Credit Sesame: Build Score

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Credit Sesame, Inc.
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4 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Credit Sesame: Build Score

4.8 out of 5
397.9K Ratings
1 year ago, Browneyed Raven
Definitely a Credit Rebuilding Tool
I use to think these apps were useless and I suppose I wasn’t utilizing them properly. I am disabled and it’s challenging to keep credit in good standing with the ups and downs with my health and unstable employment. I’ve sought after work for 6 months with no avail. It’s tuff but I know God is my Provider. I have been spending extra time in his word and when I say won’t he do it…Won’t he do it! I’ve applied for a secure line of credit with banks and got denied multiple times. I argued with the reasoning behind the denial because it was secured applications so I turned to God asking him to direct my steps. I paid for Lexington Law Firm and my credit went up by 37 points I felt good but was apprehensive about applying again and I downloaded credit sesame. I started to monitor the approval odds more closely and I felt after being on unemployment for about 5 months I’m approaching the final unemployment benefits budget. I decided it was time to apply for one of the credit sesame approval odds cards for Capital One Walmart Rewards unsecured cards and was approved. They verified my identity before approving me but I was so relieved that I got approved and I really needed help with groceries. God made a way. Thanks to Credit Sesame for suggesting the best options for my situation.
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2 years ago, tia house
Credit Sesame
I absolutely love using the Credit Sesame app., I have always wanted to build my credit but never new how and I thought it was a lot of trouble or to hard but as soon as I started using Credit Sesame my credit has went from poor/no credit to almost excellent! Just in a matter of months my credit numbers started rising!!! I have had credit sesame going two years now and I have yet to have any issues, I would definitely recommend this app to help anyone that is unsure how to build there credit as well as someone that has bad credit either way it will do the trick! You honestly would still benefit using Credit Sesame if you already have excellent credit just to have your back and help building your credit less stressful!!
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2 months ago, Jehovah Is MY Rock
This credit say that it help you REBUILD YOUR CREDIT it should say let’s take you in a roller coaster because seen I got this car I been in a NIGHTMARE OF A ROLLER COASTER 1st it charge me for a late fee on one of there update that they did so I disputed that and every time I did my scores went down and it NEVER got corrected YES I did call the number they provided that you can never get to the correct person they will tell you they can help you with that issue they don’t help sesame cash customer and they will give you another number and the customer service from that number will tell you you have the wrong number and try to transfer you and the phone call will hang up. 3rd out of the blue there will be another update and you will see your that you have 2 sesame account so there you go again dispute the accounts sending emails to sesames cash customer service and when it get resolved your credit score goes down AGAIN and the account that they took out is the one that is showing no information and here WE GO AGAIN THERE MUST OF BEEN ANOTHER UPDATE OR SOMETHING BECAUSE I JUST GOT A NOTIFICATION ON MY CARD I CHECK AND IT SAID THAT MY SESAME CARD WAS REMOVED FROM MY CREDIT THAT MY DISPUTE WAS APPROVED I HAVEN’t done any dispute so there went 20 points of my credit MY ADVICE RUN RUN DO NOT GET THIS CREDIT CARD YOU CAN’T GET NO CUSTOMER SERVICE BY PHONE OR EMAIL . YOU CREDIT WILL BE YOUR WORST.. REALLY RUN RUN IS THE WORST CARD AND CUSTOMER SERVICE
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3 years ago, Khriizj
It is okay!
It does everything that Karma does with some extra features. I would say they are the same but better? Just because they have extra features and options. But honestly it is a 3 star for me until by default they don’t bombard you with emails about applying for “suggested” credit cards, “tips” and how you should open a bank account with them. I literally get a total of 3 emails DAILY!!!!!!!!! From Credit Sesame. I have created my account a little over a week ago and I have close to like 50 emails from the app. It is like they are super desperate for you to use their applying forms or something. Like calm down. Chances are that if we are using services like yours our credit is trash 😂 so do not try so adamantly to make people apply for credit cards, read your stuff or apply for your banking things 3 times a day. It makes me feel like I am forced to do these things or that you are trying to sell a product rather than being here to help. I know you have to make money somehow but at least pretend you are on our side by lowering down the email bombardment. That shouldn’t be a manual option, it should be a setting by default.
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4 years ago, Blaq XIV
In need of accurate updates!
I won’t lie, out of all of the credit tracking apps, Credit Sesame is probably the best one I’ve used so far. I love how they get you matched up for credit card offers, for those who are trying to build credit. I love the suggestions as to what you can do to raise your credit score. What I’m not too thrilled with is the inaccurate reporting. My score that shows on Credit Sesame is nowhere near what my actual score is. They try to push my actual current score off as a potential score after following certain steps. Then, they have the nerve to charge you either $1.99 for 3 days or $4.99 for 30 days to instantly update your credit for you. Of course looking to see if it would show my actual score, I tried the 30 day service. Wouldn’t you know, there were no changes. It sounds like the perfect way to scam a lot of people out of some money. Not only that, after obtaining the cards they suggested, they would turn around and suggest them to me all over again. It’s a good product, just needs more work.
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6 years ago, f0xm0m
Great free option
This is a good free service if youre just starting to focus on your credit. Most of the information for my debts and accounts are fairly accurate. However, i also have access to my FICO score through my car note holder..and their score is 60points higher! Of course this may not reflect as much because i dont pay for the premium services, but basically if you have a good score here- you might have an even higher score in all actuality. Thats why i keep the app to have a reference point if i can get this score to reflect the FICO then my score should be substantially better! I will credit this app with helping me make a 457 into a 650 in under ONE YEAR! With help getting a secure card, and knowing whos holding my debts and what exactly i had to pay. They make this information very easy to understand. I had a lot of misconceptions about the reporting process, and this is a very clear concise way to help learn what makes a credit score.
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2 years ago, simmy -sf
Awesome App - Debt / Credit / Ratio Analysis A+
Great app - not only do they provide the red user with tips and recommendations on how to improve score or what steps to take next. The way my debt, credit, usage %s, available credit is broken really made me get a very clear picture of my financial standing at this very moment and over the last couple of months. When you use the app click on the different elements in the graphs, the data drill down is very very informative. Yesterday, I thought I was in a precarious situation. Today, I feel very confident about how I can go about knocking the rest of my debt out and I know exactly which cards to pay down first and this is all to do with how my debt is being presented to me in balance, green / red indicator lines & %s. Very very good app. Excellent job
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12 months ago, kboog1973
I had a poor credit score of 524 when starting with credit sesame in May of 2022. My primary reason for getting the app was to raise my credit score to at least 600 so that I may rent a new apartment. Because of credit sesame I was able to achieve my goal of 600 in only 2 months. I was able to move into my new home by August of 2022. Since then, I’ve kept up with the credit sesame app and followed the simple advice given to me. My credit score has continually increased and by June of 2023 I now have a score of 680! I have also obtained numerous credit cards and have no worries about being approved for loans or credit lines. This was accomplished with the free version of the app! Credit sesame changed my life! I highly suggest using their services.
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3 years ago, jboogieoogie
Pretty good
I read several of the other reviews before adding mine and the only thing I would agree with is the amount of emails that I receive on a daily basis (yes, they are excessive). Everything else works as it should. Most of these free apps will only provide you with an updated score every 7 days (if there are significant changes to your report). In addition, most of them are only providing you with Vantage Scores not Fico Scores (which will be quite different because they use different scoring models/calculations). Also, both scores are equally important because what I’ve noticed is that sometimes a lender/creditor will grant you credit initially based off your Fico score but when granting credit line increases, they will use Vantage scores. So, yes Vantage scores are real and accurate and should be regarded as such.
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3 months ago, Gi$
Trash-used Transunion as main
Credit sesame is trash. They use transunion as the man credit bureau knowing transunion never updates or updates the last/slowest of all 3 bureaus. I recently paid a big chunk of my credit card off and while the other two bureaus updated, even after an entire month and half…yes that’s right…a whole 6 weeks, transunion still didn’t show the payment and new balance. Transunion had my usage at above 50% when I deliberately worked hard to get it down and the other two showed the change. I have a theory that the app does this to make it appear that your credit score is lower than it actually is and to keep you as a customer. Makes absolutely no sense. Use a different app.
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3 years ago, Medic JD
BEWARE !!! Thanks (NOT) for Hurting my Credit !
Credit Sesame sent me a chance to obtain a Credit Card that I had a “Good” possibility of receiving. I could not find out anywhere on the display what type of “credit pull” was involved, it did not say in the FAQs, and there was no phone number or chat to ask. All of the Card offers I had seen on other Credit Apps were “soft pulls” to see if you met their minimum requirements, so I tried it. I got a Credit hurting Hard Pull, & turned down as well. Thanks Credit Sesame for lying to me about “Good” probability of success, & not warning me of a Hard Credit Pull which would have stopped me before I did damage. Bottom Line, take everything Credit Sesame sends you with a 50 Pound bag of salt (not a grain). They are clearly NOT pre-screening properly & don’t really give a hoot about helping your credit. Just pushing Cards to make money. You will get massive useless emails. They use TransUnion (may be part of it. I don’t know for sure). TransUnion is the worst of all Credit Reporters. I’m done with you Credit Sesame. You tricked me once & cost me valuable points while you no doubt got paid with a bogus “matched to my credit offer.” You use crappy TransUnion. There are better Credit Apps out there (Credit Karma) which are more useful & transparent. So, your sketchy marketing cost you this customer. I might look but I’ll never do any of your Credit Offers ever.
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2 years ago, Shostii
Great app to watch credit
I have several apps for watching my credit and helping me understand the importance of my credit. This is one of the best. Many apps and credit scores are usually off a bit when it’s actually pulled however, I would recommend this app for watching your credit score and helping build by the tips and advice they give. One thing I enjoy is the breakdown in explaining things. I never knew when I was younger how important credit score would be later in life. At 42 and since 2019 I have been on a credit building journey and now I can say I have went from poor to excellent! Hallelujah!!! Also this app give alerts to anything that changes in real life time.
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3 years ago, mike hawk bernstein
Mike hawk bernstein
So I have been working on my credit. I worked hard and then Capital One cancelled my cash secured credit card despite the fact that I never even came close to exceeding my credit limit and I made payments twice per month to work on showing timely payments. After sending me the remainder of my balance, Capital One then send my deposit back but than began billing me for unknown charges and reflected it as late payments. All my hard work for nothing because Capital Ones actions lowered my score from 630 to 575. I then signed up for this app. One suggestion was that I open a new credit account and it listed several credit card that I had a very good chance of getting approved for. I followed the suggestion to apply for a card but I was denied and this has lowered my score even more. This app hurt me credit even worse due to the denial and inquiry. DO NOT TRY THIS. I seriously regret it as it made my score worse - just like Capital One.
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4 years ago, Lilyharryass
If you download, you’ll get better credit.
I love credit sesame! This app makes raising your credit easier than ever. Every time I use credit sesame, my score improves. Over the years when I forgot, or stopped using credit sesame, I noticed my score decline again. You can get notifications, suggestions on actions you can take, knowledge about credit and determining factors, so many resources in one app. Oh and disputing, let me tell you. You can dispute certain things on your credit, if there’s an issue or discrepancy it may be removed. I had one lender who was trash, and I actually proved it, the dispute option had that entire account removed which helped my score. So many good things. This is literally a must have app!!
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4 years ago, Clarky084
James m Clark or clarky084
Your actions mean well yet you need to be aware of illegal actions of the Consumer Protection laws. On denying my rights to negotiate a fair contract on a SUV loan at a fair price to a fair interest charge. The beginning of my negotiations on one Chevy dealer placed almost 10 hard inquiries on me before I refused. When I negotiated with another on a better deal they hit me almost 10 inquires taking my credit score from 757 in beginning to 622. I have all those denials in copy. There needs to be a different approach on their calculations on this illegal action under the federal consumer protection laws prohibiting me from a fair playing field on all purchasing negotiations. Of which is my right to have under the law. I am sending all papers and acknowledgments to the US Banking Committee as well as US Consumer Protection Committee Along with the USAtty office to help me and others against this unjust credit liability on us Americans. Clarky
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6 years ago, HuffyPuffyBlowFish
Not that helpful/accurate
My credit is BAD so obviously I downloaded this app to keep track and work on it. My score is displayed as “532”. And has been for a month and a half. I went to the bank 2 weeks ago and got a real credit report that said my actual score was 565. I then purchased the “refresh whenever for a week $1.99” option and refreshed everyday and saw no changes. I also paid off a good 60% of my credit usage in the first days of May, and it still tells me I’m utilizing 90% of my credit which is incorrect (last update on May 30). If you’re truly worried about your credit, you should contact your bank. Also do not download if you’re expecting an accurate reading of your credit score. :-) Forgot to mention I paid off all of a car loan ($3000+) at the end of April and it still hasn’t changed on this app.
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4 years ago, WhiteGoddess11
Sesame Says Me
First off, Ever since I had gotten the Credit Sesame App. I find myself going into the app to see my credit score. This has given me a sense of peace and gratitude. I am 45 years old and have never had action on my my credit. Which kept my credit score at a low standard. I was married for 16 years. Everything was in my ex husbands name. He controlled everything, from finances to having only his name in our bills. I didn’t know anything better. I just thought that is how things were. Until we divorced. It’s been a tough road for me. But things are looking great for me. So with that said. I recently bought my first car. The greatest day in my life. Besides having my daughter. Ever since I bought my car and making my car payments on time. My credit score jumped up to 685 points! Amazing! Now having access to my score and the tools to keep increasing my score through the Credit Sesame. Has giving me comfort. I encourage all to get this app. You won’t be disappointed. This gives you the push to keep moving forward in a positive motion. Thank you Credit Sesame!
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5 years ago, rwizard
Not bad, not great, Watch for snakes
I signed up with Credit Sesame prior to suggesting it to a younger family member just starting a career. Here are my thoughts: Spams you to death. If you blindly follow the app you might end up with a bunch of less than ideal cards, and if you aren’t disciplined in their use you could wind up in credit hell. So, use the app as one of your information resources, but remember they are trying to sell you as many cards as they can, and the cards they want to sell you are the ones that make them the most money. I suggest new credit users/credit rebuilders get a secured card from a local bank or credit union. If you cannot afford to fund a secured card then you are the last person on earth who should want a credit card - it will ultimately make a difficult financial life into an unending nightmare. You must solve your income vs. outflow problem first. Credit cards do not solve problems, they compound them. Think of having a card like having a pet cobra - a cool thing to have, but if you let it out of the basket and it bites you, you are going to wish you hadn’t gotten it. Likewise, Credit Sesame is moderately helpful as long as you don’t let them sell you a bunch of Ill tempered vipers for your basket, er, wallet. Good luck.
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1 year ago, ElizabethAnn217
Clearly having a data breach
I have a credit sesame card that I’ve NEVER even used in 3 years. I did not add that card to any accounts ever. Now I can’t recall if I had the card frozen through the app or not (which I always freeze cards I’m not using) but the card has been locked inside of my safe and all of a sudden yesterday it had several transactions processed taking basically the whole balance for some nerd making purchases through discord. I was not that nerd and I’m pretty sure I had that card locked since I had no plans to use it. I haven’t heard a peep about any data breach for credit sesame but clearly it’s happened since my card info was only on and accessible through their app account where you can unfreeze it and see all the card info to use it. The info was stored NOWHERE ELSE and the physical card was locked up safely.
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4 years ago, Northern fl
My Review on Credit Sesame has helped me Raise my Score Big Time.
Starting out I was in the highs 589? With no credit. I’ve built my credit up I was finally up to 698-2 pts away from 700 and when I bought a home it dropped by 20 points which was pretty disappointing. I honestly thought for sure that it would had jumped. They kept telling me I needed other accounts to Raise my Score. So I will just be Patient and wait to see it jump. I also did not know at all- That when you use your Credit Cards you only use 30%. I wished I had known that until about 8 MTHS ago or I would be in the 800’s no ?’s about it. I love this App-It Rocks👍👍👍👍👍
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1 year ago, Dmitri/SLCA
New Credit Sesame Cash Fees
It looks like Credit Sesame decided to lose many if not most of its Cash customers. Here’s a note they’ve sent out today: “As a valued Sesame Cash account holder, we want to give you advance notice of new account fees* effective June 15, 2023 or after. The new fee structure is designed to ensure active users can still enjoy free banking services. Account holders who make a direct deposit of at least $500 or spend more than $1,000 during each monthly billing period continue to benefit from no monthly or inactivity fees. Account holders making a direct deposit under $500 or spending under $1,000 during each monthly billing period are charged a monthly fee of $9.99. Account holders with no money movement in or out of their accounts pay the monthly fee plus $3.00 for every 30 days of inactivity. Thank you for being a loyal supporter of Sesame Cash. We look forward to sharing new features and benefits with you in the near future. By continuing to utilize the services, you agree to the Sesame Cash Terms of Service and Sesame Cash Cardholder Agreement. If you do not wish to accept, you may choose to close your account. Credit Sesame” As such, I will be closing my Credit Sesame Cash account promptly, as the above fees are not acceptable.
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5 years ago, exrenter
Credit Sesame helped me,...a lot
The suggestions I received on Credit Sesame helped me improve my credit score by about fifty points. I always felt it was important to maintain a good credit score but I didn’t know exactly what to do. I paid my bills on time and in full but I didn’t know that wasn’t enough. The suggestion about lowering my credit card balances dramatically improved my credit score. As a result I recently qualified for and purchased my own condo. I’m no longer a renter. I got a fixed rate mortgage at the lowest rate I’ve ever seen. Credit Sesame played a big part in my improved situation. Of course God was the ring master and the shot caller.
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5 years ago, Boyfriend #2
Don't waste your time
I am trying to rebuild my credit and downloaded this to help track my progress. After making an account, the app couldn't locate my credit file and was instructed to wait 30 days and try again. After a few months, saw a commercial for these guys on TV and thought I'd give it another try. First, couldn't log in with the app and was sure I knew the password, but I reset it anyways and it let me login to their website. They still couldn't locate my credit file. Then it still won't let me sign in on the app. I emailed their support and let them know the situation and attached copies of my I'D and social security card to help them locate my file. I can't see why they can't find it. I do have a credit score and have loved at the same address my entire life but whatever. I waited and almost a week later, still NO RESPONSE. Totally unprofessional. Don't waste your time.
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5 years ago, NeilEyes
Credit Sesame
This app is all about (Credit Sesame) advertisers, that's how Credit Sesame makes their money. You don’t get a complete credit report as other apps like Credit Karma and Credit Wise. Credit Sesame gives nothing more than a ”summary” statement without any details. Credit Sesame (and all other apps) give you a FAKO (Vantage Score), which is always higher so you can take advantage of their ”offers.” The app is always trying to get you to obtain its vendor services to the detriment of your credit. What Credit Sesame doesn't tell you is that your data is not safe on Credit Sesame. They sell it to their vendors, where you will be solicited incessantly for credit cards, loans, and other financial instruments. I don’t recommend using this service when there are so many other free apps that don’t abuse like Credit Sesame. People whose second language is English should especially stay clear of this app.
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3 years ago, thisfoesntmakeanysence
Money transfer takes long
I recently opened a sesame cash account something like a debit card you transfer money and use it as you would a bank card. It is supposed to help with you credit score. I’ve enjoyed this app, with the only exception that any money transfer takes 4-6 days in order for it to go through. I had transferred money to pay a bill and I ended up paying with a different credit card because it took so long for the money transfer from my bank to sesame to go through. Why does it take so long, where is the money while is transferring for almost a week. Almost makes me think that this money is being used for something else in that week period of time.?
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3 years ago, CRPS81
Could always count
I can’t thank Credit Sesame enough for being or bring a debit/credit card out; I mean it help me in so many ways from direct deposit, paying bills or just giving me points for keeping money and spending it in a manageable way. I remember a few times I had low cash and didn’t have no money to eat, man out the blue they gave me ten bucks I guess for maintaining a account or for the direct deposits I had, anyway it help me get through the day big time and I thank you for it all. Credit Sesame is a choice over many debit cards out . Can’t go wrong with them. Thanks C.Price
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2 years ago,
Best Credit App
For me personally, Credit sesame is the best credit monitoring/ building app there is out there. It literally updates every single day and always shows the most recent changes to your credit. The app is easy to navigate and it breaks all of your information down so you can easily understand. I also love the recommendations for you to build your credit. Unlike other apps, when Credit sesame said I had “outstanding approval odds” for a credit one card, I applied and was approved that same day. I will never stop using this app!!
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6 years ago, Israelax
Free Transunion Credit Score
According to something I read Credit Sesame shows your Transunion Credit Score. It's great that it is offered free and if your search around the app you can learn which components impact your score the most - like keeping current with your payments. Our credit scores are more important than we think. Employers can decide to hire you or not based on your score. Even our auto insurance rates can be impacted by your score. So it's important to know your score, how to bring it up or keep it up and with tools like Credit Sesame it's not only possible but free. 😊
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4 years ago, Thessence
Hacked ?
Woke up one day and couldn’t get in. I received a notification my score went up, but when I checked it said my email address and password didn’t match. So I changed the password and...same message. Tried different devices. Tried changing passwords again worried I’d been hacked. Made sure the app was updated...still same error. Otherwise... Don’t fall for the credit card offer scams. Many of them will dent your credit score and ding you if you apply for too many. Using the information about your payment history, credit usage etc is helpful. I use in conjunction with Credit Karma. I have learned a lot between the apps and my credit score is pretty high at this point. Just be prudent about the card advice...if you can log into the app!
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2 years ago, E7of9
False Credit Score
I recently applied for a Capital One Credit Card through the app and was thankfully rejected (don’t know why I applied as last time I had a card through them after paying off the balance in full before the end of the billing cycle I got hit with an interest payment). When I got the letter from Capital One it showed my credit score was in the mid 700s but Credit Sesame has it under 700. When I checked to see which agency was being used by Capital One and Credit Sesame it was Trans Union. When I emailed credit sesame each response I have received is basically an excuse. In short skip this app and any other similar apps as they are just getting people to sign up for more credit cards and really aren’t helpful at all. Downloader beware.
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5 years ago, Fly2themoon
Credit Card constant Email Blast
Thought this app would be similar to Credit Karma. Though slightly helpful to see my score in comparison to CK; the constant email blasts I receive encouraging to apply for credit cards is annoying. I’m trying to improve my credit! I took their suggestion since they said it would help and eventually applied to a highly recommended one to see I prequalify for; only because they said it wouldn’t hurt my credit score. I was denied and my credit score took a hard inquiry. I looked back to find the suggested credit card and found it no longer on their list. Not happy my score took a hit. I haven’t had one in about 2 years. I’m going to the credit bureaus to dispute due to the misrepresentation.
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4 years ago, IthoughtIknew
Resurrecting my credit
Everybody kept telling me to join Credit Sesame in order to monitor my credit score and begin anew. My credit plummeted last year due to severe illness and inability to work. I stopped looking at my credit score because it was wicked depressing not being able to do anything about it.I felt helpless. So now rather than sit back and wallow, i’ve begun chipping away a little bit at a time and the joy is watching my credit score slowly but surely inch its way back. Credit sesame is giving me the inspiration I needed.
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10 months ago, fmanna13
Simple logical
Upgrade and be on track in 30 days or six months matter your conditions and history but 3 years of proper payments on everything grade mix proper 30% or less on your credit lines had a credit card almost five year and switched and lost 157 points cause I went from 5 years and up count to 1-2 years follow the tools and it’s a easy system no you will have your life together in 2 years maybe 3-5 max for some home car several credit cards etc good luck manna13
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5 years ago, Joey Grib
Day One
At one point I was with Credit Karma. Due to a lack of use I no longer had my login information. They made it impossible for me to retrieve access to my account without uploading personal information, which I was not comfortable with, and there appeared to be no human representatives to assist me. Therefore, I went with a suggestion to give Credit Sesame a try. Today is day one. The process of signing up was easy enough, and all of the information I no longer had access to, I now do. So far, I am quite pleased with my decision. Thank you, Joe
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3 years ago, jcmark8th
Credit Sesame
I just started using this so the ratings might change so far what I seen it looks like it could help me out. But the only thing is it wanted me to fill out for this credit card and then it wanted me to fill out another application for a credit card which is the same one they just had me fill out so that part is confusing how do you know if he was denied or approved never received anything in my inbox but I am going to check things out more today and hopefully the score will go to a five and that below the four that I gave thank you
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3 years ago, Juicy Slim
The App is Trash
The app is always closing out on it’s own. It only updates one time a month ( at the very beginning). Which cause your score to not always be accurate. All the alerts in the world with no updates. Some days the app will let you on and some days it will not. I call support they only had me to uninstall the app to then reinstall and it work for a good two weeks correctly to go back to doing the same thing. I don’t even see the point of paying for this when I my getting an update score. You would think that you see change on your credit report then whether or not it change my score I should see the change on the app but no.
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5 years ago, I'm a girl little stomper123
Great app for credit evaluation
Couldn’t get on the Credit Karma because somebody hacked me there and a friend told me about this site. it not only allowed me to create an account but it clearly displayed three fraudulent credit card uses that dropped me about 70 points This site is incredibly helpful and my eyes have been opened to have the need for identity security just as you would get an alarm system for your house or car it’s no joke and you’re really really get screwed up on your credit tanks I tell my kids your credit score is your adult report card
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3 years ago, DanielRREE1
Credit Sesame Is Magic
Great app. Follow the Easy Steps to Raise your Score. I’ve referred some Friends and they also Love it. Credit Sesame even Pays You when your Score goes up. And you can unsubscribe anytime. There is no charge unless you go Premium. And if you combine this with a few other Companies that kinda do the same thing, you will see the Difference pretty quickly. Generally about 3 to 4 months. But remember, it’s not all them… you have to get everything financially under control and stick with it. Good Luck
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5 years ago, Ms. Amboise
Slow Updates
Credit Sesame is pretty accurate with information regarding open accounts and they provide great tips about credit card usage, etc. However, they take a longer than other credit reporting programs to update your current credit status. I recently open a credit card last month and Credit Sesame has yet to notice and update my report, however my other program already did. Other than that, I love Credit Sesame. I do think it is more accurate and provides better advice.
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5 years ago, Mbrieli4
I love credit Sesame!!!
Never heard of this app until my husband told me to download the app. I had credit karma before. But I have nothing but good things to say about this app. When I first started I was at the high 400 and this was back in January. Now I can honestly say it has really change my score. I have never been in the 700s and my score is at 734!!!! Follow the advice it tells you to do cuz if I would’ve never done it I would not be at where my score is at now. Oh and don’t fall back in those credit card habits either. Hope this helped.
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2 years ago, J . B .
Stay on top of credit with Credit Sesame.
Credit sesame is a good way to stay in touch credit checking your score and bill credit with the credit sesame bill credit card. They email you and keep you posted of any changes and any opportunity of building credit with offers that fit you the best. As a user of customer credit sesame I would like to stand my appreciation and hope to continue utilizing the help that Credit sesame provide.
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2 years ago, blake kukuk
Credit Sesame helped me out of bad credit!
About 5-6 years ago I had terrible credit and unpaid accounts from my partying days. I got serious and credit sesame was the only absolutely free credit score app that told you which accounts needed to be paid off, and a free credit score monthly. You don’t need to have a credit or debit card to start your account it was great. Today I have excellent credit and no negative accounts!!! Thanks Credit Sesame you guys really helped!!!
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2 years ago, Reesie2
Great for building your credit!
I want to thank Credit Sesame for giving me the opportunity to build my credit with their services! I’m relatively new to it , but I am going to take all their recommendations for building my credit back! I Love the credit Sesame card, it has a lot of perks I’m learning as I go for building your credit with everyday purchases and other options you can use to build your credit! Thank you, Credit Sesame!! You need this card in your wallet!!
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3 years ago, RGQuiles
Credit account correction……..
Its give me an idea of where I stand with my credit status; by the way I already paid off my BPaccount completely so I need to take out that account that have myself on a delinquent status I need to remove that account from my credit report thanks because I plan to buy me an house on Milwaukee Wisconsin I be looking at different houses where I like to live the rest of my life thank you so much……. Ps: I have evidence that I pay off that account ………
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4 years ago, BCod
Good App
Good app to check your credit score. I like how you receive grades for each component that contributes to your final score. The benchmarks laid out to achieve a higher grade and higher credit score are easy to understand. The only thing I don’t appreciate are the overwhelming tips recommending I get more credit cards to improve my credit utilization. I know it can work for some people in certain situations, but I think it creates more temptation to overspend. It would be better if they balance the recommendation to apply for more cards with other recommendations to actually lower your total debt.
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3 years ago, jakb3
Follow tips!
Following the tips from credit sesame, and of course making sure my bills are pd on time, has really made a difference in my credit score! There are so many factors involved with having good credit, so I just follow the suggestions that credit sesame sends me, and my credit just keeps going up! Credit usage, mix, age, debt to income ratio, etc. Is a lot to keep up with. They do it for you based on your credit profile, and it’s free! It’s really been a huge help to me!
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4 years ago, impendingfate
Excellent Tool Everyone Should Use
If financial responsibility is important to you, as it should be, this free app should be one of the tools you are checking daily to keep on top of your credit and spending decisions. It gives you ideas on ways to boost your credit, credit offers from cards that may help your score in the long run, and gives you a projected score if you follow through with the advice given. There are a few financial apps everyone should have, this is definitely one of them.
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3 years ago, josec4823
/ 2nd Live chat
I was recently in a live chat with this CRS named Jamie, I don’t know her last initial. Literally I called 2 times and the first time, my problem wasn’t solved nor payed attention to because I have been emailing and receive no response which is very unprofessional. Thanks to Jamie, my second time calling was a success in fixing the the issue. She made sure to fix the problem right away and made sure it was a success. Thank you Jamie if your seeing this. P.S. she deserves a raise if you ask me.
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4 years ago, Beth the Nurse
A stethoscope to assess your credit
I’ve found this app to be a helpful tool. Its great to see an overview of my credit. Seeing my score increase encourages me to keep my credit usage in check. Some of the suggestions are spot on for helping me present myself in the best light to future creditors. I do have to take a star away because it often is almost two months behind in reporting the payments I’ve made to reduce my outstanding debt. Also, suggestions that I have followed have not always resulted in score increases when followed. Overall it continues to be useful.
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5 years ago, Bruce in Phoenix
I don’t want another credit card - please go away!
I signed up so I can see my credit score. Since then I’ve gotten tons of emails wanting me to sign up for credit cards. I don’t want any credit cards, I have plenty. My credit score is excellent, I’m retired and everything is paid for. Why would you want me to get more credit cards? Oh wait, you must make money based on how many people sign up for more credit cards. That trick may work with others but not me. You guys are nothing more than a drug dealer with your drug of choice being a credit card. The scary thing is, most of the sheeple you deal with are more then happy to go in dept. I’d give this app no stars if that was allowed. It would only be fitting for your company to go bankrupt.
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