Credit Union 1 Alaska

4.8 (22.8K)
80.8 MB
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Current version
Credit Union 1
Last update
1 year ago
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14.5 or later
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User Reviews for Credit Union 1 Alaska

4.8 out of 5
22.8K Ratings
1 year ago, startravler
My on line account
I have all ways had good connection to my on line account , until this pst to weeks every time I put my pass word in I have to answer my questions and they are never right. I stood at the indie yesterday for at lest an hour selling with this and did all new questions still did it then did the finger print It worked for 2 times, even tho I had just used it it says it’s been a long time since you sighed in and wanted My pass word and asked me the questions again and and again over and over again. And does not recognize the new questions so of course I am locked out!!!! Getting ready to travel and will not be able to check my account I am frustrated with all of it I hope you can fix it🧐🤨🤪
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4 years ago, Starr Ward
CU1 works for me!
I always recommend CU1 to family and friends. Due to their low interest rates CU1 was my choice for financing when I purchased vehicles. The process was quick and hassle-free. From time-to-time when I needed/wanted personal loans CU1 expeditiously processed my loan application. Also, when I unexpectedly fell on hard times CU1 worked with me to defer payments. I love the CU1 app; it’s easy to navigate, provides real time information and I enjoy using the mobile deposit feature. Probably the most important aspect of CU1 is its employees. They are always cheerfully engaging, helpful and knowledgeable.
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7 years ago, TheresainAK
The best for my banking needs
I use three different institutions for my banking needs and we travel extensively 6 months of the year. All three offer an app for my iPhone, but CU1's app and supporting customer service are consistently the best. I frequently make deposits using the app and they are often credited the same day, and no later than the next day. I also transfer funds between CU1 and my other banks and find those transfers go most smoothly when initiated through the CU1 app.
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2 years ago, Flyingjunebugs
Recent update
The latest update is not real helpful. The font is so small and light colored making it difficult to read. Also, the load more button is too close to the bottom of the page and many times I’ve hit the last transaction on the page when intending to tap on the load more transactions button. Thus, I have to start all over again to continue loading more transactions. Just a frustrating way to try and get to previous transactions. And also the transaction that I do click on, doesn’t even load…it just keeps spinning and spinning. Everything loads super slow.
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1 year ago, Solibat
January 2023 update- pros/cons
Pros: like that you don’t have to keep tapping to see more transactions. Previous versions barely had any transaction history- this is a nice improvement. Cons: REALLY dislike the new dashboard that puts account balances beneath account numbers instead of in a column to the right. Also text is much larger, so have to scroll down to see all account balances, instead of being able to see a snapshot at a glance. It’s probably fine if you just have one or two accounts, but not with several. Please go back to the old format!
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2 years ago, LilBunnE97
Newest Updates
I’m not a fan of some of the newest updates. Making the “Transfer” button and ledger severely oversized wasn’t a QOL thing. Biggest irritations for me are the smaller font used on your account ledger, and taking away the auto scrolling when moving down in the ledger list. You now have to push a “Load More Transactions” button to see more items, but after the additional items load, you then have to manually scroll up and find your previous spot because it’ll automatically put you at the end of the list.
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7 years ago, Mr. Sourdough
Solid and useful!
I use this app 1-2 times per week for basic stuff like checking balances and depositing checks. But I also do things like setting up new accounts and creating scheduled transfers if I want to do my own 'layaway' plan for a larger purchase. I even made an account and specified a bimonthly transfer to save money for my annual property taxes. This is exactly what a useful banking app should make easy; financial planning. Navigation is pretty easy and intuitive. Great job, CU1. Keep it up!
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1 year ago, Heavens cent
User friendly to a point
I like the app for the most part it’s user friendly except when it comes to locking your debit card. I couldn’t find where in the app the lock the card, even when I called CU1 for help the way it was explained I still wasn’t able to find it and then they tried it on their phone and realized they couldn’t find it either. But besides that I love the app
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4 years ago, Annkanekawaiola
Credit Union One is the best back in this world
I have CU1 bank for the longest of my life. I have a lot of my family’s and friends that’s with CU1 bank in Anchorage. Awesome bank employees supervisor and the president and everyone that’s in credit Union one bank. We all appreciate Service with respect and so me my family and friends we appreciate Credit Union One to be our number one banker of the world. Thank you for you service.
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3 years ago, kodiaksummer
Mobile deposit issue
Love the convenience but almost every deposit done with the mobile app comes back needing attention. Every time this is because the bank doesn’t acknowledge or see that either “for mobile deposit only” is written below my signature or that the box is checked for mobile deposit.
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6 years ago, B8YGirl
Login complications
CU1 used to be my favorite bank app because it made it really easy to utilize my personal and business accounts. Since you cannot access them through the same login it was still easy to switch between logins and use the thumb ID. Since the last couple of updates I can no longer do that and if I use the thumbprint it revert back to the account that was previously logged in instead of the login I typed in. Not helpful and more time consuming as now I have to retype login and password every time I switch.
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5 years ago, MRS. WILKS
Much kudos to CU1
The quality of service and ease of banking surpasses all financial institutions I have ever been involved with. I am so happy I am now a Credit Union 1 member. I moved here 4 years ago and I chose this Credit Union due to client comments within my job. I had heard 100% positive feedback from them. I opened my accounts recently and I have never been more impressed and satisfied with the level of service, ease of conducting any of my banking needs, and the hours are so convenient and the app is even great! I am not only impressed, but very happy with my choice to switch to Credit Union 1. It’s been a long time since I have been able to give a compliment to a business let alone the place where I do my banking! Nice job CU1!
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1 year ago, BIG.UCE
Crashes Easily
The app overall makes mobile banking a whole lot easier, it even has its own snapshot tool which I personally find very convenient. My only concern is how easily it crashes when I would click on another option too fast. Other than that I would say definitely 5 ⭐️.
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6 years ago, Ak36167
Login problems
Every time y’all do a update the mobile app does work very well, I have to delete it out of my iPhone and reinstall. Like the latest update, the login is very fishy and doesn’t seam very secure, I hope you can fix the login problems fast. I have tried to delete it and reinstall and still not working right. I might stop using this app altogether for security.
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7 years ago, Veraqu
Great app with useful tools
The interface is fairly intuitive as well. It has access to almost all the info you do in a browser too. The only negative thing I would say is that it's slow to load a lot of the time for such a low data app. I'm sure it has a lot to with security and/or heavy user use. Overall though I'd highly recommend this app to all my CU1
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5 years ago, J.BACHMANN
I had to fly into Nome from St. Lawrence Island to get some document notarized and mailed to New Mexico in order to take of business for my late husband. I had 4 hours to get everything done and mailed. They were SO HELPFUL even offering to take my express envelope to the post office so I could do some shopping before going back on the afternoon flight. Talk about customer service! Thank you!
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2 years ago, Retired Teacher 1981
When I use my iPad, if I have paid my credit card by transferring money from my checking account to pay the Mastercard—-I cannot go back to my account balances of my Share or checking account. I have to completely sign out and sign back on again. That’s a feature that needs fixing. Others I am enjoying the online banking.
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7 years ago, HassebroekHome
Member since 1984!
(Before it was named CU1!) Love the locations, the customer service at location, and the user friendly mobile app. However, the call in service is awful! CU1 used to have EXCELLENT phone service! Numbers to the branches were pulled from us, and now all of the calls are routed through Anchorage. We are put on hold at least twice and all lines take to long to be responded to! It used to be amazing! JD, Joy, and Tammy at CU1 Old Steese (old location) were the BEST team CU1 ever had! It needs to be corrected!
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6 years ago, Nopitron
Fast, accurate, reliable!
This app has made everyday life so much easier, especially with the iPhone X. Security is accurate and fast, and this app has been reliable since I got it back in 2014. CU1 has made this app to make everyday life more easy for those who don’t want to make a stop by the bank, but make everyday life so much easier on the go!
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7 years ago, joepok
Refined and Useful
I've been a member of CU1 for over 25 years, and I've seen the progression of service along the way. CU1 is always striving to improve and this app is evidence of their attitude. Transferring funds on the fly (even while at the checkout at Freddie's) is fast and efficient. Balance views are clear and quick. Love it! A couple of features seem to be unavailable in the mobile app, requiring a login to the web version. Renaming accounts; and transferring $ to accounts outside of your individual accounts. But once you set up an other members account on the web portal, it shows up in mobile so transferring $$ becomes simple again. Did I mention, I love it!
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1 year ago, Dubydo
Member over 20 years
I always find Credit Union 1 very helpful in my financial navigation! After I moved from AK to Washington State I kept my membership in the last eight years! After my husband passed they were give me complete support to keep me the easiest way my banking’s! I’m appreciate they efforts in securing my money!
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2 years ago, 3338 Simeon
Kathy Anderson
I have only been with CU1 for about 7 years. But I can say that in that time they have always been there to answer any questions I have. They even caught someone trying to purchase something on my credit card and stopped the purchase. Great people and service
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6 years ago, Paolamedina
I remember years ago before applying for a Cc they gave me a sheet of paper with questions to answer one of them being if I could do anything different to CU1 what would it be I remember writing down something about the convenience of an app. Thank you CU1 you went above and beyond
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3 months ago, SheBee907
It’s great!
It’s great that I can see all my accounts in one place and the little bell in the corner tells me when I’m due and when statements are ready, but every time I pull curtesy pay transfers go out the window and are no longer available, but everything else is great!
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1 year ago, cwins907
Fresh update
Great job on the fresh update I’m very glad that they brought back auto scrolling when looking over transactions. Just wish they would change up some of the account colors. Too many shades of the same green.
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7 years ago, Northpolean
Service as great as Alaska!
We adore the quality service we receive from CU1. The app is easy to use, too. I kinda prefer going into their banks because everyone is so friendly and professional. No one ever seems to have a bad day at CU1. I highly recommend this bank to all my friends and family!
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2 years ago, Lily Fluffbottom
Quality is down
Generally this app is great. But for the past few months, it’s been a constant struggle. The login either doesn’t remember my info and forces me to manually sign in, or it straight up won’t connect at all. In the past few weeks it has been constant. I can’t even open the app right. There’s no new update for me to push through. All of the updates tend to make the issue worse though.
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1 year ago, resdawg
Hooray for Credit Union 1
I appreciate my mobile app so much it makes my banking super easy. I don’t even really need to go into a branch that often because almost everything the credit Union can do, the app can do and it’s right at my fingertips.
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7 years ago, J Leigh World Traveler
Best bank and best banking app
Credit Union 1 is the only "bank" I've ever used. They're incredibly helpful! I love them so much that I've lived out of state for 2 years and still use them as my only bank. This is THE best mobile app out there; I can do all my banking through the app.
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7 years ago, Alpenglo56
Terrible app!
This is a terrible, useless app. Won't let me sign on half of the time. Deposit function doesn't work, calls to customer service are like "oh well, sorry". Update: Love this new app, all prior issues have been corrected. Able to use all features including remote deposit.
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7 years ago, Nolanst29
Move your logout button
Great job moving the logout button. Except now you tap the "back" button and it logs u out. WTH. why go through the trouble of just changing the word on the button. It is nice that I can register my device, but still needs a couple of tweaks. Edit: this app is working great now!
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2 years ago, Val in AK
App Updates are Not Great
I love CU1. You saved me after the Nuvision-pocalyse when they took over Denali. And I appreciate you trying to keep the app current and helpful. But y’all. The most recent changes are horrid. If I want to scroll through a month of past transactions, I have to “load more transactions” several times. The Transfer interface is upsetting and slow to respond. 5 stars for CU1. 2 stars for these new updates.
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5 years ago, 10fish01
Simple and easy
The only thing this app can’t do, which would be super convenient is the ability to pay your auto loan or credit card bill from another institution. If I could log in and make a payment with my Alaska USA debit card this would be perfect
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4 years ago, Ms. Super Satisfied
Best of the best
I love CU1! Everything is so simple and self explanatory! Anytime I need to go to the actual bank, which is rare because they have so many options online, the employees are always so kind and friendly! The ONLY way to make this happen is great management and appreciation for your employees! I love it!🥰
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6 months ago, yturtles
Credit union 1
Mobile banking is the best online banking ever, it’s so convenient and I can just do most things from my phone, without having to go into a branch! I’m glad I e made this choice and choose credit union 1 online banking.
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3 years ago, alaskanbadbob
CU1 App
I'The app is good but CU1 still is the bedt. a mechanic. I appreciate simplicity and functionality. This app works. Nothing is a time "saver" if you get real. This app doesn't waste my valuable time. As for CU1? They don't waste my time either. They're quick and efficient and they know me by name!
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1 year ago, AK JDH
Font is way too big and there way too much white space.
Please provide an option to revert to the previous font size. The font size is way too big and there is way too much white/dead space. You can’t see all your accounts or active balances anymore without scrolling up and down. Definitely NOT and improvement or helpful. Please allow the end user to select font sizing or revert to previous version. NOT a fan at all.
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3 years ago, Jaedon Avey
Great app with one drawback as of recent.
Love the capabilities of this banking app! Only downside is that mobile deposits have been showing an error recently. They still go through, but they show an error which I find disconcerting.
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4 years ago, akbywayofkc
Would have gotten 5 stars if...
I hate the big box at the top reminding me of an upcoming payment being due soon that never is forgotten. I’m a grown woman and know how to use my phone’s calendar reminders for all of my bills. I need a way to option out of the reminder box before I can give the last 2 updates more stars.
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2 years ago, jpoppinmoneyunit
Latest Version is super slow
Come on guys. The app was great and worked well and you keep trying to make these “improvements”, now it’s really slow. It takes a long time to load transactions and sometimes doesn’t load them. And it only loads way less transactions at a time then it used too. Isn’t that why most people use the app? For the transactions?
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4 years ago, HaPpYnEsS41
Ruth Smith
I absolutely love my App, I use it daily! I honestly don’t know what I’d do without it. Such ease of use between accounts is awesome! Also Credit Union One is 100% my favorite bank! I’ve banked with almost all the banks in Anchorage & none can compare! Thank you! 😃
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3 years ago, kayakhans
Payments from my account
From my other SL bank in Portland, OR I can send money from my account to anybody by just giving the bank an electronic order. Why is this not possible from my CU1 checking account?
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4 years ago, MM'sMom0420
What happened?
Used to be great app. Now for last 2 weeks or so I am unable to log in at all. Face ID doesn’t work nor does my login name or password. Deleted twice and reloaded—still doesn’t work. At this rate, I will need to leave CU 1.
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12 months ago, smc907
Deposit email feature gone
No longer receiving emails when a remote deposit is posted to my account.
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3 years ago, Cosmosak
Forward thinking
App keeps getting better all the time. Love this app as they have put it together from the client way of thinking. Love when you transfer you can put a title in the memo what it was for.
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5 years ago, charieh
Credit union1
Is my favorite bank my number 1 bank I always told my friends if they wanna open an account go to credit union 1 nice people never had any problem at all. I will not open any bank account else where
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7 years ago, 907Angela
Great App!
Love the ease of signing in with the one-touch verification. Earlier verses of the app were glitchy and seem to have been fixed with the most recent updates. Like the ability to see all accounts and the ease of making transfers.
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3 years ago, this is how they do it
Customer Service
I’ve been with this Credit Union over 10+ years. Loan dept, Customer Service and really care for their members have been a 10 for me. Thank you all for all you do on a daily base.
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7 years ago, christytea
They are the best
I would never bank anywhere but Credit Union one as they are the best. Been with them for over 10 years. Even with poor credit, they are always there for me when I truly need it.
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1 year ago, Ueitogo
App is not convenient at times.
The app does not login automatically with my face and I have to keep putting in my password. Also it keeps having me check the box to remember this device. What’s the point of doing that when it’s not remembering. I have to keep changing the device name because you can’t reuse the previous device names.
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