Cryptogram Cryptoquip Puzzles

4.8 (1.3K)
21.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Egghead Games LLC
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cryptogram Cryptoquip Puzzles

4.81 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
2 years ago, SeriousTheologian
Easy to use!
i really enjoyed this app and did the first 100 in a couple of days. Insider tip—there is an undo arrow. Use it! I didn’t notice it until about Puzzle 85. would have saved me a lot of time! 😂 i always read about the person whose quotation i had just solved. i wish the link to Wikipedia took you to their article, but it doesn’t. it’s just a landing place with no way out. That’s my only negative comment about this app. i really am glad i downloaded it and am seriously considering paying for more. Well done, folks!!! 👏👏👏
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4 years ago, mchelles
Thank You!!!
I love your Logic Puzzle apps and was so happy to see you had an app for these! It was super intuitive to use, I like how it auto fills the letters while showing the ones that have and haven’t been used. The quote author bio is a nice feature at the end too, I remember always wondering “who is that person?” when I did these as a kid in newspapers and putting the little blurb at the end eliminates me from being tempted to get lost on Wikipedia instead of doing the puzzles to unwind & relax to get ready for bed. It’s perfect, and just wanted to leave a review and say Thank you!
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4 years ago, owlk
At first I was irritated
At first I was irritated because the cryptoquip from our local paper starts us out with one letter and this one starts you out with ZERO letters. However, I kept coming back to it and I solved a puzzle, then another and another with no hints and I felt a great level of satisfaction. You get a large number free, and can then purchase more sets for just a couple of dollars each. Also has a link to more cool information if you want to follow up after you solve a puzzle. Well done. Thanks!
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5 years ago, MurderNote
Finally, a challenging, but do-able, cryptogram app that is ad free! There’s a ton of puzzles in the first volume and very reasonably priced volumes available when you complete the first one. I appreciate the time put into this app. I also appreciate that the creator isn’t super greedy like others. Which, just makes apps cost prohibitive in my opinion. It’s very well organized and has various categories to choose from. It also has a nice color scheme. Great job dev!
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4 years ago, mynicknameiscoolerthanyours
Well Done!
I happen to enjoy this type of puzzle. Many are not well designed. This one is exceptionally good. Nice features and a huge assortment of subjects. On the negative, I despise the use of a timer timer. As I said, I enjoy these puzzles, but could do without that constant pressure to solve the quickly. To me that takes away a lot of the pleasure of this kind of mental exercise.
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7 years ago, AshleyZM
Fun game! These used to be a pain to play in the old days of paper and erasers, ha! This is a great app. My only wish is that there was a “clear errors” button too. Free hints are always awesome, thanks! 👍🏼 Changed my mind on not liking that you can’t save a game in progress. If you switch to another quote, progress is erased. But, they are short, and now it seems like a fresh start may be better. It’s not like they’re too long!
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4 years ago, panzercrappitastica
well-made, good puzzles, love the lack of ads!
I love this app! It’s very straightforward puzzle-solving, no bells and whistles, as many hints as you want, and I haven’t encountered any bugs or hiccups! You get 100 puzzles free with no ads, and after that it’s a very reasonable $2 each for more packs. I’m about to buy a second pack, and figured I should leave a review :)
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3 years ago, quotekadee
Challenging with great quotes
Much better quotes than other apps I’ve tried as a little reward for solving these puzzles. Nice and challenging with stats and difficulty levels. Great to try beating the “expert” times- which are tough enough I still get excited when I do. Love the info on the source of the quotations.
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2 years ago, Gigglebunny!!!!!!!
No ads! It also feels good that I don’t need to feel guilty for asking for help on the cryptograms since I’m new to it and struggle more. I really enjoy this app and will probably purchase the extra packages to help the creator and since I enjoy it so much
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4 years ago, me clt 56
Great app!
I thought that solving cryptograms was only for smart people. But I kept at it and finally solved some on my own. Easy ones but you have to start somewhere. Now I can’t stop! Your EggHead app is smooth as silk. So easy to use. And I also enjoy the quote author bios. Keep up the great work!
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2 years ago, bramblescat
Challenging and Fun!
Cryptograms is a recent purchase of mine. I am a puzzle nut and recently have turned to cryptograms. This app is easy to use, intuitive, and challenging. I will probably use it as long as there are new puzzles to solve.
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3 years ago, Geneva.sparkles
Wonderful game and no ads!!!
This is the only game on my phone because i refuse other games who have adds and continually change my ‘ no sound’ settings. The quotes are awesome. Nice that they are in three levels and easy to see and use.
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2 years ago, Paidforitbut
Nice Interfaces, great pricing model
Very intuitive and easy to use interface. All puzzle games should use this pricing model. No ads, no monthly fee. Only pay for what you use, when you use it.
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5 years ago, App man review
Great app. Hours of thoughtful productive thinking.
I love this app. It helps me keep sharp as age robs me of memory and analytical thinking. Newest release does not include short biographies of the quoted. It seems a fun but intellectual app should included a little perk of who the author was. Please put it back in!
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2 years ago, Peanuts girlfriend.
This is a delightful pastime!
I’ve always enjoyed crypt-quotes but never thought about doing on my tablet until recently. I’m so glad I found this site; lots of fun and challenging.
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5 years ago, Gmacleod
Love this no frills app
I really enjoy this app because it is so straightforward. I like solving cryptogams; this app makes it easy to do just that without bells and whistles and fake rewards and pitches for upgrades. Very responsive customer service, too.
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2 years ago, pwmeek
Too expensive
I bid you farewell with sadness. I do one puzzle a day as part of my regime of mental exercise. I’ve done all the packs except the unlimited and I won’t pay $60/year for my daily puzzles. I’ll have to look elsewhere for my daily crypto. (I would pay $30 though.)
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5 years ago, Hmmmmo634
Quality Game!
Best app available. Customer service is the best! I sent an email about small issue never expecting a reply, but I received a quick, friendly response and resolution!
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3 years ago, UptownLee
I like this game because it requires thought, and I like to challenge my brain. It also is fun because I enjoy selecting the author and learning about her or him afterward.
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5 years ago, alpacamac
An enjoyable game with the added reward of learning stuff along the way. I like that it compares your time with “expert time” and also the wiki-link after for interesting biographical info.
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7 years ago, Lizzletheawesome
Boxes are easy to see. Brings me back to the days of playing these in the newspaper! Has many levels of difficulty as well as a lot of different themes.
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2 years ago, Piperrover
I’m very happy to find this app so I can continue to do cryptograms, a favorite pastime of mine. The app works beautifully with no ads.
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4 years ago, SUNFLOWER
Best Cryptogram game I’ve ever played
Challenging enough to be fun, but not so hard as to be frustrating. Also, the information on the authors makes it more fun.
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3 years ago, sremtto
Best game
Finally a game for adults. I have done crypto’s for years so nice to have one I can take with me and enjoy at my leisure
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3 years ago, abigaildolley
Great Format
Perfect way to get hooked for free and be given the opportunity to continue for a small fee.
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9 months ago, J5a9r4
I love these puzzles, there is so much variety and no ads. I’m addicted.
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3 years ago, JJ248380
Awesome game
I love this game but I wish it didn’t clear the puzzles when you switch between them
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5 years ago, Susan35359
Great Game!
I love working to solve these puzzles. The developer is friendly and responds quickly to questions.
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7 months ago, cl150
Love this
I really like my cryptograms, and this site is great. Especially love no ads!!
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7 years ago, 567FLbz
Love these
Fun app, interesting quotes. Not too hard and not too eAsy. You can get a hint (or 2-3..)if you want.
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1 year ago, Xxxxxxaw
Am totally enjoying every puzzle.
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6 months ago, Jazz5067784
After the first level they charge you
After playing the entire first level, you can’t go any further, unless you pay, which makes me not like this app.
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5 years ago, cfkfmfx
Great for SO
If you are in “codebusters” in SO, you need this app, otherwise, it is good fun too.
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2 years ago, all all well well
I’m wondering why you charge a fee to play the game 😡! I love Cryptograms and I don’t make a lot of money! So they’re other sites that don’t charge anything! So I will give them my business!!! Very “BAD” business for your company!!! VERY BAD”!!!
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6 years ago, AeroRyuu
Good app
Good app and easy to use but there’s only 1 free pack. I wish there were more free ones.
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5 years ago, anotherstupidname
Fun but ...
It’s a good game but it is a shame to have to buy the second and subsequent volumes of quotes
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4 years ago, walt the addict
Great fun
I am an addict. So I love doing your cryptograms. Walt the addict
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3 years ago, SchoolmarmMel
An underappreciated gem
(I say that because when you search on Cryptogram or Cryptograms on the App Store it’s barely in the top 10, whereas it deserves to be #1. That was on my iPhone; on my iPad it’s even worse - it’s barely in the top 20.) So I wrote a glowing review on this two years ago, and I wanted to edit it because I noticed a mistake but due to a bug in the App Store I couldn’t do so without deleting it so now I am re-creating, with a few edits. Unfortunately I failed to print the nice response from the developer so I can’t re-create that part. FROM THE ORIGINAL REVIEW: I haven’t tried a lot of cryptogram games on my tablet, but of the ones I have this is by far the best. It’s got a clean, intuitive interface, several difficulty levels, no ads, and they give you quite a lot of puzzles for free. (Once you exhaust those you can buy large puzzle packs for a very reasonable fee, or you can do a monthly subscription which is also very reasonably priced.) I am also impressed with the selection of quotes - there’s a lot of variety, and the ones I’ve done so far have been very well-chosen – I’ve never had that feeling I sometimes have doing cryptograms or acrostics where after finishing it I think “Why did they bother making a puzzle out of this quote?” END OF ORIGINAL REVIEW (In the original review I also asked where they got the expert times because generally I couldn’t begin to touch them, but now that I’ve been doing it for a while I’ve actually gotten quite a lot better, to where I’m beating the experts about 50% of the time.)
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2 years ago, Toddcmz
Let me just buy access to the puzzles
Subscription-based service for this is utter nonsense
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8 years ago, SnorlaxCat
Best cryptogram app I've played!
I really love cryptogram puzzles and this is the best app I've tried. While others are a bit cumbersome and confusing to play, this app provides a very clean interface. There is a good range of puzzle difficulty. I had an issue after downloading one of the volumes, and after sending an email, I received a prompt reply and the issue was resolved very quickly! Awesome developer, awesome game! I highly recommend!!
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9 years ago, Raven_9
Good cryptogram app
I used to do cryptograms from their website, but am glad they made an app I can use for my iPad too. The app is easy to use, they usually have some pretty good quotes to solve for, and it has a nice range of difficulty level....varying between easy, moderate, and challenging. I've also always liked the fact that you can see how fast you were at solving a cryptogram, compared to others, it adds more challenge to try and solve cryptograms faster...overall, a pretty good app.
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10 years ago, MimosasForAll
Best I've found
I started using this app bc I love their Logic Games and had finished all the puzzles on a different cryptograms app. This app has a lot more puzzles, a better hint structure, and optional timing so you can see how you compare to other users. Highly, highly recommended.
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9 years ago, KSWalton23
Love doing Cryptograms and this app has been a lot of fun until I bought #3 and the timer stopped working correctly. It's like it doesn't ever stop timing so you can have a medal on minute and then the next it's gone because the game thinks your still working even though you are on another puzzle. If you don't care about the timer and beating the clock this app is fun
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7 months ago, HempyDn
Easier than Paper
These cryptograms are easier to do than are paper ones, because you can easily delete a letter that seems to be wrong.
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10 years ago, ngsim
Knowing my perpetual interest in brain puzzles, my daughter (50) introduced the site to me (83) this week. It's fascinating, engrossing, challenging, rewarding, surprising, informative, educational, broadening, compelling, addictive, and frustrating yet gratifying all at the same time!! Thanks for creating it, Marly
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9 years ago, Ap6391
Fun Game
These are new games to me, but I'm having a lot of fun challenging my brain to solve the quotes. These puzzles are well done and easy to maneuver in. Since this is an Egghead game, I know that, if a problem should arise, they would fix it quickly.
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9 years ago, judybigun
Great app
This app is well-constructed, challenging and fun. It lets me enjoy on my favorite type of puzzles without using a pencil and paper. I love the rating part that shows how fast I did the puzzle. Good way to keep your mind sharp.
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8 years ago, vicden1
Say What?
I love this game, it's predecessor was one of the first games I bought for my old 1st gen iPod. Some updates have been good, some not so much. Not so much, as I've not played recently, I don't know for sure which update did this, but you can no longer browse through the puzzles in a level? It's taken a ***** game down to ***. Ick.
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8 years ago, Meebzorp
Nice implementation
I really enjoy this game. One suggestion: I'd like to be able to shut off the timer/rating system as for me this is not a "race". Anyway, just leave the quote and come right back and the timer resets... I can do any puzzle in about 3 seconds using this method 😜
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10 years ago, Hungrymind50401
Been through about 50 Cryptograms. Great user interface, great fun. Will definitely buy more packs when time comes. Been through all their Acrostics. Another great product!
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