Crestron AirMedia

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Current version
Crestron Electronics, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Crestron AirMedia

2.02 out of 5
59 Ratings
8 years ago, Bigblue967
IT manager
App needs to integrate with other apps especially Cloud storage apps (one drive, drop box, etc) to show content from other sources besides the local device storage.
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1 year ago, mskblackbelt
Never won me over
In the five years of trying out this app for streaming content from my iPad to the TVs in my classroom, I’ve never been happy with the process or result. In this latest iteration, I saw a new logo and a recent update and hoped for the best. No luck connecting to the device in the classroom (perhaps the device was running old software? Shouldn’t keep me from connection though), but my iPad did stop Airplaying to my home TV. I didn’t make the connection right away, but I believe the latest version of the software did something to the network stack on my iPad that broke AirPlay. Before uninstalling, AirPlay to my local TV resulted in a black screen on the TV and non-responsive internet on the iPad. As soon as I uninstalled the software (didn’t even need a restart), Airplay and internet access were restored. Have to say, this doesn’t do anything to encourage confidence in the Crestron brand. Anyone asks me for my opinion on the company or their products, I’m going to have to give a giant thumbs down.
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2 years ago, zterretz
It doesn’t work in OSX Big Sur and previous OSX
THE NEGATIVE: The application cannot connect with the address of a network projector, and this is due to some changes Apple did in the last operating systems, mainly Big Sur. It could have been fixed, however, Crestron didn’t fix it yet. Two years or more and this company didn’t fix it! THE POSITIVE: The application actually can connect with the address of a network projector if you try multiple times. It has difficulties to connect, but after 20 or more attempts can connect. Sometimes moving around the room can connect. However, this is very unstable.
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6 years ago, apt901
App User
Compared to past experience with Crestron App, new update is much improved in terms of User interface, latency and ease of use than any other update Crestron has ever done. Keep up the good work Crestron.
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3 months ago, SometimesY
AirMedia mostly fine, has some quirks
The app mostly works fine, but at some point in the last few months, swapping between projectors requires an iPad restart which is wildly inconvenient for college faculty.
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6 years ago, ceparker27
The receivers don’t work.
My university has begun using these Crestron air media receivers. However, after several months of trying to hook up my device, be it an iPhone or my Mac or a PC, I have been unable to get a single receiver to detect to my devices. The experience has been generally frustrating, to say the least.
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3 years ago, soundwave08
Not useful
My institution recently upgraded our library and these devices were brought in as state of the armory enhancement for our students. We Have been trying to connect wirelessly via iPhone, laptop (HP, LENOVO, Mac) and nothing seems to connect to any of the screens. A waste of money!
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1 year ago, yam99055
Does not work
I’ve tried using AirMedia on Iphone, ipad, an MacOS and it does not work, yet my school/work fully integrated Creston into everything so we’re stuck with useless thousands of dollars worth of AV equipment around campus that no one seems to be able to use,
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5 years ago, billselak
Can’t display
This doesn’t actually allow mirroring or sharing of anything. It redirects to a similar app (same logo in black), and that app is a black screen. Does not allow any sharing of any kind, unfortunately.
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6 years ago, Chris Van Horn
Missing iPhone X support
Wish it had support for Apple's latest phone.
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4 years ago, Akre222
I would give negative stars if I could
AirMedia quite literally never works. The app won’t pick up a single receiver and I can’t use a web browser either. Garbage.
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3 months ago, Stockleton
Does not work in 2024
I have tried to use this app for years in my university classrooms, it worked back in 2020, but not since about 2021.
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2 years ago, Ruperick
So far it’s batting a .000. Congrats to crestron on successfully conning my university into spending my hard-earned tuition money on a flaming pile of garbage app. Proud of u.
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4 weeks ago, aag607
Doesn’t work
Doens’t let my iPad connect to any tv with air media.
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1 year ago, alpeylmz
Doesn't even work on ipads
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8 months ago, Skippy213 00
100% awful
See the title and save yourself the trouble.
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4 years ago, Savannahmariepage
I have yet to get this to work
This never connects to any of my universities tvs
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5 years ago, Ryan Stape
Solid waste of life
Excellent job wasting time and effort. Great business fail.
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1 year ago, russells98
Absolutely nonfunctional.
Wow this is horrific. Cannot connect to a display on iPad OS 16, either.
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8 years ago, NK2013_nicknameTaken
At Work: Cannot Display iPad Pro Content
The app does not allow me to display documents (PowerPoint, PDF, Excel, etc.) that are typical in use during business meetings. The documents exist on the cloud (Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, iCloud). In theory, before each meeting, I could sync the specific documents that will be shared, but that assumes all documents are known. In working meetings, often other reference documents get opened and shared. Until the app can either display documents opened in the apps themselves (office 365, Adobe Acrobat Viewer, etc.) or open documents on the cloud, it is not worth the time to download. In most business settings, the functionality around sharing photos is meaningless. The app seems more designed for the At Home environment.
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8 years ago, AudioMick
Useless. Crashed, then won't restart
At first, was able to connect to host, but couldn't share anything due to permission blocking. Tried to allow app to access local content, but after attempting this, the app froze and now will not reopen. It simply pulls up a black page every time. I'm very disappointed at the AM-101 and its correlating software. Remote view from the unit only displays a static image, to display any changes, you have to refresh your browser. This renders it basically useless. I'm a professional AV integrator, and I expected better from Crestron.
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9 years ago, mobilejray
Needs lots of improvement
We would consider purchasing more AirMedia devices for our other projectors if this app would be updated and have some additional functionality. One thing right off the bat that should be an easy improvement would be that when you click on Photos in the iOS app, you could select an album. I would like to have a bunch of photos in an album titled Presentation so I could easily show the photos without looking all of my photos in one long lost.
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7 years ago, Superfly151
No more support - broken app
Crashes when you open photos. Does not work on various devices (newer ones like 2016 models). Last update to this app was 2015. Developer no longer supplies updates. Would be nice if they did if their app would scan the local network for available projectors too. Maybe the projectors need to broadcast themselves on bonjour first. Who knows. Won't happen. Someone should really nudge the developer.
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6 years ago, jbenherman
My many years of experience with CRESTRON has become a shared laughing stock among my fellow CRESTRON unfortunates. My company just installed a brand new system with many thousands of dollars of superfluous add-on’s. I am the geeky-est of our group and find the vexing latency of the app interface only delays the disappointment with its primitive capabilities : totally 1986-era ( CRESTON AGAIN!) It reminds me of the restaurant review: “not only is the food bad, but the portions are small” How does CRESTRON get away with this????
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7 years ago, Grinchworm
Weak and buggy
This technology is a poor alternative to AirPlay and is not recommended. Buggy app. App has a weak feature set that only supports projecting documents, pictures and web pages. Web page projection is particularly buggy and results in lots of white screens after page load. No support for video.
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9 years ago, Uacrestron
Test your app before releasing update
Crestron may be the worse company about releasing firmware updates without testing. They rely on the user for beta testing. The browser crashes from this update among other bugs. Audio does not work from iPhone/iPad. This product will never make it without full screen mirroring.
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7 years ago, Evolution2001
Didn't work at all
Had the previous version of the app working on my iphone. Downloaded this app for my ipad (iOS 10.3.3). Connected to same wireless network as rest of the enterprise. Doesn't find anything to connect to. Restarted iPad and app multiple times. The AirMedia desktop app is fine...but this app is 'no bueno'.
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8 years ago, ChaosKnign
Does not work with online docs...
It seems like documents have to physically be on the iPhone in order to present from them? It doesn't pick up Apple documents, like keynote either. Quite a horrible and useless app. Not sure why my company decided to use this.
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8 years ago, LookieLooSuz
-5 stars
If it were possible to give this a negative 5 star review I would. This app does nothing useful. In fact, it is a waste of time to try. Do yourselves a favor, don't buy Creston junk, get yourself an Apple TV, hook it up to your TV and get productive and likely save thousands of dollars and countless brain cycles.
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9 years ago, JEndahl
No support for Apple's iPad apps
This seems like such a good idea, but the implementation is severely flawed on the iPad app. While you CAN connect and share, you cannot use Keynote or other Apple apps. Documentation says you can share M$ files and pdfs. The inability to present Keynote shows makes this useless to me.
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10 years ago, achinn
Practically useless
One cannot simply share the entire screen, it expects the user to load the documents they wish to share ahead of time using iTunes on a computer. Additionally, the UI looks like it hasn't been updated since iOS 5.
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9 years ago, Latinbrother
No Document load!
App does not allow you run or load docs (including PowerPoint files). Someone indicated since IOS update but is there a fix?!
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9 years ago, Joshua See
Utterly useless
As of iOS 8.1 on a retina mini it can display a single image... And that's it. Attempting to switch to another breaks the connection. The only formats I've been able to open are PDFs - for only one page - or JPEGs. Videos cause app to freeze. No PPT support as far as I can tell.
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7 years ago, leggogophers
Very Poor
The app browser is a pain to use and doesn't worth with several websites. The app also doesn't allow you to share the screen while inside another app. The app works okay with files.
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6 years ago, evelyn7221
Zero Stars
The app just opens to a black screen and does nothing. When I double tap the home screen the preview shows me the main menu, but when I tap back into the app it goes black again.
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7 years ago, Quevar
Worse than a standard projector
Can't show what is on my screen. Only a limited number of files formats. A huge step back in terms of functionality compared to a simple projector.
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9 years ago, Clowrymusic
Dinosaurs are extinct, creation aoesnt know it
Like many relics from the past, creston is a company that has not kept up with technology. All of the UI is hard and ridiculous to use. The discovery doesn't work and it will assuredly never find your devices.
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11 years ago, audiovideo1979
Works good missing annotation!!
If you where able to annotate it would be great!!
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9 years ago, Ciaobella4168
Load file error
Did the recent iOS update now I can't load documents. I get load file error/document engine error. Pictures and browser are no problem.
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6 years ago, Dhdfsbsa!@
I got it to work kind of
This app really needs a ton of work. What could have been tbh. Even for someone who kind of got it to work. It was bad
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7 years ago, Russtlec
Really bad
It barely works. Locks up and crashes constantly. Poor UI. Aspect ratio often wrong. Compatibility issues. Slow. Wish my org didn't use this.
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9 years ago, ITdan611c
Needs a browers
This app needs a robust web browser. Also, hate that it breaks the connection each time you load a file.
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8 years ago, Opinnuendo
Doesn't even open
Absolute garbage. I have the newest iPhone and OS and it doesn't work. It shows just a black screen. If I could rate zero stars I would.
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7 years ago, dan51678
Another Bad App by Crestron
Seriously, if you can't write software in a remotely competent way, please outsource it to someone that can! Complete garbage like the rest of their software.
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9 years ago, Computergrrl
Slideshow bombs
Slideshow displays first pic then stops displaying on monitor, continues on phone. Tried w multiple iphones, ipads. Same thing. Droid works perfect. Fix it now
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8 years ago, mitya_103
Just awful
We have these installed in our classrooms and they're just useless. Stay away.
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8 years ago, Pgarriga
Never worked
I never got this to work. Frustrating.
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10 years ago, JimB0bP
Won't Run
Just black screen for ~10 seconds then back to home.
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9 years ago, Itdude13
Absolutely useless. Since iOS 8 this app does nothing of value.
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8 years ago, Philadelphia_Person
Do not buy Creastron
The product is fine. The developed in China apps render the product useless. Even the Windows app stinks.
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