Criminal Case

4.6 (34K)
123.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Pretty Simple
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Criminal Case

4.65 out of 5
34K Ratings
6 years ago, Des1952!
Challenging yes ! Boring and lacking ? Hell No !
I have tried many other games and Criminal Case is the only one that I have gained proficiency at in the way of the complexity of the cases, the variety of scenarios and the diversity of characters. I have Parkinson's disease and I find my brain benefiting from this game. I don't sleep more than 3-4 hours at a stretch and consequently I am up in the middle of the night playing. This allows me to play more over the span of a day than most people. I love recommending this game to family and friends. It relieves some of the stress that comes with everyday living and allows me to escape into a world that is highly organized and fun to play. I also liked the videos because I did download many other games that I was not aware of earlier. I'm going to keep my rating at 5 stars because I still like the game immensely but it just needs a little tweaking. I’ve been playing for over 3 years and now play Mysteries of the Past as well as Save the World. I just can’t seem to get enough of Criminal Case. The roulette wheel is ingenious. Thank you so much.
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6 years ago, katabug0303
Pls let me play without starting over!
Both me and my mom love to play this game. However I don’t play all the time so I haven’t been keeping up with all the episodes. My mom has and she has been able to play Pacific Bay, Worlds Edition, Mystery’s of the Past all from one app. I got done with Grimsborough and want to move on to Pacific Bay but when I do I have to download a separate app to do so. I wouldn’t mind this if all my progress like my level, my avatar, my pet, my money, and my rings came with me. They don’t and I have to start over from square 1 again. Can you pls fix this to were those of us who want start at Grimsborough can play through the story without having to start as a rookie again every time we move to a new episode! Or at least put a progress sync or something in the other apps that will let us sync our progress from the other games. If people want to start at Pacific Bay fine, but don’t punish those who want to start the story from the beginning! I have tried to email you about this problem twice already and got the same generic “Check the FAQ” response. I want to continue to play this game as I love it, but I don’t want to start over and get a tutorial when I know what to do. Pls listen to your fan base and do something about this!
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6 years ago, Purplezette
Disappointed with Criminal Case
I have been playing these games for years, especially the first one created. I play it on my iPad mini. I have had so many issues with it crashing. I counted at least 25 videos that I watched to receive energy and I never received it. The screen would go black, gray or white and then crash. The same goes for watching videos for cash, but I only counted 12. There were 3 times that I spent $5000 on a round of investigation and it crashed while I was playing, so there went that money. I'm beyond frustrated. I have tried several times to follow the instructions given in the troubleshoot. It's horrible that they send you a message saying that this is going to be the only contact that you receive from us. What happened to talking to real people and getting help with a problem? I rarely play the games anymore. I've put so much time and effort into it that I'm torn. I really do not want to shut it down and lose all my progress. I definitely think this game and its makers/customer service has several issues to work on. Your players are committed to playing your game, please be committed to helping them when they have an outrageous number of errors. I tried playing it on my iPhone but it takes me back to near the beginning of the game. I can't even sync my devices to be at the same place in the game. Would love some help!
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7 years ago, Don't play fluff friends
I love this game!!
Criminal case is so fun, even though the prices to buy energy and all that is expensive, you don't really need it. Just play until you run out of energy and then go do something else. That aside, I love this game! It's challenging and fun. Each case is unique and it's fairly realistic as to what really happens as far as motives and how everything plays out. If your looking to be a detective and love puzzles then this is for you! You can solve puzzles in your forsenic kit, find items at the crime scenes, switch around the scenes like a puzzle, and upgrade your character, dogs, and earn more energy. I don't really have much else to say except try it. Now, I know a lot of these reviews are written my middle aged women, but I'm 13 and many of my friends love this game as much as I do! The feeling you get when you solve a case is so special and fun and it makes me want to do more, just be patient and wait for your energy to refill! Download and try it for yourself!!!
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5 years ago, Ted5ter 18
Daily bonus glitches, no way to get in contact with tech support
I love all versions of the Criminal Case series and have been playing them for years. They are my favorite games. However there are glitches that appeared a few days ago with daily bonuses, watching videos for 20xp and $2000, and trophies for pets growing up. None of them are working. You get the first daily bonus spin but the extra spins after watching videos don’t work, it stalls on the screen every time. I have had pets grow up in Criminal Case, Pacific Bay and Conspiracy and did not receive the trophies, ie 4 out of 7 and 7 out of 10 grew up, didn’t get the trophies. My cookies are cleared and I have a great WiFi connection. I have tried to contact support and only get the canned response to look at their suggestions to fix, ie get rid of cookies and check WiFi, already done, there’s no way to actually contact a person in tech support for issues not addressed in canned responses. I have no idea if they are aware of these new issues since their canned responses don’t work for these issues. If these issues were fixed I would definitely give a five star review.
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5 months ago, asaidsym
Just not worth the hassle
I played this game maybe 7ish years ago, and recently downloaded it again. As far as i remember, it was pretty entertaining. However I hate how the game is structured. The energy point system is annoying, but overall tolerable, but it takes so long to advance in the game, so much to the point where I ultimately lose interest. I enjoy the whole idea of the game and what it has to offer, but again, takes soooo long to advance. You get 120 energy, and the only way to make that capacity more is to pay $12 a month for it. Around the same for a netflix subscription, so your capacity and capabilities in the game are always limited without the subscription. And by far the most annoying thing is that when you earn stars, they’re only for that one case, and can’t be used on others. As soon as found that out, I deleted the app. It’s fun, if you’re okay playing very sparingly, but you can play for maybe 20-30 minutes every couple hours. I like when TV shows make me wanting and waiting for more, not an ios game. Anyway, that’s my take. Do with it what you will.
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3 years ago, DebbieH53
Best game ever
I have been playing this game for several years and over the course of those years it has changed dramatically. Although I was not on board with all of the changes, I do find that this is the game that I turn to first thing in the morning. As a long time player, I am able to navigate between the different locations without losing my rank, money, or collections of clothes and such. I think the game took a turn for the downside when they initiated changes that prevented most players from being able to play that way a few years ago. That being said, it is still my favorite game. I have heard that there will be no newly created games in the near future and that makes me really sad. I know I can continue to replay old cases, but it just won’t be the same knowing there will be no new challenges forthcoming. I hope that this is not written in stone and that the developers will reconsider. It is really a great game.
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5 years ago, DoctorFizz0505
Excellent game, worth a download!
I have always been a massive fan of murder mysteries, so I was certainly interested the first time I saw an advertisement for this game. I must say, I have been more than impressed. The storyline evolves as you progress through the game, with many shocking twists near the end, and the characters are fun and endearing. Do note that this game requires a great deal of time to complete fully (a single case may take you anywhere from 4-7 days to complete). If you enjoy hidden object games and mysteries and don’t mind the occasional ad or wait, then you will like this game just fine. I have fully completed every case using no in-app purchases, so I can confirm that this is certainly not a pay-to-play game. However, the customer service for this game is pitiful, do not expect a response if you send an email to the developers about a problem. Overall, are very fun, albeit time-consuming game, which more patient players will certainly enjoy.
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3 years ago, AlsoAlpha
Great Game.
Now I am only on level four so what I’m saying may be implemented already but there are some things that I would like to see in this game. The main thing is the evidence that points to the suspects. I feel as if sometimes there should be evidence that is wrong which helps you divert expectations, or with the left/right handed evidence, make the killer a Ambidextrous person so that can easily confuse. Also I have a slight problem with how a piece of evidence is that this one person is wearing a Jersey when that same evidence is the exact jersey but ripped up, so I feel as if the chances of the person wearing the exact shirt that was torn up is a little unrealistic. But besides that this game is fun, I enjoy playing it on my free time, and the ads don’t bother me too much. The long waits for the items to be researched feels realistic, and I think that’s one of the few things that make this game good.
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1 year ago, blankfoote
Energy system is bad
I really like this game, I enjoy playing it and advancing in the story, and I would’ve rated this much higher if it wasn’t for the energy system. I paid for no ads in hopes it would let me enjoy the game even more but I think the energy system has to be the worst game mechanic I’ve ever seen. How does it make sense to precent your players from playing? Or force them to pay in order to continue playing? Needing stars to talk to suspects is a good mechanic, it has the player revisiting locations and puzzles they slowly can get better at in order to receive more stars. BUT you can’t do that sometimes because you run out of energy! So now I’m forced to wait to play, which does not make sense to me. If you can’t get rid of the system, at least give opportunity to win foods that do give you more energy, because I was only allowed to play a location three times before I have to now wait for the energy to refill. I just hope that this system is fixed to some degree.
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7 years ago, Tamster D. Lange
Criminal Case Has Me! 👍🏼💙
This game is super! 😬👍🏼The game in its entirety is fabulous, fun & pure entertainment!!👏🏼👏🏼 I do think Criminal Case, should be up rated to 16 & up!! 💯 CC, does, indeed, ‼️have everything we all desire in a professional (Police & Adult in general) manor and its amazing how well, it greatly has you submerged in pure awesome; suspense!! 🤓 The only issue I’ve had is the energy bar/level, never ever enough energy to finish or complete the specific task at hand. 😁Waiting for ????, kinda makes me feel like, “aww, nuts, gotta wait yet again” It is for sure one of the greatest joys on the daily for me and approx 44 of my family and friends !!!!😀 I have over 75 people to play with & love, LOVE THIS GAME! ❤️Thank you for allowing this game to be FREE, on or off line! Very much so, love that option !! 💯🏆 God bless & let’s....😉keep cracking these cases!!!! 👍🏼 Catching those killers for our nice city is the key to a wonderful adventure everyday!! ❤️
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6 years ago, Bluefox 16
Keeps crashing!!!
This is an edit from last month's post. I have lost a lot of energy and coins because the latest update keeps crashing!!! I have been playing this game for a long time. I enjoy playing this. Please fix this !! I notice someone has written that they have lost energy and the game keeps crashing. One aspect that I don't like is the way the energy fill works after you level up. I always have full energy when it is time to level up. Bottom line - I never gain the 100 energy points. I think the game should award the 100 energy points regardless if you are at full strength or not. The second dislike , is what is up with the stickers?? Maybe this game is now geared for children?? Although some of the graphics maybe a little too much for some. The game use to award with orange juice, potato chips, and burgers. Now, you have to buy all of these to gain energy. Anyway, if it wasn't for these two factors, I would have rated this five stars.
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6 years ago, Memekkk
I will miss you......UPdate. Let me tell you you're issues
I work in IT for Dev QA. Here are some diagnostic scenarios. I have an IPad2, since you have placed the ads to pop up in the game it seems either your program is not written correct or you need more juice so to speak. I have other games that do the same thing that you just updated to and they never crash. I know you have way more graphics which could be the issue so either update your server to more flow or tell the ad people you will need to remove since we are are only seeing one of them anyway and you are just taking their money. And lately it is not even letting me sign back in. Please fix need my Criminal Case fix and my friends miss me I hate to say goodbye this game and have been addicted to it since my friend told me about it years ago. The last 2 - 3 weeks all it does is freeze up and then go blank. Have lost so much energy just trying to play. Your developers need to get their butts in gear. I guess you guys don't care about losing money or clients. You can't even answer your support emails tsk tsk. I will miss you and you will miss the money.
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4 years ago, Chinnychen
Fun but comes in waves
Started this game awhile ago, forgotten about it after I had open another chapter and begin being disinterested when my other games were more real time based. This game is great for a different change of pace and a quick go around for a few mins. However, when you get a clue and waiting for it to be analyze or waiting for energy recharge, I move on. The other difficult is if none of your Facebook friends play it’s even worse and there’s no option to open the request for help or invite through a local server connection for guest to assist you. The puzzles are great and super challenging as you increase in stars but the lack of an active community available and requirement to pay to further unlock chapters to push the story forward into new areas (had no currently active friends) it just became more tedious and waiting. TL;DR - great side game but don’t invest heavily into it as you’ll probably hit the same wall of either needing enough active FB Friends or pay wall to get anywhere.
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2 years ago, AngelaAngel.Toca
I love it!
I’m literally been playing this game for years, and this game is what made me want to become a detective, (i know have plans of getting a degree in psychology and working for the BAU, so thanks criminal case!) No app is perfect, this game has its flaws, but it’s held up for a long time. Each case is unique and I love the storyline, characters, and the actual game play. It’s also a game you don’t just finish in an hour or two. and once you finish the first game, there’s five more!! I’ve recently re downloaded this app to finish the entire series, and i was hit with so much nostalgia and so many memories of playing this when I was younger. I love this game so much, and if you’re looking at this review to see if it’s worth it; it is. Look past the ads and the waiting for more energy and just play it. 9/10!
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5 years ago, 212551776
Bombarded with Ads
I enjoyed the cases once I got through the first several and figured the game out. The English has a bit to be desired and you need to be able to read between the lines. BUT, the ads pop up after every two times of playing a scene now and totally ruin your concentration, not to mention they are super annoying ads and you cannot shut them off. I didn’t mind watching the ads before to get a little extra energy, but I literally Hate them popping up during game play. It has ruined the game. I’d rather pay a little for the game than to be slapped in the face constantly with all the ads. I shut the app down as soon as they pop up now, so maybe they are getting credit for the ad because they pop up so quickly but they shouldn’t be because there is no way I am watching them. I also refuse to watch ads for energy now too since that’s all I see while I’m trying to play. Sometimes they pop up after you’ve paid to set a scene up and then you lose that “money” too. Soooooo Irritating!!!!
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6 years ago, RussianSnobb
Fun but !!!
Game is really fun what would make the game more enjoyable is if they took away the additional investigation part it takes almost all of your energy just to complete one star !!! And the Lab results take too long your waiting hours before you can move on in the game . You should be able to get a pet not complete every scene to buy a pet . You should be able to save your energy it’s not fair when you have a full bar of energy and you level up and you don’t get to use that extra energy and you should be able to carry over stars to the next investigation except you half to go back and use them for energy or coins . If they would fix that in the game I would give them five stars ⭐️ thought about quitting the game because of the additional investigation part & not being able to store energy that you don’t use when you level up !! Other than that this game is awesome !!!
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5 years ago, Jarodsgirl
Not happy with new update. Revised
When I got this app a few YEARS ago I paid for a NO-AD app. I have spent countless amount of real money on this game and was totally addicted to it... however, this new update is basically ‘blackmailing’ us to buy the pizza on a SUBSCRIPTION so you have to pay for it EVERY week whether you want it or not just to get rid of ads that shouldn’t be showing up in the first place. I’m at a point where I finish a level and then have to wait for 3 or 4 days before the next level is even available. So basically not playing for 3 days a week... why would I want to buy a pizza for $2.99 a week to only use it for 4 days!!!! I am very close to the point to just quitting this game!!!! I am no longer having fun playing this game and I refuse to give in to the extortion to spend $12 a month to play without ads. The ads are extremely annoying and a Total waste of time. The daily bonus is also not working. Time to move on to other games. None of which are from those annoying ads.
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4 years ago, Stamps and Squaishey
Love it!
As a fellow lover of this game, I just wanted to say that I can’t stop playing it. All the different levels are super interesting and keep me coming back for more. Although this is good, I still have one suggestion. Me being my impatient self, I feel like waiting 24 hours on an autopsy or just to play a new level is ridiculous. I know you have to make money off of something, but I’m only 13 and you can’t except me to pay for “Instant”. I know this sounds petty, but it’s just one way to make your game even more enjoyable for your players. Anyway... thank you for reading this review! Oh! If you’re new and looking for a fun (and intriguing) game to play, I would definitely try this. It’s overall a well thought out game. My heart goes out to the creators! Love you! ❤️😁
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5 years ago, boiiii11
How can I capture all the bad guys if it keeps crashing homie?
I like this game a lot. Like a lot. And I would probably like t enough to spend real actual money on it if it weren’t for the crashes. I’m a decent human being. I understand if it happens once in a while. But every time I play? Um no it’s gonna be bye Felicia if y’all can’t get it together because believe it or not I do stuff irl like feed my 63 cats and make cookies for my great grandchildren thank you so if you’re gonna make me spend extra time loading the game well I’ve got news for you Stevie granny train be pulling out of this game soon. Also energy depletes quite hastily homies when I do actually have time to rest my bunions and play the game I can only play for 15 minutes. Robbery I tell you. I’m gonna be playing angry birds soon because I feel like they more relatable to me at this point ~hope you kids fix this that’s why you went to college dearies GrannymcGran still loves you
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6 years ago, Joe Sewell
Used to be fairly fun, but now…
First off, this remains an interesting game, with decent stories. Some of the names of the objects lose something in what I assume is a translation, and the ever-popular "energy" system is always frustrating. The most recent update of the base program (as it affects all of the Criminal Case games) has brought frustration and disappointment. The "daily reward" feature was frustrating when it would make you respond within a few hours of the last time you used it or it would reset. Now it's hardly even useful. I'm sorry, but burgers and meals are no replacement for guaranteed extra energy. The more frustrating thing, though, is the timing of the ads. They will pop up at any moment, it seems, from the time you return to one of the main screens. Yes, I'm sure it's a timer, but it will interrupt an action without warning. Even worse, if the game or device is muted, the ads are not, which isn't pleasant when your spouse is sleeping. The ads tend to be for the same games (I'm looking at you, Toon Blast!), making me LESS likely to want to play those advertised games. The most recent update made things worse, with ads that freeze the screen. As others have stated, the publisher doesn't really want you to contact them, as all you get in response is an email that makes you feel like an idiot because you didn't read what was on the support site, and that you wouldn't get any further reply. Well, maybe they shouldn't get any further support!
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5 years ago, beephenix
Worst game ever
Ok, maybe I’m being a bit harsh, but srsly? I love this game, but there are many problems. #1 not enough energy. Whenever you want to go back to a crime scene, you need 20 energy. And when I do use the energy, I get like 1/3 of a star. That means I need to play 3 of them to get one star. When you do get a star you only have like 50 energy left, not enough to get two stars. If you do want energy, you have to pay real money. #2 the timer at the top of the screen. I’m not completely sure that it’s supposed to do, but it just makes he game way too stressful. To get a good score, you need to do it in like less than 30 seconds. >:0 like seriously? I can’t do that in 30 seconds!! Especially if it’s new. #3 how much play time you really get. You can only play the game for so long. Once all the energy is gone, you have to wait. Unlike my favorite game, you only can play for like five minutes until there’s no more energy. Anyway that’s my complaints. Please fix the energy system, that bugs me the most. Thx for reading this. If anyone does...
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5 years ago, RogueRedneck
Done with it
I’ve played this game for a long time and gotten gold medals on every case. I started playing with the original Grimsborough storyline but I’m done. They’ve changed several things (adding the cards, adding the daily spin wheel instead of just awarding an energy boost for daily checking, etc) but the deal breaker is all the ads you now have to sit through. I don’t play free to play games because I hate ads and micro transactions. When I started playing Criminal Case, there were no ads but you now have to sit through one with every other turn. I have the game muted so I don’t disturb anyone else while I’m playing but the ads burst through at full volume. Additionally, I’m sure they only get paid for the ad if we watch at least 5 seconds worth so that the minimum you watch before you can skip (if you can skip). The game itself has been a good time killer but I just can’t stand the changes. Once I finish the current Conspiracy storyline next week, I’m deleting it.
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7 years ago, Lisha224
UPDATE: customer service did get back in touch with me to address my concerns and restore my energy. So I did want to update my review to show the developers did help me. I do really enjoy the game, so I am very happy to have my energy restored! My problem was never with the game, but with my missing energy after the last update! Now things are good! I had over 13,000 energy points saved up after collecting my daily energy points over years of playing this game. I updated the app yesterday and it literally stole all my collected energy. I’m back down to 120. I tried to write technical support and got an automated message that said this would be the only response to my inquiry. What trash! That is really messed up to provide an update that purposely wipes out your complete game energy/history. Warning other folks who may decide to update the game.
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6 years ago, Darcie Genito
Unremoveable Ad keeps popping up
**Edit** - So I’ve discovered that I can close the add by clicking the buttons to install the game, and then can cancel by immediately going back to Criminal Case. Not entirely their fault, but still inconvenient. I still love and play this game and don’t plan on stopping! A slots casino ad keeps popping up every time I do one of the puzzles. I understand the need for them and don’t mind them, but there is no option to close it at all on my iPad Air. No x button. Clicking “Get this game”doesn’t even work. The only thing I can do is close app and restart it. I’ve gotten the same ad three times now. VERY annoying. If you had an option to remove ads for a very one time small price, I might consider it. Just a suggestion to maybe add in the future!
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5 years ago, Dust607714
Ads Don’t Work, Makes Game Useless
It takes forever to finish the game with the amount of energy they give you. Thankfully, there’s an option to watch ads for free energy. However, there is one obnoxious Botox ad that pops up every time you try to earn energy. This ad does not work or play anything, and there is no option to end it. So every time it comes up, you have to quit the app and start over. I’m writing this review because in the past two minutes I have gotten the ad FIVE times in a row, causing me to restart the app FIVE times in a row and I know if I try to watch another ad there is a good chance the same thing will happen again. Without being able to get more free energy, instead of waiting 40 minutes for enough to play once, you make barely any progress, and extremely slowly. This game isn’t worth it, and by now I think I’ll just find something else to spend my time on, especially since there is no way to contact anyone about resolving the issue. Not worth your time or frustration.
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6 years ago, Draped In Crimson
This used to be a great game.
You used to get daily bonuses of food. You used to be able to play the entire game through this one game with all your points, and animals, and cash intact; now it doesn’t carry over to all the other broken up iterations of the game. You have to start each new section from the bottom and work your way all the way to the top, earn all your pets, and points and cash on these games all over again. I AM NEVER PAYING ANY OF MY OWN MONEY FOR THESE GAMES AGAIN!! Ads, ads, ads - the latest development. You cannot get through one scene without having an ad. TALK ABOUT BREAKING YOUR MOMENTUM!! I understand ads if you want extras of daily bonus deals or extra cash, but JUST TO PLAY A SCENE ALL THE WAY THROUGH, without AT LEAST 5-10 seconds of ads in between each turn. This is ridiculous. And there is NO WAY TO GET IT TO STOP. I’ve been playing this game for three years now, and I have about had it. I don’t think I’ll be playing any longer. Good thing about the ads: showed me OTHER GAMES THAN CRIMINAL CASE TO PLAY WITHOUT ANNOYING POP-UP ADS EVERY TURN.
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6 years ago, Rollins93
Inbox deleted+no customer support
I had more than 100 ‘energy messages’ saved up in my inboxes and those just go deleted today. I clicked onto my game and my heart just sunk. I really like this game, but this might just be the nail in the coffin of why I stop playing. I already took a break after the change to stickers and when they stopped giving you treats to save up energy with the daily bonuses. Why would this game delete all of my messages? They were 99% energy too. 😿 Update: emailed them Other players were right. There is no customer support beyond an automated message redirecting you to the troubleshooting screen where you got the customer support email link. DONT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME. It is really unfortunate to have a game that is reasonably fun to play and then to have something go wrong and to send an email and get an automated response that tells you there will be no response. So be aware of that before you make decisions in this game. This is unprofessional. I can’t imagine if I would have actually spent money on this.
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6 years ago, smlichtcole72
Syncing to Facebook has benefits and drawbacks
Love this game, really enjoy the game play. However it does have its issues. I am confused as to why your game coins won’t allow you to buy food, only weird accessories. But my biggest frustration is with syncing to Facebook. It syncs fine and saves progress, which was great because I had had to delete the app to save space on my old phone, but still maintained my levels when I got it back. However it posts to Facebook CONSTANTLY. None of my friends play this game and none of them care which “clues” I’ve found. I have unselected the “post to Facebook” options multiple times, and they continue to reselect themselves, making me check it constantly. I don’t know why you can’t just turn that option off; I’d gladly take the lack of benefits from it because the Facebook posts are just SO annoying.
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4 years ago, 🤗🤗reviews
Awesome Game!
This game is really fun, and I like the different types of puzzles that you can play in each crime scene. I would like there to be an easier way to get stars and to gain energy quicker. It is still a really fun game though. The only thing is, I do wish that it would be more realistic though, because at one point I was working on case number 2, “corpse in a garden” and while examining every clue they saw to try and find the killer, they forgot that the gold tooth found that was proven to be left by the killer would have a lot of DNA on it. If this was taken into view, we wouldn’t have to spend a whole week on this case. Even after all that, this game is really fun and I definitely recommend this to people who like trying to solve murder mysteries or doing puzzles.
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7 years ago, Jklitman
Good game
I play this game every day and I really like it. I really like the clock you've added to know when the next case is available. I do wish that you would get rid of the sticker books and bring back the hamburgers. I wish you would get better pets as well. I cannot justify using hundred thousand dollars on these pets that are available in the world edition. Also, I wish you could get rid of your friends from the game that don't play anymore. One more thing, I wish you would move the box to check to send information to a friend. Or just get rid of it all together. I have a hard time hitting that little box to get rid of the check in it. You took it away, I loved it, then you brought it back. Also how about when you fill up your level points, you get 110 energy outright instead of filling it up.
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4 years ago, Abb1e
Good luck if you need Customer Support
What once was a great game to play now isn’t. For the last few weeks, I haven’t been able to send or receive gifts from friends on my iPad without the game looping to Facebook only to ask “Open this is Criminal Case.” Duh, that’s why I have the app. Then it returns to the app and if I select ‘accept gifts’ it loops back to Facebook again..endlessly. This happens on all 3 of the Criminal Case games that I play. ..Hidden Objects, Mysteries and Save the World. I tried contacting customer support only to receive an auto response that told me to go read the FAQs (which I do before ever contacting support) or go to the community page which is another hot mess. Then proceeds to tell me that this will be the one and only response to my inquiry. Sounds like pretty poor customer service. response, I will delete all three games and find others to play.. A little good customer service goes a long way. I recommend that you ditch the auto response and actually allow people to contact you.
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4 years ago, 124467655
Fun for all ages!
Criminal case has been my most favorite game over the years. I used to play this when I was 6-7 on my sisters phone. I was frustrated so I deleted the game. And now I am 10, I decided to download it again. And it is so addicting. The storyline, the characters, everything has so much detail! and about the ads that mostly everyone is talking about, just turn off your WiFi. Also the ads aren’t too long. The ads do not happen in the middle of crime scenes. You are acting too harsh like no other app has ads. Be grateful they at least don’t throw ads at us every 5 minutes. I still have a suggestion that that the developers should add more energy capacity, it’s kinda frustrating. Overall this game is great.
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6 years ago, Robyn06-11-03
Loved it so much
My neurologist recommended this game to help me with pain. I’m a Deputy Probationer Officer III. I was injured on duty protecting a domestic violence victim from the father of her children. In the process I popped 3 disks in my cervical spine. The pain has been intense. As I have spent my career dealing with drug addicts, I was very concerned of becoming dependent on pain meds. My Dr suggested your game. I went through the entire game only to find your writers must have lost their creativity. Now, I’m at the unfortunate end, taken to Mysteries of the Past to start all over. I had found Mysteries of the Past and had already been playing it. Now you start me all over and did not even let me take rank and progress into the “new” Mysteries of the Past. I am suffering more uncontrollable pain as I don’t have your game to lose myself in when the pain is really bad. Guess I will now have to search for a new game by a different company as I’m afraid you will just dump me again!
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5 years ago, ARCAngel8
Something has changed.
I have been playing this game for over three years. I have had my fair share of frustrations with Updates, change in rules, etc. Now I’m having difficulty obtaining the free boosts from Facebook. In fact, I am logged into Facebook with this game on three devices. On my iPad Pro, my iPhone, and my Kindle Fire. Today I learned that I can only get the free boosts from Facebook by using my Kindle. However, none of these devices are the same across the board. Each one has a different number of points or lightning bolts. The only thing they share is the level that I’m on. This is quite frustrating and I am ready to hang up playing this game. It’s quite simple to me although I’m not a developer, that if you have one Facebook page and multiple devices, you should have the same game information on every device especially when they’re being automatically updated. UGH!
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2 years ago, crimeshownerdkat
okay for starters but facts are wrong
I found a few things wrong with the game factually. First of all the ME’s (medical examiners) performing the autopsies should not have blood on their hands because the body wouldn’t have blood formed and flowing for it to bleed into the gloves like that. And second while I was playing the first scene I found a bloody jersey and had to piece it together, so obviously the killer lost it. However the game gave me two options, a football player wearing a jersey, and a gang member, which both fit the criteria. I clicked the gang member because the football player would not still have the jersey if it was torn to shreds on the scene. But apparently I was wrong? Other than a few wrong details this game is pretty good for newbies who want to solve easy crimes. I do not recommend to those who are crime show nerds like myself.
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5 years ago, Kmisak
Too Many New Ads!!!!
I LOVE this game but just changed my rating from 5 stars to 3 stars because of all the ads that have been added to the game. It is so frustrating I am seriously thinking about no longer playing. At least give us the option to buy out of all the ads like a ton of other games do. Or, just show a ton at the beginning and stop putting them in the middle of the game. And, then there is the option of offering something to watch said ads. You do that on the “Spin the Wheel”...... I understand you need to make money to run a business, but since this game originally did not have a BILLION ads to begin with just makes me think you only care about greed. My days are numbered on this game!!!!! I also will not be trying another games created by you as I am going to assume all the games you creat are now BOMBARDED with ads.
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2 years ago, Seb9163
I have always had an interest in forensic science and crime scene investigation, so combine that with the hidden objects mechanic in this game, and it’s perfect! The cases are interesting, the wait times to see results for the evidence and energy makes sure I don’t play the whole thing in one sitting (and adds some realism; forensics isn’t instantaneous), and the characters are enjoyable. Not to mention, the deductive portion of having to be careful who you choose based on the clues you gather is immersive! I spent the entire time I was collecting clues thinking about how this was going to affect the outcome of the case! Definitely a very fun game for us forensic science and investigation enthusiasts. Would definitely recommend!
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6 years ago, Ladyval05
Crashes not being resolved
I have played this game for years and would have given it 4 stars in the past. The 5th star is withheld because the game use to give out orange juice and potato chips, but those were eliminated with the addition of the stickers (which serve no purpose whatsoever). I also withheld the 5th star because when leveling up, you don’t get the full, if any, 100 energy points depending on where your energy bar is at the time. Now I would only give the game 1 star. It has been crashing repeatedly on my iPad and iPhone. Proper troubleshooting has been done without any improvement. This has been going on for months. There has even been an update to the app since this issue has begun and that didn’t resolve the issue either. It’s frustrating to lose the energy points as the crash typically happens right after I’ve selected a crime scene and the energy has been deducted from the energy bar. I’m about ready to give up on this game.
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1 year ago, Bugsby6
Love all Criminal Case games but…
I would love to backup or save my games that were not connecting to just Facebook. I would like to have the option to save to Facebook, but there should be other options to save/back up my progress for the Criminal Case games like saving to Apple Account for Iphone/Ipad users or Google account or other apps that are not Facebook. I want to back up my games progress via Game Center or something on Apple that can save all my Criminal Case games. There might be users who may delete their Facebook, but they would have to start all over the game. I don’t want to restart my games if I delete my Facebook or disconnect from Facebook. Can this be fixed? I have other apps that I sync via Game Center (Apple) instead of Facebook. I want sync ALL of my play throughs of ALL the Criminal Case games on my Apple account instead of Facebook.
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3 weeks ago, Eliza Twyla
One of my first games on Fb
The nostalgia of this game. It was one of my first games on FB and I only ever got to case 42 before life started getting busy and I couldn’t play as much. Dropped for more than a few years. I recently picked it up again on mobile and glad I had my data saved! I think a lot of new players might be turned off at how long the data analysis takes but honestly for someone like me it’s a perfect mechanism to not spend all the time playing and something to look forward in completing before heading to the next chapters of a case. I also missed these characters and I’m excited to see what the rest of the cases are like.
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6 years ago, Dgween
Customer Support
My one star rating is for customer support or lack thereof. I love the game but the crime scenes stopped opening so I have 15 stars and no clues. I used the "contact us" link. To do this I had to give my name and email, write my message and confirm I was not a robot. The reply email I received was an automated response telling me to go to the FAQ section of the game or join a Facebook community group and that I would receive no other reply. What was the purpose of contacting them? I had already read the FAQ page and I do NOT want to connect to FB. The only answer I found that was even remotely related to my problem was to force the app to close which I have done several times. 🙁 Update: I am not having the problem with crashing (yet) but after the last update the game opens in such a small screen it is difficult to click on the items. I have reset the game several times with no results...another disappointment.
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4 years ago, SNakvindaHenry
I HAVE PLAYED THIS Game for over 15 years and Ive Always enjoyed it. I’m very good at picking the Killer and I don’t mind the time it takes to get lab results But all the stupid ads that pop up after you play a few rounds are ridiculous I really wish you could get rid of them. I enjoy how you can watch more than 2 or 3 video to Spin the wheel as well as earn coins. No big complaints and I hope this game sticks around so I can atleast finish all levels. I also just downloaded another CC game Save The World and seen Great reviews so I’m looking forward to starting the Journey on that one and hoping its as good to Better than the Original CC.. Thanks for the Fun And Challenging Levels
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7 years ago, lprib
Best hidden object game of all
Love it❗️ But I wish that when I level up the energy can added to what I already have. I've lost hundreds of energy by leveling up after the first investigation of the day and that can really bite!! UPDATE: I agree with a review I just read regarding stickers. I'm never going to buy any so I'm storing these albums with one sticker per page. Waste of time. AND often on Facebook when I go to the official site for the original game out Save the World, I am often unable to find and of the energy or coin items... Especially for Save the World. I do appreciate the timed specials you offer but there are days that I could play all day if I had the resources!
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6 years ago, NanaMarilyn
I have been playing this game for years with no problems whatsoever, but on November 15 when the conspiracy #44 was released I couldn’t open it. I sent an email saying everything that had happened and got a message telling me to delete some former cases to clear up some memory. I did with no results. Then yesterday I decided to try playing it on my computer. It worked but when I went in to play today my progress was not there so I played it again. I just went in again and my progress is gone again. Also I’m playing an elite mode and my energy for no reason just disappears. If I go out and then try again 110 comes back but if I had extra energy I lose it. If you want people to play your games a person should answer emails and try to make them work. VERY FRUSTRATING! I can’t recommend this game to anyone now. I’m giving one star only because I can’t post this without a rating!
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4 years ago, TooTiredAllTheTime
Horrible Support And Zero Regard For Players
The gameplay in this game is fun and I did enjoy playing it but I’m having a problem. The game constantly is telling you to connect your Facebook for a reward of 40 free energy. I couldn’t pass up some free energy so I went to connect them. For several days it wouldn’t connect at all which was frustrating but I continued trying. After a while I finally got it to connect but what annoyed me to the point of writing an angry review is that I didn’t get the energy. Days of consistently trying to get them to connect was for nothing. I sent support a message and all I received was a automated message saying to check their FAQ’s and that this is the only message I will get from them. News flash: If I could have figured this out in the FAQ’s I would not be contacting you. So if you contact support expect nothing. Horrible service and I’m very disappointed in the care for the player.
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7 years ago, SammiForTheAppUpgrafe
Love to play but the frequent Facebook posts are awful
This is a great game and I have been playing for several weeks. It is possible to play for free but you have to have the patience of a saint and can only play 5 times before running out of energy. The graphics are great and the games are challenging. I'm middle aged and I truly think it is helping keep my mental skills sharp! I spend a lot of money on this game so beware! Also I play on my smartphone with a tiny screen so the frequent "post to Facebook" check boxes are hard to turn off and it ends up posting all the time which I and all my friends find incredibly annoying. Losing more customers then you are gaining with that ridiculous frequently posting feature.
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7 years ago, Kathy in MD
The pace works well 4 me & plays well on iPhone
When I began playing 2 years ago, the game would freeze often, but with recent updates I haven't experienced that. In the meantime I began playing a different Facebook game & accumulated a bunch of FB gaming friends. This summer I tried CC again. Many of my FB friends play CC. It is convenient for me to run out of energy & do something else for a while, but I can play extended periods if I want because so many people send daily energy gifts. On vacation I found it easy to play the game on my iPhone--the items weren't too hard to see (although it's tricky to read my FB friends' names so I can reciprocate).
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4 years ago, jlchristy011
Too repetitive, deleted twice
I played this game a few years ago and liked it okay. The graphics were great and the storyline enjoyable. I played it for a while but ultimately found it incredibly repetitive. You play each scene within a crime scene a minimum of ten times, usually more. I thought I could handle the monotony or it’d somehow get better but it never did and I ended up deleting it. I recently downloaded the game again thinking I had been overreacting or they probably changed it, but they didn’t. I ended up deleting it again. The only difference in the more recent download compared to the old one (that I can remember) is that now you can’t use your earned coins to buy more energy. Another ploy for in-app purchases no doubt. Although you can certainly play the game without. It just takes a lot more time.
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7 years ago, Swedenlo
Mostly live, but their support is almost non-existent
I’ve been playing this game for over two years and generally love it. Yes, the stickers are childish and I wish I could still use stars for burgers, but that has been the only thing I haven’t enjoyed until today. I came across an issue (the newest case wont release on my iPad) and consulted their FAQ page. I tried the two fixes they suggested but neither worked. I the clicked on their contact us link. I filled out the form and sent it off. Almost immediately I received an email saying I should check their FAQ page and this would be the only email I receive about my issue. So I received absolutely no help and am going to give it another day for the new case to release. If not I’ll be extremely disappointed in this company who doesn’t seem to want to help.
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