Crazy Caps

4.5 (80)
44 MB
Age rating
Current version
Zhou Rui
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Crazy Caps

4.51 out of 5
80 Ratings
1 year ago, Rjay23
Great match 3 concept
A match 3-type game with a different approach. Makes you think. I got it as a free download and it doesn’t even show irritating ads that most ”free” games make you sit through these days. Subtly addicting. Definitely worth checking out.
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5 years ago, nosaj128
Update to my review
I once gave this a five star rating. But since the update I can't no longer play levels I payed for. They are locked and there isn't a restore purchases button anywhere in the app. Nor is there a contact link. It's bad business practices when these so called app developers release new updated versions then cheat the paying customer by relocking everything they've already paid for. (Previous Review)I was ecstatic to see this as an IOS app/game. Absolutely can't get enough of it! Been playing since Windows -😃😃😃
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11 years ago, Plmnnvcqwtyp
No time limit version and locked levels
I have this game on my computer and I love it. (Well, it varies slightly and is called Mad Caps. ). The most fun rounds are when you're racing the clock, otherwise there's no challenge. And the hardest levels are locked with no explanation (I can find) to explain how to unlock them. All I can find is a link to a store that sells thousands of coins for $1, but I don't know what I need the coins for. The customer service button links me to a non-existent page. I bought the game and I don't think I should have to pay more money to play all levels of the game.
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3 years ago, 40cedar
A Gem From The Past!
Have spent countless hours playing this highly addictive “match” game. Love it and highly recommend it to all.
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7 years ago, Old school PC gamer
I had been looking for mad caps for a long time and found this game. LOVE IT!!! The music, the sounds, all of it. I would give 5 stars if there were different cap style options. Maybe earn enough coins or buy the different styles. But other than that it's great! Please update the game soon as it gives warnings that it will not work with iOS11!!
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2 years ago, mlrw
Won’t work on my iPhone
I’ve had this game for a long time and love it! It won’t open on my iPhone, but it works fine on my iPad. Both are iOS 15.4 —-weird … too bad it’s been one of my favorite time fillers. I just don’t carry my iPad around like my iPhone, so I don’t play as frequently as I once did. Still a great game though
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12 years ago, tree0789
Love this game!
I have played this game for years on my computer. I think this app version is better. Fun to play anytime, anywhere.
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11 years ago, memawkat
Fun Stuff!!!!!!
I enjoy this game and have become a fan of this spinoff of bejeweled! Lots of fun and an easy way to pass time without loosing your score.
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11 years ago, Enoughdesert
Crazy CAps
This game is fantastic. I can get lost for hours playing this game and trust me I do... I recommend this game!!!! Anyone can play it and get lost for hours!!!!!!
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12 years ago, MoneyMover
Bird puzzle makes you think and at times can be frustrating and challenging. A fun game to play.
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12 years ago, notwebsafe
Really Nice madcaps recreation (I've missed that game!)
Better english translations of messages would help, and it crashes often. I love the sounds, and your clever bird puzzle variant is challenging and cute.
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12 years ago, Webster48
Incredibly Addictive
I keep trying to ignore this game but it keeps drawing me back, time after time !
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2 years ago, Beaches&Plants915
Doesn’t even open. A waste of money.
I just purchased the app and, though I had enjoyed a free version on an old iPad, this one does nothing. A quick black screen then it closes. And “support” is in a language I can’t read, so no help there.
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12 years ago, Selbedo2007
Real challenge
Very challenging game and it will be a while before you get bored of it!
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12 years ago, ngai61
A go to game
Will always have a home on my iPhone!
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11 years ago, Drbondo
Crazy caps
I've had mad caps on my pc for ever, this is probably the best match em up game ever!
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12 years ago, MintyMe
Addictive & Fun
Nice graphics, well made, not cheesy or cheap. Fun little game, well made.
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2 years ago, Sundae789
I was only able to open the game once.. It has not opened since.. Wish I could have my money back
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11 years ago, Y****r
More addictive than bejeweled
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2 years ago, AppleAntDude
Launching my newly downloaded app shows a brief animation and then crashes back to home screen in my iPhone 12 mini (iOS v15.4.1).
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4 years ago, amyamy-511
Love it
I really enjoy this game so much
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12 years ago, Tstiney4
Downloaded for my son.
Love it!!!!!!
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12 years ago, Complsv
Mad Caps
Highly addictive. I like match 3 games, and this is one of the best!
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12 years ago, Shmoozie333
Crazyyyyy caps
Omg I can't stop playing!! Helpppp!
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11 years ago, La Felicia64
Crazy caps
Addicting game
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11 years ago, Andstef
Crazy caps
Very addictive !!!
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11 years ago, LaLa Ann
Crazy Caps
Really love this game!!!
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11 years ago, CrizBiz1
Love it
So addicted!!
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4 years ago, Rainbow Cookieees
Best Soda Caps Game
Beautiful Game with soda caps
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11 years ago, Lraheh
I love this game!
Fun, fun, fun!
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11 years ago, عمرالشهري
Omar عمر الشهري
Vary nice 👍👍
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12 years ago, Geldmann
This is a nearly addictive game that keeps you coming back to move that score a bit higher. It progresses at a fast pace and rewards are quick.
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12 years ago, SandyLamb
Used to play this game all the time on the computer. I was happy to find it for my mobile devices. Just wish I wouldn't have to pay for the more difficult level.
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12 years ago, Doggy626
A Top Ten Game App 4 Sure!
Fun puzzle app that can last a long time and you'll never get tired of playing it. And plus the sound effects are really good too. 5 Stars in my book.
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12 years ago, Rgarcia427
I love it! It has many levels and different challenges. also I like the special bonuses, very different.
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12 years ago, Joan King
Crazy caps
This is a fun came, because it makes one pay attention. The more one plays, the more one becomes aware of how subtle it is !
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12 years ago, Schmack
Loved the desktop version
Didn't know there was an iOS version until this week. Stupidly addicting :)
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12 years ago, Usmc171
I hate 3 in a row games! I downloaded this for free while on the toilet. By the time I got done playing my legs were asleep, and I couldn't get up.. Lol
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12 years ago, G5941
Once you start playing it's hard to stop
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12 years ago, benderr2001
Simply perfect or perfectly simple
The title says it all. There is nothing I could add! Way to go!!!
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12 years ago, Cmcritchie
I couldn't stop playing. Thanks for a great time!
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12 years ago, Atownshorti
I like this game a lot but it kills my battery. Can't wait for new features
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12 years ago, Daisy Girl69
AAA For Crazy Caps !
Completely addicting. You start and can't put it down. I love this game !!!!
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12 years ago, Quassi76
Crazy Caps
I love this game. One of my top 10 games I play the most.
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12 years ago, BloodFidelity
Great match 3 game!
I love the idea of using bottle caps! The graphics are nice and sharp! *Needs Game Center achievements!
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12 years ago, OneTonBolder
Crazy Caps
Fun to the max I spent an hour straight on this game and you can too with ease :-)
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12 years ago, brandon_wang
I like it!
It's worth for me to buy one.
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12 years ago, Vickitten
I love it!
I play this game every day on my lunch break. It's so simple and fun!
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12 years ago, 311Zebra
It's a really fun game it's just really slow when it's loading!! Please fix the bugs and it would be a way better game for all ages!!! 😃☺😁😜😝
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12 years ago, SoundVoltex
I just can't download it on my iPad, I don't know why, if only this won't happen and I can load and download it, I'd be satisfied and give this game 5 stars.
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