Crop Video Square Editor

Photo & Video
4.8 (19.7K)
128 MB
Age rating
Current version
i-App Creation Co., Ltd.
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Crop Video Square Editor

4.75 out of 5
19.7K Ratings
11 months ago, Tre16384883838
The best photo editing app on the market
I’ve been using cropped for years. I’ve looked for other softwares with the same tools and they all fall short. Cropped gives you exactly what you need with an low learning curve!
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5 years ago, ghoul_squad
Wow, where do I start?
For an app that, according to one review I’ve read, used to be very good compared to how it is now, it has one of THE WORST UIs I’ve ever had the displeasure of gazing upon. It’s a miracle of God that I am able to differentiate the actual border for cropping from the pull up bar—whatever it is. I got this app and as soon as I opened it up, it immediately asked me to pay for it. This was so slimy and obviously meant to scare people into buying it because the button to close out is so tiny that I’m sure people have missed it before. Tactics like this just radiate greed and laziness. Maybe I’d be more inclined to not leave such a bad review if the app didn’t look like a third graders failed attempt to recreate angry bird on Scratch. Tl;dr: Super ugly app, awful and greedy business tactics, and just an all around terrible user-interface and experience.
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5 years ago, @Ryan_Janni_Official
Really Impressed
The only thing I do not like, and maybe I just haven’t figured it out yet, but I cannot center the text and level it out like I could in an instagram story. I have to struggle and guess if the text is centered and level. The video does not have this problem at all, just specifically the text in the area outside of the video. Other than that everything about this app is great and I think it is well worth the $0.83/month. Highly recommend, I just hope the makers of this app see this one critique and can find a way to fix this.
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3 years ago, Alex.Fonseca
I don’t understand
So, I have this APP.. in fact I was able to purchase the bundle version of it! It came with, Watermarks, TextonPS, CropPS, TextonVS, SideshowMS, VideoMS, WatermarkMS, and now it seams like the whole package is not together anymore. If you changed things in you company there needs to be a better communication with the costumer. In fact this APP is separate from all of it. And again you are charging me to get the PRO version of it! Why? What’s the explanation behind it? Making money again? To make More money when sold separately? My question is... How can I get my money back or get the PRO version for free since I already paid for it? Thanks! Also, that would be the case for every single APP that I mention above. Come on guys... thanks again.
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5 years ago, Greasy Potato✌🏼
used to be my favorite app.
i loved this app, this is the FIRST review i’ve ever written and it’s only because i’m super disappointed. this app was my holy grail until one day, i open the app and it just... stops. black screen. nothing shows. i re-downloaded it multiple times yet nothing seems to work. i want this to be my favourite app again. i want to start using it. i would’ve given this app 5 stars but this issue is annoying me. i want to start using it again! why is the app not showing? why is it a black screens everytime i open it?? please fix this. i want to continue using it.
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2 years ago, Compence
Do NOT waste your money!
This is an app for cropping video that RARELY CROPS VIDEO! It regularly just doesn’t work. I would say that roughly 70% of the videos I try to crop just simply do not allow me to. I have tried changing the frame rates, the aspect ratios, the file type, and the length of the base files, and when a video won’t work, there’s nothing you can do to get it to work. On top of that, there’s no support for the app. I have tried looking up why this could possibly not be working so many times to no avail. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere.
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7 years ago, pogchampswag
new update is trashhhh
ive been using this app for only a few days and I loved it! until that stupid update. i needed to crop out a part in this video edit I was making and apparently now you can't just crop the video. it used to be so simple to just crop and go. now the creators got greedy and annoying and made you PAY for no watermark. one of the most important reasons I downloaded this app in particular is because it didn't have an obnoxious watermark to pay for to take off 🙄. It's so annoying. Anyways, you should get a different app.
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2 years ago, Viewvisitor
App Problem
Why is Crop Video Square Editor App showing a green line at the bottom of videos that I downloaded - now I have to search and pay for another app to crop it out! It's also downloading automatically to the 4K, then had to wait till done downloading so I can use the 720 or 1085 for those downloads? It's not fair that I paid for a whole year subscription only to find out this big problem and be a waste of my money!
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4 years ago, jyuuri
Horrible user experience
I’m flabbergasted at the average user rating on this app because it is one of the most horrible user experiences I’ve had. This does NOT crop your videos the way you positioned it. When it exports it turns out twice as zoomed in. The UI is just really unintuitive too. Video Crop in the App Store got the job done WAY better and more intuitively for free with no logo even. This was so bad I felt the need to keep it around so I could remember to write this review when I had the time. I will be uninstalling now.
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6 years ago, Sassybarbxfl
I had this for a few years occasionally using it. However the video is only cropped in the app. Once you try to upload it it’s actually bigger then the original video😒. The last update was a year ago really????.
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5 years ago, Its420twice
Subscribed to free trial, all pro features still locked
Was trying to crop a video and mirror the sides for my Snapchat. To do the mirror effect you need Pro features. I saw a free trial was going and subscribed to do this real quick. Now it says I have a subscription (monthly) but all pro features are locked. If the pro features worked I would probably keep my subscription because this app has many functionalities, but I fear even if I purchase pro now it will not give me the features. Please fix this!!!!
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5 years ago, [Ølivia]
The idea of the app is to cut videos into a square, and it does just that!! It’s perfect and everything it says it is! Now, the app specifically states that it only cuts them into squares, so while it would be nice to have other abilities, it does exactly what it says and flawlessly!
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5 years ago, Mr. Lombax2011
Can’t Export/See Video Issue
Everything else seems to work fine, but every time I try to put a video in the app, I get a white/black screen and can only view when I preview video. When I try to export, it processes up to 25%, shoots up to 100% and does nothing. So currently can’t export videos in Crop Video. This is regardless of pro and non pro versions for me. Uninstalled several times and still same issue. iPhone 6 user.
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7 years ago, Ethan_s
Waste of Money
I paid too quickly, on the hope of poor promises. I was hoping I could crop and rotate Boomerang videos to share on Instagram... Nope. The Live Preview looks perfect and then my videos export with wild cropping and rotation issues at VERY low resolution (even in HD Mode). I would be far too embarrassed to share any of my exported content with the world. Needless to say, I'm unhappy with my purchase. Unless we get an update, I'd look elsewhere if I were you.
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6 years ago, James P. Ai&
Great for what I use as a a help with. my ministry.
Excellent app, use in my evangelistic gig moving forward in my ultimate goal of bettering people i can relate to with my past experiences and lessons learned. Perfect for what I need. all videos i cut and everything i never discredit the maker of the film
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6 years ago, angelawr77
No Audio
I cropped the video. Simple enough and when saved the audio is gone. It won't allow me to save to Photos or anywhere else for that matter stating I need to grant the app access to photos...except that it DOES have access. I triple checked this. Still nothing. It shouldn't be this hard to juts crop a video and maintain the audio when saving. Your site has no FAQ's even though there is a link for it that goes to an empty page. Ridiculous.
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6 years ago, bailey_stokes10
Love it needs more open space you should be able to turn the text fix the the type of righting and needs instructions at the beginning, but so far great!!
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7 years ago, Von_dey
The new update is trash. This app is usually quick and easy. But with the new update every time I save the video it flips it upside down and takes away the frame. I tried to fool the glitch and zoom out the video enough that when I save it I could still have a frame when it attempts to crop it, but now no matter what way I flip the video in the hopes to get it right side up and with a frame it saves it in every other direction. I am beyond annoyed.
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5 years ago, AliceSable
No instructions
I got this app so I could square up my iMovies. And I might enjoy it if I could figure out how to make it work. It cuts off my captions but doesn’t show me how to make replacement captions (other than slap new text onto the video that then seems to remain there throughout the entire clip. And I have yet to understand how to save a cropped video to my phone. Frustrating waste of money.
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2 years ago, SoteriaGlobal
Continually improving!
I’ve been using the free version of this app for a few years now. I am impressed by the developers, ongoing efforts to improve it and refine it’s qualities in becoming a top rated video editing tool.
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5 years ago, plondono
No longer working
I used to be able to use it just fine and it was great, but since I last updated it, all it does is close out immediately.
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4 years ago, KoRnbrothatsagoodband
These legends didn’t even put a watermark
Instead of paying some dumb subscription to remove a watermark we just have to watch ads
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6 years ago, Shay Riley
LOGO is perfect
I was so put off with using free apps for social media because their logo would all but ruin the photo or video with loud colors and large size. This logo is a great size and color noticeable enough but not too much. Greatly appreciated!
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6 years ago, Hipsterworm 💩
I’ve only been able to use this app once due to its bugs. Whenever I click on the app, a black screen appears and stays there. Please fix this, I’ve only managed to get one proper use out of this app. But otherwise the cropping and stuff is good.
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6 years ago, PrincessStuffy
Just got it today, payed to get the pro version and it is absolute trash. Every time I finish an edit it will flip the video or zoom in for no reason. Completely terrible wouldn’t recommend to anyone. I bet the developers wouldn’t even let their mothers use this but have no problem making trash apps like this for the common folk. I wish I could give a lower score because this app is so bad. I want negative stars on this
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4 years ago, sophiessc
It’s Okay
This app works pretty well and it is one of the only ones I found that can crop the shape of a video. However, every so often it will only export videos as upside-down and the opposite area that I chose to crop it as. I cannot figure out any way to fix this and it is extremely frustrating because it seems there is nothing I can do about it.
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2 years ago, Lizh619
Very long time customer
I used this app for all my videos that need a little cropping! It’s has saved me from having to reshoot a video! Thanks for an amazing app!
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4 years ago, shhcvghnd
I love this app I use it all the time for tik tok it’s amazing because I don’t need to write anything and I’m broke so this app is awesome for people who want to crop there videos and save them to there camera role and I always use this app.
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5 years ago, LoloMaster62
100% Recomend
All I needed this app for was cropping my basketball highlights. I was able to do just that with ease, everything is super simple and it only takes about 30 seconds. So yes, download this app.
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6 years ago, Headplay
Monthly Fees For Pro Version, WHY?!
I don’t understand what’s with all these apps trying to get monthly subscriptions. Unless someone’s life is about cropping 24/7 then I don’t see the point of this. A one time fee would be ideal for this kind of app. Who in their right mind would pay for this? I’m so disappointed with you guys trying to be money hungry. I have always believed developers should be paid something but this is too much.
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4 years ago, Chriscross987654321
I love the app when it works, but most times that I try exporting a video, the result is nothing close to how I edited it. Either the orientation changes, or the video changes placement or I try centering a video with a blurred background and the video ends up on the bottom with only the blurred background above the video. If these can be fixed the app will be perfect. Same bugs that others have written about...
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6 years ago, gretch❤️
The best
I have signed up for crop videos and stuff and deleted it afterwards because its so confusing, and so many stuff going on but this one tops it all. So easy to use and fast.... can’t complain..
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6 years ago, Sharnae t
New update is awful
I am so disappointed that users are unable to crop their videos. I’ve been using this app for years because of the flexibility, but due to his new update, I cannot simply crop my video. Apparently, it costs money now? Various other complex additions were also added. This is sad. I now have to switch to another app and delete this. You all should definitely rethink this change.
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2 years ago, EthanC_RVA
Still a great app but don’t like the latest update
5 star app until the latest update added features but now slows down the loading of pics and videos.
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3 years ago, Queen Eeshaah
I don’t know what’s wrong it is not opening on my phone. It always switch back to home screen.
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5 years ago, ryshear
Very helpful
I post memes on instagram and it's extremely helpful to crop out everything else out i find this app very helpful and useful i couldn't be more happy about this app
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7 years ago, truth. Gang
It does its job
The only problem with this app is you can’t do any thing else for free than cropping your video and adding text. The other stuff doesn’t bother me because I only want my videos cropped nothing further.
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5 years ago, FrToxic
Why is cropping a video so difficult in this? It’s literally the most complicated trash I’ve ever used. Literally you have to PAY just to blur the background so the video would actually be good instead of having a garbage white background since the video won’t fit. Really disappointed but overall I guess it’s good in its own way but for me this is a fat 1 star. I really don’t like it.
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3 years ago, abcdefghi123456678
Everything you want!
Trying to edit in iMovie was an exercise in frustration. This app does everything I wanted
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5 years ago, jakjahnaksbsnsbsjsksjucksksbs
I like to use it when I need to cut things out of certain videos but I also like the blue background very much and you can only get that with pro use and you have to pay for pro use and I believe this app should be an app that makes everything free because you’ll get more views and rates and downloads and more and more people will come here so please 🙏🙏try and make blue background free
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6 years ago, Jamyria Wise
It’s great but...
It’s a great app all my friends were using it and I had to try it I wanted to have different backgrounds but you have to pay for them?👎🏾 you shouldn’t have to pay for something that’s free🙀
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1 year ago, Ashnoel08
Love until now
I love this app and I pay the $10 per year. How come I just went to blue the background and also have no watermark and it is now saying to upgrade? I was always able to do this with the subscription. Can you please provide some help and answers? Thanks.
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1 year ago, kknox14
keeps asking me to upgrade
i paid thru August 2023 Now i cant use without watermark. Keeps saying i need to upgrade. Tried cancelling and subscribing again. Cant contact Apple because it says I dont have an active subscription. Cant contact developer direct. Have been using for years with no issues, now this. Site cant be reached for app support.
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4 years ago, Skyfireusa
Sneaky scammy trick!!!
I was using the app when an advertisement came up to upgrade and I automatically clicked the top left corner thinking that was an escape but instead there is a tiny restore button barely readable that I hit by accident and it automatically caused me to purchase the software again. This is done on purpose and it’s completely sneaky and a scam and I am reporting this to Apple right now!!!
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5 years ago, cutegirl1322
It’s so good of the app but the only thing I don’t like is it have to be the print the name thing in the video but we have to pay for it😔 so if we didn’t it would have got 5 star rating
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5 years ago, tejas jenny
Hard to cancel subscription!
I was only able to figure out how to cancel the subscription through the email Apple sent. I cannot figure out where in Settings or the App Store to cancel. The directions in the fine print at bottom of app’s home screen are useless, as I don’t use iTunes. SHADY. Not the most user friendly app either. I’ll keep looking.
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2 years ago, JinShakur
Error Message
Ive had this app for several + yrs but this week for some reason when i go to export my videos, it says “Export Error, Operation stopped” …. Not sure whats going on.
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5 years ago, basharkaissi
Security issues !
I was waiting for the app to request access to my photos so I can approve but that never happened. As soon as I downloaded the app I was able to edit my photos without me giving permission to access my photos which raised a red flag so I went to the privacy policy on their website and it’s a privacy policy of an app called pastel keyboard. Nothing mentions CropVS !! Be aware.
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6 years ago, MelFlynn
They make you pay multiple times to remove watermarking and they never remove it. Don’t be fooled into donating to this company. I’ve paid two times to have the watermark removed. I’ve had this app longer than 6 months, so you would think that i wouldn’t have any problems. I want my money back so that I can use it for another app. Liars.
Show more
5 years ago, Tyler Marquez
This app was always great for me I got some money and decided to buy a subscription. But it doesn't work it said all inclusive but I can’t do anything and when I click to buy again it says I already bought it. Help please?
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