Credit Human Mobile

4.8 (5.7K)
32.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Credit Human Federal Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Credit Human Mobile

4.84 out of 5
5.7K Ratings
2 years ago, Xerxesleviticus
Big Update
I’m not sure what the other recent negative reviews are about… There has been a substantial upgrade to the security of the app (much needed), and very pleasing upgrade to the UI. There is a text message 2FA option now instead of having to receive a call or email, that I like very much. There is a good reason you must have a password up to 20 characters long that includes special characters and numbers, if you don’t understand that then you should look into it. I also love the Face-ID feature. Thanks for updating the app, I really hated it before.
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7 months ago, GLCMRANGER
Almost a great app!
I’m only into my first year with this CU’s app, but I have been enjoying it. There are still some issues I’m having on a consistent basis, such as buying a share certificate one month and then unable to buy one the very next. Unfortunately, this time it happened on a Thursday night and several attempts later and with the advice from the CSR on the phone, I still failed. Since it was now Friday, after hours, I had to wait until Monday morning to call for assistance. By then, the rates dropped from 6% to 5.8%! I also added a beneficiary to three accounts without a problem, but on the fourth attempt (a new certificate) I could not find it in the app or online. Again, the CSR’s solution is for me to call and let them do it for me. Well, that’s not fixing the problem. I hope these issues can be fixed and the app and online banking can work as intended. I’m very pleased with the rates being higher than my current financial institutions. I’m also very satisfied with the efforts and friendliness of the phone personnel each time I’ve called. Customer service has been horrid with a couple of my other banks. Popular Direct and Wells Fargo to name a couple!
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8 months ago, sasky2
Big improvement
App is much improved, logging in is super fast. The only complaint I have is the text is too small and the color is too light, it makes it hard too see.
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2 years ago, Rango979
Unless I missed something
Over all I like the new app. It does have one major issue and it’s the mobile deposits. Your deposits default to your savings. This to me seems like the best way to get people to have to pay NFS fees if they don’t select what should be by default your checking account. Who deposits straight to savings especially when people are living paycheck to paycheck even more than ever. I find this to be a huge issue I waited for over a week for a deposit that I thought was stalled but I never thought to look at my savings balance. So far it’s happened three times. Is there a default account option or am I correct to assume it’s a money grab for the credit union turning bank.
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1 year ago, SumToast
App Has Come a Long Way
The app has become very helpful and user friendly. I enjoy how automated it’s become. Finding “my offers” took a while as I did not know what I was looking for within the menu(s). I was offered a substantial loan within that menu but I did not know about it until I received a personal email about it a few weeks later. Recommendation: please utilize a PIN number as an alternative to logging as as opposed to manually typing in a password every time I want to access my account.
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2 years ago, Jonathan jeozbqkxbwncjd
Worst banking app
Pros: they are a close bank to me. The people who work there are great. Cons: there app was the worst for the longest time. Other banking apps are so much easier to use and give me access without a problem like RBFCU. Credit human has made me change my password so many times I can’t get into the app as of right now nor can I call anyone to get in. Why does my password need to be so elaborate that even I can’t get in to my account casually. I tried to reset it and it is telling me that my information that is 100% correct is incorrect for some unknown reason. Skip this bank and join RBFCU. I never have had a problem with them.
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9 months ago, LeaGirlyGirl89
Why every weekend the app and website is down and we’re unable to get our balances? It last the whole entire day sometimes more than a day and it’s usually on a Sunday when everything’s closed and we can’t call in. It’s getting ridiculous the amount of times and length of time everything goes down for. Why is this not fixed and why does this even happen. On the app it says balances are unable to show due to technical issues what’s the technical issues?
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3 months ago, BIG E 420.69
Credit Human has an excessive number of drawbacks.
Go elsewhere even if the interest rate is slightly higher. 1) The application and online platform are extremely difficult to navigate, making it nearly impossible to find the necessary information. 2) Autopay: I was mistakenly charged four times ($25 each) due to a payment software issue, even though I had sufficient funds in my checking account. 3) Customer service is exceptionally poor, with representatives resorting to hanging up without providing any assistance. 4) I would prefer to pay higher interest rates at a different bank rather than continue dealing with this incompetent service. 5) I paid off my account in full this week to avoid any further interactions with them.
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2 years ago, DianaBriones
Mobile app
I hope that I can continue getting into my account from the mobile app without using the part to where I have to call and than add numbers to get into my account.
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1 year ago, qwycerh
Credit Human Application
The old app was far more user friendly, functional and more practical than the current one. I don’t get why you decided to change and go with this horrible thing.
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3 months ago, Regular Dave 01
Not impressed to either use a app or a computer but not both
App works okay but would like the option to use a pc also Not impressed with closing my nearby branch that had a drive up ATM and now the closest one is 45 minutes in traffic to get to
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2 years ago, St. Raphael
Smart App
Intuitive and clear, this app provides most info at a quick glance. Fantastic update from the last version. Now user friendly and quick response.
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2 years ago, LittleJon82
Mostly good
The app works pretty well mostly now that I figured out how to get on it but the transfer between different accounts ( like from my account to my son’s account) needs some work.
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2 years ago, dln6691
New Mobile App
The new update is great. We almost changed credit unions after the last update. It was horrible. Thank you for listening to your members.
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1 year ago, NLA ZR
Janky App
This app is really Janky. It won’t connect to my external accounts, it claims that my information is wrong when I’ve quadruple checked my info and have used the same info on other apps. The pay bills feature specifically is an absolute pain because of the issues just mentioned. I can’t even move my money either. Don’t recommend.
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1 year ago, Godjesus33
User Friendly
I really enjoy the easy access log in to check my accounts . Thank God for Credit Human and the Abundance of Great Customer Service not only for me but for OUR Community . Thank You Greatly , Ray D Arredondo Member Since 2020
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1 month ago, 85yrs-gina
Excellent answering customers. I had a hard time for years almost changed my credit Union. You hav changed my mind. Thank you
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2 years ago, ErikEngel
New app
Disappointed with new app. Old app was far superior to this one and competition security service. The old quick view was a much better font size and color for me. It was much easier to read. The new app refreshes with new data much faster than old app
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2 years ago, astros2022champa
Bad Update
The update that was made a few months ago was super inconvenient. Transferring has been super difficult and there was no help when this update came out on this app it was almost a figure it out by yourself. I would just recommend just going to the bank instead of using is app almost makes me want to switch banks because of this online banking.
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2 months ago, 70di
Easy to use
Mobile banking is so easy to use. I can check my balances daily and make transfers easily. I don’t have to drive to ATM to check balances.
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8 months ago, abev1234
To whom it may concern
Easy to use ,, helps me a lot without have to go to bank to deposit moneys,, and transfer one account to another,,thank you , Abraham.
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2 years ago, Nanapaza04
Worst service
I have an account. Every time I want to check my account I need an ID access number. It is nightmare. Closing my account soon.
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2 years ago, CaptainDaniel86
App works well
I was sceptical when the app was changed but I like how I can log in with face scan. The new app also looks very easy to use
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1 year ago, CynthiaOR
Transferring Funds
The only thing I would like to see is faster transfers from an outside banking institution to my Credit Human account.
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10 months ago, Cwplayers
Online bill payments
There has been a glitch in your online bill pay for the last 4 months. There is no fix as to date making it difficult to do online bill pay
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1 year ago, Martha.anita
5 stars
This app is so much easier to use and shows me what I need to see at a seconds notice! I also love that I can deposit checks with just a few clicks ;)
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1 year ago, 425925
It took some time but this new app works perfectly. I can do almost all my banking from the app.
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2 years ago, DBAy11
New app design
I’m so much more happier with the new app design and features, it’s so much easier now to look at my funds.
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2 years ago, Brokenapp311
Great Improvement, Great upgrade
The app has been upgraded! It has a lot of great features that will help me get my financial life together. Bravo!
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1 year ago, JMB131994
I love the new app
I love the new app. Much better upgrade than your previous product.
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3 months ago, 01&02
Phenomenal Bank and Service
36 years of outstanding service! Wonderful representatives, always on top of their game! ❤️🙏🏽. Thanks
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2 years ago, rmoreno moreno
So it appears this app no lover has the enable action to view your balances without logging in
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2 years ago, JRschoons
New app is a great improvement!
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2 years ago, Jerryzkidz
Dumpster fire of a bank, Trash app, features removed
Run away from this bank as fast as you can. This app is GARBAGE!!! They force you to consent to paperless banking, which should be optional. They remove features, cut their human presence in favor of all digital machinery, and are no longer centered on serving the customer. I will be changing banks ASAP.
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2 years ago, Ms. Tee & Cindy
I love it, it’s so convenient and this way I keep up what’s my balance and what’s going in and out of my account…
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2 years ago, incredible raptor
Great job!
Great job on new dashboard. At my age could have used a video telling me changes such as how to transfer funds.
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2 years ago, mxxxhxx
Log out
I would like to see the Log Out button more prominent. I do like the ease of signing in!
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2 months ago, 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤HBD😤😤😤😤😤
Good app, great bank, would recommend to someone
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3 months ago, PAST RAN
Very happy easy and safe to use thank you
Show more
2 years ago, Alma R Martinez
Thank you
This new app features and accessibility is AMAZING!
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3 months ago, Lebron356
Thank you
Not getting checks fast enough
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2 years ago, VikCorsal
Quick, User Friendly and Efficient!!!
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1 year ago, Gloshay
Loving it
I love this new updated app good job guys
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2 years ago, Trupokemoncatchernumber1
Bank somewhere else
If you’re downloading the app it’s already too late. Get your money out and go anywhere else.
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1 year ago, Yes, It's Hannah
Need Zelle
This bank needs to offer Zelle! Thanks
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2 years ago, Brakfan
New app won’t load
App worked great the first few times I used it, but it won’t load the last few days.
Show more
3 years ago, filio fan
Constant Issues with login
Same thing always getting logged out and having to setup app over and over again. Now with this new security feature it seems like it’s faulting even more. It just keeps spinning “Logging in” and kicks you out and you have to setup your user name/password and Face ID all over again as if it’s your first time downloading the App. It’s pretty annoying when the whole purpose of me using the app is to quickly look at my account balances & transactions instead of the longer route of going to the banks website. Hope that these issues get resolved soon. Hope this feedback helps to improve the UX of the app.
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1 month ago, RobertDS1
Horrible loan company, avoid at all costs if possible.
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2 years ago, Jules T 11
Terrible App, Just Made Worse With Update
There are almost no words to describe just how much I have hated this banking app in the past, and yesterday, things got much worse. Things are now so bad, that my husband and I are strongly considering closing our accounts. How is it possible that a banking institution of this size, in the 7th largest city in the country, can’t seem to hire competent people to create a banking app that actually works in an efficient way? We moved from the Houston area 3 years ago and opened accounts with Credit Human. We had our accounts in Houston with a MUCH smaller credit union, and they had a fantastic banking app that was easy to use and very reliable unlike this one. In the past this app crashed frequently, would just boot me off mid session, and made me reset the quick view feature and my login info sometimes 2-3 times a week, but at least most of the time I could use the quick view to not have the hassle of fully logging in each and every time. I tried to get on the app yesterday, and I kept getting error messages, so I was forced to go to the app store to get their so called update. I have already encountered numerous problems. 1) They seem to have entirely eliminated the quick view feature, where you are able to get just a balance and recent transaction overview of your account without logging in. This was absolutely my FAVORITE feature of the app before, and instead of fixing the problems with it, they just got rid of it. I have been through every area of the app, and there is nowhere to set up this feature. 2) They have changed the password length to be longer, and now it includes a special character, and that is made more annoying by the fact that you are now required to log in each time. It also will no longer work with the saved password feature on my iphone. I now have to go look up the new password and manually enter it. 3) This is by far the most concerning of the problems that I have thus far encountered, there is an entire menu of options when you select dashboard, and I tried clicking on each and every one of them, and none of these features did a thing, as in NOTHING moved when I selected them. Why on earth don’t you test the features to make sure things are working before having people download this app?!? I would like to say that I could overlook all of these things with the app because I could just call the credit union instead to get great customer service, but that is not the case either. In the three years that we have banked with Credit Human, I have tried calling numerous times, waited more than an hour on hold, and finally hung up in utter frustration. I chalked it up to the pandemic, and staffing issues, but now I am not so sure. Moving our accounts is looking more and more like our only option. I need to be able to have a consistent, reliable, banking app to do our banking, and this just isn’t it.
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4 years ago, dandnfj
Awful Banking Experience and even worse App
The app is awful. Always getting logged out, having to put info back in. Well actually at this point can’t even get into it anymore. Have had fraud issues with my card, had to get a new one. When I asked for a Deposit Authorization form to give to my work, I was emailed an authorization form with someone else’s name and account info. Which is a big no no, that’s someone else’s account info. I’ve been reading through these comments and they have been working on the app for almost a year now it seems like. Not a very good sign for a bank not to even be able to handle an app, and to send someone else’s personal info to someone else. How well are they protecting my info and money? I’ve never seen anything like this with any other bank. How hard would it be to hack into someone’s account when the bank is literally giving the info away? How long does it take to fix an app?
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