Crypto Pro: Live Coin Tracker

4.7 (45.1K)
59.9 MB
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Current version
Crypto Inc.
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Crypto Pro: Live Coin Tracker

4.72 out of 5
45.1K Ratings
3 years ago, jedishinra
Couldn’t live without this app
I absolutely love this app. It makes it very easy to keep up with current crypto prices and track my portfolio from all the different exchanges I use. Lots of feature like news, crypto calculator, favorites list, and It has a huge list of cryptocurrency coins and exchanges, and the custom alerts have been a great help with keeping ahead of the volatile price changes inherent in the crypto markets. It has an API option to get info directly from the exchange, but I have never tried using that feature, I just manually enter my balance for each coin. I started using Crypto Pro in November of 2020 and I can’t imagine going without it. You have the option to refer 3 people to download the app the get a free year of premium service, and an additional year for for every 3 referrals after that. The candle charts are good for a quick reference but you are limited to 4 or 5 different indicators. I would recommend Crypto Pro to anyone who trades crypto currency and wants to keep up to the minute with the market
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3 years ago, cmonlove
So far, so good.
I have had this app (free version) for a couple of days. First off, I like that I did not need to create an account or log in to anything or give any of my personal information in order to use the app. That was a pleasant surprise. I’m not sure if they make all of their profit from premium subscriptions or something else, that is something I need to look into. I manually entered in my portfolio which was super simple. I really appreciate the customizable alerts and the widgets for iOS. The app itself is laid out very neatly and it’s super intuitive - very user friendly. I am new to crypto so it isn’t necessary for me, at the moment, to have candle charts, trading volume and the other things that are offered with the premium subscription. However, I suspect that soon enough I will have gained more knowledge and will need the extra insight/info. For now though, I literally have no idea what I’m doing all I can read is red and green.
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2 years ago, AvgJoe97
Free Version- 6/10 | Paid Version- 9/10
I’m a beginner crypto and stock trader I use Public for stock trading and Coinbase for crypto trading. After long hours of trying different apps getting frustrated with exchanges API’s and just not having enough features for a subscription if they offer it This is the best subscription based crypto portfolio and coin tracker! You get every widget you can imagine! Security is top notch! No login required Back ups to iCloud! Can use across all apple devices! Great customization But most importantly! Live price updates! This is essential the paid version is 10x better than the free version even the free trial of Pro was buggy but so far after coughing up $8.30 for a month of use this is the best app to track crypto the news section is great too The only other alternative I would recommend is Coin Market cap totally free and I use the website version when on my laptop Get the app if you’re willing to pay If not I would still try it out and see if it fits with your style if not then keep trying! Good luck
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2 years ago, JasonfromBoston
Outdated and too many news sources
While the app does a decent job at tracking your assets and overall portfolio value, it does a poor job at providing information about the cryptos. For example, the links to wikis and other info about a crypto is either out of date or not listed at all. I could see that for some random coin, but for coins in the top 100or so, the data should be maintained to a high degree of accuracy. In addition, the crypto news sources are many news and often the news is of poor quality, I’d like to see an option to exclude or simply favorite the news sources that you want to learn from. Poor news sources can lead to poor decisions. I’d much rather learn from fewer reliable sources than a plethora of good and bad sources that I cant filter. I’d be happy to update my review if these issues are addressed. There is a lot to like in this app, but for annual subscription I expect a higher quality.
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3 years ago, Orbos13
Extremely quick alerts
I’m currently only using the free services crypto pro has to offer basically only alerts, now I’ve tried at least three or four different price alerting services maybe more and this is the best one I’ve ever used it was extremely frustrating when using other apps believing that I could trust it to notify me of changes immediately when they occur only to get a message 5-15 minutes afterwards which in Crypto time may as well be days, best case scenario was I completely missed the buy in price I was comfortable with and worst case had cost me serious losses. This app is the first service that has never done that to me oftentimes I’ve even been alerted by the app go to open my exchange account then watch the price change from whatever it was to the price alert I set it’s helped immensely
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6 years ago, raydncase
BEST crypto-tracking app out there, PERIOD. (Minor bug)
So first off, let me just say I absolutely love this app. Everything is so convenient and user-friendly. They have every piece of information displayed that you’ll need. There’s really not anything I could think of changing currently. However I ran into a bug that is quite annoying. While switching which way the app sorts between currencies I accidentally clicked edit. That gave me the ability to delete currencies from the list and manually change the order. However, I’m not able to switch back to different sorting methods... Everytime I click edit it just toggles/untoggles the edit ability without giving me the drop down list of options. Would love to find a solution for this or if it’s a bug for it to be patched. Yet again, thank you so much for such an amazing app. Keep up the good work! -Raydn
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1 year ago, MrSawyer
Keep a Pulse on Crypto
Crypto Pro is by far the best way to keep a pulse on the crypto markets. The customizable, high-density asset price widgets are unmatched by any other provider. The use of multi-touch to quickly determine a value change within a chart for two specified points in time is genius. The unlimited, fully customizable price alerts have also been key to catching key market opportunities as well. The in-app charts, iOS widgets, and watch complications alone are enough to make me an annual subscribing user. Areas for potential improvement could include some of the idea below, in order of preference… (1) a YTD graph when viewing historical crypto asset performance, (2) customizable date range for asset performance, (3) chart graphics for portfolio performance over time, (4) market sentiment indicator for crypto as a whole and/or on an asset-by-asset basis (plus other interesting on-chain metrics, e.g. holders in the black at current price… compensation of holders by time held… (see CoinMarketCap (5) portfolio net deposits based on fiat buys of crypto, (6) portfolio transactional data, (7) NFTs held w/ perhaps floor values, (8) redesign sparkline asset price widget slightly to pull some ideas from Coinbase Wallet’s widget ;-) (9) Limited-time lifetime subscription option for loyal early supporters.
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3 years ago, Deft
It’s dope (I have the full version tho)
I fwi. The app is convenient sharing the multiple prices it could be viewed as, it would be cool if you could just automatically set it on the exchange you’ll always want instead of selecting but it’s not a major issue. The price alerts... BRO🔥 the amount of times, the alerts have come in clutch, goes off on my Apple Watch while in class so I know to run to the bathroom, and buy/sell my coins so I don’t miss out on bread. An I wouldn’t have been able to see it until class ends or the professor dismissed us. But fantastic loophole an hella convenient. An the option to unlock the full version by inviting 3 friends, is fantastic. Well worth the download, An honestly is worth paying for the full version if you have to because it’s that good. Way better than some competitors out there right now. Plus you can make the app face look like dogecoin 🐶😂😂🔥🔥🔥 get it👌🏾u won’t regret it🤘🏾
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6 years ago, Tcoun
Absolutely best Crypto app out there
I never really write reviews for apps, but seeing how this one was a bit costly I found it only fair to do so. This app by far is truly unique in its features and it’s compatibility across apple devices. I mainly got it as a way to keep track of crypto prices from my Apple Watch because they give you the ability to add that as a widget to your watch screen, but ended up absolutely loving the iPhone app as well. It allows you to track your crypto net worth along even going so far as to now factor in trading fees. I highly recommend this app if you’re a serious crypto investor or even looking to become one. Edit: Jan 2018- I love this app still so much I decided to write a review about it then realized I already did. Once again proof of how awesome this app is, and the updates only make them better.
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6 years ago, Torrast
Updated - Need a fix for “Deduct from (Currency) bug
This app seems to be the best on available for tracking my crypto portfolio, but it would be nice if I could track profit/loss in the portfolio view by exchange. For example, if I purchased TRX on Bittrex, I’d like to have the option to set the Bittrex rate as my value comparison standard for that currency, rather than the market average. The ability to then track value shifts amongst multiple exchanges would be great, as well. **Updated review - the Dev has responded with the steps to take to set your portfolio entires to a particular exchange, however my rating of 3 stars still applies as most coins I trade in only offer 1-2 options for market default, and only 1 of which I was able to set to the exchange I actually use for that coin. 5 stars for this app once the portfolio default options are sufficiently expanded. **Updated 1/17 - Giving the Dev 1 more star for some great feature updates. Add Binance as a source for more coins, and fix the “Deduct from (Currency)” bug that causes the value of the currency to be misreported, and this is a 5 star app. **Updated 2/10 - The dev has added Binance and many other options as coin value sources, resolving that outstanding request. Now we just need the “Deduct from (Currency)” issue resolved, and this will truly be a 5 star app.
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7 years ago, samuelnathanrichards.
Best Crypto App
I wanted an app to track my portfolio (how much of each coin I have and it’s current total worth), and this app does exactly that. One feature I would like is to input how much money in total I have invested, and it tell me overall gains. Edit: in response to app feedback. Thank you. There is a way to see total worth, and gain over 24hrs, but what would be nice is to be able to tell the app that I have invested $5k FIAT, so if my total worth is now $10k then my overall gain is 100%. Simple, but useful to see where I stand on the overall game. Edit Edit: found a way to do what I was after. You have to use the “Add buy/sell trade” function on the portfolio. As evident, some features are hidden like this, but overall a fantastic app. Highly recommend. Would love to see a chart of day-by-day status.
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4 years ago, Sparkie 777
Update Removed basic features now have to pay for
I use to use this app multiple times a day to look at prices. Last week saw my portfolio settings change and some coins removed from it. Recent update requires pay subscription for basic services like viewing more than a one moth price history or viewing candles?? Seriously come on subscription prices totally not worth it. It was a good app but now trying to charge more for basic stuff that’s was free when I purchased it initially ... come on!! I’ll be switching to a new app I guess too bad I really like this one just not willing to pay a premium for basic chart features that were free until an overnight forced update blocking them unless u pay.
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2 years ago, Alex mortises
This App 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
This app in the past was my go to for keeping up with my portfolio, but as of recently, there’s been some glitches my portfolio one of my crypto’s won’t load MVG specifically I have repeatedly contacted customer service and have not gotten as much as a reply in the past before they were a paid service they were on top of their customer relations now I am a $40 a year member and I can’t get anyone to answer me on their support tab or on Twitter now I just want a FULL Refund because this is ridiculous. It’s been over a month and no reply no help from anyone. My advice to you guys stay away they are better apps suited for tracking portfolio. We in crypto deal with a lot of ups and downs. Scamming projects. And crooked. Advisors. Dealing with an app like this is like adding insult to. Also, there are other people on my project. That I have referred to this app and have the paid version of this they also are receiving replies today I grievance with Apple themselves
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7 years ago, Pete0596
Best Crypto App! Could use a couple features
This is a great app. Your can track your favorite coins, view charts, track markets across various exchanges, set alerts, view the latest news, enter trades (in a more streamlined way than Blockfolio), view gains and current portfolio value, and more. The two things I wish it did are 1) as I use an iPhone and an iPad is offer an option to sync or at least import/export portfolio information. Currently sync is limited to settings like favorite coins and so on. 2) logarithmic option for charts would be nice as crypto prices move logarithmically and many traders prefer that view. Currently only linear is available. UPDATE: portfolio sync was added! Only features I could want now are log charts and volume alerts. Everything works great.
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7 years ago, ThompsonX5
Great App
I normally never right reviews but bought this deserved one. I have been running Blockfolio app for a long time and was hesitant on spending $5 for an app that would basically do the same thing but after downloading and playing with the app for about 10min, it was worth it. Having multiple portfolios is a great option, and being able to rename them.. Bravo!! I manage accounts for friends and being able to enter there crypto accounts and switch between there portfolio and mine is great!! There are a lot of great features in this app. One Suggestion- If you came out with a desktop version for Mac that would also sync with iCloud for your mobile devices... that would be amazing!!! Nobody has this!!
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3 years ago,
Wish i could track my currencies
Its a strange thing i know, but on top of crypto and metals I also have many other physical currencies and I cant seem to find any app where I can track how much I have and the value against usd. This seems like its set up to be able to do that but when i try to add a canadian dollar or a mexican peso to my portfolio... it doesnt show up. I go to the currency and it shows up but it multiplies by 0 instead of the us exchange rate. It would be nice if there was something out there that was all inclusive for tracking assets but i am forced now to pick and choose. Also kind of wish copper was part of the metals we can track. Its in there i found it, but like the fiat currencies it just disappears when you try to add it. I mean i know physical copper isnt much but i do have quite a bit of pre 82 pennies and it would be kind of cool to see how much theyre worth in copper.
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5 years ago, All coast
Bad business model
This company has been road mapping api connections for a year, which was why I originally paid for the app. Now that they have rolled it out, they put it behind a bigger subscription pay wall. What a waste of money. All of the extra stuff they added as “premium” probably won’t be used by 90% of their user base. Update. Received a response about my review. Which is a duplicated response that he has given to everyone else. Same thing about server performance for sparklines and candlesticks blah blah. 3$ a month for just 10 users would buy a cloud server beefy enough to serve hundreds of thousands of accounts. Don’t believe his dev response. Save your money and don’t sub to this b/s. 40$ a year is not worth it. Want a better buy, try StockTwits or vector vest. Plus the fact that there is nothing special for previous paid users, who coincidently probably funded his ability to go to the sub version. Garbage. And actually, cloud infrastructure is the business I am in.
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5 years ago, Studio DCi
Very Good
Follows all major coins with news, charts and much more. It is a very good app. If the following were to be added it would be great; 1. Ability to trade through Coinbase etc... without having to switch apps. 2. If that is not possible perhaps at the very least have a link connecting directly to your wallet. This is important for day traders like myself who sometimes, depending on the beta may hold the coin for less than 5 minutes. The charts on the app need improvement (that is #3) but they are still much better than Coinbase. For day traders, every second counts. 3. Charts are a 7 of 10, they are much more detailed than most but are missing key technicals, so many that to name all of them would take a paragraph. The ability to see the Fibronaci scale and the ability to mark up the charts with stylus or finger would make this a great app. 4. Last, better portfolio organization and functionality (being able to see long term profit/loss and News needs a push notification option for up tp the minute news alerts. Love the app and I am picky! If 50% of the above were added this app would be AMAZING! Thank you
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6 years ago, Jediliam5
Update/ mining income!
Such a good update. First time ever reviewing a app cause I really don’t have the time for it but this has by far been worth the $5 I paid for it. Much cleaner then every other app I used and has great features and helps keep in track of your profile. So much customization can go into the app, you could spend hours on it. Only thing I can even think about adding is a mining option to keep in track of miners incomes so I don’t have to go in and add it daily. You could even put the fee most transactions take as Watts you used to mine the coin and input the cost of your electricity so you can see how much profit you make a day and how much you have in coins. Thanks for the great app. Please add the ideas above 👌
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2 years ago, Mosscow
Awesome App But Could Use A Couple of Improvements
Love this app, paid for the annual subscription … The iCloud sync is great and I love that it’s on all of the Apple Devices. I like how customizable the portfolios are … A couple of things I would need for this to show indispensable utility (i.e. for me to continue my subscription): 1. The Gemini import doesn’t support coins that are in the Gemini “Earn” wallet. This needs to be fixed; other services like TaxBit have updated their API to include this, and Crypto Pro can too. 2. Support for Syscoin wallet addresses. The Syscoin platform is exploding this year with a ton of projects being built on top of it (it’s an L1), and I need to be able to track Syscoin addresses natively. Thank you!
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2 years ago, One4allAll41
More Functionality Than CryptoMarketCap
When I started investing in crypto I wanted a way to track my portfolio and keep track of prices. I found Crypto Pro and am glad that I did. The app is simple to use and gives a lot of information that I need and want. I tried Cryptomarketcap's app and although it looks visually better, their app isn't as intuitive and feature rich as Crypto Pro. Definitely sticking with Crypto Pro. Edit 14 May 22: I notice that the syncing function does not work well at all. Changes made on one platform are almost always not reflected in others (iPhone, iPad, and mac all show very different portfolio balances).
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2 years ago, dubya
Good for price notifications, terrible news sources
There is a lot of flexibility to allow for useful push notifications on macOS and iOS. For prices, you can pick the exchange you use or get the global average of the dozens of exchanges it aggreegates from, which can be useful. Well done menubar integration allows you select the prices you want to keep on screen without having the app open. The feature makes me recognize the app is very stable, and I don't belive it has ever crashed, even when running for days. I would feel better about rating it five stars if the news could be disabled. It winds up being another way for Google Analytics to track you and all you get are ridiculous shills pushing fake news. The media around crypto is so unreliable and without credibility that I would prefer to not see it at all, so I won't fault the app for this problem. Just to be clear, the app is not using any analytics services. Only some news sources bundle their tracking apis together with their news content.
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7 years ago, mtnrider808
Best app for crypto
I've only recently been using this app, but have fallen in love with it. Stop messing around and buy this app. I love the ticker based portfolio feature and calculator feature too! One notable improvement I'd make to the calculator feature is to allow the user to set the "current price" that calculations use. (At least for major fiat and major cryptos) Right now, for example with USD, the only price that gets used is the last refreshed price. I can't change it while in the calculator. That's a great starting value, but would be super cool if I could change it to anything I want as a user and continue to have the calculator do the rest of the math. Essentially I'm recommending the portfolio and calculator need to use separate math routines within the app. (Portfolio should always show last refreshed price) Please note that I do not own an Apple Watch and even if I did, unlikely I would use crypto pro calculator for day trading. I only use the iPhone app for day trading assistance and would really like to see a Mac Desktop app with identical features.
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7 years ago, Russell TT
Just installed, still familiarizing myself...
Overall pretty nice. Liking the clear “favorites” ticker. That’s what I’m most interested in. Couple of questions/ improvements I hope to see or figure out: do you have to hand enter every single transaction you’ve ever done to get an accurate portfolio or is there a way to sync w a kraken acct, etc.? Very cumbersome to hand enter all those transactions. And can you see total portfolio value across all of the Cypto currencies you own? I see how to check them individually, but not comprehensively. On one tab I’d love to see each crypto ticker and my holdings. That’s my 2 cents. Updated: yes, the portfolio view is great! Still having a hell of a time keeping it current w my kraken ledger...bring on the updated version;-)
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5 years ago, anigoleh
Efficient and capable design, poor business execution
It’ll get the job done, but the superb and sometimes quite necessary functionality found in the premium add-on (which I don’t get to share on here with my family who all use crypto) will be completely unavailable and likely unaffordable to you, and that’s a crying shame. It’s a fine app to use, but I feel they’re a bit greedy. What they charge for premium is outrageous and I feel that some of the premium features should be included in the basic version. I think this app is designed well but they’ve missed opportunities to potentially bring in more revenue. Crypto is going mainstream, not everyone can afford this, and new people need all the help they can get. My direct advice to the developer/company is to change your fee structure and consider making certain premium features basic. I could list them, but I’d have to explain everything and I don’t want to type that much. I invite Crypto, Inc. to get in touch. I have a lot to say. I’m also nobody, so never mind me.
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1 year ago, Ramham
Simple, intuitive, reliable
That covers it basically. Have had zero problems with rhe app performance wise over the last year or so that I’ve had it. It has proven to be reliable and easy to use-speaking to rhe free version. The alerts can sometimes take a few minutes to process and send I’ve noticed, but unless you are hardcore day trading method crypto it likely isn’t a factor-and if you are you should probably not be using an apps free version…for me, I love it. Oh and rhe widgets are great with a lot of quick access info depending upon the size you choose. Recommend it for sure- 9.2/10
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6 years ago, Megability
Awesome App!
This is by far the best crypto-tracking /info app I’ve ever used, and I’ve used most. It may even be one of the best ANY-apps I’ve ever used, so clean and crisp, it does (almost) everything I want a crypto portfolio app to do and looks great too. Luckily I got this free recently after they stopped charging, but it’s a great deal even at $5-8 or whatever it was going for, so don’t hesitate. I do wish they’d add a way to export your transactions as a CSV file or something, would make tax reporting even easier instead of having to track everything in another app or spreadsheet too just for that purpose. Add that and I’ll pay! or just send you a donation ;)
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6 years ago, Ogbronc
Price per coin in Portfolio in USD
Really like the app... there needs to be a tutorial on all the hidden things though. For instance, in the portfolio when I entered that I say bought x amount of SUB and enter the price in ETH that I bought it in it only shows that price. It will show total in usd but won’t show price per coin in usd... hope that makes sense... essentially I would like it to show that I paid say 66 cents for something in usd and also what I paid for it in eth/ btc etc... Also on the portfolio screen the total gain/ loss math is off quite a bit... right now right now it shows portfolio value at 604xxx and cost at 720xxx with a total gain of -254xxx. Which by my math should be -116xxx. Maybe I’m missing something...
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3 years ago, WeatherVanePro
Best I’ve Found So Far
I’ve been looking for a long time for a decent cryptocurrency news app that provides adequate research and a useful platform to follow up on the confusing world of crypto. This one does the best job so far, but there is still a lot of work that could be done to make this a lot more efficient and user-friendly. I’m not just saying that about this app, I’m saying it about the entire crypto universe. I don’t know why the major news sources that provide information for stocks haven’t provided decent cryptocurrency news yet. Oh wait, yes I do. That’s not profitable. Yet. Dookiebags
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4 years ago, Rtcnai
Interface full of hope yet inaccurate and
First took a yearly subscription a while back when GOOD crypto wallet trackers offer was scarce. It was buggy back then. So decided not to renew. Decided to renew yearly sub a few weeks ago hoping they would have solved issues, a week into : MacOS app is extremely laggy, both IOS and Os app show inaccurate balances from certain exchanges despite going full API imports. IOS app keeps duplicating portfolios, sync problem maybe, so i need to regularly manually delete duplicates. Contacted support after a week into yearly subscription for a full refund. Received an automatic reply and nothing since then. I would not recommend this app based on my experience and unresponsive customer service. At this point i guess they can keep the yearly subscription, i would encourage you to take a look at Delta. Far more worth the money.
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6 years ago, Bruce in Toscana
Great looking app, decent functionality, a few UI bugs, but over all worth it
Bug: two-column modes on ipad are all screwy. For instance, if you use the controls on the left column to delve deeper into sub-menus on the right, like Settings, then there is no way for the right column to exit and get back to what it was doing beforehand. Bug: on entering a new transaction, if you type in the amount of a coin and then change payment units to something other than the default (e.g. use BTC instead of USD), what you just typed gets deleted unless you first move the input cursor to another field. Would be nice to be able to customize the larger right column (e.g., have the articles fill the column, etc.). App is beautiful on an iPad. Needs to use smaller type for iPhones (some of the lines run into each other in the portfolio), or have it be configurable. Would also be nice to have a way to export one’s portfolio or sync w another device (to share between my iPad & my wife’s iPhone). Bottom line: it does what it says, and it looks gorgeous. A few minor bugs. Well worth five bucks.
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7 years ago, zelasmetallium
Wow the update is incredible!
I originally got this app so I can check the price on my watch, it was kinda bare back then, but wow it changes so much in this update! I love all the new functionality of choosing the exchange to show me be price, and way more detail on the Apple Watch app. What's even cooler is that it can track your portfolio. I haven't tried that function yet tho. Oh I also love how I can choose which crypto icon to use now for the app icon on the iPhone! One thing that bugs me tho is I can't find where the option went to show the notification number on the iPhone app as the price for the crypto. Is it always on?
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6 years ago, DHuts
Great app... still improving
Fantastic app for tracking your current standing across all your coins. However a suggested update would be allowing the account to sell your coin for another... right now you have to trick the app by putting in two transaction representing the single transaction on my trading platform. For example, when I purchase say ripple, but I purchase that with ethereum not with bitcoin, the app doesn’t have ethereum as an option so you have to record a transaction of ether to BTC and then BTC to ripple, but then that throws off your starting account balance. Please allow users to input any coin in either the buy or sell field to assist with these trading transactions. Thank you!
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2 years ago, Average_Alien
Crypto Pro has its’ finger on the pulse of cryptocurrency.
Crypto Pro is a huge help when one needs a quick reference to see live market values of almost every cryptocurrency available. It also give the user the option to read articles pertaining to certain scenarios/sea changes in the cryptocurrencies worldwide. It’s my one stop app for most all data I need to keep informed on the state of cryptocurrency and the crypto world/market. The only thing I wish they did was to unlock 100% free usage of every single option to allow for a complete 5 start recommendation.
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3 years ago, Clayne H
Could be great
At this point, I continue to use the app as a necessary evil. The layout is better than most, easy to see whats happening and add trades. API functionality would be great in the free version but it's not something I have expectations for. Things I think are missing: - being able to see your portfolios growth over time, including realized gains/losses. - an easy way to see to go from the page where you view your holding of a coin to that coin's homepage, or really just to be able to see the coin's general chart when your looking at your holdings. - syncing with desktop. I know this technically exists but does it really exist if it doesn't work? - customer service. I asked for clarification on syncing a month ago with no response. - a more consistent coin directory. some coins don't show up on the mobile app but do on the desktop app? why?? I have to track some of my holdings on a completely separate app, and they aren't even like super obscure coins. I'd normally give it a 3, and when I'm less annoyed, maybe a 4, but the ticker is currently refusing to update (for the past several hours).
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6 years ago, AGM USA
Best in class
I’m giving a full five stars now for the existing features and stability, and looking forward to the additional features the developer has outlined in his roadmap. Portfolios are easy to construct and maintain, and give a lot of information. Currencies and markets are easy to monitor, and there’s a lot of resources for further research. The news section is also very useful. My one minor wishlist item is for USD amounts to always display two fixed decimal places, my major wishlist item - which seems to be in the pipeline - is more charting options. My dream item would be serious Point and Figure charts.
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3 years ago, Dev4n6
Good app with 1 flaw
I like the app, have pro version and I love all the compatibility with alt coins. 4 stars because of one issue. I store all my funds on a trezor Hardware wallet and import the addresses I use into the app. The app seems to have some hiccups when you add a new address. The address doesn’t sync for a bit of time (15 mins to an hour or so). And occasionally a new address will show 0 and list an error in the address configuration screen. Weirdly enough these issues disappear a few days after an address has been added. If I have no new addresses then everything is fine and everything updates perfectly. Will update to 5 stars if fixed!
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5 years ago, allcrypto
App doesn’t recognize all wallets
This app is the best I have tried that lets me link multiple exchange accounts using API keys and track them all under the same portfolio. I rate it 3 stars because for some reason it wont recognize my bittrex bch wallet. Every time I buy/sell bch on bittrex I have to enter the transaction manually to keep track of my investment otherwise the app just subtracts the $ amount from my portfolio’s value. For me this is a huge bug the developers must address. I also find the app to be very expensive. I am currently paying because the user interface is very good and being able to track all my wallets under the same portfolio is key but I don’t know if I will continue to pay $5 a month in the future.
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7 years ago, btorpie
The best app for a crypto currency portfolio
I tried a lot of different apps to track my portfolio for all the different crypto currency I own and this one hands down is the best. The price is right on, $5. Others are free but if you want to add more crypto currency’s to your account you got a pay a subscription 😳. This one is fair and honest. Would give it 5 stars if it would refresh the rates a lot quicker but I’m sure the developer is either working on it or wants to lower server costs. Nonetheless, this is the app to get to track your portfolio. Extremely thought through, great performance and performant.
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2 years ago, liv2cod
No support for buggy app
I've encountered numerous "show stopper" bugs in Crypto Pro which prevent it from showing my portfolio. The most galling is that it cannot determine the value of bitcoin stored in a wallet from the blockchain. This makes it useless if you have a hardware wallet like a Ledger it Trezor. They seem almost proud of their lack of support, mentioning it often and loudly. Every time I send a bug report, they respond with an email saying it will take them a long time to respond. No kidding. I sent reports beginning in August and have received no response. Of course I will cancel my ongoing subscription to Crypto Pro. But since it fails so completely to perform the most basic task it was sold for (portfolio tracker) I feel I should pursue this thru the Apple store and do my best to get them de-listed.
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3 years ago, Sjdhdbrdjdhebdhh
Glitchy, glitch and more glitches
The app has great potential and tons of features…that being said it needs a lot of optimization. The worst glitch for me on the iPhone 12, a power house, is when viewing a crypto chart it could only be viewed in line format, candlestick won’t show at all. Another is scrolling down the list of cryptos after some ways down the list all of a sudden the app crashes. And don’t know what’s up with the price inconsistencies but linking all the cryptos to CoinMarketCap rather than have a “global average” would be a better choice. Now as said the app is amazing, when it works as it should, aside from the “global average” nonsense.
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3 years ago, jCoelovethesound
Worked great until 1 day all info was gone & no response from CrytoPro
It worked great. Loved being able to see all the I formation in one place and also be able to dig into details. Then one day all my information was gone with no way to bring it back without entering all the transactions again. Sent CryptoPro an email within the app several times but never got a response and it seems there is no way to even see the messages I sent to them because there is not a place that keeps messages. I don’t even know how/where they would respond to me because of the lack of this message inbox.
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6 years ago, Southtown121
Great app but it seemed more useful before the update
This app has been really helpful for tracking my portfolio across many coins and exchanges, however after the latest update it no longer shows the total % of returns for each coin the portfolio view. Long press on the header area no longer toggles to show useful details either. Not sure if I got a buggy update or if these changes were intentional, but either way I really miss them. Edit: Just read they’re already working on a fix for this issue so I’ll update my rating to 5 stars!
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6 years ago, Tismark
Basically Good but possible bug
Mostly happy with app. Easy to see at a glance how things are going but portfolio tracking not as simple as I would hope. Not intuitive. Took awhile to discover I could add other currencies to report trades between coins. Still didn’t work smoothly and I gave up on that. Today I hit a new problem. Traded to all fiat on a coin and it won’t let me deduct the full amount. I had to use one less decimal than the real amount. I have tracked this on a spreadsheet as well and have gone over the numbers multiple times. Everything is the same amounts for buys but the sale says I don’t have enough to report the full sale. Something is off but not sure what.
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3 years ago, MXLDN
Laggiest crypto app I have
Anytime I open the app it immediately freezes for at least 5 seconds before it will update prices, etc. Tapping on anything in my portfolio or on the list of tokens does not respond immediately requiring you to hit it again and then it will open your selection then open it again. It’s the worst functioning crypto tracker app that I have, and I have several. Changing between volume and price on a page usually won’t respond the first time, and if you are a paid user who wants to switch between 1D, 6HR and 4HR candles, good luck! Half the time that just doesn’t work or shows the wrong time frame. Won’t be paying for it again once the yearly runs out. Plenty of other apps that actually work.
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2 years ago, Bloburt
Beautiful app
The price is a little more conservative from my exchange but that’s good! I love the widgets and the Apple Watch idea. I am having trouble getting the app to my watch but I’m sure it will work out soon. The charts and the pro version is great. The team was overall tremendously successful. Keep up the good work guys and keep the updates for charts coming!!!!! UPDATE (1yr later). You need to add indicators for your charts. It will become obsolete to your competitors if you can’t get some better indicator options in your candle charts..
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1 year ago, Flowage
App is good. Pro price real time updates not great.
This thing has a very different idea of what real time updates are. Often times I have to refresh it myself or the ticker widget shows one price than when you click on it and it takes you to the app it’s wildly different. Otherwise it’s fine. Editing because the widget had been broken for almost 18 months. Prices are like three days old or they don’t even show up. This has happened on two phones.
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2 years ago, Mike3292
Lot of functionality in a messy app
Crypto Pro lets you do a lot, especially if you get the subscription. Even on the free version you can see prices for any coin, access detailed stats, and see relevant articles. The app doesn't feel at home on macOS though. Lots of weird quirks, such as settings only being accessible from the app and not the menu bar; calling the menu bar icon a widget (which makes it hard to find in settings to enable it, bc you think you're looking for the option to enable the menu bar icon, not a widget); not having a collapsible sidebar; and many other nits/UX issues.
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3 weeks ago, Ayabarde
Out dated
I have been a Pro subscriber for about 3 years now. In that time, I have seen that the token list has not been updated. I do not know from where this app gets its token list from but it is not current. I have reached out to the developer and they never even acknowledged my email- essentially no response. The app itself is ok but if you don’t update the token list and never provide support to your Pro users trying to provide feedback, you will eventually become obsolete. In its current state of upkeep I would not recommend using this app. If the developer reaches out and/or answers my email I am willing to come update this review. Until then, stay away.
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4 years ago, Shcmittywerbermanjensen
New UI update is rather difficult
With the new UI the developers have created for the new update, I really irritates me that the charts for my portfolio now do not show the satoshi’s for the coin on a particular exchange. It only shows the USD amount, or some other number that is totally unrecognizable, regardless of which default market You choose. You can see the current satoshi amount just looking at your main portfolio screen, but when scrolling through the charts, it doesn’t show it. Very frustrating; I love the aesthetic upgrades and new features but this aspect w/ satoshi’s not showing really ruined for me.
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