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Apps From Outer Space, LLC
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
15.3 or later
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User Reviews for CryptoQuote

2.69 out of 5
32 Ratings
2 years ago, Bettyjren
New app not working
I have played the Daily Challenge every morning and it is no longer available. The Daily Challenge button is ghosted out.
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1 year ago, ls4680
Upgrade does not show full screen
I loved the old version, 4.5 stars. Today I noticed an upgrade was available and now the app is unplayable. On my iPad there is only a partial keyboard viewable even if I change the font size. Once I was able to pull the keyboard up so I could see the bottom row of key but I am still missing the letters on the right edge of the keyboard. I can not find the old options, for letter count, etc. I have deleted the app because it is no longer playable. I sent an email with screens captures of the problems through your web site but have not received a reply.
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11 months ago, Flyfanatic
Love the game/glitches are frustrating
I’ve enjoyed your app for years. However I haven’t been able to see my time v others for a very long time. Your app says you use GameStop. I’ve been registered with it for years but I can’t see my results on your app. Finally I have to ask what’s going on? It used to be so simple.
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4 months ago, AP6197 rsw
Excellent Game!
Absolutely love this game! This is my go to app when I’m winding down my day and getting ready for bed. I always find it interesting that the shorter ones seem to be so much harder to solve than the longer ones!
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2 years ago, PerfecTiming
Maybe the last update improved iPad function, but...
I’ve enjoyed this app for a long time, but the daily challenge now no longer functions. It appears to have something to do with newer iPhones with no home button. After completing the challenge, the app simply locks up and there’s nothing one can do but force quit out.
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6 years ago, Boilerbabs
Bring back the old format
I miss the old format where the new letter appeared above the replaced letter. With this current format, the replacement letter joins the jumbled word making it more confusing and less like an actual pen and paper cryptogram. I’m not certain what was wrong with the original formatted puzzle? This format is more frustrating than fun. I can’t recommend your app in this format.
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6 years ago, jamesblond
After waiting years -- YEARS -- for this simple but well designed game to offer an upgrade that would just add a round of new quotes to solve (you know like they did in newspapers for DECADES), the idiots at this company decide instead to completely redesign the game to make it much harder to read, harder to tell the colors apart (in both dark AND light modes) and....... drum roll.... added NO NEW PUZZLES. Here's a puzzle... who is this stupid?
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1 year ago, Feastman
Daily Challenge
In the new app the Daily Challenge is a gray button telling me I have missed the puzzle and a new one will be available ‘hours’ from now! It has said the same thing every day since the new app launched. Please fix. I have really enjoyed this puzzle for a long time now and miss it.
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6 years ago, abr7413
Long time fan
I was happy when the app was finally updated for whichever ios update that was. However, I am unable to record and see my rank in the daily challenge. Very frustrating!! I've tried emailing multiple times and have gotten no response. Please fix this issue or I'm deleting the app. It's been months...
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6 years ago, Dr flat
Now I get ads
I purchased this app several years ago but lost it when I updated my operating system and the developers did not keep up with the new operating systems. Now it is back, in a somewhat clunkier format, but it is full of ads! Where is the version I paid for?
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4 years ago, bklvr111
I like to listen to music or books while playing. EVery ad and every time you move to a new puzzle, the sound cuts out. This is irritating and will make me stop using this app,
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3 years ago, Fidhdhbdh
I love the game but it has a bug
I love this game but I’m stuck on a level where every time I beat it I go to the next level but it keeps me at the same level.
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1 year ago, Sommersquto
Can’t open the daily challenge
Can’t open the daily challenge.
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9 months ago, ern4ever16
Frustrating service
The app constantly going down non working daily challenge. Too bad i ve been playing for years and loved the game
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2 years ago, stupid123356689
I liked the old version
Please tell me that you are going to add back the feature of inputting the CryptoQuote from various sources like the daily paper, if not, I think I will be deleting the app, have enjoyed immensely over the years, but not now.
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9 months ago, Hmmmmo634
Too much
Your left leaning quotes get tiresome. How about being a little less political and let us all enjoy solving your puzzles.
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6 years ago, Wurdz186790
Revision Stinks
You had a simple, easy to read font. Now it is large and does not fit the window.
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5 months ago, TheBarbaraBrady
Not compatible with IOS 17.1.2
Looks like they have not kept pace with iPhone IOS changes. I am deleting and will check back later to see if the app is updated. Sorry to lose this one. It used to be pretty good.
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6 years ago, Soontobexebay
It’s changed
How come you can’t “give up” on the daily puzzle and find out what it says?????
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13 years ago, tlczek
Fun app, but not sure about latest version
I have enjoyed this app for months at least and should have rated it earlier as it would have been a 4- or 5-star review. Since the latest update, I'm having trouble getting used to the changes. Normally I would just give it more time, but I'm experiencing more bugs than before. The keyboard is freezing up for a couple seconds at a time, and this is happening several times a minute. It's hard to try all the features when each puzzle causes logistic frustrations that have nothing to do with solving the puzzle. I'll keep trying, but in the meantime, I can only give 3 stars until the hang-ups go away.
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5 years ago, alpha628
Ruined by ads update
Another great app that I’ve had a lot of fun playing in the past, that I now have to delete because it shoves ads in your face. I just want the app I used to have so much fun playing.
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2 years ago, codejudge
this app snoops
This app reads whatever is in your Cut and Paste buffer every time it starts up and does God-knows-what with it. Given Apple’s “paste from laptop” feature this can be very dangerous.
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5 years ago, redron57
What happened
I guess there was an update now it totally doesn’t work the letters don’t get replace just a complete mess for me and I’m getting something else do not recommend it
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2 months ago, Annmarie Simonelli
Issues w selecting letters
Have to try to select letter multiple times. Seems the game isn’t recognizing correctly where u are selecting.
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2 years ago, theresa 620302
Since the revision of the app, it no longer fits on my ipad. Terrible. I have to scroll, print is huge, very confusing.
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2 years ago, K C-T
Horrible update.
All of my saver puzzles are gone . I can no longer input a scrambled puzzle to solve. You have desecrated this app
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2 years ago, mamajodra
Daily puzzle STILL not working!
Please fix so I can play on my new iPhone 14.
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7 years ago, Jubjub0527
Hasn’t been updated in 4 years. Won’t run.
This app hasn’t been updated for 4 years and now it won’t run. I remember reading that a beta version was in the works but at this rate I’m probably better off finding something else. Everything from my old review still stands, though the typos are less common I guess. I use this app mostly for the daily time challenge and sometimes to do the regular puzzles. Most of this review goes toward the daily time challenge. This is a below average app at best. It is frequently unreliable (no puzzles, unable to save your time/rank, frequently told "already completed" when it not). Also there are often spelling/grammatical errors and weird symbols instead of apostrophes/other punctuation that are severe enough to impede properly completing the challenges (and these are not errors that are within well known quotes, these are errors based on incorrect input wherein the overall famous quote is quoted wrong). Overall, I do enjoy the way the set up is but this is a haphazardly thrown together. Definitely not worth the $3 I spent on it.
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15 years ago, Sherri Alexander
Great, except for keyboard!
I was thrilled to find such a great cryptogram app, having loved these puzzles for a long time. As other reviewers have mentioned, it's got great puzzles in three different levels of difficulty, with few repeats. However, the only thing that drives me crazy is the keyboard! I know it has to be crammed in pretty small to fit (especially with longer puzzles), but I end up mistyping every letter and it drves me nuts. If the developer can work out a better solution to the keyboard problem (I should probably mention, I have no problems tapping away on the default iPhone keyboard), I'll happily give it 5 stars. As it is, I'll keep playing and having fun with the app, I just won't bother trying the daily time challenge... Just too frustrating when I can't hit the keys I want.
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14 years ago, iCheat
Daily time challenge
I love the app, but the daily time challenge is too easy to cheat at. Just start it, solve almost to completion - but before entering the last letter, exit the app and start again. It then becomes a "how fast can you type" challenge instead of how fast to solve. Those with 2 devices and copies of the app will always be able to "cheat" (they probably cheat at solitaire too). I'd say once you start a daily challenge, you either finish it or lose your chance to submit an "official" score that day. Another improvement would be to show a distribution of # users by solution time to see what percentile your solution time falls in if you did not make the top ten.
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9 years ago, Harvey Heilbrun
Fix iPad version please
I really enjoyed using this app on my iPad, but it only works in custom puzzle mode on the iPhone version. I've submitted lots of requests to fix it but nothing has changed. The custom puzzle screen needs to have a Solve and Scramble button on it or else it is unusable. It has all those features on the iPhone version, but prefer larger keys. Fix it and I'd rate it a 5.
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16 years ago, Eyegor
Nice Cryptogram App
I've been using the Mac version of Cryptoquote for a a few years and on the strength of that experience decided to buy the iPhone version. The two apps are similar, but the iphone lacks the frequency table of the original (hint, hint) and the dictionary search function. I'd like to see both features added in future releases. I think the plaintext/ciphertext entry mode is a very nice feature. It will change colors to indicate whether a letter has been solved, used or given via the hint function. Bottom Line: Buy it!! John Haney writes very nice stuff and I've been a loyal customer for years.
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11 years ago, DaveGadgeteer 1
Pretty good for daily paper puzzle
But after laborious manual entry of the day's "Custom" crypto quip it's too easy to touch some wrong menu item and have your work all vanish and find yourself stuck in menus from which there is no exit, except Custom Puzzle, and have to type it all in again. Aargh. And while fighting the spelling corrector. Could that be disabled, at least? I wish there was an easier way to enter the newspaper's Cryptoquip for a given date. Subscription? Perhaps OCR it via the camera. It's much more pleasant using the iphone than a pencil, except for these complaints.
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16 years ago, mrivorey
Great game for for killing time
Great word game for killing a few minutes while you're stuck waiting for something. There are three levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard. There's also a Daily Time Challenge where you compete against other people for the top time of the day. The hint feature is great for people like me. You can ask for as many (or as little) as you like. There's even an option to turn off the initial hint if you like. Great value for very little dough!
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14 years ago, Rev. Petunia
I love this game!
I play it all the time. I don't care if the UI is plain; more than that would be too much of a distraction. My three complaints: 1) the quotes fall into only 3 or so categories of topics; 2) I'm doing the "hard" puzzles and not having much difficulty; and 3) there should be more quotes provided, especially at the "hard" level. An update of additional quotes, more variety of topics and an "expert" level would be nice.
Show more
15 years ago, rnaegele
Challenging puzzlers
I'm usually not one for word games but I do like famous quotes. So getting to try and figure out the quote is great fun when you have to work at it by swapping out letters. Time challenge is a cool idea and let's you know how good you are against others. Great to pick up for a quick puzzle or two on train rides. Overall... A great buy for a dollar.
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15 years ago, jaywrecks
I'd pay $5 for this
I probably spend over an hour playing this every day and it'll likely get me killed not watching where I'm going! I've done hundreds of them and only ever seen a couple repeats or typos. I only wish there were a no-clues option like the time challenge. seriously, the most I've ever gotten out of a buck!
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11 years ago, Puzl Luvr
Bring back the ORIGINAL!!!
I canNOT tell you how p__s'd I am every time I see this app on my Touch!! This game was a JOY when I first got it...LOTS of puzzles, hints didn't vanish if you had to couldn't enter the newspapers' quotes (they got me with THAT hook, and I've SO regretted it!!), but neither were you frustrated by the glitches so many people are complaining about. Take the advise I've since found in another app's reviews: If it works, DON'T "fix" (update) it. Usually you'll be sorry. Either it won't do want's promised, or it'll be glitchy!
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14 years ago, Ghost Hunter1
OK for awhile
After you've done them for awhile you get quotes you've seen before. The Daily Time Challenge is a hit or miss. About half the time the quote is so long you can barely read it on the screen as it gets scrunched. It's interesting to note that a few people seem to get these long unreadable ones done in 30 seconds or so. If I had the answer in front of me I couldn't type it out that fast.
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15 years ago, Ocala1220
I like it... I like it...
I stumbled upon this by accident and I am SO very glad I found it. Finally something to work an older brain. A BIG thank you to the developers for making something that's not just another silly game, but something that actually makes you think !!!!! If I could give 10 stars I would. Thanks again!!
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15 years ago, Hmkloss
Fun app
Downloaded app about a week ago, and it's a great way to pass time easily. I challenge my hubby every day in the time challenge. It's easy to play and challenging for all with the 3 levels and hint ability Looking forward to the next version with new features
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13 years ago, Ginnygrl
I loved this app until the update
I have always enjoyed this app. But since the latest update it has way to many bugs. During the challenge the Keyboard lags bad. I would also like to have more challenges. Hope the developer reads these reviews. Last review I wrote I gave 5 stars now it's a 3. Sorry.
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11 years ago, Richard.Mortenson
Great App, But ...
I've had this app for a couple years and it's become my favorite time-waster, with interesting and intelligent quotes. I especially like the feature that allows me to enter a crypt I've found elsewhere. But the current version crashes repeatedly. Wait to download til it's fixed.
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14 years ago, SPICoaster
Poor Quality Interface
Very poor interface and no updates in over 2 years should tell you something. At least I was only ripped off for 99 cents! Tough to type in the keyboard of select items on the screen. The easy games have tiny fonts. The first time I used this it locked up my 3GS running 4.0.1. - if you like wasting a buck then by all means I suggest you buy it.
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14 years ago, TtotheT
Love words
This is one of my favorite apps. I play for about an hour a day. I've come to use it like reading before I sleep. I've been playing for a long time and I don't seem to get tired of it. Love it.
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12 years ago, Frostys_girl
Nice app
Yay they seem to have fixed all the bugs! It no longer thinks I already played the daily challenge and the timer is fixed too. Works great, and it's well layer out. A little small for big fingers but not bad!
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14 years ago, Waste O' $
Don't pay for it
I completed a level & it went blank. The game said it would reset itself, it did not. Went to another level, same thing happened. Went to another level, same thing happened. Asked creator of game got an appology but no fix. Don't waste your time or money for this game that doesn't work beyond three weeks of repetitive political puke.
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7 years ago, GadgetMC
Super happy that a new version is on its way
I really like the daily time challenge, especially that I can see where I ranked. I also love the feature of making your own puzzles.
Show more
16 years ago, Dante LaRouche
CryptoQuote-Great App
This is a great app for train rides. The interface is easy to use and it delivers what it promises. There is a satisfying payoff when you solve the puzzle and receive a very thought provoking quote in return.
Show more
15 years ago, Steele223
Makes me feel smarter than I am!
At first glance I was intimidated, but with in a few seconds of figuring out my first word I was hooked. I keep playing to read the next quote - they're great! Fun game!
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