Cross Fingers

4.4 (1.2K)
42 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cross Fingers

4.41 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
6 years ago, Hesakiah
I love this game. One of the best. However you need a way to gain stars either by watching an advertisement or something. Much as i love the game, i refuse to pay for stars, particularily the prices you charge. I would stop playing this great game rather than pay for the stars. There are plenty of games that can be played without those charges, much as i enjoy it. The puzzles themselves are great! Addition to this review. I,m furious! It is never explained that the stars you have in the beginning should not be used initially and that you will never get anymore except for the 2 at the end of the level, and therefore you are unable to go to the next set of puzzles unless you buy more. Much as i loved the game i never heard of a game that gives you no other option but buy stars which i refuse to do. Love the game one of the best puzzle games ever, but having to quit entirely at the end of the first segment because you never knew to save one or 2 of the couple stars that came with the first level. Very deceptive.
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8 years ago, Judomeem
Challenging game, but...
This is a challenging and fun game, but it should allow you to earn stars more often. I'm locked out of two levels because I only have two stars left. I won't pay for stars in order to finish the game. It would be nice if you earned 1 star for each level completed, or at least 1 for every 2-3 levels. Also, I agree with other reviewers that the red block levels can be quite annoying, especially when playing on a phone. Other than that, it's a great game.
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7 years ago, Mhcsaskyraoh hmhfz
I like it a lot, just too many bug problems
I enjoy the challenge CrossFingers gives me even though sometimes I hit my device in frustration if my finger slips off. It has been challenging and amazing to play with for hours and days on end. The only problem is that I get these mini game ads, which I don't mind, that don't load. I have to close out of the app in order to get out of the ad or to get the third time where the x shows up. Other than that, I love love love this game!
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4 years ago, WhyDoINeedANicknamegayyyyyyyy
Please have a reset button!
I love this game! I have finished it before and I’m not quite sure how I got it to reset but I did, so I got to play it again! Unfortunately, I didn’t finish all the way this time because there wasn’t enough stars. I just wish there was a reset button so it will challenge you the next time to not use your stars. Other than that, I love this game. I’m sad not to be able to play anymore.
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7 years ago, Melmartin75
Love the challenge/please just give me a minute to relish in my task competed!
Wish I could enjoy the satisfaction of a completed puzzle a few more seconds!!! You work so hard on some of these only to complete it and it vanishes before you can comprehend/celebrate the victory of seeing your puzzle solved! It doesn't have to sit for very long... but pretty please! Give me a little satisfaction of seeing my work complete!
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7 years ago, Derkaaderkaa
The game itself it incredibly entertaining and fun to me, but the ada make me want to delete it and never download again. Theres one every time you open the alp, and after every level, and about 90% of the time you either cant push the X to make it go away and it just stays on the ad until you close the app, or you push the X and the app freezes and closes on itself. At this point i would rather just pay to block ads because i want to like this game so much but there isnt an option for that
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5 years ago, News 👀
Amazing Creators
Even though I have only bought cross fingers ( very great game ) on mobile, I have bought edge on my 3ds. The games the creators make are over the top, especially edge. If I had a choice to choose a game for free, it would be edge on mobile. If you love puzzle games that are challenging but calm you down, buy this game and all of there other puzzle games! It will be worth the money!
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8 years ago, Blue Griffin
Great game, but you can...
I love the game as it's very challenge and has enjoyable difficulties. The only reason it's not a five is I've been locked out of two of the level packs because I don't have enough stars. I have played and finished every other set, but since I only have 2 stars I can't play those packs unless I buy more stars. It's disappointing I can't finish the game unless I buy stars.
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8 years ago, Calliopejane33
Fun came, but ads freeze
This is a fun and challenging game. The only problem is with the ads, you have to press the X many times to get them to close, and sometimes they will not close at all. In those cases I just have to restart the game and replay the last level I won. Hey developers, I would purchase no-ads if that were an option!
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2 years ago, dexth
Amazing game
This is a fantastic game, I love it and I’ve put so many hours into the game, I complete all of the levels and I would really love for there to be a lot more things added to this game including more levels. Now that I beat the game I always feel bored. So if the developers see this can you please add more levels to the game????
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7 years ago, Raqdjevxgehshwhsb
Ads block progress
Fun game but ads literally stop you from completing the game. Whenever I happen to complete the 30th level in a world pack, an ad would play, and that ad stops me from getting the stars with no way to earn them back. Since I can't play more packs without these stars, I can't continue now. The ads do stop, freeze or crash your game when you play. If they were controlled better, this game would get a higher rating.
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5 years ago, chaoticsparklez
I would give 5 stars...
This is one of my favorite apps to pass the time, but recently it’s been getting on my nerves because I’ll be playing for a long time (like on a four hour plane ride) and l notice I keep playing the same couple of levels again and again. Turns out the game just stopped recording my progress halfway through set 9 so whenever the app closes I lose all progress after that. Love the game, please fix please
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2 years ago, You Won't be Sorry!
Calming wood look
I have just started playing this puzzle game and am only on level two, but thoroughly enjoy it. I am hoping that it will continue to get more challenging as the levels increase. Definitely worth checking the game out. Some of the puzzles present a challenge which I believe will increase as I already said.
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9 months ago, Kkyle514
Restart data
This is the best game ever. It’s my absolute favorite. However it doesn’t allow you to restart the game from beginning without data. I would love to be able to play from beginning without my previous data being uploaded.
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8 years ago, Shane 265132
Fun Sliding Puzzle Game
An excellent game and a lot of fun to play. A couple of notes: The red tiles usually move along a single axis (up/down, left/right), but sometimes can move in two! The white tiles can move freely, but some are invisibly connected together. You need 3 Stars to unlock a pack of 30 puzzles but you get 2 Stars for completing each pack, so it's possible to complete almost all of the puzzles packs for free. Assuming you don't use Stars to skip puzzles or buy skins you only need to buy 3 Stars. I think that's fair to charge a little to complete the packs, but buying a lot of Stars is generally a waste of time if you're patient.
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2 years ago, Turbo444
Truly Great
This is really a truly great game. Been playing for many years, off and on. It is relaxing and just-enough challenging to keep me coming back. I bought stars to support the developer… which I don’t usually do… but I appreciate their work in putting this masterpiece together.
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7 years ago, gshwj
Excellent, but ads cause it to crash
This is the only ios game I’ve ever truly enjoyed. However, ever since I updated to ios 11.1, the game constantly crashes. The ads that pop up after finishing a level are bug-ridden and have made the game almost impossible to play. Please fix this!
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7 years ago, Nikkitytom
Infuriating Ad bug
The game is great fun, but positioning the pieces could be easier. They slide around. But the thing which truly ruins this otherwise good game is the terrible ad which insists I download a silly game ... Which I don't want. I had to close and delete the entire game to get it to start up again. This is a major bug. One day later ... This is a disaster. The damned "mini game" pops up after each segment and completely stops the program. I'm afraid it may damage my IPad. The controls are awful. It's a shame because the game has enormous potential,
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3 years ago, ring6992
Great Game Has End
This is a great game but it seems to no longer being worked on. The development seens to have stopped and they are not added anything in over a year. But if you are looking for puzzles to do it is great for what it has but once you finish there will be nothing more added.
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3 years ago, nanacgp
Worthy of download
This puzzle is fun, challenging & fascinating. Although it’s been available for quite some time it never gets boring. A different take than any other. Definitely download!! A worthy addition to any puzzle enthusiast’s collection. A definite favorite of mine.
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8 years ago, Giftigwolf
Puzzle Craft meets smart phone
This compelling puzzle is an off shoot of an older physical puzzle. In this there are more options and countermeasures you employ to solve. It is a little hard for those among us with fat fingers to solve some where two hands are required, but it is a grand time all the same.
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6 years ago, King of Rancho Cucamonga
App commercials
The games great, the puzzles are fun and challenging. My problem quite specifically is the ads for crossinstall games, they freeze up and I have to exit the game, close it out and reopen it. Not the end of the world but when literally every time I beat a level I have to do this it gets very annoying.
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8 years ago, New appla
Great Thinking game
This game has been a lot of fun to play, even challenging at times. I do wish the pieces would stay put once I'm down to sliding the last one in: I often move my entire puzzle out of the play area then have to gently tinker to get my pieces back into the play area.
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7 years ago, kyxrachel
Fun Game, Bad App
I really like the game, and how challenging it is, but there are way too many ads and the add can kick you out of the app. Also, ever since I downloaded the app, my phone is super glitchy. Sometimes I'll try to open the app, it won't work, and then I'm on a screen with the loading screen on my phone, and no way to get out of it other than restart my phone.
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4 years ago, HeadHunter
Great for cognitive practice or therapy & hand/eye
A couple of years ago I had brain surgery. Afterwards I experienced Cognitive Therapy. It was fun actually. These are timed puzzles with various challenges to enhance difficulty. Check it out. Let the little ones play often. Great brain training as well as captivating.
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8 years ago, NurseJayThere
Great puzzles!
I am not sure why the other reviewer's did not like the red blocks. I find them to be an interesting add to the puzzle, they can be propped or scooted by the other blocks. The only complaint that I have is that the friction of the pieces on the board is just a bit too slippery.
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2 years ago, Welly 78
I miss the arcade part of this game
Hi I really loved this game it was so interesting to me when it had the arcade section It was long time ago but I still have it on my very old iPad Where the different shapes keep coming from 4 sides of the screen and the player try to fill the middle square with the pieces before they pile up and crack I really don’t understand why the new updates don’t have this game anymore And I ask the developer to please bring it back Even if it’s not for free Thanks
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7 years ago, Metoo9876
Very fun and challenging game. I am at the point of it showing ads, which I can close and not watch. Did not realize I needed to be earning stars to get further, I only have 2 now. Bummer. I still love figuring them out tho, thank you!
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8 years ago, GulshanBatra
Fun, easy yet challenging enough
Just completed the Easy set of 30 puzzles on this game, in under 20 minutes. Enough enjoyment and challenge that I'm now going to try the Normal difficulty levels. Actually what an app game should be like...
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7 years ago, hsn1850
Great game but
This is been a challenging game that I truly enjoyed however when the cooking craze game commercial began it locked up the game permanently so I ended up having to remove cross fingers from my iPad. I wish there were a way to stop the cooking craze demo but there doesn't seem to be.
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8 years ago, Eriquita713
Tricky, but not so much so that I want to smash the phone into bits. The ads aren't too overbearing either. It did close on me once when I had almost solved a puzzle, which was very annoying. Other than that I enjoy it.
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8 years ago, SheepyBoy
Great puzzle game!
This game does a nice job of mixing things up enough to keep the puzzles interesting while still challenging you. Also, the look, feel and game mechanics are done well, so the game has a smooth, tranquil play action.
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7 years ago, IdidRTMhonest
Ads lock up!
The game is fun and challenging. I am not a fan of any of the ads but I hate the ones that force me to exit the game entirely and reload, sometimes multiple times before I can get back to the game. The ones that say cross-install are the worst. As for the rest of the ads, I have yet to see another game in which I am even remotely interested. Most are blatantly sexist or war games - blech!
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7 years ago, history is great!
Well done!!
Lots and lots of challenging puzzles. Occasionally frustrating but that only adds to the satisfaction of completing each level. The short ads don't bother me much. My current favorite game!!
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7 years ago, Zartmom
LOVE this game so much! It is challenging enough to be addicting but not so much that you give up! I just wish it was in order of complexity. There will be a super easy board after a challenging one. That's my only complaint.
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4 years ago, SveaLynn
Fun and challenging
I completed 26 games on the first level and earned 2 stars. The were fun and challenging and I enjoyed going back to improve my own time. Apparently,I’ll have to buy stars to keep playing at the next level.
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7 years ago, Mikecross1973
Great Game!
Fun game, it gets addicting trying to beat each of your times on each level. Recommended for those who like puzzles but want something simple as well as challenging.
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3 years ago, EtStl
Good game but….
Love this game, but I wish there were a way to reset and play again after all levels have been completed!!!
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7 years ago, waytho
Fun and different
A nice wood block/logic type of game. I haven't had too much trouble with ads but other ppl are saying that ads and lack of stars keep them from finishing the higher levels.
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7 years ago, az yard napper
Smarter than a 2 year old
This keeps me busy for hours and provides enough challenge without those awful 'I give up' moments
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5 years ago, abeltobedone
Great game
Lots of fun and challenge each other to see who can do it the fastest. Can keep challenging yourself even at the beginning level by time. So far this free version is truly free and fun. TomTom
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4 years ago, Kieran ennis
Game still lives up to its legacy
I had it when I first got my iPod touch, still being supported, still fun to this day! Try it out at the least.
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8 years ago, Bud2020
Fun but needs a small amount of work
I understand the whole reason of the game, but my phone stars to freak out with more than 3 fingers on the screen, should put in place someone that would allow the red blocks to stay where they are put rather than holding them. Out side of that it's a really fun game
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8 years ago, Moki48071
Fun game
Great game, challenging and addicting. I don't care for the adds, but other than that it is great. I understand the adds help pay for the game, but still they are annoying.
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7 years ago, Newyork465
I got this game cause i got a new phone. I loved it at first but there were a lot of adds. Now a while into the game I will get an add and if I click the x then it will kick me off the game and the add won't go away I can keep doing this over and over again but most of the time I have to shut my phone off. Good game but to many adds DON'T GET!! I want to put 0 stars but it won't let me.
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8 years ago, GRIMNINJA86
Bad addiction
This game is fun solving, frustrating, Bring confusing, where does this piece go. How does my kid know how to do this and not me game. I Lik it. It makes u think witch games should. Download it u won't be sorry!!
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3 years ago, 175 4 7R4P
Save issues
I love the game but every time I close out of the app it doesn’t save my place. I just earned two stars and I was in the pro levels. Please fix this.
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7 years ago, moonchild chubbs
Great game but it crashes and freezes
Such a fun game but it either crashes at startup or freezes after an ad. It crashes at least 5 or more times before the game actually starts working and when it freezes I have to restart the app. Not sure if this is only on iPhone.
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7 years ago, Big Sky BS
Challenging but.....
Annoying that you're forced to buy stars. The mini-games that try to load, and lock up, forcing you to exit and reload are incredibly annoying. Otherwise this would be 5 stars.
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8 years ago, Wensuzette
On PRO 6 level 26, every time I finish this level it just goes straight to my home screen and doesn't show that I've finished the level. This has happened at least 3x. Anyone else having this problem?
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