Credit Union of America Mobile

4.8 (16.5K)
83.4 MB
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Credit Union o America
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for Credit Union of America Mobile

4.84 out of 5
16.5K Ratings
5 years ago, Kjandmj555
Incredibly Awesome
I will make this short and simple because I could go on and on about credit Union of America the best thing that I love about credit Union of America is they give something that there’s hardly any of it left out there and that is customer service those are some big shoes to fill and Credit Union Of America does that and besides that they have the best rates and the lowest service rates so overall if you want a great banking service for all your needs go to credit Union of America and sign up they will take care of you thank you
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2 years ago, yummybakugo1
Confusing app
I’ve been trying to find out my mobile account number through the app. Which should be no problem considering it’s my account, right? No. Credit union of americas app doesn’t show you YOUR OWN account number if you need to use it as access for a direct deposit etc. Personally, I don’t want to have to ask for support through their support line as their support line doesn’t do much to help with my problems either. :(
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3 years ago, jd6942
I’ve been with a CUA for several years they’ve helped me in more ways than I can explain with auto loans with checking account for direct deposit anytime I ever went into the office there was always a warm greeting and willingness to answer an address any question I have. Although Cole Whitt has modified the interior of my Credit union it is not eliminated the relationship with the people that help.
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2 years ago, BoltUp0145
Loved the app till recently.
I’ve been using this app for over 7 years now, and up until fairly recently it has been fine. Lately, Face ID results in an error message that requires password log in, and some of the design changes have been baffling. The Transfer screen very recently was updated and is confusing and less user friendly. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t feel like it will be. And if it’s not just me, hopefully it will be redesigned to a more user friendly experience and get the bugs squashed.
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5 years ago, Brandilin81
Most Recent Update
I don’t like the most recent update as it pertains to the transaction/pending view. I like the previous view better. It was easy to see transactions at-a-glance. I can’t pinpoint exactly what changed with the update but I don’t like it. The print was smaller and there were more defined separating lines between transactions.
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5 years ago, Finneyfinstick11
Pretty poor app
Overall, it’s a pretty poor app. It works as intended most of the time. But there are countless times where it asks you to re-enter your password “since you haven’t logged on in awhile”, when I would literally be using the app an hour prior. Also, CUA limits the amount of transfers you can make through the app per month to only 7. And if you transfer money around frequently, which my wife and I do, you are screwed if you hit their max and have to wait til the next month. It’s ridiculous. I’ve used small community banks who’s app works way better than this one. This app alone has me considering a new bank altogether.
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2 years ago, KDub92
So frustrating to use
Glitchy. Random crashes. Fields delete with no notice. This app does nothing but frustrate me. Makes no sense why you need to answer so many questions to do a mobile deposit, especially when depositing several checks at a time. Every third time I log in, the app says “something has gone wrong” and won’t allow me to use facial recognition, forced me to type my login again. These are things that have been going on for a very long time and should be fixed.
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6 years ago, 007jbozz
Easy and convenient
This is the best mobile banking app I’ve ever used. Fingerprint logging so no annoying password re-entry time and time again. User friendly interface, simplistic and straight forward , very easy to read and review and manage multiple accounts. 10/10 in my opinion!
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6 years ago, Boxman20c4
Service with a family welcome !
Every time I come in to “my bank “they recognize me by name and are always friendly . I said my Bank is because I have taken ownership of the service and atmosphere they provide and will recommend them to everyone who is looking . Keep up the good work .
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6 years ago, Joayle
Personal banking care from anywhere!
I have been with CUA for several years and love the personal service! When living in Wichita it made sense with so many branch locations. As I have moved with work many (seven times in the past seven years) my CUA with their great Customer Support and online banking has moved with me!
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5 years ago, Papa TLY
My wife and I moved to Wichita nearly 25 years ago. We tried a “nationally known” bank first. Big, impersonal, disinterested. We look around and switched to Credit Union of America. We’ve NEVER looked back. They care on a personal level. They have also provided excellent help with car and house loans.
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3 years ago, KS Donor
Good but could be better
Fairly convenient app for most banking needs. However, would like to see the ability to utilize and assign categories to transaction for budgeting purposes. Having to log in to a desktop to use the budget features is inconvenient. Please consider a more budget widget friendly mobile app.
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6 years ago, kikubraginski
This app is so easy
CUoA was my first experience with banking and they’ve made managing my accounts so simple. It’s so quick to check my balances and transfer money when I need it. Not to mention most if the features are easy to figure out on your own. CUoA is a great place with an amazing app!
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4 years ago, JJonesHR2017
Always Freezes up on me!
Great app! Perfect for what I need. The reason I gave this two stars is the fact that it will sometimes not load, and just sit there and give me the three loading dots, and then time out.
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5 years ago, Gini 2007
CU of America App
So helpful, convenient and time saving. And if need more information, all it takes is a quick call and will get a quick resolution. I’ve been a member of the CU of America since 1970 and although It has gotten bigger; it has not lost its personal touch and helpfulness.
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7 years ago, Mckyla
Love the app!
Makes managing my account super fast and easy. Love that I can now make credit card payments straight from the app now and I don't have to call every month! Also love the Touch ID feature so I can access the app with just my fingerprint. Very convenient!!
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6 years ago, becksfab4
Love CU of America
Banking with the Credit Union of America really simplifies my life. I have no worries about my automatic transactions and the staff are always friendly and eager to assist when I have questions. They have also questioned transactions that seem out of the norm, which is an added protection of my monies.
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1 year ago, kokoe72
Clear windows for payment option
I can’t see payment options easy and need to improve for transactions process options window Brang
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5 years ago, Sho_Christ
Very User Friendly
Just know that snap check takes a little while to show in your account. I usually just come back to check in about 20-30 minutes and it’s there. But that’s not a deal breaker. I like the app.
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5 years ago, Shox88
Best bank ever
When we were rejected by other financial institutions for a home loan, CUA got the job done. They believed in their long term members and backed us up. When I bought a car, their interest rate was a half percent less than the dealer was offering. We love our credit union.
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5 years ago, B (5. Freaking nothing)
SnapCheck and CSV Files
I have this app for an iPhone 6 Plus and my iPad Pro. On both versions when I go to deposit a check via snapcheck, I will go to put all of the information and take the photos and then I will be logged out due to inactivity... this happens on both my phone and my iPad... I like to keep track of my finances on Excel for iPad, so I went to go download the CSV file for that month, and there is NO option to do so... I can’t imagine it would be that difficult to implement...
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2 years ago, Old Grummy Lady
Waiting times for services.
I have been acceptable to the change over to CUA in general. But with the new way of digital tellers and phone assistant. I have been very frustrated with the wait times to get help.
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6 years ago, zshoff
Online and Mobile Banking
Aaron, Lindsay, Jacquelyn, and Marci do a great job and are extremely helpful when I have questions about my mobile and online banking. They truly have made the online and mobile departments of CUA a certified "Welcome to Friendly" branch of the organization.
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4 years ago, dhkwd
So helpful and easy to use !! 100% amazing !!!!
Honestly I love Credit Union Mobile! I love being able to instantly check how much I have in my account and I also can deposit my check too by snap check !! :)
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5 years ago, Spiritedred
Quality & Convenience
I love the quality and convenience of the app and anytime I have gone into the actual building they are all wonderful to work with. My partnership with the bank improves with every transaction!!
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2 years ago, camilasacco7
Has update issues but otherwise great
This app is super convenient. Online banking apps are a necessity these days. My only complaint is that the external accounts that you link to your account never update.
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5 years ago, Jan in Kansas
Logging in, finding Snap Check
Love not having to type in a passcode, just use my iPhone thumb print that’s already in iOS. You can rearrange the app’s features you want to see on the menu on the left of the summary page. For me, Snap Check is at the top.
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3 years ago, morrsrn
Add notifications
Would be nice to receive notifications when charges are made to card.
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1 year ago, jmfeaster
The ease and accuracy of the app is phenomenal. With todays life being so busy & hectic this app makes it easy to be aware of your finances which without saying is extremely important.
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3 years ago, FlowerMomi
I LOVE this app. It’s easy, effortless banking with so many options at my fingertips. Freeing me up from calling someone or going to a branch. It absolutely fits my life. ❤️No end user issues or glitches.
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2 years ago, jummy34489
Awesome people
Credit Union of America has always been there for myself and my family, can’t recommend them enough!!
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5 years ago, Blondmom316
Credit union app
I love this app- it lets me make deposits when I have a check in hand , I don’t have to go to the bank to do it . It allows me to bank from home so much easier then wasting gas .😊
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2 years ago, girly 1087
It could be a decent app, but fails. The only nice feature when it ever works is an at a glance balance. Mostly if you have an iPhone 13 and use thumbprint id it asks you for verification via email and promptly shuts you out so you can call customer service and be on hold for an hour to reset it. Thumbprints are designed to bypass old app requirements and thus app fails on that account
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5 years ago, JustAnahi
Absolutely love my bank and this app is super helpful due to my work hours, I can do anything without worrying about not making it in time to the actual office. 10/10 recommend
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6 years ago, Hubejon
Love it
It’s great being able to deposit checks and move money around when ever I need to, no worry about getting to a bank before they close.
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10 months ago, omdgjye29
Only thing I don’t like is I have a hard time getting my account info from here. I always have to call. Other banks allow me to get my bank info through the app
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3 years ago, Ihlg
Almost great
Everything is solid. But constantly having to put in a device name, and it not being able to match the one you always use, makes it only 4 stars
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6 years ago, NCICT
Good but issues lately
have been using this app for over a year now and every time I go to check the transactions of each account, it reads “unable to retrieve information”. so annoying.
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4 years ago, KsWynelady
Love this bank and app!
I love the convenience of checking my balances, paying bills, depositing checks, and so much more - all on my app!! This 72 yr old great grandma loves how easy to use the app and to bank with Credit Union of America!
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6 years ago, LiFE4EVEROPEN
Enjoy banking with this Credit Union, have never ran into an issue that could not be handled promptly; even when out of state. Employees seemed to be genuinely happy to working for the company, in a very organized, safe and clean workplace environment. Really appreciate you, Maurice “LiFE” ALLEN, Jr. 💯🐕❤️🐕💯
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7 years ago, VieleAud
Very Convenient & Useful App
I love this app. I use it every day to keep up with my funds. I do have issues sometimes with the app not showing me some of my transactions & it's frustrating
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2 years ago, Awsth2421234
App Review
Credit Union is the only bank for me. Their app makes everything easy and simple. Alongside the app, the employees are so kind and nothing if not helpful.
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5 years ago, dubagaba juice
Something to add
This app would be perfect if they added an option to watch your recurring expenses and separate your bills from all your other drafts.
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5 years ago, Tre_invested
Easy to use
They are very easy to use. The app allows you to do pretty much anything you’d want to do within the app. It never crashes on me and it’s super quick.
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5 years ago, RoseAntoinette
Makes everything so super simple because everything is in the same place and so accessible!
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5 years ago, SalinasStephanie
Balance issue
I have issues with my balance not being current on my mobile app.
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4 years ago, donkey6801!
Great customer service!
All together really great clear online banking, when there are problems they are usually resolved within a day.
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2 years ago, Sam Schartz
Need details for pending deposits.
Pretty decent app since the update. The only problem I have is before I could see when pending deposits or withdrawal would post and now I don’t have that option.
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5 years ago, kansanity
Great place to bank
Always helpful and advice available during banking hours Highly recommend for all personal banking
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4 years ago, Treeciep1
I got a iPhone 11 and now when I try to open the app it just crashes. I can’t even get to the log in screen.
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