Cribbage JD

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1 month ago
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User Reviews for Cribbage JD

4.73 out of 5
12K Ratings
4 years ago, tommy w 22
It’s all in the cards
I only play the computer. The randomness of the cards seems much much better than the other free cribbage app I was using. After playing a few hundred times this past year I’ve decided the hands do not repeat to any annoying degree as was the case on the other app. That said, I still detect a predictability somewhere in this game. In hands where you must make the choice between being conservative/defensive or more daring/hopeful as to cards put into opponent’s crib, being daring plays into what seems (too often) to be a setup for the opponent getting ahead. By saying “setup”, I am imagining there is a bias in the program that punishes risky crib contributions. 5 point crib flush has never happened either for or against, which is unnatural in my estimation, so I’ve learned to ignore the possible outcome from a same suit crib contribution. Conservative solid play is how to get ahead in the stats with this cribbage app. It’s teaching good habits.
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2 years ago, Matt Kiernan
Decent game with some flaws
Overall, I like this game as it has a good design and relatively quick pace. A few issues have knocked it down a few stars for me. 1) The game force wait time with ‘Go’. I don’t need to wait a couple seconds for it to happen. Also make it more noticeable on screen. 2) Playing online against people, I never want to play with their chosen board. Some are ok, but others are difficult to see. I’d like an option to only play with the board of my choice for my screen. 3) Card distribution. Over the course of thousands of hands, it will balance out but on a game by game or hand by hand basis, it’s laughable. There’s something off with the array shuffle algorithm or the random seed. Statistically, too many 3/4 of a kind and 5/6 card straights dealt in hands each game to be realistic. Looking at Cribbage hand distribution charts shows it’s just not going to happen every other game like this. The point at which I stopped taking it seriously was playing online and someone had 3 straight 20+ point hands (excluding peg/crib).
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7 months ago, gilJamesBear
Rich features for a deep experience
Near perfect mobile cribbage game. I love the ability to see the best cards to throw for a given hand, and the breakdown with minimum, maximum, average, and crib average. It might be nice if the “score” wasn’t based on the rank of options (100 for best choice, 93 for second best), but rather a comparison of the total average. For example, if the #1 option averages 5.06 points, and what I chose averages 4.98 points, I think that should be scored somewhere around 98% for how close it is to maximal, rather than the 93 is would currently get for being the second best option. It’s a small unimportant change, but I think it makes more sense.
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4 years ago, eldoublee99
Cribbage jd
Good enough to keep me from looking for another version. The play is unnecessarily too slow. When pegging, if one player has played their cards, the game takes the time to give them a chance to play, then says go and then cycles to the other player who is looking to unload their final cards and has tapped on them at least 8 times. The process only takes about a second give or take but is a waste. In a live game, if one player has no cards, the other player throws down the remaining card(s) all at once and doesn’t take the time to check. Also when pegging , if I am not holding a card that would make a play of 31 or less, there should be an instant notification saying so. Not your turn, 1 sec, oh you cannot play. Why is this not done so? Yes the video game is undeniably faster than a live game even if shuffling and dealing where somehow made instant but still why do we have these redundant pauses in the game? Clean it up
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4 years ago, Gary. VP
Very enjoyable - 5 stars
We had a group of 4 guys get together weekly to play 4 handed. We also got together with our spouses on a monthly basis to play 8 handed. With covid-19, we haven’t been able to get together so your program has enabled us to at least play each other online. I find your program is easy to set up, play and is very accurate. Now all you have to do is help us play our 4 handed game. Thanks again for helping us stay in touch with our cribbage partners. I have also been able to play my grandson, which is absolutely fantastic.
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6 days ago, Crib2021
Terrible app
Cribbage is a great game, but that app completely ruins it. The higher rating you are, the worse your card luck gets. I’ve slowly made my way up to Master, and now have about a 2-20 record over my last 22 games, only having been dealer to start for 2 of those 20. Seriously how brain dead do these developers have to be for a player to not start with the deal that many times in a row. It’s ridiculous. Not to mention the card luck. Everyone knows this game is mostly card luck as long as you know which cards to keep and play for the most part, so how can a player go 6 games in a row without receiving a hand that can earn even 10 points while opponents are getting 12+ points in their hand and crib every other turn. I’m deleting this app and never downloading again. Absolutely pathetic.
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1 month ago, leekathy 13
Game review Cribbage
I’ve played this game thousands of times and years. I did achieve the “perfect hand” as a dealer (53). The only problem I’ve noticed is hands repeat, and sometimes you are set up to lose. You just have to do you best. Normally, I can tell (within a few hands) how the game will end. I try various , but it still ends the same. The only way you can do as good as possible, is the “play”, and how many points you can get while playing. As you can tell, I enjoy this game very much!
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8 months ago, Refelo
Excellent Cribbage Game
I really enjoy this, JD. Yes, you gotta have ads, but I’m playing often, even on a flight, and not having to pay is a big plus. They’re not frequent, and don’t bother me much. I used to play cards/cribbage often 25 years ago, but the squirts I played with moved away. I got rusty. JD cribbage has shined up my game. “Impossible” is indeed one tough opponent, but I still win 15-20% of the time, and “he” has made me a better player for the occasion when I can get the board out. Thanks for all the fun!
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2 years ago, Ricky Rivia
Awesome Cribbage App
Great online integration, amazing stat system, achievements are a wonderful challenge. My only qualm is that some achievements require exact hand/pegging/crib/round scores. If you score higher than the highest achievement, you don’t receive it unless you get exactly what the achievement says. In some cases it makes sense, like scoring and 18 or a 1 hand because they are very rare. However, I’d like to get all of the pegging achievements since I pegged a 19. I can’t believe I did I don’t even remember it, but it’s in my stats.
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2 months ago, ‘Drea2469
An interesting aspect of this game
I’ve really enjoyed playing this game. Everything about it—gameplay, card distribution, level of difficulty works well IMHO. One aspect I found very interesting; while I am playing against the Computer (not a person) it will occasionally make comments thru chat!! Like “well played” or “wow” etc… Guess AI is already everywhere. This is a great,well-made game & very fun to play! I totally recommend
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1 year ago, Bigbird0822
Better then most Cribbage Apps out there!
I find that the hands do repeat plus at a percentage of 98% I can pretty much tell how the up card value is going to be based on the hand I’m dealt. I find it pretty much gives you a nodge in how to play/throw your cards to the crib. I’d prefer to count out the hands but you can knock out 3-5 games in ten (10) minutes at least that what I experience when I’m playing a friend in a private room. Been playing Cribbage since I was in diapers and now I’m old and in diapers again playing Cribbage🤣😂👍🏻
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1 year ago, DD from SD
Wonderful app, but …
I agree with Tommy, who wrote “It’s all in the cards”. There is just one glaring oversight that I recently noticed … if you ‘bounce’ to another app in the middle of a game, you can’t resume it. Rather than offering a ‘Resume previous game’ option, the app simply resets to the opening screen when you return to it. The game play, randomness of the cards, scaling of the program’s ‘skill’ at different levels are all great —- I’m currently playing “Insane Monkey” on a regular basis … and the next level beyond that recently opened up for me.
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2 years ago, AbnerDoublday
Don’t expect a fair deal
The only thing random about this game is the choice of opponent. Aside from that, the cards are ridiculously predictable. You can go on a winning streak that would get you thrown out of Vegas, then go on a prodigious bender of a losing streak. The ways in which you can win or lose games are boggle the mind. Add to that the astronomical amount of points routinely dealt out and you’ve got a game that is laughable. So if you really want a game that deals a fair hand, go somewhere else. That said, there a great many more cribbage games available that are mostly for children. So choose your poison. This game gives and takes in equally bizarre fashion.
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12 months ago, Splashy jay
Great app, with one complaint
I love this app. Enough to give it five stars, but I've got one complaint. I play this game all the time and it allows me to play cribbage (my favorite game!) with people because often no one at home wants to play 10 games in a row with me... My complaint is that when you send messages in-game, they cover up your hand if you're selecting what to put in the crib. It's just enough that it's hard to see the first card's number on the top because of the text box getting in the way.
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3 years ago, Wilki.85
Not random
I don’t believe the cards to be random especially at the end of the game. When you are close to pegging out with a big lead, the opponent always seems to get that huge hand to get the win. It happens very often. Also, there are very few low scoring hands which happens frequently with real cards. This app seems to always cut the card that helps both players. The game is also coded to keep the average at 1000. When you start climbing, the game will give opponents wins to bring you back down. It’s too bad the cards are not random because this game has a great format and it’s better than a lot of other apps. It’s more aggravating than fun because it is rigged.
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2 years ago, Frustrated at six
Fun and frustrating!
The cribbage app is fun to play, and most players are encouraging and polite. Some are not. I’ve played a few “casual” games for practice where players treat it as a dating app, and that is weird. It is frustrating at times when your cards aren’t great, but that happens to everyone. Sometimes the ratings are misconstrued as I’ve won games that have been recorded as losses. Im sure there are always kinks to work out as with other apps. Overall, it’s the best cribbage app I’ve tried, and I’ll keep playing!
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3 years ago, timmetalgod
Not random at all.
I agree with many others that this game is rigged. It’s coded to even out the players and to give the underdog a Hail-Mary in the last rounds. I’ve been playing cribbage forever and I’ve never experienced so many 20 plus hands as you do in just a few matches. AND, It’s almost guaranteed that the player that’s behind will get 14+ points in the last 2-3 rounds. That just doesn’t normally happen in the real game. This cribbage app is sort of a joke compared to the real world of cards. Pathetic that the developer stoops to this level of balancing the players.
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4 years ago, tombo lahaina
It would be nice if you had a reverse button / crib selection /some time count hit wrong card / for those that want to go fast / but maybe shouldn’t !!! Everyone’s a bit different !!! Your holding the cards so it’s different !!!! Do you play CRIBBAGE ?????? 😲😃I do like the game !!! What is crazy nija? Ok should be pretty easy !!!! I could talk through it 😲😃💪🏽👍🏽. (R). (P) ok thanks !!!! Not to long pleases Test it out !!!!!! Maybe a whole new game Iam looooking for interesting work !!! GRD/cribbage champ MAUI 👍🏽💪🏽/ Going Colorado feb 22 TOURNAMENT !!! One “29” ALOHA FROM LAHAINA TOM🖼🖼🖼🖼🖼MITCHELL 🕺
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2 years ago, BZN Zeke
I used to play cribbage years ago, and wanted to get back into it. I had forgotten all the rules, how players take turns, the point counting system, etc so downloaded this app for a “refresher course”. I now play at least one game daily over my morning coffee! The part I really like is the “explanation” part—If you don’t understand how a certain round tallied up, it will explain to you, point by point.
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4 years ago, R3d_Come7
Cribbage on the GO!!
Loving this app for not only its accessibility, but also for giving you the details of the scoring. It is a really good Cribbage app that allows you to play solo or online. Different avatars, card decks, and cribbage boards are available through in game currency that you accrue through reaching milestones/achievements in your cribbage playthrough’s such as 5 game win streaks. Like Cribbage?!? Have 10 minutes to kill?!? Download and play!! Thank you for making this app. 👏🏼
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5 years ago, Pjspookie
Really good way to hone your skills or to learn cribbage. I have not played on line as yet. The game levels are on par with someone of said experience. It can be a really fast paced or casual time. Scoring is as one would expect a game would be in reality. Some awesome hands at different times to either player. In upper experience levels play evens out after a player gets a strong hand. Most games are fun to play. Winners vary throughout. For a free app it is definately agood choice.
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2 weeks ago, ForestShore
The only Cribbage App I’ll play
I’ve been playing this for years. I’m an old lifetime cribbage player who lost all my cribbage playing friends. Cribbage JD has really become a part of my daily life. It’s clean, to the point, and challenging. I like that you can play either against a real person or the computer. JD has done a great job with updates. I highly recommend this app if you love playing Cribbage.
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7 months ago, Applauseav
Keeping the family tradition alive
My 94 year old father and I play this game on our phones every night and have done so for over four years. We are geographically distant from each other so it’s so great to be able to continue in the family cribbage tradition despite the many miles. This app is far superior to others we’ve tried. Thank you JD Cribbge developers.
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1 year ago, Bobby Cribbage
Not a random shuffle
This game is decent. The graphics and the ease of playing are wonderful. The problem with this particular app is the higher level you get to, the shuffle is stacked against you and it’s not random. I’m guessing that’s how they compensate for making it harder for you is by giving the app the better hands. It’s not even close to being a random deal as you move up the levels and is very frustrating. I have moved on to other apps because of this issue.
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2 years ago, FairlyInnocuous
Decent Gameplay, Weird Online Players
I downloaded this game to play in my company’s casual tournament. While practicing against random online players in “Casual” games, I got several opponents who wanted to flirt or use the game as a dating app. I don’t have a photo or any personal info posted. I’ll keep playing against the bot or personal friends and co-workers I know IRL, but I’ll be staying away from random online games.
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3 years ago, Marci28
Great game
Love that you can concentrate on the plays and not the counting! This is a fast moving game. I either play HARD or CRAZY NINJA and solely concentrate on the moves and not the countingBoth HARD AND CN compliments a well played hand (computer generated). Being computer generated comments do mean something cuz when a play a good well played hand it will tell you. Stupid plays aren’t, so well played hand do make you feel good. 5 stars here
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2 years ago, Maine04021
Fun game but be patient.
Overall a fun game. I have noticed that when playing your last two cards, and it’s your turn to go first, always play the higher value card and that will be the right move 90% of the time. Also, the time it takes for the computer to decide who can play the next card seems too long.
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3 years ago, jackacered
Better than nothing.
This app was fun for a while. After a few months, like all cribbage apps, obvious patterns start to emerge. You can tell when the app is trying to keep an opponent close in score to compensate for their poor pegging. There are bots in online play that are impossible to beat. After a while you run out of things to spend your coins on. Now that I have a pile of coins with nothing interesting to spend them on, I can no longer win an online match. Odd coincidence? Who knows…..I’ll just head over to Gramma’s and enjoy a real game.
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3 years ago, player3480
Algorithm Bugs
I love to play cribbage. This app is probably the best out there so far but has some significant bugs in the system that can send you from Black shield to beginner status in no time. It would be a significant improvement if cards were chosen at random as in real life. Playing against the computer seems to have more random hands than playing against others. Can’t give it 5 stars but will give it 4.
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3 years ago, Luckystarr53090
Absolutely great
I have been looking for people who play cribbage for years. I cannot seem to get my husband to play the game at all. He has zero interest in it. I found this game app the next best thing to playing to a real person. I seem to pick up on a lot of things I did not pick up while playing with real people. I figure out different angles of how to get higher hands by what to keep in my hand.
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2 years ago, Tookerhill
Fair Deal Only So Far
It appears to be fair and relies on skill and knowledge of the game - until you get to the Impossible level. At that point it is impossible because the deck is stacked. The house gets 16-20+ EVERY hand - while I go through an entire game without even one double run. That IS impossible with an honest deal. It will let you win one in ten but the house cheats the other nine.
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8 months ago, Manuel deDoof
Enjoyable fun
My statistics show I’ve played 541 times at Crazy Ninja level with a 67% win rate. That seems pretty balanced to me. My grandfather taught me how to play years ago. I hope to do the same with my grandchildren when they are a bit older. Although they live in other states I believe the online play option should allow us to play together. I expect to find ads. What’s nice here is the option to watch ads for points to change decks, game boards, etc. Thank you JD Software for putting so much thought and effort into this enjoyable, well thought out rendition of a classic board game. It has proven to be worth so much more than what I paid for it!
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2 years ago, zoman1z
Impossible level is where the computer becomes a god
Started looking only at the cut to see how many more points the computer averaged than me over 50 games. It average +30 per game just on the cut card. That is not superior play. That is a rigged deck! That is to say nothing about the percentage of cuts it wins to get the deal at the beginning of games or all the miraculous random cards to double up, end on runs or hit 31 exactly. I have neither the time or inclinations to track it. Wondering if pay apps are more realistic because this is not.
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3 years ago, PoePoeGrande
Absolutely not random…
I have played over 900 games “on-line” and it is definitely not a random game. Every time I get to the master level I stop getting hands. I play a lot of cribbage, including tournaments, and I have never seen a series of hands like the ones that are dealt after you make it to master level. I have gone 6 games without a playable 5. Seriously, 6 entire games. This is a fun app as long as you don’t take it seriously and just want to practice technique and counting, other than that, it’s not a serious game.
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4 years ago, Hamlytrex
Almost a great app but...
One. It would be nice to see which friends are online when inviting. Two. If somebody throws in the towel because they’re getting whipped too bad I shouldn’t have to wait for a long dragged out finish before I’m declared the winner. Three. I wish there was an option to play 61 point. Four. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could rate players? You know, applaud the ones who see it through and bash the ones who drop out early because they’re having a bad run! Five. Put a flag next to the players emoji for their country. It’s cool to play people on the other side of the planet! Six. There’s a few more little tweaks that could make the game awesome but don’t get me wrong I really enjoy it. I only tried 2 other cribbage apps before and I like this one the best. Thanks
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3 years ago, asutalo
Great game wish I could add a picture that isn’t from fb I don’t have fb so no picture for me . Also the hole pulling the Jack and it saying his “heels “ is incorrect. It’s “knobs” when the Jack is pulled on your crib. Wish they had a setting that would let you count your own cards , and also mug the opponents if they miss count. Other than that the game is great .
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4 years ago, shawzola
Fun game
I really enjoy playing this game. I like all the graphics and I like that the game calls out the points an allows you to ask for an explanation of the count. I wish I could log in put up my picture even though I don’t do Facebook. I wish the cards would stay just a little longer after the game totals the scores. I don’t want to ask for an explanation every time I just like to count myself sometimes. Great game though, really
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6 months ago, Cread494
Are you any good?
I play cribbage everyday at lunch and have for many years. I play in tournaments quite often. This app is either hot or cold. You can win a lot then you can’t get a hand to save your life. It is very frustrating to be a street ahead only to lose to a last minute 24 hand and a 20 crib. Yeah that happens. Never think you have the game in the bag with this app. Right now I am on a 12 game losing streak. Oh and if you don’t get the cut, you already lost. Keep that in mind. JD has a lot of fixing to do to make this app even close to real.
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2 years ago, Dr. Hafaar
Shuffle option
I need to know I have at least some impact on the cards I am dealing. Please add a shuffle button for online play. Maybe max it out at 3 or 4 shuffles for online. Otherwise it feels like the winner is predetermined before the game starts. Also if you can cut for deal you should be able to cut the top card. I do like the app though good animations, chat feature is solid, and the stats you can collect are unbeatable.
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3 years ago, Jake2:1
Great game overall
I love playing this game, and it’s easy to pass time with. It’s very educational for beginners as well. I would say it could use some updates to its online ability, which is why I’m giving it 4 stars. The push notifications and game invites don’t always work, but it’s not a huge inconvenience. Overall, there are a few things that need to be cleaned up, but the game is very enjoyable otherwise
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1 year ago, Ag5172
Pretty good with some flaws
You should be able to play with the board of your choosing. Messages that appear on the screen should only be for you not the other players messages as well. It should be made more apparent whose turn it is. Not sure if the cards are truly random, scores seem higher than when I play with real cards.
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4 years ago, Kannman
Great game, better than others I’ve tried
Worth the download. I forgot how to play. I used to play a lot on the computer with a friend but had to completely relearn. This version was great. Easy to see the peg board, easy to understand the scoring, and quick, easy and fun to play on your own.
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3 years ago, Fairyappgirl
Best Cribbage App I’ve Found
I play online and random games and I can always find someone to play with. The screen is easy to see, and it’s got a pretty smart layout for viewing all of the parts of the game. I never see any lag or issues, or any buginess. What more could you ask for?
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3 months ago, kukucocopu
I have been playing Cribbage, the actual card game, for most of my adult life. I’m not that big a fan of card games, however I thoroughly enjoy a good game (or two) of cribbage! It was with great delight when I was introduced to playing online! I would venture to say that I am very happy with this opportunity to play & very grateful for your website! Thank you!
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2 years ago, Snail and Scooter
Cribbage Review
I enjoy playing the game against other opponents. My concern is that the deck of cards does not seem as random as it should. I have seen games where myself and opponent have been dealt the same hand up to 3 times in a row. The suits my be different, but the numerics were the same.
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2 years ago, Tom Foto
Too many wins & then too many losses
The cards can be predictable so the game favors the conservative player. I’ve enjoyed the app but don’t like the run of wins & then the run of losses. Most games I have zero control if I am going to win or lose. I have played over 2k matches & I worked my way up to Grand Master now I’ve had a severe losing streak that has brought me to the Diamond level. I’m about ready to delete the app.
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4 years ago, singing dogma
Great learning tool
My Mom loves to play Cribbage but we did this so infrequently I kept forgetting the rules. The Explain feature of JD Cribbage has helped me to pick this up quickly. Mom installed it too and now we can both play when we’re not together! I wish it had a “help” feature to guide my discard choices though. 🙂
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10 months ago, RAD131311111111
Good game
I have really enjoyed learning the game of cribbage with this app. Since I’m learning, I’ve been mostly playing the computer. I have had mixed reviews playing online with others. I’ve only played online three times, one player left early, the second player was a predator, but the last one was a fun game.
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1 year ago, Downtown.parker
Someday I’ll beat my inlaws, thanks to this app
I’m late to the cribbage game, and my spouse comes from a family that loves playing any game. This app has helped me strategize better and learn to play faster and smarter. However, playing with my inlaws is like playing at the “Impossible Ninja” level ALL the time.
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9 months ago, LOL139
When playing VS computer hardest game(Impossible),nearly impossible to win. Hands you receive are about normal but “Impossible” hands are laughable. Multiple 16+ hands per game, multiple same suit hands, not to mention the fact that he seldom misses cut card that doesn’t benefit his hand & crib. Pretty decent game just for practice, while keeping expectations for winning on the low side.
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