Credit Union of Colorado

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Credit Union of Colorado
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User Reviews for Credit Union of Colorado

4.76 out of 5
2K Ratings
1 year ago, feedback2015
The absolute best place to bank! Online or in Person
So excited to hear about the new location that will be opening in the city park neighborhood, or formerly known as Stapleton area! I have been a member at this bank for over 25 years and I’m not even in my 40s yet. They have helped me not only understand finances but have helped me maintain a credit score that I can be proud of. They’ve answered every one of my questions from fees and what affects them to how’s the best way to give cash as a gift. I don’t know of any other bank that has worked so hard to put their people (aka Customers) first. The online banking is the easiest I’ve ever used, however, just stopping in to do an in person transaction always leaves me feeling as if I were visiting friend.
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5 years ago, ACosel
Update App is absolutely horrible compared to what it was.
I rarely write poor reviews, however just recently this app went through quite a drastic update with a completely different look/interface. It is very user unfriendly and lacks intuition with its user. I’m not sure why the app underwent such drastic changes, as previously it was one of the most seamless apps to use for banking. Considering the majority of my banking was/is used through the mobile app, my husband and i are considering switching banks simply because of the way this new app is formatted. Which is such a bummer! I have never banked with anyone else. If anyone is reading this who has any pull to get the old app back, please please help us out here!:) Previously the app was intuitive and user friendly, quite the opposite of how it is today:(. I’m so bummed! Even the logging in aspect is poor. We have two different accounts, yet it will only hold your fingerprint for one of the accounts for instance. This is just one of the poor experiences of this app. Please give us the old app back!!
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4 years ago, Wes Ryan
Everything I need
I chose this credit union when I lived in Denver after deciding that (big national bank) didn’t really care about their customers. The app has always just been a “plus”, but since moving back to Arkansas and deciding to keep my account with CUofCO, the app has definitely become much more important. I use it almost daily, and I have no complaints. I remember when I tried to use the app for my last bank, they would constantly hit me with promotions and upgrade offers (all for a fee, of course). With CUofCO, I never get unwanted offers and I can just handle my routine banking 24/7. I plan to stay with them for a long time. It also occurred to me how much I sound like a “paid reviewer” but this is 100% legit. I’m just that happy of a customer.
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2 years ago, A Ham student
Statement balance payment option missing?
The app is an improvement over the last version, however, it still falls short. When trying to make a payment on the credit card using an external bank you have to select “Pay by Debit Card”. Okay not intuitive but not horrible once you figure it out. Where it really gets challenging is the screen where you select how much you want to pay. On this screen you only get the choice to pay the minimum amount due, past due amount or a custom amount…what the heck, why is there no option to pay the statement balance? To find your statement balance you have to go into an entirely separate part of the app to find out how much you owe. Providing CUofCO feedback about this missing option has sadly been ignored. So for me, this is a three star app at best.
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3 years ago, johnnyfett
Credit unions are the way to go, and stay!!
Credit Union of Colorado is awesome! I have so many times when they were understanding about all my financial issues, especially with insufficient fees. They reimbursed all the ones I needed, especially if they seemed like my fault, they still reimbursed me ;) They are awesome, nothing less than the best bank I’ve used. PNC, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, they all show no mercy. When they charge you a late fee on anything they almost always make you pay, even if it wasn’t your fault. Credit Union of Colorado cares about you as a person, and they show it! I never want any other bank ;)
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4 years ago, amandaginny
Great user experience
Great app that has made my banking experience SO much easier. I think the only feature I would suggest is the notification system; when you have outstanding notifications, you are automatically sent to the notifications screen, which you need to exit in order to get to your regular account view. There doesn’t seem to be a way to bypass this screen even when you expect the notifications, and I feel like this is counterproductive. I think it would be more beneficial to the user to have a notification badge which the user will see and then tap on the page to read the notifications. Otherwise, this is a much better financial app than most. I am very pleased that I decided to switch from big banks to my local credit union.
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5 years ago, CO 81
This App needs a lot of work
The roll out of this app was terrible, it is not a user friendly app. I have spoken to countless personnel at the bank and those that that deal with the online account, I understand why the change was necessary, but the updates to keep this current or user-friendly or not there. I can not access all accounts to transfer and make deposits too as I could earlier. I have talked to supervisors that seem very helpful on the phone - but zero follow up as promised and no updates on the issues. I love this bank but am very frustrated by what I can no longer do. I have set up an individual account and neither my husband nor myself can access certain accounts that we could with the old app. You have to call to get things done and that’s another nightmare to actually get through the automated system so that you can talk with someone.
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1 year ago, balthazzar
Great App (until mobile deposit update)
Absolutely love this app and bank and customer service. All of it! Still doing 4 stars. Recent app update or something happened to the mobile deposit feature. It does not work correctly and is infuriating! The camera angle will not adjust right and even allow you to line the check up. You have to go through a series of error messages until you can select manual capture- for both sides of the check. You must also make sure the background is as black as possible. Then for the most part it works/deposits. It worked perfectly in the first place, such an unnecessary reinvention of the wheel. Why?!
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1 year ago, LauraShane
So easy to work with.
I decided to change from my Wells Fargo accounts to CUofCO due to the bad behaviors and deceitful business practices that WF has been in the news for in the last couple of years. I had a low interest car loan through CUofCO and a savings account. Now that I have everything over there it’s so easy to pay everything and the office is in a convenient location. The staff has always been helpful and friendly. I love the app on my phone and the computer site.
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4 years ago, 12dr3
App is fine but this credit union is mediocre at best
Particularly their customer service. If you call their 1-800 number, for example, you have to go through six sub menus on their phone tree before you get to a human and inexplicably, 1 in 3 times it does not recognize my account number and then Requires me to go through another submenu to enter in my SSN. They also have the general attitude of most credit union employees which is to act like they are doing the lord’s work in banking because they are not a true bank which, from a customer point of view, is ridiculous. I truly feel that they were a credit union once, back when it was CSECU, but now it just feels like a bank.
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2 weeks ago, BVWill
Overall better than most bank apps
Cu of CO does a decent job of keeping their app working well. It has enough features without making it too needlessly complicated. Like with all technology, there are quirks that you just deal with. Like with “quick transfer” on the dashboard- why not show all the accounts to transfer to instead of account groupings? You are making me click as many time as if I just clicked “transfer” down below.
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7 months ago, La_Jewel
5 stars - Longtime CU of CO member
I’ve been a member of the Credit Union of Colorado for many years. As a former Econ major in school, I can assure you that CU of CO and its app provide its customers with the best banking services at the best customer service and price. I tried other banks when I moved from Colorado, but kept this account and soon quit the others. Other for-profit banks put profits over customers, and squeeze those customers with all sorts of fees and bad service. And CU of CO even beats other credit unions at all levels. Their app and website work perfectly, and their debit card works for free at any 7-11 ATM, as well as those at other credit unions, and other banks nationwide. Mortgages only within Colorado tho - just FYI. I don’t normally spend this kind of time writing reviews, but this bank and its apps are the best. You can’t go wrong here.
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5 months ago, jadeco2020
The best credit union!!
I’ve been with this credit union for 35+ years. I am now 41 years old! I have never had a single bad experience even at my lowest point and owed money to them they have always worked with me to regain my footing. I have had many loans with them and everyone I’ve ever dealt with through all my years has always been respectful and like family. The app is wonderful and easy to navigate. Thank you all for everything you do!!
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2 months ago, DaddyPig79
Best Credit Union going!
I’ve banked with this credit union for more than 25 years, and have always been so very pleased with the customer service - consistently excellent, time and time, and time again. We moved out of state a few years back and tried a couple of local credit unions and a bank and there is no comparison. CUOFCO is a wonderful place to bank and the app has always worked well for me and my family.
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3 years ago, KinoBruin
When I lived in Denver my financial institution of choice was CU of CO. After moving away I’m still using them as my primary bank. I haven’t found a bank or credit union that compares really. Their service is that good. I used to have issues with previous versions of their banking app but I can now say it has matured beautifully. Thanks to everyone who works at the credit union for delivering such exemplary service! Great banking app!
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1 year ago, settsu
An actually decent credit union app
First, a couple negatives: the transaction notifications arrive in floods and are not timely, and (re)logging in (with biometrics/FaceID). But those two caveats aside, it’s nice to use an app from a credit union that is stable, has accurate balance info, and provides very useful transaction details. Also happy that I can pay my rent online and get accurate transaction data into Mint without hassle, unlike with a couple other local credit unions.
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8 months ago, TerriLynn62
CUofCO the Gold Standard of Credit Unions
Been a member for over 30 years. Tried “traditional” financial institutions, to find money drained by fees and thieves. Honestly, identity stolen due to lack of proper security. We’re treated as true Members. The staff give 110% to help if there is a problem. And, are very patient when the problem is the member. I compared services w/other credit unions, none offer everything Credit Union of Colorado does.
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3 years ago, maesdiego
This has been my bank since I turned 18. For one, who doesn’t love what credit unions can offer compared to other banks. This bank has never disappointed me and has always been there for me. Very solid customer service in multiple locations and has provided my family with banking services for some time now.
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5 years ago, carlylovesanimals
That app is horrible
I’ve had troubles with this app since they redid the entire thing. When I try to do mobile deposits it either says the amount I’m entering doesn’t match the amount it detecting (WHICH IT DOES MATCH)! There’s no bypass from this so that you can make the deposit regardless. If it’s not this issue then it says that it can’t complete the deposit at this moment. I’ve made countless calls and spent hours on the phone trying to get this app to work appropriately. It’s the biggest headache to try and do mobile banking through their app. We have other bank accounts with other banks that are 10x more user friendly than this banks app.
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3 years ago, Ermagherd!!!
The app is fantastic. It’s fast and easy and does what it is supposed to do. The credit union has some policy issues to work through, however. For example, the credit union thinks that it can control what I spend MY money doing. Also, the credit union allows third parties to have access to my banking information - a particularly troubling policy that will likely lead to very bad situations.
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2 months ago, homesweerhome
The only Credit Union I will always use
Since 2019 I have been coming here for all my financial needs. The staff is very professional,knowledgeable and friendly. They are passionate and supportive in your banking needs.. They have always been there for me, and I will continue to take all of my business matters into this credit Union on Harmony in Fort Collins.
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4 years ago, krisstineee
Even better!
It takes technological common sense to navigate through the app but I have yet to have a problem! Depositing checks have never been easier as the app captures the picture automatically. This app also delivers up to date credit scores so you don’t have to go through the hassle of trying to find it elsewhere.
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4 years ago, HEYDiGDuG
Easy to use
I’ve been with this credit union for many years and I’ve loved all the changes they’ve made along the way. I think their new updated Mobile app is so easy to use and has better functions, such as transferring between two separate accounts, and check deposit using photos. Love it!
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4 years ago, shzuieneebiend
Credit Union of Colorado is the best
This app and quite frankly the bank has done everything I need with exceptional customer service. Having bankers refer to you by name tells me they value my membership and are looking out for me. I am extremely relieved after having had the worst experience ever with wellsfargo to be a part of a wonderful banking institution at CUofCO💯
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2 years ago, kclay1234
Not user friendly.
I used to like this app, but every time they “update” it to try to make it user friendly it gets worse and worse. A lot of the time this app doesn’t let me log in anyways, or freezes when I’m trying to use it. When I can get logged on to it the app is not at all user friendly. The bill pay part of this app is the worst! My other banks/credit card accounts are so easy to use, not sure why Credit Union of Colorado is trying to make things so difficult.
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4 years ago, faxbro
From being able to transfer money from your phone, to being able to snap a pic of a check and immediately have that money go into your account, this app is incredible. You don’t have to remember a password, as the app will remember your fingerprint. There’s literally nothing negative to say. Love it.
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1 year ago, VIR06
People centered service
I’ve had an account with the credit union for over 30 years. This app allows me to keep current wherever in the world I may be. Easy to use and even when I have made a mistake, the people the credit union are very happy to help.
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2 years ago, greeneggsandcam13
Update Doesn’t Work
app was great before, but the update is buggy and takes forever to load. All the necessary stuff is there but it really takes away the convenience when you have to open and close the app five times just to log in, and it takes 10 min to load your account balances/transactions. bugs noticed on iphone xr and iphone 13.
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4 years ago, Lo&Ph
No complaints / Happy customer
We have been with this bank over 30 years. They have always been there, for any of our needs, never any problems! Everyone friendly. Love the mobile app. also. Very convenient, and helpful.
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3 years ago, reireiurmomma
MY credit union
There’s nothing really else to say but this is MY credit union. Yes the update was a bit off a change, but I love this app. Other “banks” seem just so…hmm…not sure of the word I’m looking for but I’ll go with cold and boring. Haha This app literally has everything I need in one place.
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3 years ago, kclouse99
Great bank and app
This bank is very wonderful to its people and the app works great! I don’t even have to visit the branch which is an hour from where I live. All the customer service reps are great and you can even chat a rep right from your phone.
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3 years ago, AhmedK9
Not that great on the iPad
The iPad version isn’t really optimized for the new iPads. There are black bars on either side and it forces you into horizontal mode. Occasionally there are some visual glitches, such as when I go to my Checking account and the summary information is above how far up I can scroll. It’s funny because I tried submitting this feedback through the app and it gave me an error, so I decided to submit a rating instead. I think the iPhone app is fine though.
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4 years ago, Quogg
Best Ever!
I’ve been part of CUoCO for over 20 years and have plans to ever leave. The mobile app does everything I could ever ask for and not living in CO that is exactly what I need. I do not have the luxury of being able to go into a branch office and without the app I would of started banking locally for sure.
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4 weeks ago, MoneyMachine303
Love my bank!
I’ve been banking with credit union of Colorado for over 18 years and it’s been the best bank ever. I can do most of my transactions online and or if I ever call them it’s a quick call or a call back from them. Thank you CU of Colorado!
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8 months ago, AshishSrivastava19
App is broken and unable to give feedback
Many features of this app break or require a restart. It’s nice that the credit union shows interest in getting feedback from users by prompting them but the feedback button is broken and has been for months - it’s impossible to submit legitimate feedback!
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5 years ago, AV8RSKI
Mobile Deposit Not Working
I called three days ago to report Mobile Deposit feature not working. When I select the account, it says that this feature is not available for my account. Spent an hour on the phone with bank a few days ago. I was assured a response and have not heard a word. I have the latest version of the app, and I’m told, “well we show that it should be working”. Might have to switch banks because of this, after 30 years of membership.
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1 month ago, Tsbaah
Great place to bank!!!
I love this, Credit Union. Been with them a long time and even when I moved out of state, I have kept them because their rates are low and they’re so easy to work with. Highly recommend them.
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10 months ago, send a hooker to
Great place to bank
These people care about you as a person and they are very competent. I went into the branch today and I don’t was a professional. It got me out of there in no time everything was perfect. That’s how this place is.
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4 years ago, Phyleez
Have never had issues
This app has been consistent for me and they keep making nice improvements. I only wish the credit union could work the connection issues with my EveryDollar budget app out so I can get full use from that app too.
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3 years ago, Alfretha
Always the best
I’ve been a member of CUofCO for 30 and starting using online services almost as soon as they started offering them. This app makes the experience even easier. A great product for a great financial institution.
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2 years ago, Mackakenzie
Great App
I used to have a lot of issues with the app and it wasn’t very user friendly. However, the latest updates have gotten rid of the issues and it’s so much easier to use now!
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12 months ago, N1vey
Extremely satisfied
I have enjoyed my experience with this credit union in general as well as online. There aren’t many issues and when there are it’s easy to get help
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3 years ago, wild_child_2002
Not only is the app super nice and convenient but driving to the bank here in canon they are all so nice and helpful and they gave me chocolate!! Customer service is great and I just wanna say thank you. Don’t see this many places. I give them a 10/10 and a A+
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7 months ago, Jack.&/&:9;&:84
Convenient, easy to use, aesthetically pleasing
This app is surprisingly great. Aside from a few occasional glitches and weirdness, it gets the job done really well. Better than other banks and credit unions' apps.
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7 months ago, Bakeneko100
Token app
This app doesn’t work well. When o deposit a check it crashes. When I try to open an account or send you on a loop (select account to open, log in, select account to open, log on). Chat feature doesn’t work. There have been several occasions where the app itself asks for feedback but lo and behold you can never submit it.
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4 years ago, Preza211
I rarely write reviews but I just love my bank lol and this app is great! I’ve been with them for 3 years now and have never had a problem with their app and ever since the new one updated, it’s been even better!
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4 years ago, aadonae
One small change would be appreciated
When using the bill pay feature, a field for “memo” would be very helpful. Just like on a check where you can write in the lower left corner. Please and thank you!
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1 year ago, mtmodeer
I should have ditched my bank years ago
I complained about my bank for years and didn’t listen to my friends that used credit unions. I finally surveyed my friends and chose CUofCO. I’ve been very pleased
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4 years ago, pikewyo
Does everything you need
I used to complain about how bad CU of CO app was. But that was about 2 yrs ago. Many updates later, and I can’t remember the last time I went into the bank!!! Everything is done with a click on your phone!!! Great app!!!
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2 years ago, LearningM0re
Worst Banking App
The recent change in this app (a few months ago) has made it ridiculously hard to use. Everything is hidden now. Bill Pay is under Transfers - took awhile to find that. Now I am required to move from Bill Pay to another screen to find my scheduled payments. Nothing is easy. And frankly, it’s ugly and uninviting to use. I love the Credit Union but this app frustrates me every time I use it.
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