Cribbage Classic

4.6 (25.9K)
64.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Games By Post LLC
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cribbage Classic

4.61 out of 5
25.9K Ratings
4 years ago, ShaggyDjdzvhgsb
Excellent game (+two suggestions)
This is an excellent cribbage game, especially since it’s free. Some reviewers claim that the game is tilted in favor of the computer, but I don’t think so. On pro level sometimes the computer gets more great hands, and sometimes I do. I’ve been skunked and I’ve skunked the Pro. Once I even double-skunked the Pro. On the Easy and Standard levels I feel like the game gives you a combination of you getting better cards, and the computer getting worse cards, in order to give you an advantage. I like the option of manually counting which is a great teaching tool. The game is great. The only things I would like to see, and this is totally personal, is an option in settings to have the computer count double-runs as double-runs, rather than as pairs plus individual runs as it does now. For example, if you have a double-run of eight, instead of counting “pair for two, run of three for five, run of three for eight,” just lift all the cards and say “double-run of eight.” The way it counts now is correct, and a great teaching tool as it breaks down the double-run into its components for the novice, but ultimately that’s not the vocabulary of the game. The other thing that would be fun to see is when a hand is worth 0 points, the computer should call it “19” points instead of 0. Both of those are super minor, but they would complete, as close as possible, the digital cribbage experience to real life.
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2 years ago, DRB-inthevalley
Really great game (with suggestions :-)
Almost 35 years ago, I wrote a cribbage game for the Mac called Precision Cribbage. That game allowed you to see the expected value of a hand by picking two planned discards. This modern game takes that concept much further by allowing you to see all possible expected hand values for all discard pairs. For a beginner, looking at the suggested discards - and understanding why those discards are picked - seems like a great way to improve. I have two suggestions: 1) I outpeg the game about 70% of the time at the pro level. And in the course of 80 games, have about a 58% win percentage at Pro. I think the differential is due to pegging. It is fairly easy to bait the game into giving me opportunities for runs. This seems like an opportunity for strategy improvement. 2) As you near the end of the game, expected value is not necessarily the best play. For example, I just finished a game where I needed six points to win. I had six in my hand, but would have to break up a pair to do that (while keeping another pair). The game recommended keeping the two pairs as the highest expected value, but I would actually lower the probability of winning from 100% to something less. I understand this game theory approach is challenging, but it would be an interesting further area for this game to explore. Thanks for this great game!
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2 years ago, ToolGuy
Great for learning, and lots of fun.
I’m just learning Cribbage, and this is a great teaching tool. When you overlook something, the “hints” encourage you to actually think about the cards you play instead of just giving you the answer. The same is true for the discards into the Crib. The analyzer shows the probable/possible scores for different combinations of discards without explicitly showing the details — which makes you think about the different possible scoring combinations that might occur depending on the turned card. All of which has really helped me better understand how to make the best use of the cards I am dealt. Also, the visual highlighting of the cards used to make different scoring combinations is great. It moves pretty quickly, which helps you get faster at recognizing different scoring combos (and doesn’t slow down the game), but you can easily repeat it while you are still learning. All in all, a great game at a great price — FREE with small, unobtrusive ads at the bottom of the screen. IMHO, much better than the other “in app purchase” games I also looked at. They tend to add pointless character animations and other useless fluff which add nothing to the game and more often detracts from it.
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4 weeks ago, curious about cribbage
Learning to play and count in just 5 games!
The opponent option with muggins has given me immediate insight into counting. Learned about scoring a flush. Not missing the cut card in counting 15’s. Nub. So much more! Trust me. If you have never played cribbage before, and I had not, 5 games in playing the setting: muggins will jump start your understanding of the game! Also use the “hint” button for throwing cards away into the crib. Take your time to think about why the hint is telling you to throw away certain cards. Seems throwing the crib card is focused on not giving your opponent easy points when it is their crib. But making sure you leave yourself good cards to peg with for points during playing the hand. Also, analyze the muggins mistakes at the end of each game. Super helpful to study that at the end of each game. I literally feel like I could play a real game with someone after just a few of the hands played on this app. Seriously, I think I sound a bit like I know what I am talking about after only 5 hands. That’s crazy exciting to me! With the help of this app, I think I could become a cribbage player! You can too!!
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6 years ago, Saikonzack
Fun game but not realistic
It’s a fun game to pass the time, but it’s not realistic at all. There are far more 12, 16, 20, etc. point hands than occur in an actual game of cribbage, like ridiculously more. And as others have noted, it seems the AI’s cards are fluid and not set, so they seem to have far more scoring plays against you than is realistic. They always seem to have the card to pair you up, the card to make 15 or 31, or the card to go one more over the top of you on a pegging run. It gets annoying. Now to rebut what a lot of people are saying as far as accuracy goes... I’ve been playing this for over 2 years and have well over 2,000 games in my statistics, and I have not once, not one single time, seen an inaccurate count. Maybe I just haven’t happened to see an error yet, but I think with over 2,000 games it would have happened at least once. My guess is that people don’t realize that in order for a flush to occur in the crib, the draw card must also be of the same suit. Also, somebody commented that an 8877 hand should always yield a minimum of 12 score, but what they are failing to recognize is that the analyzer is considering the two cards you are putting into the crib as well. So if you have an 8877 but put a k&5 into the crib, your minimum score is 10 after they collect their 2 points.
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2 years ago, Sheilakayaus
Easy to play and exceptional graphics
My dad taught me how to play cribbage about 45yrs ago. When I am playing this game I can still hear him counting “15 2, 15 4 and a pair is 8” or saying “be good to me!” when it was his crib and I was discarding my 2 cards lol. He used to let me get away with some things, more so when I was younger. I would drag out the game bc I would stare at the cards to make sure I didn’t leave points on the table that he could take! He made me learn by losing as often as I did in the beginning - yet he would teach me where I went wrong. About 11yrs ago I taught my son. He loves to play it, and we use the original cribbage board my dad, and I played on that was given to me when he passed. It was always quality time with my dad, and I when we would play several times a week. My dad bought the game on disc for the computer way back when computers took “discs” and he would play online for hours after my mom passed away. There was never a game he loved more, and I never thought to ask him why. Why cribbage? I am so happy I came across this app! It’s perfect in every way, and brings back some fond memories! :)
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1 year ago, LuvGirLee
This is an excellent game. This game is by far in no way bias. No favoritism. An excellent way to learn the game if you don’t know how to play it as well as sharpening your own already learnt skills. I love the way that I can count my own points if I want and theGame allows you to re-play the count so that you can understand what just happened and how the points are accumulated. this is the first game that I have come across where the game will stop you on your turn to let you know there are other play options available versus the play you are making that could come out with a more favorable outcome along with it will show you all the outcomes that could possibly happen on top of it will let you make your plate the way you want to you should you want to go that route. At the end of the game it shows you all the possible different outcomes you could’ve had should you have taken and done this hand or that one or this one or this one and it shows you every possible outcome. I highly recommend this game and the fact that it is free is incredible!!!!!!!
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8 months ago, Peti83
Excellent game with one additional suggestion
In both easy and standard mode, allow the computer to mis count from time to time. Then allow the player to have a muggins button. This gives the player an opportunity to catch the computer's mistake if they are paying attention. You could allow even the pro computer to screw up now and again. However, if you are a pro, you probably don’t miss count. **Update** Now that I have used this game more, I would rate it even higher if I could. I love the discard analyzer feature. This really has turned into a teaching element of the game for me. I have played casually for years for real. I’m a decent player. The analyzer is helping to see how I can improve my discards to become a very good player. I like to discard first, but before confirming, I will check from time to time to see if my move was optimal or not. I really found the score analyzer interesting. It basically give the derivation for the average score it predicts. It is a nice histogram of the point spread. Very cool. Love the game.
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2 years ago, 19 in the crib
Cut cards for deal is not random
I have played over 1000 games, maybe more. I’ve noticed a few peculiar habits of the program, some that are quite predictable. But most are not that big a deal. But one annoyance is the obviously non-random “cut cards for deal” at the beginning of each game, which at the pro level, favors the computer by about 4 or maybe even 5 to 1. A better way to play this would be to just give the deal to the loser of the previous game in continuous sessions. At the beginning of new sessions, cut the cards completely randomly. I get tired of cutting a King to the Computer’s ace, practically every time. (I’m exaggerating. But I almost never get to deal first.) I’ve noticed an annoying problem with the discard analysis. It doesn’t seem to take into account the fact that whatever you are discarding may have high probability of giving points to the opponent’s crib. For example, often it is suggested that I should have discarded a 5 when this is almost never a good idea since it has the highest point probability in the crib. If the discard analysis can’t take this into account, then stop doing the discard analysis.
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3 years ago, bahhumbug256
Very nice game
Ok, I played a long time before writing a review to see if others were correct. It has always counted correctly, I only play pro, and win 60% of the time. When it says I played suboptimally I always check, and I often disagree with program, I always play my cards. I am not sure what the program is missing (intuition?) but would expect, if program never makes a mistake and I do, that it would have a slight edge, but not the case, I ASSUME that there is a statistical bias in programs hands to make minor errors. I find the games fair, counting accurate, I am not sure why I win >50% I believe though there is a bias in pegging and the way it plays, but I won’t spoil it, you figure it out, if that is true it explains the lopsided win count, I can learn how it plays, but heuristically it can’t learn how I play. Just figured out THAT is why I am 60%. It is fun to try to anticipate how program will play, it has no style, just math. Love the program!
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4 years ago, all kcknamestaken
If you have ever played cribbage it was a rare day when you saw hands like these more once a game. Apparently, choosing “pro” means that big hands will be given on both sides. It is a joke...but I play, get rid of the app, and get it again (until I yell, “BS!” And junk it again). PS love the layout What do you mean “what?” So many hands over 10! Have played the game for 50 years and never seen so many huge hands. Very unrealistic. Win big, lose big! Have played other cribbage games and the average points for hands, cribs and pegging are lower than this game. If the cards are random how can that be? I’m not a programmer but it makes me wonder. I still enjoy it but... Late February 2020....I have stopped playing all games that begin with a hand or crib of 12 points or more (for either player) - I simply start a new game. My record is discarding 5 games before playing a whole game. Numerous other times I have discarded 3 games. I wonder if the easier levels have this problem. How do you program different levels anyway? You could have the opponent make “mistakes” but that seems difficult to control. Almost seems like it has to be the cards that are dealt. Hmmm. Will have to experiment.
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6 years ago, Mnfast
This is a good app for learning how to play the game. I think it manipulates the cards to accomplish that. I sense trends in how hands are dealt and because you are playing essentially against a computer it has total control over how the game plays out based on your moves how you play the game and how you look at their examples of what would be the better choice in your crib selection and pegging points. For me it is also slow in how the cards are not dealt fast enough. It can't beat playing with real cards and real people. No computer manipulation there. But then this again is designed to offer you council on how to improve your game. What I need is an app simply to play the game. Not sure it exists. I have to say that when I first started I got a win average of around 65% and now I am barely above the 50% mark. It does seem to deal itself large counting hands like 16-24 frequently while I get crap cards that mostly have no hope for improvement. Therein lies my biggest frustration with this app. But I keep playing it whenever I have a free moment to slip in a game.
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1 year ago, katididwhat?
Fun until it’s not
Updating my original review: after a few weeks and many games at all levels, I agree with other users that the game skews it’s algorithm to favor the opponent. I’ve used other cribbage apps before and never have I seen the game engine deal in a way that over time you’re consistently losing not by playing badly but because the hands dealt are just impossible to win with, some times let alone keep up. For this game, it doesn’t make sense. There are no stakes and giving huge hands to the opponent (the game engine) isn’t increasing difficulty so you become a better player (nor are their rewards for good playing). It just becomes annoying and makes you want to use another app. Request to the developers: please revise your logic. It’s way to obvious what it’s doing and definitely will uninstall and let my other cribbage friends know that playing a lot works against you and makes you not want to play. Meaning, use a different app. Best cribbage app I’ve used. Play for fun or change settings to improve your skills. Easy-to- use interface. No ads or pressure to buy. Highly recommend!
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6 years ago, triple65
Good and fair game
The average hand is 8.1, and the average crib is 4.6. After playing nearly 3000 games, my average hand is 8.1, and my average crib is 4.6. This tells me that the game is indeed random, despite what some reviewers suggest. Additionally, it wouldn’t make sense for a developer to have the game tilted in their favor, nobody would want to play. One reviewer collected data on 15 games and claimed this was evidence of collusion since the computers hands averaged much higher than theirs. Imagine tossing a coin 15 times and getting 10 heads/5 tails. Is this evidence the coin is skewed? No! Probabilities occur over a large number of trials. My win percentage at the pro level is 57%. Given all things are fair, I would expect the percentage to be closer to 50%. The difference? Mostly Pegging! The programmer has a flaw that I (wouldn’t say “exploit”) can take an advantage of. Additionally, having the moxie to discard points and playing the probabilities for a favorable hit card. All in all, I enjoy the game a lot!
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3 years ago, ftffhjuhj
Computer consistently dealt great hands
This game is horrible. The interface and game play is fantastic. The hints available on easy mode are great for new players. Playing on standard mode is such a joke. The computer is consistently dealt a 10+ point hand. If it’s their crib you can forget about it. Pegging is also a joke, no matter what card I play first the computer happens to always have the right card to make 15. I play a 6 and it always has a 9, I play a 7 and it always has an 8. If I’m forced to play a 10 or face card then you can bet it’s got a 5. Even when I try to play a card that is 4 or under it’s got a match. When I think I’ve gotten the better of it by putting down the same number card and earning the two points, it always has another card of that same number to put down and earn the 6 points. I’ve never seen a game so tilted in favor of the computer. I’m not a sore loser, I actually don’t mind losing from time to time as I think it makes me a better cribbage player. This on the other hand makes me want to pull my hair out. I wouldn’t recommend this app to anybody. If I could give this app less than 1 star I would.
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6 years ago, Oatmule
I hadn’t played cribbage in years & this was a great refresher game. I always play Pro and it always counts correctly. On rare occasions it has gotten a card stuck during crib discard process & there is no way to recover except to start a whole new game, not even just the hand. I can live with a rare bug but hope this can be fixed. I would also like an option to see what’s in the crib even if game ended due to a player reaching goal points during pegging or hand points. Doesn’t impact game; I’m just curious. I like the feature of recommended discard: sometimes just to confirm my choice & sometimes I don’t agree. I also like that it is still just chance & not tied to the cut card; I have seen 2 equally appearing choices & the recommendation chose the poorer of the two based on final cut. That is how it works in real world & I would not want that changed. Overall great app for few quick minutes of play.
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2 years ago, Tridecaphi
One of the best cribbage games I’ve played
I like a lot of things about this game. I only play on pro level and the computer, for the most part, makes intelligent plays. My only draw back is the suboptimal play analyzer. In general it’s a great tool, but it has one significant flaw. It always counts the last hand like any other hand. If I’m close enough to try and Mel out, and the opponent counts first, I’m not trying to maximize my score because it won’t get to that and if it does I probably lost. There should be a setting that says, “count last hand for suboptimal play” or automatically not count the last hand if you are within 6 points or so. Better yet, have it on the cards as always true and allow a player to turn it off for a hand and then it’s flexible. Maybe near the kitty window. I’m generally under 1 point per game in suboptimal play but you’ll see these big spikes in the past and those are games I was looking to mel out rather than count out.
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3 years ago, stbrthrghy
Not a fair game
I’ve played cribbage on and off for probably 40 years and consider myself a really good player. I don’t confess to be a true professional but come on! The computer wins about 80-90 percent of the games no matter what I do and to prove it, the game analyzer after a game always tells me I had anywhere from 1-3 or perhaps even 4 or 5 suboptimal hands and then it tells me that those suboptimal hands cost me a measly couple of points. And then the AI beats me by 20+ points all the time and probably skunks me 40+ percent of time it wins a game. I would say that would be accurate if the analyzer said I gave up 20-30 points by playing suboptimally but I never play that bad. So statistically if I am only averaging missing out on 2-3 points in a game I should still then be winning close to 1/2 the games. I’m not a sore loser but I do hate losing to cheaters and I cannot get past the idea that this game cheats in favor of the AI most of the time. It makes the game less fun to play and if I was the developer of this game I would like it to play fairly to keep players using their game. Sad, since this game has an excellent interface.
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1 year ago, Sher882
Love the settings!
I used to play (learned) cribbage years ago, but until recently I’ve not had time to play the game. A friend asked if I would like to play, and of course I did, but I was really rusty and did not recall much of the game, especially how the scoring was done. A few days later I found this game online, and I’m totally enjoying it! I looked at “settings” and it gave me choices of what I wanted to see/do, such as, optimal plays, hints, counting points on my own, etc.. I started with hints and optimal plays at first, then I went to manually figuring my score (the app doesn’t let you miss points, it teaches you what you need to look for) and I stopped using hints but as of right now, I still have the optimal play on, again, GREAT learning! All that said, when I feel I’ve totally grasped the game again, I can still use this app to just play!! Kudos to the author of this app!!
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5 years ago, Eunique
Great way to learn the game
I really wanted to learn to play cribbage, and this game has not only taught me the basic rules, but shows you suboptimal plays after the hand is done. The tutorial is good, and there is flexibility in turning hints on/off as well as manual vs. automatic counting. Since I am learning, I chose manual counting because I need the practice! I started at the beginner level with hints, and it was amazing how quickly I learned what I thought was a complicated game. Regarding what others have said about the game being “rigged”, my statistics show higher win rates at the easier levels, dropping as I go to higher levels. It seems to depend on how many suboptimal plays I make. That’s sound about right to me. I have not found any glitches in pegging or scoring, and it’s user friendly so overall, I have to give this app 5 stars. Highly recommend if you want to learn the game.
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1 year ago, Sir Pegs-A-Lot
Not great.
FINAL UPDATE: 734 games. Not realistic at all. Big hands are flashy, bad beats happen, but at this rate they’re ridiculous. Plenty of other options out there - I’ve deleted this and am moving on. Bye! Update: 400 games played on Pro. My win percentage is 60% and a 8.5% skunk rate. No changes on the below observations. Update: 200 games played and everything I said below was spot on. It’s not a true randomized deck, and it’s pretty obvious. Balanced, sure. But just simply the average points in each hand is unreal. I’m thinking the developers know that it’s more attractive to have big hands and close games. Suggested improvements: 1. Truly random deal 2. Better stats keeping - Number of skunk losses - Running total of point differentials for hand, crib and pegging (I.e. if I end with 28 pegging points and the Pro has 25, this would be +3. Then keep a running average of the differential.) Overall it’s a good platform. I have played 126 games so far and I have no plans on stopping, unless one of the others figure out how to simplify their platform.
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5 years ago, thummert
Fun game, well designed
Found this a few months ago and been playing against the computer. Have not seen errors that others reported, maybe they had an earlier version. I like to count my own cards, and check the computer's hand. I like the odds at the end, but don't know how they are calculated. Sometimes it appears the computer gets some incredible draws and crib cards,but maybe my imagination. I would like to have the option of undo, as I have played too quickly at times and wanted to take it back, but no option for that. I would recommend if you like to play the best two person (person/computer) you can play. Update: Dec 2018, Does not move into landscape mode on my iPhone XS Max with most current OS. Moving my stars to two until fixed, cannot use and cannot see cards on my iPhone, still works on my iPad though.
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5 years ago, k2mike
Darn good work
While not perfect, it is darn good and well deserves 5 stars. It has allowed me to get my cribbage chops back, after a long hiatus. While it can be aggravating to think it is cheating when the computer opponent gets a big hand, that happens in human games too. I have been playing Standard and Pro. My winning percentages are 65% and 69% respectively. Yes, I am doing slightly better against Expert. Partly that is just the luck of the draw. Partly, maybe I focus a little more against Pro. But, 65 and 69 percent are statistically the same. I have read that an expert can beat a novice only 70% of the time. There is a fair chunk of luck in cribbage. I am not playing the Beginner level, so 65-69% is pretty good. If the program were cheating, I could not possibly do that. For improving your play, the pointers on the “less than optimal” are a nice feature. I tip my hat to a very worthy iOS cribbage game.
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12 months ago, huunter5
I think this app is amazing
I think that this is by far the best cribbage game on the App Store. The three modes it has are great for beginners and a one that can give you a challenge I love playing cribbage and most of the other games are not near as good. The customization on the cards is mid but besides that fact I have nothing else bad to say about the app I personally am not to bad at the game and playing pro mode can still give me a challenge another thing that is nice is that it counts the points for you so there is no mugging sit would be cool if they added a online mode but in my opinion you should definitely download this game there is no internet needed and is a great app to play in the car if you are not driving Give this game a shot and I promise you will like it more than any other cribbage game in the store
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7 years ago, SeeSome
Excellent straightforward cribbage app
I decided I wanted to get a cribbage app for solo play and I tried a bunch of the different ones available on the App Store. This was by far the best interface and least commercial of them. Other apps had vaguely nicer boards, but pestered you with in-app purchases or challenge modes to unlock things, while others had "fun" interfaces, but annoying graphics. For those looking for a simple, elegant cribbage app for solo play, this is the perfect choice. Obviously, those seeking an online multiplayer cribbage game will need to look elsewhere. My only suggestion would be to allow me to pay 1.99 to turn off the ad banner at the bottom of the screen. The banner is small enough that it doesn't stop me from recommending this app, but now that this has become my go-to cribbage app, I'd happily pay to remove it.
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4 years ago, EWryly
Better than other cribbage apps
Nice layout. I love the way that points are counted piece by piece highlighting which cards lead to those points, which is like playing in real life - a lot of other cribbage apps don't do that. It also has a nice feature for beginners where it won't let you move on until you've counted all your available points, but you can turn that feature off stop any missed points go to the other player. Showing the statistically sub-optimal plays at the end of the game is a nice differentiator, if a bit misleading as some of those plays might give you an extra point but also give your opponent more points, which it doesn't account for. The only additional feature I would request is to show all the cards from the final hand, including the ones that don't get counted.
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9 years ago, PJ35757
Best Cribbage App
I have used this app a long time and it has never mis-counted or missed a flush (perhaps people forget that in crib all 5 cards mist be the same suit). The sub-optimal critique is helpful, but does not always take game situation. For instance, near the end of the game if I am trying to prevent my opponent from pegging in, I will not double during counting, to prevent him from tripling - but it will tell me that was a sub-optimal play - in reality it was good cribbage. In addition, the sub-optimal play critique takes into acpunt what it does to another player's hand. So if you discard a pair to another player's crib and have seven left in your hand - it makes for a total of 5. MOST IMPORTANTLY, the game plays well. Only hangup is if you accidently play a card out of turn while pegging. Goofs it all up and you have to start over. Should not even allow for this.
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3 years ago, Slainte1861
Great game adaptation for iPad!
I haven’t played Cribbage in 40 years and I’m interested in playing an iPad card game. Looked at canasta and pinochle games and wasn’t impressed. Then got this Cribbage game and I’m hooked. The screen play works real well and is very easy to follow. You peg points often as you lay down cards and I like how each point play freezes the game and shows you the points scored that play and why they scored and you then click to go right on with the game. The score is tabulated after every scoring on realistic looking cribbage tracks that nearly circle the screen. Rules are easy to pull up. 3 levels of play: I win sometimes on the Easy level, occasionally at the Standard level, and I haven’t dare tried the Hard level. Highly recommended!
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1 year ago, Charlie1951Or
Excellent (Free!) Game
My review is based on the 100 games I have played at the “Pro” level. I won 65, with 9 skunks. Both those seem a little high. I assume the cards are random-number generated, and it feels like it. But the pegging algorithm could use some work. It can be a bit predictable, but the worst flaw is that it doesn’t distinguish between game situations, so it is almost always hunting for points. It is easy to lead it into runs, which makes a big difference at the end of close games. But the real strength of the game is the Discard Analyzer. This is a powerful tool for really understanding discard strategy and odds on the flip. The best odds will occasionally require tossing good cards to the pone crib, but that’s easy enough to adjust as part of your game strategy. I give it a strong recommendation, especially because it is free AND there are no ads!
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3 years ago, E.Tchr.
WONDERFUL for learners!
I live in northern Minnesota, where everyone and their dogs play cribbage. But my family isn’t from here (we’re from pinochle territory). Cribbage has always been a mystery to me, causing me to take evasive action at social gatherings to avoid playing. Rather than feeling slow and embarrassed learning with people, I decided to find an app to teach me. I am SO HAPPY I found this one! Amazingly, after a few solid evenings of learning, I’m now a cribbage player!! The interface is so easy and smooth. The hint system lets me try options as many times as I want before giving up and asking for the “best play.” I also like how the system tells me when I have (or haven’t) found all my point-earning combos in my hand. And the ads never intrude, remaining a banner at the bottom of the screen. Lovely! Since I’m still a novice playing Easy Mode, I can’t join the debate on whether the cards/hands are “fair” or not. Other reviews have plenty of info on that. :) ***** 5 big stars from me for an app that’s helped me fully understand cribbage. With a little more practice, I think I might be able to take-on some native Minnesotans and shock ‘em with a big win!
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8 years ago, Eric_in_OR
Drop 2 hards here
Other than that typographical error, which is surprisingly annoying; I really like this version of the game. The statistics help you learn the discard that will most likely be best. There is a similar analysis for pegging, but it only accounts for the each play, not how you set it up... For example it wouldn't be a suboptimal play to start with a 5, but only a fool does that. Likewise, you may intentionally not select the optimal hand to facilitate better pegging, particularly on the last hand of the game where you know you just need to peg a few points but will never be counting your hand. Standard mode is easy, if you make good statistical choices you should win over 75% of your games. In Pro, the computer starts to make good choices as well, but seems to lose out in pegging by not thinking far enough ahead, so you can still win well in excess of 50%.
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5 years ago, Nobs or Knobs?
Minimal Account for Defensive Play
Maybe this deserved 4-stars, but it undermines my style of play. The way I view cribbage, and I’ve been playing for exactly 3/4 of my life (and I’m a millennial if that matters), is that you shouldn’t always play the most points you can get. It seems to me that is how the computer encourages play. If you have to give up, say 2-4 points in your hand, but are able to give your opponent worse cards in their crib, the point differential is often compensated for. Additionally, there are times where you are best off throwing away “good cards” in order to have better pegging opportunities, notably when approaching the final pegs of the game. It’s mildly frustrating to be told at the end of the game I played my cards incorrectly, when I threw them exactly how I would situationally in a real game. However, it’s a great time passer - I only wish it would save game progress when you close out the app. Happy pegging!
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4 years ago, Pegs With Legs
Love it!
Maybe I am easier to please than some of the other reviewers. Yes, it does seem as though Pro scores an inordinately high number of high scoring cribs, and yes, it does seem as though Pro more often than not has the card needed to score in pegging. That said, the game is very realistic, imho, and Is an enjoyable challenge. I especially like the end of game summary where I find out what “mistakes” I made. I don’t pay that much attention to the discard “errors” because I have won several times with multiple “errors”. The pegging errors are helpful to see. Still waiting for a 29 hand from either side. Did score a 28 just once in several hundred games. For lack of a human opponent, this game fills the void quite nicely. Might like to be able to opt for manual counting so I could hear Pro yell “Muggins!” 😯
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7 years ago, cbfleabiscuit
It's OK
For learning the game I believe it has a lot to offer. It will teach you how to hold and discard cards. The analyzer and hints can help you look at a hand with a different perspective. However, the best hand odds perspective isn't the same as strategy. For instance, if a player and the program are both close to pegging out your strategy may have nothing to do with a highest scoring hand. You are only looking to cross the finish line first. I feel cribbage has one, if not the best balance of skill and luck required to win a card game. That makes it fun. This is a decent program although it does seem to get rather "lucky" at times. But what do I know, I've only been playing for over fifty years, and maybe it feels the same about me. The sound effects are a little dull and sparse. If they were brightened up it would add to the pleasure of playing it. Download it.
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3 years ago, Bowie8
A bit unrealistic
While this is an easy way to pass some time, the algorithms that this app uses to generate hands is nowhere close to real life. If playing in the “Pro” mode the computer will usually score 8-12 points in flushes alone (and good flushes that have several points beyond besides the flush count). That doesn’t happen in real life cribbage on such a regular basis. I also echo other comments about the pegging, if I play a 10 count card to start, the computer has a 5 most of the time. The computer will do some things that most folks wouldn’t consider such as starting the pegging by playing a 5 when there are multiple other options to start with, happy to take the two points as it won’t lead to a 3 card run or trips for 6. Graphics are very good, game play is quick if you set it up that way, but only 3 stars for unrealistic play.
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2 years ago, E! for cribbage
Great way to learn and fun!
This app was recommended by a friend for the best to learn. Using “easy” mode and hints, I felt competent in a few hours, playing “standard” the next day, and “pro” the following. The next day I played a veteran cribbage player and skunked her! The computer play seems balanced to me. However, after I put cards in the crib, the computer occasionally disagree with my choices. Sometimes I see something I missed, and sometimes I disagree with and override the computer. I do like how the computer shows you suboptimal moves after the game. I’ve learned to be more astute about my cards. This app has made me a very good and competent player very quickly. I’d rather play with a person, but enjoy playing the computer.
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6 years ago, Gnarly Erik
I got this app to help improve my playing and I have to admit I think it has done that. But there is something odd and unsettling about it. I've played a good bit of cribbage in my time and this app doesn't feel like a real game, which is what I was looking for. The deals seem too 'pat', and not like you'd actually get if you were playing a real game. Also, it bothers me that the computer's 'hand' can't be checked, so the player can't tell whether it is what was actually 'dealt' at the beginning of each play. The natural (slightly paranoid) suspicion is that the simulation might be reacting to the playing to stack its own plays to come out with an end result in line with what it decided your level of play is, or should be. I don't know how that could be handled in a computer simulation, but I'd feel a lot more comfortable about the app if it could. I guess I should not complain about a free app, but there it is.
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4 years ago, craigersg
Well built but slanted toward the dealer
This game is definitely tilted in favor of the computer. I noticed an inordinate amount of 5-pairs, 6-7-7-8 runs, and 4-5-5-6 runs going to the computer. This especially happened at the end of the game when I had a slight, and sometimes, very large lead only to get overcome by an improbable Hail Mary. I actually took screen shots of this phenomenon 3x and sent it to an experienced player with significant insight. His response was no different than mine; something seemed amiss. So I did a test. I used the “hint” on every discard for over 100 games. I looked at the stats and here is what I concluded: I clearly out-pegged the computer but was slightly under-performing on the cribs. However, I was decidedly under-performing on hand counts, in spite of the computer optimizing my discards via the hint button. Net result: a 43% win ratio against the Pro level. This smells bad. I’m moving on.
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7 years ago, JMarley
Great game but Pro mode is Not logical
This game has many great features. The animations, the style and overall play is great. However it is overshadowed in Pro mode by the Pro seeming to get 12-16 points per hand when you are stuck with 4-6 point hands regardless of what you discard. My last loss to the Pro I had two suboptimal discards. I ended up with 3.4 points but could have had 3.6 points. The cut almost always goes the Pro's Way. For example. The last game played the Pro had 87 hand points to my 56. The Pro almost always had an answer to your plays. You pair the Pro and they will triple it. You triple and low and behold they have the miraculous 4th card. Fine tune the Pro and this game will he outstanding. Despite these Pro flaws it is still a fun fun game and the best Cribbage game out there. I still highly recommend it! Download and play away!
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6 years ago, D Rohlinger
I’m enjoying the game as I am learning to play it. The teaching methods are very easy and get you to think about what they are doing so you can figure out everything that they have done. Before long you are able to think what to do and then get the hint to see if you were correct or not. You also get a rating of how you did in the playing the cards with the computer trying to get to 31 total points. The rating lets you know if you could have played a better card during that time. The whole thing is teaching very well. Then you can shut off the help and play different skills and see how you do. I haven’t got even near that stuff but I bet it is the same quality as what this part is. Try and see.
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9 years ago, sherkugawa
Great Cribbage game
This is a very realistic game, even at the pro level. The easier levels are fine and the pro level is only different in that the hands are more difficult to figure out what to do with. The pro does not seem to have an obvious advantage unlike other games I've played. Feedback allows you to recognize your mistakes and learn to improve your play. I am revising my review. Ignoring that the numbers of pairs the computer is able to get during play is beyond belief, the game has two other major flaws. It frequently, not always, does not count the points for a flush for either the computer or the player. Also, it does not count points correctly. I thought I was getting short changed on points and last night I confirmed that it only gave me 8 points for a 10 point hand. I would rate this lower if not for the excellent counseling on misplayed hands.
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3 years ago, totallyfrozen
No access to support
I wanted to give this game 5* but the tutorial has technical problems with the way the text and images are displayed. I attempted to contact Developer Website through the App Store and was looped back to the app purchase screen. Then I attempted to contact the developer online and was brought to a screen with game ads for their other games, and no link to contact them for this game or any kind of tech support, feedback, or communication. Cribbage is complicated to figure out for a new player just walking up to the game. When I tried to use the in-game tutorial, the second panel displays a hand of cards, but the text is white so the text blends in with the cards on the screen and is not legible. With no support and no links to provide feedback, I have to rate the app low regardless of how fun the game might be. I’ll have to consult resources outside of the app or the developer to learn how to use the app. That’s unacceptable.
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4 years ago, alaeloa
Strong Tutorial Support
The program is simple & easy to play. Although there is no multiplayer format and no visual game board included, the upside is that it allows more room and larger images of all the cards and the count-score areas for both peg-hands & player cumulative scores. So it’s easy on the eyes if you choose to play on your cell phone The biggest asset is the game’s tutorial for discarding cards to the crib. If you are looking for an over-the-shoulder teacher in a 1-on-1 cribbage match, THIS IS I t! I’ve been playing cribbage for well over 50 years and was taught by an excellent instructor - my dad. So I consider myself to be an advanced-intermediate player. Yet the tutorial has, at times, positively humbled my risky choice of strategies, which has improved my total point scoring.
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2 years ago, Dudley's Mom
Perfect For Me
I am a just learning player. I tried another app before this. It did not work for me because it gave me no time to count my score. This is perfect for me. I can go at my own speed to figure out my score and my opponent’s score. When I think I have done all I can, it gives me a score hint I missed. At the completion of a game, I am shown where I may have scored more than I did by my choices of what I put in the crib. Most times I think “I did pretty well” other times I am shown how a better choice would have considerably raised my score. I highly recommend this app for learning the game. It is a most valuable tool. Easy to use and fun. I chose the easy level which works best for me right now.
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5 years ago, cindyin Houston
Pretty accurate
I’ve now played 437 games, and I find my winning percentage a bit high, (57%). I find my average hand (8.1) and crib (4.6) scores to be about where I would expect, but pegging 3.8 points per hand seems high. The computer seems to miss a few things in the pegging strategy. Also, the ratio of skunk wins in my favor is way too high. I have 35 skunks in 247 wins, but I’ve been skunked maybe ten times at most. That’s not close to what happens in real life. One other thing that seems like a bit of a glitch, is the amount of times the computer cuts Nibs. Pretty much once a game. I’ve cut the Jack no more than a dozen times since I started. Seems it’s statistically coming up normally, just never for me. One thing that would be a real improvement would be to show your opponent’s statistics as well. Fun pastime overall.
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5 years ago, Boyden05
Great Game!!
I learned cribbage on my first deployment and had such a great time. But over the years I could never get anyone in my family to play with me so I forgot how to play. I came across this game and decided to give it a shot and the instructions were impeccable. It made it so easy, I have since taught my son how to play using this app. He loves cribbage now. It even trumps his video games when I bring it up. I allowed him to use the discard analyzer to help with difficult hands. You know the hands when you receive nothing but good cards and you don’t want to get rid of any of them but have to. The discard analyzer works great! Fun and easy. The high level games are pretty intense. You have to be very methodical when you play. Overall this is a great game!!
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1 year ago, Jet@26
Excellent game!
I’m very new to cribbage - took a class (once a week for 6 weeks). The teacher was amazing in his expertise of the game! I’d love to get out and play with other people but I’m still too green and making rookie mistake. I’m using the “easy” game so I can build up my confidence. I’ve been making my own choice for discards cards then I’ll hit “hint” and 9 times out of 10 I made the right choice so confirm it. When I don’t make the right choice I study my hand again to figure out why my selection would have gotten me into trough. I’ll probably stay on “easy” for a while to get a little better but then look forward to the more challenging features of the game. Thank you!
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2 years ago, cruzermomof3
Upon the advice of a friend, who started teaching me cribbage, I got this app. I have never played before but always wanted to learn. I find this app to be extremely helpful and fun. I sincerely appreciate the tutorial side of it teaching me how to strategize. Although, there are times when I ignore the crib suggestions and have ended up doing pretty well with both pegging and crib points. I have moved up from the easy level to the standard level and appreciate the step up in difficulty. I still have a lot to learn but I must say I have won over 90% of the games played thus far. All in all, I love this app and will continue to play so I can better my skills and beat my friend when we play.
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5 years ago, mmmmbibibiok
Best cribbage app for counting
I appreciate the manual scores. Only thing that I can think of is that if you play (at least for pro level) Muggins, the computer never miscounts. Other than that, my mom runs a cribbage club and says my stats on this game are good. Of course, the cards aren’t always as good in real life but humans also shuffle the cards IRL. This really helped me learn to play and I love the discard analyzer because you can see min/max score possibilities. Great for seeing sub optimal plays once the game is over though it would be kind of cool to see what score you ended up getting with the suboptimal play because playing with a person you know can affect how you discard into someone else’s crib. Just a thought! Anyway, thanks for this app!
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8 years ago, Maharajah2
Good not Great
All in all this is a pretty good cribbage game. On the pro setting the computer plays well and the counting, for the most part, is accurate. There are a few significant flaws which keep it from getting five stars however: 1. The game will miss the occasional flush. It does not happen often, but it does happen. For the reviewer who wrote earlier that you need five cards, that is incorrect. A four card flush in your hand should still give you four points. 2. The discard analyzer is straight up wrong sometimes. When looking at what the minimum and maximum score are, it gives you incorrect information so it is hard to trust to discard analytics at all. For example, a hand of 7788 has a minimum score of 12, however, the discard analyzer gives it a minimum score of 10. 3. The incidence of huge scoring hands is completely out of line with reality. The computer gets hands of 20+ points far often than it should and I have even gotten many more than I would if I played that many games in reality. All in all, it's still a fun game, but 4 stars is as high as I'd go. I'm not complaining; after all it's free. However, if you play enough games the minor flaws are a little irritating.
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