Cristiano Ronaldo: Kick'n'Run

4.6 (1.4K)
165.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
5th Planet Games Development ApS
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cristiano Ronaldo: Kick'n'Run

4.56 out of 5
1.4K Ratings
1 year ago, Sir Rami
A much more refined and challenging endless runner
The goal option really adds a new layer to this very common type of game and it helps that you get to play as the greatest player of all time! It’d be awesome if the developer could eventually give us a Saudi Arabia or Germany (for the Euros) update in the future as I’m kind of sick of Paris at this point.
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8 months ago, DrCookieCrisps
Base game is very fun, but seems abandoned as it’s shottely upgraded to fill the screen
Apple gave me this as a recommendation when looking for some European football games; you’d think since it’s one of the App Stores’ go-to games, it would be up to date. The gameplay itself is very fun and the shooting mechanic has been done before, but does give it more variety. The issue is the game requires server updates to have daily objectives, and those don’t work. You can play the game anyway, but I’m sure it will get repetitive as there’s no goal to achieve.
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7 years ago, TJ0089
One of the best games i have played
One of the best games i have played only because Ronaldo is my favorite. Coming to game play, the interface is good. However game hangs often especially in the tournament mode. It costs 10k, 20k coins because of game and not because of player. Being a computer guy, i know It is difficult to fix some issues. If there are weekly tournaments among players, it would be encouraging and will attract more gamers. Overrall one of best gameplay i have played.
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7 years ago, J.Cruz14
for all you soccer/football fans out there who love subway surfers and soccer this is a game for you it's the best game i've ever played and it's addicting it's very fun and everyday you get a daily penalty kick which is like a wheel of fortune but with penalties i would tell you more but play the game and find out more cool things about this game to share to others.😃👍🏽⚽️💦🔥💯
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6 years ago, Gabriellebilo
I love this app
Words can't describe how much I love this game 😋😋😍 I already rated this game on my Samsung but now I have a iPhone, soo I'm gonna rate it again. It's soo addicting😘😘 I just love this game, there's no problem on this game and I love Cristiano Ronaldo 😍🤤🤤 He's literally the best player in the whole planet but this rate is not about cr7 it's about his game and I love this game😂❤️❤️
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2 years ago, ONLY1C00chi3MAN
Tbh i found this off of speed and i thought it was a game to download as a joke but when i played it it was actually interesting to play and I enjoy playing it during my free time and my favorite football player is CR7. SUUUU! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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12 months ago, Luv u ARI
This is fun but his face could use a little more detail
This game is super fun especially is you love CR7 like this game I will be playing for hours but the face on CR7 could a little work just no problem it is just the face is not that detailed but this is very fun
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2 weeks ago, Robsedlak
I have a problem at this game. It keeps kicking me out.
I tapped it I tried to delete it, but it doesn’t work. Can you fix the bug fix so I can try again thanks.
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7 months ago, Devon shead
One of the best mobile futbol/soccer game of all time there is no adds and it is very very very fun game to play when your bored and you are playing as the one and only GOAT of futbol/soccer. I highly recommend this app to play. Thank you
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2 years ago, Shammary
could you fix it pls?
there a bug that when I join the game the screen would be black and I don’t knew if I need to wait until it load or nah btw I’m on iPad.
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1 year ago, Anthony CR7 awesome games
I was on a long ride and played for hours and every game is better but seems similar to subway surfers other than that perfect
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1 month ago, hchgshdjbd
He misses
Ok everything is fine but they need to add a net to the goal and ronaldo shoots the ball right through it because he does not miss that much and he can shoot through glass
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7 months ago, Madame Formage
Love it!
I love this game it is literally my favorite game ever I love CR7 he’s my goat and the game is just one of those games that you are looking for for HOURS and you finally find it. Yeah I like it!
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6 months ago, nonchallante
Needs more updates
The game it’s fun but it gets stale after a while. You should add more to the game like different types players such as Neymar, Messi, ronaldiho etc. when you go from left to right you should make it look like im dribbling of just running.
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3 months ago, Michovilleo
Hi. I noticed that the this app stopped working since last week on my phone. I had to delete and reinstalled again, but nothing changes. Kindly look through and work on the issues.
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7 years ago, Sarahixxx21
The game is really fun. There's teams, outfits, and other things you can be in. Kicking the soccer balls into the targets make the game different then all the other apps.
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1 year ago, KyBluebell31
Great game
Great game it is so addicting try it you’ll never want to get off your phone ever again!!
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4 years ago, nickname 2 3
It’s a fantastic and family game that every one can play with that but the game has crushed out and i am angry ! The angry bird game is so better than this!
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7 years ago, Trgbhfghffghhtfffghggd
Love this game!!!!
It’s such a fun game to play. I always play it when I have some time on my hands. 10/10 would recommend
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5 years ago, MR.HELL0
Finally a good game
This game is so good whenever im somewhere and i have no wifi i just play this. I just wanna say thank you for creating such a good game
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5 years ago, DonutTurtle007
One of the best games
This is the best soccer game I’ve ever played. Cr7 is my favorite soccer player too. Can I please make another game like this about Messi please and thank you. :)
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7 years ago, 138584939
Tournament needs update
Tournament matching sometimes doesn't work, waited forever for the final matchup finally gave up. Other than that great game, very similar concept to subway surfers.
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1 year ago, BEAN BOI NUMBER ONE :)
Two problems
I rated it a 4 because Ronaldo looks like he was from wish. Also it should’ve been Messi, not Penaldo
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2 years ago, Tambi d King
The game is amazing and addictive... whenever I start I don’t wanna stop. The best is the challenge mood... I love competition.
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5 years ago, Kgurl105
I absolutely love this game. It’s like a better version of subway surfers. The only thing I wish that it had were some kind of like free-kick mini games or something more soccer like. Otherwise. Awesome job!!!
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3 months ago, cat masster
Fun game but kicked me out more than 200 times
I was looking for a fun football game to play and found this one. I downloaded it and opened the app. Then boom it kicked me out. That happens for 1 hour straight. Could not play until 4:30
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7 years ago, "Lone Wolf "
I never played anything like this before completely awesome
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7 years ago, DropAGearAndDisappear69
Fun App
Awesome gameplay. Need to create an option to remove ads after purchase.
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2 years ago, ubuvhhhgh
Great game !!
This is a fun game if you are a soccer fan this game is for you if you love this game so much do the same thing I’m doing
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7 years ago, Mustang GT24
Love it
I love this game- playing like Cristiano Ronaldo, avoiding defenders, and the graphics are stunning. I am a huge RONALDO fan, and I am so glad he has his own mobile game!
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1 year ago, Madden 20 is better
My team
I joined Al something I hope I get in because I’m white let’s go I also love 9/11
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4 years ago, hozan92
Love you and your game
I can’t wait to see you again playing 💔❤️ I play your game 😁
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6 years ago, Marinee0123
Fun and challenging
Fun game and has some very challenging moments but easy at the same time. But a little too much focused on Cristiano Ronaldo.
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1 year ago, Guy who likes kick and run
This is a good game
I love how this game is cool smooth graphics and fun to play I recommend to play
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7 years ago, Miss me Kay led
I am having such a good time playing this game ! It's really fun and challenging it's a grate way to be happy and it will turn ur mood to happy
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4 months ago, CR7+2
Very good
The game has different types of clothes or kits to use! Very fun for fans.
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6 years ago, Jumbo Nick
Great 5 Star
The game is great you can score goals is a lot like temple run but much much better
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4 years ago, visubal
Love this game but
Needs an update, been playing for years and I think that it’s probably been a year since it’s last one.
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1 year ago, Sewy guy CR7 fan
This is the best game ever and I am a fan Ronaldo he is the goat of football the game is really good it has to be recomendable
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5 years ago, Clapped ZamSirs
i love it so much
this is a great game i’d definitely reccoment it and i wish i could meet cristiano Ronaldo
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6 years ago, HipsterPop
Great game
It slow at fist but you get better as you play .
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5 years ago, its me isco
Ronaldo is the best
We love this game I I bought is the game yesterday and I am rich spend the Any 100K
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7 years ago, THeLeGend2O
This is the best video game ever to exist ever-Dr 11/10 best game
Ronaldo is the best guy and I love him and everyone should get this game to support my adopted father.
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7 years ago, Bummed Baller
Can't play tournament or 1 v 1
Can no longer play anything but practice. Says, "oops something went wrong, check internet connection". Please fix!!!
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2 years ago, Wwe mayhem lover
Thanks developer for making this game i hope this game goes Top And i love this game
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7 years ago, UmarCR7
Good time pass
One of the most influential games. A really enjoyable game. 👍
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3 years ago, Little Deveraux
Cristiano Ronaldo
I gave them a five star because I’m on level 78!!!...
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7 years ago, Mbolton1996
Lucas Ashworth ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️
I love this ham it is my favorite game ever my favorite sport is soccer so it's perfect and my favorite player is Ronaldo and Messi but this game is LIT 😎😎😎😎😎⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️
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7 years ago, Luisodigital
Super easy to play and understand
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7 years ago, Not good why ea
Messi is the best!!!!!
I do like cr7 but messi is a little more better but there still the 2 BEST!! Players..!
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