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4.75 out of 5
5.4K Ratings
1 year ago, Lukey__Pookie
I was never interested in a real credit card because debt is slavery blah blah blah, I figured a credit card at my age would be a bad idea so I saw an add for this and I was like hey, credit with no debt, sweet. I got the card about 6 months ago and I used it a couple times and figured its kinda inconvenient, and stopped using it. Checked my credit score a couple nights ago, 700 on the mf dot baby!!!! No loans, credit cards, nothing. This card was the only thing on my history, and now I can get a loan on pretty much anything I could want, car, house, business loan, anything. I made some deposits and I will most definitely be using it again, setting up mobile deposit after this review. AND ON TOP OF THAT THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS GOOD NOW!!!!!
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2 years ago, Elledesgner
Lackluster customer service
The card is just a card, I guess it’s a nice card but inconvenient to use anywhere that explicitly states they only take debit cards - this card will *always* run as credit in those situations. Not being able to connect to my other newer banks, super long time getting money into the account vs. my other banks. I guess the little credit bump is cool and I do get my paycheck a day early (sometimes) but honestly, I’ve had some weird stuff happen. They sent me a new card and disabled my current one before I had access to the new one, without telling me, while I was traveling. They told me to setup and use a stealth card, which is cool, but was really inconvenient to read off to people on my trip. I would have preferred for the old card to stay active until I activate the new one, I don’t really understand the precaution there. They apparently add additional fees to some purchases (like they add tip allowances to DoorDash purchases but don’t tell you anywhere that they do that?!) I haven’t had money go missing (yet) but the other reviews saying that they were locked out for no reason or had money literally disappear out of their accounts make me want to close this account and run for the hills. I did it for defranco and for my credit score but it’s been kinda of a meh experience.
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1 year ago, chuchutoday
Had a big inconvenience where unfortunately I did not take my money from the ATM when withdrawing and ATM took my money back and did display a receipt as if I took the money after it sounded like it counted it and put the money back. ridiculous when approached the cred ai customer service the only response they gave me was it would take us 45-90 days to investigate nothing else and they would repeat themselves over and over again when I am claiming to give me at least a parcial credit my total was $300. I unfortunately put some automatic payments to be paid from this card that were estimated in that cash they took and haven’t given back to me. I was late and fees from other companies were charged because they did not want to credit nothing back mind you I called right when that event happened and I was in the Walgreens were this occurred, is unbelievable the nastiness of how they operate when one is asking for help now I am emailing them and they do not reply back, please save you time don’t trust this company they are terrible and would take your money, ( give me my money back and I would consider deleting this review even tho you don’t deserve it)
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3 years ago, kirbyokc
Poor Customer Service
When this company started if you had any issue you could call and get some one who spoke English that could fix this right away.. now you get someone who barley speaks English, they can't do anything but setup a time for you to be called back.. they can't even reset your password, expect for walk you through how to do it on the app.. this was a great service and a wonderful card to have now it's just like any other credit card, outsourced Customer Service, no one to help you.. My issue incase someone reads this is: I tried to login to the app, it told me there is a problem, ok I figured I forgot the password, so I go to reset it, and it tells me something went wrong.. I call and the guy tells me that he needs to escalate this to some other team.. then I ask my balance, which I know should be over $2500, they tell me it's 30.. 30 what.. then I'm told that I have to wait till Monday(it's Friday) to talk to someone other then this person. Ok so now I'm missing at least $2400 and I have to wait till Monday to find out what is going on.. they can't tell you anything other then "I can setup an appointment for a product specialist to call you back."
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11 months ago, Beth and Ian
Just started
Cautiously funding with two banks, my gig business debits. I can not yet get it to be a spending source on Venmo with the temporary card, maybe the metal card will work there ? I want to send our pay to my wife with Venmo for her purchase requests and I want to charge my zip pay in 4 costs to it as well as when I buy food or supplies on the road, self employed driver. Will report back if any crazy problem happens or if I am able to do all that I would want to making my funding movements easier and automatic, since ethe goal is AUTO COMPUTE, the final score I give will be a reflection of ease, what was always supposed to be the reason for an invention, to give us back time. In this case the cost of their service appears to be in the time delays waiting for your deposit to become spendable. As with secured cards I’ve used before, that is often extremely frustrating waiting for unknown time delays to gain spending power. Especially for daily paid or fixed income families.
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3 years ago, maxcess
Long complex account opening process.
For some reason they make it very difficult to open a simple secure credit account. Despite staring by asking for you to connect them directly to you secure information to your main personal bank account to quote “expedited the account opening process” but even though I did gave them access to that, it took them a week before getting back to me in an email then they asked for 10 different items including, my passport, my ssn, my DL, my Utilities Bill, my phone bill, my picture, and many more unnecessary items. This is way too much unnecessary secure information for a simple account. I gave less documents for mortgage application then these guys asked for. Something doesn’t add up here. I don’t find this very secure for an online bank specially when there is nothing but hard to reach over the phone customer service. Please be cautious with amount of personal information you’re providing this “online bank”. Keep in mind non of the major well known banks will ever ask for this much information. There is absolutely no reason for that.
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2 years ago, bumpadoodle
This god awful company has held my funds from me for over a month with so many calls and emails from me and minimal to no response from them. The customer service claims to not have supervisors, or if you reach someone else they put you on hold long enough for you to lose your mind and hang up so they don’t actually have to escalate your issue. They also refuse to transfer you to the dispute team “after the first time you speak to them” if you call again for an update due to some insane policy. Even after a report to the BBB and other agencies still nothing. Finally, was told that there was a temporary credit on my account, but I couldn’t see or use it until they solved my case, which wasn’t the case for the other charge they gave me a temporary credit for that showed up immediately. Someone messed up, and won’t take accountability for it. Do yourself a favor and just get a secured card that’ll do the same thing without screwing you over.
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2 years ago, Dedicated Cardholder
Highly recommend!
This metal card is fantastic. Since using it, I established credit and my score went up 100 points. You are guaranteed to never pay fees or interest! I have been able to track my purchases and follow my spending habits. As well, the app is easy to use and up to date on its technology features. One of my favorite features of the card is its “Stealth” capability, which allows you to “burn” a card number and regenerate a new one. It also has tap to pay which makes payments quick and easy. I highly recommend this card! You can also fund the card with any bank or Venmo. It’s awesome.”
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2 years ago, Ambrosia_Alderete
No help when they’ve drained your account
I only use this card when I deposit money into the account. This week I deposited over $300, my Christmas spending money, and it has disappeared in a few hours, and apparently there is an additional deficit of my account of $659, which is impossible for me to have done as I had no moneydeposited and the credit function turned off. I can’t even see what this charge is from my app- I was just told about it by a support representative. I have called the support center 3 times and have been given only the excuse of “the app is being updated and this is a result “ andno-one will explain what that means, they just offer to set up a call back appointment 2 days from now. I am so disappointed as before this issue I loved this card and the security I felt using it. But now I am out $300 right before Christmas, with have my gift list untouched.
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5 months ago, Mwanafunziiii
I was so psyched on this. I still think it’s pretty cool but I was hoping to pay a lot of my bills with it so I could build credit that way, rather than trying to transfer money onto it for day-to-day spending, but I can’t use it to pay my credit card or either of my lines of credit. I guess you have to get the bank account for that. So no, you can’t turn all those crippling bills into credit building transactions. Have yet to try it on my car payment but I have doubts. It is helping but by bit with the credit though since it reports a higher credit limit than you load. So thanks, Cred! Also using the stealth card for trials and then changing the number is genius.
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3 years ago, Samuel Looez
Ok let me first start by saying I don’t ever (EVER!) do reviews on apps I download but this is a game changer. First of all they send you a really cool looking metal card! But everyone that gets this app wants to start building or rebuilding credit. I signed up and used the card for about 3 weeks. And today I saw I had an update on my credit score which sent it up 45 POINTS!! that’s insane as someone who has ok credit it really helped a lot! The app also has a ton of features like stealth card which allows you to generate a card for online purchases and then completely generate a new one. GET THIS NOW IF YOU NEED TO BUILD CRED
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7 months ago, Stephan Lepage
I started using this card on October 31, 2023 and I love it it’s easy it’s convenient and can help your credit score, but the problem is the funding of the Unicorn account. If you want to wait, you need to go through another bank and It takes 3 to 5 business days. who wants to wait that long ? The other method and the best one is “convenience direct deposit” with a debit card. You request money from your original bank account and it’s immediately deposited and available on your Unicorn account. The problem is that it’s limited at $250 per day with a maximum of $1000 per month. it’s really unfortunate because when you do that kind of transferred you have your money right away so you can continue to use your Unicorn card but in my case after three weeks, the $1000 was reached so I don’t want to wait 5 to 7 business days to get money in my account funded by my bank account so I will stop using my card until I have the possibility of transferring, automatically instantly $250 Unfortunately, I will also look for another card that can offer exactly what I want and can this one. Be aware
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1 year ago, Skittles Kitten
Very Impressive
Absolutely love this. The idea of building your credit but also use as a debit with all of the other bells and whistles is great. The ONLY thing that I think this app really needs is a “chat” assistance. I don’t have answers to my very specific questions through the “get help” portion of the app. At very least it would be beneficial to be able to email someone, which I also don’t see. Again, I absolutely love my card and this app! I’m just voicing my opinion. Thank you!!
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1 year ago, Mike_geek
Great but falling behind on features
The app is great, tho I like to see more flexibility and more focus on banking. I’ve found a few bugs on menus, would be convenient to have an option to turn off news or animation upon login as it adds delay to functionality. Greatest disadvantage I’ve found is the lack of instant funding. Zelle is not integrated unlike most banks, if you try the Zelle app it says is not available, tried PayPal instant function and is not available for this card. I have tried the debit card instant fund but is not working, changes to address or info in general has to be processed by support as much of the info is handled by Wilmington bank. I think that’s one of the reason instant deposit is not an option.
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2 months ago, Great ideas as
Honest review by an actual young adult!!
First of all, credi AI is not a credit card , and “it’s not just a metal fancy card!” It functions like a SECURE credit card. I’m not the smartest 21 year old, but I have common sense. It’s not free money, your putting your own money that you make into your cred AI account. When you use it, it works like a debit card, but it reports to the credit bureaus as a credit card if that makes sense. Minimum deposit is $100 to active the card. You could literally just put $100 every time and use he 100 as if you would use your regular chase card or whatever bank you have.
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2 years ago, justino14
I would rate it a better score....
I love the fact my credit report has this listed as a credit account open! Great. But the app prompted me that I have an issue with my card due to fraudulent activity and I cannot use my card until I speak to a customer service representative. after speaking to a representative about more than five separate times I only get the same response that my problems will be escalated and that someone would call me back it's been about 4 months now since my last call and I'm still waiting for that callback and hoping I would be able to use the account again in the future. Im glad i haven't used this account for my banking needs cause if i did lets say i would have been on a roadtrip to the corporate office, guaranteed!
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1 year ago, aguirre5252
Definitely not the Tesla of cards
This isn’t a great card or the service that comes with it. I filed a dispute in which I have not been involved. When calling the “emergency help line” they cannot provide any information as stated by them. When reaching out to dispute department regarding claim they respond with a vague message, completely disregard requests. I have set up more than 10 call back from their concierge team with no call back. Terms and conditions not followed as stated. Kept completely in the dark regarding my claims this is just not it. Do yourself a favor a get a secured call with real providers such a Discover with the same if not more benifits but best of all a real customer service team. Getting ready to ask for assistance from CFPB and BBB.
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3 years ago, Subadonic
Game changer
Finally a card for all credit types with absolutely zero fees! Yes, the app takes a little getting used to, but honestly, I’m not complaining. I received my metal card (very cool) within 10 days of signing up, and within another week, I had a new “credit card” added to my Experian report with a limit of $1500. From what I’ve read, everyone gets the same “limit”. To be 100% clear: this is essentially a secured card where you don’t have to pay a deposit. Simply fund the card using an existing debit/ACH account and then spend as you would any other credit card. Your utilization will get reported every month. You can also create multiple online cards which can be deleted after you’ve made your purchases. I hope they come out with even more products, because I’m hooked!
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11 months ago, Jesus Moraga
Make the switch
Like the title says, I’d recommend this banking service to anyone of my friends still using debit cards. The options you have with this app are outstanding and outperforming main stream banks. Next steps are to set up direct deposits from work to this app, they make that easy too. If you have any questions, you can submit a ticket and resolve your issues. If they could integrate a help AI bot for simple questions in the future, that would be great.
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2 years ago, misses me-ow
Fancy Card ALMOST duped me into this “trap”
It’s painfully obvious that EVERY SINGLE 5 star review posted is a bot or paid review and not that of an actual customer/user. The 1 star, scary stories, however, are clearly being left as warnings to others from people angry and upset about their money being “stolen” for lack of a better word. They wouldn’t need to offer such a cute, highly desirable card for free that costs $50+ for anything similar through other banks if there wasn’t a reason for them to do desperately want you to provide your personal info and access to your financial institutions. #proceedwithcaution
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2 years ago, PissedJournee
It’s okay but..
This app is alright. Aside from being wildly difficult to navigate, after losing and replacing my regular bank card, I have yet to find a way to change it in the system. The bank linking system is also very confusing. And I think you may have to download and set up a separate app entirely to do that. I used it a few times with the minimum $100 payment but I won’t be renewing it. ( however it did help improve my credit ) It would just be easier to get a real credit card for me at this point. This is too confusing. Maybe I will revisit it one day when many, many updates have been made…
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3 years ago, Dylan BK
This card is amazing
I received my card about a year ago, after signing up it came in mail within days! As a bonus it comes in a really cool package and the metal card feels and looks great! I use it all the time wherever I go, and it is super convenient. On top of that it builds your credit every-time you use it After only about 6 months of use my credit score went from 0 to 720! I highly recommend this credit card.
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4 years ago, Irks hand
Amazing app
App works amazingly and the interface is excellent. There are so many awesome features, first the stealth card is awesome. I love being able to generate new numbers within a few seconds. Also the card itself is great the Metal card is by far the nicest card I have ever seen. It’s also much better than any other debit card I have had before, while building credit! Overall amazing app would 100% recommend to everyone.
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3 years ago, TweekieOne
Amazing Card!
Backed by the incredible John Legend, this card is absolutely mind-blowing! My credit rating has gone from “poor” to “good”- in 7 months! It’s actually a debit card that you can instantly fund (between multiple accounts and other debit cards), so you can’t overspend (no fees or overdrafts, ever!) but it reports to the credit bureaus as a credit card. If you need help building up or improving your credit score...GET THIS CARD! You’ll be glad you did!
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2 years ago, A-aron05
Mid twenties, hard to build credit with no credit u less u do loans, Didn’t want that, found this app, it does use your bank account to determine ur limit, but it’s basically a secured card, overall it does help build your credit and have not had any problems. I’m not a bot or a paid reviewer lol it’s legit and can help you build your credit fast. It’s worth it if you are okay with using your bank account.
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1 month ago, SwankPeRFection
Virtual Card Exp Issue
There is an issue with the virtual card with some vendors where when the exp date is updated their verification system fails because the CVV isn’t changed on the virtual card. You need to change/update both when the exp date is updated. You need to integrate basic transaction notification/listing into the Wallet app. ApplePay wallet integration is basically kind of useless without at least those basics! Every time the app is restarted, the support tickets in Help are reset to “Unread”. You also can’t delete old tickets you no longer want to keep. This needs to be fixed! Also, why do you drag your feet with mailing out new cards?!
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9 months ago, Av8or1979
Great card with room for improvement.
Definitely does what it says. Id say at month 2 or 3 you will notice a change in your report. Sadly they only repot to Equifax. Card feels great! Would be nice if they offered an upgrade for a heavier weight. I'm edition to costomizable options. The most annoying factor is that it takes 3-5 business days to get your funds. That should charge to overnight with people who have good credit and maybe a good track record for a few months.
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3 years ago, igorpiedade
Yes, it works and works gooood dude
I got the Unicorn Card for only 1 reason: “build my credit score”. For some weeks I felt completely frustrated because I put money in it, I spent money and nothing. So a contacted the support and they told me that the bank does the reports once a month and it happens in the meddle of the month. I wait for it and it works good. My score shows up better then my wife how got a Bank of America card. I’m so happy.
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2 years ago, Citrus_Fantasy
I’m one that usually reads reviews but not post. This app is amazing! I signed up for it and received my card in the mail within a week. The card is awesome and has a very nice feel to it. And this company does exactly what they say they will do to your credit score. I do appreciate this company helping me have a better credit score and giving such a high quality product with great options in the app.
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3 years ago, Donoedro210
I’m not sure what this card does for me exactly, but I was recommended this service by a Credit Repair Specialist. Best card ever! I am very pleased by this card. Never any issues, prompt and to the point. Only thing I would change is how much I can transfer so I can keep using it as my primary account. Recommend it to people I know! Also, does this service offer business accounts?
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1 year ago, Elias1275
Started the application process. Submitted license and verifiable information including a picture of myself. They then claim they cannot verify me. So they ask for additional information. I have been waiting for 3 days with no response! I cannot start over because you need to use a different number. No one will get back to me. I have emailed several times with no response. I would beware! Something is not right. All this looks flashy but obviously the infrastructure is not there for a good and reliable business. If you are considering this, STOP, and look elsewhere. No customer support no response and very clunky application process.
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3 years ago, Camshaft5
Great new card!!
I love the card, I love the app. The one thing I would like to see is a widget for quick access to available money without having to load into the app. Also, like any other new bank if you deposit a check they will hold the first one for 9 business days. Luckily I didn’t need the money I deposited by check so 2 weeks of waiting wasn’t terrible.
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4 years ago, Sunny Swae
Less is More.
This app is really cool, interesting, and innovative. But there is way too much going on. With a banking app I want all of my information right there. Not news and 4 different tabs and animation. I see that they are targeting a specific group but if they are serious about mobile banking you need to have a streamlined application. Although I do believe with the services they provide they can make some noise. But to stick around you need to have a user friendly streamlined and easy to navigate application. Will update once I use more.
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3 years ago, EyeWouldDie4U
It’s a good idea but…
This is a good idea, but transferring money back and forth between Cred and another bank is terrible. It’s almost 2022; you would think these things would be instant for a so-called “AI” company, yet it’s not. It takes trips to and from multiple ATMs to get money where I need it instantly. Also, since the card doesn’t read as a debit card, I can’t use it for Zelle, etc. I love the app and the card, but it does leave a lot to be desired if it hopes to be a main competitor for a brick-and-mortar bank.
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2 years ago, theoandaodyssey
Not sure as to why
So I see lots of 1 star reviews. So far I have been using this for 5 months and have my pay checks directly deposited into this account. I have yet to have any issues plus my credit score has jumped way higher. The only issues is this card is treated as a credit card so some places have issues. But besides that I love it
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2 years ago, Xapwv Mose
I wish there were more stars to give. So many apps promise so much garbage but this app amd this card are for real. Massive improvement to my credit score, and I have finally found a card that helps me stay on track. Simply amazing. Huge fan, and I will tell you this card does does what it says it will do amd you won’t regret it. Best card and financial institution I have ever dealt with.
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3 years ago, Nyccanda
An Amazing App & Card
I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the functionality of this app & card. Just the mere fact that using this card increases your credit is amazing in itself. It works for you, not against you, like traditional credit cards do. And the stealth mode is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! More a and more features continue to be added. You definitely want to arm yourself with the sleek, innovative, credit worthy card!
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3 years ago, Kalel215
I came across this app and this service from a you tube channel that I watch daily. I’m currently trying to repair my credit score due to filling bankruptcy 2 and half years ago. I was totally sold on this to help my score to buy a house. Unfortunately, when filling out the application there’s a question that asks if you’ve filled bankruptcy in the last 5 years. Which automatically disqualifies you from applying. My issue is if this is supposed to act like a secured credit card. For which you have to load money on it, in order to use it. Then why such a long waiting period?
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11 months ago, Tiffnyc01
Takes too long for transfers
The card is really cool and the app is easy to navigate. However when I transfer money from my bank account onto the debit card, it takes Credit AI 5-7 days to clear them money onto the card even when the bank has already taken the amount out my account as not a pending charge. I don’t do direct deposit because I have bills that require to be paid with a bank account and not debit like a mortgage!
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2 years ago, Mr. Cali DoC
Ok, so I have ( Had) no credit like I was a Zero when I pulled my credit and credit card companies would not take the risk on me! I found this card and said hey what the heck I’ll try it can’t be any worse! Well after just my first month my credit score jumped to 688 really 688! Plus all the features this sexy awesome card gives you! It’s a must have!
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2 years ago, clearedforvisual
Option for adding money instantly
Great card, does what it’s supposed to do ! Only feature I would like to see is if the team made it so you can instant convenience deposit as many times as you want with no limit that would make it even better
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9 months ago, stevesworldnyc
Canceled for no reason.
I beta tested this card and have had it for at least a few years with no problems. Yesterday I got a notice via email that they’ve decided to close my account with no reason given. I tend to use it for a utility bill and gas charges. Not sure why. I’ve least advertised the card on my social media. But now I realize it’s not a good card if they just cancel a good customer that’s always maintained the card and I do t see how or why they would do that. I do not recommend this card since they can cancel you with no reason given.
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1 year ago, Abands
Deposits take too long
Acts as a credit card so it can’t be used where credit cards are not allowed. Can’t get cash from the card. Deposit a check takes 20 days way past the legal limit on how long they are allowed to take. Customer service is non existent. They will just put in a ticket that’s it💔 It has on features but all the features it has I never use them because they are very buggy. They will lock your account randomly at times. For no reason. Then will not unlock it for you. So if that happens you’re out of luck.
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11 months ago, Alexmd8
App Crashes Right - Customer Service Bad
Their app will crash on you daily right after signing in, and you’ll need to sign back in about seven times. Customer service is a disaster. Rickie is disrespectful, Jane is a nightmare and cancels card shipments without telling you then you have to spend 48 hours emailing them to figure out why they told FedEx to avoid the shipment. Jane and Rickie are exactly what the company is, a mess. Dylan and Ry are two brothers who started this common apparently and these fools clearly have no regard for the service they provide whether customer service or “software” services.
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2 years ago, dndirntgiv
Okay I guess
Was excited to use this card, I heard about the credit boost and the cool card was a bonus. At first, had no real issues. Then, I started running into the issue of the card only being considered a credit card, not debit. The issue here is if you’re anywhere that only accepts debit, you’re out of luck. Trying to connect your card to another bank? Nope. Need to deposit cash to your account? Nope. The very rare one point increase to your score just isn’t worth the inconveniences this card presents.
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1 year ago, truthbsaid
first they take a penny .01 cent then 37$ then 198$ ??!!! i dont see anywhere in the policy or in the discription of the card stating you were allowed to take any money out if my account ?? i emailed the address you have listed and she stated she couldnt see any transactions on this cred ai app.. i said exactly she asked me to send the amounts taken so she could trace the transactions ?! …….. no response its been 3 days now . im bout to call the fraud dept in my bank .. thanks for stealing my money and for all the paperwork i get to do to sue your company. itll be worth it tho. your not going to take my money and keep it
Show more
7 months ago, krisriveracameron
This company was great until I ran into a problem that they seem to can not fix. They responses to anything is horrible. My account has been locked and they can’t give me a reason why. They favorite thing to say is that they can send a email to their higher team and they will respond to you. I haven’t heard anything from them. I have called and nothing has not happened for me. I have deposit in there and some coming. But they can’t unlock my account. I would not recommend this company to anybody.
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2 years ago, luvuright
In the time you need some type of support good luck they have a line that take your calls but nothing will get done for about a week plus due to them needing your ID recent phone bills etc to prove your verification oh an if you change your phone number good luck the app won’t let you in an you’ll need to wait for the email team to msg you back asking for your id selfie an phone bill with your mailing info name an phone number to prove yes that’s your phone number ? This is the worst customer service/ verification processes I’ve ever delt with.
Show more
11 months ago, Stuffforkeeps
Impossible to use bc app constantly glitches
I can’t speak to how effective this is at building credit, but I’ve had it for two weeks and it’s been an annoying experience. App constantly glitches, my deposit took 10 days to go through and I’m still not able to see what $ I have left to spend - the app doesn’t update. The 24 hour support line isn’t real - you get a voicemail message that says there’s no one available to take your call.
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3 years ago, kaleedjsmith
Careless. Crooks
Going on 5 days where I can’t get my money off this account or off the card they locked my card for no reason then told me I need to wait for them to call me back yo know what it’s locked and to get it unlocked. This is so wrong just another major players taking advantage of the small people. There’s no one to complain to no one to take your issues up with it’s just a scam and I’m warning anyone thinking of getting this card don’t do it you will be taken advantage of. I regret ever dealing with these careless crooks I hate this card with a passion
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