instead of links; also to be able to markup those printed pages within the app. I just bought the PRO version so I can get additional workspaces and file uploads. Keep improving this beautiful app, please!
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3 years ago, SBCpp
Must sign up for an account with the developer! Updated
Updated after develop[er responded: Yes, I know signing in with Apple can hide my email but that does not address the question of why requiring users to sign in in the first place when other similar apps do not requiers this. What is the reason for making the simple process that is already in place that allows users to download, try then purchase an app if they like a bit more complicated by adding an additional setp (signing in) which other developers of similar apps did not think was necessary. Original review Seriously? This is the second App I wanted to try in two weeks that requieres me to create an account with the developer before even moving beyond the first screen. My understanding from reading through the developer website that now I can use iCloud to store and sync my data; if this is the case then why do the developer wants to force me to create an account? They could have this requirement only for those who choose to use the developers servers for Sync, storage and sharing. By requiereing this from everyone, they raise the suspecion of harvesting user data which most of us who buy theorugh the App store and use iCloud try to avoid. Unfortunately there is no way I am going to do this, so I guess this it for me. I am truely disappointed.
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2 years ago, Needsleepyghosts
So I’ve actually been using this app for a second now, switching from Notion to this app due to Notions lack of offline capabilities but after using Craft for awhile….it’s almost perfect, it focuses most on the way it’s documents and pages system works. I do miss real tagging but the workarounds work fine once you get the hang of it. I have over 10hrs of notes on here, including my journal and notes for school- if craft died I’d be unsure how to switch to any other note system at this point! The closest is Noteplan 3 which focuses more on task management over notes. Speaking of task management, Craft is best for simple to do lists- I do wish it had more options for tasks, such as repeating tasks and tasks that ‘roll over’ when not finished the day before, also adding events through the app instead of having to use Apple Calendar would be cool (also maybe add options for other calendar types?). These things are minor for me as Craft is a note taking app mostly for my uses, but working on the todo side of things would be a great idea in the future. I have little experience with sharing documents so I can’t comment on that.
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2 years ago, ButterflyyyBabyyy
My Lifesaver.
I used to do so many different things to save stuff i found online that i wanted to come back to.... tab managers/savers, reading lists, notes, and so many others.... problem is; i used them all..and i'd guess 8/10 times i either forgot saving it, or i forgot which application i saved it on.. i not only suffered a traumatic brain injury from a particiularly damaging DV incident back in 2019- causing me to become epileptic, suffering from grand mal seizures every few months (more regularly when i'm under a lot of stress), severe difficulty retaining the majority of all my short term memories, and developing a severe case of ADD.. so when i found an ALL-IN-ONE app that saved not only notes, but links, and pictures, and anything else my little heart desired... i was finallly able to pick up where i left off the day before. DEFINITELY SPEND THE INSANELY LOW PRICE FOR THE PAID VERSION....and you'll eliminate the need for so many applications that Craft takes care of on it's own. thanks Craft creators-you guys are the shiznit. <3
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5 months ago, d12&de
Already replacing some apps I use
I am surprised at how much I like Craft. I thought this would be another useful app that claims being “free to use” but will only let you use 1 or 2 features unless you pay a ridiculous price per month. INSTEAD, I’m having fun creating new journal templates and revamping existing templates. I’m a person who organizes things like crazy. I love writing and I have 50million notes in physical notebooks that can get buried. I like how it integrates with my calendar and I can feel a little more organized and accountable of what I do. This is actually helping with Moon journals and content creation. Bullet journaling is way easier to me now. My only gripe is that I feel Craft is a bit limited, but you get what you pay for, right? Not sure if the paid version has more fonts, more formulas for tables or even customization for tables and pages with columns like for magazine articles, but I’ll see it for myself much later. There are very few apps i would not mind paying for, and this is one of them. Thank you so much for making digi notes fun and amazing!
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3 years ago, AdSkills founder Justin Brooke
Using it daily now
Wouldn't say it's a killer to any specific app, however, it's good almost great at doing what a lot of other apps do spectacularly. Meaning, if you sort of like Roam but it's not Notion and you sort of like OneNote but it's not Obsidian etc... Craft is for you! It sits in the middle of this noisy noisy productivity app space and just does what they are all trying to specialize in well. Not BETTER, but well, giving you an app that is highly functional, fast, cheap, easy, and just works. Only thing it's missing is the ability to create tables. I still have to go out of Craft if I need to use a sum function or create a pivot table. Once they clone Notion's database function, THEN this will be the killer app that I almost never leave. right now, I'm using it for college notes, writing articles, church notes, meal logs, blood pressure logs, master to do lists. I'm using it multiple times per day. If this is how good it is so early, I can't wait to see whats in store for us in the next 3, 6, 12 months. Highly recommend.
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2 years ago, Bakari C
Beautiful App
Craft is a tool that enables users to create beautiful, organized documents and share them easily with others in a secure and efficient way. It offers a native app for quick syncing, offline/online capabilities and powerful export options to integrate with existing tools. I’ve used several other notebook and content apps, including Notion, Walling, and Evernote. Craft is the that fits my needs, makes it easy to style documents and layout content. A few days before writing this review, Craft also released Craft AI for writing content. The first paragraph and next three paragraphs were AI-composed along with some of my own edits. I of course agree with the content. The user interface of Craft is also well designed, making it easy to find what you’re looking for. Typing and formatting tools are intuitive and in-depth. I especially like that Craft includes Spaces so that I don’t have to put all my content into one space. The companion iOS apps make it easy to quickly capture ideas and add them to your Craft workspace on the go. Craft is also starting to offer a range of APIs and extensions to connect to other services and applications. Overall, I found Craft to be a great tool for creating, organizing and sharing documents with others. It’s user-friendly interface and powerful features make it easy to work with, while its numerous integrations allow you to connect to most other tools and manage your content in a secure and efficient way.
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1 year ago, created7beauties
Just get it. Seriously. 10+
It's just everything you never knew you wished Word and Excel could have made you never want to use again if you're like me... I had an office job and hated it, but that was then and I just need to be more organized and less forgetful? Or maybe you use something similar everyday and hate every minute of it but don't want to throw away your YEARS of experience to have to learn some crazy new one? Lol. YOU!!! Anyone who goes to school or knows anyone who does should really gift it to them. It's great. But anyway, this app is DOPE, a special mind or minds thought of every feasible way to usefully utilize like everything they could think of. Then that was just a blueprint and they did a bubble diagram of how to out of the box make it more useful and more easy and more intuitive.... and then they made it LOOK GOOD TOO!! Like 10 out of 10. I didn't get charged and I came back to pay. 😳 Contact me guys, I can't figure it out and I don't want to lose access. 🤩
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1 year ago, brentbyington
Update: they fixed their mistake
Update 2: they added the gesture back in. Now you can actually navigate the app. I am now a paying subscriber again due to this update Update: cancelled my subscription and switched apps for now. Removing a gesture that helped you navigate is the reason for this review. For context: you used to be able to swipe down gesture from anywhere to get quick actions: go home, start a new note, go to today, etc. Now that gesture changes your Space (like a user account/AOR). So now if you’re buried deep in a note, you have to breadcumb navigate until you get home to start a new note. When you need to write something down, you don’t want a bunch of friction. Funny how a change that feels small makes such a giant different. Now navigating the app is a chore. I really don’t like it anymore since that gesture made up the inability to easily navigate. Now it’s just as hard to navigate as Notion (I guess worse since there’s no sidebar).
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2 years ago, DarkIllusory
Great concept, albeit with some flaws...
Great ingenuity, creative possibilites... but upon several delves into this app, I began to realize that there are some glaring (albeit not-too-severe) setbacks that I believe stifle this app from being amazing & merely only good. For instance, formatting can be cumbersome, navigation can be tricky, & the layout & workflow can be tricky & clunky. Don't get me wrong- the amount of features and creative possibilities is impressive (esp. for a free note-taking app), but I found myself lingering for many minutes-at-a-time on occasion trying to accomplish numerous formatting tasks that I was figuring would be more fluid only to realize it couldn't be done or was hidden/clandestine behind various icons/preference settings and/or buttons (e.g- font styling/ configuring page layouts). Anyhow... beyond these quirks, a very solid, intuitive app that allows for a myriad of flexible list-devising, table-making, agenda planning possibilities... you just have to get accustomed a wonky/clunky layout before you can reap the rewards of this very beautifully crafted (no pun intended), innovative app.
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3 years ago, dougsamsel
Good experience writing and organizing, but...
***UPDATE*** I went ahead and purchased Craft, for two reasons. First, I had reached the limit of the free version for data. Second, I just love the wrting experience and how it makes a page beautiful to work on. However, another thing I want to see added soon is the ability to do columns and tables. ***Original Review*** i love apps that use apple-like attention for functionality, form & beauty. craft does all of this. it seems as writing, connecting information, and acessing it may be their sole focus, and they're doing it well. the experience reminds me of things 3 for GTD. i only give 4 stars because the program i'm looking for could also handle tasks and procedures. i know that's what notion is, but i really don't like how notion handles your data, and in it's flexibility it's compromised on beauty, plus it can get laggy. i'll continue to use the free app for now, but i'd give it 5 stars and purchase the upgrade if they expand.
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2 years ago, MurderNote
Love it
Update: I'm over complaining about the sub. As long as it remains affordable, I'll happily pay. I've been using it for a while now and I havent had a single issue getting anything in or out of the app or website. I have my own space, individual spaces for each of the nonprofits I work for, a record keeping space, and remodeling project space. **All in the same app and I can export in any format you can think of (non-IT, I'm not a tech). The only feature that either does'nt exist (yet), or I can't figure out, is how to sketch. I needed to sketch a layout for a bathroom remodel and had to use Notability for that, screenshot it, and saved for my records. So the ability to do basic sketches would be fantastic but I am greatful for all the features that are included in Craft. *************end update**************** At first I was not happy about yet another subscription. I'm still not to be honest. Nonetheless, I played around with the free trial and ended up puchasing a year. I wanted to see if it would actually help me. I'm neuro diverse and the organization capabilities really help me. I am able to organize everything to fit my needs. The "spaces" are amazing. It's unbelievable how something so simple has made such a huge difference for me. The fact that it is so compatible allows me to use it for everything. From building plans, work, play, home organization. I'm grateful to have it and I dont regret my purchase at all.
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3 years ago, WV LWYR
My hub
Currently seeing how far I can stretch this app to manage all things knowledge. So far, it checks all the boxes so far as essential things to me (links, backlinking). The best thing I like about the app is how it lets you develop endless pages within pages, such that you can create a lot of content while keeping the content discoverable from an organizational perspective. As Federico Vittici said, the app doesn't punish you for making more notes. Three things I would like to have in this app at the moment are (1) E2E encryption, (2) Textexpander support in ios apps, and (3) tags. Lots of people have stated they want table support, and I think that is likely coming. Not so sure about the E2E encryption coming any time in the near future. Also very much like the family sharing and use of "spaces" for collaboration. I downloaded craft on my wife's phone and created a family space where we can create notes and collaborate on them.
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10 months ago, The Real Geoff
My Favorite App
I love this app. I went back and forth between this and Notion for some time. I decided I just didn't need the database features of Notion and instead needed the ability to create, export, and share beautiful documents and a clean writing experience. Craft delivers such an incredible native experience. You can export in a variety of formats, including Word docs, which is important at times. The ability share the documents as really nice looking webpages is such an amazing feature that I use all the time. I use Craft for everything from organizing our businesses, setting up client folders, sharing documents, writing blog post, brainstorming, and on and on. Craft just does so much for me, and I truly enjoy using it. They are also always adding new features, like adding in page breaks that I put in as request! If Craft ever goes away I am going to go live in a cave away from society.
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2 years ago, TimberAlex25
Craft has really changed things for my firm
I've been running my accounting practice since January and have co-owned a smaller consulting firm since 2019. I've written proposals up the wazoo but never felt great about them. I had previously used google docs for all of my proposals and they just felt bland. In comes Craft, and all of that has gone away. The customizability, modular/dynamic design, and uniqueness of my proposals makes me feel so much more confident when submitting them. It also makes me feel a bit more put together, since I was able to link my domain by upgrading to the business plan. I also use Craft as a sort of "intranet" for my small team. For a small price per month, I am able to simply and efficiently accomplish things that would have been more time consuming or inferior. I'm still learning all that Craft has to offer but finding new uses for it every day. Cheers!
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3 weeks ago, BAR112
❤️ Craft!
Spring 2024 Update: LOVE the new Whiteboard feature! I remember mentioning this several years ago, and here it is! Add a board for misc. items on any of your documents. Just another reason Craft is the BEST notes app ever! Previous review: Awesome new features, including visual previews of pages and table of contents (LOVE!) for each page. Thank you Craft Developers for making this the BEST Notes app ever! Former review: I use Craft for ALL my notes now. So easy to get organized, and syncing between devices is instantaneous (so handy to have all my info both on iPad and iPhone). Customer Service is great too. So many uses: to-do lists, toggle lists, organizing, research, general notetaking, ideas, recipes, saving websites, saving photos from web, etc. You can create PDFs, save to Cloud, and more with your documents and pages. Craft is well worth the yearly subscription price. I highly recommend Craft!
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2 years ago, Jenavieve98
Best app for notes - college student
I have tried just about every productivity app there is available for the ipad, macbook, and iphone, and this one is by far the best and most seamless to use across devices. Having this app is a game changer for taking notes-- you can hyperlink ANYTHING mentioned in any other document across your account. This is extremely helpful because it saves time and allows you to organize your thoughts independently. The live text feature is awesome as well- it allows you to take a picture of text and it will automatically type it for you. Game changing, i'm telling you! Thank you so much craft! I can't wait to see what else you guys do. I'm a bit of an aesthetics freak, so the only improvement I would suggest is adding more decoration options: i.e., color wheels, page coloring options, fonts, dashes, underlining, etc. :-)
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3 years ago, jrw854
Incredible app
This app has quickly become just part of my daily workflow. Especially with the calendar/daily note plan concept, it looks like I'm not going to have a real need for NotePlan 3 (which is a fantastic app!). This app has allowed me to consolidate my work from Bear, Drafts, Apple Notes, and NotePlan 3 into a single application. I even use if for my business with the ability to publish notes as webpages - this was the first hook for me! Few things that I would love to see 1/ Custom URL's for those published links 2/ tags 3/ make the touch target (iOS) a tad bigger when trying to expand a list of subfolders. Right now 90% of the time, I end up just opening the folder rather than dropping down the list. I know you guys are busy working on more features but you have amassed quite the following in a short period of time and I'm all in! Keep up the good work!
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8 months ago, Oiwell
Amazing App
I’ve been using Craft for almost 3 years now. I’ve tried over 10 different notes app, collaboration tools, you name it. Craft is the one for me. There are minor features. I would like to see in the application, but for what I’m doing I’m OK with it. For instance, and the pro plan I would like to add my partner and use it together instead of buying another pro subscription. The Web app has a little latency and doesn’t reflect my synchronized calendar, but I am able to access my Notes and other meta data from my office computer so that’s a win for me. Additionally, a feature that would take this to the next level is the consolidation of all incompleted task. Again, this is just me and nitpicking because I’m looking for an all-in-one solution, but the app is great, The price is right, and the look and feel is beyond anything I’ve used.
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3 years ago, John Roland
Swiss Army Knife of Writing, Good Looking too
Craft is trying to be the everything of writing tools. I am a big fan of single focus, simple and fast tools. That is to say the fact that I've come to appreciate Craft is testimony to it's craftsmanship and performance. An attention to detail is everywhere, the interface is very nice, mobile first works beautifully, and the ability to slice and dice and rearrange your content then make it pretty has me sold. Why only four stars? They are still building out some important features and made some confusing decisions about export. The markdown export works fine, but I need to see the feature set (grouping and linking) better translated to markdown syntax. No this won't replace Bear or RoamResearch for me unless I decide I can't afford all three anymore, but it fits a need as a multi-use writing and work-related notetaking tool and I could see it being the 'one to rule them all' for a lot of people.
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3 years ago, kkphoto
Truly amazing and functional!
Very few apps check all the right buttons. While Craft is still evolving, it has an amazing feature set and everything just seems so intuitive! I love creating docs with this and I've just scratched the surface of what it can be used for. I have so many ideas after starting to use it, and I think a good app should INSPIRE your creativity, like this does! Everytime I think, "I wish it could do this", I just try it and it usually works. They just implemented collapsible lists, which is awesome. I'd like to see a small improvement in this and have a shortcut to COLLAPSE ALL, or EXPAND ALL on a page at once. I'm currently using Craft to create instructional documents for my team and then post them like wikis where they are easily accesible online. This is really a rare app that is fun to use, functional, and well designed.
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2 years ago, Zach Shea
Great features, has some experience issues
I usually don't leave reviews, but this app is great. Been using it to craft documentation for my coworkers. Unfortunately, some things don't always work as expected. One is the grab handles to rearrange items. Sometimes, I'll be hovering over where the grab handle should be, and it just doesn't appear. I have to do a little dance of moving my mouse away and back again until it appears. Sometimes, even when it does appear, I still cannot drag with it. I'd also expect to be able to click into the middle of a line and start typing there, but instead, this takes two clicks: one to select the line, and one to place the cursor. This is quite annoying when trying to be speedy. I think text editing should be prioritized over things like selecting. Finally, when two images are stacked together, I can't find a way to type between them. The workaround I use is to cut an image, then type the text, and paste. You can also select the first image and then go to Insert > Text, but this only works if the images are stacked on top of each other, not side by side. Not ideal, especially if I want to drag in a bunch of images and then add descriptions to each. Overall, great app, but would love to see more refinements in these areas.
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4 months ago, jasonw754
This app is not stagnant
I live in this app every single day at work and at home. I've used other writing apps in the past, and they always get stale on me when I discover another competing app and get drawn to fresh changes. Craft has been different, and the most recent major update is amazing! They are not afraid to make changes, and the app stays fresh and makes me absolutely addicted to getting organized! I'm using Craft for work, for personal projects and hobbies, and just day-to-day journaling. Every month I want to try organizing in Craft better than I did last month. I haven't tried any of the team features, as I'm using Craft by myself right now, but with the new document sharing feature and some of the documents I'm working on now, that might change.
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3 years ago, JL 0001
Absolutely amazing
I am the type of person who is always looking for a new productivity app and am constantly trying them all. I also happen to use an iPad as my main device. All other apps tend to think of the iPad as a second thought, but Craft has put the iPad experience as their first thought, and the results are glorious. The Mac and iPhone apps are great too. I have also tried Notion in the past, but quickly got turned off with how complicated and ugly everything usually turned out. Craft is easy to use, beautiful, and is constantly being updated. For the devs: I would love a tags feature of sorts, the ability to have tables for basic data entry, and maybe more or redesigned options for the “pages” (I find them too big and oddly shaped).
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2 years ago, RT8248
Where almost everything gets done
I spend more and more time inside Craft, writing, notetaking, even record-keeping. I still use Evernote to capture stuff. I use Trello to track tasks and projects, but I am migrating more and more of their functions to Craft. It is just so easy and intuitive. Update: I deeply appreciate this app. I still use Evernote. It's like the old 4-drawer filing cabinets that used to take up space in offices. It's great for the stuff I might need someday. Trello, is like the old paper office wall calendar. But, Craft is my desk. It's where everything I'm thinking about and working on is within easy reach. And, I mean EASY reeach. I just found something I wrote 8 months ago in about 15 seconds. It's amazing. My thanks to the team that just keeps making this better.
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2 years ago, Mr. Ekted
Exactly what I was looking for.
I love the flexibility of this app. It really can do a lot. I was recently looking for the perfect note/task/gtd/etc app that had solid collaboration abilities so that me and my family can do things in real time, while also having our own sections for our things. I think the pro subscription is a bit expensive and I hope to see the cost come down a bit. This app currently costs as much as a year of unlimited photo storage and while I truly am a fan of the app, I can't see it being worth the current cost. Luckily, I haven't needed to upgrade. I'd hate to dive head first into this and bump into a limitation down the road and have to make a hard choice. Perhaps with the continued success of the app, costs will come down. Cheers!
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2 years ago, Hex_xed
Better Notes for Creatives
I've tried Evernote and found that it's strictly for catching notes, not for the obscure thinking that I find myself in, and Notion has all the options and flexability if you are a tech driven creator, but it lacks the intuitiveness and structure I needed as a purely imagination driven creative. I've tried a few "By creatives for creatives" apps and there wasn't enough structure to keep me in line. I would think about all the ways I could create rather than actually creating anything. Craft is the perfect ballance of everything you need to produce content, and they listen to their users feedback and are constantly updating towards the end users needs. Just try it and see if it's not the one subscription you wouldn't unsubcribe too.
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3 years ago, KyleHayes
Finally forget all the other notes apps... serious this time
If Apple developed Apple Notes Pro, Craft would be the tool. I've worked with so many other players in this market: Evernote, Roam, Obsidian, Apple Notes, and Notion—Craft is the first tool I've encountered that gives makes me love using my notes tool and look good while doing it. Not only does it have so many of the advanced features that others tools like Notion, Roam, and Obsidian have, but it feels truly native to the macOS experience. The app's animations, styling, and interaction are all top notch and feel consistent with what you expect—sometimes there are even delightful surprises. I also think the subscription is pricing is targeted precisely where it should be. Literally the only feature request I would ask them to create is a pure Markdown data model similar to Obsidian. Even if they had to store some meta information in a sidecar database, if the raw text and basic markdown support was available in markdown across my whole account, that would be amazing. I would be remiss if I didn't mention the fact that the experience across iOS and iPadOS is consistently awesome, fluid, and pure delight.
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3 years ago, Ben5339
Forced to Write a Review
Okay, I seldom write app reviews, but Craft is a game changer for me. Craft has allowed me to give my business a makeover. I’m a graphic designer and every document or proposal I send to clients and potential clients needs to stand out to reflect a savvy business that you want to do business with. When I discovered Craft I took all of my marketing information that was in MS Word and put it in Craft using pictures, and videos setting each in blocks. Now rather than a pile of emails or attachments I send one link with everything and It changed my business. With the latest update that added the calendar I can reference my documents or add them under a block in the days of the calendar. Outstanding Craft team, keep it coming.
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3 years ago, RT8248
Creator's toolbox keeps getting better
This is the best tool I have ever had in my 50+ years of writing. I can save and annotate notes quickly and easily. Even better, its ability to link thoughts to larger ideas, especially current or future writing projects forces me to ask, why do I want to save this note? Does it expand thoughts I already have? Does it open the door to new thoughts? Or is it just interesting? I have hundreds of the latter notes buried in Evernote (still my filing cabinet for receipts, etc.). Craft helps me discipline my thinking, encourages me to experiment and mores me toward drafts that I may go on to complete in Word or WordPress. Craft also keeps adding features that actually work and seamlessly improve the experience.
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2 years ago, Ghostfly48
An amalgamation of everything that came before it
I’ve used several note-taking apps over the years, such as Bear, Agenda, and Obsidian. I feel like Craft Notes combines the best aspects of apps such as the aforementioned ones. However, just combining a bunch of features into an app isn’t what makes Craft great. It does so with intention, so that the end product is greater than the sum of its parts. There is no other app on the App Store that I’ve seen that’s been as well thought out as this one and I look forward to seeing where this app goes in the future. The ability to visualize the connections made between notes via wikilinks would be a nice addition, but the user experience is already to second to none.
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2 years ago, antillies85
Great...almost beyond
Craft is wonderful. The sync is fantastic between devices. The native integration is exactly what I love in this program. Offline use is amazing and just how stable the platform is has been really great. I've used it between multiple devices and the experience is super consistent. All of this for a cost that is super affordable and amazing new features rolling out all the time. Honestly, the app is great and I just started using the web portal which has been awesome. Below I explain my shortcomings but they are very specific to my use case. Great app! 4 rather than 5... because there are a few things that I feel would be great to have: - a real database backend for the tables to use tables as spreadsheets. This is my biggest "miss" after transitioning away from Notion. - the sketch tool leverages the native sketch tools, however it is a bit limiting especially when annotating. You cannot zoom in to write very small, but rather it pixelates at that level. - sometimes the widget on iOS acts up such that my recents are not loading and I have no idea why. - finally, sometimes when integrating pictures into the page flow the customization on the layout doesn't seem to work very well
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4 months ago, rainbella donut
Great All-Purpose App!
I love all the practically endless ways you can use the app. You can use it for class notes, teacher lectures, on-the-go notes, travel plans, diary or journal, book lists, and so much more! I personally love using the app for my To Dos. Plus, for all the aesthetic and trendy people out there, you can customize so many things. Including changing the app icon (yup. Most people would kill for this feature on other apps), the pictures and downloads on your documents, etc! Really, though, great app and I love using it. Sometimes I even try to find extra uses for it. “Oh, can I write a list of all my books? How can I use it in planning my next wall paper and tiles?” Thankyou for making such a nice lovable app!
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1 year ago, BT254
The perfect note taking app
I have used a few note taking apps in the past and I think this one has a great balance of functionality while also keeping things pretty simple. The syncing is flawless and it seems like they put a lot of thought into adding features rather than just adding functions indiscriminately. I'm sure they will continue to make improvements, but I'm happy with the app as it is. Several reviewers have complained about the cost. For those people, there's an easy solution built into every computer: a text editor application. It's free and you can make as many notes as you want. Of course the features are limited but you'll be able to make notes for free!
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1 year ago, daugfly
So good
Craft has been a game changer for my productivity. The big change has been the daily notes. I put my ToDos in there and I never feel unwanted pressure if I don’t finish all my tasks. And the most important part: all the tasks are connected to documents with the @ function. It’s all finally in one app, and it works seamlessly on all devices. I wish there was a way unfinished tasks in daily notes would automatically move to the next day at midnight but I haven’t had any issue keeping on top of it (it’s just one click to move the tasks over). This app is a true lifesaver. Finally, tasks, documents and projects in one beautiful interface. I can’t wait to see what features they pull out next.
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3 years ago, Sean.albo
Fun/ctional, versatile, and the goldilock of features
The first thing that pulls you in is the looks. But you stay for the robustness. Then as you tinker, you find how many functions and roles it can fill (but cautiously avoiding single-app delusion, that is, the belief that it's ideal to have one app do all jobs). What's the secret? I believe, personally, it has a goldilocks of features - not too much, not too few, just right. It hits the right balance - which is always going to be individual/case-specific, but in my case, it works well for... A zettelkasten - though I'm always concerned about the potential to lose my notes, and would love a way to see my files accessible as markdown, for example. Project notes - with deeplinks, it's easy to make references from a task list/manager. Sharing programs and notes in such a way that adjustments are synced immediately and quickly accessible by the people who need to see them. It has an inbox which I have yet to bake into my workflows, but I could see it replacing the role Notes app currently plays (basically mainly as an inbox for ideas until I get around to processing them). A pleasure to use, and has been very effective for me.
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4 months ago, Microfoo77
Guys, seriously
For those complaining about the price hike, most services have to raise their prices (within reason) by design the more subscribers they have, given there becomes more to manage and develop, more employees to pay, etc. Give them a break. For what this app can do, I find it a perfectly reasonable price. I mean, if the UI appeals to you, this can very easily replace a lot of other apps. Second, I for one find the new interface much more streamlined and the updates extremely useful. I used to not use the calendar feature at all, now I use it throughout the day every day. I can search for anything anywhere, and I never get lost anymore. Great update, give it a chance.
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2 years ago, Tommyboyyee
Please read this review
I could not believe I am actually writting a review on AppStore for the very frist. I have to admit that I have used many different notes taking app but this app is something that really unique and diffferent. It's beatiful at every single corners. I'm absolutely love it. Trust me you will love the way it looks from the moment you open it after downloading. Everything organized really well. This is so perfect. I have some suggestion that I hope will become true : - When I export a document to PDF or thing like that, I would like to have an option for the document I exported to go straight out as an PDF (Because it's always a folder every single time when I export a document) this feature would be much appreciate. - I always wish I can lock a document not only the shared documents. - There was a bug that I found : When I exported the document to pdf, the first page always a blank page which do absolutely nothing. - I really hope that more colors and fonts will be added to app. Thank you for a unique and also an amzing app like this. Keep this up please.
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3 years ago, Ceejames
Works like your brain work, simple yet powerful, can export (why I don’t recommend), responsive developers, web app on way - have been looking for some of these features in other apps but either to complex to learn easily, or ridiculous pricing (don’t object to subscription but when it costs more than a full fledged program for my computer or my favorite streaming service. Really wish someone would go for a annually renewable subscription (10-20 bucks a year for most apps and I would be using a lot more apps. As it stands Craft is a reasonably price for annual use compared to 90% of apps out there. I don’t mind especially as I see how fast they are iterating. Kudos to the developers.
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3 years ago, rrbaker
Things to work on but fantastic product and devs
i am also someone who is migrating from Notion for many of the features I expected for years. I love where they're taking the product and excited to see where it goes. This finally feels like a product on desktop and phone that can replace my simple notes app and bulkier apps (Notion, Evernote) for longer term research. There's some features that seem missing and some workflows that seem a bit wonky but it's a new product and frequent updates. They also have a discord channel and I love that there is feedback from the growing community on what features they want next and responsive devs in the same room ready to listen.
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3 years ago, Arwen
Craft is changing my life
I'm head of product for a company with a growing product portfolio and manage several team members. The amount of information and research that comes my way is huge, and it would just hide in my email never to be seen again. I went searching for a "PKB" or whatever they call them (lol) and came across Craft. It's changed my life. The ability to send anything from websites to PDFs, taking notes, images, everything, and organize it with cards in such a beautiful way, making it searchable, linkable, it has quite literally changed my life. I've never been so organized, and getting it out of my email and out of my head has actually brought calm, rather than panic, over whether I'll remember that thing. I use Notion at work for internal knowledge bases and product informational dashboards. Many people use Notion for this purpose. For me, Notion didn't fit my personal needs at all. The ability to setup beautiful cards and organize my data the way I can in Craft is really what sets it apart for me. Thank you for this application, keep shooting for the stars!
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3 years ago, TPendarakis
Well "Crafted"
Absolutely awesome. I have used this app for so many different types of projects. I've used it for sending reports to my boss, to organize a get-together with friends, consolidate research on a medical disorder, document training progress and even to compilate a story of home for friends who were stuck in the cold north and very homesick. It is the best tool for sending photos and videos by text or e-mail. I'm about to write a newsletter-type report documenting the progress of a service dog I am raising to include photos and video for her sponsor. The app is user friendly but if you get stuck, (I to mac), customer service is very responsive and helpful. And the price is very affordable. So grateful!
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