Craps - Casino Style!

4.6 (12.9K)
242.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Phonato Studios
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Craps - Casino Style!

4.6 out of 5
12.9K Ratings
1 year ago, JoDSoliere
Oh, my, the latest update ruined my program
So disappointed with the latest program update. I would gladly pay a yearly fee to use the last version. I trust the new version, brings in more income for the developers. The last version had realistic, dollar amounts and helped me test different strategies that could be used at the table - betting normal dollar amounts. Just as a sidenote, most serious craps players are not interested in slot machines. I haven’t removed the program yet from my iPad but I will soon because I found another Craps program to test strategies, it’s not as good as your last version but it’s realistic and will help me practice.
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1 year ago, rty555
Miss the old app already
I just downloaded this game a month before the latest update (v2.5) and I loved how simple it was compared to other casino game apps. It was nice being able to roll quickly and not be bombarded by ads, pop up windows, and daily bonuses. Now it seems the devs are hopping on the flashy app bandwagon, and though I can appreciate adding new content, I do miss how quick and simple the last version was. Even the dice roll takes longer now. One of the aspects I wish they would at least bring back is a low value table, using $1 and $5 chips helped me get an idea of how I would manage my money if I were to play craps in real life. But now it seems the lowest table I can play on has a $10k minimum bet. 4/5 cause the app is still great for learning and playing games, I just miss the simplicity!
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3 years ago, Biodude87
Great app to learn!
I live in Vegas and play craps every weekend. This app helps you to find which strategy you feel comfortable with. Ofcourse real craps is more fast paced. But if you are coming to Vegas this is a great app to get practice in. Also one word of advice when playing real craps if you are up take your winnings walk away take a break. This app will help you get ready for the real deal so practice walking away, practice using $100, $500, and $1000 so you go in sticking to your money management plan. Download the app start practicing so when the real deal comes you can walk away a winner.
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3 years ago, Sidbejscbekakxn
Rigged app
This is literally my first 1 star review since Robinhood pulled shady stuff for their investors. I didn’t believe the other comments here when they said it’s rigged, but it totally is. I even got bored and tested it multiple times on different occasions. There’s six different ways to roll a seven so odds are it should land on seven ONCE within at least 20-25 rolls right? Whenever you have big bets, it’s almost like those odds decrease and chance to roll seven increases. But when you have big bets on sevens (1:4 payout), I’ve noticed it will roll forever without landing on seven. I’ve gone from tens of thousands of “dollars” to $0 almost every time while betting $5 and doubling amount every 3 rolls and lost all of it. I have several different craps apps and do pretty well on those but this app is so frustrating. It would be so much more fun to play if it actually rolled proper odds.
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5 years ago, pappa crap
Not bad for digital craps
This does show you how randomly thrown dice will hit sevens way more than you see on a real table- and it would be nice to be able to press on wins - instead you have to rebet to press up- maybe that could come out in next version/update. Outside of that you can play speed craps!!! Good game
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4 weeks ago, That one cool kid
Obviously rigged, but still somewhat fun
Game is pretty blatantly rigged, but still entertaining to play. If you bet low and play infrequently you’ll probably get some big wins off the bat to max that dopamine hit. If you actually play often and bet high amounts the wins are suddenly few and far between. Quests are fun to complete but the payout rewards for completing the quests are FAR less than the amount you have to spend in bets to complete the quests. Example: I have to win $4.4B in bonus respins and also attain 6 mini, minor, or major jackpots. If I beat this quest I get like 660 million coins. But I have easily gambled over $8 BILLION coins and am still 2 mini, minor, or major jackpots away from completing it. The game is pretty obviously rigging the odds of a jackpot against me because I’m far into that quest. I will say it is easy to get more coins and there is really no reason to ever spend real money on the in game currency, but it’s just frustrating how rigged it is. Suppose that’s the nature of all casinos though, whether virtual or real life.
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2 years ago, Sharkbait-Uhaha
Horribly rigged dice
Game is easy to interact with. But the roles are clearly rigged to zero your bank and get you to buy chips with real money. Waves of 7’s will hit beyond reasonable probability. Statistically, 7 should roll about 1 in 6 times (16.7% probability). However I tracked in one series of rolls, it came up 9 out of 14 (64%). On another occasion I counted 7’s appeared 14 out of 30 times (47%). These waves come and go, but when they go, 7’s don’t disappear. They just come up about 1 in 4-5 rolls. Then the wave comes back. I noticed a few unusual back-to back 12’s, 3’s and 2’s appearing frequently as well - 3 in a row on several occasions (usually on the come-out roll). Terrible. Game could be good, but the rigged rolls are obvious. Pass.
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1 year ago, Nijames00
Why fix something that isn’t broke?
I’ve had this app for over 2 years now. It was the most realistic craps game on the AppStore and I, along with many other craps players, would use it prior to going into the casino to practice different strategies. Now it’s just like any other game in the App Store with all the cartoony graphics, different game modes you’ll never play, and ways to get your money from ads and buy ins.. Really hope they see a trend in the most recent reviews and release a legacy version for the real craps players to use. I will be finding another app to use until then. Why fix something that isn’t broke?..
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1 year ago, Swellington1
New version ruined the realism
Before the update, the game was the simplest & most realistic craps game out there. Realistic betting with quick & simple gameplay. After the update, it’s a cookie cutter version of every other craps game out there. A bunch of unnecessary bells & whistles & an ultra unrealistic betting scheme…like come on, how many of us out there are tossing down $10k per bet?!?! I used to use this game to play out various real betting strategy’s from a $10 or $25 minimum bet table & now that’s completely out the window & the games getting deleted. Thanks for overthinking this one guys.
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6 years ago,
Dice are weighted to get your $$$$
This app does have the best interface among Craps apps on iOS (although it’s still missing a lot). What really makes me upset is how tilted the dice are to get you to pay up. I’ve spent a lot of hours playing this game so that I could practice my betting strategy but the dice are so biased that I gave up. At first I thought I was just having bad luck but if I bet ONLY on the Seven prop bet (pays 4:1) with an increasing scale you will find the seven drops off the dice completely so that you go 20+ rolls with no seven. It doesn’t do this just once but I’ve tested it and repeated acted the same way. This is a good app to learn how craps works but know the dice are loaded in this casino!!
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7 years ago, Anonymous82290
Fun but need bigger increments of chips
This game is great and fun but the only bad thing is that the biggest chip is 500k. When I'm trying to lay a bet for 20m, it takes forever to tap that many times. Please add bigger increments of chips! Thanks! Edit: Really hope there will be bigger increments, I'm getting a hand cramp from tapping out 120m chips on my odds bet. Fun game, i must be really lucky because I have well over 1.5 billion chips which makes it hard to place bets that I want. Please make the bigger increments!
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1 year ago, BryHolt
Used to be 5 Star!
I’ve loved this app for almost 3 years now. Definitely my go to Craps app. But with the recent update - you’ve gone from a serious craps app to a JOKE. Previously, I could use this app to practice serious strategies at almost any chip level. $5 table, $15, $25 table etc. It emulated real world environments. Now?? The minimum bet at the smallest craps table is $10K!! Hahaha. What a joke. Useless. And never needed, nor was interested, in all the silly additional games. Unfortunately I’ll be deleting my previously #1 ranked craps app. Great while it lasted. Now it’s just a funny-money game with no real value. Too bad. Thanks for all the good years.
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3 years ago, jimmyO-O
Want to learn the casino game with best odds ? Learn craps ?
If u r just learning craps, or practicing a strategy, this is a fine software to use. I like to play craps in a casino quickly. Basically I like to let a winning bet ride and then leave the winning “ride” bet on the table for a third win. A winning $100 bet becomes $200, that is # 1 bet By letting it ride The $200 bet becomes $400, after a win, that is bet # 2 By letting it rid The $400 bet becomes $800, after a win, that is bet # 3 At that point I take my money off the table and I am done. I only use this play on the # 6, the pass line, and the # 8 You must be focused, set your objectives, and aware of ur money management. These things can be done with this app.
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7 years ago, GMan007
Great game but not many options
No props on the come out roll. No pressing place bets. All bets come down after hitting. There isn't a full props table or fire bets. Odds are 5x 4x 3x instead of like vegas with 10x 100x I'm a craps dealer, this is good enough but if you want to improve your app add these features to press or go up a unit. I'm number six on the leader board hope to hit #1 soon.
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7 years ago, Chosen not better
Great app
A game worth the download. Not like actually being at a casino, but does any app really do that for you? I've been playing for weeks and haven't run out of my initial coins yet. Plus, it gives you a boat load of coins every hour of playtime. Has taught me a lot. Worth every cent.
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3 years ago, Face fister
Great for practicing strategies
Overall the game runs great! My only complaints would be that you can’t request your place bets to be ON/OFF. You also can’t move a bet (for example, moving a place bet to another number). You have to hit CLEAR an re-bet everything. Being able to slide the chips would help.
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1 year ago, Mutingnot
Update ruined the app
I have played the previous version for quite some time. The latest upgrade made it so frustrating I removed the app. Update requested by developer… Every roll of the dice brings an interruption to the game with an ad. I was keeping tabs of my winnings, but this was replaced with a completely unrealistic bet amount. I was betting $5 plus the appropriate odds bets. The new version has me betting $10s of thousands. I just stopped and deleted it.
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6 years ago, queenbeaRN
Rolls 7’s every other roll.
I downloaded this app and bought some chips. But after several attempts at playing and rolling 7’s every other roll it kind of takes the fun out of it. It’s not even real money so who the heck cares if we win a million bucks right!!! But it is made for you to constantly lose. Then I uninstalled it and realized after I did that I actually paid money for chips so I was going to re install to just use them. But now for whatever reason i can’t do it. They don’t like me any more cuz i uninstalled the stupid app. LOL
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5 years ago, CP Jones
Good craps game, needs some improvements
Gameplay is overall good, with only a few complaints: 1. It’s difficult to put bets on the come/don’t come bets due to the small size 2. Stats should show actual amount won that doesn’t include the amount initially bet and would be nice to also see actual profit (wins - losses) quickly along with that.
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6 years ago, shimmerdoodle
Fun game
I don't like that you can't let a bet ride, but not a huge deal. 7's come up way too often but I'm used to it. When a 7 or craps is coming up, the audio/talking starts sooner than when any other number comes up. Felt weird like i knew a 7 was coming up until I figured it out. But overall, a fun easy craps game for free. Best I've played
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1 year ago, Patrick The Great !!!!!!
Loaded Dice
This game plays around with the odds and frankly it cheats. I hadn’t read the other comments before now but it seems many other players have also noticed that the game cheats. Once you’ve logged a few hours in the game, take notice of the 7 out rolls and crap out rolls suddenly taking a sharp uptick in appearance. I like the graphics, it reminds me of a Vegas casino. But the loaded dice make me feel more likes a Mafia Vegas Casino. Uninstalling. I do not recommend this app.
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1 year ago, mikey1102
If you increase your bet, you will lose.
I understand this game is free and needs a way to monetize but the app structure is almost like clockwork. If you increase your bet (as regular players do to maximize winnings) you will crap out almost all of the time. The odds are absolutely against you. It is a fun game to play to just pass time or as a demonstration to teach a new player but this app does not support an unbiased probability scale. What a shame.
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5 years ago, DJP519
Good app. Not perfect, but minimal advertising and minimal push to buy add-on’s. It would be nice to see an interface to press your winnings on the place bets. And it’s very tricky to try to tap the right spot to hit the tiny target on screen when adding odds to a Come bet. But it plays well, good learning/practice tool.
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2 years ago, Westbury High alum
Great app, but could still be improved.
I’ve looked at several apps and this seems to be the easiest to play and very realistic. It would really be enhanced by allowing buy bets, as well as some of the common prop bets seen in casinos, like hop or horn.
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2 years ago, GRT White William
A horrible experience
I love the fast paced atmosphere of this app! It really teaches you how the game works and what bets work and bets don’t. But players who have never played before may get discouraged playing this game because immediately after the point gets established, a seven rolled on me SIX times in a row. I’ve played real crapps for years and I have never seen such a streak of bad luck. It’s awfully suspicious if you ask me, but it’s a good losing simulator for those who like to lose!
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1 year ago, wcr6101
Change denominations
I would like this app to be more realistic. I am not betting using min 10k chip. How can I lower the chip amounts? I had this app and was lower. I get on the next day and they all changed and cannot change it back. Also, love the stat page that showed your history. Please bring that back. I selected this app as it was better then the others. Now thinking of deleting this one.
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5 months ago, SamHen86
One big, I notice in craps if you leave a table with non-contract bets placed, you do not keep the money. I feel like this is not expected. It does seem that the odds of point 7 out increases as you up your bets as many people have mentioned in the reviews. I understand the company has to incentive purchases but it just is an annoying tactic imo. It would be nice if there was a way to turn on number bets while the puck is off. It would also be nice if there was a table with 20x min bets above 100k. Otherwise, the options and user friendliness is quite good.
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1 year ago, majorsteel
Disappointing Update
The previous version was a solid, realistic craps game. The latest update adds ridiculous and obnoxious animations and bonuses, and increases the base bet from $10 to $10,000 for some reason. The dice animations are also much slower and not at all realistic - why do I want to watch dice sloooooowwwwwly roll over? This was a nice time-killer and way to practice various betting strategies; now, it’s an unplayable mess.
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3 years ago, Vahktang
I can’t see how to have the odds Off on the Come Out bet. Screen is small, the Undo button is useful. Also, cannot tip the crew. :)
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1 week ago, dreetoEZZZ
I know it’s craps , but i play a lot of video poker on here as well, and hit 3 of a kind probably over a 100 times and no 4 of a kinds hit ever . I know it’s just a app , but if they wanna advertise jackpots and stuff with this app. atleast make it realistic. you feel me? No 4 Aces w a kicker , no four of a kinds, nothing. even the higher you bet it’s still all the same with no major hits.
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1 year ago, Carson22222
Latest update ruined the app
This used to be a great app for practicing craps before going to the casino with realistic dollar amounts. The latest update ruined it giving you $1,000,000 in chips! And the max amount it will let you bet at one time is $100k in chips, so you can’t even pretend $100k is $100 to compensate for the decimal change. Terrible app now, it’s obvious they sold out to another company. Won’t use again.
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6 years ago, Free Odds Only Better
Can’t bet Come and Don’t Come @ same time
Every casino let’s anyone bet the Come, and Don’t Come @ the same time. I want to get numbers established, and then risk only true free odds bets, either for, or against any numbers I wish. It’s the only way to play long term. “Not Allowed” to play this app til this is Fixed!
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11 months ago, Rick1850
I want back the realistic dollar amounts!!!
Like another person wrote at the time of the update (sorry I’m late), I would like back the realistic dollar amounts! I like playing with the amounts I use at the casino! I won’t play this version
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2 years ago, Uncle Sticky33
Fun game
I really like how the stickmans voice is clear and can be understood they use good calls in this too not something silly that would be used in a lousy pit I only wish we could change the color of the layout
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2 years ago, Rbranch302
No Close App Option
This app has no icon to close it. You have to manually restart the phone if it is the only app running or if other apps are running you can switch to the other app and force the craps app to close. This is very frustrating on Face ID devices. This is not an issue on my iPad or old iPhone 6s Plus. iPhone 13 Pro Max on iOS 15.3
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6 years ago, Summel1
Rolls are Stupid Ridiculous
I’ll bet 10 dollars and roll fifteen times with out a 7. Then I bet 500 and roll a seven almost immediately. Ridiculous. It’s like the game developers want you to lose money so you buy chips...oh wait... And if they want to prove me wrong offer a roll stats which...get this...they don’t. Finally it says I have won more than I’ve lost. Really? Then why do I always have no chips after I place a huge bet (see above comment).
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9 months ago, supercell victim
It was nice when it was more realistic,
Now it seems you can not lose. There are realistic emulators out there that you can get a good idea of how this craps game works. This is not a good example anymore after all the updates of real life gambling. Craps is a game that you can make your winnings work for you to ultimately come out ahead even after having hundreds of dollars in play.
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5 years ago, Broox M
Easy play but needs tutorial
I’m trying to learn about Craps but this game does not have a tutorial. I’d also likely to see chance if me winning upon each roll. What’s the point of playing on a computer if you can’t use the computer to calculate odds?
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7 years ago, Hostilitee
Ads after paying
Craps is the best game ever, so making it tedious and not fun is hard to do. Yet they managed to do so. I paid the minimum just to stop the relentless ads. They didn't stop. It just became self promoting ads to get you to buy more. Also taking down place bets is a game breaker. Allow for some customization, and stop those ads for paying players and I'd give the 5 stars. Until then I'll be playing the Wizard of Odds free web browser craps.
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3 months ago, Chipstck
Unrealistic amount of 7s
App is pretty good has lots of games and ways to get coins but the number of 7s rolled while playing craps is absolutely absurd. Game is for sure rigged. It will wait till the point is set and you’ve put all your bets out then immediately give you a 7 and rob you of your coins before they can win anything.
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6 years ago, Arctic man 49
Started out fun
I got this app to try to hone my skills and as a diversion, I purchased a chip pack and then the algorithm must have flagged me as a sucker!!! The game gets an impossible frequency of 7s, only when you don’t bet on it. I understand that the developers are in it to make money, that’s all good. But come on guys! This is ridiculous!!! I’ll be burning through the rest of my chips and deleting the app.
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11 months ago, Dfa2006
Terrible if you want to learn or play in a casino
This app is terrible for people that want to learn or play actually in a casino. Betting limits and ridiculous limits don’t make it realistic. The odds limits are all over the place. They are just trying to take your “chips” to sell you more. Don’t download if you want an authentic craps experience. And please… don’t give them money
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1 year ago, D256c
Bring the old version back
The previous version was the most realistic craps app I’ve ever found. The new bet amounts are unrealistic and make it hard to use this app to practice real craps strategy. Also, waiting for the painfully slow dice to stop rolling is very annoying. I’ll likely be deleting this app unless they bring back the old version with realistic bet amounts.
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6 years ago, Nickname can't be taken
I agree. There is some free coins that disappear quickly and then replenish never so either you watch ads and also play or it’s only taking up space. The game itself is fine. I complained once about this and they have some free coins but it is not like most of the poker game where you can get some free coins by checking in after a few hours. If I want to gamble real money I will do it elsewhere.
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6 years ago, Justwannaplayzeldaonmyphone
Good craps game
Functionality is great. As stated in other reviews chips only go up to 500k so large bets take longer to place. I wish the developer would add more explanations for betting like what the field is or don’t pass bar big six and eight etc.
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4 months ago, Tatosavage
Had a great time playing for hours, and as soon as I paid for some coins I started losing every hand and every point. It was absolutely ridiculous. I bought some more and the exact same thing happened. Very disappointed
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5 months ago, Chas P.
Missing stats
I miss the old version where you could reset your stats between sessions to see how your strategy worked. Now it’s all adds and bonuses to get your chips. Takes a lot away from the feeling of just playing craps.
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3 years ago, Eazy money 23
7 after 7 after 7
Can’t run field hit and buy strategy with how many 7s get rolled. Actually insane how many 7s I got before I finally deleted the app after my last session. Would maybe get one field/place/buy win and then 7 out, if it even gave me that one win. Joke of an app, no way the dice are calibrated correctly.
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5 years ago, Iloilototo
Working place bets on come out roll
Can we have an option of having working place bets on come out roll
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6 years ago, Jakej44
The game is easy to win if you play the don’t! The app developers should allow the player to set the dice and not have the computer do random rolls!
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