Crossy Road

4.7 (640.8K)
196.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Crossy Road

4.66 out of 5
640.8K Ratings
3 years ago, BrainierRain
the BEST
The good part: AMAZING game. Wonderful to play if you only have a few minutes. It isn’t confusing. There aren’t challenges to remember; just a simple yet exciting game. There isn’t an end, so you can get better and better. Every once and a while there is an ad after you die, but there aren’t the annoying banner style ones at the top and bottom to accidentally press. I love the “At Home” characters lol. The chicken with slippers is so cute. My goal is to unlock the toothbrush 🪥. The bad part: I really can’t think of anything I dislike about the game. Some people might not like the simplicity of the game. If you’re a person who loves action games with challenges, this might not be for you. Suggestions for Hipster Whale 🐳: 1. When you get a coin prize in Pecking Order, maybe the people who are super high on the scoreboard should get more coins 🪙 in their box. Ive gotten a score of 14 and gotten ~100 coins. Another time I scored in the hundreds and got hardly any coins. So basically what I am saying, is don’t randomize the boxes; the more jumps you’ve scored, the more coins you should get. 2. Maybe add a character category for the Chickens, so that when I want to find a chicken, I don’t have to scroll through all the categories to find a specific chicken. 🐓 Thank you for reading edit: I got the toothbrush yay!
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3 years ago, Dudley man
Best Game Mobile Game of all Time!
This is the first game that I ever downloaded on my phone about 6 years ago, and I have been playing it ever since. I usually download mobile games and play them for a couple of weeks until I’m bored and delete them, but I have legitimately played this game for 6 straight years. I have actually become one of the top players on the game(top 1% on the leaderboard), and this proves that the game isn’t overly difficult. The characters give you a fun thing to do while trying to climb the leaderboard for highest score, and pecking order gives you an opportunity to participate in immediate competition. There is the complaint of getting to many duplicates, but I have collected every single character in the game without ever paying a dime of real money so it is possible. Anyway the only complaint that I have is that after you collect all the characters like I have, there is nothing left to do other than improve your high score(which is still very fun.) I would love to see a new feature where you can level of your characters even if it doesn’t improve their performance(just as a way to continue progressing) or maybe like unlockable decoration and costumes for each character. Overall it truly is the best mobile game of all time.
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4 years ago, art643
Love it
I like this app a lot it’s really fun the only thing about it is that it goes a little bit too fast for me but if you’re like somebody who likes fast games or likes to go really fast it would be a great app for you and it has some bugs but I think the new update is going to really fix that yeah so I really like this app and it’s really fun and my top is 69 and it’s actually really nice and you can win different prizes for just playing the game and that is really nice so you don’t have to buy anything you can buy different levels and stuff but I don’t really see the need to do that because you could just earn up by playing the game so why would you buy something if you could just do it for free and so I really like it and But if you don’t like fast games I think it would not be as fun and he would try a little bit harder to get it and yeah and you really get to Do you different characters like the witch or the pig or the chicken or any of them it’s not just the chicken on there it’s different levels different types different all of this stuff and it’s really nice to just express you buy your character or you’re setting of where you want to play your Crossy Road and I really like that there’s a river there’s a train there’s grasslands you can get coins treated and that there’s a hawk that goes if you don’t use it all so it’s actually really nice and I love this thank you
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5 months ago, Sofia the badi
My story of this wonderful game<3
So it all started when my sister had the game she played since she was 10 and now she is 19/20 :,) she has all of the skins and I steal her phone and play and pretend am the actual person who got the skins by now when I was 6 I wanted the game and I forgot the name then I was crying saying it was a chicken game I did’nt know it I just saw the pfp and u jump and try not to get hitted by a car then she could’nt find it then I downloaded it and yeah I started playing with the basic chicken skin then I had a gift and it was a whale who had a camera and I think it was the creators skin he/her made and I still use it by now and this game is my huge guilty pleasure when am bored and I played all of my other games I don’t know what to do I play this and I get my mind stuck to it and I forget everything in reality that is happening I just stay focused on it like saying a prayer or poem to the community like dr Luther king junior I am working hard for all the skins! 🥺 is really hard but I believe in myself and I will become a master even u guys to! And it’s more usually if u quit the game whenever ur gonna be afk cuz the bird will come and restart ur whole game and u will get frustrated 😩-by: adelyn charlotte-stay tuned for more peeks from the girl with awesome requests!
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3 years ago, Raven_Jane
Love and Hate relationship
I love this game but at the same time I hate it, the reason I hate it is because it’s challenging but I mainly love it because I get over hating it although I do really miss the Disney version (Disney Crossy Road) I do hope it will return but in the meantime I have this game and if the Disney version ever returns I don’t think I’ll ever stop still playing/enjoying this version however to summarize this I would recommend this game it’s everything you’ll never stop playing this game but if it’s not for you oh well but please give this game a try. By the way if your new to this game try it maybe you’ll love it or not but I’d say there’s more of a chance that you’ll love it but I f you are new you maybe wondering what’s the Disney version of this incredible challenging game/app well it’s Disney and Pixar oh and the Pirates of the Caribbean characters it’s amazing just like the original, however it was shutdown it’s no longer available trust me you would have loved it and you would have loved twice as much if you love the original I do REALLY hope the Disney version will return but as I said I have the original in the meantime and I’ll never get over oh as I said again I would recommend to anyone.(sorry if I made a few mistakes and sorry for my bad grammar)
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8 months ago, lxArtfulxl
Reviving option update?
If you like hopping in between cars that run over you which when that happens to me I get super mad because I mean RUDE cars are just running over you and you go SPLAT, but anyways, this game is really fun and but maddening every time you get run over but go for it if you like hopping in between acts and all that stuff. I have like one idea though; hear me out, you know when your on a really great score and it’s super high and your so happy you made it that far? And then you know when a rude car with a probably blind driver just runs over you and ruins ALL of that HARD WORK and DESTROYS IT and your super cool amazing high score is GONE?? Well my idea is: instead of you get run over and that’s that your dead and splat as a pancake, how about when you get run over or taken by a train or drown or HOWEVER YOU FAIL, we can revive/ respawn but only two times, and you just do whatever you failed at again! Instead of FAILING and being SAD and POUTY and being CRUSHED because you made it pretty far. So all I ask of you Crossy road, is that you make an update with a reviving option. OTHER THAN THAT, great game, love it😊
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1 year ago, 😎A1😎😇
Good… But Could Be A Lot Better
First of all, let me say that this is a really fun game. It’s addicting (in a good way of course), there’s a lot of fun characters, and it’s challenging. I love the leaderboard and the daily challenges. It’s also fast paced, so if you don’t like fast paced games, don’t get this game. But, the game could be so much better. There’s a few issues I want to address. First, I wish there wasn’t duplicates. This isn’t a major problem, but it’s just annoying. You can’t use them, and you waste coins. Second, there are way too many ads. I’m not paying to remove them, but it’s ridiculous that after 2 or 3 runs, you get 2 minutes of ads. They need WAY less ads. The ads drive me crazy. 😡 The ads is a Major Problem! Thirdly, this is just a little suggestion. I wish you could search for a character. It’s just a hassle trying to search through all the characters. Fourthly, (this is a major issue) my Crossy road glitches and lags SO MUCH. It didn’t use to, then it only lagged a little bit. But now, it lags so much and it’s annoying because whenever I have a good run and then it glitches, my character freezes and then gets run over. So, overall, it’s a good game, but I personally think Hipster Whale could’ve done a lot better.
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3 years ago, denisdaily reveiws
Prob. One of the best games
To start, I used to play this fame for hours before I got screen time on it because I was on too much. But that doesn't matter because I still have the same amount of fun playing it. One really good thing about this game is that coins is really easy to get. I usually play this games for hours getting THOUSANDS of coins. Then when I get a lot of money I spend it all on a bunch of skins. A good thing about the skins is that they only cost 100c and the setting or plot changes every time which makes it a more interesting game to play which probably explains why I play it for hours. I glitch out of the game every now and then but it doesn’t really change anything other than the fact that I’m usually over 100 steps so it gets pretty frustrating sometimes. There is a bot of ads like every three deaths but I’m usually just on airplane mode for a better experience. Thank you for reading, and I hope the game stays how it is (or maybe a little bit more skins). But anyways thanks for taking like 2-5 minutes of your day to read this.
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2 years ago, Just Another Texter
Pretty good game 👍
I've had Crossy Road for a while now, and I've enjoyed the game. It's a great mobile game you can play anywhere, everywhere, and the game itself follows a pretty simple concept. You can even play the game with no Wi-Fi, and you can toggle the ad controls to your liking. The characters you can collect are each very whimsical, and each one has its own personality. However, ever since the newest update (the Medieval Update), the creators have changed the format of the entire game! This excited me since I couldn't wait to see what the newest update would bring, but however, I unfortunately did not like the changes Hipster Whale added to the game. For example, during the gameplay, the creators found the opportunity to zoom out the screen even more, which is good to see ahead for obstacles. But to me, it seems abnormal. Maybe I'm just being picky and acting like a Karen, but other than the new update, this is a great and non-chaotic game that can help you unwind after a long day. Thanks, Hipster Whale, and thank YOU for reading my review, and if you would like to purchase this game for your own device, I suggest you do so. 😊
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3 months ago, Yellowbutterfly2424
Addicting fun
This game is so fun and addicting! There are many interesting and fun characters that you can collect, there are also different types of characters like people, animals, baby animals, etc. There aren’t many ads and you don’t have to constantly buy coins to make the game fun. I love that you can play against other people on a leaderboard to collect coins and prizes, even if you are last on the leaderboard. It is also cool that you can play with two people although once one character dies, it becomes very difficult for the remaining character. One thing though, to collect characters you have to spend 100 coins (which aren’t hard to earn). But you can a duplicate of a character that you already have and to try it again to get a different character you don’t have yet you have to spend 200 coins or watch a ad. But I have been playing this game for eight months and I have only gotten two duplicates. It is still a little annoying when you get a duplicate though. Overall, this game is fun and a good way to treat your boredom.
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4 years ago, Kadoodle Bobber07
Great game except.....
So I was introduced to Crossy Road by a friend and I was totally addicted. I love Crossy Road still, but when I save up enough “money” for a new character, 90% of the time, I get a “duplicate.” Then I tap to watch an ad and there is only a 50% chance that I will get a new one, and over time, the percentage will go down. If I don’t get a new character after I already tapped to watch a video, then I’ll have to watch ANOTHER video, with an 80% chance I’ll get a new character, and that that percentage will go down too. Also, if I’m on the road or on a plane and don’t HAVE WiFi than all my coins will have been wasted. Also, my chance of getting a new character is very slim, so I can almost count on having to watch at least one ad. Sometimes, it also says, “no ads available now, please try again later,” after I had already watched two ads so first of all, I’ve wasted my time and second of all, I’ve wasted all my money. I mean, I totally understand other businesses needing to advertise their products, but there are just way too many ads. Don’t get me wrong, I honestly really ❤️ this game, but Hipster Whale, PLEASE remove duplicates in the next update!
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3 years ago, anonymous__10
Enjoyable but some dislikes
I enjoy the game and all in all it’s a great game I just have a few dislikes about the game. First is getting duplicates, I don’t get why you can even get duplicates because you can’t use them in any way. I know that’s just so that you don’t get all the characters as fast, but I think the prize machine should just become more expensive since with duplicates you might not know if your even going to get one and then you end up spending 1000 coins on nothing. The second thing is the sea levels. Whenever your a sea character, and this might just be my opinion, but I absolutely hate how you can’t tell the different between a “railroad” and just a “road” The last thing is the mystery boxes. I noticed that once you get most of the characters the mystery boxes start giving you coins also instead of just the little money things. The only reason I don’t like this is because I have to watch an add to open them and I can get the coins from other things and when I watch the add I’d rather watch it for the money things instead of coins. But all together the game is great and I love it. ;)
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2 years ago, TwreckZ Animates 🛹
Crossy road is the best!
You have to play Crossy Road! I’ve been playing for about 2 years and it’s never gotten old! The thing I love the most is the characters, they are so fun to collect/earn. The excitement when you click the button on the machine to get a character is pretty cool to😊. The creators of this game were smart to make a simple yet challenging game.👾I don’t have any complaints because I know that the game creators put a lot of effort into this game and I know for a fact that they don’t want a crumby kid telling them how bad their game is. Personally, I love the “Pecking Order” part of the game. If you don’t know, it's basically a daily challenge where you get to compete against other players to get the highest score (to get a good score you have to get a fair amount of jumps). I love how every day it’s something different! Thank you if you take time out of your day to read my review😁. Or maybe you think my review was a complete snore fest!🥱🥱 Anyways, this game is amazing and you should totally install it on your device😁
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3 years ago, MintTheFox
It’s a great game but...
If you’re like me, you like to get every character/bonus in a video game, then your probably trying to do that right now. Anyways... I found the adds that pop up like every 3 round quite annoying, so I got the piggy bank character. It was $3.99 (I believe) and gives you 1000 coins, double coins, and the benefit of not watching those pesky adds after 3 rounds. BUT, the thing with collecting characters is that sometimes you will run into duplicates, and, if you want to get a new character, are forced to watch an add, or pay even more. This process happens twice, but is apparently “really rare” or I thought. Before my purchase, this only happened once. Now, after my purchase to get more characters, coins, and less ads, this happens literally every other character. It’s a clever way to get me to watch an add, but also an unfair and cheap way as well. So here’s my review: really fun game, great design, but a horrible way to treat customers. If your looking to play a fun game, this is what your looking for. If your looking to complete a game, don’t play it. If this is “fixed” or changes were made, I will change my review, but until then 3 stars.
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3 years ago, hisser17
Totally recommend just one thing
Crossy road is amazing and I would totally recommend this app ! You try to cross the road without being run over by a car or a train you can even go across river using floating logs! I play this game almost everyday it’s so addicting but the only thing is is that the ads when they say you are getting a word from crossy roads sponsors or your getting money or opening a mystery box the ads are always the same and there are a ton of them for me saying a word from our sponsors. Otherwise this game is awesome your able to unlock skins with a vending machine and if you get a duplicate you get to open a free one with only an ad. You can choose whatever skin you want as long as you have the skin. You start of with one chicken and you start growing faster then ever!! Cute weird awkward happy mad skins all emotions!! Get this app if your look for a multiplayer app a time consuming app or a fun app!! This game is also a slight copy of something called Froggy but it’s still awesome. Would totally recommend!
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3 years ago, soggywaffles723
I have a love hate relationship with this game. I could be on it for over 2 hours and not even realize it’s been that long it keeps you so occupied. However, I have lost much sleep from it. I’ve been up at 12 trying to pass my high score and never I don’t let myself go to bed till I beat it. It frustrates me so much and it gives me anxiety when I get 1 below my high score or when i’m about to get passed it and then I die that fills me with rage. I definitely recommend this game if you need to pass the time and if you want to let a little anger out. Like when you’re at a funeral for one of your great aunts you never knew, this game is perfect!! My favorite part about this game is getting a variety of different animals, people, items, etc. with the coins you get from mystery boxes. With the things you get from mystery boxes you can use them to cross the roads and it’s amazing!!!! Overall, definitely give this game a go you never know what you could get for your high score!!!! Try and beat my high score of 40! Thanks for listening to my Ted Talk.🙏🙏
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4 weeks ago, Monfif
Love it
I love playing Crossy Road; it's the best game. I used to play against my friends, but now that school is out, I can't play with them anymore. Despite this, I still enjoy playing the game a lot. One of my favorite aspects is the chicken character and its various costumes. Before, I used the dinosaur chicken, which was a lot of fun. However, now I prefer the farmer chicken. The game offers such a variety of characters and ways to dress them up, which keeps it interesting and entertaining. Even without my friends to compete against, I find great joy in playing and exploring new ways to customize my chicken. The gameplay is engaging, and it never gets old because there's always something new to discover or achieve. Crossy Road has become a significant part of my leisure time, providing endless fun and excitement. It's a game I can always count on to lift my spirits and give me a good challenge. I look forward to playing it every day, experimenting with different characters and strategies to improve my score.
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3 years ago, paulovsouza
Quick fun.. with some quirks
This is a quick, tap and go game, that is very unforgiving. As the obstacles are randomly generated, if you get stuck it’s immediate death despite it being out of your control. I have experienced freezing and lag that’s detrimental to the game play, as this game requires quick reactions. There nothing added to the game other than different skins. I wish when you got coins you could buy booster, or time warp (to slow time). Any other fun perks to enhance gameplay and get your farther. There aren’t any game modes that I see, it’s the straight forward jumping through the obstacles, but I wish you could tweak the rules, especially as a beginner. Like allowing you to go back, to get you back on track, without the eagle immediately taking you out. If you’re on a log, and need to jump on a leave you have to jump back a log to get to the leaf, but that’s impossible as it’s immediate death, to try to correct yourself. I get the challenge of the game, but it’s very frustrating at times. This is an addicting game, but if more things (other than skins) aren’t added, it’s a game you’ll soon move on from.
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2 years ago, dragon cat_8
This game is great. It’s simple and can be played without internet witch is really helpful sometimes. But there is on problem. The duplicate characters. You down 100 coins to buy a character unknowingly of the fact if your getting a new character or not. Most of the time you get a duplicate. And you waste 100 coins for nothing. Recently I wanted to get a new character so I spent 100 coins and of course it was a duplicate. But in Crossy road there is a feature where you can spend more coins and have a better chance at getting a new character. So I spent 200 more coins and after that I still got a duplicate. Then Crossy road asked if I wanted to spend 500 more coins to have a 80% chance id getting a new character. So I did it and I got a duplicate. All that money spent nothing. Crossy needs to add the feature that they had in what I believe was Disney Crossy road where when you get a duplicate you get a special kind of coin that you can spend later on characters that you know are new and not a duplicate. Because honestly spending your money on nothing gets stupid after a while of getting nothing.
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3 years ago, yellow moon🪞
This game is amazing. I cannot express how great this app is. Time killing, fun, vibrant and so much more, Crossy Road is probably one of my favorite games. I’ve been playing for a while and it is so fun. This game never gets boring and there is so much to do with the different characters, levels and obstacles. The characters only cost 100 coins so you can buy multiple in 30 minutes at the least. The levels are all different but kind of all the same. All the levels (that I know of) are basically all of the obstacles mixed around. The obstacles are train tracks, cars, and if the camera gets too close to you a eagle swoops down and gets you. There are also little obstacles like a mini cherry blossom tree or a little brick get in your way so you have to go around them which takes up time so the eagle is closer to you. The game is challenging which makes it so fun and if you have made it this far you should definitely download it! Love you guys, happy Halloween! 🎃
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3 years ago, Ginnyweasley4life
Great! With suggestions though
Lemme say this up and front. Crossy road is one of my favorite games to play. I even have an alarm on my watch for two minutes before the daily challenge resets. I think I’m kinda addicted a little bit. Anyways I love how different this is from a lot of other games. The animation is great for the theme and this game is very well made. I love all the different characters and that new categories are being made as I speak. The additions are great ideas for something different every once in awhile. I love the randomize button so I don’t have to pick a new different color every other playthrough. But, duplicates are a hassle. I understand why you have them because it is a randomized but after awhile you aren’t able to get one a lot of times even with the two ads. I only have a 40 percent chance to get one now. I don’t really care about the money spending part but the time it takes is my problem. Here are some suggestions! First off, for the daily challenge it’s getting a bit repetitive. There’s a whole lotta characters and I’ve seen a lot of them being reused. Also it’s just the same thing every day. I think you should add different modes to the gam such as your points reset every try through for some strategy or every time you do a play through your score keeps adding up. This was a lot longer than intended but whatever. Love your game! Peace 😛
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7 years ago, Mr. Mute
Pecking order issue
Overall my experience with this game is good, and the new Pecking Order mode is a fun new way to play and introduce competition. However, I’ve been experiencing an issue with Pecking Order not saving my previous scores. Last night I discovered the new feature, and my challenge was to play as the Mad Bull and score as many points as I could. I got somewhere in the mid-200s, then decided to leave it at that and go to bed. This morning I opened the game again and scored very low on Pecking Order only to find that my previous score had been completely erased. I wrote this off as a connection problem last night, but later I scored in the high-500s and then played some of the normal game mode, came back and scored low and found that that score had been erased. I thought maybe the game wouldn’t save your score if you switched over to the normal game mode, but when I tested this I found that the game was saving my score of 9 just fine. I don’t know if this is a personal or widespread issue, but I thought it worth mentioning here.
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2 years ago, stupid game 3,000
Needs adjustments
What I do not like about this game is that I have this on my phone too and it has a like a leader thing for the desert frog and I have it on my iPad too and it doesn’t have it and also when you playing this it has free gifts and win a prize and it needs to give you at least one or more open creatures and also the ocean is my favorite but I have not even on one character from the ocean 🌊 can you please let me get one at least one character from there then I give you five star rating. Anyway good part of Crossy road I like a lot because it gives you hard challenges like the trains oh and of corse the cars it wouldn’t de Crossy road with out them and I think that all the people reading this review should download Crossy road and write a review to tell the people who created this how you feel about it this is how I feel thanks for reading this message oh and thank to the people who created Crossy road and please give people an ocean character once in a while that’s all I’m asking for .✌️
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2 years ago, HockeyPug39
Awesome Game Hipster!!!
I definitely love Crossy Road, it is a quite addicting but fun game. I play it a ton, and I have a huge support for the game. I couldn’t express how much I support this game. I’ve noticed that people have complained about the amount of duplicates you get. I know it can get annoying, but watching an ad to get it back is no hassle, so that’s what I do. Just be thankful it’s not one of those mobile games giving you ads every 10 seconds. In fact, they almost never give you ads if you don’t want one to get coins or tokens or something. So it would be kinda nice if you did remove duplicates, but I don’t really mind them either. Some people also complain about how simple the game is. If you don’t like that, honestly, just play a different game or get used to it. That’s all I can say to those people. Anyways, thanks for reading this, and Crossy Road is for sure an awesome game. And I know the crew is working to make it better!
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4 years ago, lulpenguin
Classic However One Big Problem
I honestly love Crossy road, it’s a classic and everyone knows it, but as of recently the amount of duplicates you get is insane. I have around 20-25 characters unlocked, but for whatever reason it never fails to give me duplicates at least once. You see they try to “fix” this problem by letting you watch an ad to have another chance at getting a character, but even after that I still some how often manage to get a duplicate. Oh but I can just watch another ad to get another shot this time with a 100% guarantee of getting a new character, see this wouldn’t be a problem if it didn’t happen so often, as it seems as an easy way to get money, making the odds of getting a new character so low makes it almost guaranteed I would have to watch an ad to get a new character, exactly what they want. It’s really agrivating working hard to get 100 coins to unlock a character to always just end up having to watch an ad making all the work useless essentially. I hope they patch this so I can enjoy the game like I used to back in middle school.
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2 months ago, Will be taking selfies now
Kill the bird
I like this game. I could love it with a couple of changes. One, an ‘and now a message from our sponsors’ ad comes up way to frequently. It is easy to die playing this game and I die within a couple seconds, not minutes. The sponsors ad comes up every two or three times you die. So, an ad is coming up multlple times in a single 60 second minute. It gets old, fast. In fact, I will end up quoting the game when I would prefer to keep playing just because I get tired of the ads. Two, there is a bird that comes swooping down and eats you periodically. At first I thought it was because I waited too long to make a move; however, that doesn’t hold true in every case. But what is bad about this bird, is that once it starts coming, you can’t try to avoid it. You are just dead. They need to change how this portion of the game plays. Tell us what triggers the bird and give us the opportunity to move out of its path. I was on the best ‘run’ I had personally had when the bird swooped and killed me. Took the joy right of my game.
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7 years ago, Billieve22
So I don’t know when this whole get a duplicate and get to try for another thing started but I just see it as a ploy for people to watch more ads j just re downloaded the game and already have had like between 5-10 duplicates and that’s counting when I get a duplicate and have to watch another ad bc I get another duplicate after that when I only have like a total 10 characters out of what looks like to be about 100 or more. This is one of the top games ever made for an arcade game I’m not sure why ads need to be crammed down our throats like that. And I’m not understanding why after you fail you can watch an ad for coins which I believe only gives you 25 tokens or whatever it is but when you get a duplicate the equivalent to watching an ad, of equal length when you fail, is 200 coins so I’m not sure why when I watch an ad after I fail it’s not worth 200 tokens. In all honesty I’m in the hospital and very very bored and hate ads so that’s where this came from lol
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1 year ago, Dis suks get the money too ma
1 star play road cross instead
Great game get the money too many add get rid of add feels like airplane idk why it crashed I played it like I’m supposed to game promotes tuning over small innocent children great idea love murdering ppl with cars and adds it fun get rid of add it feel like add show game not worth the money spent idk why it have so many adds it also wants so much of my money like bro I’m not ultra rich I spend money for game then have to pay more this good I give one star review game is inappropriately made for ppl under thirty it killed me cause I was slow this game targets old ppl and makes them feel like a death sentence I’m going to play road cross instead it don’t target old ppl and children and it has no add crossy music is inappropriate children should not hear it it bad for dem also why logs floating in different directions on same stream it make no sense physics don’t work like that ad sharks to game road cross has them it better I give 1 star
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4 years ago, AliSallyReviews
Okay, I posted this after a while, I know, I get it. So anyway, this game is extremely fun! I love the competitions(pecking order) and it helps me get better at the actual game. Also I love playing the two player version with my bestie when she comes over. It’s also difficult but not impossible. And I love a good challenge! Btw this is coming from a ten yr old gaming expert. I legit am obsessed with Zelda Breath of the Wild which is rlly hard so u can trust me when I post reviews. I definitely recommend this game. Yeah, I’m still going... But this is about a bug in the game. So one night I was playing Pecking Order and I had a high score (for me) of 347 and I was so happy but it was getting late so I decided to put my iPad away. The next morning I went to see the results and I wasn’t even on the leaderboard. And YES I am sure I played on pecking order. I was bummed but I was not like depressed because like it’s a game and it’s still fun. But if your reading this think of my 4 stars as 4.5 stars. P.S thx for reading my rlly long review and sorry it’s this long.
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2 years ago, bacon chicken sandwitch
I love this game so much!! I’ve only been playing it for a little while but it’s fantastic! I have two things to say with this review : super crazy thing happened, and how to not get duplicates. They may take this review down because it says some things that may make them lose money, but I’m still putting it out there. 1. The craziest thing happened to me the other day. I just kept getting duplicates over and over and over again. Then, the last time I watched a video to get another chance, when I used the machine, it gave me Slippy Penguin!!!! One of the most rare characters in the entire game! It was insane! 2. I see a lot of reviews saying “too many duplicates” and stuff like that. I have found a way so that it’s almost as rare as PAC-Chicken finding a cherry to get a duplicate. All you have to do is go into “Parent Controls” and hit “Disable Video Ads” and you’re good. Overall great game and I hope this helps people!
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4 months ago, 4-star-review
Crossy RoAD
OK so I really like this game and my top is 255 and I really like it and there is a daily competition and you can play for the highest score and if you get to the 10th Place then you get a box instead of coins I mean if I've gotten a box of 100 coins before but I've made it to 370 something in the pecking order which is what the competition is called and so I really recommend this game to those who like endless games and it doesn't require Wi-Fi which is great and yeah so thank you and I really hope you enjoy this game if you get it but you should because it's amazing sometimes you can play for a while and then once you die or stop playing then you get a new character and I really like that because you don't have to pay to get the characters it's not money involved, so yeah I think that's great, once again, I think you should really get this game because it's so much fun and it really passes time so thank you
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4 years ago, #Emma S.
Review on Crossy road
Coming from someone who wrote a four star review it can’t be that bad. Crossy road is a fun game to play. I think we should be able to pick any character we want. Or pick a back round. I also think there should be levels. Now if you don not like those ideas there are simpler ones that will cost less money. You could make it a little harder. Not that it’s easy. I think it should get harder as you go on. This is sort of like what I said about the levels. Now I am not a grown up. I am a ten year old girl playing a game on my dads iPad. I understand if you don’t want my advice. Here are some reasons why you should take my advice. I am a kid. I know how to make it more fun for kids. We like things with levels. Or something that gets harder every time. If we keep on playing the same thing over again it won’t be fun. Now this will take us back to levels. You should have levels. I have already told you why. But if you are going to have levels you are going to want to make it something that we can go back to the level we were on. And there should be a way to go back to the levels. Kids like me like to go back to easier levels to win them. They make you feel more accomplished. Now about the choosing which character we like different characters. I don’t no why but we do. Like in meep city on Roblox I want a different house. It’s fake I know but I still want it. Same thing with Crossy road. Emma Schlesinger
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5 years ago, Playful Time
Truly the best game ever!!! 😍😍
I play this every single day, you can unlock so many cool characters and maps!! This game is really fun. I definitely recommend this for everyone who are bored mostly, this isn’t just a normal road game, the prices are really cheap if you want to buy in app purchases, I bought a character that was an in app purchase, and I’m in love with it! This game has lots of features you can enjoy, but if you played it for a while, you’d be pretty bored. So I suggest to make more features. Maybe make a dance party room and you can select your character and you can meet new people, and there could be dance buttons that make you dance!! And could you also make a character giveaway every week? Just add in a button that says giveaway and you should make a button that says join once you pressed the giveaway button. Then make a sign that says if you won or not. Thanks for your time!!! And of course you should download this game!!!!! 😍❤️😊👍😱
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3 years ago, OliviaLivFolky
Most Iconic Mobile Game Ever!
Who doesn't like this game? It's easy to figure out and play, no time playing is ever the same, and if your competitive like me it's a great game to play with your friends. The skins are so creative and I just love how the map is different for almost every category. I'm also in love with the daily challenges. I only have a few suggestions: When on random mode, don't put in skins that are for a certain holiday, like Christmas and Halloween. Also, the swipe bar for the skins is a little slow and inconvenient, so if you could fix that or rearrange the skin page it would be much easier to use. I also think that you should be able to choose your skin for 2 player mode. Finally, the train pole(Not sure what you call it) on the dinosaur map is a little hard to see if you could fix that. And also, this isn't really a suggestion, but why did you take off Disney Crossy Road?
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10 months ago, peopleperson fha dhsjbedjs
Addictive but makes me want to throw my phone across the room
i’ve only been playing crossy road for little less than a month and ive been in love, truly. I love the daily levels and i love the different characters. But it makes me want to go insane because there’s WAY TOO MANY ADS. I understand that’s how they make they’re money, but seriously, cut the ads down a little bit, it’s driving me insane. I’m only able to play 2-4 rounds and get an extremely long ad. The only thing good about them is i get to play little games in the ads to demonstrate what the games about. But some of the ads are killing me. Especially the Royal Match game. It’s getting on my nerves. But honestly i think it’s nice how they’re like “buy one single type of thing and the ads will stop” i do like how they do that, but like, most people don’t wanna spend money on a game 90% of the time. I do love crossy road it’s amazing and way to addictive. but let’s fix those ads a little bit, please. Also, i want to see what the Disney thing in Crossy road is. Thank you
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4 years ago, weasly4life
Love the game, but the duplicates are so annoying
This is probably my favorite game on my phone. But the adds are pretty annoying. But that’s not even the real issue. It’s the DUPLICATES!! Now, I guarantee you that every single review has something about the insane amount of duplicates. I only need about 4 more characters (from the prize machine) and I have failed to get a new character, but I have successfully lost hundreds of coins. One more thing. The “T-Coin” characters. My brother unlocked them all and he said he watched so many freeking adds to get them. The only other way to get them is if you score HIGH on the Pecking Order. So, if you could please please please please take away the duplicates, perhaps add a few more characters, create new ways to get t-coins, and reduce the amount of adds, this game would be flawless! Anyway I really do love this game, and a few changes would be nice! Thanks! ~A
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5 years ago, ccccccckkkkkkkkkk
Fun game ❣️
I love this game I have 2 games and I always play this one. But the problem is that I have 15 characters left and I would have all of them If they wouldn’t have the duplicates all the time! I know they do it for the ad’s but It gets annoying! The multiplayer mode is AWESOME! It would be cool if Crossy road would make a single player characters like power up flea,rover,bull and so on. That would be great 😁😁😁. Tip:on multiplayer mode you can stack chicken on top of mallard and just tap on mallard’s side and just like normal and when you do that if you get invisible power hurry too the next one before you stop hereing the arcade chinking sound😁 then you make rainbow mallard. That’s another thing Crossy road should make rainbow characters. And this game is so addictive and fun Me and my sister have had this game since we were little little kids we’ve broken so many electronics we keep on getting the game on our system’s😄😄😃
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4 years ago, spider peonix
Best game I’ve ever played in a while!
I like games you play with a controller like Play station but tap games I don’t like much but this game is my favorite tap game even know roblox is better no offense btw this is still a really good game! And if you could make some updates soon! I would really appreciate it if you did! Here are my update suggestions: maybe add more characters like food like fish and chips next suggestion is to add other blocky characters like Minecraft but ask the developer of Minecraft if that would be okay to add Steve or Alex! Also I think you should add a game pass that would allow you to make your own characters because I think that would make it the best game ever! The game pass should cost 1.99 that seems like a good price and with the game pass you should add a bonus you get from some missions that allow you to make your own character but once. That’s about it so yeah hope you read this and don’t let me down!
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2 years ago, idk1098
Why I love the game and idea’s U•^•U
First thing no need to buy it if you save are something like that one thing can you pls make more characters like maybe like make your own or something I try think people will like a make your own map not to be mean but it’s a good idea because people and little kids can make there dream game or something like that but 5 stars because I love this and one or two more ideas make your own chacter to because you can have a lot of fun characters you think is good and maybe play with friends you now on there phones because I think all of the one phone is good but it will be fun like 3 or 1-5 will be fun and yeah its fun but if you unlock all of the characters and maps it’s boring pls don’t be mad because of my ideas I really love the game and stuff but yeah pls look in to it people may love itU•.•U❤️ bye now and if I have more ideas or find bugs I will tell you bye👋🏻
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6 years ago, DebbieG_Tunes
Practical application.
My husband is addicted to this game. To be honest, I haven’t played it yet. However he plays non stop and he NEVER plays games on his phone until this one. I would let it frustrate me but he needs a little bit of stress relief in his busy life, although I think the game does stress him a bit, because I hear him yelling at the characters all of the time. Anyway to the practical application. He had to make a trip to our local big box club to pick up things for a cookout we were having. He said that because he had been playing Crossy Road so much it helped him navigate through the busy store with his cart much easier than usual, even though it was packed with people. I told him I was happy that he had found a practical application for his game addiction. Also, he and my 9yo are always competing to get on the leader board and my 4 yo loves it too. I suppose I should join in the family fun on this one. Lol!
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2 years ago, "The death satilltie glitch"
Awesome! But a little more opinion.
Don’t get me wrong, this Crossy Road game is great! It is awesome how you get to choose your character, and how there are different maps depending on the character. And in speaking of characters, most are cute little animals, which i adore! Now, I still hav emote opinions of this game. I think it is actually kind of sad how if you don't get of the road, lake, or whatever in time the eagle comes and snatches you; which makes you automatically lose. And while you’re trying to get over the road or whatever in time, you could get ran over, you could drown, or you could be snatched by the eagle; which makes me feel in a rush, and I feel like I would be defeated if I dont make it over in time; and that makes me sad. Now, don’t come at me y’all; I know its a challenge.. but this is just MY OPINION! You all have your own, and we should respect each other’s opinions. Overall, this game is great; but I still miht feel a bit sad if I lose.
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1 year ago, os_ricky
Great game, but…
This game has become such a comfort game for me. Whenever I’m waiting for something or someone or I’m just bored, I open this game. I love the animation, the graphics, the scene, the characters, the maps. And it’s such a simple concept. I even paid the $2 or so to not get any ads so I could play it in peace anytime (it’s the first game/app I’ve EVER spend a single dollar on, so that says a lot!) The ONLY thing that would make this game even more PERFECT is if it had “missions” or “quests” that when you completed them you can get a certain character or just more coins. You know? like “Reach 100 score for 30 coins” or “Find 25 hidden gems to unlock this character ” and so on and so on. It would just make the game feel like it has more purpose other than just getting a high score and it wouldn’t make it feel so repetitive. Also it would be cool if you could complete against other people in real time. Other than that, I love this game.
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9 months ago, FaTcAt909
Best. Game. Ever.
Crossy road is an amazing game because you can unlock different characters with different maps, you can buy special characters, and every single one of their updates are different and so cool! And you can even disable the ads! And it keeps your high score so you have to try to beat it. Mine is 665 which I got with the capybara character. They even celebrated video games day and if you played Crossy road during that day you would automatically get the ufo chicken! Some things I would like to be able to do on Crossy road would to build your own character, make unlocking a prize 75 coins and race against friends on their devices. I also think you should add in new maps and be able to get Crossy road plus and Crossy road castle without having to buy Apple Arcade. But overall this is an amazing game that I really suggest playing. So have a good one Hipster whale
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3 years ago, OriginallyFellow
Loved it but ads ruined it
I have been playing Crossy Road for a long time, and I always loved it because it was fun and had no ads. But I recently had to uninstall it due to low storage space. When I reinstalled it, I noticed that it had ads now. At first I was disappointed, as it used to be one of my favorite no ad games. Now in order to play a few rounds I have to watch at least one of the annoying mobile ads. I understand that this is one way of getting money, but I usually uninstall games that have you watch ads in order to play something and then watch another ad. So if this game won’t have any more ads (or at least no ads in between the rounds) then I will reinstall it. But if the ads stay the chances of me playing it again will go down to almost zero. I know that I could buy some characters and then have no ads, but I try not to spend money on games. I hope this review will help improve the game.
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2 years ago, Kailasails
It is a great app
Crossy road is great!!! Other than the ads it’s so fun because you have so many characters to collect, and they don’t limit your lives, there are no levels so it’s harder sometimes but not in the way that you can’t play if you don’t complete the “round”. They have added many new categories over the years, and my favorite is the at home update. It is like a bunch of quarantine themed characters and it’s so much fun to play!!! You can stop the ads by buying a character but I wouldn’t because it’s not that bad and you can just put your device on airplane mode. And you don’t have to pay for them because you can use the prize machine to get them it’s random chance WICH makes it really fun, but if you do get a duplicate you have to watch an ad I would give it 4 and 1/2 stars but I couldn’t figure out how so, ya. Overall a great app, and I love it so much!!!!!
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3 years ago, ziya 76
eh I mean... some things horrible some good.
I rlly don’t usually care about these kind of games, u know? I mean, it’s a good game, but some things r a little... just annoying. For example, u have this chicken, or some other animal ( sometimes food and monsters ) and u have to run across the roads, but wait for the cars to pass, or else u’ll run into them. But sometimes ( let’s say u have a bunny as your character ) there’s some hawk or whatever that will pick u up... and then ur character dies. It’s just so annoying. Like u’ll be WAITING for the cars to pass, and then this hawk comes out of no where. ANYWAYS, other then that, it’s a great game. I love all of the different characters in dif themes. It’s a very diverse setup, w all these dif settings depending on ur character. There’s even rlly cool MONSTERs, and the food is a little weird, but also cool I guess. Ty for this game. Tho there’s the hawk thingy, everything else is amazing! I hope that they can fix the hawk thing tho... *-* bai.
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2 years ago, albaqure
Crossy Road is Brilliant! Wow!
This fun, entertaining, relaxing game is full of surprises and Easter eggs to discover. I got this game on my dads phone at 6 or 7, and I’m still playing it years later. The initial challenge of the game never gets old, the daily race versus tons of fellow Crossy road users is such a fun way to spend fifteen minutes in the morning, and most importantly, the hundreds of creative, unusual, characters that excite even the most particular people never fail to delight me. The style of this game will never get old. It’s adorable and fun and the colors are perfect. One of my favorite parts about this game are the little mini games that come with certain characters, even if it’s just trying to collect as many acorns as possible with the squirrel, or sliding along an icy slope as the penguin. I can’t wait to continue growing my collection, and digging out all the secrets of this happy little game!
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10 months ago, ❤️🐱🐭🐹🐰🐶
Great Game!
Crossy Road is one of my favorite games! It’s so entertaining and I play it every day. I love unlocking new characters and I think that some of them are really clever and funny! I also love the different scenes that go with the categories the characters are in. I think it would be super boring if there was only one scene the characters were in. If I absolutely HAD to say one bad thing about the game, it would be that when you unlock new characters, they can sometimes be duplicates. You can watch an ad to get a new one, but sometimes that one is a duplicate too! It’s kind of annoying having to watch ads when the game could just look at the characters you have already and make it a new one or something. But I don’t really mind that and I still love Crossy Road!!!!! If you are reading this comment and don’t have the game GET IT! It’s so worth it!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔
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2 years ago, SurF3rdaWg1380
Slippy penguin
I love this game! It’s super fun and simple, making it easy and not hard to play. I like the fact that you can play daily competitions, and I also like all the different characters. A few problems though. I really want the slippy penguin, but it costs real money or 10,000 coins. I’m trying to earn the coins because I’m not allowed to use real money on digital games, but it’s taking forever! Developers, could you maybe take off the prices for the three cool characters? Or maybe lower the price of coins? Again, really like this game, but what is with the duplicates in the prize machine? There is nothing you can do with them and it is kind of a waste of coins. But. I do love this game and the simple “endless runner” vibe of it. I definitely recommend! There’s lots of cool characters like the mad wizard and baby fox or jaguar. I play every day. So fun! Thanks developers for reading this!
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4 years ago, Ol🦄
Ok it’s amazing!
I got Crossy road a couple months ago and played it a lot then I kinda stopped playing it, today I decided to play it then I realized how great it is and how much I loved it! I love this game so so so much! I realize that a bunch of people said on pecking order it didn’t save, mine has been just fine! I feel bad for the people that this is happening to developers please fix this! Please! Also I want to say that I am not the biggest fan of pecking order. It’s too hard for me, but I know a lot of people like it now so don’t change it because of one person. Also I think that your pricing for the mystery things that hold the new characters are great it’s really easy to get coins! I am really sorry that this was so long, the reason it’s long is because this is a great game! This is one of the best games ever! PS. thank you for no adds or not a lot I kinda forgot if there were any! Lol! Thank you for reading! From, Olive.
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