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User Reviews for CreditRepair

4.74 out of 5
10.8K Ratings
2 years ago, NicoleStarr
Highly Recommend!!
The only issue I have is how slow the process is I only had 3 negatives and they sent challenges out a month apart for each Credit Bureau I feel they could have sent them out all at once but I can say they got one of em removed within 2 months and I’m very thankful for that although I’m very impatient the end result was well worth the wait a 20 point score boost woo-hoo!! Please understand that rebuilding or repairing your credit is not an overnight process you have to work hard at it pay all your bills on time or at least the minimum payment keep your credit utilization below 30% and have a mix of credit cards and loans for the best results becoming an authorized user on someone else account with positive payment history and age will also give you a boost. I had about 7 negatives before I contacted credit repair I got some removed myself and you can too be proactive get all your reports and look at each one side by side look for inconsistencies also try pay for deletion or goodwill letters contrary to belief these methods still work
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3 years ago, BRIKATEYES
Credit Repair
This was so far the best place for me to establish the beginning of my journey with building better credit…The customer service with Stephen was the best I had ever had in years and was able to live quickly to understand better with what I needed to change and fix with my credit thank you so much!!!
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3 years ago, tiphdizzle
Absolutely terrible
Absolutely terrible company. I couldn’t even sign up online because the fees and services are very unclear and misleading. The representative I spoke with on the phone gave me false information regarding their program just to get me to sign up. When I spoke to a supervisor about it, she was very disrespectful, dismissive, and said that I “must have misunderstood him.” I was then overcharged for my monthly service fee by $25. When I called, I received no remediation for this, and was told there was nothing they could do because they had already done work to all 3 bureaus - which is only done on a more expensive plan. The plan I was initially signed up for apparently only focuses on “one bureau per quarter” - so they took it upon themselves to “upgrade me” to a more expensive service agreement without my permission and over charged me. WHAT A SCAM!!! Please do your research and do not do business with these people!!!
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3 years ago, Mendy Weinstein
Did nothing for many months
They did not help my credit score at all after paying them for many months. And they said my case would be particularly easy being that there was only one simple ding on my report that was taken care of a while ago. Oh also, each time I would call, that representative would tell me that the previous representative didn’t know what they were talking about and would change the story each time (regarding which payment plan I needed, how long the process should take, how often it is updated, etc.) I have it a shot because I thought I needed it. Turns out my hard work to make more money and pay off outstanding credit was the only thing that helped.
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3 years ago, baylor74ish
Worst. Rip. Off. Ever.
This is. The. Worst. Rip. Off. Ever. I started paying in February 2021, and since then, absolutely nothing has happened with ANY of the 6 negative items on my report, all of which I could have paid less money to the creditor for a “pay for deletion”. This worthless, do nothing company has made no positive difference in my credit. It has actually made it more difficult to use my credit, because I now have a fraud alert on my report. I will not pay these thieves one more dime, penny, yen or any other form of currency until they actually do something, or refund the, close to $1000 dollars. Save yourself the money and don’t listen to these empty promises.
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2 years ago, Monet Kay Love
Everytime I called to cancel my service they would lie and tell me I had a game plan in action and they’re waiting on a response . All I had to do was check my annual credit report and could see that all 3 credit bureaus had responded and updated and finished the investigation . I cancelled over a week before my payment and they said they’re still charging me . I should have done my research on this company they do nothing they continued to say it takes time but I switched and saw results in a month with another company . I managed to get my score up paying my Bill. Only thing on my credit now is a dispute .
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2 months ago, SeahawkGal
This credit repair company is intermediate.
While other credit repair companies that I have used before offer less than this company. I am also not satisfied with the quality of service. The lack of interaction between customers and the company. No agent has reached out to me for any feedback. I sense they don’t have a plan for my credit repair and in the past two months I have not seen any changes to my credit report. I will wait another 3 months before I can make the final decision to continue my repair process.
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3 years ago, Pulse559
Terrible service
Had the service for over 3 months and not one item has been removed. I have over 30 that needs fixing. I contacted customer service and I was told to keep waiting. I’ve paid over $360 so far with no result. When I asked if there will be anything improved…they said it takes time (and more money) when I said I would like some type of extra help or insurance my money wasn’t going to waste. I was told to “feel free to cancel” Terrible. I paid American Express and contacted them and they said I can dispute but I’ll wait til the end of the month.
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1 year ago, MSNICOL3
I like to take charge improving my credit once and for all that’s a first and best step to take as I have debt that I really should not have. But it happens to all of us! Also heads up !! I wanna say that the app just isn’t working as it should which can use some updates to fix theses issues > 1. When the biometrics is on, it asks if I want to use it rather then just log me in! 2. When there changes to be made, I try to update my change with the save and continue button and it does nothing! 3. The same thing for the website! Please update this issue and errors as this is a inconvenience. Thanks !
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4 years ago, Court Cole
This company is amazing!!!! I had several negative items on my credit report and within two weeks of me being with them they have already removed two of those items. The commercial that you see is true. If you need help repairing your credit please reach out to them and invest in yourself. I promise you won’t regret it.
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4 years ago, snchzm
Great service!
Credit Repair helped my credit score increased tremendously. They are always willing to take the time to help with any questions I have. They removed a lien which is almost impossible to do. It’s worth paying credit repair cause they will get your credit in good standing. I couldn’t have done it without them. Thank you Credit Repair.
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3 years ago, Rob Betts
Worst credit repair company
Do your research on this company and don’t fall for websites that they own claiming that they do well. So many complaints that I found. Nothing was done after three months of terrible service. They have a D rating with the Better Business Bureau. When doing my research the complaints I found were equivalent to what I experienced.I suggest you do your own research and remember don’t fall for the sites that they own they are also part of Lexington Law and are based out of Utah. I also found people complaining that they still got billed After canceling the subscription.
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7 years ago, Ms. Pierre.
World-Class Service & Results
I am a skeptic; however, I gave Credit Repair the opportunity to prove their credit repair services are highly-effective and are well-respected. Credit Repair not only exceeded my expectations; they educated me with valuable credit solutions to implement and learn how to continue my momentum of achieving credit stability. My FICO score increased over 150 points within the first month of using their services. I share my testimony with my colleagues, relatives and my clients all of the time. Thank you Credit Repair! Job well done. 🇺🇸👍🏻🎉❤
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2 years ago, yutnut0311
I haven’t gotten to use the system for very long as I’m waiting for the system to do what it does for the credit, which takes time. The app on the other hand… definitely needs and update to be smooth. It’s a bit glitchy and doesn’t load info etc. only reason atm I’d avoid the app and use the site is because glitchy and the words social security number don’t go well together.
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1 year ago, wposada1
1 full year of payments
I used credit repair, thinking that they could assist with what they are known for and they may be able to help specific credit repair situations but unfortunately also sell you on being able to accomplish it all. Which is not the case. In addition my situation isn’t that difficult either but they mislead me in thinking they could help. I called 6 months in and the representative contradicted the first person I ever spoke to. Totally disappointed and 1,300$ is a lot of money.
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3 years ago, Raymond1977xx
Customer for 14 months…
At first, their service was great. Only after a few months, they had a few removals from creditors I have never heard of so I’m thinking they come up with these bogus debts to make it look like they’re doing something. Since September of 2020, they have made no removals at all and I just canceled my service august 2021. In fact, the last removal in March 2021, I took care of that one myself. So they bled me for about 10 months with nothing….
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3 years ago, jay24935
Credit repair is a must
I’ve been with credit repair for about a month now and I’ve already had 3 negative items removed.
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6 years ago, Cee114
Serves its purpose
The COMPANY does well. From previous experience a couple years back, I gained 300 points within 3 months and was able to get a new car. Trying it again to achieve similar results. The APP?? Pure garbage lol and it starts with logging in. Need an option to ease that process
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5 months ago, Daury Garcia
Terrible services
I used this service for 2 months, they charged me for 3, I made the claim and they did not want to refund my money. The service is terrible when you activate the account, it doesn't allow you to access it, you can only communicate with them through chats, you don't know if it's a boot. I definitely do not recommend this company to anyone.
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2 years ago, rsteptore
Great Company
I had someone else trying to handle my credit. After dealing with Credit Repair. I don’t want anyone else to deal with it. Great company
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4 years ago, labellatraviesa
Best thing that ever happen to me
How can I start this company change my life.. my credit went from 435 to 690 within a year.. very pleased
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3 years ago, Arab from NY
Waste of money
I’ve been with this company for many months, charging me $119 every month for service, last work they did on my credit was 4 months ago. But still charge me monthly fees. And you can’t get to them because “they are extremely busy” I think they took more clients than they can Handel or are dragging this for long to keep sucking the monthly fees. What a shame.
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6 years ago, Tired of trying names
Run a round
First they say one thing, and then change there story. Then when I called back. I had to repeat the same thing several times. And just was transferred form department to department. I spend just over 5 hours of being lied to and transferred. And final said enough. And cancelled. I would highly recommend look for a different credit repair company.
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2 years ago, mmwood59
Credit Repair
Just joined today the experience was excellent, the associates were very helpful thanks to all for help
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3 years ago, dadshaun
Highly recommended
Very professional
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3 years ago, kessinger realty 1928
FICA down 20, under your watch & paying $25 monthly
FICA down 20 this month under your watch from 810 and paying $25 a month is a waste.
Show more
3 years ago, Me Maurice
Mr. Leffie M Powell
I appreciate the customer services being helpful and I appreciate the farm service I gave them A rating of five stars
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1 year ago, ggforlife76
Quick and easy I wil refer your business
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3 years ago, tru2thegrid
Works On the Payer’s Behalf
With a little time. Credit Repair will remove items that have been going against u for yrs.
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2 years ago, Deritise
I sent them a message days before payment to let someone know that I was going able to make a payment they charge card anyways an says that I still owed them after I canceled the policy for that reason alone
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1 year ago, Shellyann808
The cost to sign up is cheaper then other quotes I got.
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4 years ago, amckenziejunior
Since I started with credit repair I’ve seen some changes on my credit report but my score haven’t increased as much but so far it’s looking ok.
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3 years ago, top dog!!!
“The best”
All my friends are with this company or been thought this company!!
Show more
3 years ago, Mag21Man
Results Are Slow
Going on 4 months of service. Haven’t seen any resorts other than the one I personally took care of with the creditor directly.
Show more
4 years ago, Chrischelle16
I spoke with Lance, great guy. I’m excited to begin this journey and grateful for the information and customer service Lance displayed. Give that man a raise. 👏🏽
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4 years ago, twskeewee12
Cancel membership
Having trouble logging into site to cancel membership please.
Show more
4 years ago, Bananacide
Great app!
The app really helped my score, made it all so much easier
Show more
1 year ago, Hi48372727
Payed and now nothing works
I put my card info in and now I’m trying to start the process and when I click the stuff it doesn’t press the green button
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6 years ago, tidysmil
App out dated
The app seems cool so far, awaiting to see my results i believe you have to wait 30 days or so, they should send an update for touch iD etc...App is super out dated
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4 years ago, damage eyes
Credit repair service department excellent job
Five star all service department
Show more
1 year ago, Eran Ayam
Credit Repair
We like it
Show more
4 years ago, truthwillcome2life
No change
Paid $100 yet to see any result. I will update each week to keep new potential buyers informed.
Show more
4 years ago, D33MaGG
Is it the app or devices that’s not working
Does anything on the app work??? It’s the website as well. What’s the point in paying monthly and can’t at least see your score or actual reports.
Show more
4 years ago, Dudt
Helpful & informative
Great service
Show more
1 year ago, Focus-1
Outstanding enjoy the service
Show more
3 years ago, lquittley
Fast great service from bodie
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1 month ago, Abdiasboujeee
Not a good app
The app doesn’t let you click my answer or exit out or go back really frustrating.
Show more
3 years ago, realtinner
Great service.
Very helpful.
Show more
4 years ago, Dhjkamnsbdkldk
No changes
I have waited and paid for two months and have not seen any change in my credit score.
Show more
4 years ago, hiltontata
After 3 months of service nothing has been done! Not satisfied with the results. Will not continue with this company.
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