Cribbage Pro

4.7 (55.8K)
158.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Fuller Systems, Inc.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cribbage Pro

4.71 out of 5
55.8K Ratings
9 months ago, AndreaDUpontparker
Amazing for any player, a few suggestions
This app is fantastic for me who is just learning and my friend who are expert players love it too. One feature that would really help newer players is an option for an explainer of the opponent score or the auto score when playing a single player game. Often it’s unclear how the score was arrived at and if you’re new and trying to practice scoring that would help. Also there is a scoring bug in single player. When scoring manually and playing the app player sometimes the app player’s score is wrong. It isn’t counting all the potential points. In one case I saw it miss a run. In another it missed a 15 with the flip card. If you click “home” to exit the game and then resume the game the score is correct when you return. So it may be a caching issue or some other session issue.
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7 years ago, Glickster49
Not realistic deals reduces enjoyment quit a bit
Updated Update: this game has become too unreal for enjoyment. I am going to seek another option. Name for 'advanced' changed to 'brutal' but that belies what the game is. The game is unrealistic and tests not one's ability to play the game but one's tolerance for the computer receiving unbelievably good hands a non-randomly measured percent of the time. Frankly, 'brutal' really means 'brutally out of touch with reality'. And it seems to be getting worse. Frankly, it is taking the fun out of playing. While I enjoy playing this App a lot, at the advanced level it does not come close to reality. Just be prepared to lose 60% of the games regardless how well you are doing as the app will consistently catch 12, 14, 16 and more points in hand and juicy cribs as well while you scrounge out your best with crappola hands. Skill plays a part in cribbage but nowhere near as much as luck and the app has odds defying luck. "Advanced" should have to do with knowledge and skill. Cribbage depends A LOT on the cards one is dealt. At the Advanced level, Cribbage Pro takes a significant detour from reality. Better and more realistic randomizing of the cards to represent reality would make it more enjoyable. I do think it is the best of the cribbage apps I have tried but it just does not come close to reality and that is a shame.
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4 months ago, ballson chin
Excellent Game. Two rules-based issues though
I love this app. Hands down the best cribbage app in the App Store. There are two rules related issues I have spotted though. The first is that the game sometimes awards a player a point for last card AND a point for a go. I’ve played at least 500 games & have only seen seen this happen when the last card is a jack, paired onto another jack—but, without further knowledge or monitoring, this issue could be more widespread. The second rules issue relates to skunking & double skunking. A player is not deemed skunked if he reaches 90 points flat (and 60 points for double skunking). To my understanding, this is not correct. A player must SURPASS 90 points (i.e., reach 91 points) to avoid a skunking (61 points to avoid a double skunking). I’ve only seen this as it applies to 90 points, as I am yet score a total of 60 points on the dot, but I assume the issue applies in both situations. Overall, this is a GREAT app. Just thought it would be a good idea to make the developers aware of the two rules-based issues I’ve encountered.
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6 years ago, carolinamdfr
Developer sold out
Used to be good. Since updating the game, it lost it’s appeal. Would rather play solo TicTacToe against myself than subject myself to this misery. The game is not fun anymore and I’ll try to find a different Cribbage app that is enjoyable. Used to be fair to both sides: now even if you win it’s not satisfying as the “program” picks winners way too lopsided now. The games are rarely close at any level and seem to always result in lopsided victories! I wish that I’d never updated it! The ads are ridiculous, ranging from political to locking in on other pages and making it impossible to go on to any other application without restarting the iPad. After the third time of being locked into an endless loop of games sending you to the Apple Store I’ve decided to write a review so others will know what this app has become. Cribbage pro no longer is any fun: just frustration whether winning or losing, or just locked in an endless advertising loop. I buy almost all of my apps and fully support the developers but am too afraid of what the app would be like given the de elopes history of making the app worse. This app has gone steadily downhill but I would gladly pay twice what they charge for an early version of this even with the old ads!!!!!
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4 years ago, J-Dawn
Great game but...
There needs to be a way to boot a player who has exceeded their time limit and been inactive for more than a few minutes. It’s too easy for people to pad their stats in multiplayer by joining a game and then just not doing anything forcing you to either wait a really long time or forfeit the game. That’s not fair that you should have to forfeit if they’re deliberately not playing. And you can’t rate them if you forfeit so you only see good ratings because of it. Tonight I had a guy pull this and I wanted to see how long it would take. It tried disconnecting him after 20 minutes but he just rejoined and started over. I finally proved more stubborn than him after another 5 minutes, but I have the time to do that right now. Most people don’t. Edit (response to developer response): I absolutely have a time limit set. I set the limit for 15 seconds. It does not boot them but just gives a message that the player has exceeded their time limit. But it doesn’t end the game or do anything but give me a guide to rate them as slow/distracted. The example I gave was a multiplayer game with a 15 second time limit and it was still 25 minutes of nothing.
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3 years ago, MrWissel
Computer opponent will sometimes steal your crib points
On “Brutal” mode, the computer opponent will sometimes steal your crib points. Example: It was my deal. In my crib was a flush of four for four points. I scored the four points, but when I submitted the score, the game pegged the points for the computer opponent. I initially thought that I was just “going crazy” or not paying close enough attention or I just rushed through it and didn’t see it correctly. After the match, I hit the “Deja Vú” button to replay the game. I paid particular attention to that one hand. And sure enough it scored the points for the computer opponent, just this time it scored 2 for the computer and 2 for me. I still should have had all four. I replayed the game several times, and each time, on that deal, some, if not all, of my crib points went to to computer opponent. I have played different matches since then. While it doesn’t happen every match, it happens often enough to make this game infuriating, especially on close matches where those points were the difference between a win and a loss. And, there is not way to “mug” the points back to you or to correct the score.
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1 year ago, JennaS48
Fine game, deleting over the ads
I have had this game for years and have played it. I often play it when I am sitting in my young daughters rooms while she can’t sleep for some reason. It is a quiet low key game that keeps me entertained. Tonight was one such night as we are having severe weather (lightening and thunder that is keeping her awake). We are also under a tornado watch, so having my phone on silent is not a good idea. I have the game play to silent and my ringer to silent, but I do have sound on at least on low in case a tornado alarm goes off. After 45 minutes, I was finally able to leave her room as she passed on enough to no longer be alerted to me not being in the room with the storm. And then an ad popped up with full volume. It isn’t the first one, but it hasn’t been regular in the past until recently. But this one was the last straw. It woke her up. So I had a wide eye toddler who now I have to restart the entire routine with to get her sleep and asleep enough she isn’t noticing I am no longer in the room with her as she is scared.
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3 years ago, PBass
I’m trying to figure out why it’s fixed, but it’s still fun!
I primarily play multiplayer. The game isn’t rigged in the sense that when I lose against a better player, I’m throwing a temper tantrum. But rather, it deals excessively good hands to either me or my opponent. In fact, at this point, I’m pretty sure how the game will play out within the first few hands. Wins can feel cheap and losses totally out of your control. I’ve played a lot of real life cribbage as well, and the disparity in points is glaring. My working theory is that it’s much like the rule changes in the NFL. People got tired off watching games end 7-3 (not me-love some defense!), so they changed the rules to make scoring easier and therefore increase viewership/revenue. I guess players find it more exciting to get 24 point hands out of nowhere, rather than grinding out 4-10 point hands which is much more realistic. That being said, the proof is in the pudding, because I’m totally hooked. There are a lot of good players, the gameplay is smooth, and at least the pegging portion seems realistic.
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2 years ago, BgalCA
Ok game but deals are not random
There is absolutely no way the deals are random. I have a MS in data science and I’ve run numbers on this game. If you play enough you will observe what other reviewers have stated. It’s not only in computer vs computer gaming. I’ve seen the same anomalies in multiplayer mode. An absolutely horrible player who was down 38 point just came back to beat me in the final four hands. I was pegging, on average, 4-5 points per hand on this opponent. My hands were average, but I went totally cold in last four deals. He went insanely hot at the same time, getting 3 low probability cuts his way. I didn’t earn more than 2 points in any hand, including crib. This happens fairly frequently. Statistically the odds of this happening once is low; repeatedly is near impossible. I play as a guest - I don’t share any of my info or link to social media, so the developer generates no useful data off me to sell to marketers. Of course the developer will refute all of this, but it’s common sense. It’s still a fun game if you don’t mind the fact that you’re going to get hosed periodically. Just don’t get too worked up about it.
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3 years ago, TDRuss43
Game fixes matches based on ad views
You can choose to believe the developers if you want, but they’re typically dishonest and actually believe what they’ve created is somehow golden and perfect in every way. Definitely major favoritism towards people who play more often. Played competitively for the season, and towards the end lost nearly 50+ times in a row. At the beginning of the season when I was playing 5 or more times a day my win percentage was above .500, and now that I’m only playing once or maybe twice a day, I lose consistently and have a win percentage below .200. This; as I’m told by other developers who create apps, is because the softwares win/loss algorithms are designed towards giving more winning hands to people who see ads more often. The ads drive up revenue for other developers, and allows the development team themselves to have a “free” play game. I’m deleting this app immediately. I’m not interested, nor do I trust anything that this development team or anyone involved in this dishonest company has to say. Hopefully you can fix the problem and don’t loose anyone else in the process.
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2 years ago, Cheers HD
Game is rigged
I play this game a lot. I also have played for years and I am good. I play Challenging all the time. The algorithm is rigged. It occurred to me that when you go from standard to challenging what toggles that difference? Does it add a second deck, of course not! Does bring in a better computer, nope! It intentionally deals bad hands. You get dealt hands that at best in any combination bar the flip card will give 8 while the computer will get 12 and 20 hands it is rigged, there can be no other way. The amount of times this happens is really quit amazing. I started to track it because it was so bad but happened in to many variations and too often to be able to come up with a percentage. Final example I have tested it against itself by doing what I call “hint play” that is only playing the hints and still get the same result. I still play because of two reasons. One other crib games are worse and even more obvious, two it is so predictable I use it to teach my kid how to play and I can play off of knowing what the algorithm is going to do🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
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7 years ago, silver&black22
The reviews about the computer getting better hands is 100% correct. The developer says that all hands are dealt completely randomly. But the developer does not say the cut is random. It is completely unrealistic how many times the cut helps the computers hand and crib. While the hands may be dealt randomly, the computer knows exactly what’s in each players hand and helps the computer. Also, in multiplayer mode - if you are a new player or don’t play very often- the computer gives better hands to the player who plays a lot of games. They know the player who plays a lot is going to see the advertising more, therefore want them to come back and gives them better hands to win. There is no denying these points, no matter what the developer says.
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5 months ago, That guy!!zdfggcdggf
Okay app, but some suspicious matches
Update to response: Not sure how a random shuffle wouldn’t be the same as a physical deck? What does that even mean? You can cite all of your audits all you want, I’m only giving my experience vs what I see in an in person play and now another app I found, which seems closer to real play. Your single games seem fine, but something “seems” off with competitive match play. Again, good app layout, lot of people clearly like it, but not for me. ——— I’m generally inclined to think reviews about fair gameplay are just bitter people not playing well, however I see a trend. Multiplayer games seems okay, sometimes lucky some times not, from hand to hand. The competitive matchmaking seems off though. Where as you see luck shift from hand to hand in regular multiplayer, the competitive match making competition appear to continually grant better cards to one person over the other for an entire round. In the best of 3 series, it seems one player receives way better cards than the other in a round, then at the start of the next round, the “luck” completely flips. It seems rare that there is a true skill competition for an entire match. I see the developer responses noting fair play, but play several competitive matches yourself and decide. I play a lot in person with friends and it’s no where near the randomness in that format. Overall, the app layout is good, but I might try other apps to see how they compare.
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3 years ago, StrikerTS
Great Learning Tool
I just started playing cribbage last week. I grabbed this game to practice and get quicker at counting. I have spent far too much time in this game since downloading it. I understand the reviews. The amount of times my best hand creates a double run in the computers crib is frustrating and it appears like the computer gets flat dealt double runs into hand 2 or 3 times as often but it doesn’t really matter. Ads only run at the end of the game and they are short, the interface is quick and clean, the hint buttons were so nice especially when I started. My only request would be to have a self counter mode that didn’t penalize me when I got the count wrong. Just as a training tool.
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4 years ago, Austin Son
Bad Algorithm, Predictable Outcomes
For starters the algorithm used is almost predictable to the letter or number in this case. I’d say you lose roughly 7/10 games that you lose the deal. If you have a win streak, you are guaranteed to have an immediate lose streak. For example, if you skunk a player two games in a row, you will almost immediately lose two games by skunk or very close to. The predictability and unrealistic card outcomes ruins the fun. I have not analyzed the exact outcomes but I guarantee if you track your wins/loses, deals, and cards dealt during a streak you will notice the irregularities. When on a losing streak you are continuously dealt impossible hands, 4477J5, opponents crib. It’s just unrealistic and definitely not random in anyway. If you have a bad streak I suggest immediately stop playing and the game usually resets. All in all if you don’t care about random or realistic deals you’ll probably enjoy this game. For me personally I’m looking for an alternative.
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2 years ago, fkeca2748
Predetermined outcomes
Regardless of what the developer says, deals and cuts are not completely random. I have played enough games to be able to predict what the cut card will be. If two players of equal ability square off, the winner is predetermined an it doesn’t take long to figure out if you are the winner or loser. You can tell by the hands you get and the cuts. I consider myself a very good player, but days upon days of practically losing every game is outright impossible. I have been selected as the unchosen one, and will never enjoy a fair shake. If you think about it, these online games must choose winners and losers beforehand or everyone of high level ability would just trade winning and losing equally and no one would rise to the higher levels. Since I have been branded as a loser, I cannot enjoy this game and am deleting it.
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4 years ago, Viggersville
Excellent game. The game could be improved if the computer program was tweaked to make it tougher. The program continues to take the first card if it needs it or not . Then it quickly discards the first card . The program continues to take cards to make pairs when it should only take cards to make three of a kind . It also does not consistently play defense. It discards its single wild cards all the time . This just feeds the cards it’s opponent needs to the opponent. At the end of the game it does not often go down when it gets to ten points . If it always went down when it reaches 10 points or less it would win more often. There you go. Beat the game at a rate of about 80-%. Rsv
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3 years ago, BDAC315
Cribbage Pro
This is an excellent version of the game. More often then not the play is true to the strategy of the game. Sometimes the games get a little "streaky" when you are victimized by a barrage of 12, 14, 16 etc. point hands by the "opponent" and you question the randomness of the cards. But if you play correctly you can hold your own against the "brutal" level and the game is a fun way of passing the time! Recently the game seems to be a little bit more random if not skewed in your favor. Maybe it's my imagination since my winning streaks at the "brutal" level are improving. It's still a lot of fun and a great way to while away the hours but there isn't anything worse than ending the game in the "stink hole".
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2 weeks ago, Danger_Dave_1
This is THE Cribbage app I’ve been trying to find for years!
So many cribbage apps tend to hold your hand with auto scoring, but not this one! There’s no casual play in this dojo. Be ready to manually count and truly earn every point. The in-depth stats and post game analysis are a huge bonus, as is the online play and daily challenge. The graphical design isn’t the absolute prettiest, but it’s still among the best. The interface is top notch, considering the demanding gameplay, and could have easily been botched. Hats off to the devs, I gladly paid for the full access version. *chefs’ kiss*
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7 years ago, Brickman8348
Used To Be Better
I used to think this was a good cribbage app. I like how you can count your own points and enable muggins to make the game extra challenging. However, lately it seems like the game purposely gives the computer really good hands. The kinds of hands both the computer and player used to get were usually pretty even, making it possible to beat the computer if you know how to play and count your cards correctly. However, now the computer constantly gets 12-20 point hands, while I'm struggling to make 6-8 point hands. Plus, I get 0 point cribs several times a game, while that happens maybe once a game to the computer. And that's a big maybe. It would be one thing if this sort of thing happened every once in awhile to the computer. But when it happens game after game, I don't think it's just that the computer is really lucky. It feels like the computer is dealt really good hands on purpose. There's got to be a balance. If either the computer or the player gets really good hands all the time, it's not fun to play anymore since there's no real competition. I've used this app for years, but if this keeps on happening, I might switch to an app that deals more fairly than this one has been lately.
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2 years ago, Not to be trifled with
Love the game and play, but…
I’ll take a slightly different tack in offering the same complaint that has been mentioned before. Many times, the game seems a foregone conclusion within a few hands - the computer opponent gets multiple > 14 point hands in a row (with at least one 20+) - and you know you can’t win. That’s not authentic - though certainly getting consistently outplayed by a better player is. Perhaps there’s a better algorithm than a completely random shuffle - I’ve played >1000 rounds, but that’s a long way south of the maximum shuffles. Maybe some sub-sorts in semi-random groupings of cards? Watch some different human shuffles maybe? Again, a loyal fan, who’s occasionally frustrated.
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2 years ago, No punt intended
Deck is unrealistic
I'm a 30-year cabbage player and have to say that the deck and shuffling are almost always in the computer's favor and unrealistic. In the Go round, the computer always seems to have the right card to hit a run/15/31. In the counting round, the computer always scores much higher in their crib than the player. It seems like the programmers need to look at the software deck shuffling logic and try and make some improvements. Some of the other cribbage apps do a much better job. The different consistent theme I've noticed, after a long enough period of losing on the brutal setting, the app will deal the player huge hand after huge hand, causing you to skunk the PC. It seems like this is a ploy to keep the player engaged long enough to view more ads. I do not recommend this cribbage app and suggest trying some other options.
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5 years ago, Senator503
Don’t listen to the whiners!
You will read many reviews on here that say the AI cheats and gives the computer opponent better cards than the player. The truth is all of those reviewers are not as good of cribbage players as they think they are. Even in brutal mode the cards are totally random for both the player and the computer AI. The computer AI in brutal mode is tough but beatable. I consider myself a good but not great cribbage player and in well over 1,000 games I beat the brutal AI opponent about 55 percent of the time. If you like cribbage and want to play against a challenging opponent, this is the game for you. An easy 5 star review.
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11 months ago, Cwt29
Best cribbage app out there
I’ve been playing this app for years and the new version is the best ever. The play is the most realistic. The board layout is great. With the new stats reporting after every hand and every game, you can really see what happened in the hand. Better yet is the option to statistically evaluate the way you held the hand and your discard - best way to learn to be a better player. To those who complain about fair deals, I can only say that after nearly 4000 games played, I’m at 53% wins. You can’t get that if the deal is skewed.
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10 months ago, Don don 8
Sus player difficulty.
I’ve played cribbage for most of my life, I’ve seen many if not all hands played. The amount of times the “brutal” player difficulty gets hands that are almost statistically impossible to achieve one after another is tiresome. I could be up by 50 and somehow my hand/deal goes ice cold and the CPU gets red hot. The algorithms should never have the CPU come back from 50+ points. Most of the time if someone’s down 20 they aren’t coming back from the game. Especially with 30 points to go and the CPU gets a 20 hand followed by a crib for 18 to somehow come back and win after I go 2 and 2 in my last 3 hands. I’ll be deleting it after this review is done due to the absolute atrocity that is this so called “cribbage game.”
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11 months ago, DoesNotAllow
Bad Updates
I’ve been playing this in the a.m. every day for years. Today I am looking at other apps because of your recent updates. For me, it’s all about look and feel. The board is in-my-face with giant fonts, tiny cards, and a bunch of features no one asked for. The fonts are now bigger than the numbers on the cards. Big, black bars with glaring white serif fonts. When I changed the size of the cards - no option to control the font - they just spread out farther, making the board even more messy. When I use the “re-shuffle” button, it doesn’t react, so I can only assume it is working. What used to be one of 3 daily games I play just became unusable.
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1 year ago, tantanNICK
Recent Login Issue
Firstly I love this game, I’ve played 2000+ multiplayer games and never seen an ad like some have mentioned, and I’d give it five stars any other time, but recently the Facebook login option hasn’t been working. After it prompts me to the Facebook app I get an error message saying “Facebook is updating details for this app. Try again later.” And this has been occurring for weeks now. I’m completely locked out. This might be a Facebook issue and if that’s the case, five stars for being my favorite game. But helppp. I did sent the support email a note about it so hopefully it can get resolved.
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1 year ago, Wumbo55
I love this game as I love cribbage. Graphics are good, multiplayer is good, and the cards are random for the most part. Statistically, there are definitely more runs than if you’re playing with a real deck but not enough to change the results of the multiplayer games. I am now getting rid of this app because the ads are getting longer and longer and longer. At first it would have me watch a short ad before a game and I could X out of the ad after 5 to 10 seconds. Now it’s making me watch 20 to 30 second ads before every single game. Not about that life. So long cribbage Pro.
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1 week ago, tazbob67
I am astonished at how bad your app is, I’m no pro, but the garbage cards that everyone gets blows my mind! Playing for over forty years, the opponents and the computer get what they need when they need it, especially when on the final stretch! I know I’m no expert, or pro player, but I am not that bad a player, in fact, I do really well in live tournaments! I can’t believe this game isn’t rigged! So disappointing and frustrating! Don’t reply with a computer generated response! Won’t believe anything it says! You should do better so people want to play! Complete dumpster fire! Resending because your canned response is a joke, brutal is not a level but a way for the rigging to continue! App gets what it needs and matches your hand almost every time to win consistently! A joke of a game!
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9 months ago, crazyanimalfarm
Seriously great version!
I love that there's no timer, at least in solo play. I wish there was an option for no timer when playing online if both players agree to it. My husband and I play sometimes, but the timer is a little nerve wracking and he's still learning so that makes it difficult. But otherwise this is really a great version. I love the update where it shows the stats of what you chose. I also really love that it breaks the score down for people who are still learning. Thanks for a great game!!
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4 years ago, Salva Gerat
Unrealistic score odds
I agree with Glickster49's review but will also add that the unrealistic hands happen even in multiplayer mode. I've studied the odds (published by mathematicians) of scores in the playing hand and in the crib and the app consistently contradicts what professionals have taken the time to calculate mathematically. I also noticed in single player mode, the app strategically tends to catch up toward the end of the game and when it's the player's crib so even if you have a hand that puts you out, you don't get to count first. Being dealt a playing hand and/or crib with 0 score is not likely. Just about every hand will score at least 2 but not with this app. I also don't care for the "Quit" option in multiplayer. If a player quits, they lose rank but some players force a quit by setting their game to unlimited time then not playing at all. My friends and I play with odds in mind at all times so that gaining a 20 point lead is considered a win no matter where on the board we are. Because the odds of a come back from such a deficit is unlikely and to be honest, this game is only fun when it's close. A one sided game is pointless.
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7 years ago, cubbiedog
This site is so fixed unless you purchase it. I have played crib all over the country and in many tournaments and when I got to a 50 rating on this site, everything came to a screeching halt. I lost 27 straight games with 25/27 never having a hand over 8 and with no 5's. The odds of that are almost nill. Of course they denied the allegation but it is literally impossible to receive so many bad hands for so many games unless it is programmed. Stay away (or don't be any good). Of course the developer denies this is fixed. I just want the reader to know that, since i originally poster, I have lost 18 straight games. What a joke. I have won cribbage tournaments all over the country and the only possible way I could lose this many games is if the cards are fixed. Stay away- takes all the fun out if it.
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1 year ago, Jumpbluesdude
Cheats on brutal setting
I’ve had this game for a few years now. I enjoy cribbage, but one of the last updates caused the game to cheat in brutal mode. I played 21 games in a row and lost every single game the same way. Rounding the 3rd leg the game starts giving me terrible cards that even a good cut couldn’t help, but mostly gives itself double digit points. I once got the same hand twice in a row A, 2, 6, 8, J, K. Always get bad hands in the final turn. This last game I played the computer and I were neck and neck as we approached the turn I got a 6, 8, 2 crib. Computer got a 17, 12, crib, and 20. This is very typical on that final turn. The game was far more random in previous versions. I’m not fond of games that allow you to win too often or lose most of the time. This one is the later.
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12 months ago, Fooldron
Cards Aren’t Random?
I love playing cribbage. It’s a fun game. And I prefer to play against an opponent who is also a good player. However, in order to play against the AI in this game, there are three settings: Normal, Challenging and Brutal. If you choose brutal, you will not play against a smarter opponent however. Instead you will play against an opponent who is consistently dealt 12+ point hands, and you will receive hands that are consistently very low scoring. That isn’t a random deal of cards. That’s like playing against someone who is cheating. A match stacked against you. Brutal? Absolutely. Random? Not at all. Is the AI playing at a higher level of skill? Again, no. In fact, I’d argue LESS skill, because they hands they are dealt are all “dream cards.” I hope someday the game makers can improve the AI opponent instead of using a stacked deal to simulate a more challenging game. If you love cribbage, just know that this game isn’t going to recreate anything close to playing a human opponent. That said, it’s still a fun way to waste time.
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2 years ago, Fick55
My go to crib app!
Sure I’ve played a bunch of games on the brutal difficulty setting and I can say it’s about 50/50 fairness I have won 8 games in a row then lost 8 in a row in my losses I mostly get skunked, so in that standpoint it’s not 50/50 like above , it’s more like 70 player cpu 80, but yet making the right play on a daily basis during the game greatly your odds of winning over the computer’s stupidity. Very dissapointed you haven’t created a low ball cribbage variation yet, I’d like to have that to practice Alison than just regular cribbage.
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11 months ago, Quimbumba
Ratings for inappropriate behavior!
I see why you have ratings….however if someone gives such a rating why do we not have the ability to rebut those ratings….or at least block those people instead of ruining our reputation based on one person’s opinion! I’ve got two of those ratings and I barely say anything to anyone…we should have access to who said those things and why… Maybe that rating should be removed!!! Thanks for listening Paul W
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4 years ago, Dch53
Hate the interface, but the play seem fair and random
The interface I hate. Its like playing a bad video poker in a casino. It is fast, too fast and the interface is in my view is hard to follow. I have another cribbage game where the pace is like playing another player, the cards are animated as they are dealt, the board is 3D, it is a more realistic feeling of playing against a real player. You have a moment to catch up between deals. but the randomness of the deal is very suspect, there are just way too many ‘winning’ hands. This game I find myself always looking around as to what just happen. I don’t like the screen layout or the pace of play. It has the programming done right I just hate the screen layout. Maybe if I play it more I might get use to the interface, but I am not sure. Plus the board is 2D and the pegs are a bad 3D, so I find it hard to track. So even though the dealing is more like a real deck, if find myself playing the other game because it plays at a more pleasant pace.
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2 years ago, CribCrab99999
My family and I play cribbage quite a bit and have been playing for many years so we’re pretty good at it. The algorithms don’t play anything like “real life”. Case in point (which happens without fail… You get a flush draw. The computer somehow not only gets a flush draw but the same suit. This is a glaring issue with this brand. It does not happen like this with other cribbage programs or in our family cribbage games. Anther glaring issue is that the computer player is dealt nearly identical or complimentary hands way too often.
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11 months ago, Garage_band_dad
Levels of play equals……
My epiphany is as follows. If you are playing the computer and this app offers 3 levels of play; standard, challenging and pro, this means that an algorithm either gives you good cards, average cards or extremely poor cards. Why? Can’t you just instruct the algorithm to deal randomly? I don’t want to go into the game knowing I’m going to lose as the computer scores 30 points per round..or knowing I’m gonna win as I’m gonna get 30 points per round. Idk. It just seems senseless to me when you can just randomize every game. Other than that frustration, it is a really good app.
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4 years ago, Dunktastic
Game is NOT rigged
Ok first off this games gets 4 stars because it’s not saving my stats for how epically I beat the computer. I’m a very experienced cribbage player(time in the Navy) and on Brutal level I am pretty much unbeaten by the computer. I don’t do what the “hint” suggests about half the time and I peg pretty consistently. It feels like I’m playing against a real person except that I’m better. If you find yourself losing a lot maybe re think strategy’s, keep cards to help peg more, sacrifice obvious points for more. Don’t blame the programming. Again 4/5 because it won’t save my data for some reason.
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1 year ago, BushCarp82
Does it ever end???
I love this app. So much. But I’ve been playing for ages, just trying to surmount level 99. Does it ever end? Will I get a notification or something saying that I’ve finally eclipsed this insurmountable task? I’m so close. Maybe a few hundred games away, but I’ve already played several thousands. Will I see Level 100? I may never know. I just want to be done playing. I don’t even enjoy it anymore. Just tap tap tappin’ away for an Achievement I may never see.
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1 year ago, Michael177
Advertising is over the top
Way too much advertising. 30 seconds of advertising after every game is abusive. Additionally, you visually obscure the tiny little x to make it difficult to get back to the game. I suggest the developer play other familiar card playing game apps to get a better sense of reality. This app’s advertising is much more than I’ve experienced in other games. If I finish a cribbage game in a few minutes, then have to wait 30+ seconds for the advertisement to play, then have to hunt for the little tiny x to show up to close the add, that’s abusive. I’m not against you having advertising, I am against the way you do it. It ruins the game.
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12 months ago, jdocks777
Fifteen two
I’ve always liked cribbage, and the new format. It would be cool if there was a stat for grade hand average, for all games in this new format versus one game and starts over the next game. Yea I know it’s a useless stat like when sometimes for example: when a sports broadcaster says, it’s the first time ever, player so and so stole 2nd base to 3rd base twice in the same game when the hitter had an 0-2 count in the second game of a 3 game series. And he’s the only one on the list. Useless stat.
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2 years ago, Me0186
Question Games Realism
I’ve played cribbage for the better part of forty years now. First, I would question the three different levels of play, the cards are should be dealt the same way whether one is a beginner, amateur, pro unless there is something in the algorithm that adjusts the randomness. The computer’s uncanny ability to repeatedly get hands and blinds is beyond anything I’ve ever seen. I’ve played since I was twelve and have seen streaks occur over a few weeks or months with humans but never anything like the computer repeatedly gets. I really question the randomness of this game, and if this is really random then I’ve lived and played and observed games in much different and less skewed world.
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11 months ago, Ardekay
We’ll See
Just a quick observation. Regardless of the game’s popularity and quality, do you really believe that leaving cross-app tracking and changing to a gmail address are to the players benefit? REALLY??? The developers are liars and con men stealing your coin. Do you think it’s really free to play? It doesn’t take much research (a few clicks at most) to find out how much Alphabet/Google is paying them for your specific personal information/data you’re giving away yourself for their massive advertising profits. More later….
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5 years ago, mgb0713
Don’t plan on winning many cuts, especially if first one ends in tie (have never seen so many ties in initial cut). Card distribution seems a bit favorable to computer, but if you play the pegging very carefully and make some logical gambles, player should be able to win as often as player loses. Maybe I am not as good as I think (playing just under .500 after almost 2000 games against Brutal. Other two levels are way too easy and head to head depends on competition.
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11 months ago, Ctrew
Dealer is the luckiest card player that ever existed. Game is ok and usually you can win by pegging but trying to win by pegging when the dealer gets four 20 plus hands and a 20plus crib for five or six games in a row. Not very realistic. Also the dealer is extremely lucky on the cut and even having three or four of a kind in their hand. Weird again. I think that they could do a bit better on the supposedly random deals. New version is as least more informative on points per hand, pegging and cribs.
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3 weeks ago, Bonzoga
Cribbage Pro if Great!
Very fun online cribbage game! I played the real cribbage board game for many years. But not a lot of people play it nowadays. So when I stumbled across this app, I immediately downloaded it. So glad I did! This app will help teach you the nuances of scoring, detailed stats, alternate moves/strategies to discarding cards to the crib, and many more cool things. Best thing of all, I can play a great and wonderful game whenever I wish! Thank you so much for this very fun game app!
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3 years ago, Boost230
Fix needed for multiplayer mode
This is a fairly good game. The biggest problem with it is that in the mutiplayer mode, there is no way to see the last (winning hand). The game just pops up a notice that you have won. This does not happen when playing in single player mode. This has been communicated to the developers, with no attention given to fixing it. It is unhelpful when people are learning and for those with experience, it is hugely annoying. PLEASE correct this huge flaw and you will have a much better product.
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3 years ago, AlSats
Crib Discard Recommendation Not Always Correct
The app seems to give recommendations for crib discards solely from the perspective of the opponent. Sometimes, e.g., with certain flush hands, pone/dealer crib discards will be identical as one would expect, but many other times they will not yield the highest average point values from the dealer’s perspective. I’m assuming the app’s designer/crib expert is well aware of this, and I would assume that for speed/efficiency, his/her developer (if these are separate people) has two sets of discard tables implemented. If this is the case, there may be a problem with the software simply not pointing to the correct table based on the player role.
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