CRCU Mobile Banking

4.9 (4.7K)
48.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
CRCU Mobile Banking
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for CRCU Mobile Banking

4.85 out of 5
4.7K Ratings
5 years ago, Inspector Gaget
Apple Pay
Wish we could use our debit cards with Apple Pay
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6 years ago, Binor28
The mobile check deposit is useless. I’ve tried depositing my loan payment to my account via check from my Wells Fargo account the last three payments. Each time 1/2 my deposit is available, then hours later I get an email that the deposit was unsuccessful because it failed security. When I call I’m told the edges of the check were cut off and not visible. So this month I left an inch or so border on the image. And took a screenshot of the deposit images because like always, it was rejected. When I pull up the rejected images, the images look nothing like what I actually uploaded. Not being able to use mobile banking, especially when I have to drive 45 mins to the nearest bank is why I will be looking for a new bank come Monday!
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6 years ago, 8awesome8
Needs a little work, but overall convenient
Apparently if you open the “bill pay” tab, even just to see what it is, it automatically signs you up for bill pay and $3.95 begins to be drafted from your account monthly to use the feature. Also, would be cool if a feature was added like Ally and Capital One 360 have where you can have “sinking funds” accounts instead of one main savings account.
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4 years ago, CrisApparition
Does not have apple pay but everything else
Everything is great. There’s days like once a blue moon it’ll not work but within hours it'll work again. I can transfer money from checking to savings and schedule a payment to my credit card when ever i want. It just doesnt have apple pay, and i’ve owned an iphone for the longest, considering changing banks for this one reason.
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2 years ago, Harley amber
Mobile check deposit
This is a really convenient and easy to use app. The only problem I have is when I go to deposit a check. When I try to take a picture of the check, the app tells me to rotate my device to continue my deposit. I’ve tried just about everything to get it to work.
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3 years ago, I'm Cara bear
Does not update
The past few months, especially recently, it had taken up to three days to update when a payment has been withdrawn from my account. The issue causes allot of confusion and I end up being charged fees that are non refundable because of their error and not mine. I am going to switch banks because they refuse to see a problem.
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6 years ago, kelsriverorchid
Can’t access money on a Sunday!
The app is usually meh, more like 4 stars. But it’s a Sunday, I can’t go to the bank or call, I have money in savings but not in checking account and I need to transfer savings money into checking account. Both the website and app are not working!!! I can not access my money. Just great! Looks like it’s time to change banks.
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3 years ago, btx.galeas
Great app
I love how easy it is to do everything you need to do without going into a bank
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2 years ago, RickBMW
What happened?
I used to open the app with Face ID. Now it is no longer there. What happened?
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6 years ago, SwagSoldiar
it go hard, i use it to check my account even tho i know im broke sometimes
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4 years ago, ~*~€ Mari€~*~
Love this Bank and App
Easy to do mobile check deposits! Super Easy to navigate
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4 years ago, jojo4.4.4
There’s always issues
Every other day I’ll try to get on to check my balance or when I get paid I’ll wanna move some money around but at the most inconvenient times it won’t open it won’t let me log in like right now for example it says error please fix it’s astronomically annoying!
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1 year ago, princess if God
Great bank
Some ppl know what there doing N some dnt but over all they get it done. Great service w coffee n beverages in lounge. There attire is not always welcoming for a bank
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3 years ago, SYRazo
Auto Refinance
True professionalism, Loan officer L. Medrano. All was done online. Submitted my application in morning and by noon was complete. Thank you CRCU.
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6 years ago, 12th Man Ag
I would like it if there was an option to add a note describing the transactions we make via the app.
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5 years ago, frustrated women
Hardly works
This app is convenient when it wants to open! Sometimes I can’t open my app for two days at a time! What’s up with that? I’ll give it 1 star. I’ve had this app for a few months and it’s always the same thing doesn’t open!
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3 years ago, kestringer
5 stars
Easy to use
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2 years ago, gehdheldhdieh
Does not work
App does not work with the new update on IOS. When it calls for verification the call never comes through.
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6 years ago, Astros1022
Can’t get by without it!
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6 years ago, Mavs mom
It’s not bad
I wish transactions showed up quicker
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2 years ago, neksenoj
Ain’t give me a debit card
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6 years ago, Steven Betancourt
Steven Betancourt
Easy to bank!
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7 years ago, CJSmith727
This is a great on-the-go app and I use it all the time!! 👏🏻👏🏻
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6 years ago, Ivaniel80
Totally workable nice job!
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2 years ago, mekalaaaaa
always has issues with logging in. every other day it’s kicking me out saying there’s an error. better off just using the website
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5 years ago, rusty waterfall
Fix the app
Always crashes
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3 years ago, rosasjosie
Excelente app
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8 years ago, Cromagnum Man
I have wondered when CRCU would finally support TouchID and that day has finally come. I like the quick access feature but now I can see my entire account, deposit cheques, and transfer funds without having to enter my long super secret password. Thank you CRCU for finally allowing this wonderful biometric security feature.
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4 years ago, celestetherat
bad app
glitches alot
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10 years ago, User123467
Works so so
The tablet version is only provided in a version for Kindle Fire. I have to use the iPhone version on my iPad. The deposit check function does not work well on the iPad. Frequently the app gets stuck after the deposit amount and does not bring up the camera. I have to cancel and retry multiple times. I have found that if I disable my Bluetooth connection to my Logitech keyboard and swipe the screen to camera mode and then flip back to the app the camera is now activated and I can snap front and back of the check to complete the deposit process. I have reported this to the bank tech support several months ago.
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13 years ago, Java High
Good app, with lots of potential!
I have been waiting for this for since I got my iPhone. No issues or problems. I hated logging into my account using Safari, I always had to adjust the size. This is perfect, you can see everything you need all in large text. It is very basic info and I hope they continue to work on it making improvements. But, overall, it does what I need it to do.
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10 years ago, SchHtrainer
Simple to use and effective.
I have been using this app since it first came out. Every facet of it works the way it should and does so quickly. I am enjoying the new mobile check deposit too! Makes it much easier to get my deposits in when I get them.
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12 years ago, Mrsrogers0416
Very promising but needs improving
This App is amazing! But I would give it 5 stars if you were able to transfer to another account within the same credit union like you can on the actual website. It's a pain to have to get on the internet from my phone & have to do it. Would just make it more convenient! Just saying...
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12 years ago, Decaman97
Banking on iPad
I have enjoyed the ap and being able to access my account easily. The only thing that keeps me from making it a five star ap is the ability to edit bill payment. It has to be deleted and then reentered; otherwise a good ap!
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13 years ago, Cool tech
Great app. I had been waiting for this since I got my iPhone. No longer have to call your automated system to get balances or wait until I get home to go to the website on my home computer, which was even more time consuming. Thanks.
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9 years ago, ReconciliationRalph
Love It
I have been using this app for a while now and love it. I don't have to wait until the end of the month to reconcile my bank account(s). I can easily deposit checks and transfer funds.
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13 years ago, _| GriZZly |_
About time!
I've been waiting for CRCU to get an app like this, wayyy better than logging in through safari. It has all the necessities such as bill pay, ATM and branch locator, and customer service information. Great app runs smooth.
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9 years ago, EF5621
Love it!
I love having this app on my phone. I prefer to not go into the bank bc I have two small kids and this makes it sooo easy to deposit checks, move money around and check purchases. It's awesome!!
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13 years ago, adamlikesppl
I have been waiting so long for this app. Excellent job on speed design and functionality. My only request would be check deposit ability like chase.
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11 years ago, Jennkni1
Wonderful banking app!
I have absolutely no complaints about this app. It is great!! Hopefully soon they will get the eDeposit feature so I can deposit checks with my iPhone! I'm sure it is soon to come...
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8 years ago, Miss_juliannalyn
Love this app...but....
I love this app except that I can not transfer money to another account. My checking and savings are in two separate accounts and I can not transfer back and forth unless I am on a computer. VERY inconvenient. Please change.
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13 years ago, .::SupaStar16::.
☛ Great App! ✔✔✔
The app works smoothly, very user friendly & it's FREE!! I can pay my bills, transfer between my accounts along with others, and check my balances with the push off a button!! I LOVE it! Cheers.
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12 years ago, Samstar1
I love this app!! Sometimes upset when it's not working. But seems to get fixed quickly. Unless its my iPhone, otherwise I use this app many times in a day!!
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8 years ago, Camobabesammy09
My personal experience
I love the app it makes it easy to keep up with everything but..... It caused so many problems for my phone. It was like someone was trying to hack it. I deleted the app and it all stopped. Other then that it's great.
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10 years ago, TheWolfBeast
Big improvement
After the updates this app went from a 6 to a 9.......big improvement !
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9 years ago, Bigst05
Amazing app
Easy and simple to use. Never had any glitches with the system so far. And always love the updates it gives me
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8 years ago, Andrew89-56
I enjoy this app so much it's a life saver I can pay all my dues here well most of them with no need to worry about the bank being open
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12 years ago, paraparatara
Easy to use, fast and accurate
Love this app! I use it all the time and it helps me keep track of my money!
Show more
12 years ago, PW-In
Thank you for such a convenient app. It saves time and keeps me from having to get on the Internet to view my accounts when I' m on the go. Love it!
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11 years ago, AlanLaRue
Simple app, but it is still significant that it has never crashed and it always does what it is supposed to.
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