Crossword – World's Biggest

4.5 (35.5K)
162.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
AppyNation Ltd.
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Crossword – World's Biggest

4.46 out of 5
35.5K Ratings
6 years ago, moviegirl611
Pretty good for a free app
I like the fact that there is a new puzzle everyday and there a few others you can play right off the bat. As other’s mentioned, the letters are given to you (some you need and some you don’t) and it took me a while to figure out that even correct letters will be cleared unless you get the entire word correct. The clues are sometimes a stretch in my opinion and sometimes they use British slang and don’t mention their doing it...had to guess “prang” today as this word is not used in the US. Overall level of difficulty is easy to moderate. Yes this is a free app so you won’t get unlimited get a few and then as you play, you win tokens or points to unlock other games. I’ve been playing a good few weeks almost every day and have always had a few puzzles to play. Also with the free app, there are ads...I just wait a few secs until the little x mark shows up to close the pop up and then I return to my next crossword. Pretty nice little app.
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7 years ago, Hip Didler
It's lots of fun....but
This is the fourth time I've tried posting a review (so I can get 20 free tokens) and each time it never posts, so let's try again.... I play this game everyday and it's lots of fun. I like the way the game is laid out and it's easy to use. However there are a couple of issues: the amount of tokens you need to open up a new puzzle is crazy, particularly when you either have to watch ad after ad to get them, or buy them. Yes, if you come back everyday they will give you tokens, but at a certain point you would have to come back every day for 3 days straight just to have enough tokens to open 1 puzzle. The other issue is some of the words they use I've never even heard of before (I've been doing crosswords for 30+ yrs) A lot of the clues are also English (UK). Other then those issues, it's great. Now let's see if I get my free tokens!
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6 years ago, Konakid63
Fun, with just enough amount of Challenge! - Update
Fun & Challenging, but not too difficult to avoid it from being frustrating! I like the fact that I can complete the puzzles when I have time. Other entertainment apps require you to "check-in daily", or complete a game before closing the app, or you will have to replay it upon returning (as an example). I may not open the app for a few months, yet I know that my material will be safe for whenever I do. UPDATE: OCT 2018 - I’m enjoying the changes (improvements, modifications) that were recently done .. except for one item. When I click on “Main Menu”, WHYYYY does the app question my decision????! To me, there’s no reason for this .. and it’s just really annoying!!! REALLY!!!!! It’s not like my decision is going to lock me in, nor cost me money; so it just doesn’t make any sense. Maybe I’m the only one ... ??
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6 years ago, Duskwitch6
Alright but annoying progress pop ups
I've been playing for a couple days and my biggest complaint is it seems that every other minute a new pop up is appearing telling me I've completed a goal in the quest - "wow, you found a word starting with S? Congrats! Let's interrupt your gameplay to tell you and make you tap several times to get back to it!" I don't care. And the game decides what words to give me so it's not like I've done anything special. Just show me the goals when I open a puzzle and show me when I win tokens for meeting goals. Otherwise it's alright, I've been having fun. I'd prefer not to see the set of letters it provides for each word until I tap to reveal them because it makes it too easy. I've played enough jumbled word games that my brain automatically picks words out of them, so I have to cover them up with my finger if I want an actual crossword experience and not a jumbled letter game. I'd like to see an option so you could choose your preference.
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7 years ago, ALP735735
Fun and challenging
I read several of the other reviews for this game, and I went into the game with an open mind. So many times it seems that people want to play games nonstop, without anything to remind them that they should put their phone or tablet down (such as running out of tokens or waiting for a timer to expire). When I read reviews about how few tokens that you were given, but you get more tokens the following day I thought this was probably one of those situations. I am not one of those people that cannot put my phone down, but I still get frustrated with how few tokens you are given compared to the number of tokens required to play each game. The gameplay itself is very fun, there have been a handful of times that I had to use the hint, which costs 300 tokens for one letter, and after you beat an entire puzzle you might possibly get those 300 tokens back. This does not seem like an even exchange. If you only get 300 tokens when you solve an entire puzzle, it seems that 300 tokens should solve the entire word for you, rather than just give you one letter!!! Having said those things I do still enjoy playing the game, I just have to overlook those shortcomings of the game.
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7 years ago, monie1952
Fun but...
I enjoy the puzzles but cost of new ones versus time it takes to get more is too high. Looks like there's a limit of 10 tokens to get at the rate of 3 minutes per token. But that eliminates a lot of puzzles because you quickly run out of puzzles that cost 10 or less tokens. Also I can never get free tokens by watching videos because it crashes either before video starts or right before video ends. Frustrating. Update: nothing has changed. Doesn't seem that reviews make much difference to the game developers. I've gone about as far as I can with the biggest puzzle since I can't get enough tokens to do at least a third of them. I'll work on the worlds tallest until I run out of options. I'd like to be able to complete these but if I have to open everyday for a week and not play just to get enough tokens for one section it really isn't worth it to me. I'll move on to other crossword apps.
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7 years ago, HocusAndPocus123
Fun Game
Not happy with the fact it cost coins to play and then so many coins used for hints is ridiculous and only get one letter for the use of the hint. Some of the words are way out in left field never heard of them so have to cheat on the game just to be able to go on to next level or stay stuck because you run out of coins the game is fun and can be addicting if the issues get fixed plus would like more color choices more vivid and also hate that when you click on a box the tokens for a box are all different and scattered all around if your going to do different ones put them on different levels or rows so we can chose where to go instead of searching for the less token ones to play and it takes more time we just want to play not search to play if we wanted to search we would find a search and find game instead
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7 years ago, Opinion02122
Not bad, but..
I have only played the "easy" puzzles. And, even in the "easy" puzzles they use words that I've never seen, or heard of, in my long life. I hate puzzles that use words you've never heard of, and, though I only found a few per puzzle, so far, most of these puzzles have them. There are also spelling errors in the clues, and answers! Scummage for scrimmage in one puzzle. Some puzzles have clues that refer to "starred" clues that are part of another clue. But there ARE NO starred clues! So what's that about? Seems that some of these were written for printed puzzles, where some clues WERE starred, and the author never checked them before submitting them to this app. The other words can still be challenging and fun when you figure them out, so I'll still play, but it has flaws.
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6 years ago, Seth Draven
Fun but slow!
This crossword app is great, I love how massive it is—there are so many puzzles! My only issue is that the green tokens take a little too long to stack up when you play every day and are trying to progress through/unlock the more token-costly levels. I’m only really writing this review because they’ll toss 20 green tokens your way if you leave a review. Overall it’s fun and just the right amount of challenging. Also, however, many puzzles have the same exact answer in them that they had in the puzzle right before that one, which gets old fast. But like I said, it’s a huge grid of puzzles; for free you can’t really expect ‘em all to have different answers for each and every clue.
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7 years ago, atristacrat
Fun but requires a ton of patience
It's very fun. But apparently once you reach a certain point you can only get tokens by either purchasing them or by coming back to the game each day and earning free ones by watching videos or responding to ads/surveys. This makes it very slow to build up. What can I say? I guess I'm not as patient as I think I am, because I want to complete the board but I can't due to the decreased flow of tokens. I used to get them all the time through completing puzzles and being given bonus ones where you pay in coins to complete it in exchange for a tokens reward. Now I don't seem to have that option. So if you don't mind limiting yourself to one puzzle per day or even per week (depending on how many tokens it costs you to open it)... you'll be very happy with this game/app.
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7 years ago, Abqaiq67
Fun Puzzles
I was playing game when it suddenly changed format. Interesting. Still hate that I've had to start over so many times. 😘 Like the puzzles just wish it would save when I have to get a new phone so I could finally finish it. I'm adding this!!!! I had to get a new phone again and this is the ONLY app that didn't back anything up. VERY DISAPPOINTED as I like this game but am fed up with having to keep starting over (especially when I was almost done). What's the point!!! I'm really disappointed that when I got a new phone and had to download this app again I lost ALL the games I had finished and all the coins and tokens I had collected. I backed everything up and most apps brought back up all I had done/ collected. Also I continue to get this message when I click to get reward for posting to Twitter. Whoa there! There is no request token for this page. That's the special key we need from applications asking to use your Twitter account. Please go back to the site or application that sent you here and try again; it was probably just a mistake. Go to Twitter. Well, I'm finally a few games from completion. Hopefully I get done for once. Had for more crosswords to play.
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2 years ago, Mustlovebooknerd
Not the best
I mean, crosswords are fun but they only give to 10 tokens a day, which makes impossible to play puzzles once you get to the ones that cost more than 10 tokens. That wouldn’t a problem if I could use the coins I earned to open old puzzles and do them to earn tokens so I could build up to the amount I need (like other app games I play that are like this). I also never get the chance to watch a video to double my daily token reward like other apps offer, which also adds to this impossible token situation. I’m not interested in opening the app 5 days in a row before I’m able to play one puzzle and I’m certainly not giving you my money for tokens, so this app has just worn out it’s welcome quickly.
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7 years ago, Muse1975
Addictive! But limited
Love the game but I'm facing the same issue as all the other reviewers...too few tokens rewarded each day as compared to the massive amount of tokens required to open a new puzzle. Currently, I have to open the game each day for a few measly tokens in order to play on. At the rate I'm going, it'll be at least 2-4 days before I can play 1 puzzle (which I usually complete in a matter of minutes). Just doesn't seem right. Of course I can always buy the tokens but some puzzles cost as much as 30 or 40 tokens each. There's an offer of $9.99 for a 1000 tokens - which is a lot for a crossword puzzle. And I haven't done the math but I'm not even sure if that's enough to complete the game. There used to be a feature where I could exchange coins instead of tokens for a fresh puzzle but that seems to have gone away. Why award us coins when there's no use for it anymore? Please bring back the coin exchange option!! Those things aside, I love the game and can play it all day. Maybe this is just the developer's way to force me to pace myself!
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6 years ago, ptruby16
Fun, if the Ads Stop
I'm only here for the 20 tokens tbh. I wanted a free to play crossword app with lots of puzzles to pass the time. This app delivers pretty well. They repeat a lot of small words like END and MAD, but I get why. They need to fill up space. The worst part of the app, which isn't the token/coin system (they kinda need a way to keep people from solving all of them at once), is the saturation of ads. Every time you go back into the Map View from a particular puzzle, they give you an ad. If you complete a puzzle, they show an ad. The ads you watch for extra coins and tokens are even longer, but those are optional and I guess if I click on those it's my own fault. Basically, if they reduced the ads even 25% that would be fine. Otherwise fun app.
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7 years ago, catone3
Fun, but limited!
I have to play this every day to earn tokens for free by watching advertisements because I don't want to buy tokens just to play a "free" game. But I am limited on how much I can play because the game has limits as to how many tokens you can earn everyday! As the puzzles get harder they require more tokens to unlock. You can only watch five 30 second video advertisements daily to get a few free tokens. The videos are so repetitive. Ugh! I wish the game would let you earn more tokens and faster! I am almost done with the whole game ... I'm glad they added the tallest puzzle cause I was wondering what I was going to do next! Lol
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5 years ago, ace2u2009
Keep working on the fine tuning, developers
Good concept but needs work. First off, check your dictionary. The clue was “drainage ditch.” The answer should have been “dike,” but the only way the puzzle would accept it is if I subbed a “y” for the “i.” Ummm.... Second, the “progress” pop ups are annoying and insulting. “Congratulations! You found 5 three-letter words!” You have to tap several times to get back to being able to play the game. If the game is advertised to make you smarter, it should live up to its claim and not waste time with meaningless rewards. Personally I could do without the letter bank completely. May be good for a little kids’ version, but not for adults. I’ll delete the app after this, but I look forward to a better version in t(e near future.
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6 years ago, Cat1131
So, this game can be really fun. However, it’s also really frustrating. There are a lot of words used MULTIPLE times (example: “sweets” is used at least ten times so far). Some of the clues are extremely bizarre and don’t make sense. (Field = world ??) Earning tokens is a nightmare. I downloaded an app and played for 30+ minutes to get over 300 tokens... and didn’t get them. Don’t count on support ever responding to you. Some of the quests are nearly impossible. 3 words with the letter Q? It took me about 25 puzzles to get that one. And I’m not sure how the timer quests work... they don’t accurately represent how long I’ve played. When I asked, no one ever responded. It could be such a great game...but it doesn’t feel like the developers are willing to put in the time to get there.
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3 years ago, Karen - Nc
Most often just logging in
This game is really fun, but u end up playing maybe two rounds a day if ur lucky. Lame! I do not see all those puzzles that change daily, like the main review and description says. All I see is the daily question to earn coins and links to download the dev’s other games. I’m at the point where all puzzles are 20+ points each, not coins, so I have to log in every day, but I can’t play a single round every day. Some rounds are 50 each and u have to earn anything past ten. I’ll watch vids, but for 2 points at a time? The game is really fun, but the waiting stinks really bad
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6 years ago, cswrawr
Yes and no
Fairly entertaining, has kept my attention well. You need to either be English or an Anglophile to get 90% of the informal words. Calling it a giant crossword is a misnomer as it's actually a few hundred tiny crosswords and the number of hints and words that repeat is crazy. I've typed in "spade" "clever" and "tears" at least a half a dozen times each. There's more repeat words than unique ones. And I agree with other reviews stating the amount of coins to open some of them is too high, particularly when half the time the ads to earn coins freeze up and the app has to be crashed resulting in no extra coins.
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7 years ago, Elevert
Ends up Pay to play
I love the idea and solved almost half of the puzzles before I started having issues being able to afford new puzzles. Each puzzle cost tokens and you don't earn them for free fast enough. The ads are already annoying after completing every puzzle. At first they let you buy puzzles with coins which earn you tokens on completion but at a certain point you can't buy any more with coins. Also on the tallest puzzle it makes it seem like you can buy a puzzle with coins, but when you try it just says to complete the current chapter. So coins become useless unless you want to eliminate/solve letters for a clue. Fun at first but don't waste your time. They should make plenty of money on the annoying ads but instead want to make more money on selling tokens as well.
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2 years ago, leleleelelle
A massive stretch….
You guys put Clues for words (by definition) that have nothing to do with the word. For instance how is aid a helpful object? By definition it’s help , or assistance etc. it however is not an object.. if aid is referring to first aid kits then that would have to be included. Another would be a handheld chair being a sedan , when no it’s called a sedan chair. If you wanted a singular word it would be litter. As stated before some words are British slang or slang in general that still don’t quite match or are not first choices that would have fit the definitions better. It doesn’t have to be easy ,but it does need to be doable without having to finish the whole puzzle and still look up the phrase that isn’t 100% clear.
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7 years ago, Danish42
Fun enough
Uses a lot of "proper" English terms, which may be unfamiliar to some. Sometimes the clue suggests a verb, but the answer is a noun. I'm usually a completionist for games, but don't think I'll follow through with this. As other reviews note, the game becomes slow-going once you reach a certain tier of puzzles and coins/tokens are harder to earn. Heck, wrote this just for the 20 free tokens. Ads pop up between almost every screen, though that's commonplace in a lot of games now anyways. Overall, it gives me something to do that's a bit more challenging and intelligent than a Bejeweled knock-off.
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7 years ago, Sweet Bre
Finally, a crossword puzzle I like!
I was Looking for a crossword puzzle game that would be challenging and fun at the same time. I’ve tried many, but this is the only game that’s held my interest. The only thing is, I don’t like the fact that I have to use tokens to level up to new puzzles. I thought once the puzzle was completed I could keep leveling up to new ones —I was wrong. Besides that small Hang-up, I’m giving this game 5 stars, which is something I rarely do. P.S. I think the tokens could be used to help the player —sort of like power ups.
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6 years ago, Marine8914
Extremely Excessive Ads
Definitely one of the better crossword puzzle apps. If it weren’t for the nonstop ads it would be the best. I understand free apps run ads to make money but this is extremely excessive. You open the app, you get an ad. You enter one of the boards, you get an ad. You complete a puzzle, you get an ad. You leave a puzzle and go to the main menu, you guessed it! Another ad!! Even cutting the amount of ads in half or even by a third, would make it a lot better. The only other issue I have encountered is that some of the clues make absolutely no sense because the answer they are looking for isn’t a correct answer for that clue.
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4 years ago, Cartman1119
Clues don’t fit the word
Me and my girlfriend take turns doing these puzzles and one thing we have found is that some of the clues to the word do not fit the word itself. A lot of them don’t even make sense. “Person with club” = lame. That’s the clue to the word. Not kidding. Another issue we have is the informal words are.. useless, if slang is going to be a part of this game then it needs to be a word that everyone has heard or knows. Different areas use different slang so what might be right in the west might be the exact opposite in the east. Other then those issues it is very addicting, and very time passing so I have to give credit where credit is due.
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5 years ago, DiRosie61
It would be better if.....
You gave TOKENS for every puzzle you complete! There’s NO WAY to get tokens (which are needed to play other crosswords and you don’t give the option to watch videos to get tokens!) and miraculously when you complete a challenge, you get MAYBE 2-3 tokens and a crap load of coins! You need 7 or more tokens to play a crossword. That’s just a sleazy way to get ppl to BUY the tokens! So when you do that, most ppl with connecting brain cells, see the writing on the wall and they move on to other crosswords that don’t do that. Although I love the game, I won’t buy tokens for that reason. You took a great game and made it all about the money.
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7 months ago, 1893zz1g
Not enough tokens
Great game but I’m tired of running out of tokens. The daily limit doesn’t generate enough tokens to play more than 1 game and I get tired of having to come back to watch ads for multiple days without being able to play. To me, at least, it would seem that an app should should provide you with gameplay that keeps you engaged, not 1 that prevents you from playing for multiple days while you try to earn tokens. Seems counter productive since I’ve lost interest. But again, that’s me.
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7 years ago, Zacker001
Love this game
I love this game i play it all the time! Its not too hard but not easy and the fact that you can buy letters is great along with the free coins you get for watching a commercial is good because you can use the coins to buy new letters without spending any real money... lets face it, if it wasn't for that i would have deleted this app long ago! But i love it just the way it is so don't go wrecking it by changing it around! It's great as is... keep up the good work now, about those 20 free tokens? Ummm yeah, wheres those tokens again?
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7 years ago, NotQuiteAntiquatedButClose
Improvement, Perhaps.
I'm not claiming any MENSA DNA, but finally the several new puzzles I've done have contained new, multisyllabic, challenging words. I haven't relied on using Wordplay (or any other on-line CW help) so my times aren't remarkable. But, at the same time, my goals have changed. I want to become more self-reliant. On-line puzzle help programs remind me of SNIPER programs used to give some eBay bidders an unfair advantage, for example. Would be nice if these crossword puzzles had a completely even playing field. In any event, I am having more fun while finally experiencing frustration with these games. It's great.
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3 years ago, bluegrasscotty
Simple fun is the best!
Very fun to play. Simple enough you don't have to strain the brain, but just enough to keep your melon sharp! Fun for the family. Easy enough my seven year old can join in. I don't think you'll be disappointed with this game! My hubby keeps getting better! I've gotten addicted to it & so has my 7 year old son playing on Crossword! Love it!! I really like the added puzzle feature of token and chips for solving puzzles. Feel my mind just getting sharper and quick!
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6 years ago, Pohpu
Love the puzzle, work it daily. Some new puzzles would be great as I seem to get the same ones often. Also you surely could be a lot more generous with Tokens. The new puzzle is very confusing!! More explanation would help out. I'm about to give up on it. Do not understand the new puzzle, more explanation would be nice!! Plus, more tokens please!! I completed my last puzzle entirely, nothing!! I had to delete it and re app?.. do get nothing for completing an entire puzzle?. Some prize should be considered. I lost tokens and coins!,,
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7 years ago, LABete100
Fun but a bit nerve wracking
I like this game. Most of the words are easy, but it does make you think of the answers since there isn't as much crossover between the across and down squares as in normal crosswords. My only complaint is that I'm really not sure of the coin/token usage rules. I would play more, but I don't want to end up inadvertently getting charged real money for purchases I didn't mean to make. The new tower puzzle is interesting, but it's downright mean to have the spinning coin "token" puzzles turn out to be locked unless I first pay for all of the "tower" puzzles!
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7 years ago, BbForever4512
Fun, but annoying
I am posting this review purely for the 20 tokens it's supposed to give me. I enjoy playing this whenever I have time to kill, and it's really useful if you have to stand in a long line. It's the BEST for amusement park waits. Also, since I think it's based in the U.K., the hints for English slang words are really challenging and have some pretty funny answers if you're used to U.S. English. However, wracking up "tokens" is frustrating if you don't want to shell out your own cash for them. I have literally thousands of "coins" and have no way to spend them on anything useful.
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5 years ago, Dcamonkeys
Enjoyable crossword varieties
I’ve played this game for several months and have been enjoying the variety of puzzles offered, although I’ve completed all of the Daily Diamonds, so will have to work on the rest of the puzzles. I’m enjoying the Fact of the Day, but wish I could see those that I’ve completed so I can access them again after I’ve forgotten them. Just be aware that the creators must be British, judging by the slang/informal terms used. I’ve tried other crossword apps, but this is the one that I’ve stuck with.
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1 year ago, Cfields83
“Language” Barrier
It serves its purpose and no glitches that I saw but just wanted to warn people that it is developed by a company from the UK or at the very least clues developed by people from the UK. Point is that while we speak the same language, there are several idiosyncrasies and quirks if you will between UK English and American English and other English spoken throughout the world; enough so that for me this app just isn’t for me. I just found a few clues had answers for terms that my wife and I had to look up online, and even a few words we had never even heard, let alone spoken ever.
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7 years ago, L@ur3n 123456789012345
Frustratingly fun
The puzzles are fun, though they reuse words way too much. I got really into it, until the number of tokens required to play the game exceeded 10 tokens, which is the most you can earn automatically. After you complete a puzzle, you get either coins (95%) or tokens (5%). And only every other day do they allow you to watch 5 videos to earn a token each. The option to earn more tokens for free doesn’t work. You don’t download an app and open it, etc and it doesn’t credit you the tokens. Bottom line is I completed over 300 puzzles and now I’m stuck. It’s a broken system.
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7 years ago, Soccabeya
Fun but may require willpower
It's a fun game and as crosswords go it's a good challenge without being impossible. The only downside is it costs tokens to play each puzzle and so you kind of have to pace yourself because you only earn so many tokens per day. You also earn tokens for winning quests, but at a certain point you can beat all the quests and still need tokens. So if you don't want to pay for tokens, you just need to pace yourself so you don't use up all your tokens.
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6 years ago, Crickette USA
Great game!
This is a great crossword puzzle. It’s fun, easy, and a perfect way to spend some downtime. I have to say that being in America, I don’t always get the clues for some of the words we don’t normally use here, but that makes it more interesting with needing to use “reason” with how words are structured in order to complete the squares. It’s also fun to learn a vocabulary of someplace other than the US. I also love the daily crossword; I’m up to about 250 consecutive days! I’d recommend this app to anyone who loves crosswords.
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7 years ago, Erika199973
Really good but..
I've been playing this for a long time and have beaten the original puzzles. With the update they added the tallest crossword or something to that extent and with these puzzles (which I think are more challenging) I don't get any sort of reward when I complete them. So my coins and tokens are just dwindling and there's no way to get any back sans the daily puzzles whose payout is dismal at best. I'm wondering if it's just a glitch but it should be resolved. Other than that I love the game and will continue to play for a long time!
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3 years ago, cutekittypunk
This one I like, I’m back again.
I played this one about 2 years ago. Then after solving almost all the puzzles got burned out and deleted the app. Well, I started doing them again so I tried several other apps but didn’t like the way they automatically gave clues. I like that this app asks if I want each letter revealed and I can say No. Of course they give clues in the letters that could be used box and that’s enough for me.
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5 years ago, TMann34
Becomes Unplayable Unless you buy more tokens.
You can play free for quite awhile. It costs you tokens to open the new puzzles. You have a bank of ten that refill with time. Puzzles start costing more the further you progress. Then when you get down to around 800 puzzles left the puzzles cost 11 tokens. So in order to get more than 10 you must purchase or wait the 24 hours to play one puzzle. It’s a great app and the words get to be quite challenging after awhile. But why increase the cost to where you must pay to play? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a free app?
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7 years ago, Debster r
I enjoy this game. It is interesting and just challenging enough to keep me engaged. The one downfall it says free but it really wants you to spend money on the tokens. Some of them take so much that I can only play daily a small amount to keep earning them . The coins really do nothing. Occasion you can use them to buy them. The ads are sometimes annoying particularly now that they have sound. It also tends to lock up. I am almost finished with the whole grid and am anxious to see what happens.
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7 years ago, Over-obligated User
Fun but frustrating
I love the challenge of crosswords. This ap meets that goal, but it is difficult to play without purchasing tokens. Since I will not pay to play, it's taking some time to complete the puzzle. I'm relying on the daily small supply of tokens and a few provided free by viewing advertising and videos. The free tokens often come with the requirement that I sift through advertising. And many do not provide the promised tokens. Quite frustrating. Once I have the satisfaction of completing my current game, I will likely delete the ap in favor of a more user friendly crossword game.
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7 years ago, Mama3bucks
Slow-building fun
As a lot of the other reviewers have stated, the tokens you need to purchase new puzzles are a little hard to come by. That being said, I love having this app on my phone because it's good for a quick daily puzzle fix. The puzzles aren't too challenging, the coins to purchase hints are easy to come by, and the amount of puzzles is great, too. Love it! On a side note, my US friends-the answers are sometimes different from our word choice-so you'll have to look up their British counterparts.
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3 years ago, BigmanJd
Decent, but come on we’re not all from the UK
There is a lot of slang from the UK being used and is Americans sometimes have no idea what those words are. Words that are commonly used in the US and UK should only be used or at least say when it is UK slang. Also, there are a lot of reused words with a slight tweaking to the clue, would make it a lot harder if the same words weren’t used multiple times on different puzzles. I’m only maybe 25 puzzles in and I’ve seen Throne so many times lol. Decent app though fun and helps me pass the time. I enjoy it.
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6 years ago, bigberger123
Overall good
A nice game. Fun to tease my brain a little. Only problem I have is when I start to put in a word I know is right, the letters arnt there. I’m sure the word is “party” but there’s no Y letter available UNTIL I do another word that’s attached to it. Then go back to do party and suddenly the Y is there to finish the word. If this was fixed then I would definitely rate 5 stars. Just at least make sure all the letters are there to spell the word. I don’t want to have to come back to it and try again.
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7 years ago, JonahPro
Hours of fun
Have played this game for, literally, hours on end. As a retired guy, I think this helps keep me sharper, having to constantly be thinking whenever I have this app open. And it's a great way to relax too. However, after you reach certain point they make it VERY hard to get tokens and I absolutely refuse to purchase them. They even removed the spinning Prize Puzzle after awhile making it almost impossible to get Tokens.
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5 years ago, Jmbogli
Too many ads
I love this game and have been playing almost daily however I’m getting to the point of deleting because of how many ads there are. It is literally constant. You can’t go back to the main menu without sitting through two advertisements. I actually went into all the settings to see if I could pay for the game and remove ads but unfortunately even that’s not an option. I really hope the developers take these reviews into consideration because the ads are single handedly ruining the game.
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5 years ago, mokumax
Was great but each version is getting worse
I find myself quitting the app more than anything these days. It used to be you’d get an annoying ad 1-2 times per couple of games. Now you get 2 ads just to play 1 game and they are being deceptive using the App Store screen shot with a very small faint X in the corner to close it. Do you think you’ll get more downloads of the apps you advertise by trying to be deceptive? If we can’t trust you to deliver an ad that allows us to make the choice instead of trying to be dishonest about it do you think we’ll trust you? Shouldn’t have updated. 4 versions back was tolerable but as I said, it’s getting worse.
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6 years ago, 02of03
Overall good game
Game is great - almost all the clues are well written (a couple here and there don’t make sense, but mostly fine), and it’s much more modern and straightforward than other crosswords. I’ve played this game for a few months now and I’ve enjoyed it. the downside to this game: It’s hard to get through it without spending a little money. You don’t necessarily HAVE to spend money to get farther - you can get by with tokens from the daily reward - but it’s more difficult down the line.
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