4.8 (1.1K)
131 MB
Age rating
Current version
Butterscotch Shenanigans, Inc.
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Crashlands

4.77 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
7 years ago, Whatsonot
Focusing on improvements
Great app, needs two simple improvements. 1. Hot bar tap detection. I don’t know what it is but the tap detection in the hot bar is noticing worse than the rest of the screen, everything else works fine but the hot bar for some reason has very poor detection. 2. Please please please have the box robot companion thing stay away from you while you’re in combat, seriously this app is super fun and I can find almost nothing wrong with it but that stupid robot thing stays as close to you as possible and during combat you’re going to click on him when you meant to do something else and I’m not kidding here, it’s happens so often and has been the cause of so many of my deaths that it’s made me uninstall the game a few times, seriously I don’t know why you can even tap on him in the first place he does nothing and the fact that he gets as close as possible to you honestly just play the game you’ll understand how incredibly infuriating he is please please fix this make him stay away from you during combat or make it so you can’t tap him please do something.
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5 years ago, tsmantash
A Complete Masterpiece
I am currently on my third play through of the game and I love it so much! The jokes never get old I always find something new on every play through even though I’ve had this game since launch and it keeps getting better but just please don’t abandon the game. It has such potential but know that I’m done ranting I’ll actually give suggestions. Make it so that creatures can attack through walls even though it’s fun it’s to easy to whack things like glidopods through walls. Add a local multiplayer function and please not like the couch Co op sure it’s fun to play as juice box but it’s much more fun to play as flux and have the ability to be constantly getting stronger also add a utility slot so that you can put something like a harvest bomb in there and don’t have to switch it to a normal slot. Also please expand on pets in stead of just growing or evolving them make it so that you can make them gear. And that’s it thanks for making such amazing games and I hope that if you read this wich you probably didn’t you take some off the suggestions anyway that’s it.
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4 years ago, Emmy7515
Something that could help people like me that get lost easily
So in the game you get loads of side quests and i usually like to do them all because they can be fun but my one problem is that sometimes idk what people are asking for or sometimes i have to close game mid mission then when i come back i leave the area and i don’t remember where the quest spot was and there isnt a big circle to tell me so i think it would be a good thing to add if u did a navigation system like you could click on a quest click navigate and under the mini map or in the top right it would show you the items that you need or the location the quest is. To be honest it would help me personally alot so i would appreciate if you guys could add something like that and if there is already something like that and i just didnt see it then in sorry for wasting ur time. This game overall is still really good though and i would recommend it
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6 years ago, Junk app....
In my top 5 mobile games
I love the game, I bought it on a recommendation from a friend and it was everything she said it would be. However, the pathing is a bit clumsy. If I am on one side of a pond and click on the other side, the pathing should recognize that I want to go around, not have me walk to the edge and stop. Also during fights I find that the “box” on the mob is far to small, you have to tap just right or you just end up running at them and more times than not end up right on top of an attack (this happens a lot with ranged items). If I click anywhere on the body it should attack, not assume I didn’t mean to attack and just wanted to run right in. Overall I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who enjoys games like don’t starve, If you have played don’t starve and have said I just wish I could play without having to worry about eating every 30 seconds or lose everything I worked for for the last 15 hours, this game is exactly what you want.
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4 years ago, Perry Tew
Fantastic Game
Best money I ever spent on a mobile game. So refreshing not to have endless grind vs paywalls. The game had a great pace, good story, and satisfying achievements. The gameplay mechanics were good too. I bought the steam game too. Money well spent. The cross save user registration needs some cleaning up. I know you’re implementing new system, and I was able to following the instructions to get cloud saves working, but this process should be cleaner. Some suggestions: Hot swap should do everything, not just gadgets and hot bar. Would love to hot swap weapon and armor. Load outs would be wonderful. The data reference should contain all discovered recipes and (most important) what workstations they are built on. Spent a lot of time recipe searching. I did enjoy the creature reference in game. That was good. Would *love* a bot or furniture that automatically harvested my potted plants when they ripened. (Edit: just found the Pot Slapper! Noice! Never mind) Would also love to have an aggressive feature to pets. It would be epic to have my pet automatically attack anything that takes a swipe at me. I think the creatures should have super weaknesses to some types of damage. That would encourage less of an endgame meta. Great game. Just finished it, but looking forward to tons of post finish gameplay. I have a lot of payback to dish out. :)
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6 years ago, beebooba
Super Fun Despite Flaws
This is an excellent mobile RPG with crafting elements. Great sense of humor, unique setting/characters, cool items. Lots of personality. I probably put 30+ hours into it so I definitely got my money’s worth. However! There are some significant problems with the design and depending on your temperament you may find the game frustrating. Very unbalanced combat can lead to annoying one-hit deaths, even when you are super powerful. Pets deal most of the damage, not your character! Quest system is a confusing mess and some materials are so reluctant to spawn that you will spend hours wandering the map. I wanted to toss my phone across the room more than once but I kept coming back to this game. The core gameplay is super fun and there is a real sense of progress. Plus you can tell the developers had fun making it. Nevertheless Crashlands can be SRSLY annoying. Purchase without hesitation but just know YMMV.
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7 years ago, David the Dothraki
Best Mobile Game
Just mind boggling how good this game is. Not a fan of the recent trend of pay-to-win games that keep demanding your money in order to progress or be competitive. So, I took a chance and paid the one time fee for this game and it was the best $2 I've ever spent. I'd honestly pay more for it. I'm currently deployed overseas and have access to personal wifi so I was able to download this game and play it on my down time. I did every mission the game had to offer and did quite a bit of farming to build extra items to boost Flux, and it ended up being roughly 48 hours of play time by the time I killed the final boss. In my opinion, that amount of play time means money well spent, especially for a very much needed mental distraction from my day to day away from the comforts of home. Thank you BSS for making such an awesome product and gimme more!
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3 years ago, seasjay
This is one of the best games i have played on iOS. This is one of the very few games (on any platform) that I have played to the end, even other games that I consider very good. I still typically get bored once I get to powerful. I have replayed this game 4 times now over the last few years. The story is very entertaining and funny without being to wordy. The game play is extremely enjoyable, the crafting and fighting are balanced perfectly. I never felt like the search for material was boring or tedious. The changes in location, which changes the enemies and gear happen at just the right time to keep me engaged. I definitely consider this a AAA game. Very well made. The only other game that I have played only on IOS that I feel is comparable is Steamworld heist
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6 years ago, Hisroyalfeet
Crashlands Review: A truly hilarious masterpiece
When I had first seen the trailer for this game at a friends house, I was intrigued. A game that let me roam a 2d ish world where I could craft and smash my way through crazy looking aliens and laugh along the way? I got the game and I can tell you it doesn’t disappoint! Here are some pros and cons. Pros: -The combat aspect of the game is fantastic. -Crafting in the game is challenging, requiring you to do some exploring and in some cases, hunting. -Weapons are fun to use and are all around great and balanced. -The worlds you explore are colorful, creative, and massive. -The NPC’s that you interact with are funny and likable. Cons: -Movement can be cumbersome sometimes. I’m not sure if there is a joystick option, but the tapping around can be a tad inaccurate. -(this depends on how challenging you like your games to be) THIS GAME IS NOT A PICK UP AND PLAY. You might need a wiki. This can be a pro or a con for some people. Personally I like a challenge. Overall rating: 10/10 This is a game that will keep me coming back time and time again. I love everything about this game. And even though the movement can be cumbersome at times, it’s still an enjoyable, hilarious, and challenging game that will satisfy my mobile gaming hunger.
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6 years ago, Debaserfacer
Rare Gem
I’ve played this game from start to finish and this is probably the only game on iPhone I can say that about. I own MANY pay once and play games and this is literally the best game ever and since the new update I’m gonna play through again. This game is funny and grindy (but not grindy in a bad way). Quests are fun and not repetitive (there are a ton of quests) and armor/weapons all have a very different look and feel from each other. I wrote this review terribly but Butterscotch Shenanigans has wrote and developed an amazing game. Buy it and play it, it’s definitely worth the price. I would have paid $20 for sure as I’ve definitely put over a 100 hrs into this game. Oh and after you buy the game give it a sweet review so these people can keep making ad free freaking sweet games.
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3 years ago, Zwolf12
Updates are a gargantuan bummer
Crashlands has brought me far too much enjoyment since it first launched for me to give it less than five stars. On the whole, it’s all love. But holy mother of God have they ruined this game. In a sloppy attempt to make it more challenging they made some enemies way too strong. I’m so bored having to do the final boss battle over that I’m done. All the hours put in improving armor and tracking down gadgets are quickly negated by the enemies who wipe you out with one or two close brushes. Other games work with this Sisyphus type stuff, but Crashlands doesn’t work this way. Love some new missions and enhancements, but the new difficulty makes me sad and bummed, and maybe even Covid-y.
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7 years ago, Chetthecookieghost
A truly great production
I spent forever deciding whether I wanted this game and I should have just gone for it honestly. It’s such a fantastic experience, and I only have a few nitpicks. The spawn rate for things needs to be WAAAYYYY upped, especially in the final third of the game. It’s genuinely terrifying to have to hunt down so many depressurized larva. Please up the rate on that. Also some bosses are way overpowered. Especially the final boss was so difficult, but the strange thing is that some enemies can do far more damage than he can, in the final area you can take more damage from a regular mob than the final boss. That could use some tweaking, but in other places they could be huge deal breakers, here they are just minor blemishes on such a fun time.
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6 years ago, Juicebox the robot
Great update
This is a game I have had for maybe a year now. With the latest update, coming right before I beat the game, I loved it even more. However, after you beat the game and go into creative mode, you can’t fight anything. There are no quests, and you have literally everything. Please add a function to allow us to summon creatures with effects and stuff (such as a wompit with +50 million health or something like that.) this would add a very enjoyable experimental touch to the game, being able to mess around with different buffs. Also, please make a choice to control Juicemancy to some extent. It took me weeks to get damage reflect on a ludicrous chest peice.
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5 years ago, AudibleAvocado
Best game on the App Store
I haven’t played a game as extensively as this one since I was a child. I’ve tried plenty of what’s available on the App Store and it never stays installed for more than a week because I tire of it. Crashlands has been on my phone for the better part of a month and I play it every day. Many of the paid games on the App Store are either poorly made mobile versions or cash grabs that aren’t very fun at all. I have no complaints about this game. My one suggestion would be to reformat the quest screen so it’s easier to see your objectives and needed items. It takes a lot longer to figure out what you need to do when you have to reread all the dialogue. Thank you butterscotch shenanigans for gracing my life with this amazing game.
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6 years ago, codylangston5363
Well worth the money absolutely amazing
Well worth the money this is like fall out meets ark and mine craft hours and hours of game play and amazing game to just play and grind hours and hours into like your playing a console I never write reviews but this game is so well written so detailed it’s hard not to fall in love with I highly recommend this had this for a few days now and don’t regret it at all absolutely love it I have put 20 plus hours into it and I still have barely even seen it yet... let me remind you guys THIS IS A GRIND/CRAFTING GAME so if you don’t enjoy those or find them to repetitive you won’t enjoy it... if you do enjoy that like me it is absolutely amamzing
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7 years ago, Appleotle
What a beautiful game.
I first bought Crashlands the day it came out and from that moment I loved it. I have played a lot of rpg’s similar to Crashlands in a sense that it is in third person and you click where to go, etc.. and it COMPLETELY BLOWS AWAY all the other rpg games I have played. What really sets it apart is it’s never ending flow of things to do and devs who really care and put effort into their game. I have bought Crashlands on both iphone and pc and I can tell you that both saves take up a large amount of time, which is time I enjoy playing this game. So if you are looking for a low price rpg game with wonderful developers then buy Crashlands.
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4 years ago, moonjangsam
AWSOME GAME, one thing though
Hi, Moonjangsam here, (if you want to call me moon, that’s fine as well) this game is awesome and it makes me almost feel like it’s realistic, only thing that needs to be in the game is an inventory menu, not just for equipment, but for everything you gather as well. There is no rush here, take your time. (This isn’t very detailed, but I did my best to make it as detailed as possible). Other then the inventory and everyone else’s suggestions, the game is perfect in my opinion. This is probably in my top 5 games I like, even though I haven’t played it in so long. I’m impressed with your development skills. Thanks, Moonjangsam.
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7 years ago, Aklebanskiy
The best of the best
This studio consistently puts out quality but Crashlands is by far my favorite. Humorous an Wild, you can expect this from all their games. It's been years and I can still safely say this is my favorite iPhone game of all time. Gentlebros is another great phone game company and quite funny, but they still fall a bit short of Butterscotch Shenanigans. If phone gaming is something you do a lot, I highly recommend you get the other games from butterscotch. They're cheaper, if not free, provide bonuses in other games, and the best quality games I have ever seen in my years of phone gaming (since I phone 3 was new).
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4 years ago, Mitty2415
Late to the party!
So wow, I was playing this game with touch controls and really liked it, storyline, mechanics, the humor. Then I got a rotor riot controller for my phone! Now I’m absolutely in love! This team is off the charts talented, I also have Levelhead and the quality and polish of their games is absolutely amazing! No joke best game publishers I’ve played, move over blizzard 😉, the humor and care is truly birthed from a labor of love, this is more than a game. Well done guys I gladly will spend to buy your games, even better you don’t nickel and dime with micro transactions. I applaud you good sirs! Take my 5 stars and 7 bucks! My money delivered real gooooood!
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6 years ago, u have 2 hrs 2 live
Entertainment for a long time
Starting out can be a little confusing, yet the game is one of the best IOS games I have ever played. It gives you many missions we’re you experience all types of new creatures and objects. As you steadily built up your artillery, you start to fight many different bosses. Basically, the storyline I the game is this: you have packages you must deliver to the other side of the galaxy. However, Hewdokoo intercepts youand strands you on a planet. There you must build many items and eventually fight Hewdookoo to get off the planet. In final, this game was one of my favorite iOS games!
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5 years ago, ElDough
Disappointed...lost pets, maps and buildings
I played Crashlands and enjoyed it a lot until this morning when playing the tundra level and warped back to savannah to find that all of my buildings and pets are completely gone and the map reset and all of my exploring is gone. I registered and have been saving my game often, to no avail apparently. So, I recommend the game if you want to play and suddenly have all of your progress disappear about 75% of the way through the game, but otherwise could not due to the disappointment.
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2 weeks ago, RaBV
Enemies are too difficult
Hi so I really like this game but I don’t like how you’re forced to play survival first and that you have to beat survival first for the game. Another thing I hate I absolutely hate this part when you are fighting enemies and flux dies on you when you respawn and head back to the mission the enemies health is fully restored like seriously it just makes the mission even harder and worse like whey couldn’t there health stay the same as when I was attacking them. And fought them like why do they get a free heath boost like really I mean come on surely you might have seen that error before
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4 years ago, JimSteinMan
Excellent! Couple suggestions
Real DualShock support: The option to change controller input should be bound to left and right arrows. When you hit X to change controller layout from Xbox to “Shapes”, the bottom face button becomes the back if you hit (on the DualShock) X again to try and change controller settings, it jets you back to the main menu. Very frustrating UI. Shapes seems like it’s setup for some non-DualShock controller. I REALLY appreciate the GUI size control option. However, even on my iPhone X, the camera has been pulled WAY too far back for mobile. I could understand the scaling for desktop. I REALLY wish there was a camera scaling for the game itself. I want to zoom in to actually be able to see the beautiful artwork. My eyesight isn’t poor, I just really think the zoom level is ridiculous. I think when I tried this game years ago it didn’t have this problem on mobile. Was this something that happened when the game became cross platform?
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6 years ago, The time will go bye
Amazingly Awesome but..
This game is amazing with lots of plants, animals, and crafting items I spent four hours on a car ride playing this and the only reason I stopped is cause my iPad died and so I had my phone with me and wanted to transfer the save via the cloud but I had some trouble with that when I got home and I’m requesting a way to move local save to the cloud cause mine won’t if you’d make that easier but other wise this is awesome! Also can we make the hot bar bigger and I’ve had trouble completing some missions like the one where you have to take down the bird dudes roost and a couple other ones.
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6 years ago, The straight razor carabe
To butterscotch shenanigans and it’s fans
I love this game in all its unholy raging glory And I was reading the reviews that people submitted and I saw that every complaint that they had was fixed, for example “I keep accidentally tapping on juice box in combat which was the cause of many deaths” so to fix it they made juice box teleport away when in combat, another player wanted the item tracking system so they added that too This is exactly what I love about certain game companies, they listen to the fans and they aren’t afraid to use the recommendations that people give them
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6 years ago, Alex Parten
I usually don’t write reviews, but I have to for this. This game is a work of art. Way better that those paintings at art museums, including the solid blue one. This is a must have. Once I finish the game I will be so sad that it ended. The story is awesome, the jokes are awesome, and there are so many amazing ideas. 5 stars isn’t enough to express how much I love this game. I am so happy I don’t have to sort my inventory. This takes my mind off of all the bad things happening. The music is awesome. The different areas are very cool. Thank you Butterscotch Shenanigans for making Crashlands.
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4 years ago, I Like Games 222
One of my favorite games ever
The one thing is that even after something intense it still makes you laugh and my favorite character was Grandmammy if you are looking for a great story without requiring hours of play at a time look no further than guess where Crashlands my only complaint is that though it is fun to discover new quests it will be hard to know if you have done a 100% completion PS( if you developers are reading this untold millions (me) are screaming out for a Crashlands 2)
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6 years ago, Razonian
For The Ever Searching Neurotic iPad Gamer
Crashlands was a game I had seen a thousand times in my search for the next “approximation” of a AAA title on the iPad. I never bought it. Fast forward to today as I’m writing this review I’ve played about 40 hours of it in two weeks. Something about the game other than its excellent gather/craft/battle mechanics is its depth. This is not a casual game though it still can be played as such. This is a full depth game with a very long, very comedic storyline (have I mentioned this game goes ON AND ON?). It is a great buy, even a steal, at $5.
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6 years ago, dnvrrr
Truly a 5 star BUT... Please add...
There’s a lack of something VITAL and simple... the game seriously has everything. It has a storyline that’s engaging. A crafting system that rivals and outdoes many! Crashlands is a game you can get lost and involved in. I love the battle system but it needs work. The enemies are balanced, but the serious issue here is just one update away. I beg, plead, ask, and long for the game devs to add a simple virtual joystick please. Fighting multiple enemies is not fun when the character decides to run straight into a preset path after you tap?! Please let me have control over the character!!! Other than that it’s seriously a 5 star game. The same was asked of Stardew Valley and a week later... BAM 5 star review and a loyal fan!
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7 years ago, The Dudest Dude
I really want to talk about something in this game. And that’s the combat system. Very smart and thought out, it just a back and forth attacking sequence. It contains the ability to dodge attacks and predict your opponent’s moves. Which, may seem simple, but tough to put into a mobile game. Good job. - Furthermore, fun and easy to use interface, has a lot of detail and can seem complex, but you get used to it quickly. - Allows for you to free roam and survive on your own, while upgrading your own equipment and creating goals for yourself. - I want to mention that I’m very picky when it comes to mobile games, and so far, this has blown me away. If you like “Don’t Starve” or any resource/survival game, this is for you. - And lastly, I’m very impressed. VERY impressed. You can see the developers put time into this game. Very good effort, thanks for the game.
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4 years ago, Anthreahl
Great Game but TRUE Multiplayer please
This game is amazing, the story, side missions, writing, weapons, pets and etc is articulate and diverse. I have a girlfriend who loves the game as well and while playing on the same screen it’s just not the most immersive thing right now considering we’re playing on a phone 😓. Either someone’s fingers are blocking the screen or you just lose track of yourself and your whereabouts. If localized or online (Maybe both if I’m not asking for too much) could happen then not only I would be happy with that but the community as well.
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4 years ago, loubird08
Favorite mobile game and high on favorite games ever
I have got to say that this game is AMAZING! The graphics are polished, the story is just the best, and who could forget the intro to the game along with the music. But, there are a few minor things that needs to be fixed One: when I try to eat I always accidentally switch my item set. I know this is not an issue on pc and is not really a annoyance for ipad users, but I am on my iPhone and it is just really bothering me. Two: Say there is a little pond in front of me and I tap on the other side to go around. When I tap on the other side, flux just goes towards the lake and is not going around. Please fix this for our convenience. I know your new game just came out and your going to put most of your attention on it, but please please please fix the issues I listed.
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6 years ago, mjsyts
Great Game, Horrendous Sound
This game is a lot of fun to play. There is a ton of content and plenty to do. However, the sound design and music score for the game are both so horrendous that it makes me want to stop playing altogether. The opening sound is one of the most annoying noises in the world (“butterscotch shenanigans”) and the score will become fatiguing very quickly. It’s clear that very little thought went into the sound aspect of the game, which is very disappointing and really shows. As fun as the game is, this is one of few games that the sound design actually stood out due to how poorly constructed it is.
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6 years ago, Captain_Anarchy
I heard about this game through the Dev Diary documentary on Prime so I gave it a try and WOW. I was hooked right away. It's one of those rare games that no matter how long you play it, the second you put it down you want to pick it back up and play. Truly a rarity in games. The story behind it is awesome as well! I can't praise this one enough. Games are my life, so I feel am I am qualified to say, this is one of the best games I've ever played! GREAT JOB DEVS!!! Ok, enough typing, time to get back to playing some CRASHLANDS!!
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6 years ago, BudderBoss
Great, but a few suggestions
The game is very well made. The gameplay is fun, the grinding isn't too difficult, and the humor is on point. With all that, I still have some possible ideas. -needs more things on the stats page, like "quests completed: x/y" "epic pets x/y" and things like that -ability to set multiple waypoints -ability to check the amount of materials in inventory Everything else said, the game is amazing and definitely worth the money.
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5 years ago, Stupid Casual
Play this game. Seriously.
Look at the other reviews...they aren’t your standard fare bot generated crap. They’re all from real people and this game still has a 4.8* rating, the vast majority of us love it. Read the low star reviews. Many of them are for fickle complaints that pale in comparison to the awesomeness of this game. I played it over a year ago and got more enjoyment from it and invested more time in it than I have $60+ AAA titles. You can’t go wrong here. Get the game, play it, love it. Seriously.
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7 years ago, Landon1419
Favorite mobile game
This game was simply amazing. Very well crafted and definitely worth the money. It took me 20 hours to beat it and I basically just did the story. It doesn't seem cheap or poorly made with hard to use controls like many mobile games, but instead has easy to use controls. Sometimes farming for resources can seem tedious but it is just part of the fun of the game. If you are hesitant to get this game, just get it. It will be $5 well spent.
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4 years ago, foodme13
This game was positively stunning and hilarious this game is worth easily 15$. The storyline is amazing and it has hours worth of content...IN THE FIRST RUN THROUGH. if I was being super ?€£¥! Nit picky I would have to say that there isn’t a whole lot of stuff to do after beating the game’s main story and countless side quests/unlocking all the recipes. But that takes like 50 IRL hours to do so it’s not a big deal. Overall this game is was so amazing I cried when I finished it😢.
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7 years ago, DREWSKI4686
Just downloaded last night
I had reservations about buying this game, as I have bought other games and they sucked! I also hate when games constantly want you to buy gems. I looked up pay once and play games on google and found Crashlands. This game is seriously AWESOME!! I played for the first time last night, and I can say this is my all time favorite app game! So worth the $5 I spent on it.
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6 years ago, good game one suggest
Good very good but
So it is a great game and I love it so bad. I think this game is so great that almost can not improve. The only thing bothering me is that the mode. When I finish the story mode and want to try a pure survival mode, the only choice is the hardcore. Not including creative cuz u got everything needed. I want a mode like story u can die with no penalty, but does not have any story line like hardcore. Is it possible? And also, multiplayer would be great
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6 years ago, Jimmy John Joes
About the update
I just got the email today saying how to guys are getting the game on the switch and how your going to make it multiplayer! Is that update just going to be for the switch or all devices? Also thanks for this update! IK earlier in the game people ask about this and you guys said it probably wouldn't happen because you'd have to recode the entire game! Thanks for doing though!
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5 years ago, iDk 576
Amazing game worth $7
This game has a balance of crafting, creativity, adventure, and action! You can build your base while exploring this creative world. Some games take a while to have all of the action. But when you play the game an alien blows up your ship real quick! You get crashed and you are stranded! I would pay $7 to get this game. This was probably the best game I played of 2019!
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7 years ago, Wyatt salmon
After getting the game and playing it, it seemed a bit unusual and a little uncomfortable with the controls. But after playing the game for a longer time I eventually got used to the controls and found it addicting. The game brings creatures, people, tools, and more. Making you want to get the next best weapon or gear causing you to travel through the campaign and terrain.
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7 years ago, Thatguy246890
best mobile game i've played
this is a great game with great controls and a long life span. it runs great on my iPad and never got old. if you are on the fence about it do your self a HUGE favor and buy it. and to the people who say the story isn't that good, i see where your coming from but its not supposed to be taken seriously, its silly and humorous and I like that. easily gets 5/5 stars.
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5 years ago, PodcastyJoe
Creative mode :’(
When I heard that creative mode came out, I was super excited. I had stopped playing for a while because Barry was so hard, and I had been wanting creative for a LONG time. When I found out you had to complete the game to get creative, I was so disappointed to the point where I just deleted the game. If you could make creative accessible to everyone that would be great. Please fix this. -MerpTop
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5 years ago, iWiLlPwNyOuFoOlZ
The 1st iOS game I purchased & I couldn’t have picked a better one...
I bought Crashlands when it 1st came to the App Store as my 1st game ever for iOS & a few years & 20-30 games later, it still continues to be my all time favorite game EVER in it’s category of action/RPG. If you’re on the fence on whether you should buy this game, do it! You won’t regret it! This game is 💯% pure AWESOMENESS! 👁 give it 4 thumbs 👆🏻! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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7 years ago, Sojum71
Please use standard keyboard entry for logon
Love the game. Hate the account logon. Why can’t you use the standard iOS interface? I use complex passwords stored in a vault for safety, and you make me hand type the long and tricky thing in instead of simply allowing me to copy and paste??? What on earth were you thinking??? Other than that the game is splendid with tons to do.
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7 years ago, theotherside420
Very Enjoyable
It's worth every penny of $5. Fun game - not worrying about tedious inventory management in a crafting / action RPG game is nice. Decided to buy it after playing other BS games like Flop Rocket and Roid Rampage, both of which are very fun free games. Crashlands is a full length game. It doesn't take itself too seriously and is quite humorous at times. Bravo, Butterscotch Shenanigans. Keep making fun games!
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4 years ago, T Coop
Awesome but shouldn’t have to sign up to get creator mode or perks.
It needs to have creator mode to unlock after you complete a “portion” of the story mode with all perks to unlock in it by completing certain levels or quests on story mode. I think that is the one thing that would make this game absolutely Perfect for all players to my opinion.
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6 years ago, SquashGaming
One of my favorite games ever
Wow. This game is amazing. Just amazing. Like all the other Butterscotch games, this is just pure fun and funny. My friend told me about this game and said it was good. So I bought it for seven dollars. One of the most worth it purchases I've ever made. Some of the highlights of this game: -Funny story -Cool characters -Tons of hours of playtime -Just pure fun Many of the complaints about this game is how much grind there is and how repetitive it is. Yes, I agree, it can be a grind fest at times, but the other things make up for it. And about the repetitiveness, the amazingly-fun combat and quest make it worth it. I would gladly pay $30 for this game, worth every penny.
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